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  • Varian NMR Systems Imaging. With VnmrJ 2.1B Software. Pub. No. 01-999314-00, Rev. A 0106 Imaging modules on Varian NMR superconducting spectrometer systems with VnmrJ. — “VnmrJ Imaging User Guide”,
  • Join the Molecluar Imaging Center of Excellence now - it's free for SNM members. Learn about the latest molecular imaging research and clinical applications. — “Molecular Imaging”,
  • Imaging definition, a technique in which one uses mental images to control bodily processes and thus ease pain or to succeed in some endeavor that one has visua See more. — “Imaging | Define Imaging at ”,
  • Develops swallowable imaging capsules for the detection of pathologies as an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis of small bowel gastrointestinal disorders and diseases. — “Given Imaging”,
  • Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, this team is able to provide expert care in a wide variety of areas. — “Imaging - Gundersen Lutheran”,
  • Imaging is the representation or reproduction of an object's outward form; especially a visual representation (i.e., the formation of an image) Chemical imaging, the simultaneous measurement of spectra and pictures. — “Imaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sells and services automated office equipment, electronic presentation systems, document imaging management systems, and network integration and management services. — “Global Imaging Systems”, global-
  • Definition of imaging in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of imaging. Pronunciation of imaging. Translations of imaging. imaging synonyms, imaging antonyms. Information about imaging in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. magnetic. — “imaging - definition of imaging by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • An international nonprofit society whose mission is to advance the understanding and application of imaging science and technology. — “Society for Imaging Science and Technology”,
  • color flow Doppler imaging a method of visualizing direction and velocity of movement using Doppler ultrasonography and coding them as colors and shades, respectively. echo planar imaging a technique for obtaining a magnetic resonance image in less than 50 msec. — “imaging - definition of imaging in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Imaging: Metastases from carcinoma are by far the most common malignant tumors involving the skeleton. Imaging has an important role in the detection, diagnosis, prognostication, treatment planning, and follow-up monitoring of bone metastases. — “Imaging in Bone Metastases: Imaging - eMedicine Radiology”,
  • Diagnostic medical test Imaging including diseases and symptoms diagnosed or ruled out by this test. — “Imaging - ”,
  • Imaging Products. Topics. Dec 2, 2010. Nikon Photo Contest International 2010-2011 Notice of Home > Products & Support > Imaging Products. Contacts. Site Map. Privacy. Terms of Use. — “Nikon | Imaging Products”,
  • imaging n. The visual representation of an object, such as a body part or celestial body, for the purpose of medical diagnosis or data collection,. — “imaging: Definition from ”,
  • Welcome to the local Imaging Directory serving the Tampa Bay metro area - Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa. — “Imaging in Tampa Bay FL | Medical Directory”,
  • Web site for Imaging. — “Imaging”,
  • Siemens is a pioneer in the development of new imaging techniques and applications. Molecular Imaging's comprehensive solutions portfolio entails the most sophisticated clinical imaging, as well as preclinical and biomarker solutions that are. — “Molecular Imaging”,
  • Welcome to Imaging Sciences International. Introducing the Next Welcome to Imaging Sciences International — providing state-of-the-art imaging systems to. — “Welcome to Imaging Sciences International Inc”,
  • Photonics news, research and product information. Includes online editions of Photonics Spectra, BioPhotonics, EuroPhotonics, Buyers' Guide, Dictionary and Handbook. Worldwide coverage of optics and optical components, lasers, imaging, fiber. — “: Optics, Lasers, Imaging & Fiber Information”,
  • Radiology news, resources, and special reports from Diagnostic Imaging, the authoritative voice of the medical imaging community for over 30 years. — “Radiology, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray - News and Resources”,
  • ICON Medical Imaging will accelerate the development of your product through innovative trial designs, integrated informatics and expert project management. Senior personnel at ICON Medical Imaging have pioneered methods, procedures and regulatory guidelines leading to the evolution of today's. — “Imaging”,

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  • Zebra Imaging ZScape Holographic Print: Seattle Hologram 512.600.6523 This is a color hologram we created with data from Google Sketchup. The model is of downtown Seattle. The building heights in this hologram get up to about 10 inches.
  • Autodesk University - Zebra Imaging's mind-blowing holographic sheets Take from:
  • PhotoTechEDU Day 30: Imaging optics for the next decade Google Tech Talks November, 7 2007 Digital cameras in their many forms will continue to be one of the primary drivers towards new technologies in optics as well as improvements of classical technologies. This has been well illustrated in the past 5-10 years which has seen, for example, the development of compression molded glass aspheric lenses for improved performance and packaging. The incorporation of injection molded plastic lenses and possibly hybrid refractive/diffractive surfaces will grow. Furthermore, as the trend continues towards smaller pixels as well as more pixels in a given sensor, the imaging optics will be further driven towards higher image quality. Zoom lenses will increase in their zoom range, yet there will be a continuing emphasis towards smaller and smaller packaging. The optics and their associated mechanics will need to be more robust with respect to stray light such as flare, glare, ghost images, and other undesirable image anomalies. And our optics must be more robust with respect to environmental effects such as thermal soaks and gradients. And with all of the above, customers will want lower cost too. It is going to be a fun ride over the next 5-10 years so fasten your seat belt and hold on real tight to the safety bar! Speaker: Robert E. Fischer, CEO OPTICS 1, Inc. Westlake Village, CA Bob Fisher is CEO of Optics 1, a past president of the SPIE, and a winner of that society's highest award, the Gold Medal for outstanding engineering or ...
  • The Imaging Resource at PMA 2007: Canon EOS 1D Mark III Shawn Barnett talks to Chuck Westfall of Canon USA about the new Mark III and the 580 EX II flash. See more footage of new products announced at PMA 2007 at imaging-
  • Groundbreaking New Lung Imaging System The FDA recently approved a groundbreaking new non-invasive, radiation-free lung imaging system created by Deep Breeze, Ltd, an Israeli company in Or Akiva. It is viewed by some as the most important medical imaging technology since ultrasound. It is being marketed by GE Healthcare in partnership with Deep Breeze. www.israel21
  • FLIR About Thermal Imaging - Hershel About Thermal Imaging Cameras from FLIR - Hershel
  • Microwave Handy Scanner - TSA Body Imaging at Home Jeri shows how to make a hand operated microwave frequency imaging device from low cost parts.
  • Data Recovery Services - Imaging Process ACS Data Recovery Hard drive data recovery services will generally start with imaging your drive. This video explains a little of the imaging process.
  • Humminbird Down Imaging, Side Imaging and More View actual Sonar Recordings from Humminbird 1197c in action. Side Imaging, Down Imaging And Switchfire Traditional 2D Sonar in Action....
  • Zebra Imaging ZScape Holographic Print: Net Engineering Hologram Hologram created from data that Net Engineering in Italy created using CADMATIC software. Totally amazing. @zebraimaging
  • Rhinoplasty - 3D Computer Imaging | Nose Job Before & After Photos - Dr Spencer Cochran - Dallas rhinoplasty- -- 3D rhinoplasty computer imaging simulates nose job before and after photos and allows patients to visualize how their nose might look after nose reshaping surgery. Dallas Rhinoplasty Specialist, Dr. Spencer Cochran uses this advanced imaging system to set the surgical goals for rhinoplasty using 3D pictures in high definition (HD) with computer morphing. This digital imaging system improves communication between the nose job patient and the surgeon. Doctor Cochran is a rhinoplasty specialist at the Gunter Center in Dallas, Texas.
  • Side Imaging for Smallmouth To buy any of our DVDs click here: Most of us use some type of electronics. Al Lindner uses side imaging technology to find and catch smallmouth bass in this video short. For more info please visit us at
  • Detecting Alzheimer's Disease using Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Jessica Hernandez Guzman, Ph.D. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a devastating disease in elderly people with no known cure as of today. One of the hallmarks of AD is the formation of neurofibrillar tangles and plaques in the brain, which is caused by the aggregation and fibrillization of the amyloid-beta protein (aβ). For decades scientists have been working on understand the behavior of this protein, and be able to find a cure. Magnetic resonance imagining has shown promising results on early detection by observing morphological changes in the brain. The main focus of this talk will give a brief history and overview of AD, and how magnetic resonance imaging works.
  • atlanta hydro imaging atlanta hydro imaging 678 513 9909
  • Imaging the Antikythera Mechanism Google Tech Talk March 5, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Tom Malzbender. The Antikythera Mechanism is an astronomical mechanical computer built by the ancient Greeks in 200 BCE and resides in the National Archeological Museum in Athens. In 2005, Dan Gelb and I travelled to Athens to apply our Reflectance Transformation methods to the device in the hopes of uncovering faint writing on its surface. The trip - part of an international collaboration described in the Dec. 2009 issue of Scientific American - was a success and subsequent epigraphers have been able to decipher enough new writing to allow researchers to understand what the device was and how it operated. I will give an overview of both our imaging method and the Antikythera Mechanism itself. Tom Malzbender is a senior research scientist at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Tom works at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and signal processing and has developed the techniques of Reflectance Transformation, Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) and Fourier Volume Rendering. He also developed the capacitive sensing technology that allowed HP to penetrate the consumer graphics tablet market. His PTM methods are used by the National Gallery in London, the Tate Gallery and in the fields of criminal forensics, paleontology and archeology. Tom is on the program committees for several 3D graphics and vision conferences. More information can be found at .
  • Coolest Imaging and Social Technology EVER! This is a video of a presentation from a conference in Monterey where new innovations in computer vision mashed-up social technology produce some AMAZING results. See more at
  • Tradigital Imaging
  • Imaging Patients with Myelopathy July 6, 2007 presentation by Nancy Fischbein for the Stanford School of Medicine Medcast lecture series. Nancy Fischbein, MD, associate professor of neurosurgery, discusses the challenges of assessing spinal cord injury and the latest imaging techniques for diagnosis. Stanford University School of Medicine: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • Humminbird Understanding the Side Imaging View In-Depth detail on how the data is displayed in the Humminbird Side Imaging View using slant angle technology to display the water column and everything under the boat and out to the sides.
  • The Imaging Law of Prosperity - Randy Gage Randy explains how the right mindset can make all the difference in bringing about prosperity and keeping it in one's life. Learn how to make room for your own prosperity in relationships, health and money. Get more prosperity resources at: Follow Randy Gage on Twitter at You never know who Randy will skewer in his Free electronic newsletter. He rants, he raves, and he calls 'em as he sees 'em. But if you want a real-world look at what it takes to be happy, successful and rich—Randy is your guy! Subscribe to "Randy's Rants" for FREE—and get a message from Randy. WARNING: Be prepared for tough language, straight talk, and brutal honesty! Subscribe to his Success and Prosperity Ezine at:
  • Imaging the Brain, Reading the Mind, Mesulam Imaging the Brain, Reading the Mind is a Northwestern University public outreach program to help the general public understand the impact of cutting-edge brain imaging technology on human health, law, and ethics. Experts discuss - in plain English - the scientific and social issues surrounding the use of advanced brain-imaging technology.
  • Imaging Resource PMA 2008 - Pentax K200D & K20D Digital SLRs Shawn Barnett of Imaging Resource talks to John Carlson of Pentak about their new Digital SLR's, the K200D and the K20D. Pentex also announces 2 new lenses.
  • PhotoTechEDU Day 8: Diffraction and Interference in Imaging Google Tech Talks March 14, 2007 ABSTRACT Photographic Technology Day 8: This session addresses effects of the wave nature of light. This approach will allow us to talk about the phenomena of interference as well as diffraction. The understanding of the notion of diffraction will be used to determine the Rayleigh criteria and finally the resolving power of an optical system. In the second part of the lecture, we will study gratings using the wave approach. An example of an amateur spectroscope for astronomy using a reflective grating will be shown. Credits: Speaker:Rom Clement
  • Imaging Brain Abnormalities in Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline personality disorder is one of the most challenging conditions to treat, Dr. Charles Nemeroff notes in his latest videoblog. What does imaging tell us about its neurologic underpinnings?
  • The Origin of the Human Mind: Brain Imaging and Evolution UCSD cognitive scientist Martin Sereno takes you on a captivating exploration of the brain's structure and function as revealed through investigations with new advanced imaging techniques and understandings of evolution. Series: "Grey Matters" [12/2005] [Science] [Show ID: 11186]
  • Fujifilm 3D Camera: Imaging Resource Photokina 2008 Dave Etchells talks to Mikio Wantanabe about Fujifilms new digital camera that takes 3D images.
  • MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING -Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), is primarily a medical imaging technique most commonly used in radiology to visualize the structure and function of the body. It provides detailed images of the body in any plane. MRI provides much greater contrast between the different soft tissues of the body than computed tomography (CT) does, making it especially useful in neurological (brain), musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and oncological (cancer) imaging. Unlike CT, it uses no ionizing radiation, but uses a powerful magnetic field to align the nuclear magnetization of (usually) hydrogen atoms in water in the body. Radiofrequency fields are used to systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization, causing the hydrogen nuclei to produce a rotating magnetic field detectable by the scanner. This signal can be manipulated by additional magnetic fields to build up enough information to construct an image of the body. MRI is a relatively new technology, which has been in use for little more than 30 years (compared with over 110 years for X-ray radiography). The first MR Image was published in 1973 and the first study performed on a human took place on July 3, 1977. Magnetic resonance imaging was developed from knowledge gained in the study of nuclear magnetic resonance. In its early years the technique was referred to as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI). However, as the word nuclear was associated in the public mind with ...
  • Mitsubishi Photo Imaging PMA 2008 Wrap Up At the 2008 PMA Show in Las Vegas, Mitsubishi presented its new CP-3800DW high speed 8 x 10 digital color printer, the CP-9800DW high speed 5 x 7 printer, and the DPS Kiosk 7000. In addition, Mitsubishi gave the public its first look at the new Mini-DPS System, a soon to be released portable digital photo management and printing station.
  • The Imaging Resource at PMA 2007: Argraph Live View for SLR Shawn Barnett talks to Martin Lipton of Argraph about the live view screen for DSLR's. See more PMA 2007 at imaging-
  • HDR imaging in Photoshop Elements 6 20% OFF ALL FOCAL PRESS BOOKS - Use offer code YT007 at Mark Galer gives a free lesson in how to create High Dynamic Range images using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and RAW images. Mark Galer is author of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Maximum Performace, published by Focal Press. You can find out more about the book here . For more tutorials visit
  • Imaging Resource PMA 2009 - Sigma Lenses Dave Etchells talks to Tom Sobey from Sigma about some new DSLR lenses.
  • Imaging Resource PMA 2008 - Sony A350 and A300 Dave Etchells of Imaging Resource talks about the A350 and A300, Sony's new Digital SLR's and how Sony is using a new technology for "live view"
  • The Imaging Resource at PMA 2007:Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Lens Dave Etchells talks to Tom Sobey of Sigma about the new APO 200 - 500mm f/2.8 EX DG telephoto lens. See more PMA 2007 coverage at imaging-
  • Kata's 3-in-one bag: Imaging Resource at Photokina 2008 Shawn Barnett interviews Katia Shuklin of Kata bags about their newest bag, the 3-in-one sling bag.
  • Trijicon at SHOT Show 2009 - Thermal Imaging For more online SHOT Show coverage visit Jared Gustafson with Outdoor Channel talks with Trijicon at SHOT Show 2009 about their new, just introduced thermal imaging products
  • Understanding MRIs This video provides information about what an MRI is and how it is performed. It explains the procedure and provides details about what to expect.
  • The Imaging Resource at Photokina 2006: Pentax K10D Andrew Alexander and Reiner Schenk of Pentax Europe GmBh discuss the new 10.2 megapixel Pentax K10D. For more Photokina news, be sure to log on to www.imaging-
  • Diagnostic Imaging- What is a PET scan? Positron Emission Tomography (Watch in HD) Greg Jones MD, of the Valdese Cancer Center in North Carolina explains the use of PET scans for cancer treatment planning. This is one section of a larger patient educational video series covering general radiation therapy, prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, MRI scans, CT scans, pain medication, and hospice care. For further information contact [email protected]
  • The New Leica S-system: Imaging Resource at Photokina 2008 Andrew Alexander of The Imaging Resource (www.imaging-) interviews Christian Ernhardt and Justin Stailey of Leica about Leica's newest camera, the S2.
  • nanotrac: X-ray imaging on the attosecond timescale: The attosecond timescale is where you must go to stud... #Nanotechnology
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  • Radiologynet: Latest Radiology news: Myocardial perfusion imaging with PET
  • Radiology_Job: Updated: Birmingham - General and Women's Imaging Position, June 12-14, and 17-18 in Alabama, from Locu...
  • radworking: Updated: Birmingham - General and Women's Imaging Position, June 12-14, and 17-18 in Alabama, from Locu...
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  • hqbk: High Resolution Imagery for Accurate Clinical Evaluation Brooklyn, NY
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  • WarrenPearce: RT @BNerlich: Does anybody know a good intro to physics of medical imaging? (I am asking for a friend)
  • Jayarava: Way cool brain imaging vid < via Human Connectome project.
  • TwitMedicalNews: High resolution ultrasound imaging of your tongue
  • animesh1977: In the blink of an eye: X-ray imaging on the attosecond timescale
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  • topscienceblogs: In the blink of an eye: X-ray imaging on the attosecond timescale: (DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) B...
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  • Radiology_help: Latest Radiology news: Myocardial perfusion imaging with PET
  • BNerlich: Does anybody know a good intro to physics of medical imaging? (I am asking for a friend)
  • SigmaAstro: The forecast is looking good for tonight might do a bit of Lunar imaging. If any of you have never look at the...
  • animesh1977: In the blink of an eye: X-ray imaging on the attosecond timescale
  • bethany_cammack: there is a few places left on sandstorms underwater shoot with Tim Los Photography Film and underwater imaging on...
  • tanaka_michiyo: 横浜パシフィコで開催されたイベント、「CP+ CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2013」にも行ってきました。初日、会場を出た時に夕焼けが綺麗で思わず1枚撮影。
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  • st_imaging: Library adds state-of-the-art equipment to read century old newspapers via @sharethis
  • EurekaMag: The role of imaging of the urinary tract in patients with urosepsis
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  • SciCom_hayashi: RT @h_hasegawa1: @SciCom_hayashi  日本の学者とハーバードメディカルスクールのいってることの違いを RT Radiation Risk from Medical Imaging - Harvard Health Publications
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  • Social_Imaging: Follow @amvonr Amy von Hummelhoff's new fan page on facebook @TopModelsWeekly @ProFitModels @Social_Imaging
  • ProFitModels: Follow @amvonr Amy von Hummelhoff's new fan page on facebook @TopModelsWeekly @ProFitModels @Social_Imaging
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