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  • Windsor Star is your online source of news on Windsor, Ontario, Canada and around the world. Find local stories happening around Ontario. Read world WikiLeaks documents expose diplomatic secrets, infuriate White House. By Sheldon Alberts, Postmedia News Washington Correspondent November 28, 2010 4:. — “WikiLeaks documents expose diplomatic secrets, infuriate”,
  • Definition of infuriate in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of infuriate. Pronunciation of infuriate. Translations of infuriate. infuriate synonyms, infuriate antonyms. Information about infuriate in the free online English dictionary and. — “infuriate - definition of infuriate by the Free Online”,
  • Leader Post is your online source of news on Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and around the world. Find local stories happening around Saskatchewan. WikiLeaks documents expose diplomatic secrets, infuriate White House. — “WikiLeaks documents expose diplomatic secrets, infuriate”,
  • ATM bombers infuriate community. December 3 2009 at 10:54am. By Graeme Hosken. A Pretoria community have demanded vengeance after a gang of ATM bombers destroyed a local businessman's shop and several homes when they blew up an Absa bank machine. — “ATM bombers infuriate community - South Africa - IOL”,
  • Synonyms for infuriate. Other words for infuriate. Different words for infuriate. Antonyms of infuriate. — “infuriate - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • infuriate ( ) tr.v. , -ated , -ating , -ates . To make furious; enrage. adj. Archaic Furious. [Medieval Latin īnfuriāre, īnfuriāt- : Latin in. — “infuriate: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Intel Chief's Comments Infuriate Obama Officials. As NEWSWEEK investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff just reported over on the Declassified blog, Director of National Intelligence Adm. Dennis Blair is in hot water after testifying today that. — “Intel Chief's Comments Infuriate Obama Officials - Newsweek”,
  • LONDON (Reuters) - Damien Hirst, former BritArt bad boy whose works infuriate and inspire in equal measure, did it again Friday with a diamond-encrusted platinum cast of a human skull priced at a cool. — “Hirst work shows diamonds are a skull's best friend | Reuters”,
  • We found 33 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word infuriate: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "infuriate" is defined. General (30 matching dictionaries) infuriate: V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of infuriate - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Infuriate definition, to make furious; enrage. See more. — “Infuriate | Define Infuriate at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. See infuriate defined for English-language learners ". — “Infuriate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of infuriate from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of infuriate. Pronunciation of infuriate. Definition of the word infuriate. Origin of the word infuriate. — “infuriate - Definition of infuriate at ”,
  • to infuriate (third-person singular simple present infuriates, present participle [edit] Verb. infuriate. Second-person plural present tense of infuriare. — “infuriate - Wiktionary”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for infuriate in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “infuriate - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Læs i vores FAQ hvordan man uploader via FTP. Index-file might be Upload index.html, index.html, index.php etc. to correct this. Read our FAQ for. — “Webserver by Talk Active”,
  • , website of Dutch metal band Infuriate. Infuriate was founded in 2001 and continues to rock the house :. — “”,
  • Infuriate: To make furious; enrage. Thus far he had managed to avoid more than speaking to her without ever seeming to avoid her, a fact that must infuriate and frustrate her. — “infuriate - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,

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  • Infuriate Thaddius World of Warcraft Raid
  • Jennifer Burns on Ayn Rand and the American Right Ayn Rand still inspires and infuriate decades after her death. Jennifer Burns digs into the ideas and relationships of Ayn Rand in the new book, Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right. She spoke at the Cato Institute October 28, 2009.
  • infuriate - Twin Emperors Guild Infuriates first twin emp kill. Hakkar (US)
  • Infuriate vs. Conclave of Winds Ifuriate guild on Hakkar server downing 25 man Conclave of Winds in the Throne of Four Wnds. This was our first time to clear this encounter, mostly because we had been focusing our efforts on BoT and BWD. Our first evening to engage this on 25 man we were able to clear it after just a couple attempts. This video is shot from the perspective of a fire mage and as such, almost never displays the other platforms besides the one I'm primarily stationed on. Grats to all our members who attended and got loot!
  • Yoshi's Island (Part 22) - Pirahna, Sewer, Pipeline, Infuriate In this part, we travel through some pipelines and have a load of trouble to navigate due to jumping space. Also I make a Scrubs reference. Scrubs for the win!
  • Casshern Sins OST 09 Infuriate Casshern Sins song number 09 Infuriate I Discalim All Rights
  • Mock BBC Iplayer advert The BBC IPlayer adverts unnecissarily infuriate me because for some reason I think it should be "Make the unmissable, missable" NOT "unmissable unmissable"...and I know they both make sense but... Anyway. Here it's not finished yet because I have more words to add but meh.
  • IPS administrator pay raises infuriate critics The IPS school board decision to give the superintendent and four other administrators pay raises has infuriated critics. The board voted Tuesday night to give Dr. Eugene White a three percent raise and promote four other administrators.
  • Lets Play Kaizo Mario 2 Blind - Part 1 Now, for your entertainment, Kaizo Mario 2. THE INTRO WAS INFURIATING THE FIRST STAGE IS GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN 1 PART. @[email protected]
  • Infuriate Patchwerk Patchwerk Lev 80
  • D-Line Decibel Levels Infuriate Brooklyn Residents The roar of the elevated "D" line in Brooklyn has some people covering their ears. They say new tracks have turned the D-line into the loud line. Louis Gellman said the new tracks installed above his tire shop at 26th Avenue and 86th Street in Bensonhurst have created a new noise level -- even for an el -- that's through the roof. "And I'm gonna lose my hearing because of it. I can't even talk to my customers. I have to walk inside there to talk to them; because we can no longer talk outside," Gellman said. Gellman has been at the same spot 30 years. And he said the noise has never been like this. He's complained to the Transit Authority. They said they had stopped lubricating the tracks because drivers complained about the grease damaging their paint job below. And in a statement, Metropolitan Transportation Authority transit told CBS 2 HD: "In response to the noise complaints, track supervision inspected the site on Dec. 21, 2009, and extra track lubricators were installed and adjustments were made for additional lubrication. Subsequent inspections have found that these corrective measures have greatly reduced the noise level. We expect further noise reductions as the new track wears in," spokesperson Deirdre K. Parker. CBS 2 HD got its hands on a sound level meter. It records noise decibel levels. The noise level at Gellman's spot fluctuated between 88.1 and 90.9, peaking once at 92.8. Federal guidelines say regular exposure to levels above 85 can be harmful. As a ...
  • Robortom feat. Au Revoir Simone - 'Paganini Rocks' In a move set to infuriate Middle England and send Classic FM's phonelines into meltdown, Rob da Bank, Tom Middleton, and Au Revoir Simone have reworked Paganini's '24th Caprice' into 'Paganini Rocks' - a club anthem 200 years in the making. iTunes: Video directed by Graham Baclagon: In the eyes of most classical music buffs mixing classical and dance music is about the most sacrilegious thing you can do. But while Robortom's 'Paganini Rocks' will undoubtedly rankle the classical world, it's the latest in a long line of reinterpretations of Paganini's original composition. Since 1819, his '24th Caprice' has been reworked by a long and illustrious list of composers from Chopin, Liszt, and Schumann, to Rachmaninoff and Lloyd- Webber. It was also used as the theme tune for the South Bank Show. In 2009, it was the turn of British composer, Tom Hodge (featured in recent ad campaigns for Audi and Guiness). Hodge's interpretation caught the ears of Rob and Tom, who enlisted the vocal talents of Au Revoir Simone to complete their own version. 'Paganini Rocks' is the title music to the 2010 Orange RockCorps show, and is set to appear in CSI New York in October, making Paganini's theme one of the most 'synced' pieces of all time. Rob da Bank is Radio 1's leftfield extraordinaire (with 2 shows), daddy to the UK's finest festival, Bestival and its younger upstart, Camp Bestival, and one half of Lazyboy (with Mr Dan). He's also head honcho at Sunday ...
  • Tune: Ellacombe on the organ with some modern accompaniment Playing the tune Ellacombe on my Johannus digital organ with our good friends' blind son getting a feel for the organ. Sorry for the video being "sideways"
  • Casshern Sins OST - 09 Infuriate
  • Infuriate Patchwerk 25-Man
  • HOW TO INFURIATE THE DEVIL, part 2.avi Beloved friends, let me say it, as it is: Whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking them all. (Jas 2, 10) We are saved by grace, not by our own deeds. By grace we have remission of sins, not permission to continue in our sinful ways! And God's Spirit will strengthen us, to overcome sin, this is the LORDs promise to us, He cannot lie. SANCTIFICATION IS HIS WORK. Not ours. It is no sin to worship the LORD everyday. As Christians, we can have fellowship in the LORD each day of the week. We can come together to praise and adore Him. But if we don't recognize God's day of rest, the sabbath, as the true day of worship and adoration, this day God blessed from the beginning, we sin against God's will. IT IS SIN TO BREAK THE 4TH COMMANDMENT. Just as much, as it is sin to kill. This is the TIME, God SAVES and SANCTIFIES His people. Brothers and sisters: Let us embrace this invitation as the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Do we want revival? So let us wake up! What a blessing it would be, to honor the LORD as families and congregation, from sunset friday to sunset saturday. What a blessing to refuse all usual workrelated activities, switch off the mobile, TV, computer and to Worship Him who made heaven, earth, sea and the springs of water! (Rev 14, 7) If we do this, we surely can expect the Devil's attack, for he is furious with them that follow God's law. But the LORD will keep us and strengthen us, and He will let us know the truth and the truth will set us free. JESUS ...
  • Cheryl Cole and Simon infuriate Louis Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell have upset fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh by not putting a contestant through, who he backed 100 per cent. Submit your videos at . Follow us on twitter at .
  • Senate Bill 5 Amendments infuriate Democrats The collective bargaining bill amendments were to be discussed Tuesday morning 3-29-2011 in an Ohio House committee, but Democrats said they had not yet seen the 400-page bill and it's amendments.
  • How Did A Google Android Contest Infuriate Some Developers? Scott Webster of explains how a contest run by Google led to anger from the developer community after a new build of the SDK only went to the winners. Interview by Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Road plans infuriate Boca neighbors Plans to widen lanes on Palmetto Park Road near Military Trail being challenged
  • Infuriate Live and Unsigned : Ipswich Auditions
  • Obams kills sovernty ,and the 10th Amendment! - April 13, 2009, 09:23 PM Obama's G20 plan kisses off Declaration of Independence House read the 10th Amendment! tea parties be careful ACORN is planing on infuriating
  • Man Up Infuriate - Man Up Colchester Sixth Form College Battle Of The Bands Played at Colchester Arts Centre
  • Games that Infuriate Me to No End - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker You know it's bad when a game in a series you're a fan of is so irritating that you can't bring yourself to complete it. Feel free to request a review, start topics, see what's going on, or join in on discussions at my forums here:
  • Games that Infuriate Me to No End - "Episode Two" WARNING: This video contains strong language. Relax, this has nothing to do with Half-Life. It's for 3 games specifically. Feel free to request a review, start topics, see what's going on, or join in on discussions at my forums here:
  • 090306 Lee vs Morency wmv Pascal Morency vs Brian Lee 3/07/09 -via
  • Infuriate vs. Cho'gall Infuriate guild on Hakkar server downing Cho'gall in 10 man Bastion of Twilight. This is not intended to be a guide video, however it offers good insight into possible scegnarios that may occur during the encounter. Video is shot from the perspective of a fire mage playing a utility role to interrupt and remove mind control from raid members. This was our first time to down Cho'gall and certainly will lead into a successful 25 man Cho'gall fight. Grats to all our Infuriate members!
  • Jonar Nader on Love and Marriage Jonar Nader, the author of 'How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People' speaks about why relationships fail, and what we should be doing before we get married. Jonar also wrote 'How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Lovers'. http
  • infuriate - Anub'Rekhan Anub'Rekhan kill by Infuriate. Hakkar(US)
  • Games that Infuriate Me to No End - Arthur's Knights 2: The Secret of Merlin In this not-really-a-review, I explain why I can't stand the Dreamcatcher/Adventure Company game Arthur's Knights 2: The Secret of Merlin. Unfortunately I had to get screenshots from MobyGames due to the inability to get gameplay footage. Feel free to request a review, start topics, see what's going on, or join in on discussions at my forums here:
  • cs frag by infuriate = ] inf me in action = )
  • Infuriate Gothik the Harvester
  • Marcel Hoara extras din mijlocul multimii infuriate
  • Jonar Nader Why he wrote How to Lose Friends & Infuriate People Jonar Nader explains the reasons and motivators behind writing 'How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People'. He speaks about corporate cancer, corporate bullies, and the manipulators. http
  • Two American Veterans Infuriate Joseph DioGuardi Renowned American veterans David Hackworth and Bob Maginnis infuriate the president of the Albanian lobby when they accuse the Kosovo Liberation Army of being a bunch of criminals involved in terrorist activities. While Hackworth refers to sources from Interpol for such claims, Maginnis looks to articles from famous American newspapers going a long time back. The truth of the matter is tough that these terrorists had covertly received equipment and training from American and German intelligence services months before the West officially became involved in the conflict. These are extracts from March 29 and April 7 from the Fox News show Hannity & Colmes. Similar videos and videos of the Albanian lobby can be found on my channel.
  • Kelseys attempt to infuriate me.... This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Cardboard BOXES that infuriate Firaeveus Carron SOLID SNAKE HIDES IN BOXES THE COWARD, THE FOOL!! We... we should SINNDRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IN METAL BOXES!!! Round 6 vs. wiifreakozoid
  • Funeral Protests Infuriate Widow Melissa Fry report.
  • mwistrand: RT @ahc: This ad will (or should) infuriate you, but it says an awful lot about our culture in 30 seconds. (via @johndyer)
  • mattlumpkin: RT @ahc: This ad will (or should) infuriate you, but it says an awful lot about our culture in 30 seconds. (via @johndyer)
  • strangejkp: RT @ahc This ad will (or should) infuriate you, but it says an awful lot about our culture in 30 seconds. (via @johndyer)
  • Scale_of_Life: RT @ahc: This ad will (or should) infuriate you, but it says an awful lot about our culture in 30 seconds. (via @johndyer)
  • ahc: This ad will (or should) infuriate you, but it says an awful lot about our culture in 30 seconds. (via @johndyer)
  • lavatava: I really don't think bin Laden's death pictures should be released. No need to infuriate his supporters.
  • jesushlynn: Generic birthday wishes infuriate me, I wish more people had some personality, at least throw in a ~!
  • candyrun: @T_dot_Lee no and I think that's going to infuriate them crazies overseas!
  • chankfonts: @Henchmen totally Times Rmn, grrr. A font swap ain't gonna save the day today. Gonna try Comcast next, see how they can infuriate me.
  • LDM107: Jealous people infuriate me. No need to belittle someone's achievements just because they're doing better than you.
  • mpbaldauf: MUST stop reading comments on The State online stories. They only to infuriate me. Who ARE these people, anyway? #fb
  • totalvibration: I put Liturgy on the homepage of /music this morning. This will excite some, infuriate others.
  • Jahreenthedream: @SnakeyManUK trying babe, but it seems people are on a mission to infuriate me today lool I'm in my MRS ANGRY mode. U just made me smile doh
  • KrystalSim: The MSN I'm-only-here-because-I-checked-my-email page never fails to amuse and infuriate me. Today's article: Quirky beauty
  • oycmih: The look of success, when it is worn a certain way, would infuriate a jackass. #Quote
  • HannahSparkyDun: Argh!!! Andrew Thomas you infuriate me -.- I have FINISHED my coursework... Leave me alone! :O
  • Jeanyw40: "The look of success, when it is worn a certain way, would infuriate a jackass." Albert Camus
  • atswimone: Just love this piece of animation. Especially for lovers of language, it will infuriate pedants.
  • SweetnViciouss: People With Really Bad Grammar Infuriate Me !!!
  • RCharkot: K, you know what? I'm just going to say it: I hate the first The Hangover. The sequel previews infuriate me.
  • Jaidynxk07: "The look of success, when it is worn a certain way, would infuriate a jackass." Albert Camus
  • JHawksCardsFan5: Moving screens at any level infuriate me #callthedamnmovingscreens
  • KrissyT_13: Why do I insist on watching forms of entertainment that infuriate me? Sigh.
  • FamousPoliceDog: @jnlevine Atlanta showed up and played their asses off. This doesn't infuriate me like the Pacers clunking their way to a win.
  • CaptainAJRimmer: Has anyone read 'How To Lose Friends And Infuriate People'. It's almost as good as 'How To Pick Up Women Through Hypnosis'.
  • xngelo: 5 Common #Website Blunders Designed to Infuriate Your Customers |
  • Allyson_Amazing: >:( Fan-girls infuriate me.
  • TurkeysLayEggs: You infuriate me.
  • ProvehitoNAltum: @zaqjohnson A Monday night experience at thrift stores is much better than a Saturday one. Sometimes those scavengers infuriate me.
  • VestaDear: It's like I have a magical ability to infuriate teachers by turning in all my assignments and doing them on time!
  • tone314: @_ToshPosh lol shut up u infuriate me u the enemy I see
  • alliedanielson: RT @ReadingThruNite: Parents who put more responsibility on the teacher than their child INFURIATE me.
  • ReadingThruNite: Parents who put more responsibility on the teacher than their child INFURIATE me.
  • lastgoodnerve: @katbecks @obstructedviews Nope. MIL is thedevil. She does things knowing they will infuriate me. I did not properly vet Mr. Man.
  • bobogenic: @acoyne Already making good on that promise to infuriate me.
  • SetOnOverdrive: Sounds like an MTV show? Is it? RT @KimmyRitch: "Young, Rich and House Hunting" I'm sure this show won't infuriate me at all?
  • KimmyRitch: "Young, Rich and House Hunting" I'm sure this show won't infuriate me at all?
  • touteparpillee: @Tygerlylly Yes. OBL is dead. However Al Qaeda lives on. Celebrating the first might infuriate the second...
  • De_Anna30: @bobby6740 mixed, kinda feel way buried n fact was at all killed will infuriate some more n make even more unpredictable
  • earnieeveridge: @ABC @karentravers I'm with Ad. Powell, I think it could infuriate some no matter what so it's not worth it.
  • kheggie: Funny; the clients who infuriate me the most at work, also teach me the best lessons. Go figure. #lifelessons #thanksiguess
  • DerryPele: @GrahamDWilson - No it would not.. but regardless of how, when, where & why he was killed.. It will still infuriate the extremists!
  • DaniWeasley: Rachel tends to infuriate me. #Glee
  • locksleynet: @MizTokyo uh oh. Sometimes, they can really infuriate you, but I think it's their role in life. To remind you how not to be when its ur turn
  • Ave_Camille: Saudis supposedly refused the body, any type if funeral would have been too reverent..regular disposal would further infuriate his followers
  • benmfrost: @MrMichael_Smith It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that's to not infuriate moderate Muslims.
  • Caitriona_1D: RT @alohadanii: Fake indie kids infuriate me. I know I say this all the time but it's true.
  • tomemorello: Few literary gaffes infuriate me more than people who believe that the word "drivel" is actually the word "dribble". #learnthelanguage
  • megluce: RT @alohadanii: Fake indie kids infuriate me. I know I say this all the time but it's true.
  • greatwhitenort: @MrMichael_Smith Didn't want to infuriate people around the world. Best way to prevent violent retaliation. National Security bro.
  • Lesterulzz: @TMZ i would love too see that, but it might infuriate other terror groups and launch attacks everywhere..
  • GoddardSystems: 5 Common Website Blunders Designed to Infuriate Your Customers
  • jacob_coy: Boot screens like this infuriate me
  • DujaiFearon: He U.S should not release photographs of Osama's dead body .. The last thing yo want to do in infuriate the remaining tribal forces..
  • JayRayAdsPR: Are you doing any of these 5 things that could drive away visitors from your website?
  • sister_planet: @harryallen "Infuriate" is accurate. But I promise I won't be mad if you follow me. (I'm still getting used to navigating Twitter...)
  • Cesca1080: RT @alohadanii: Fake indie kids infuriate me. I know I say this all the time but it's true.
  • georgiahighon1D: RT @alohadanii: Fake indie kids infuriate me. I know I say this all the time but it's true.
  • alohadanii: Fake indie kids infuriate me. I know I say this all the time but it's true.
  • shiningpalace: Oh, academics, your ability to be utterly incompetent will never cease to amaze and infuriate me. #morenoticenexttime
  • GlamRockGodUK: @Jesha84 Great read bb :) It's funny how we let some idiots infuriate us.You answer them so I just go for the jugular ;)
  • Hayzayyy: @SelectedTweets ya i know. I understand why they did it but at the same time it'll infuriate a lot of people. Its shady that theres no proof
  • dbarra: Hearing comments from Facebook last night (not my account) only reaffirms my decision to not join. People infuriate my with their ignorance.
  • gwarizm: @blacklodges @acontinuouslean It really seems to infuriate action sport industry veterans. Chain wallet and wraparound sunglass flashbacks?
  • TheChickAbides: @BopityBopper I can understand that urge. Would only further infuriate the violent extremist movement and hurt us more in the end, tho. :(
  • HInDisguise: I infuriate you.
  • aaronmcniffe: Someone just said that Bin Laden didn't deserve to be killed and they should have given him Community Service. Some people infuriate me.
  • CMBullock: Ignorance and hypocracy infuriate me. It might be time for me to do away with some online connections.
  • fendogg: Microsoft Word, do you set out to intentionally infuriate me in every way possible?
  • 8ShapedHeart: #Caps you infuriate me. Optional skate after a "business as usual" playoff performance last night? I <3 u but you're lucky I'm not ur coach.
  • Jovanbz28: "The look of success, when it is worn a certain way, would infuriate a jackass." Albert Camus
  • WhenSarahSmiles: @SpiritEquality I already have. Repeatedly. He did it to infuriate me because he knows my position. I'm not stooping to his level.
  • saskiey: Hillary Clinton message will only infuriate them. She's showing people around the world US are still united & strong, but will backfire
  • renajohn: RT @bolinfest: Comments that infuriate me: "Are you using jQuery? I found it to be very fast and much easier syntax than JavaScript."
  • dan_hillier: Poor spelling and grammar infuriate me. I just sent a tweet to @Sandra_Sully and spelt your as you're! How embarrassing! #badspelling
  • hannardynamite: Couples who wear matching outfits infuriate me. Southampton seems to be full of them today.
  • ClayMcInnes: I have finally decided to stop watching #qanda. The amount of lefty scum in the audience and on the twitter feed infuriate me. Cya hipsters!
  • ride4Bri: Osama's death will do two things. Infuriate his followers into more vicious attacks and allow the next in line to make an name for himself.
  • Sir_Babyface: Osama bin laden's death is welcome news but honestly the jubilations wd only serve to infuriate & provoke more attacks. worrying times.
  • Creedyboy: RT @itsonlyshadi: People who are sly/slimey infuriate me
  • itsonlyshadi: People who are sly/slimey infuriate me
  • kevwright1: @WilliamJHague Every action has a consequence, OBL's death, whilst good is likely to infuriate the Taliban. Lives are now at risk, not saved
  • 10903: @IBtalking @cspanwj u may want to consider who this will infuriate before you go OFF HAVING A BALL.. blow back can be SERIOUS BIZ
  • meagher_x: RT @hannahauld_: RT @MissRaRajaaa: you thick people infuriate me -.-
  • hannahauld_: RT @MissRaRajaaa: you thick people infuriate me -.-
  • gingerangel76: @Schofe peace or more retribution on the west? Such open celebration in the US may infuriate extremists an eye for an eye can make man blind
  • amnaowais: #OBL may be dead but that surely doesn't mean the death of Al Qaeda. This'll only infuriate them. Their funds MAY be affected but that's it.
  • kirtidhingra: As evil as Osama Bin Laden was, I still find it rather awkward 2 C loud celebrations ovr sum1's death. This can only infuriate radicals
  • neal86: @GingerRob very good blog rob.Americans infuriate me most of the time
  • sarahseesyou: People who do a million kisses infuriate me, not gonna lie...
  • justinbmay: RT @HaiThurImIsaiah: To be honest, I think the death of #osama is just going to infuriate al-Qaeda even more, and now as a world, we need to step up our defence.

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