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  • The word comes from the Ingalik Indian word HaIditarod which was the name for the river The name Iditarod came from an Ingalik and Holikachuk word hidedhod for the Iditarod River. — “Iditarod Trivia and Facts”,
  • Find True North by Kimberly Kafka and other General fiction books online from Penguin Group (USA)'s online bookstore. Read more with Penguin Group (USA) home of Bailey's closest neighbors is a village eighty miles downriver, governed by fellow bush pilot and Dartmouth-educated Ingalik activist Kash. — “True North - Kimberly Kafka - Penguin Group (USA)”,
  • Kaiyuhkhotana Degexit'an (Ingalik) USA; Alaska; Calista Native Corporation, Doyon Native Corporation; ; Yukon River. 10/6931 Kaiyuhkhotana Degexit'an (Ingalik) USA; Alaska; Calista Native Corporation, Doyon Native Corporation; ; Yukon. — “National Museum of the American Indian : Search Results”,
  • Degexit'an language information and the culture, history and genealogy of the Deg Hit'an (Ingalik) Indians. — “Degexit'an Language and the Deg Hit'an Indian Tribe (Ingalik”, native-
  • Alaska, Shageluk, Anvik, and Athapaskans at Holy Cross, below Grayling on the Yukon River. Na-Dene, Nuclear Na-Dene, Athapaskan-Eyak, Athapaskan, Ingalik-Koyukon, Ingalik. — “Ethnologue report for language code: ing”,
  • The most notable variations from the inland hunting and fishing emphasis displayed by these artifacts occurred among the peripheral Athabascan groups, the Ingalik and Tanaina. The Ingalik, with their heavy reliance on fish, had many more specialized fishing implements than did other groups. — “Athabascans of Interior Alaska”,
  • There is new evidence that migration across Beringia was in both directions. These early people are now the Ingalik, Koyukon, Tanana, Holikachuk, Gwich'in, Han, Upper Tanana, Ahtna and Tanaina, with Gwich'in, Ingalik and Ahtna as separate cultures. — “Athabascan”,
  • ipl2: Information You Can Trust features a searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative websites; links to online texts, newspapers, and magazines; and the Ask an ipl2 Librarian online reference service. — “Ingalik Tribe on Native American Authors”,
  • Ingalik (Deg Xinag, Deg Hit'an, Anvik) The Alaska Native Language Center has recently issued a 90-page introductory booklet on Ingalik Athabaskan phonetics and practical writing, Deg Xinag Dindlidin/Deh Xinag 9 Deg Hit'an (Ingalik) stories, narrated by one of the foremost storytellers of the group. — “Ingalik (Deg Xinag, Deg Hit'an, Anvik)”,
  • ED172530 - Deg Xinag. Ingalik Noun Dictionary (Preliminary) This dictionary contains lists of nouns in the Deg Xinag or Ingalik language as spoken in the Yukon River villages of Anvik, Shageluk, and Holy Cross, and the Kuskokwim River village of Stony River. — “Deg Xinag. Ingalik Noun Dictionary (Preliminary)”,
  • and ERNIE ) DEMOSKI, SR., as individual ) Supreme Court No. S-9076 shareholders and on behalf of ) INGALIK, INCORPORATED, and ) Superior Court No. 4FA-98- 170 CI INGALIK, INCORPORATED, ) ) O P I N I O N Appellants, ) ) [No. 5650 - December 13, 2002] v. ) ) GLORIA MILLETT, THEODORE ) KRUGER, JR. — “Jerue v. Millett (12/13/2002) sp-5650”,
  • The traditional homelands of the Ingalik Indians include the lower Yukon and the upper Kuskokwim rivers in the Alaskan interior. This area supplied the Ingalik with fish, caribou, bear, moose and other game. — “Ingalik”,
  • The Ingalik were a hunter/gatherer tribe of the sparsely populated Yukon Valley between Anvik and Holy Cross. They relied heavily on fishing and had little early White contact until the steamboat era. They nonetheless suffered greatly from smallpox. Aboriginal Locations (Villages). — “FDI - Ingalik”,
  • Ebook and Texts Archive > Biodiversity Heritage Library > Ingalik contact ecology : an ethnohistory of the lower-middle Yukon, 1790-1935 Ingalik contact ecology : an ethnohistory of the lower-middle Yukon, 1790-1935 (1979). — “Ingalik contact ecology : an ethnohistory of the lower-middle”,
  • By 1908, more gold was discovered near a river the Ingalik Indians had named Haiditarod, which meant far and distant place. They named their town Iditarod in reference to the Ingalik's river title. — “Racing the Iditarod Trail Through History - Associated”,
  • These are the Ahtna, Han, Holikachuk, Ingalik, Koyukon, Kutchin, Tanacross, Tanaina, Tanana, Upper Kuskokwim, and Upper Tanana. The Ingalik Athabaskans who lived along the lower stretches of the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers incorporated aspects of the lifestyles of their. — “Alaska History and Cultural Studies - Alaska's Heritage”,
  • The Ingalik shared the Northern Athapaskan worldview of a universe in which all objects had a spirit or soul, yeg. The Ingalik had a rich mythology in which animals and the ritual number 4 were prominent. — “Religion and expressive culture - Ingalik”,

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  • 2013 SAR Dubin Fellow: Glenda McKay Glenda McKay is Ingalik-Athabascan and was born in Anchorage, Alaska. She was taught the skills she uses in doll making at an early age by her mother, grandm...
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