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  • Definition of Inframammary fold in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Inframammary fold. Pronunciation of Inframammary fold. Translations of Inframammary fold. Inframammary fold synonyms, Inframammary fold antonyms. Information about Inframammary. — “Inframammary fold - definition of Inframammary fold by the”,
  • Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement, Breast Enlargment Surgery Options. Dr. Mok and Dr. Kotlus will help you choose the best Breast Enhancement Inframammary Breast Augmentation Procedure. Inframammary breast augmentation is where an incision is made at the base of the breast; any scarring is. — “Breast Augmentation, Breast Surgery Options in Michigan”,
  • If you've ever stood in front of a mirror and wished that your breasts were firmer, higher and more youthful-looking, breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, may be right for you. Second-degree (moderate) ptosis—The nipple, although below the inframammary fold, is still above the lowest part of the breast. — “Breast lift surgery, inframammary technique, Oak Brook”,
  • A comprehensive resource for breast augmentation and implant information. Find a doctor in your area, view before and after photos, research breast implants and augmentation surgery online. relation to the nipple position)—this may represent overdissection in the region of the inframammary crease. — “Breast Augmentation Info: Breast Augmentation Revisions”,
  • Definition of Inframammary in the Medical Dictionary. Inframammary explanation. Information about Inframammary in Free online English dictionary. What is Inframammary? Meaning of Inframammary medical term. What does Inframammary mean?. — “Inframammary - definition of Inframammary in the Medical”, medical-
  • Inframammary fold (IMF), inframammary crease or inframammary line is the feature of human anatomy which is a natural boundary of a breast from below, the place where the breast and the chest meet. The choice of the term depends on the prominence of the feature. — “Inframammary fold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Treatment: Large, pendulous breasts, where much of the parenchyma is below the inframammary fold, require a different approach when considering a reduction procedure. This involves markings, anticipation of anatomic changes with reduction of. — “Breast Reduction, Amputation: Treatment - eMedicine Plastic”,
  • The mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure designed to re-establish the proper relationships between the nipple and the inframammary fold. Depending on the amount of sag and the quality of the skin, the incision may need to be extended vertically to the inframammary fold. — “Breast Lift Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic”,
  • This article describes the inverted-T incision technique with the scar placed above the inframammary sulcus for cases of pexy, breast reduction, and argumentation-reduction mammaplasty. This technique preserves the inframammary fold as na important. — “Aesthetic Breast Surgery with Inverted-T Scar Placed above”,
  • In summary, breast reduction is generally performed by three incisions. One is made around the areola – the colored area around A third incision curves in the under-breast (Inframammary) fold. Following removal of the excess tissue, fat and skin and the shifting of the nipple. — “Breast Reduction Techniques - Mammoplasty - Beverly Hills”,
  • The inframammary fold, the natural fold under the breast, provides the most direct path for the placement of a breast implant. Because the incision rests in the natural shadow line of the lower breast curvature it tends to be inconspicuous after the early phases of healing. — “Dr. John Q. Cook”,
  • An inframammary incision is a type of incision used in the placement of implants during breast augmentation surgery. Contact Kansas City Dr. Chhatre for more information on Inframammary Incisions. — “Inframammary Incisions | Kansas City Breast Augmentation”,
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Inframammary Breast Incision By: The inframammary incision easily allows for longer incisions and doesn't require the doctor to force the implant, which can be associated with a greater risk of. — “Advantages and Disadvantages of the Inframammary Breast Incision”,
  • Welcome to the mind/body/spirit approach to Inframammary Breast Augmentation featuring honest and informative commentary on positioning breast implants through breast crease incisions. — “Inframammary Breast Augmentation”, breast-plastic-
  • Inframammary. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Inframammary. Facts on Breast Augmentation, About Silicone Breast Implants, Breast Lift Health Video. — “Inframammary | ”,
  • List of 13 disease causes of Red exoriation of the inframammary fold, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Red exoriation of the inframammary fold. — “Red exoriation of the inframammary fold - ”,
  • Describes the inframammary (breast crease) incision used to place breast implants in breast augmentation. Comparison to other incision techniques. — “Breast Augmentation - Inframammary Incision”,
  • Top Doc 2010 by Phoenix Mag - Breast Augmentation/Implants Before and After Pictures - James M. Nachbar, MD, FACS, Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Breast Augmentation, InfraMammary Approach, Saline, Under the Muscle. — “Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona - Breast Augmentation / Breast”,
  • Read 6 doctor answers to "What Does Inframammary Incision Mean? Inframammary incisions can work out OK, but leave a scar under the breast where it can be seen in small bathing suits. — “What Does Inframammary Incision Mean? Doctor Answers, Tips”,
  • Inframammary, or crease, breast implant incisions are a very popular choice among possible breast implants incision sites. — “Breast Augmentation Inframammary Incision – Breast Crease”,
  • Find the facts on breast implant inframammary incisions. The inframammary incision is placed in the proximity of the crease where the breast and chest come together. — “Breast Augmentation: Inframammary Incisions”,

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  • Breast Augmentation Diray (Part 4) This is my one month post-op video to let you all see how I am doing. Sorry that it ended up being such a long video didn't really plan on making it that long but I hope it helped answer any questions. Checkout videos by "danigoddard" ( Her videos really helped me and inspired me to do this. Also check out "Realself" amazing site that will help you with your research and allows you to ask questions to a number of board certified plastic surgeons
  • All You Need To Know About Breast Implants Deciding to get breast implants can be pretty daunting, and I know that we all want to be well informed and prepared. Have a look at this video It has been put together by the makers of the NATRELLE® Collection of breast implants. It talks you through what can be achieved to enhance and compliment your individual figure and gives a good overview of what is involved in the process as well. You will need to consult a clinician who will determine whether NATRELLE® implants are suitable for you. (ANZ/0202/2010b).
  • Mr Umar Khan's Technique of Augmentation with internal mastopexy using Inframammary Crease. Original technique described by Mr Khan and presented in diffrent meetings around the world. The technique, accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, allows internal mastpexy in early ptosis with out obvious external breat scarring. The technique has to be used in selected cases and is not a replacement of skin envelope reducing mastopexies. Abstract Background: Augmentation in ptotic breast is challenging and often requires mastopexy. Extended biplaner or multiplane pocket is an extension of Muscle Splitting Augmentation1 and involves simultaneous prepectoral skin envelope draping and submuscular implant placement for augmentation in selected Grade A and early Grade B ptosis. Procedure is performed using inframammary incision and can also be used unilaterally for improving minor vertical nipple areolar complex positional asymmetries. Same philosophy is used in the past but external tapin and dressing was used instead of internal draping.2 In selected cases it can avoid obvious areolar,3 vertical4 or Wise Pattern scarring.5 Methods: The procedure is performed in 45 patients (12 unilateral, 33 bilateral) for subpectoral augmentation and prepectoral skin envelope draping for the correction of minor ptosis. Average age of the patient was 33.5 years (range 19-50) with an average size implant of 340cc (range200-605). Infra mammary incision is used and submuscular biplane pocket is dissected for augmentation and prepectoral/subglandular plane is used for draping of ...
  • Breast Augmentation: Consult talking about my consult and other randomness post op 32A Surgery Date: Dec. 13th 2012
  • Tuberous Breasts - Breast Implant & Release of Tuberous Breasts www.aurora- Tuberous breasts deformities are common and are characterised by a high infra-mammary fold and a constricted breast base. Mr Richards corrects this with a breast implant and internal release of the constriction with insertion of a breast implant. Formore information or should you wish to book a FREE Consultation with our specialist plastic surgeon, please call us on 01844 214362. A FREE informational Audio CD containing all the facts you need to know about this procedure is available from Aurora Clinics. Please complete the form on the attached link www.aurora-
  • Mr Umar Khan's Internal Mastopexy with Muscle Splitting Augmentation using infra-mammary crease. Presented in many countries, and accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, Multiplane technique for Simultaneous Submuscular Breast Augmentation and Internal Glandulopexy Using Inframammary Crease Incision performed in selected patients with early ptosis. Originally described by Mr Umar Khan, the technique can allow, in limited primary and change of implant surgery, better repositioning and draping of breast skin over implant which can avoid traditional external scars on the breast. The technique is not a replacement of conventional mastopexy or uplift but helpful in avoiding scarring in early ptotic breasts.
  • PIP Breast Implant Exchange Surgery & Scar Revision http:///www.aurora- Surgical video of PIP breast implant exchange procedure combined with a scar revision performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Adrian Richards of Aurora clinics in Northampton, UK. This patient had a Breast Augmentation with PIP implants at a different clinic a few years ago, and she noticed changes in the shape of the breasts with time which now have a very unnatural look and is causing her concern. She also has a very poor breast implant scar, placed on the breast's surface as opposed to the inframammary fold which keeps the scar concealed under the breast fold. To avoid creating another scar, Aurora's plastic surgeon Adrian Richards uses the old scar to insert the new 360cc Nagor silicone implants by removing the scar tissue and creating a very fine scar which after healing, it will be less visible that the old scar. For more information on PIP implant removal and exchange surgery, please call our free office number 08003285743 and book a free consultation with any of our highly specialised plastic surgeons in London, Northampton, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.
  • Breast augmentation POST OP diary no.3 So this is my 2 week (almost) update and bikini reveal!! I'll update again in a week or so depending on how it all goes and how mug changes. Any questions please ask below :D Pre op - 32A 1 child, breast fed Post op - ?? Fitting a 34 C/D 385cc round, textured, natrelle silicone implants, mod-high profile Sub muscular Infra mammary incision :)
  • My Breast Augmentation Diary! #1 (4 days Pre Op) This is just the first video in the series documenting my experience through breast augmentation! I am so excited!! I tried to include everything I could, as far as information, up to this point, so if you guys have any questions- feel free to ask and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, XO Check out my favorite videos on BA by: *danigoddard: *HeyThereImBrittany: *Kimberly Jean: *ILoveMyPinupKarina: *LulusLovelies: *VMorales1984: *AnnyDally: (BA & rhinoplasty!) *bautifulfreak: Here is a list of some others I have found as well! That should keep you guys busy for some time!! STATS: -Age: 28 -Height: 5'6" -Weight: 140 lbs -Pre Op: 34A -Desired result: 34 D/DD -Desired Implant: Mentor, Moderate-Moderate Plus profile -Desired Implant Type: Saline -Desired Implant size: 425-475 cc -Desired Placement: Sub-muscular (under the muscle) -Desired Incision: Inframammary Crease (under the breast) -Surgery Date Set For: Wednesday, Sept 5th, 2012 -Surgeon's Information: Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery- Dr. Arthur Shektman, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Breast Surgery Vlog - 6 Months Post-Op It's been 6 months since my breast surgery on August 25, 2011. Here's an update on my progress. Thank you all for your support and I hope you find my information useful!
  • Pre surgical measurement of Breasts of a 25 yr old woman. Measuring breast height, upper pole soft tissue thickness, medial soft tissue thickness, lateral soft tissue thickness, nipple to sternal notch, nipple to midline distance, nipple to inframammary fold .
  • Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Endoscopic Plastic Surgery: Thanks to the help of Endoscopy Dr. Héctor Gustavo Pinta introduce the breast implants through the armpit and he place them under the muscular fascia leaving no scars around the nipple or in inframammary fold
  • Seborrheic Keratosis Appearance Dr. Shane Chapman, MD discusses Seborrheic Keratosis Appearance. See more at PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!! Seborrheic keratoses are typically multiple and can arise at any site except the palms, soles and lips. They are most often seen on the trunk. Lesions may be especially numerous in the inframammary and presternal areas in women. The size and surface appearance of the lesions vary considerably. Most are 2 mm to 2.0 cm, although larger lesions are common. Lesions may be flat or raised. The surface may be smooth, velvety, or verrucous.
  • Breast Surgery Vlog Day 4 Post-Op Day 4 of my recovery from breast augmentation. Includes an unveiling in 3 different tops!
  • My Coaona Plastic Surgery Inframammary Breast Augmentation This Corona Plastic Surgery video tip describes the procedure for inframammary breast augmentation.
  • Salaam attacks.mp4 A 1 year and 6 months Old female child with this kind of convulsions for the past 1 year - now getting worse. On clinical examination ONE cafe-au-lait spot on the left Infra Mammary area and numerous Hypo-pigmented macules all over the body - 2 of them as big as 5x7cms size in the buttocks - probably ash leaf macules
  • Breast Surgery Vlog T-5 Breast surgery in 5 days! I'm so excited!!!
  • What are the different types of incisions for breast augmentation? Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair answers frequently asked questions about plastic surgery and the different types of incisions for breast augmentation procedures--learn more at What are the different types of incisions for breast augmentation? There are essentially four options for the placement of the breast implant regarding incisions. Inframammary fold - incision just beneath the breast crease Areola incision: - where the dark and the light color of the breast meet - typically done between about four o'clock and six o'clock Armpit incision Umbilical incision done through the belly button, or umbilicus We typically don't use the umbilical incision because it can only be used with saline implants. It's also the least predictable because the surgeon doesn't have complete control over creating the pocket and placing the implant. We have doctors we refer patients to if they insist on the umbilical incision, but we don't do it because we don't believe it's as predictable and safe. The armpit incision is also not used as often for the same reason. The surgery is being done in the area of the breasts, yet the access site is further away in the armpits. Many times you need a video camera to do the procedure and while it's certainly reasonable and it's certainly safe, it's not as predictable in most surgeons' hands as the other two approaches. Our workhorse incisions are the inframammary incision, underneath the breast, and the areolar incision, at the edge of ...
  • Breast Augmentation Toronto A very popular surgery at Toronto, Canada's Middleton Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, breast augmentation surgery has been shown to provide a high success rate in raising a woman's self-esteem. Using either saline or silicone gel filled breast implants, Dr. Middleton can produce a fuller bust appearance. Some patients may combine this procedure with a breast lift to achieve optimal results. By using hidden incisions in the under arm ("transaxillary"), around the nipple ("periareolar"), beneath the breast ("inframammary"), or via the belly button ("transumbilical breast augmentation"), scarring is minimal. Breast implants can be placed either below or above the muscle, based on the patient's anatomy and the type of implant used. Having performed thousands of cosmetic breast surgery procedures, Dr. Middleton puts safety first. In addition, his staff helps patients become at ease by sharing their own experiences as many of them have undergone the same procedure.
  • Breast augmentation POST OP dairy no.2 Sorry it's late! I've been kind of out of it since my op so thought i'd fill you all in today with a really quick account of the last couple of days, I'll do a more in depth update after my weeks follow up appointment with the nurse. Any questions please comment below and thanks for watching :) Pre op - 32A 1 child, breast fed Post op - ?? Fitting a 34 C/D 385cc natrelle silicone round moderate/high Sub muscular Infra mammary incision :)
  • Options for Breast Cancer Patients About one in eight women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. That's about 12% of the country's female population. It also means a quarter of a million women will be considering their options. Many involve a mastectomy. "There are several options that a woman can choose to do when having a mastectomy. She can either choose to have reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy or she can do it in a delayed fashion down the line if she has other treatments," says Dr. William Wittenborn, a plastic surgeon on the Lee Memorial Health System medical staff. In many cases, reconstruction begins at the time of surgery. Doctors can put an expander in to prepare the body for a breast implant. Some may choose to use their own tissue, taken from a donor site, instead of going with an implant. "It's your own tissue and so you don't ever have to replace it. The disadvantages of it are the recovery time is actually significantly longer when you're taking the tissue from another part of the body as opposed to just operating on the chest" says Dr. Wittenborn. Another technique is the nipple-sparing mastectomy. "Basically what we do when we do a nipple sparing mastectomy, is we make an incision underneath the breast of infra mammary crease, remove the breast underneath the skin envelope of the breast, keeping the nipple in place," says Dr. Lea Blackwell, a breast surgical oncologist on the medical staff with Lee Memorial Health System. Generally women with smaller ...
  • LightMat - Breast Augmentation using Inframammary Incision Lumitex LightMat Surgical Illuminator attaches easily to most retractors, bringing bright, cool area lighting where it is needed - inside the surgical cavity. The LightMat is a disposable, single-use-only device, designed to provide cool, bright area illumination for improved visualization within surgical cavities. It is a flexible, acrylic fiber optic panel that attaches to most surgical retractors using biocompatible, two-sided adhesive (included in each sterile pouch). It can also be attached to suction devices or other instruments, or used independently, conforming to the surgical site. Attach when the surgical instrument is clean and dry. For use in surgical specialties of gynecology, general surgery, colorectal surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, spinal surgery, cranio-maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, urology and ENT. For more information contact Lumitex at: (440) 243-8401 or (800) 969-5483 [email protected]
  • Fairfax VA Plastic Surgeon Discusses Incision Placement for Breast Augmentation Fairfax, Virginia plastic surgeon Chris L. Hess, MD discusses choices for breast augmentation incisions, specifically the inframammary fold or IMF incision.
  • Skin Tags Appearance Dr. Shane Chapman, MD discusses Skin Tags Appearance. See more at PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!! Skin tags are skin-colored or slightly pigmented, 1 to 5 mm pedunculated papules. They are typically not difficult to diagnose. They may be flat or filiform, although most are soft, fleshy, and pedunculated on a thin stalk. The axillae are the most common location to find skin tags. Skin tags also occur on the neck, eyelids, as well as in other intertriginous areas such as the inframammary and inguinal creases. The overwhelming majority of skin tags are benign and have no internal disease association. However, skin tags are part of the Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome, which is a rare condition and includes trichodiscomas and fibrofolliculomas of the face, neck and chest. Patients with this syndrome may have associated renal cell carcinoma, colonic adenomas, pulmonary cysts and medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland.
  • Double Breast Deformity.wmv Two fully developed breasts on right side of this girl needed excision to produce a aesthetically pleasing result. The inferior was removed to place the scar in the inframammary crease.
  • Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants Breast Augmentation is performed to increase the size and fullness of the breast. Women whose breasts are disproportionately small, or whose breasts have sagged or "deflated" after childbirth, or who have unevenly-shaped or sized breasts, are candidates for the procedure. At times, it is necessary to lower the inframammary fold to achieve the results we are looking for. If the breasts droop too much, a "lifting" procedure may be required in addition to, or instead of the augmentation.
  • My Breast Augmentation Diary: Day 1 Post Op Day 1 Post Op, I talk a little bit about how the surgery went and how I've been feeling since. Any questions at all, leave them below! STATS: -Age: 28 -Height: 5'6" -Weight: 140 lbs -Pre Op: 34A -Desired result: 34 D/DD -Implant: Mentor, Smooth Round High profile -Implant Type: Saline -Implant size: R 420 (Filled to 490) // L 380 (Filled to 455) -Implant Placement: Sub-muscular (under the muscle) -Incision Site: Inframammary crease (under the breast) -Surgery Date: Wednesday, Sept. 5th, 2012 -Surgeon's Information: Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery- Dr. Arthur Shektman, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Breast Implant Scars: Where Are They? Breast implant scars can often be very subtle. And because there are three different types of incisions a doctor can use, the location of the scar can vary.
  • Breast Augmentation at Bella Forma Cosmetic Surgery Center Atlanta, GA Breast Augmentation Surgery with Infra mammary Incision performed by Dr. Rajae Janho at Bella Forma Cosmetic Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA.
  • Breast Augmentation Highlight Reel is excited to announce the newest addition to your Plastic Surgery Library: Breast Augmentation. This new HD animation covers all the major augmentation techniques in a simple and easy-to-understand format. We invite you to watch the Breast Augmentation Highlight Reel and welcome your comments and feedback on our newest animation. For current clients, the Breast Augmentation animation has been automatically added to your Plastic Surgery Library.
  • Inframammary Approach Learn why the inframammary incision (made under the breast) is Dr. Moore's incision of choice when it comes to breast augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation: Day of Surgery-Evening Update I'm feelin chatty Day of surgery, later that evening :) 500cc left 475cc right under the muscle mentor, silicone (gummy bear) Hight Profile implants inframammary incision 32A pre-op ??? post-op
  • Breast Augmentation Under the Fold (Inframammary) - Pros, Cons & Risks Dr. Tarick Smaili, Medical Director of California Surgical Institute, discusses the pros & cons / risks & benefits of breast augmentation under the fold. There are 4 types of incisions you can choose from when you have a breast augmentation. Many patients find that their best option is to insert the implant through an incision under the fold. To find out which type of breast augmentation is right for you, please schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our 7 locations throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. California Surgical Institute 866-372-3288 Complimentary Consultations Monday - Saturday in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Upland, Ontario, Riverside, Brea & Newport Beach Visit Us Online at
  • What Is Breast Ptosis ? Ptosis means sagging down which is age related, as age advances breasts sags down, nipple starts pointing downward, fat content starts reducing, volume reduces, it all depends on size of body, total number of pregnancies, while performing plastic surgery position of nipple is measured from infra mammary fold.
  • Dr. Melvin Silverstein Discusses Inframammary Approach with Crescent Mastopexy Viewer discretion is advised- this video contains footage from live surgical procedures.
  • Breast Revision with Capsulorrhaphy Dr. Pousti is double board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and is well known for his vast experience with revisionary breast surgery. Dr. Pousti has patients that fly in from all over the world to have him revise their previous breast procedures Bottoming out involves inferior migration of the implants. This causes the nipple areola complex to appear too high on the breasts. Also, the distance from the areola to the inframammary fold is too great. It is the loss of internal implant support can cause a slow downward migration of the implants. This is because support of the implant by the skin alone is not always enough to prevent downward migration of the implants. Also, over-dissection of implant pockets at the time of surgery may cause immediate bottoming out. This is corrected by "raising" the inframammary fold using internal sutures. This is done after careful measurements are made from the areola to the "new" inframammary fold.
  • Breast Augmentation Surgery Breast Augmentation is performed to increase the size and fullness of the breast. Women whose breasts are disproportionately small, or whose breasts have sagged or "deflated" after childbirth, or who have unevenly-shaped or sized breasts, are candidates for the procedure. At times, it is necessary to lower the inframammary fold to achieve the results we are looking for. If the breasts droop too much, a "lifting" procedure may be required in addition to, or instead of the augmentation. The location of the incisions, under/over the muscle, breast size, choice of implant type and shape are custom designed for each patient based on their needs and their body and breast types.
  • SympoPlasticSur: Augmentation with internal mastopexy in Early Ptotic Breast using Inframammary Crease.Dr Umar D Khan.

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  • “Inframammary Incision. Periareolar Incision. Transaxillary Incision. Chin Implant. Cosmetic Surgery. Facial Fillers. FDA. Guest Blog Carla Moss | Breast Implant, FDA, Inamed, Inframammary Incision, Mentor Corporation, Periareolar Incision, Scientific Education,”
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  • “This blog post is to educate you on the 3 types of incision types that are commonly used The inframammary incision is made underneath the breast near the line where the breast”
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  • “[caption id=attachment_409 align=alignleft width=320 caption=Incision Types Breast Augmentation: inframammary, infraareolar, TUBA][/caption] What”
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  • “Dr. Cook's Blog Posts. Inframammary Breast Augmentation. August 11, 2009. Tagged with: inframammary breast-augmentation — jqcookmd PM. The inframammary fold, the natural fold under the breast, provides”
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  • “Aurora Clinics are the leading cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery centres in the mid-Shire counties. Led by Mr Adrian Richards, the team of very experienced and skilled plastic surgeons give patients outstanding results”
    Inframammary Fold | Aurora Clinics Blog, aurora-

  • “Contact the Body Sculpting Center for an experienced and friendly staff of licensed cosmetic surgeons and technicians. The inframammary incision is made underneath the breast near the line where the breast meets the skin of the chest”
    — Body Sculpting Center :: Blog :: Arizona Breast Augmentation,

  • “This blog will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of breast implant placement under the muscle as well as issues surrounding the so-called complete sub-muscular placement”
    — Breast Implant Position, Part 3: Under the Muscle,

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