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  • Definition of intention in the Medical Dictionary. intention explanation. Information about intention in Free online English dictionary. What is intention? Meaning of intention medical term. What does intention mean?. — “intention - definition of intention in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Intention Alberta 3. Intention is a gathering purposed towards delivering a completely co-created experience that allows all inhabitants to try on the future that we wish to live-into-being. Intention has been called Practice Heaven. by folks in the past. — “Intention Alberta”,
  • She announced her intention to run for governor. He seemed to think that I was trying to cause problems, but that was never my intention. He bought a dog with the intention of training it to attack intruders. He has good intentions, but his suggestions aren't really helpful. — “Intention - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The power of intention is a key component for your empowering personal development. — “The Power of Intention: A Journey, an Article By Jeanie Marshall”, empowering-personal-
  • The INTENTION EXPERIMENT is a series of web-based experiments with Lynne McTaggart and leading scientists around the world to test the power of our thoughts to. — “Groups - The Intention Experiment”,
  • It is apparent from this notion that there is a sharply defined difference between intention and volition or even velleity. In the first instance there is a concentration of the will to the point of resolve which is wholly lacking in the others. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Intention”,
  • What is often considered living in the NOW, intention can be defined as "a determination to act in a certain way" With clear intent, we formulate a greater deliberateness in order to achieve the end result. — “Intention, Focus, Determination, Paying Attention to the Now”,
  • Intention - An's intention in performing an action is his or her specific purpose in doing so, the end or goal that is aimed at, or intended to accompli. — “Intention | Bukisa Topics”,
  • intention n. A course of action that one intends to follow. An aim that guides action; an objective. — “intention: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Philosophical perplexity about intention begins with its appearance in three guises: intention for the future, as when I intend to complete this entry by the end of the month; the intention with which someone acts, as I am typing with the further. — “Intention (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • My intention was to marry a wealthy widow. The goal or purpose behind a specific action or set of actions. The intention of this legislation is to boost the economy. cold in those inner parts, cold belly, and hot liver, causeth crudity, and intention proceeds from perturbations. — “intention - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of intention in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of intention. Pronunciation of intention. Translations of intention. intention synonyms, intention antonyms. Information about intention in the free online English dictionary and. — “intention - definition of intention by the Free Online”,
  • It all begins with intention. Intention is higher-consciousness thought. In other words, it's using the mind for a higher purpose - higher, meaning that you are not limiting yourself to certain outcomes or procedures. — “What Is Intention? | Gaiam Life”,
  • We all have the power to create the life we want. Intention setting through thoughts, words or vision is a powerful way to manifest your heart and soul's desires. — “Power of Intention | Insights & Inspiration”,
  • List of 27 disease causes of Intention tremor, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Intention tremor. — “Intention tremor - ”,
  • Intention definition, an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. See more. — “Intention | Define Intention at ”,
  • When you set an intention and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment, amazing things occur. Intention can also give us fortitude for dealing with tough times. — “The Power of Intention - Four Steps for Setting an Intention”,
  • Life purpose & life intentions - Simple, yet empowering ideas on how to find and develop your life intentions and your life purpose. — “Life Purpose”,
  • Manifesting Magnificence will teach you how to become one with the flow of energy moving You will understand how and why the universal laws work, and how to employ them, without. — “Book: Manifesting Magnificence by Andrew Lutts - Personal”,
  • Using the Power of Intention in Creating Your Business and Life. — “Intention | Creating intention in massage therapy careers”,
  • Definition of intention from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of intention. Pronunciation of intention. Definition of the word intention. Origin of the word intention. — “intention - Definition of intention at ”,
  • Meditation And The Law Of Intention. Many techniques used to communicate with the subconscious are placebo. Information on using the law of intention. — “Meditation And The Law Of Intention”,

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  • How To Make Intuitive Decisions: Listening to Your Gut Author of "GUIDE TO INTUITIVE HEALING" and the New York Times bestseller EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, Judith Orloff MD discusses the section in her books about the power of positive intention to create your reality and build intuitive power. Check out for more inspiration and to sign up for FREE E-NEWSLETTER on how to tap your inner power. "GUIDE TO INTUITIVE HEALING" available on website.
  • How I'm Setting My Intention & Goals for 2010 - Episode #19 Happy 2010!! Here's a quick look at how I'm setting my intention, rituals, creative production goals and letting the outcomes take care of themselves! Hope you enjoy and wishing you an EXTRAORDINARY 2010!!
  • Rise Against - 1000 Good Intentions 1000 Good Intentions by Rise Against, with the cover art from The Unraveling.
  • Cruel Intentions Trailer Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Joshua Jackson, Eric Mabius, Directed by Roger Kumble, Produced by Neal H. Moritz
  • The Great Intention It has been said that all that is needed to shift the consciousness of the world is the square root of 1% of the population. It began on April 11 and still continues at the same time each week . see for details. Lets Change the world.
  • Education, Intention & Luciferianism 1/4 Max Igan - American Voice Radio - 08/26/10
  • Herschel Walker Will Fight Again in 2010, Responds to Dana White Criticism Download the iPhone app here For more check out
  • 40 Hadith Nawawi: Hadith of Intention & Hadith Jibril - Suhaib Webb () A mini-class on the first two hadith of Imam Nawawi's 40 Hadith by Imam Suhaib Webb (). Recorded at Islamic Learning Foundation in Villa Park, IL for YM (Young Muslims) Chicago. For more from Imam Suhaib, visit .
  • David Wolfe Intention & Goals David Wolfe discusses intention and goals as they apply to diet and life.
  • Jim Carrey on the Power of Intention. Jim Carrey puts words around the power of intention, and the potential for transformational media. Recorded at the 2009 Inaugural GATE Event (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) Video was Shot and Produced by Eckhart Tolle TV. Eckhart Tolle TV is an online video network offering of transformational video content featuring Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng.
  • Intention in Action John McDowell is a contemporary philosopher whose most influential work has been in the philosophy of mind and language. He questions whether empirical thought is rationally grounded in experience in this Howison Lecture in Philosophy from UC Berkeley. Series: UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures [8/2006] [Humanities] [Show ID: 11509]
  • NATIVE DEEN -- Small Deeds Native Deen "SMALL DEEDS" -- Official Music Video Video Directed by: David Hawa Album: Deen You Know Song Written, Composed and Arranged by: Native Deen Video Produced and Written by: Daze Studios [] Small Deeds Music Video. From the album "Deen You Know". Native Deen is a percussion-only band and does not use wind or string instruments. Small Deeds [LYRICS] Ever been on a drive? Inside in your ride And your looking through the glass, see a car on the side The engine's broken and the car is smoking And the dude is shaking cause the heat is baking Or this cat's (guy) gotta flat, and the spare's all whack No jack in the back, and no clue where he's at There ain't no real rush, but you roll right by Not even asking the guy if he needs a supply He might be alright, and to pass ain't a sin But within you feel bad the state that he's in How hard would it been, just to ask "you ok"? That might be the deed that you need to succeed That might be the deed that will so please Allah That your forgiven the sinning you did when you was living It's a small little thing, that can cling and just ring And will bring the blessing from Allah Who's the King We pass on the deeds cause they seem all small But it might be the deed that's the best of them all Mad when see all the passes I took On these small little deeds I just overlook Chorus: I just can't believe Small little deeds that I overlook, can you see? Little deeds that I overlook, and you read I read about it in my holy ...
  • Living with intention workshop part I Living with intention workshop in Maarssen
  • Bobby Sands Informs Priest Of His Intention to Hunger Strike Taken from the forth comming film, Hunger. Bobby Informs a member of the clergy that he intends to commence a Hunger Strike.
  • The Power of Intention - Dr. Wayne Dyer Available now on: Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Wayne Dyer's site ~ ...and everywhere books are sold! Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. This beautiful gift edition of Wayne's international bestseller explores intention—not as something we do—but as an energy we're a part of. We're all intended here through the invisible power of intention—a magnificent field of energy we can access to begin co-creating our lives!
  • Intentions Promo Reel 2 Dear Friends, Family and Supporters! We proudly present the "Intention" Fashion Performance. Being held Friday,June 12, 2009 at the Bethel New Life Center 1140 North Lamon Street Chicago,IL 60651. Whether viewing the fashion performance LIVE or over the internet it is going to be incredible. Www.Celestrial- in conjunction with Southwest Airlines as put together a lineup of fabulous models wearing vivid Summer colors. The Reception is 5:30 p - Dinner is served at 6:00 p - We start transmission of the webcast at 7:00 p sharp! Come out and find out why we are committed to fashion and apparel for full-figure women. Www.Celestrial- is the ideal company for models with major curves. We don't skimp, we understand that is a problem when a woman has to buy pants bottoms two sizes than her tops only to have to take them somewhere and have'em darted. We believe that every woman should have the right to purchase garments that appeal to her own person sense of fashion, style and taste without regards to a designer bias. Join the Www.Celestrial-! Tickets to see the Friday,June 12th event are $25 / $30 at the door. Tickets to view the simulcast are only $19.95 and may be a better value for those of you who can't be present to witness the LIVE show. Each webcast ticket come with a FREE DVD of the fashion! Just our way of saying thanks. (more)
  • Ahh Meditation Guru of Wayne Dyer on The Power of Intention Visit videos library: Dr. Pillai Comments on Wayne Dyer's Book The Power of Intention
  • Dina Vass - The Love I Have For You (Full Intention remix)
  • Dirty Projectors Perform "No Intention" on SIRIUS XMU Dirty Projectors Perform "No Intention" on SIRIUS XM channel SIRIUS XMU. To hear the band and to get a free SIRIUS XM trial go to
  • Healing Quest: Deepak Chopra on Intention Deepak talks about the power of intention. Intention is a force of nature, like electromagnetism. Intention orchestrates its own fulfillment. If you want intention to work for you, you have to have clarity about your intended outcome. You must feel it, see it, taste it, smell it ... be it.
  • Wayne Dyer - The Power of Intention Dr Wayne Dyer - "The Power of Intention" * Please visit my website for more inspiration, along with unique and moving insights. - Eric Falcon The Inner Strength Coach™ Learn more about Dr Wayne Dyer at: Category:
  • The Seven Laws of Yoga: Law 5 - Law of Intention & Desire A segment from the fifth DVD of Dr. Chopra's Grow Younger, Live Longer series discussing The Seven Laws of Yoga
  • Miku Hatsune - Chaining Intention -Music Video- music download: (need registration.but free!!) twitter: 【New Release!!】 MIKU type lat model(ver2.2). download: MMD download (DirectX9 Ver.): we are waiting you! enjoy MMD!
  • Intention: Aware and Awake All motive and action affects the cosmos in some way. The principle of cause and effect is the truth that allows us to change ourselves and the world around us for the better. Humanity Healing Copyright 11 November 2007FAIR USE NOTICE This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.
  • My Sleeping Karma - inTENtion This is the song InTENtion from psychedelic rock band My Sleeping Karma album "My Sleeping Karma" Very Trippy song, ENJOY :)
  • Judging the Intentions of His Heart Mark Gungor talks about trying to give reasons for other people's behavior and judging a man based on this. This is bonus content from Mark Gungor's Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar, to purchase the complete seminar please visit
  • NATIVE DEEN -- Intentions INTENTIONS -- Official Music Video !! Video Directed by: David Hawa Album: Deen You Know Written, Composed and Arranged by: Native Deen Camera: Abdullah Omeish & David Hawa Video Producer, Director, Camera, Editor: Daze Studios [] Intentions" was filmed in Turkey and LA, from their album Deen You Know. Visit for more info. Native Deen is a percussion only band and does not use wind or string instruments. Intentions [LYRICS] Waking up in the morning, gotta make my prayer Am I really gonna' make it, when there is no one there? Taking trips to the masjid (mosque), even when it's tough Am I going for the sake of Allah? Am I showing off? Gonna' get me the knowledge, gonna study Islam Am I going just to build my ego? so they call me "the Man"? Does it matter if the people respect me, when its not for Allah? When I know anytime He can take me, without one real du'a (prayer) Does it matter if they say I'm a big shot? when I get no reward for my deeds And I'm dragged on the Day of Resurrection Cause of the folks that I wanted to please Plus I know that Allah has the power To raise me up in their eyes if it need be I should always make my intentions, for my Lord, Allah completely Chorus: Are my Intentions alright? am I doing for Allah? When I'm looking deep, deep down inside, do I have the right niyyah? Wearing thoubs with a kufi, kufi Miswaks leather socks like the old days Am I trying to follow the Prophet? or am I seeking praise? Giving talks on ...
  • Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company (with lyrics)) Track 4 from Disc 1 of "Have One on Me"
  • Cruel Intentions ("Colorblind" by Counting Crows) Scenes from Cruel Intentions Music by Counting Crows Video by MikakoAine

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  • “Welcome to the official web site of Holy Cross College, a four-year, coeducational, Catholic Liberal Arts College located in northern Indiana adjacent to Notre Dame University and Saint Mary's College. Campus Ministry > Prayer Intention Blog”
    — Holy Cross College | Notre Dame, Indiana,

  • “ it would be as it is now: plenty of good intention with little to no follow-through. About Sura. Approach. Contact. Home. Media. Services. Sura's Blog. Testimonials. Upcoming Events. Why Body. Recent Posts”
    — Sura's Blog " intention,

  • “Filed under Intention, blog. Leave a Comment. Hello and good morning to all. Another awesome Dr. Rob. Filed under blog, video. Leave a Comment. Dr. Rob shares a video about our ability to create all that we think in My Purpose My Life”
    — Blog : Mind Body Smile,

  • “Last Monday, I shared that I wanted to start the week of with Inspiration and Intention and one of my intentions was to start making some minor changes right here on my blog and website, beginning with my About page. My intention this week is to work on my list of women that I would”
    — Carmen Torbus: Artist, Author & Cheerleader for Creative,

  • “Blog. IslamCast. About Us. Answers Tagged intention' Sep. 27th. Attaining and fasting inhaling while fasting intention invalidators of fast invocations (dua)”
    — SeekersGuidance - intention - Answers,

  • “The INTENTION EXPERIMENT is a series of web-based experiments with Lynne McTaggart and leading scientists around the world to test the power of our thoughts to”
    — Discussion Forum - The Intention Experiment,

  • “Now & Zen Blog. Archive for the 'intention' Category " Previous Blog Home. You are currently browsing the archives for the intention category. Archives”
    intention | Now & Zen Blog, now-

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