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  • Rafaeli (1988: 110) noted some of the common conceptions about interactivity in the mid-1980s: For example, interactivity is also one of the defining characteristics of two-way cable systems, electronic text systems, and some programming work. — “Exploring Models of Interactivity from Multiple Research”,
  • Interactivity is a new venue for experiencing innovative and challenging interactive systems first-hand. We will compile a short (1 minute) video "trailer" from video material for accepted Interactivity submissions. — “CHI 2005: Interactivity”,
  • The Oxford English Dictionary defines "Interactivity" in regards to new media as "allowing a two-way flow of information between it (a computer or other electronic device) and a user, responding to the user's input.". — “Interactivity - What's new, new media?”,
  • In the fields of information science, communication, and industrial design, there is debate over the meaning of interactivity. In the "contingency view" of interactivity, there are three levels: Noninteractive, when a message is not related to previous messages;. — “Interactivity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Interactivity definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Interactivity | Define Interactivity at ”,
  • In the e-learning context, interactivity can be termed as the dialog that occurs between an individual and a computer program. He describes the process through which interactivity effectively can lead to enhanced learning. — “Learning Technology - Interactivity and Multimedia”,
  • interactivity is quintessentially a communi- cation concept its time has come for commun- ication research. Interactivity is that, "Interactivity is a widely used term with an. intuitive appeal, but it is an underdefined concept. — “Interactivity'”,
  • InterActivity 2010 will explore how investing early — whether in the delivery of play-based education, the ability to meet community needs or in the quest of institutional greatness — is children's museums' best formula for inspiring long-term growth. — “Association of Children's Museums”,
  • Interactivity at CHI is a high-visibility part of the programme, which combines both a hands-on demonstration during the entire conference and a presentation in the technical program. The CHI 2009 Interactivity is where the CHI community can experience the year's most exciting interactive works. — “Interactivity”,
  • Nunamaker (1997) describes the interactivity as "the extent to which the user feels convinced of the mutual effect that he or she and the environment have on one another" Interactivity in on-line environments: To what extent do students engage on-line in rich educative dialogue ?. — “Interactivity - EduTech Wiki”,
  • Interactivity in any teaching and learning context involves students responding to Often this form of interactivity is given emphasis over other. — “Online interactivity”,
  • Adobe InDesign CS5 provides the most advanced desktop publishing tools for creating layouts for print, online, and mobile devices. Learn more. Export InDesign documents to Flash Professional to add sophisticated interactivity, animation, and navigation to complex layouts. — “what's new | Adobe InDesign CS5”,
  • Scholarly reference list for interactivity, multimedia storytelling, narrative and production. — “Interactivity and Mass Communication”,
  • "Interactivity is a widely used term with an intuitive appeal but it is an underdefined concept. The concept of interactivity is supposed to be one of the most important characteristics of new media (Van Dijk, 1997), but the conceptualisation of interactivity does not keep step with. — “4-interactivity”,
  • What Is Interactivity? According to the TCOM 101 web site: "Interactivity means that the user is able to make an immediate response to what is going on & modify the process, i.e. there is dialog between the user & the computer or communications devices. — “Interactivity”,
  • Rafaeli (1988: 110) noted some of the common conceptions about interactivity in the mid-1980s: For example, interactivity is also one of the defining characteristics of two-way cable systems, electronic text systems, and some programming work as in interactive. — “aquí”,
  • Good- lists tens of thousands of tutorials for Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, and other topics. Flash " Interactivity — about 1 month ago. This tutorial will demonstrate how to create simple but professional Flash login system using three different programming languages; AS3, PHP and MYSQL. — “Good-Tutorials - Flash Tutorials — Interactivity”, good-
  • Each participant was randomly assigned to use one of three science websites with similar content but varying levels of interactivity. A particular concern hinges on the role interactivity plays within educational web environments. — “Read the Full Story”,
  • Interactivity in learning is "a necessary and fundamental mechanism for knowledge acquisition and the development of both cognitive and physical skills" (Barker, 1994:1) The implementation of interactivity can be perceived as an art. — “Interactivity: A Forgotten Art?”,
  • Definition of Interactivity in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Interactivity? Meaning of Interactivity as a legal term. What does Interactivity mean in law?. — “Interactivity legal definition of Interactivity”, legal-
  • Since consumers' perceived interactivity with the Website will basically be based on consumers' clicking behaviors on the Web, no matter how we define interactivity on the Web, the basic concept of interactivity could be related to consumers' actual behaviors on the Website. — “Effects of Perceived Interactivity on Web Site Preference and”,
  • We research fundamental topics needed for designing interactive environments. These include the nature of Distributed Collaboration, Interactivity, Coordination, Representation, E-Learning, Attention Management and how to increase the context. — “ICL: Interactive Cognition Lab - UCSD Cognitive Science”,

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  • Microsoft interactive Presentation on Cebit 2011 A new touchscreen interface by stereolize. Since we are renowned for technological innovations that we try to top year after year after year we also came up with something awe-inspiring this year. The largest touch display in the world. 234" of pure interactivity!!! You can probably call it the world´s biggest mobile phone touch display.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - all weapons demonstration and gameplay (Watch Duke Nukem Forever weapons here: dnstuff (tags,ignore): duke nukem 3d all weapons gameplay presentation demonstration dos windows 7 64bit 64 bit all best weapons presentation gameplay oldschool fps first person shooter classic fun game gaming cheats interactivity dosbox box 1996 96 '96 legendary old 3d realms shadow warrior doom rise triad wolf wolfenstein lenovo ideapad y560 gaming ati 5730hd 5730hd i7 740 qm i7 740qm
  • Digital Publishing - Design Layouts, including Interactivity, using InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 InDesign CS5.5 and the Digital Publishing Suite from Adobe allow you to add engaging, interactive content to your publication, and then distribute it to a wide range of screens and devices. In this video, you will learn how to design engaging interactive content using the Overlay Creator panel in InDesign CS5 and CS5.
  • iClone4 Tutorial - Path Interactivity In this tutorial, you will learn the advanced features of Path and Interactivity of objects, such as cameras, particle effects, characters and props interacting with those paths.You will also learn how to create path animation and how to fine tune the speed of animations using path. *Statement: This tutorial is for iClone version 4 and up only. For the latest tutorials, please visit Reallsuion's YouTube channel.
  • Interactive game book The aim of this interactive brochure is to help children to build a ladder by listening to the voice informations and finger pointing on several objects in the picture. This kind of digital game brings interactivity, fun and magic to traditional children's books. Besuchen Sie uns auf
  • An Amazing Day at the Zoo for iPad With "An Amazing Day at the Zoo," children are treated to an interactive storybook iPad application that follows a young girl named Sarah as she has an incredible outing at a world-class zoo. Her engaging and thought-provoking adventures give Sarah the opportunity to learn about some of nature's most impressive creatures. Her adventures include meeting all sorts of animals, birds and reptiles. During her day at the zoo, Sarah visits tigers, lions, crocodiles, flamingos and even cute pandas! Thanks to the diverse information that "An Amazing Day at the Zoo contains, young learners will not just find this iPad application to be visually stimulating, but will also find that they are learning many new vocabulary words and concepts as well. Engaging Facts and Captivating Sounds Every exciting page is brimming with information and thought-provoking facts designed to stick in a child's memory for years to come and, in the process, expand a child's general knowledge base. Making this learning experience all the more captivating and thrilling is the fact that creature noises accompany the background music. These audio features make "An Amazing Day at the Zoo" all the more engrossing of a learning experience. Witness Animals in Their Natural Environments Every page of "An Amazing Day at the Zoo," contains a fun and richly detailed video and pictures, which allow children to see the various animals interacting in their natural environment. This, of course, will ...
  • Dragon Speech Part 2 of 5 "Interactivity" Chris Crawford describing the unique power of "games" or "play" or "interactivity", whatever, you're using it right now, in a limited form. Alan Kay, who he mentions at the start, was the inventor of the user interface.
  • How To Make Interactive Videos With Annotations [Creator's Tip #21] This week we answer a viewer's question about how to make your videos interactive with pop-up videos, subscription links, clickable videos and such. First, create your video with whatever text, image, or video clip you want to be clickable in your video. Then, after it's uploaded to YouTube, go to add those annotations respectively. I usually end up using the "Spotlight" annotation and click to drag it around whatever area of my video I want to make clickable for however long. Then I turn it into the appropriate link I want it to be, save, and then publish! QUESTION: What ideas do you have for using annotations interactively? OUR MAIN ANNOTATION TUTORIAL GOOD EXAMPLE OF ANNOTATION USAGE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE RSS FEED SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! Creator's Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web. LET'S CONNECT! TAGS "how to" make interactive videos annotations Interactivity Creativity viewer question pop-up videos subscription links clickable uploaded youtube "spotlight annotation" click drag save publish tutorial adobe "premiere pro" reelseo tips advice producers creators directors
  • Caption Interactivity with ProShow Producer This is a tutorial for those of you who have business websites who may need a little boost in your web traffic. Caption Interactivity on an Auto Run CD brings your clients right to your doorstep!
  • NuFormer - 3D video mapping interactivity test, April 2011 | NuFormer showing new interactive techniques combined with 3D video mapping After executing 3D video mapping projections onto objects and buildings worldwide, the use of interactivity is the latest addition to this technology. To add to the experience of the spectators, interactive projection applications that are combined with the 3D video mapping technique were developed. All types of branded content, logos or product placement can be incorporated in these interactive projection applications. During the interactive projection test the spectators became the controller and interacted realtime with the building by using gesture based tracking (Kinect). People could influence the content by using an iPad, iPhone or webbased application made available for both mobile phone and computer use. For this test Facebook interactivity was used but any type of social media can be incorporated into the projection.
  • BeyondTV Beyond TV video is finally out! Beyond TV, a concept visualized by Aleph that works as a platform to enhance & create a driving force of information & social interactivity amongst users to make TV watching more enjoyable. It is a companion device that acts as a "second screen" while watching television, providing real-time, interactive links to the content airing on the primary screen and integrating social media into the viewing experience. In addition, it enhances interactivity by including a social network element where the user interacts with their family and friends who are watching the same show as them. For more information, please visit our website www.beyond- http
  • IndieCade 2011: Jonathan Blow & Marc Ten Bosch IndieCade 2011 Conference Jonathan Blow & Marc Ten Boch, Designing the Universe, October 7th, 2011. Video shot by Ida Bendentto. Conference Chairs: Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, Andy Nealen Video Squad Producer: Scott Stephan Any system of interactivity can of course be explored: If X happens, what are the consequences? What are all the ways in which pattern Y expresses itself, and to what do those expressions lead? By inspecting the structure of a system in this way, we can find the core ideas of the system, and see how those ideas illustrate fundamental truths of our universe. We present a game design aesthetic that values looking for systems that express these truths in the cleanest possible way. We explain how this is different from more-traditional combinatoric design techniques; we show examples from our games and describe a method for applying the aesthetic in general. Check out new videos every Monday and Thursday at:
  • let's Play Super Smash Bros. Brawl Part 6 - Audio Issues Galore This is my let's play of super smash bros brawl. In this part I; start a new level. I also had problems with the sound setting due to skype. For unknown reasons this part recorded low. I even raised the sound settings on this thing but it just didn't go higher, before I recorded this part. So I lowered the in game audio. I hope you guys can hear me in this part. My audio programs have crashed quite frequently as of late and I have been forced to use WMM narrate time line right now. On a lighter note to add new interactivity, after part 8 of SSBB I am going to add in a new feature into my LP's. I am calling it "The best comment of the previous video" or something like that. Leave a funny, hilarious or insightful comment on my video and you'll get it added in a video on screen with an annotation with credit to you as well. it'll be like an annotation shout out type thing. I feel I've been lacking interactivity with my audience, so that'll happen some time next week. Also, stay tuned for big things from this channel in the future.
  • 16 [R]evolutions - About the Technology This clip describes the interactive technology used in Troika Ranch's 16 [R]evolutions. Using a combination of hardware and software, the performers are able to interactively manipulate the digital video and audio for this performance.
  • Interactive Menu - Super Mario Bros. 2 If you want to help me out, test out some of the annotations, and if you find any that don't work or go to the wrong thing, leave me a comment telling me so I can fix it! Thanks! :) Make sure your annotations are turned on! And then select whatever world that you want to see. :) Song in this video:
  • Spartans Camp Promo & Spartans interactivity PR Director Rodney Bryant invites arena football fans to visit Spartans camp sessions.
  • Recap Q&A: YouTube Interactivity? Blog: Facebook Group Twitter Feed: XLR-PRO XLR adapter XLR to 1/8" mic adapter PVC Ratcheting Cutters Home Depot shop light Editable talent release form Make your iPad a second monitor (dual display) Production sand need them Use a telescopic snoot for film noir effects Steampunk gauges on the cheap How to be creative and think of new ideas James DeRuvo interviews DSLR DP Shane Hurlbut Zoom H1 teardown DIY tripod mount for your smartphone Inexpensive waterproof toolbox (camera housing?) Never underestimate the power of the title sequence Are you practicing these 5 natural lighting tips? Audio recorder roundup How to sync video and audio Camera rig 3.0 $1 case for Zoom H1 Homemade camera slider DIY string tripod An Experiment
  • JavaScript animation tutorial HTML CSS transform rotate image spin smooth logo Lesson Code: Learn to program any CSS property animations you want using JavaScript and the CSS3 transform property, and just a few lines of code. JavaScript offers your animations more flexibility regarding user interactivity with your animations. CSS3 alone cannot offer you all of the DOM event handlers that are useful for programming advanced interactivity with the animated elements.
  • Comiccon Video Game Review Show - Black Mesa/Half Life Retrospect + Review HISTORY OF DAIKATANA EPISODE: 'LIKE' me on Facebook When Half Life released in 1998 it was a revolution in the genre of first person shooters. It had interactivity between your character and the npc's, advanced artificial intelligence an impressive physics engine, a story told entirely in game and more. Whilst the origins of first person shooters go back at least as far as 1980 for the wire frame based Atari arcade game Battlezone. It wasn't until 1992 that ID software truly started the genre with Wolfenstein 3D. Over the following years we would games like Doom, System Shock 1 (an early FPS/RPG hybrid), Rise Of The Triad, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. And many others such as Heretic, Star Wars Dark Forces, Hexen, Blood, Shadow Warrior that all kind of advances in the graphics, sound, interactivity, and story telling. Black Mesa had a lot to leave up to as it set out not only to replicate the now legendary Half Life, but also sort to re-imagine it, and to make it fit in as a direct prequel to Half Life 2. Welcome to comicconreviews, here you will find reviews of comics, graphic novels, and games. Plus upcoming comic book speed art/tutorials by Brit cartoonist Ryan Dodd New Content is uploaded regularly so be sure to hit that subscribe button! Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates Check out my Merch
  • Interactivity Beyond the Touchscreen TED2011 Fellow James Patten talks about how we can truly integrate our physical world with the digital one. He's developed several different platforms, including the sense table, at the Museum of Science and Industry, where you can "grab" digital atoms from the periodic table and mix them together to get a simulated reaction.
  • Tutorial 11, Part 1 - Interactive control with MIDI Isadora supports a complete set of actors for MIDI input, allowing a wide range of sensory input devices for real-time interactive control. This tutorial shows how to connect a MIDI device to your computer, to use the Status Window to monitor incoming MIDI events, and how to use the Note On and Note Off Watches as triggers to manipulate your patch.
  • 1963 Timesharing: A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks [Recorded: May 9, 1963] This vintage film features MIT Science Reporter John Fitch at the MIT Computation Center in an extended interview with MIT professor of computer science Fernando J. Corbato. The film was co-produced by WGBH (Boston) and MIT. The prime focus of the film is timesharing, one of the most important developments in computing, and one which has come in and out of favor several times over the last several decades as the dichotomy between remote and centrally-managed computing resources played out; the latest incarnation for centrally-managed computing resources is known as cloud computing. Timesharing as shown in this film, was a novel concept in the early 1960s. Driven by a desire to more efficiently use expensive computer resources while increasing the interactivity between user and computer (man and machine), timesharing was eventually taken up by industry in the form of special timesharing hardware for mainframe and minicomputer computer systems as well as in sophisticated operating systems to manage multiple users and resources. Corbato describes how after the mid-1950s, when computers began to become reliable, the next big challenge to improve productivity and efficiency was the development of computer languages, FORTRAN being an example. One of the next bottlenecks in computing, according to Corabto, was the traditional batch processing method of combining many peoples computer jobs into one large single job for the computer to process at one time ...
  • Jeff Yohalem, Far Cry 3 Writer: "Games Need Interactivity, Less Cutscenes" At E3 this year, Wil Wheaton sat down to talk with Jeffrey Yohalem, lead writer of the video game Far Cry 3. Jump to the headline quote here: All Game Front's E3 video coverage, including Wil Wheaton's 5-part interview series: For all of Game Front's E3 news, previews and commentary:
  • Exploring Motion and Interactivity through Adobe Edge This presentation will demonstrate how to use Adobe Edge professional authoring software to create highly engaging content which targets HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Content created in Adobe Edge does not rely on a plugin -- so it can be run within any standard browser... even on mobile devices. We will provide an overview of the current web landscape and how Edge fills the need for professional tooling in this area. We'll examine composition document creation, internal drawing tools, the import of external assets, how to achieve fluid animation and advanced transitioning through the Edge timeline, Interactivity through Actions and Triggers, and examine advanced publishing option for completed compositions.
  • Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic - Chapter 4: Dead Leads Interactivity is gone of course due upload on youtube. See for full interactivity. Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic tells the story of Bo before she knew who and what she was. Join her as she lives a secret life in the shadows of the city, trying to survive and unable to control the dangerous urge that controls her life. Then follow Detectives Dyson and Hale as they investigate a strange, grisly murder—and an even stranger set of suspects.
  • Social Media Marketing with YouTube: Why? - BLASTmedia - Are you looking for a social media marketing firm to handle your next campaign? Let the agency with a proven track record of social media success handle it. The social media team at BLASTmedia "social media" BLASTmedia "social media youtube" "marketing with youtube" "youtube marketing" "social media agency" "social media firm" "pr firm" "public relations firm" "public relations agency" vseo "video SEO" "youtube video optimization" "youtube secret weapon" "julie perry" "blake fife" Social Media Marketing with YouTube - BLASTmedia The social media team at BLASTmedia has a wealth of experience creating successful YouTube marketing campaigns for our clients -- from major consumer tech companies to small businesses and start ups. Whether your company's goal is list-building and lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), or simply increasing your social media presence and interactivity, BLASTmedia knows how to make sure you maximize PROFIT with every YouTube video you upload. : : : : Also skilled at social media outreach via YouTube, BLASTmedia can help get your product into the hands of some of the top influencers YouTube has to offer. The results we've achieved for our clients in the way of increased exposure, traffic, and conversion (yes, SALES!) is astounding. Contact BLASTmedia today to read some of our case studies! Led by YouTube expert Julie Perry (the featured YouTube expert in Entrepreneur Magazine's latest book "Success Secrets ...
  • The NEW Ergotron Interactive Arm With the new Interactive Arm from Ergotron, now anyone can effortlessly move their TV into multiple positions with only a light touch. Your screen will seemingly float on air, being easily adjusted between standing and seated heights. No more awkward viewing angles and sore necks.
  • YDreams Interactive Solutions for exploring Portuguese Discoveries at Belmonte Interpretive Center YDreams mixes interactivity, design and gesture-based solutions to render an exciting exploratory space at the Belmonte Interpretive Center (in Northern Portugal) - a museum space dedicated entirely to the Portuguese era of the discoveries and in particular the arrival of Pedro Alvares Cabral's armada in Brazil at the onset of the 15th century
  • How You Can Create an Excel Graph of the Weibull Distribution - PDF and CDF - WITH INTERACTIVITY ! How to create an interactive graph in Excel in Minutes of the Weibull Distribution - both the PDF and CDF. This video shows step-by-step screen action shots right from Excel. After watching this video, you will be easily and quickly be able to create an interactive graph in Excel of the Weibull Distribution's Probability Density Function and Cumulative Distribution Function.
  • COFFEH: Fan Interactivity & Caffeine-Free Week! send to [email protected]! Thank you! This is Coffeh Time! It is a daily vlog in which we sit around, drink our coffee and discuss the goings on of the day. Subscribe if you wanna! :3 Twitter: @dexbonus Gaming Channel:
  • Adobe InDesign CS5 Interactivity Basics In this video, we take a look at some of the new features in InDesign CS5. Most importantly, the new interactivity features that InDesign has. We'll build a simple multi-stated object and a button to control it all within InDesign CS5.
  • Blood (game) - all weapons demonstration and gameplay (skip presentation of weapons to gameplay: 2:07) Blood - 1997 PC classic horror DOS game. One of first game with alternate fire and dual wield / akimbo. This is first level. Playing on Lenovo Idepad Y560, DOSBox 0.74, Windows 7 64bit. (tags,ignore): blood dos windows 7 64bit 64 bit all best weapons demonstration presentation gameplay oldschool fps first person shooter fun game gameplay brutal violent scary interactivity dosbox box 1997 97 '97 legendary old horror caleb atmosphere atmospheric gore gory bloody 3d realms monolith productions gt interactive duke nukem shadow warrior doom rise triad wolf wolfenstein lenovo ideapad y560 gaming ati 5730hd 5730hd i7 740 qm i7 740qm
  • Dreamweaver: How to modify image properties | tutorial Watch more at This Dreamweaver tutorial shows how to modify image properties using CSS styles, the Properties Inspector, and more. This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter eight of the Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training course presented by author James Williamson. The complete Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training course has a total duration of 15 hours and 22 minutes and explores how to use tools in Dreamweaver to create and style web pages, manage multiple sites, and add user interactivity with widgets and scripting. Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training table of contents: Introduction 1. Getting Started 2. The Dreamweaver Interface 3. Site Control 4. Creating New Documents 5. Adding Text and Structure 6. CSS Foundations 7. Controlling Typography 8. Working with Images 9. Creating Links 10. Controlling Layout with CSS 11. Working with Tables 12. Working with Forms 13. Building Templates 14. Adding User Interactivity 15. Working with Flash and Video 16. Managing Sites Conclusion
  • Starbucks Interactive Storefront The latest from The Media Merchants is this interactive experience for Starbucks. Located in the storefronts of two Starbucks, one in Vancouver and one in Toronto, the user guides a creature of their choosing (hummingbird, dragonfly or butterfly) on an adventure to find all the ingredients unique to each of the three Tazo teas currently being promoted by Starbucks. Creative Agency: Blast Radius Media Agency: MediaCom Execution and Interactivity: The Media Merchants
  • Augmenting Indoor Spaces Using Interactive Environment-aware Handheld Projectors This video shows handheld projector systems have the potential to enable users to dynamically augment environments with digital graphics. In this research project we explore new parts of the design space for interacting using handheld projection in indoor spaces, in particular those that are 'aware' of the environment in which they are used.
  • Is My Butt Big? (INTERACTIVE RELATIONSHIPS) Can you survive this relationship moment? (An interactive short film) Tweet it to get your friends to play! SUBSCRIBE for more shorts: ‪ No YouTube account? Like on Facebook to get video updates: ‪ Written & Directed by MATT KOVAL Starring CHRISTIAN ANDERSON LINDSEY MORGAN Produced by MATT KOVAL and CHRISTIAN ANDERSON Director of Photography CODY CUELLAR Sound MICHAEL WEEKS Script Supervisor DEBBIE WITT "Urgent Call" Music by GEORGE SHAW "Cool Vibes" "One-Eyed Maestro" Music by KEVIN MACLEOD A RAVEN PICTURES Production Participating in this interactive video requires that you have YouTube annotations enabled! TAGS: interactive video interactive game matt koval relationships girlfriend is my butt big dress romance "people magazine" christian anderson lindsey morgan party funny HD Interactivity
  • Interactive Web3D Demos showing what is possible in 2008
  • NAME THAT MORON - 2011 Stanley Cup Rioters Exposed ("Ten Idiots") Moronic comments have been disabled for this video. Sorry, that means all comments have to be disabled. Please contact the Vancouver Police Department at [email protected] if you have any tips, photos or video regarding the moronic 2011 Stanley Cup Riot of Morons. The morons in this video are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The people behind "Name That Moron" deplore the reprehensible actions of those responsible for the riot, as well as any moron who seeks to take revenge on another moron through threats, violence or intimidation. People who incite violence, promote hatred or utter racial slurs are also morons, regardless of the rationale. Please act responsibly amidst deplorable actions of the few. Don't be a moron.
  • AANN - Overview by Phillip Stearns (Pixel Form) 2007 This is a short documentation clip of AANN from the 2008 Juried Exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum (City of Torrance, LA, CA, USA). Dimensions: 4x2x2 hanging installation Medium: Electronics AANN is an interactive, handmade electronic sculpture that responds to changes in ambient light and sound. The sculpture itself is 45 interconnected, electronic neurons that are actively responding to environmental stimuli in a display of light and sound. Constructing the sculpture in such a way that function and form are keenly interconnected, borrows from the sculptural, musical electronics works of Peter Vogel. Great care was taken in the design of the electronics to accurately mimic biological neural behavior. The resulting form of the piece was influenced in part by layering models used in neural computing, and by Fibonacci based branching found in natural systems. AANN explores the notion of interactivity with electronics by making physical the abstract processes being used by modern computer scientists to solve complex problems in pattern recognition. The science of robotics seeks to study, mimic and recreate life through the creation of automatons which are ultimately are designed to complete tasks that serve our desires. Here with the creation of AANN, the desire is to explore the possibility of making a thinking thing, one that is allowed to have its own desires. However, in the end what AANN becomes is a sign of the industrial military complex ...
  • diy_o_rama: mesmerizing video installation by PostSpectacular with digital interactivity AND craft!
  • KevinKshanti: If someone ever combined art, utility, interactivity and high technology, it's @paulobarcelos. #stockholmspuls #trulyamazing
  • futurewashere: If someone ever combined art, utility, interactivity and high technology, it's @paulobarcelos. #stockholmspuls #trulyamazing
  • kevinskih: If someone ever combined art, utility, interactivity and high technology, it's @paulobarcelos. #stockholmspuls #trulyamazing
  • creativedoers: If someone ever combined art, utility, interactivity and high technology, it's @paulobarcelos. #stockholmspuls #trulyamazing
  • WinnersCloset: If someone ever combined art, utility, interactivity and high technology, it's @paulobarcelos. #stockholmspuls #trulyamazing
  • Alexander_Crane: @CIM130 @proflafferty That game looks interesting because it makes the player access all kinds of media in order to play (interactivity).
  • SayraMoran: RT @jhGodfrey: RT @jhGodfrey: launches next week. Looking great, strong interactivity, thrilled by colleagues' pos. feedback. Hope ...
  • jhGodfrey: launches next week. Looking great, strong interactivity, thrilled by colleagues' pos. feedback. Hope I live to see it.
  • Eneh_Akpan: RT @nipashah: RT @nipashah: #Follow for Interactivity: @Roniqueen @KentBeatty @Eneh_Akpan @GFdayout @virtualgestures @DanceEatRepeat @cletch @bvsparm ...
  • brigidtowler: @mmattspeck Social interactivity. The YouTube link is right there on your page. ;)
  • hackofalltrades: A clever piece of interactivity fr/ David Suzuki on economic growth. Welcome to the 59th minute! via @quitadebois
  • katcalbes: RT @xtinaxenos: RT @xtinaxenos: RT @DigitalLA: What's next: iPad for age 2-7, 'appisode'' = adding interactivity to existing episode #SMWLADisneyABC #SM ...
  • brigidtowler: RT @RubaiyaR: RT @RubaiyaR: @brigidtowler I appreciated you taking the time to come speak to us in our Interactivity class. You're quite inspirational!
  • bradyhahn: RT @DigitalLA: RT @DigitalLA: What's next: iPad for age 2-7, 'appisode'' = adding interactivity to existing episode #SMWLADisneyABC #SMWLA #SMW
  • DanyNathan88: RT @DigitalLA: RT @DigitalLA: What's next: iPad for age 2-7, 'appisode'' = adding interactivity to existing episode #SMWLADisneyABC #SMWLA #SMW
  • Beabelli: RT @DigitalLA: RT @DigitalLA: What's next: iPad for age 2-7, 'appisode'' = adding interactivity to existing episode #SMWLADisneyABC #SMWLA #SMW
  • xtinaxenos: RT @DigitalLA: What's next: iPad for age 2-7, 'appisode'' = adding interactivity to existing episode #SMWLADisneyABC #SMWLA #SMW
  • DigitalLA: What's next: iPad for age 2-7, 'appisode'' = adding interactivity to existing episode #SMWLADisneyABC #SMWLA #SMW
  • developerprog: I like this question: Can SmartTV go social without being runied? (article: Interactivity will drive TV to next level
  • ayocisco: just heard @snibbe speak at stanford. Amazing material about new forms of interactivity. inspired by the intersection of art + tech.
  • preciseTechno: Most People Don't Use Social Media to Its Full Potential #tech #technology #uncategorized #facebook #interactivity
  • GeekInfoNow: Most People Don’t Use Social Media to Its Full Potential #Uncategorized #COMMUNICATIONS #Facebook #Interactivity
  • DGlenwright: Hot buttons! New exhibit brings interactivity to the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives #canqueer #lgbt #cdnpoli
  • kzarr: RT @AMDembedded: RT @AMDembedded: "Awesome graphics performance, stunning 3D visual effects and dynamic interactivity" - Aaeon's new EmBox TKS-E21-HD07. ...
  • signsdotcom: Volkswagen's Advertising Campaign Blends Emotion and Interactivity Using #Signage
  • rf_beruf: interactivity (with the end user), and interconnectivity (with other segments of technology)
  • Isha_IE: RT @urbangospelga: RT @urbangospelga: @Isha_IE Great networking, great information, great panelists/international interactivity, and all around great event ...
  • Gingerschnaps: Loving the interactivity of @Beatport and their site #GoodInfo #GreatKeynote
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