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  • Buy Air intakes from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Best prices on Air intakes in Automotive Performance online. Visit bizrate to find the best deals on Automotive Performance from K&N, Air and Aem. — “Air intakes Automotive Performance at Bizrate - Shop online”,
  • Compare KN, SB, Volant, ,Airaid, AEM, AFE, True Flow, and Bully Dog cold air intake systems for your pickup truck at Thoroughbred Diesel. A cold air intake is a system to bring down the temperature of the air going into a car for the purpose of increasing the power of your engine. — “Diesel Cold air intake - Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GM”,
  • Shop for Intakes. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Intakes - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • K&N air intakes include Typhoon and Tornado fuel savers for great air purifying. Free Shipping and in stock for KN air intake optimization. — “Air Intakes for Trucks, SUVs and Cars, K&N Quality”,
  • Order your next Intakes from Motor Mart and get great deals and free shipping on orders over $50.00. — “Intakes - Discount Intakes - Free Shipping”, 1
  • The first and most essential upgrade to any car is the AIR INTAKE KIT. — “Performance Air Intake Kits | Cold Air Intake | Short Ram”,
  • Engine power is directly related to the rate of incoming and outgoing airflow, and many factory intake systems are highly restrictive, thus limiting engine horsepower and torque. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to increase engine. — “HKS USA Intakes”,
  • Air Intakes increase performance and MPG. Shop online at or Call 1-800-875-8511 now for the lowest prices on Air Intakes from K&N, AEM, aFe and Banks. — “Air Intakes, Cold Air Intakes | K&N, AEM, aFe, Banks”,
  • Vortex intakes are designed to fit inside your air intake. These fuel saving devices have blades on them that will swirl the incoming air at a very high. — “Vortex intakes | Buy Fuel Savers”,
  • Cool Intakes sells Bully Dog intakes, Volant intake systems, performance exhausts and tuners, throttle body spacers, Diablosport Predator. Shop online. — “Bully Dog & Volant Intake Systems, Performance Exhausts & Tuners”,
  • 1 Year Best Price Guarantee & Fast Shipping on 25+ Styles of Air Intakes. All The Top Brands of Air Intakes. Shop . — “Air Intakes | Air Intake, Short Ram & Cold Air Intakes | Shop Now”,
  • We Specialize in Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Systems, Short Ram Intakes, Performance Exhaust, Engine Tuning Products, & More. — “Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Systems | Short Ram Intakes”,
  • The full J-Intake kit includes 3" intake tube painted to the color of your choice, aluminum heatshield wall, cone filter, full installation instructions and all necessary mounting Material used include t-6061 aluminum tubing, stainless steel clamps,. — “J-Intakes”, j-
  • Scroll down for applications and prices for all Volant Intakes. This is why Volant Cool Air Intakes are so popular with customers who know intake systems. — “volant-”, volant-
  • Cold air Intakes, air intakes, short ram, ice box, carring AEM and Injen. — “Cold air Intakes, air intakes, AEM, Injen”,
  • Get air intake auto parts & air intake accessories for every car & truck make and model, find intake parts at HorsepowerFreaks. — “Air Intake Auto Parts & Air Intake Accessories from”,
  • AirCharger Performance Intake. About Our Company. is your one stop solution for all your Automotive Accessories needs. We provide a comprehensive Catalog of some quality products with a great Selection of some Popular Car Accessories,. — “K&N Intakes | Air Induction Kits | Typhoon Intake Systems”,
  • RX8 Intakes are easy to install and yield amazing results. Don't go another day with an old, used intake, get one of our upgraded RX8 Intakes and feel the difference immediately. — “RX8 Intakes”, rx8
  • AutoAnything offers FREE SHIPPING & One-Year Lower Price Guaranteed on Air Intake Systems. Shop online or Call 800-544-8778 to order today. — “Air Intake Systems Reviews & Shopping Guide - How To Find The”,
  • Intakes Manufacturers & Intakes Suppliers Directory - Find a Intakes Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Intakes Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Intakes-Intakes Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of cold air intakes so that you have all the options you want.Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line cold air intake or a cheap intake or anything in between, we've got great choices for you. — “Cold Air Intakes at Andy's Auto Sport”,
  • Manufacturers of aftermarket performance products including brakes, cam gears, cold-air intake systems, air filters, and fuel system products. — “AEM”,
  • Mazda RX-7 Intakes. My friend and i found some Mazda RX-7 Intakes and related bargains on the next paragraphs. Have a look at the different items and discover a good deal. In addition make full use of the searching facility stationed just above to filter to more of the items you're looking for. — “Mazda RX-7 Intakes”,
  • Air Intakes for your car truck or SUV. We carry the largest selection of custom and aftermarket Air Intakes at the lowest prices!. — “Air Intakes - Buy Air Intakes for your car truck or SUV”,
  • Buy Injen Cold Air Intakes Online - Free Shipping on all Injen Cold Air Intakes. Authorized Injen Dealer. Each bend and the diameter at each point of the Injen intake is carefully planned and dyno tested to ensure the maximum performance. — “”,

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  • Ford Mustang Cold Air Intakes Review Comparison and Buying Guide 2005-2010 Dave from explains the benefits of a cold air intake, and why adding one is the first step to delivering more air and more power to your 05-10 Ford Mustang. Watch as we install an aftermarket JLT cold air intake on our 2006 GT. This intake kit is going to replace your restrictive stock tuning with a larger diameter tube to let more air flow to your engine, and replace your stock filter with one that will flow a lot more air as well. And as we all know, more air equals more power. View our extensive Cold Air Intakes resource page for more information here: JLT Performance Cold Air Intake (for your 05-09 GT) featured in the video can be purchased here - 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  • K&N Air Intake for 2010-2011 FJ Cruiser & 4 Runner. Simple power. K&N's 63-9034 air intake fits 2010 and 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser and 2010 Toyota 4 Runner models with 4.0 liter V6 engines. Watch the step by step installation and see how easy it is to add power and performance.
  • 2008 Infiniti G37S with Stillen Gen 3 Ultra Long Intakes: Review by Nguyễn Lam-Sơn UPDATE: My car's newest lights, will be making a video soon! Pics are on page 1 & 3 This is a review I made on the Stillen Gen 3 Ultra Long Intakes for the 2008 G37S Coupe. Here I show how the car sounds before and after the installation of the intakes. I do not own any of the music tracks in the video, all of those are credited to their owners. I also have a few pictures of my car showing some of the exterior mods for it as well. Please watch, subscribe, comment, and leave me some feedback. Tell me what you think of my car and if you have any opinions or even ideas for what should come next. I will do more reviews in the futures as new modifications are completed.
  • Cold Air Intakes Video Guide - Ford Mustang 1999-2004 Dave from explains the benefits of a cold air intake, and why adding one is the first step to delivering more air and more power to your Mustang. Watch us install a BBK Cold Air Intake on our 2000 GT. This intake kit is going to replace your restrictive stock tubing with a larger diameter tube that will deliver more air flow to your engine. In addition, it will also replace your stock filter with one that will protect your engine better and of course, flow a lot more air. Click here to check out our entire selection of Cold Air Intakes for your 99-04 Ford Mustang: In addition, you can check out our entire selection of Mustang cold air intake kits here: The BBK Cold Air Intake Kit (for your 96-04 GT) featured in the video can be purchased here:
  • Derrida (2002) - Intakes Derrida Bloopers, Deconstruction, Seinfeld, Metacinema, Outtakes, Gaffes, Irony, Zizek, Foucault, Barthes, Benjamin, Spivak, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Marx.
  • 370Z w/ Full Intake & Exhaust Mods Interior driving/sound clip of 370Z with fully modded intake & exhaust. Setup includes Stillen G3 Intakes, Stillen Headers, Berk HFCs, and Stillen Cat-back exhaust.
  • K&N air intake for 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger, Charger & Magnum Easy performance air intake installation for more power and response. Shows step by step installation of a K&N 63-1114 air intake. This air intake fits a lot of 2008, 2009, and 2010 Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300C models with 5.7 liter and 6.1 liter engines....
  • 2 stroke porting how to quickly put a textured finish on an intake.MOV 2 Stroke Porting How To. This is a quick way to put the textured finish needed on the intake of a 2 stroke cylinder. Tools from CC Specialty Tools, online at (). Intakes need a slight texture to increase surface area and allow better evaporation and dissipation of fuel droplets, along with other benefits, like the " Air Bondary layer" which promotes a more laminar air flow over the surface of the intake.
  • Mustang Shelby GT500 Cold Air Intake Adds 56 Horsepower This BBK Performance Cold air intake system for the 2007-13 Mustang Shelby GT500 adds 56 horsepower over stock, see the dyno test. the fact is that these supercharged Mustangs have a very restrictive intake and once it is opened up and straightened out the air can really get into the supercharger and make power - BBK are not the only intakes that show the same results. This part is available for sale at all authorized BBK Distributors - Check us out on facebook here:
  • K&N air intake for the 2008-2011 Corvette 6.2L V8 - Installation K&N's 63-3073 cold air intake add performance to 2008-2011 Chevrolet Corvette models with the 6.2 liter engine. Watch the step by step installation of this air intake. Simple add-on power in 90 minutes or less.
  • K&N 2010 & 2011 Camaro V8 Air Intake Installation Simple power and performance from the leader in air intake technology. K&N's 63-3074 gives the 2010 and 2011 Chevrolet Camaro guaranteed power that you can feel. Installation is simple as you will see in this step by step air intake installation video.
  • Design Your Own Custom Cold Air Intake Spectre Performance has come out with a probfab quick kit allowing you to easily create your own custom cold air intake. For more information visit: You can now find us on myspace:
  • Install K&N 77 Series Intake on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe - K&N Part 77-3023KP Best Price: K&N Part 77-3023KP fits Chevy Silverado 1500, 2500, SS, GMC Sierra 1500, 2500 Denali, Chevy Tahoe's, GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade models ranging from 1999-2007. This intake systems improves power and output by reducing intake pressure. Gain about +14 horsepower on your 6.0L engine. To find CARB certified K&N air intakes, click here: Or if you want more options, check out our huge range of cold air intake systems:
  • Jeep Air Intake Winner: Installing an AIRAID Air Intake system www.4 - You voted and the winning Jeep intake is the AIRAID air intake system. AIRAID air intakes provide up to 30% more airflow over stock, horsepower gain of 14, and torque gain of 24 lbs-ft. Plus, they're washable and reusable. Check it out as we install the AIRAID intake system on our 2010 Jeep JK. This contest has now ended but stay tuned for more great contests from 4.
  • BMS DCI (intakes) BMW 335i
  • K&N intake for 2007 - 2010 Hummer H3, Colorado, & Canyon. Simple power. Easy to install power and performance. K&N's 63-3065 air intake adds power to several 2007-22010 Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Hummer H3T and Hummer H3 models. See K&N's website () for details on the models this intake fits. Watch the simple step by step installation of this air intake.
  • Kerbal Space Program - Airhogging - Abusing Air Intakes 12 Ramscoop Intakes Feeding one Engine means I can take an air breathing engine up to orbital speeds and altitudes.
  • Corvette Throttle Body, Exhaust Headers, Cold Air Intake (C5 C6) Review Direct bolt on performance parts for your C5 C6 Corvette. American designed and built by BBK Performance these throttle bodys, cold air and exhaust components will enhance the performance of any Corvette C5 and or C6 Corvette. Dyno proven performance Throttle bodies, headers, pipes and Cold Air intakes... This Power Performance series explains it all! Visit the BBK website for more information - click the link below Check us out on facebook here:
  • Short Ram vs Cold Air Intake Kits: Which to Choose? Presented by Andy's Auto Sport 1 (800) 419-1152 Andy's Auto Sport presents a video about the differences between short ram air intakes and cold air intakes, with examples of each for easy reference. Air intake kits offer performance by replacing the restrictive factory air box in your vehicle with free-flowing components. From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy's Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves. Source: . Please feel free to rank our video, share it, or embed it!
  • 2013 SCION FR-S takeda Momentum Sealed Intake and Cat-Back-Exhaust Introducing the all new takeda performance parts for the 2013 Scion FR-S H4-2.0L. The all new takeda Momentum Sealed Intake System in recent dyno testing this system produced 9HP and 10lbs. x ft. of torque and out flowed the factory intake by 54%. This system uses a PRO 5R five layer progressive mesh oiled filter for maximum airflow. Also included is a wrinkle black rotomolded intake tube designed to increase airflow for maximum torque. Takeda intakes come complete with all necessary hardware The takeda cat-back exhaust system produced 3 horsepower and 5 lbs. x ft. of torque. This unique transverse exhaust system is constructed from 2.50" mandrel bent stainless steel and is MIG-welded. This system was designed and engineered by tuning the perfect tube lengths, ultimately maximizing performance across the power band while maintaining a great tone. Countless hours of R&D was used to ensure the perfect decibel level without compromising performance, furthermore, ZERO DRONE. To finish off this exhaust are two 4.75" oval double wall round 304 stainless steel tips (Offered in Polished or Matte Black Finish). This exhaust uses all factory hanger locations for a hassle free installation. No modifications necessary Like Us: Follow us: Call Us: 888.901.7693 Buy It Now:
  • G37 w/ Fujita dual air intakes - PREVIEW clips Stay tuned for detailed before and after video
  • Raised air intake test Do raised air intakes work and protect a vehicle'e engine against dust. A real test in the real world. You decide!
  • Cold Air Intake Shoot Out - Holden Commodore LS2, L98, LS1 Andre Simon from STM dyno tests some of New Zealand's most popular Cold Air Intakes for Holden Commodores. We let you know which Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake provides you with the best bang for your buck. Full write up here:
  • Mustang JLT Intake Installation 2011-2013 If you're looking for an easy horsepower boost from your 2011-2013 GT Mustang, CJ Pony Parts offers JLT's Cold Air Kit, which can provide 24-30 horsepower and a simple installation. This JLT Cold Air Kit neatly incorporates the factory fresh air inlet from the grille and utilizes the highest quality materials. It comes available in many of the 2011-2013 Mustang's factory paint colors with a smooth gloss finish, or can comes in a lightly textured black. The JLT Cold Air Intake does require a tune after installation. CJ Pony Parts recommends using the SCT XCAL3 Tuner: See more 2010-2013 Cold Air Intakes:
  • ASSEMBLY of 1997 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 4.6 INTAKE MANIFOLD hoping for some input from people who changed their intakes. how did they work out and did u do it yourself ? did u use a Dorman product ? any further problems ? my review of this product will be posted on the next video on this channel
  • 370Z w/ Full Intake & Exhaust: Dyno Results Dyno clip of 370Z with fully modded intake & exhaust. Setup includes Stillen G3 Intakes, Stillen Headers, Berk HFCs, and Stillen Cat-back exhaust.
  • Mustang Airaid Race Cold Air Intake (05-09 GT) Review THE COLD AIR INTAKE: An Airaid Race Cold Air Intake completely replaces the restrictive stock factory air box and inlet tube allowing for a measured increase in airflow for more horsepower, improved torque, and better fuel economy, all while filtering out harmful power robbing particles. THE BAMA TUNER: The SCT Power Flash Tuner features Bama Performance custom tunes that are written specifically for your Mustang. Our tunes are based on a 19 point questionnaire to deliver the most power and performance possible for your Mustang's modifications. All Bama Performance tunes are tested and proven on our very own in-house Dynojet 224xLC Chassis Dyno. THE COMBO: Increase Horsepower and Torque. Airaid Race Cold Air Intake Systems are computer designed to give your engine maximum air flow, which translates into more horsepower (Bama Performance gained 35 horsepower and 30 torque throughout the curve in this dyno test with their 93 octane custom tune), torque and improved fuel efficiency. Airaid Race intakes are dyno tested and tuned for maximum performance and efficiency. Superior Filtration. This cold air intake not only improves horsepower, but it also provides superior air filtration, since it includes an Airaid Premium Filter with SynthaFlow® technology. SynthaFlow® is a synthetic nano-fiber material that traps the smallest dirt particles down to 2 microns in size that ordinary cotton-gauze "performance" filters just can't capture ...
  • Volumes "Intake" Volumes "Intake" off of their album, "VIA" Connect with Volumes and Mediaskare: Buy their new album 'VIA' for $10 at Subscribe to MediaskareTV and be the first to know of new songs and videos from your favorite artists!
  • How to Install an Airaid Cold Air Intake on a Chevy Silverado - AutoAnything How-To See if this product fits your vehicle: Here is an an excellent demonstration of how to install a cold air intake (CAI) on a Chevy Silverado. The steps are similar for most other vehicles and air intake brands. Want something different? Check out our complete line of cold air intakes:
  • K&N Cold Air Intake Before and After Install. 1997 Toyota Tacoma Collection of videos before and after installation of a K&N Cold Air Intake on my 1997 Toyota Tacoma
  • Cold Air Intakes Mythbusted Last episode the boys busted POD Filters. But fans wanted to know about Cold Air Intakes. So will an aftermarket Cold Air Intake give you more power? Get your MCM Stickers, Tshirts, DVDs, Music + MCM Magazine Including how to import a car from Japan, how to turbo charge your car, Boost Controllers explained, loads of DIY projects for your own ride, Mad feature cars, readers rides and Loads More! *This is not a purely scientific test of course, just our own testing with the stuff we have available. We can't test every car but you guys can do your own testing and let us know how you go. You may have different results or experience with your own car and if you do please let us know all about it here on the MCM Forum: Get MAD MCM Stuff at the Official Shop: Like us on Facebook: This video is intended as Entertainment only.
  • Cobra Upper/Lower Intake Installation On 1991 Mustang 5.0..Part 2 Second in a series of videos chronicling the installation of the Cobra Upper and Lower Intakes
  • Air Filter and Air Intake Testing K&N Engineering goes to great lengths to ensure that we manufacture the best air filters and air intakes available.
  • Sisters install an Injen Cold Air Intake - 2008 Infiniti G35 / G37 Injen Cold Air Intake Installed by Females on a 2008 Infiniti G35S Sisters, Angel and Riki install an Injen Cold Air intake on their 2008 Infiniti G35S Sedan. At the time this video was recorded, the vehicle did not have any other modifications. What you are seeing and hearing is purely the result of an Injen intake in conjunction with a stock engine (VQ35HR) and muffler. Injen is known world-wide for their superior product quality and fitment. This entire installation took under 3 hours with no snags whatsoever. It was an extremely easy and straight forward. As an end result, there was a noticeable increase in power, torque and audible level. Please leave us a comment, question or suggestion, and SUBSCRIBE in order to catch our upcoming installation videos!! We are not models. We do not pretend to be. We are not the type of girls who go to car shows to stick our asses on top of the hoods of cars. We are the girls using our heads, turning wrenches UNDER the hoods of cars. We come from a family very rich with history in building performance cars and race engines. If you are a representative from a company offering an automotive product that you would like us to promote for you, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] Check us out! - For those SERIOUS about building up your engine's internals, our family owned business is called Syracuse Crank and Machine. We can be reached at 315.475.9893 COMING SOON! . New Yorks premier custom coaters ...
  • Dual-Plane vs. Single-Plane Intake Manifolds - Summit Racing Quick Flicks Learn the main advantages and performance expectations of the two main styles of automotive intake manifold: single-plane and dual-plane intakes. Single Plane Intake Manifold - Dual Plane Intake Manifold Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold - Edelbrock Victor Jr Intake Manifold -
  • Stillen Gen3 Ultra Long Intake installed on 2007 G35 Sedan V36 (VQ35HR) Finally got around to installing my Stillen Gen3 Intake the other day and took some video in the process. Reports were that the intake was a real bear to install--that proved to be correct!!! The hard part was trying to get the pipes aligned to minimize any potential rubbing. It took a lot of fiddling, but I think I got it as good as it can be. The intake looks great in the engine bay, makes beautiful noise when you get on the throttle (but not too loud in-cabin), and makes impressive power at high RPM. Fitment could be better, but all in all, kudos Stillen! Install Notes: * Bumper cover removal - I did not remove it but to get the drivers end pipe in, some minor scratching to the middle of the pipe will occur. * Enlarging holes - a dremel would have worked (esp. multipurpose cutting drill bit or cutting wheel and flex extension) but I got a new tool recently, the Rockwell SoniCrafter which you may have seen on TV--made plunge cuts really really easy! * Filter bracket placement - final location (video segment was NOT final position) was 3rd hole from the top (and oriented with holes up)--one hole below the one shown in the video, with the bracket oriented up instead of down. * Filter shield - the center brace is somewhat in the way when attaching the shield to the passenger side filter as instructed. I chose to mount it to the driver's side filter (switched longer bolt on passenger filter to driver's side). Not in video: * Horn - stock position is in the way. Remove the ...
  • (HD) Forza 4 Automatic Spoilers, Air Brakes, and Air Intakes This is the updated video of all the cars in Forza Motorport 4 with automatic rear wings or spoilers, air brakes, and air intakes / exhausts. This is the list as shown from the video: Ferrari 2002 Enzo (Automatic Spoiler & Air Brakes) McLaren MP4-12C (Automatic Spoiler & Air Brakes) Bugatti 2009 Veyron (Automatic Spoiler & Air Brakes) SSC 2010 Ultimate Aero (Air Brakes) Mercedes-Benz 2005 SLR (Air Brakes) McLaren 1993 F1 (Air Brakes) Mercedes-Benz 2011 SLS AMG (Automatic Spoiler) Audi 2007 TT Coupe S-Line (Automatic Spoiler) Mercedes-Benz 2009 SL 65 Black Series (Automatic Spoiler) Audi 2010 R8 5.2 (Automatic Spoiler) Lexus 2010 LF-A (Automatic Spoiler) Aston Martin 2010 One-77 (Automatic Spoiler) Volkswagen 1995 Corrado VR6 (Automatic Spoiler) Bentley 2010 Continental SS (hard to see but it has small automatic spoiler under rear glass) Volkswagen 2004 Beetle (Automatic Spoiler) Chevrolet Chevelle SS-454 (Air Intake on hood) Lamborghini 2008 Reventon (Rear Exhausts only) Lamborghini 2005 Murcielago (Rear Exhausts only) Not Shown because I don't have DLC :( Lamborghini Aventador Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Plymouth GTX Lamborghini LP640, LP670, LP700 Thanks to these users who helped me discover new ones: ThePirateMD, NINJASCORE18, xXWaRL0rDXx Please subscribe to keep me doing more videos like this!
  • Volumes "Intake" Volumes "Intake" off of their album, "The Concept Of Dreaming"
  • AFE Mustang Cold Air Intake Install The AFE Mustang Intakes are one of the best Mustang Performance Parts out there.
  • K&N Air Intake Install - Dodge Challenger, Charger & Chrysler A how to guide covering everything that you need to know regarding the installation of your K&N Air Intake for the 2008/9 Dodge Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300C.

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  • “( In fact, all AEM air intakes exhibit excellent performance.) Specifically, the cold air AEM intakes are dyno-tuned to length and intakes will soft mount, which means installation is flexible to prevent added stress on”
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  • “List of cold air intakes for the Toyota Tundra. Read intake kit reviews, see estimated power gains, and check availability. Tundra Network Forum. Tundra Headquarters Blog. Toyota Tundra News, Reviews, Accessories, and Information. Home”
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  • “I would like to know why the aftermarket intakes were voted only to be used in the open class when there available to anyone and everyone. Its an easy bolt on accessory. Guage will build an intake for any bike, mrrpm will also plus he has intakes”
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