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  • Who Are Hipsters? Why are the Hipsters so important? Are you a HIPster? Click HERE to go to questionaire. Contact us. Privacy Policy Site Map. — “HIPster - Gaining insight into the American way of life”,
  • Having recognised as early as the mid-1970's that some consumers were more important than others in the adoption of new products and services, Roper has been at the forefront of capturing the hearts and minds of what we call Influential consumers. — “Influentials”,
  • Businesses devote a good deal of their budget to advertising and marketing with the goal of reaching as many members as possible of their target demographic group. Now, one emerging philosophy claims that reaching select members of the desired Influencing the Influentials. — “Influencing the Influentials | Evok Orlando Advertising”,
  • Influencers or Influentials are a group of very active consumers involved in "conversation marketing" where word-of-mouth is becoming a significant power in spreading Conversation marketing which keys in on these New Influentials requires a completely different set of sills than those which have. — “What's New At Bridge Ratings”,
  • : The Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the Other Nine How to Vote, Where to Eat, and What to Buy (9780743227292): Jon Berry, Ed Keller: Books. — “: The Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the”,
  • Out-of-home • Internet marketing. Point of sale • Promotional items. Digital marketing • In The Influentials, Free Press, 2003 ^ Keller, Ed and Berry, Jon. The Influentials, Free. — “Influencer marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Daily Transcript / San Diego Source is San Diego's only information company reporting and providing hourly and daily business news, data and related resources. Highlight your company's expertise by advertising or sponsoring Top Influentials. — “San Diego Source > Top Influentials 2011”,
  • Black Card Circle is an exclusive, interactive social and business networking website that faciliates the relationship building process. BCC connects influential individuals across industries, interests, and continents to foster mutually. — “Login | Black Card Circle | Exclusive. Global. Access”,
  • IWOFM's International Prayer Net Is "S.E.W.N. Together" by the Gospel News of Jesus Ruth 3:11 And now, my daughter, fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requirest: for. — “Influential Women of Faith Ministries”,
  • Witness this year's 100 Influentials list: 100 luminaries selected from the halls of Witness this year's 100 Influentials list: 100 luminaries selected. — “Influential Hispanics”,
  • The Influentials find new ideas, find new people, and gather information because they are all the time picking and pulling information from anywhere. Influentials and Poli-Influentials do more things that define the profile of an. — “ICTlogy " ICT4D Blog " Network Society course (V). Carol Darr”,
  • Sorry, let us explain: Bravo Influentials is a group of Bravo fans Complete the new Influentials survey, and you'll get a virtual banquet of competing chefs'. — “Bravo Influentials - Calling All Bravo Superfans! | Bravo TV”,
  • Specializing in development of marketing programs for software development tools companies. Web services architecture, requirements, and deployment planning. Peter Westerman's Blog. Lead Generation Wiki (clients only) (c) 2006-2010 IT Influentials, 984 Mercer Road, Suite 101, Princeton, NJ 08540. — “Marketing Advisors to the World's Most Successful Technology”, it-
  • {"fileSize":465,"fileId":7168867,"fileType":1,"height":50,"width":50, "fileName":"gfk_rgb_50px.gif","provider":1000,"fileThumbURL":"/fs/dn?p. — “The Influentials”,
  • June 29, 2010 (Boston, MA)—Marketers looking to reach the super-influentials in their category may just want to keep blogs at the "And these influentials we've found are more engaged with blogs. — “Blogs and personal influence: Copernicus first to demonstrate”,
  • The Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the Other Nine How to Vote, Where to Eat, and What to Buy: Edward Keller, Jonathan Berry: Books. — “The Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the Other Nine”,
  • Electronic dog training equipment, with products for sporting dogs and companion dogs. — “Tri-Tronics”,
  • Welcome to Vox Pop Influentials Magazine. The Central Valley's Voice Of The People-Innovative, Inspirational, Inside Magazine. This month, Influentials magazine is pleased to highlight the extra-ordinary professional career of one of the Central Valley's. — “[In]fluentials Magazine Home Page”,
  • If your site is being crawled, and you'd like us to increase or decrease the speed and/or depth or our crawl you can also contact us at this address. Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;FindITAnswersbot/1.0; + — “it-”
  • Read excerpts, watch videos, get book reviews and more about The Influentials at Simon & Schuster. — “The Influentials | Book by Edward Keller, Jonathan Berry”,
  • New York Magazine's list of people who are influencing New York. — “The Influentials - New York Magazine”,
  • ROCHESTER, N.Y. January 24, 2008; Influentials are US adults who describe themselves as either very or extremely knowledgeable about vehicles. They are much more likely than ordinary consumers, referred to as Non-influentials, to say. — “Listen Up: Influentials Are Talking about Vehicle Brands! We”,

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  • John Stossel Debunks and Dispels Myths Juju Chang interviews John Stossel on the ABC television show Influentials. In this interview, Stossel dispels a handful of commonly-held, controversial beliefs.
  • International Food Blogger Conference The International Food Blogger Conference presented by featured the world's top 100 food bloggers and several infamous culinary influentials and businesses. The event gathered everyone together in Seattle, Wash. to discuss food, writing and technology in an interactive, fun and DELICIOUS setting.
  • Remy Ma - Influentials.wmv From The album The BX Files
  • The BX Files Remy Ma(Feat Papoose)-Influentials.
  • MPA Syed Jafar Shah Speech in Chail Bashigram to the influentials who joined ANP
  • Skeamz - Interview London born producer Skeamz has been making grime instrumentals since he was14 years old and it certainly paid off for the 21 year old, he has produced music for some of grimes most influentials artists. Skeamz has had steady progression from when you first heard him, he took a break from producing for awhile but still his beat are in demand, he say he will go back to producing but only when the time is right...........
  • High Alert! Theft at tomb of former Afghan monarch Footage shows destruction by illegal relic hunters of the tomb of Sardar Ayub Khan (Victor of Maiwand) in Durrani Graveyard, Peshawar - Pakistan .pk Relic hunters at work in Durrani graveyard: SCN The News Monday, June 07, 2010 ------ ---- SCN in its report had stated: A visit to the graveyard confirmed that this was no ordinary crime. It took place sometime in the past. Multiple gravestones and relics of priceless historical value have been stolen. While comparing with the photographic documentation carried out by SCN in 2007, all the historical headstones are now missing. Locals claim it is the work of an organised and illegal gang of relic hunters (perhaps with international linkages and in collusion with officials, and local influentials) This is confirmed by the fact that stones have been expertly removed, and even terracotta/ greystones of 18th century, and those miscellaneous graves older than 200 years old have been specifically targeted in the robbery. Those whose headstones are missing include: Sardar Ayub Khan b.1855 d.1914. His mother (Wife of Amir Shere Ali and Mother of Ayub Khan) Sardar Ibrahim Khan (Brother) and other close family members. The Federal Antiquity Act 1975 strictly prohibits any transactions in antiquities. SCN's RECOMMENDATIONS The issue needs to be addressed at the highest level. The investigation must include thorough probe and intelligence gathering in the graveyard vicinity and Afghan Antique Market (Shinwari Plaza, Ander ...
  • BrightSpot's Sunni Brown on Information Design, Graphic Recording & the Power of Visual Thinking Think drawings don't belong in the boardroom? Sunni Brown explains why you're wrong in this interview with Chris Haro from the 2009 Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit - The New ROI: Return on Influentials in Austin, Texas.
  • Intersections : New York (part 1) by Benedicte Gauthier Art Film. Portraits of Influentials New York Contemporary Artists Andres Serrano Dennis Oppenheim K48 Slava Mogutin John Connely presents
  • Video: How to Optimize PR for Search through SEO Now more than ever, journalists, bloggers and industry influentials use search engines to find subject matter experts, research companies, locate past media coverage and track topical trends. Traditionally, content optimization efforts have been managed by corporate marketing. However, with substantial opportunities to create value in the form of increased online brand visibility, reputation management and Internet based media coverage, public relations deserves a seat at the corporate SEO table. To achieve that, it's important that PR professionals understand the foundation of SEO tactics as well as the business benefits to the larger organization. Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing discusses SEO and PR tactics with the most impact, how to choose the best keywords, how to combine SEO and social media campaigns, how to write optimized news content, link-building best practices and measuring the value of optimized PR.
  • Influencer Marketing Intro to Influencer Marketing
  • NAHJ 2009 Hall of Fame - Ysabel Durón Acceptance Speech National Association of Hispanic Journalists 27th Annual Convention and Media & Career Expo Friday, June 26, 2009 - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ysabel Durón, Anchor, Weekend Morning News, KRON Channel 4, San Francisco was inducted into the NAHJ Hall of Fame. Ysabel Durón is an award-winning journalist with almost 38 years in television news broadcasting. Durón has anchored KRON 4s Weekend Morning News in San Francisco for the past 17 years. She was one of the first Latinas to work in mainstream television, breaking through in 1970 in the San Francisco Bay Area in what was mostly a white male domain. As a journalist, Durón has won recognition nationally and regionally with two Emmys, a John Swett Award from the California Teachers Association and another from the Society for Professional Journalists. Shes an inductee of the Silver Circle in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for over 25 years of meritorious work in journalism. As a Latina, she has been a role model to and influenced many young Latinas; been named both a Latina Pioneer by the La Raza Media Association of the Bay Area, and received a Living Legacy Award from the Chicana-Latina Foundation of San Francisco. She is featured in a new book, Building the Latino Future, Success Stories for the Next Generation by Frank Carbajal. Throughout her career, Durón has turned the spotlight on Latino issues including culture, political battles, educational challenges, health needs and labor conflicts. Her own ...
  • The Best of Remy Ma Some of my favorite verses from my favorite female rapper Remy Ma...follow her @freeremyma...follow me @buckets4u 1."We Takin Ova"--4rm Shesus Khryst Mixtape 2."CREAM"--4rm Shesus Khryst Mixtape 3."Influentials"---4rm The BX Files 4."Rapid Fire"---4rm Most Anticipated Mixtape 5."Get Em Daddy Freestyle"---4rm Most Anticipated Mixtape 6."Krptonite Freestyle"---4rm Most Anticipated Mixtape 7."I Get Gully"---4rm Blasremy Mixtape
  • Kangna joins first ladies of tinsel town Their intimate friends circle is literally referred to as the 'gang' in Tinselville. It is no secret that the First Ladies of Tinsel town — Gauri Khan, Mehr Jessia, Suzanne Roshan and other influentials like Nandita Mahtani, Maheep Kapoor and others are best friends. They hang out with each other, go for short holidays and even throw big bashes for each other. Some friendships like Gauri and Suzanne's have also been instrumental in bringing their husbands Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan closer and become great friends. It is because of their wives that the superstars are even planning to do a movie together post Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. And now we see, Kangna Ranaut has joined this gang of girls. Don't believe...take a look, its all here, only in this video!
  • The Misfits - Forbidden Zone (Live) The Misfits - Forbidden Zone (Live) Michele Graves jerry only Dr Chud and doyl wolfgang von frakenstien
  • 9.國畫自習-花草-梅花-2 9.國畫大師倪汝霖談國畫自學-花草-梅花2 Draws the plum blossom the pistil and the stamen. 畫梅花的雌蕊及雄蕊。The pistil indicated in a middle picture small circle that unbends finger's appearance likely, goes against regards only then a spot, the sidelong glance is a shape, this stippling necessary some ideas. A colored pistil has one, all flowers are this. The stamen in side, to all around draws the straight line to indicate that quantity many and few has not related.On each stamen (peak) has the pollen, (medium) disseminates after the honeybee to the pistil forms the plum.After therefore picture good stamen, all around must draw the expression pollen, its quantity may not limit.Does not need to be very accurate nearby each stamen draws expression pollen. Spoke the positive stamen and pistil a moment ago, like on the dish draws. When side, the drawing technique is the same, is the position cannot be wrong, other lengths influential leave. Middle picture small circle expression pistil. The stamen approaches my picture short, the far picture to be long, side selects the pollen again.The frontage colored branch, is spent to cover, the receptacle in the back, also cannot see. Demonstration, back flower, a branch picture straight line. Positive flower, branch partition picture. The back regards the flowered the receptacle, between the flower and the branch, selected several is good.The side flower, the branch partition picture, the receptacle (watches demonstration under ...
  • Windows Vista Uncensored! Mark Russinovich talks deployment Interesting snippet where Mark talks with folks who've rolled out Microsoft Windows Vista and various influentials in the industry. Full video (Springboard Live Virtual Roundtable) avail at /technet/springboard
  • Hindu minority Persecution Justice Army Land and Gopal Ram.wmv BNP and Awami League were united for their self-interest of Hindu minority persecution. Though, in the political field both of this two big political parties have been quarrel and fight each and other. Nuruzzaman Piter is an influential businessman who is to close with a central leader of BNP and former Mayor of Rajshahi city Mizanur Rahman Minu. On the other side, Jahangir Alam Haran is another great businessman, who is to close with a central leader of Awami League and present Mayor of same city AHM Khairuzzaman Liton. Both of two businessmen have a land of the middle of Rajshahi city. In front of their land have a small piece of land (one and half Katha) which of owner Hindu minority Gopal Ram and Noresh Ram (both of are brother). One side of the land has a small wheat broken factory. Other side they have been living in a small room. But, the influentials businessmen were wanted to buy this land of piece for increasing their multistoried building. Owner of that land was denied to sell it. After then the influentials were making conspiracy to evict from hereditary homestead of them and to grab this land. For this they wanted to use Army men. On 1st January, 2010 Gopal Ram told, this was a house. My older mother was living here. But, the influentials was destroyed it. When they were doing vandalizing my mother and a daughter of my brother were inside of this house. They would be killed, fortunately they were safe. By brutally they were attacked in the night (at around ...
  • The Bad Influentials Chillin' in the back in Sacramento. RED BULL over Rockstar any day. Bad Influential homies... Recorded on June 26, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • hardstyle circus 2011 influentials @ hardstyle circus
  • reportage on the most influentials Arabs of 2010
  • WikiLeaks leaks and betrayal of Muslim rulers: Taji Mustafa Interview Taji Mustafa [Hizb ut-Tahrir]. What do these leaks show? What message for the influentials in Muslim lands? What message for the Muslim ummah?
  • How To Build Your Online Community --The Mateo Gutierrez Interview If your business has a community then it has an army of supporters who will help you grow the company. I asked Mateo Gutierrez to teach us how to build online communities because he's had a decade of community building. Currently, he's the director of social marketing at ThisNext, a social shopping site. Here's some of what he taught in our interview. (Download the full interview to hear MUCH more.) Identify influentials Your influentials are the users who are going out of their way to contact each other. Identify them because they're the ones who are going to help you grow your community. Increase recognition Find a way to give your influentials a way to stand out. When he built communities in online games, Mateo gave influentials' online characters with special outfits. Other ways to do this is to give them titles or special placement on your web site. Give them power Your goal is to empower your influencials to cultivate your community. Sites like aSmallWorld give their some users the power to invite new members into their exclusive communities. Other sites give influencials the power to remove or ban members. Give rewards Yelp famously rewarded its top users with access to exclusive parties. Other ways to reward influencials is by helping to build their careers or reputations. Give points People want to see how they rank, Mateo told me. In its early days, MySpace's users famously recruited people to join the site because they wanted to have a large number of friends ...
  • Advertise on Premier Blogs Using Looking to target the influential network of readers of your favorite blog? Look no further:
  • Multivariate Outliers This is a quick tutorial on how to detect influential multivariate outliers in AMOS using the Mahalanobis d-squared value.
  • Shahgram Swat: Influentials Join Awami National Party
  • G- Tek - Sound Is a Factor (Original Mix) G-tek is one of the most influentials djs/producers in Panama city, he has a unique style to produce progressive house, So , you might be ready to know more about him!! You can get more info about G-tek and Dub Tech Recordings in : or
  • MOBILE MONDAY 2002 - 2009 Mobile Monday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.
  • The Influentials by Remy Ma and Papoose Remy Ma and Papoose the Influentials CRACK!
  • Floods in Pakistan Zhob AAJ NEWS 2 a bridge of takari village was collapsed soon after flooding in takari village, The people of the Zhob district censured the poor construction of the bridge, the public circles including Shekh Muhammad Yar Khan Mandokhel Central leader of ANP government expressed grave concern over the unlimited corruption in B&R department and alleged that some influentials and elected representatives were backing the concern department as a result unlimited corruption was continued and construction work was dis satisfactory up to date. Shekh M Yar Mandokhel appealed the federal and provincial government to avoid funding elected representatives of Zhob district and emphasized that the funds through independent committees be distributed among poor flood victims.
  • Fast Company Fast Talk: Watts Anti-Tipping Point Debate Network theory scientist Duncan Watts challenges Malcolm Gladwell's influentials theory. Is the Tipping Point toast?
  • MPA Syed Jafar Shah Speech to Influentials in Madyan who joined ANP.3gp
  • MPA Syed Jafar Shah Speaks to Influentials in Baranwi who Joined ANP
  • Ken at the 'Influentials debate' Ken's opening remarks at the Evening Standard's 'Influentials debate' on 25 Feb. To view the ful debate visit
  • Influentials - When you are interested in a political issue or candidate, how many people outside of your immediate household do you talk to about it?
  • Jari Tammisto - Mobile Monday - Nairobi (For Business news around the African Continent, visit our website ) Mobile Monday is set to be a global community of MOBILE industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. and to talk us through some of the objectives Jari Tammisto, CEO of Mobile Monday.
  • Mobile Monday Sydney Mobile Monday is a global network of industry influentials who come together to encourage further innovation within the mobile sector.. TelecomTV's Guy Daniels stopped by the Mobile Monday gathering in Sydney, Australia, to get an idea of the mobile startup scene and the funding opportunities available in Australia.
  • How looks at the cloud Here's a speech that 's CEO gave last week to a group of VCs and influentials in Silicon Valley. I found it interesting because of how he positions Microsoft's Sharepoint.
  • Forbidden Zone: The Abduction of Influentials Take care of your Influentials -- or they could be taken from you! As seen at the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit 2009 - Now featuring a bonus scene starring Founder & CEO Brett Hurt
  • Reaction in Juba to Negotiations.m4v Influentials in Juba, southern Sudan react to news of a deal between the ruling parties in the North and South over laws to govern the South's 2011 referendum, which will determine whether Sudan remains united or splits into two.
  • alohawes2: Obama represents a new America. An educated, upper -class minority who rubs elbows with influentials. God Bless America, and all her kids.
  • EarlyBirdTfield: RT @tonyrobbins: My friend Futurist & Inventing genius Ray Kurzweil is #48 in Time Mag. top 100 influentials cast your vote 4 Ray:
  • margeryfu: Yes, it is importan. http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/8xsB
  • BizLawToday: @kfreberg So love your post @neicolec blog! I'm impressed with what I'm seeing from U. Tenn./Knoxville. So many influentials; programs!
  • Soulati: @kfreberg So love your post @neicolec blog! I'm impressed with what I'm seeing from U. Tenn./Knoxville. So many influentials; programs!
  • cf1217: Interesting article that notes the importance of "influentials" in shaping attitudes and behavior.
  • kdawg02: @ArielBH jQuery influentials have a keen interest; the project was well received at SFO jQuery conf. We are seeing growing interest...
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634400610495868924 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/VSU
  • defresh: RT @humanendeavor: @econogeek everyone is a network. Fundamental shift in influentials. #himc
  • humanendeavor: @econogeek everyone is a network. Fundamental shift in influentials. #himc
  • sumtxkid: A Collective Social Media Group = News, Influentials, Marketing, Customer Feedback & Community @fxshaw said it best!! #MSSocialSummit
  • socialchiefs: Social Chiefs publishes a weekly chart of Social Media Influentials. Check it out on
  • FelixNater: @ronaldskelton great question Ron! I have one for Existing Clients, Hot Prospects, Interested, Influentials, Industries and Associates.
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399779703857595 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/VSU
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399778769004119 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/VSU
  • jaredsteinberg: Snapshot of influential folks within the art world back in 2006 - http:///5sm2ae9 - curious to learn what's changed since then.
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399760425909852 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/VSU
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399755550756285 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/VSU
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399753185706285 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/VSU
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399748411156285 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/eeS
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399740178455168 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/QMzY
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399732249682323 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/Ae5
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399731615278889 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/bqGi
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399722906318033 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/2DL
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399717299040312 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/MSXg
  • SignalWang: this is from unit test634399711639510377 http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/km3b
  • garethsparks: @QuilliamF @allthingsct OBL was theo. lightweight. CTC's "Self-Inflicted Wounds" illustrated most AQ influentials are
  • SignalWang: share this http://in-devsvc-01.influentials.local/ZPV
  • Jay_V_MsHova: I'm finna go pick out some Mother's Day Cards. Even tho my Mother is gone, I still have influentials.
  • sandiprasetyo: ┐('⌣'┐) (┌'⌣')┌ RT @auziemetrical: angry bird guy one of @TIME 100 most influentials :D
  • DonkAmAMMA: Going to dc wat am I getting myself into? I'm entering a parade of influentials!
  • newleafcgi: @RickWarren So refreshing to hear you "tweet personally and do not schedule them." Wish other influentials would follow your lead!

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  • “The Influentials: 10 leaders who changed Long Island in 2008 Tags: Cablevision, farms, Hofstra, influentials, Jon Cooper, RexCorp, Scott Rechler,”
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  • “Blog. Travel Influentials Hosted Event at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park and Bar Boulud Through our PR & Marketing arm, Travel Influentials, we coordinated a tour of the hotel”
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  • “[The following posting also appeared on the WARC WOM Forum Blog.] All word of mouth marketing professionals agree that good word of mouth results from the right type of communication with the right type of customers or consumers. Some claim that these have to be influentials”
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  • “In my experimentation with BlogPulse, and my recent discussion of the base, I've begun imagining a new blog trending tool bloggers that are also Influentials, or what I'm going to start calling Blog Influentials”
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  • “Rate This Blog. 0 Thumbs Up. Archives. Current Photos. November 2010 My journey with God and Man. A blog of my journey in the church and in the world”
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