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  • Get the latest insider transactions for Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. (PLX). Find out the total of insider shares held, purchased and sold. Indirect. — “PLX Insider Transactions | Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc”,
  • indirect adj. Diverging from a direct course; roundabout. Not proceeding straight to the point or object. — “indirect: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Indirect Manufacturers & Indirect Suppliers Directory - Find a Indirect Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Indirect Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Indirect-Indirect Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Because indirect costs affect more than one contract, support from the cognizant auditor and administrative including indirect cost rate agreements. However, you must always remember that the. — “Ch 2 - Evaluating Indirect Costs”,
  • We found 37 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word indirect: indirect: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] indirect: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of indirect - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • indirect (comparative more indirect, superlative most indirect) Not direct; roundabout; Retrieved from "http:///wiki/indirect". — “indirect - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of indirect from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of indirect. Pronunciation of indirect. Definition of the word indirect. Origin of the word indirect. — “indirect - Definition of indirect at ”,
  • Molding designed for indirect or spot lighting. Collection includes cornice and crown molding for indirect lighting as well as baseboard molding with rope lighting or LED lights. — “Molding with Lighting - Crown Molding for Indirect Lighting”,
  • INDIRECT: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term INDIRECT in the Online Dictionary. What is a 8 letter word that starts with I?. — “Definition of INDIRECT (Meaning of INDIRECT), a 8 Letter Word”,
  • In its simplest usage, the INDIRECT function allows you to put the address of one cell in another, and get data from the the first cell by referencing the second. For example, if cell A1 has the value "C3", then =INDIRECT(A1) will return the value in C3. — “INDIRECT Function”,
  • indirect - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. — “indirect - Dictionary of English”,
  • An indirect tax is one that can be passed on-or shifted-to another person or group by the person or business that owes it. Ask students to explain why taxpayers sometimes consider sales taxes and other indirect taxes more acceptable than income and property taxes. — “Understanding Taxes - Theme 4: What Is Taxed and Why - Lesson”,
  • indirect flashcards at Flashcard Exchange. The largest on-line source of printable flash cards. Study online, print, download and share. — “indirect Flashcards”,
  • Indirect definition, not in a direct course or path; deviating from a straight line; roundabout: See more. — “Indirect | Define Indirect at ”,
  • "reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light"; "indirect evidence"; "an indirect cause" "making indirect but legitimate inquiries"; "an indirect insult"; "doubtless they had some indirect purpose in. — “What does indirect mean?”,
  • Our Indirect Tax practice comprises over 1000 professionals located in KPMG member firms in 70 countries. These professionals combine advanced technical capabilities in indirect tax with deep understanding of industry and business issues. — “KPMG - Global Indirect Tax”,
  • Definition of indirect in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of indirect. Pronunciation of indirect. Translations of indirect. indirect synonyms, indirect antonyms. Information about indirect in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “indirect - definition of indirect by the Free Online”,
  • Indirect water heater - 476 results from 108 stores, including SMART-60 Indirect Fired Water Heater - Stainless Steel - 56 Gal., Triangle Tube SMART-120 Indirect Fired Water Heater - 119 gal., Amtrol 2775S5027 60 Gallon WHS-60ZC BoilerMate. — “Indirect water heater - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Definition of INDIRECT : not direct: as a (1) : deviating from a direct line or course : roundabout (2) : not going straight to the point (3) : being or involving proof of a proposition or theorem by demonstration that. — “Indirect - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Indirect self-interest, self-interest which is broader than the self-interest limited to one's personal situation Indirect agonist or indirect-acting agonist, a substance that enhances the release or action of an endogenous neurotransmitter. — “Indirect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Direct and Indirect Manifestation, Part 3 unASLEEP The conclusion to this 3 part series on direct and indirect manifestation, as well as the nature of illness and disease. I hope you enjoy. Much love to you! -unASLEEP Part 1: Part 2:
  • YTL Excel #126: VLOOKUP & INDIRECT & COLUMN functions See how to retrieve values from more than one table. See how to populate a template with values using Data Validation, VLOOKUP, INDIRECT, COLUMN, and Custom Number format. See how to name ranges of cells, Data Validation Drop Down List, VLOOKUP & INDIRECT & COLUMN functions and Custom Number format to retrieve values from more than one lookup table.
  • Spanish Indirect Objects and Object Pronouns This is a lesson on indirect objects and indirect object pronouns. Watch the lesson on direct objects first! This one gets kind of complicated!
  • Direct - Indirect game, 2 powers combined! Click [SUBSCRIBE] to get more videos that will help you improve your dating life. Or visit for tutorials and advice. Over the Next few weeks we're going to be releasing one video a week with top tips and advice to ensure you aren't alone this Valentines day. This video explains how two different styles of game can be combined into one super powerhouse of a game. By combining direct game with indirect game you can have incredibly natural interactions that still convey truckloads of attraction. We're nearly at the valentines day finale! This video contains a new type of game for you to try and an example of how it might look when used. and you can check http to take part in a bootcamp!
  • HEINE Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (Part 1) Indirect Ophthalmology HEINE products and Mr Brian Little. For more information please visit
  • CryEngine 3 - Cascaded Light Propagation Volumes for Real-Time Indirect Illumination Crytek's CryEngine 3 real-time global illumination demo. Indirect lighting is exaggerated for illustration purposes. This video was created in October 28, 2009 and published in late February, 2010. More info:
  • Dan Jones Hypnosis Masterclass Part Two: Learn Conversational Indirect Ericksonian Hypnosis Mastering Conversational Hypnosis demonstrates and explains about the use of a range of Ericksonian Conversational Indirect Covert Hypnosis skills and techniques. The techniques taught on this video are advanced and not to be misused. I was having problems with my video editing software when I made this so had to make it as simply as I could so I apologise for the quality of the video hopefully people will be watching it to learn from the content rather than the layout and sound and picture quality. Learn more; find me on facebook (search fan pages for Daniel Jones - Author). Also if you want to learn more my latest book (50% off with this link) covers how to do effective hypnosis including giving you over 100 scripts to use:
  • Indirect Speech This video shows you how to change direct speech (the exact words that come from a person's mouth) into indirect speech.
  • Dynamic Paint + Indirect Lightning Some random testing. I used Dynamic Paint textures to emit light for Blender 2.5x indirect lightning system. Because the current "indirect lightning" implementation operates on mesh face level, I had to subdivide the walls to get all those small texture details to emit light. The final scene has ~1M vertices. Check out my blog for more info about Dynamic Paint :
  • Grammar Bytes! Presents :: The Indirect Object See how to find the indirect object!
  • Math Variation: Direct and Indirect Learn about math variation.
  • Inside Story - Could indirect talks boost Middle East peace process? Arab League ministers have backed a US plan for indirect talks between the Palestinians and Israelis, hoping that they will boost the stalled peace process. Inside Story asks: Will this work or is it just another stalling tactic?
  • Absolute and Relative Cell References in Excel and INDIRECT() Function This excel tutorial shows you how to make absolute or relative cell references in excel. Here, you will learn how to input dollar $ signs in front of cell references in order to make them relative or absolute. This will work to make a column or a row or both relative or absolute references. Additionally, you learn how to use the INDIRECT() function in excel in order to make an absolute cell reference. This is sort of the ultimate absolute cell reference because you input a cell reference as a text string. http
  • Use the INDIRECT() Function to Create a 2nd Pick From List in Excel I created this video lesson in response to a viewer request. She knew that there was a function that Excel uses to join two "Pick-From" lists in Data Validation. She just could not remember the Function - the =INDIRECT() function - nor could she remember how to do it. Perhaps you have the same question. Or a different question. Simply write to me and I will try to solve your problem with a new video lessons. I wish all of my viewers a happy new year in 2009! Danny Rocks
  • Indirect IA nerve block on a model University of The Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry present a video illustrating the technique of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block on a model by Dr. Anders Nattestad, Professor and Director, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • Lingual 2D (Forestadent) Indirect Easy Lingual Technique Movie Thank you very much Dr. Elie Amm (from Libanon) for your kind contribution with this movie. For more info [email protected]
  • Surgery Videos Hernia Repair Mesh Hernioplasty Herniorrhaphy Indirect Inguinal Surgery Video Hernia Repair Mesh Hernioplasty Herniorrhaphy Indirect Inguinal using Gore Tex Patch
  • Quantum Mechanics - Indirect Observation Quantum Mechanics Unable to see the details of an atom, physicists had to base their understanding of atomic structure solely on experimentation and indirect observation. This video segment, adapted from A Science Odyssey describes some of the thinking and theorizing that contributed to our present-day atomic model.
  • indirect grillfest limit law
  • YTLE#62: VLOOKUP INDIRECT & Lookup in Different Tables Totally Amazing Trick! Use the VLOOKUP and INDIRECT functions together to look up values from different Tables!
  • Indirect Questions This is an interactive English lesson about indirect questions. Find out how to make them and when to use them.
  • Indirect (Tatalo,Tohi, Rezaya, [email protected], Tome Rap farsi, Amir Tatalo, Hossein Tohi, Rezaya, Armin [email protected], Ardalan Tome
  • Excel Name Trick #7: INDIRECT function, Names and LOOKUP THE most amazing Name Trick: See how to use Data Validation, the INDIRECT function, the space operator and Names to look things up! Two 2 Way Lookup YTL Excel #119: Amazing Lookup Solution! Excel Lookup Series #11: INDEX & MATCH functions Two 2 Way Lookup Excel Name Trick #7: INDIRECT function, Names and LOOKUP Mr Excel & excelisfun Excel Trick #1: Two 2 Way Lookup MrExcel's Learn Excel #965 - Two-Way Lookup Excel Magic Trick #136: Two 2 way lookup with VLOOKUP & MATCH Instead of INDEX and MATCH functions for looking up items in a 2-dimenational table, use Names, INDIRECT function, Data Validation and the space intersector operator. See how to create 15 names with a single keyboard shortcut. Create Names From Selection. This is a logical (beginning to end) story about most of the use for Excel Names. In this series you will see 12 amazing uses for Excel Names (14 total Name Tricks).
  • Questions in Indirect Speech This video shows how to change direct speech into indirect speech when in the form of a question.
  • MBLAQ GO - JUNG JURI ( indirect kiss again ?) cut
  • Indirect Bonding Using Custom IQ & Assure
  • Tom Torero indirect-direct day game pick-up - Turkish set An indirect-direct day game pick-up of a Turkish girl in Trafalgar Square, London. * Indirect-direct opener ("wanted to come and say hi") * Transition by pacing reality and making statements * She hooks ("where are you from?") and is quite chatty * I qualify about reasons for visiting her city * Challenge her on her negativity towards London * I tease her about being the "quiet girl" and her ego * Kino on arm, high-5, comparing tans, hug, kisses * I cut off the chit-chat with some logistics ("so anyway..") * Should have persisted with instant date suggestion or at least mini-bounced * Email closed because she was a tourist not here for long Contact me at: [email protected]
  • Muslim Marriage - Muslim matrimonial- "Direct & Indirect" - Half Our Deen Video #3 Video #3 of the Muslim Marriage series by Baba Ali for the Half Our Deen project. If you enjoy this videos, please let others know about it (post it on your blog, facebook, etc..) and make sure to check out the other videos in this series. If you're single and want to get married, check out Baba Ali's new marriage project, Half Our Deen **Warning This video has generalizations. If you are "generalization-sensitive", it would best not to watch this video. In order to make such videos, you need to be general. The reason for these videos is give men and women a better understanding of how the opposite gender communicates. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. If you're single and looking, make sure to sign up on Baba Ali's PRIVATE Muslim Matchmaking site
  • PHSe device in inguinal indirect hernia surgery We are presenting a "from-skin-to-skin" procedure, of an indirect inguinal hernia repair, placing a three dimensional prosthetic device, held in with omly two absorbale stitches. Great!
  • Indirect talks begin in Middle East US envoy to Middle East, George Mitchell, begins shuttling between Ramallah and Jerusalem Friday.
  • CSS Tutorial - 8 - Direct and Indirect Selectors Go to if you need any help or have any questions. I will answer them all there!
  • [MEP] NITERIDER Dear Future I bought you I own the rights To let go Destroy you This is my life This project turned out amazingly badass, major props to everyone who participated! Intro - Chiikaboom : Munto TV Track1 - Chiikaboom : Chaos;Head Track 2 - StrawberryKissStudio - Darker Than Black Track3 - BriixNyaanX3 - Dragonaut The Resonance Track4 - MentalProdigy - Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! (Manga) Track5 - SilverSkylinexx - Shigofumi Track6 - Inverse - Claymore Track7 - VeeBeeAMV - Shikabane Hime Track8 - Laerium - Ga Rei Zero Track9 - xPockying - Bakemonogatari Track10 - WhispersxReloaded - Hellsing Ultimate Track11 - VivifxAMV - Dance in the Vampire Bund Track12 - YorleniProductions - Vampire Knight (Manga) Music in order of appearance: "Broken Heart (Exit Lights Mix)" Falling Up "Don't Stop (Cagedbaby Mix)" InnerPartySystem "The Bells (Angelspit Mix)" I:Scintilla "Falling Down (Creeping Pulse Mix)" The Birthday Massacre "Don't Stop (Original Mix)" InnerPartySystem "Grind" Deprogrammed Audio mixed by me, all anime and songs used are copyright their respective creators. Enjoy!
  • Direct Objects and Indirect Objects An English teacher shows the difference between direct objects and indirect objects.
  • Do the Write Thing - Project Indirect, Project Direct This short film is for Project Indirect* (see below) **spread the Project Indirect link throughout the internet!** :P If you are looking to see a Project Direct film why not try this!: SPOILER: - What does the red phone symbolize?: Could it symbolize the awakening of the inner child that brings hope? - Is it that the writer is "saved" by the awaking "inner child" that alerts him of the danger in the end? What do YOU think? Comment please! :) Thanks to PetrucciFever for the music!: *Project Indirect was created in hopes that it might possibly allow "indirect" entry of a late (and tad over 5 minute) film into the Project Direct competition based on the "what's a few days and a few minutes over?" argument ;)
  • DIRECT AND INDIRECT with KEZIA www.kezia- The new an much anticipated first book by Kezia Noble "15 steps to becoming a master seducer" Get your book here
  • indirect taxation a look at how unit, specific and ad valorem taxation affects price and quantity and why the relative elasticities of demand and supply impact the distribution of the incidence of the tax
  • Blender 2.53 Beta: What happened to Indirect Lighting? he first official release of Blender 2.5 BETA has brought with it many changes... all of them good. However, when I first fired up the beta I noticed one exciting feature from the Alpha builds seemed to be missing... or was it? In this quick tip we will rediscover the Indirect lighting set up within the new Blender Beta build. See... there was really no need to panic after all! Enjoy. See more at
  • 16. Indirect Objects and Objective Complements. Grammar Yossarian the Grammarian lays bare the nature of the indirect object and the much less well known objective complement. English language and grammar.
  • Dylan & Kelly 3x29 Kelly & Dylan discussing going to college and they remember when they first got together in the pool at the hotel when his Mom shows up unexpectedly for his graduation.
  • Shots Fired At Rick Ross? Young Jeezy In Miami Says "Where's Your Favorite Rapper At?" & Flashes Gun Shots Fired At Rick Ross? Young Jeezy In Miami With A Bunch Of Crips - Says "Where's Your Favorite Rapper At?" & Flashes His Gun Shots Fired At Rick Ross? Young Jeezy In Miami With A Bunch Of Crips - Says "Where's Your Favorite Rapper At?" & Flashes His Gun Shots Fired At Rick Ross? Young Jeezy In Miami With A Bunch Of Crips - Says "Where's Your Favorite Rapper At?" & Flashes His Gun
  • ozzy_duhh: @Nessuhkinz stop what?? Lol you stop being indirect!
  • YOUeat_iCUMx2: finna unfollow yo fat ass! be indirect by yoself!
  • victoriabigail: so many indirect tweets about me... nice.
  • Mahoney: @DerekCLT thanks, I have done it before. Works out well cooking indirect with soaked hickory wood chips over the fire for smokiness.
  • ozzy_duhh: @Nessuhkinz are u being indirect?
  • bombbeauty_e: Wtf is the point of indirect tweets ? Or arguing online ? #pointless !
  • BiologyMag: An assessment of direct and indirect effects of climate change for populations of the Rocky Mountain Apollo...
  • onceuponamemi: @heatherDlovato Hahaha thanks :) it was a indirect tweet cause someone keeps getting pissed at me but it's MY twitter! Lol not there's! :P
  • missLorz: Is that tweet for me cos if it is it would be my first indirect looool #Score !
  • Beauu_Tiaa: I peep people game on twitter ; indirect tweets &' direct ones'TOO !
  • Adz_frsh: @MrConfidentR LOL, is that an indirect sir?
  • Annaaaa_ox: I know I'm doing it now but... Why do people say 'don't write an indirect status about me' when they're doing it themselves.
  • GLAMINAJ: People calling out 'indirect' like they're important enough to be spoken to directly need to stop it… #JustStopIt
  • All_Bout_Cash84: RT @Help_Me_Rhonda_: I L O V E the dem lil inDirect Tweets :P <3
  • SOURB4GIRLZ: I feel sorry when they hear this song....I'm not a indirect nigga when I come you I come! Like how @50cent came for #murderinc.
  • LL_JMarks: I wonder how many of Ashley's indirect tweets I've missed...
  • Steve_ThaFreak: RT @OnlyOneEme: Just Mention Me Tf, I Hate Indirect Ppl
  • OnlyOneEme: Just Mention Me Tf, I Hate Indirect Ppl
  • samanthapine: A question of trust over gift tax abolition: The review also noted that gift duty is a very indirect and ineffic...
  • hub_business: My relationship with students is only indirect. Each academic month I establish a topic for the University Lab...
  • katybraceface: RT @v0mitshermind: When people indirect tweet about someone else & you know exactly who they are talking about.
  • MercedeesBenz: i will kick your ass you & your indirect tweets
  • weareniallators: @HoranJamesNiall that was a thing called an indirect tweet,it didnt have your name on it which means it wasnt directed to you.
  • izzytheunic0rn: RT @v0mitshermind: When people indirect tweet about someone else & you know exactly who they are talking about.
  • NatalieDohertyx: Seriously... How can you be in a relationship.. Yet you've never met & you live in Ireland & he live in Englans ahahah Pathetic! #indirect
  • Tayseersmadi: Sharing challenges w people and informing them about direct and indirect impacts of inflating fiscal deficit and debt is the right approach
  • dearOldChels_: Lord forgive me for my indirect sins.
  • _boujieBRiTT: I hope he wasn't being indirect ..
  • Ginovelezz: RT @v0mitshermind: When people indirect tweet about someone else & you know exactly who they are talking about.
  • Odd_KID: teairra is bein indirect #again *shrugs*
  • jedi_baby: Wow... I JUST noticed that the ringtone really IS JYJ's Be My Girl.. omg!!!!! Indirect OT5, hahahahaha!
  • prosper365: If Direct Marketing Doesn't Seem To Work, Try The Indirect One!
  • KeziaMegahey_x: 'casually asking if im ok' no no, lets not kid ourselfs.. i love indirect tweeting:L
  • Thesaint8x: RT @saudabazar: LN Mittal May Acquire Indirect Stake In Petron Engineering:एल.एन. मित्तल पेट्रोन इंजीनियरिंग में अप्रत्यक्ष हिस्...
  • geminiuk: This is business babe don't be vex , you know how it is #indirect ;) ♥
  • G_babyeeh: Lets not play the indirect game now..
  • QC_DiAMOND: RT @duhh_itstashhh: indirect statements arent necessary when you got the person's number AND are following them on twitter .
  • iGOTSwaGGFLu911: LOL...Is dat indirect 2 me??
  • JusT_MeJai: Maybe if u get off here u can finish ironing....#justanidea....wouldn't hurt to think about it....LOL...#indirect
  • E_Westwood: I hate direct and indirect variation!
  • TaniaCiurliaVos: Love proof of indirect contact :) Off to get new family portraits
  • V_naastyy: indirect message ? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee tell me .
  • playthevictim: That's not about anyone would know so its not an indirect aha
  • Chescarea: Love my coworkers, they always bring me food. I wonder if thats their indirect way of saying I'm fat Hmmmm
  • aynzw: @mattyjrichards @finalcontext damn your indirect marketing for fast food, I want a Burger King now.
  • AlanaZombie: Can I indirect everyone on my timeline. Okay
  • feebux: RT @NaNaNatasha_: When someone writes an indirect tweet and you ask who's about, they always say: "doesn't matter," so you instantly think it's about you.
  • starlqqking: TCC VERIZON! INSTANT REBATES! Come see me inside ABC WAREHOUSE! Verizon indirect store!
  • ChristineBaby_x: RT @NaNaNatasha_: When someone writes an indirect tweet and you ask who's about, they always say: "doesn't matter," so you instantly think it's about you.
  • yeZEE_taUght_ME: RT @Rellyy_Rell: Ppl Always Say Dey Hate Indirect Ppl. Well, Obviously U Know Dey Talkin About U Do Something Cuz U Sayin Dat Makes U #IndirectAsWell!
  • NickJJloveer: RT @xWellBeADream: When people indirect tweet about someone else & you know exactly who they are talking about.
  • LovaticsLove: RT @xWellBeADream: When people indirect tweet about someone else & you know exactly who they are talking about.
  • Rellyy_Rell: Ppl Always Say Dey Hate Indirect Ppl. Well, Obviously U Know Dey Talkin About U Do Something Cuz U Sayin Dat Makes U #IndirectAsWell!
  • SCHWAAGGGx: RT @xWellBeADream: When people indirect tweet about someone else & you know exactly who they are talking about.
  • bjkd_1121: RT @Laypatt_3: #ThatAwkwardMoment when you know that "indirect tweet" is about you... And you feel like you should "direct tweet" them back. #SMH.
  • jessasaur_x3: RT @NaNaNatasha_: When someone writes an indirect tweet and you ask who's about, they always say: "doesn't matter," so you instantly think it's about you.
  • RowaanWentzz: RT @NaNaNatasha_: When someone writes an indirect tweet and you ask who's about, they always say: "doesn't matter," so you instantly think it's about you.
  • Laypatt_3: #ThatAwkwardMoment when you know that "indirect tweet" is about you... And you feel like you should "direct tweet" them back. #SMH.
  • NaNaNatasha_: When someone writes an indirect tweet and you ask who's about, they always say: "doesn't matter," so you instantly think it's about you.
  • ShisuiUchiha_: @_SasukexUchiha_ Heh. You are so...reason why your indirect tweets I see you apologize to her..shedding a tear..blushing and looking away
  • Drew_70400: Lord forgive me for my indirect sining.....
  • Its_NickiBxtch: RT @duhh_itstashhh: indirect statements arent necessary when you got the person's number AND are following them on twitter .
  • _LittleLipsTJae: Stay iNDirect Tweetin Bout People
  • ashleyrechelle: I love to indirect its what I do
  • Help_Me_Rhonda_: I L O V E the dem lil inDirect Tweets :P <3
  • duhh_itstashhh: indirect statements arent necessary when you got the person's number AND are following them on twitter .
  • TheDirtyRed1: @great01 Shut up! That was an indirect!
  • eFrontal: I prefer to one who cares about me in indirect way, than one who bluff with a big mouth n says, 'HEY WORLD, U MUST KNOW THAT I CARE TO HER!'
  • HanasaurusRexx: Indirect tweeting ftw :)
  • itmightbeclaire: if you're going to indirect tweet do it properly.
  • EvaMulla: Can't Agree more “@FatimaAJ: I HATE it when ppl wanna know sth through an INDIRECT question!! Wana ask sth ash it PROPERLY!!! UFF!!”
  • alexanderenrico: LOL Can I say that I am famous now since im getting indirect hate tweets? LOL
  • _ThatGirlSimone: Why speak indirect ? Whats the purpose ?
  • Ayana_RipMarty: #LT since I dont speak indirect , this about LATOYA !
  • iwantjonasboys: @iAmAnUnderdog I have no indirect tweets about you. No, only song lyrics are indirect tweets for you. and yes, you did ignore me.
  • Durag_Flapout: @Malibu_Ruby how did you know that indirect was for you?
  • gwenleee: @hotzmonalisa HAHAHA INDIRECT KISS ^^v
  • pretttyRikki: @Nniita_Neetz that's why I specifically stated - no indirect :)
  • Nniita_Neetz: @pretttyrikki u always indirect on twitter tho lool blatenly an indirect rik :s

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  • “We now turn our attention to ways of making money from blogging that are more more 'indirect' in nature We now turn our attention to ways of making money from blogging that are more more indirect' in nature – or how to earn money because of your blog rather than from it”
    — Making Money Because of Your Blog – Indirect Methods,

  • “Forums (aka. message boards or discussion boards) are incredible resources. Not only are they helpful for learning and helping others, but they can also be valuable tools for marketing your business or website. There are two approaches you can”
    — The Direct and Indirect Approaches to Forum Marketing,

  • “There exist only three main types of competition in nature: direct, indirect and passive. Indirect competition stands for the products that aren't the same with yours, but can be”
    Indirect |,

  • “Direct costs can be traced directly to a cost object such as a product or a department. In other words, direct costs do not have to be allocated to a product, The rent is an indirect cost—an indirect cost of operating the production department and an indirect cost of crafting the product”
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