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  • Interpretation of tongues, a supernatural ability to understand unknown languages Interpretation (logic), a function that provides the extension of symbols and strings of symbols of an object language. — “Interpretation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (countable) An act of interpreting or explaining what is obscure; a the interpretation of a foreign language, of a dream, or of an enigma. — “interpretation - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of interpretation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of interpretation. Pronunciation of interpretation. Translations of interpretation. interpretation synonyms, interpretation antonyms. Information about interpretation in the free. — “interpretation - definition of interpretation by the Free”,
  • INTERPRETATION OF DOCUMENTS. Doreshin Leshon Hedyot ("interpreting Interpretation of Takkanot le-Fi Leshon Benei Adam ("in accordance with their common. — “Interpretation”,
  • The Galleries at the BGC present a range of exhibition-related interpretation programs including exhibition lectures, curatorial conversations, gallery talks, and films devoted to enhancing knowledge and awareness of the material world from. — “Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History”,
  • Interpretation dictionary definitions, etymology, and correct spelling for Interpretation. — “Interpretation”,
  • Definition of interpretation in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is interpretation? Meaning of interpretation as a legal term. What does interpretation mean in law?. — “interpretation legal definition of interpretation”, legal-
  • Interpretation definition, the act of interpreting; elucidation; explication: See more. — “Interpretation | Define Interpretation at ”,
  • The mission of interpretation is strategic and inspirational. Interpretation involves a set of tools and techniques to facilitate opportunities. for people to form relationships with. — “2. What Is Interpretation?”,
  • Learn about Interpretation on . Find info and videos including: About Interpreters, How to Interpret Echocardiograms, How to Interpret BMI and much more. — “Interpretation - ”,
  • RSE has provided a full range of translation and interpretation services in over 170 languages. Our extensive network of professional translators provide written translation on any subject matter, technical, legal, medical, financial, and more. — “Richard Schneider Enterprises, Inc”,
  • Definition of interpretation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of interpretation. Pronunciation of interpretation. Definition of the word interpretation. Origin of the word interpretation. — “interpretation - Definition of interpretation at”,
  • This article is not a discussion of the whole subject, but is merely a presentation of the Baptist interpretation of the ordinance. The laws of thought and of the interpretation of thought in these matters pertain to the Bible as they do to other writings. — “Bible Encyclopedia: Interpretation”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. a teaching technique that combines factual with stimulating explanatory information. — “Interpretation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • While there is no doubt that genuine believers will differ in their interpretations on a number of difficult passages, the truth is that every passage has only one valid, correct interpretation. God did not stutter nor did He speak in ambiguities. — “Inductive Bible Study: Interpretation”,
  • A simple definition comes from Interpretation of Cultural and Natural Resources: "[Interpreters are] translators of the natural and cultural environment" that help their audiences to better understand and enjoy the resources being interpreted (Knudson, 1995). — “Interpretive Technology - Related Readings: Interpretation”,
  • Visit this Free Dream Interpretation to discover the meanings of your dreams. A-Z Dictionary and Glossary of Dream Interpretation. The Meaning of Dreams and a Free Dream Interpretation Dictionary. — “DREAM INTERPRETATION”, dream-
  • The Interpretation Department at Gallaudet University offers undergraduate and graduate programs for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students. Interpretation of American Sign Language. — “Interpretation - Department of Interpretation - Gallaudet”,
  • Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology offers pastors, scholars, and theologians a valuable resource for study, preaching, and teaching. We are Interpretation Upsem. Doing research on Scripture for sermons or writing on biblical and theological themes? Online access to all of our. — “Interpretation”,
  • Biblical : An Internet Resource for Studying the Bible Antony Billington, "Treasures New and Old: Literary Approaches to Biblical Interpretation," Evangel 13:3 (1995): 83-89. — “ - The Interpretation of Scripture”,

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  • Dance interpretation of "Torn" by David Armand A mime dance interpretation of Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn'.
  • Lecture 1A | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986 Overview and Introduction to Lisp Despite the copyright notice on the screen, this course is now offered under a Creative Commons license: BY-NC-SA. Details at
  • Is There Truth in Interpretation? Law, Literature and History Ronald Dworkin, professor of jurisprudence at University College London and the New York University School of Law, delivers the inaugural Frederic R. and Molly S. Kellogg Biennial Lecture on Jurisprudence in the Coolidge Auditorium of the Library of Congress. Speaker Biography: Born in Worcester, Mass., Ronald Dworkin was educated at Harvard University and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar and a student of prominent British lawyer and academic Sir Rupert Cross. Dworkin attended Harvard Law School and subsequently clerked for Judge Learned Hand of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. A former professor of jurisprudence at the University of Oxford, Dworkin is widely known as one of the foremost American legal philosophers. He is the author of many articles in philosophical and legal journals and has written numerous books, as well as articles on legal and political topics in the New York Review of Books. In 2007, Dworkin was awarded the Holberg Memorial Prize in the Humanities by the Kingdom of Norway.
  • Lecture 2A | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986 Higher-order Procedures Despite the copyright notice on the screen, this course is now offered under a Creative Commons license: BY-NC-SA. Details at
  • no air (dance interpretation) galing!
  • Bleeding Love - Dance interpretation cool!
  • Skyzoo - My Interpretation - Official Music Video The final single from Skyzoo's critically acclaimed album THE SALVATION. Produced by Best Kept Secret. Directed by Artemus Jenkins. Starring Skyzoo, Skarr Akbar, & introducing Shaunetta Squalls. THE SALVATION is in stores now via Jamla/Duck Down Music. Click here to purchase:
  • Lecture 1B | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986 Procedures and Processes; Substitution Model Despite the copyright notice on the screen, this course is now offered under a Creative Commons license: BY-NC-SA. Details at
  • Deaf - Interpretation
  • ABG Interpretation Quick and Simple ABG Interpretation
  • as i lay dying- 94 hours interpretation i like as i lay dying, dont judge me...or hate me /thesevacanteyes
  • Zetsubou Billy (Death Note ending) My interpretation :-) Check out my new What's up People!? interpretation
  • Intro EKG Interpretation Part 1 An introduction to EKG Interpretation covering Normal Sinus Rhythm and Bradycardia.
  • Intro EKG Interpretation Part 2 An introduction to EKG Interpretation covering some tachycardias. Part 3 covers more.
  • Metallica Creeping Death Interpretation Flashing Images! 18+ A Video Interpretation which is good for the Mind!
  • Neutron stars - an interpretation I have made this video to explain in detail how I imagine the process of the formation of dark matter and its limitation to surrounding areas of neutron stars, black holes and other heavy ''stars''. This video is also an allusion to the LHC experiment which could produce dark matter and therefore represent a risk to mankind. Those high energetic particles they claim to have measured in our atmosphere may not be what they think they are, ie the same kind of particles they produce in the LHC. Instead I ''fear'' that these particles are not single particles but bunches of superfluid matter particles (which can possibly be considered as ''single'' particles but with a much greater mass and less velocity) originating from neutron stars for example. However, due to their greater mass these particles are harmless while those produced in the LHC may turn out to be lethal to all of us. What is not mentioned in the video but what can be concluded from it is this: the limited range of the dark matter plane (in this case it has a diameter of about 1 light year (!)) shows that the particles lose their dangerous high energy as soon as they pass the plane due to friction and gravity caused by the dark matter. Another point is that the fast rotation of neutron stars may also be caused by the superfluid matter inside or rather by the contact surface of its transition point to ''normal matter'' or the crust of the neutron star. Because of the huge pressure the superfluid cannot completely ...
  • Fox News Has Funny Interpretation of the Bible Watch more at
  • Rihanna - Te Amo [Artistic Piano Interpretation] Sunny Choi Facebook Fan Page: 'Te Amo' by Rihanna originally arranged & performed on piano by Sunny Choi. For more piano covers by Sunny Choi, please visit her Hit Music YouTube Channel 'Te Amo' was released as an international single by R&B recording artist Rihanna. It is from her acclaimed 'Rated R' album.
  • Interpretation of "Machine Head - Imperium" interpretation video of the "Machine Head - Imperium" by Brave Sir Garrick and Cheeky Dave.
  • Intro EKG Interpretation Part 3 An introduction to EKG Interpretation covering more tachycardias.
  • Fall Out Boy Misheard lyrics - This aint a scene Number Two - Fall Out Boy: This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race. This song now has a multitude of parodies, beginning with the now infamous one by BeChaotic. What are they up to now? 1.5million views? I was on the scene with this being the third or fourth one to this song. I like to think that each version adds something new, and I hope that despite the blatant stealing of the 'Also Into Cats' line, which I admit the majority have used, that mine is good in its own right. Hope you enjoy it. Terrence will Return. I've been doing the Fall Out Boy videos now since February 2007 and somehow I seem to have ended up with seven of the buggers so far. I shall call it a heptology. And don't ask why there are two for The Carpal Tunnel of Love. Beats me. Thriller: This Aint a Scene, It's an Arms Race: Fame [is less than] infamy: The Carpal Tunnel of Love: Bang The Doldrums: Chicago is so two years ago: All of these plus a load more great-smelling videos can be accessed from my channel, so take a look. It's rated about a 23 on the Interesting Scale. Alternatively I apparently have a website so go there for guestbook-signing and irregular-blog action, though don't forget to subscribe to my YouTubings first. Increased happiness is guaranteed* - David *not a guarantee. Fall Out Boy - Interpretation - Misheard Lyrics - Mondegreen - Parody - Spoof
  • Video Interpretation: Christina Aguilera-Ain't No Other Man" Video interpretation of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man"
  • Mika - My interpretation (with lyrics) One of my favorite songs: My interpretation from Mika. (Of his album 'Life in cartoon motion')
  • Interpretation of Slayer Angel of Death Versão legendada de Angel of Death! Hey Johnny depp!! Interpretation of Slayer Angel of Death!
  • Lake Bodom Interpretation - Children of Bodom Team Twelve's first interpretation vid. . .
  • A Reggae Interpretation of Kind Of Blue (@secretstashrecs) In the spring of 1981 a group of reggae studio musicians from Jamaica gathered in New York City under the direction of Jeremy Taylor, a music professor at NYU at that time. The result was this Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue. Though he was primarily regarded as a world-class Jazz musician and educator, Taylor had taken several trips to Jamaica to study reggae music with some of the best performers in the world. In his 1979 book, A Space Between Taylor wrote, My first trip to Jamaica (May 1977) was the most eye-opening musical experience of my life. I met so many incredible players who had been brushed off by the snobby musical establishment at institutions such as the ones I was affiliated with. They showed more musicality, taste, and rhythmic comprehension than some of the most revered musicians in the states. I knew that I had to find a way to showcase their unparalleled talent in a different medium in order for some of my colleagues to fully understand and learn from it. This statement served as the basic concept behind this album. Taylor took the most loved, well-known modern jazz album of all time and put it in the hands of reggae musicians. It was in this context that he felt his contemporaries would be able to fully understand what it was he saw in these players. Unfortunately, weeks after directing the sessions Taylor passed away in his Paris hotel room while on a speaking tour of Europe. A final mix of the album was never made and ...
  • Six-All That Remains Interpretation THIS IS NOT A DIS!!!!!my interpretation of six from GH2 and this is not a dis this is one of my favorite bands if you like it please subscribe:) 100K-11/19/09 W00T!
  • Travis Orbin - "Long Walks On Short Bridges" Interpretation This tune kicks off the S/T album (other than the brief intro) and it's very intense and energetic. The drum part is highly taxing and puzzling to play with or without my 'interpretation.' There are many touches of odd time but you may not immediately notice because of the fast tempo. There's also a lengthy metric modulation towards the middle that purports a 'six' feel. I was going to use my good ol' 14" brass snare but as I was changing heads, one of the lugs snapped right in half! Crap. Notes: 0:02 - 0:15 -- Drum intro is performed as it is on the album, then with my twist 0:32 - 0:37 -- 3-8 crash cymbal superimposition 1:02 - 1:11 -- Crash cymbals complement electronic progression 1:41 -- Ten weeks of touring, countless hours of rehearsing and the only time I ever miss one of the hi-hat strikes is when I'm filming... hilarious 2:10 -- Quick snare roll locks in with electronica 2:57 - 3:09 -- Spiced this section up quite a bit 3:51 - 3:52 -- I saw a live video of Kenny (former drummer) muting the crashes, but on the quarter note downbeats; I changed it to half-note triplets to create a brief superimposition Full drum set transcription: s26 Tempo = 180 BPM
  • Koi DANCE Interpretation The basic outline for this is.... really that we're not afraid to get on our own special bus and drive it into the ground. We all want to encourage everyone who watches this to just dance, and do it at Sakura Con with us! Inspiration for this stupidity is credited to Naruto and Sakura of Koi.... Sasuke had to be begged and pleaded to get her to dance on camera, and Kimmimaro wanted nothing to do with it :P! We were lucky to have footage of Kakashi and Gaara in the beginning xD but very glad for it! #52 - Most Discussed (Today) - Comedy #21 - Top Favorited (Today) - Comedy #40 - Top Rated (Today) - Comedy #88 - Most Discussed (Today) - Comedy #41 - Top Favorited (Today) - Comedy #88 - Top Rated (Today) - Comedy
  • Booka Shade - Body Language (Interpretation) Their best remix
  • Travis Orbin - "Photographic Memory" Interpretation If I had to select a tune that summed up the S/T album it just might be this one. From the tasteful tinges of electronica to crushingly heavy / mechanical passages it runs the gamut; it's also quite dynamic and hook-laden. Anyway, here are some notes and the usual transcription: 0:15 - 0:21 -- Hi-hat splashes match electronica melody 0:32 -- Crash mute complements vocals 0:36 -- Brief eighth-note displacement 0:51 - 0:52 -- Hi-hat locks in with electronica 1:46 - 1:49 -- Brief eighth-note displacement 3:34 - 3:43 -- Spruced up the fill-ins 3:57 - 4:02 -- This part wasn't very discernible on the record, so I composed my own entirely Full drum set transcription: s26 Tempo = 150 BPM
  • Nickelback Re-Interpretation (The Original) The Bloomington Bros. cover Nickelback
  • MShawnPage: "Context always supersedes Interpretation when reading the Bible."- Kay Arthur
  • potterkp: RT @ghs_careers: Interpreter/Translator needed for GHS flootpool. 2 yrs medical interpretation exp. required. For more info &/or to apply:
  • JeffFit121: What is High Intensity- here is one interpretation
  • itolmach: #nowplaying - Body Language (Interpretation) by Booka Shade, from #SoundHound
  • TrickieE: @KillahKilz Well music/videos is all a matter of opinion and interpretation init lol, everyone sees it differently.
  • MissKettchen: mhh, i have to do my german homework .. but i don't wanna write an interpretation ..
  • aBlack_mAn: @mynamebryan @Ari_B_Licious no because your saying it wrong clearly different spelling means different interpretation>> lol you sound upset
  • LurkingTweeter: @astrid26a @iliana_1 Yup, trying to avoid. I can blow it off usually, but it's too often subjective, open to debate, interpretation. (more)
  • jacobwaldo: I have a new interpretation of the golden rule: treat others the way that chick-fil-a treats its customers.
  • JamesGrimlee: A reasonable interpretation of the halftime show. http:///wPK4A
  • RealKenSilva: @pagitt @EricPillsbury No, it's not. Whose interpretation of the Bible are you following to get that Doug?
  • mynamebryan: @Ari_B_Licious no because your saying it wrong clearly different spelling means different interpretation
  • AustraliaeBooks: eBook Shop: Impasse and Interpretation
  • dougchia: One interpretation of Nasdaq comments on hacking: "Don't worry. It's not like any trades were impacted. Just highly prized trade secrets."
  • cambriandrums: Here is another version. Also very unique! Check this video out -- clapping music santiag interpretation via @youtube
  • utuxia: Hand Painted Asian Contemporary Art Oil Painting – Interpretation of Traditional Vietnamese Fishing Village
  • ericpillsbury: @pagitt @realkensilva Is there more than one interpretation of the Gospel?
  • 2nerdyhistgirls: @LadyDEversley Yes ::sigh:: Certainly Johnny Depp did wonders for his modern rep, too, however odd his interpretation.
  • pagitt: @RealKenSilva yes, I know I have and interpretation but you said Solo scriptura and you regularly say you hold "just to the bible"
  • RealKenSilva: @pagitt Don;t you also adhere to an interpretation of the Bible? So why do you think what you teach is proper?
  • 29thHarvickfan: @GiulianaRancic I didn't even notice she messed up I wasnt digging her runs and flashy interpretation of anthem. not up 4 interpretation
  • Friedrich_Niet: Necessity is not an established fact, but an interpretation.
  • WatershedFlow: Michael Schrage explains the difference between communication and interpretation. See how this "serendipitous" discovery changed his...
  • pagitt: @RealKenSilva and it is not confession and profession that makes one a Christian but the right interpretation?
  • pagitt: @RealKenSilva so, it is an interpretation of the Bible you hold to? and who determines if it is proper?
  • mikemurphy1979: @biff_bifferson @evdokios creative interpretation of facilities can add as much as 10% to an eatery's final score
  • mackex: @A_D_303 @BillyHallowell well, history preserved in dirt and rocks is complicated...and to all kinds of interpretation.
  • Dreadkiaili: RT @pumpkinshirt: High school: where works on rebellion, individualism, & nonconformity are mandatory reading and standard interpretation gets best grade
  • ChainsawRaven: @DieselBodine The interpretation is left to the listener, Mr. Bodine
  • RealKenSilva: @pagitt Who that claims to be a Christian doesn't. The point is: Who follows the proper interpretation of the Bible.
  • jfaulstich: One of aforementioned cakes from the best neighbor ever: RT @Jaynut My cake interpretation of the superbowl. http:///p/75534132
  • Calena_COS: @MishaMadeMeDoIt Rather you know my interpretation of what it means. :) Which might be wrong
  • pagitt: @RealKenSilva Ken, you follow an interpretation of of the Bible, not it alone. at least grant that.
  • Susan_Baird: RT @pumpkinshirt: High school: where works on rebellion, & nonconformity are mandatory reading and standard interpretation gets best grade
  • MissusLippy: RT @pumpkinshirt: High school: where works on rebellion, individualism, & nonconformity are mandatory reading and standard interpretation gets best grade
  • Naharnet: STL: The Appeals Chamber hearing to examine questions relating to the interpretation of the law applicable before the STL has come to a...
  • MikeInBuffalo: @BrianHuddle I consider saying that he doesn't talk to RW newsworthy.The "working out" comments were ambiguous and allowed interpretation.
  • pumpkinshirt: High school: where works on rebellion, individualism, & nonconformity are mandatory reading and standard interpretation gets best grade
  • BeautifulMess81: RT @colbyalmond: My interpretation of the Super Bowl half time show : http:///wPK4A.jpg
  • hannahdeww: i get the whole "artistic interpretation" thing... i AM in fashion design. but the baseball cap/side ponytail and heels look? i dont get ...
  • AnAmericanMonk: A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible is ranked #12 on Kindle and #35 in books thank you all.
  • danielrego: @srikvlteswaran @StonerJesus Entirely open to interpretation. But honestly, between tea and A, it's a really tough call for me. Damn. Haha.
  • CherrySpritz: @mr_wires "... I cannot imagine how [the program] might fit into a world governed by our current interpretation of what it means to learn."
  • Mysticsales: Every experience that we have is unique to us because at some deep level we make an interpretation of it. Deepak Chopra
  • Jaynut: My cake interpretation of the superbowl.
  • Jaynut: My cake interpretation of the superbowl. http:///p/75534132
  • HankEpton: I must have been confused. I'm told Black Eyed Peas did the halftime show, but I thought it was a musical interpretation of the movie TRON.
  • HisFireKids: One hour until online Biblical Dream Interpretation Class with Pastor Mary Ann Kotch for the kids with #jesustweeters
  • _ParentingTwins: One hour until online Biblical Dream Interpretation Class with Pastor Mary Ann Kotch for the kids with #jesustweeters
  • PreOrderDeal: Great deal on 'The Interpretation of Dreams' by Sigmund Freud (Audio CD - M...
  • karpo: @michpendergrass @SecretAmber not really bothered by it-nerves get everyone. I was more bothered by the blustery interpretation of it.
  • CoinOperatedJay: Also, a disjointed way to teach, since I'm not really teaching my OWN class. I'm teaching my interpretation of another teacher
  • QueenCityStudio: Queen City Studio’s interpretation of the Chrysler/Eminem 'Imported from Detroit' ad, check it out!
  • SazSilver: @thestephmerritt how on EARTH do you spell 'Alopecia'??! Spell-check didn't recognise my interpretation!
  • _AndyBryant: #GRAMMAR - Generative grammar=rules that indicate structure and interpretation of sentences that natives use to speak.
  • ghs_careers: Interpreter/Translator needed for GHS flootpool. 2 yrs medical interpretation exp. required. For more info &/or to apply:
  • SophieFigon: I love English cos you can just blag an answer and just call it "an interpretation". Brilliant.
  • A_Symphony: my teacher said "nervous system concerned w/ the sensation, interpretation, & integration of information" w/o cracking a smile. thats focus.
  • knowledgenotebk: @owenthomas "Do hashbang URLs -- "#!" -- strike anyone else as screaming", another interpretation might be compassion, impatience?
  • davidbryan: RT @colbyalmond: My interpretation of the Super Bowl half time show : http:///wPK4A.jpg
  • DistrictOfAris: @antheawatson Try this guy: Taoufik Ben Ammar at
  • jonmikelbailey: Ladies and Gentlemen, with her interpretation of our National Anthem, Christina Aguilera http:///watch?v=VgxA3Aus8jY
  • Clique_Skribz: Loool. This terrible interpretation of wat I said wld usually annoy me, but coz I know it's due to paranoia n spying, I'll jus lol :D
  • Hundrieser35f: @Mark_Agustin http:///3x8d0l - interpretation Hi take a look at
  • robprather: OTB | Has a Military Coup Already Taken Place in Egypt?: An interpretation of the events in Egypt.
  • dukefashionmag: Check out the newest blog post! LOVING the Dior photos!! http:///blog/2011/02/07/open-to-interpretation-going-native/
  • VIXIDesign: Interpretation of 2010, General Manager of Chongqing Fashion Furniture Meikailong – Industry…
  • DCfitnwellcoach: @MrGoodLook1911 @WhySoThirsty no, its not interpretation ur not reading at all... U simply use certain thngs from ...
  • ColbertArtists: " Zuill Bailey offered a passionate yet dignified interpretation of the 1896 work." Dvorak w/ @Indy_Symphony
  • LDSFacts: We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.
  • Cycling_Chef: "Dear Kim, Your rack is ... not real." 7 yo Squirty's interpretation of the #Teleflora ad with Faith Hill.
  • ay4jegs: @illestlilah just heard d song...shenge!!!...lmao not answering getting an interpretation #okbye
  • champs794: Did the hard of hearing need an ASL interpretation of the national anthem? Being spared Christina Aguilera's was plenty kind.
  • nyfa: Simeon Rice Debuting Short Film "When I Was King" Today! - Simeon Rice’s comedic interpretation of social... http:///x221fee970
  • nshanahanIMPACT: Chinese modern dance interpretation of FF vs FG in #ge11 (not sure who wins in the end)
  • bbrustad: Shure Aquires Informationsteknik incl. Danish Interpretation (DIS) S&C via #avtweeps @michael_colburn
  • WarSxLtsParty: Doing an interpretation of the movie 'american history x' for college.
  • betsy0717: Relationships have been torn apart by cutting words or rather the interpretation given to words....
  • FoodforWitches: Hey, let's ease off this Aguilera bashing. She's an artist and that was just her unique interpretation of our national anthem. #Artist
  • travelrambler: RT @DibblyFresh: Christina Aguilera's national anthem flub? Lame. Ramona Quimby's Dawnzer Lee Light interpretation? AWESOME!
  • TracyBo: @jilevin Interpretation of Obama's budget dir.: 'We'll hurt poor people 2 prove we can be just as cruel as #Repub w/ no effect on deficit.
  • Lvs2laph: Contempt without investigation. Please rt what you think of my interpretation.
  • Udomingod: Please what is the direct interpretation of ‘I Miss You’ in Ibibio language!” Lol
  • Evangeline61796: 2010 development trend of China's lighting industry panoramic Interpretation
  • dwablog: @kvoDE my kids take the math this week. Fingers are crossed. The data from this test is very detailed, but interpretation takes time.
  • operainforma: RT @sander975: #np Katia Ricciarelli sings "Ritorna vincitor!" from #aida. Maybe not the most perfect Aida, but interesting interpretation. #opera
  • nkotbdiva: @AprilOJ my friend majored in psychology w/interpretation of dreams.. I know way too much ! Lol
  • Malaengporx: I liked a YouTube video -- 03.My Interpretation - Mika
  • colortrails: One last SB comment: someone tell Fox the Star Spangled banner isn't creative interpretation hour. Aguilera's performance was cringe-tastic.
  • wunnybabbit: Mabel's interpretation of (I)bu (a)dek. Apparently in her imagination I have rainbow hair :) ♥ http:///p/75524587
  • BHPinnovate: Seriously, top quality mentors on offer with @springboardnews the Cambridge re-interpretation of The Difference Engine #in
  • insomniac19: RT @waxjism: My srs bsns interpretation of this video: LOL, nice big void they made by ~skirting around CLEARLY THE ONLY SUBJECT ON THEIR MINDS.
  • aconaway: RT @icemarkom @miroslaf No no. You didn't fail. You just didn't pass this time. Schedule next attempt and keep going.| Great interpretation.
  • youngmanpeace: I'm working a book. It's about Christian spiritual poems and my own interpretation of them. Any ideas for the book, please?
  • waxjism: My srs bsns interpretation of this video: LOL, nice big void they made by ~skirting around CLEARLY THE ONLY SUBJECT ON THEIR MINDS.
  • DibblyFresh: Christina Aguilera's national anthem flub? Lame. Ramona Quimby's Dawnzer Lee Light interpretation? AWESOME!
  • loweryc: Does True Grit tap into an ancient myth? http:///id/2283236/ ::Nice interpretation

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