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  • The Italian Department's goal is to prepare future scholars and The Italian Department's integrative approach prepares students to explore connections and understand the literary and cultural tradition from past to present. From the Gateway course to the Senior Seminar, all our courses are. — “Department of Italian - Georgetown College - Georgetown”,
  • Learn Italian with Italian lessons for beginners to advanced, practice Italian with workbook exercises, learn to speak Italian, build your Italian vocabulary, and listen to Italian audio. The Guide to Italian Language is the starting. — “Italian Language - Learn Italian - About Italian Language”,
  • Pope Benedict XVI is to appoint 24 new cardinals on Saturday, 10 of whom will be Italian – making the prospect that his successor will be Italian more likely. — “Pope appoints 24 new cardinals: Italian set to be 'next pope”,
  • BOND OF THE WEEK: Italian sovereign bonds can be traded in the sterling market but watch the credit risk - Investors Chronicle, Daily share tips and advice for the private investor. — “The Italian job - Investors Chronicle”,
  • RIO Tinto Ltd will pay Italian company Ansaldo STS $467 million to provide rail systems for its iron ore operations in Western Australia. — “Rio goes Italian for Pilbara rail upgrade | Herald Sun”, .au
  • Amanda Knox is appealing her murder conviction by an Italian court. The parents of Amanda Knox hope defense attorneys can poke holes in the prosecution's theory of motive. — “Amanda Knox parents hope appeal will lead to her release from”,
  • 50% Off Italian-Argentine Cuisine At Sosa Borella Restaurant - The Huffington Post. — “50% Off Italian-Argentine Cuisine At Sosa Borella Restaurant”,
  • A prominent Italian expatriate has been deported following the expiration of her residence permit last year. — “Prominent Italian expatriate denied re-entry into Turkey”,
  • Student protestors breach Italian Senate building, Clashes with police in central Rome after group ejected, , English News, Ansa. — “Student protestors breach Italian Senate building - News in”,
  • Italian - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Italian”,
  • Italian students have marched through the streets of Rome in protest against proposals to cut funding in the Italian education system. — “BBC News - Italy protests: Students rally against education cuts”,
  • Abhishek Bachchan to star in Hindi revamp of 1969 crime caper starring Michael Caine, Benny Hill and a fleet of Mini Coopers Michael Caine, bottom, with his gang and the coveted bullion in the 1969 original of The Italian Job. — “Bollywood takes The Italian Job for a spin | Film | The Guardian”,
  • Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe. New version. More immersion. It's the best way to learn Italian. We guarantee it. — “Learn Italian - Speak Italian - Learn Italian Software”,
  • Comprehensive and free grammar and vocabulary review of Italian. — “Italian Tutorial”,
  • "You are victims of extremist entity that is taking hostage its own people, attacking you," Franco Frattini tells Sderot residents. Italian FM to be allowed to visit Gaza Strip. — “Italian FM: Hamas holding Israel and Palestinians hostage”,
  • "There's really no such thing as Italian food," Ms. Vivian said in a phone interview from her home in Mount Pleasant Borough. Accordingly, food in northern Italy's Veneto region has a decidedly Germany flair; The Piedmont, in the northwest has a French. — “Italian food? Let us count the ways”, post-
  • Report on Croatian Times english news online newspaper: NATO is disposing of bombs and missiles in the Adriatic sea, with toxic waste potentially reaching Croatian and Italian shores, an Italian journalist has warned.Gianni Lannes. — “Italian journalist claims NATO deposits toxic waste along”,
  • Sarah Baker Patrick, the older daughter of Governor Deval Patrick and Diane Patrick, will marry Marco Morgese, a former Italian soldier, at “a private wedding’’ in Massachusetts next summer, Patrick’s office announced. — “Patrick's eldest daughter to marry Italian Army veteran - The”,
  • Italian crime raid highlights women's role in running mob affairs with men behind bars. — “2 women arrested in raid on Italian mafia”,
  • Gaza City - Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Wednesday toured the Gaza Strip and met with officials from the United Nations in the. — “Italian Foreign Minister tours Gaza; no meetings planned with”,
  • Zinc, Mission chef opening Italian restaurant in Zen 32 spot, Matt Carter, the chef behind Zinc Bistro and the Mission, is bringing an Italian restaurant to the Camelback Corridor space that used to house Zen 32. — “Zinc, Mission chef opening Italian restaurant in Zen 32 spot”,
  • Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini toured the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and called on Israel to facilitate more movement of goods and people between the seaside enclave and the West Bank. During a visit to a U.N. school in northern. — “GAZA STRIP: Italian minister calls for Israel to relax border”,
  • ROME (AP) â_ _ A senior Italian IOC member questioned Tuesday whether the country is in a strong enough economic position to proceed with a bid for the 2020 Olympics. [ ] in this tough economic moment can we permit ourselves to organize an. — “Italian official: Rome 2020 bid should get moving - GreenwichTime”,

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  • Italian hand gestures explained - Have you ever wondered what Italians mean with those hand gestures? Now you get to learn some of them yourself. Paolo Tosolini is demonstrating how to speak in Italy with your hands.
  • Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2 Take your sad pants off and get that dance hat on as we boogey into the depths of Spider-madness. For full credits go to:
  • The Italian Man Who went to Malta. My second video...
  • Italian/Brooklyn man asks me out I retell the Italian man story. UPDATE: The Italian man ends up on a date! See my new video: Italian/Brooklyn man on date!
  • Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 4 Ready for science?! Who isn't? Join Italian Spiderman on a lab-tastic journey, with lots of exposition. For full credits go to:
  • The Italian Solution - Italy August 2009 Thanks to strict new laws turning unauthorised migration into a criminal offence and a controversial deal with Libya, Italy is cracking down on immigration. Tough but necessary or just plain racist? Look at them - ugly mugs! a citizen patrol group is targeting immigrants. Groups like these are now legal and meant to help the police fight drug dealers. Some residents are sceptical: We should integrate those people, not hunt them down. But others welcome the new laws. No more Mr Nice guy, were fed up! Negative press has turned immigration into a devil in the publics eye but it seems Italians no longer need to fear: the government has closed the gateway to Europe. Libya is preventing migrants from leaving and Italy's pushing back boats intercepted near Lampedusa. The need for political asylum is not considered. Most drastically, doctors are now obliged to report migrants without documents to the authorities. I think it's a stupid law, says this MSF doctor, almost all of us will take no notice.
  • Italian girl parking a car
  • Fergie-Be Italian Dance of Fergie (Saraghina) from the movie "Nine"
  • Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey song Dominic the Italian Donkey song and video Dominick the Donkey is a well known Christmas song written by Ray Allen and Lou Monte and first sung by Lou Monte in 1960. For decades the song was only occasionally heard. Oldies 103.3 WODS of Boston, Massachusetts and WCBS-FM in New York are common stations that play the song around Christmas . It was perceived to be too novel for the softer music stations and too old or corny for CHR/Top 40 stations. But beginning in the early 1990's, more contemporary artists began to record Christmas music. As a result, younger skewing radio stations began to feature more Christmas music on their stations, even going wall to wall on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. While there were more Top 40 core artists doing Christmas music by 1992, the stations still needed to play older artists to supplement the newer Christmas music. A few stations found this song and began mixing it into their Christmas rotations. The song got very positive feedback and as a result, this song began to gain airplay in many formats. Many people assume it was a recent recording and do not realize this song has been around for over 40 years.
  • The Italian Man Who Went to Malta - Fimo Version EPROSEC 2ºC The popular story of the italian man who went to malta...recreated with fimo dolls.Made by some students of EPROSEC 2ºC (AZORES) Personaly I think this video is hilarious and very well done. By the way my sister was part of the group that made this video...and I know it took a lot of hard work to do it.ENJOY!!!
  • monty python - italian on of my favorite scetches but not the best
  • 'The Italian Job' Jeremy Clarkson DVD & Blu-ray Trailer 2010 Out on 15th November 2010. Welcome to my first double disc release. That's two discs in one box. It's The Italian Job so obviously, I head to Kent in England for the race of a lifetime. But first I have to get ready. So, it's the Fiorano test track in Italy where I spend a while not getting ready at all. I try the gym but it's all rubbish so instead, I decide to compare Ferrari's 458 Italia and the limited edition 599 GTO. On paper, that doesn't seem fair. But in reality.... Next stop is the infamous Imola race circuit. The Stig joins me to get the most out of the Porsche GT3 and its stripped out cousin the GT3 RS. Also present are the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera and the jaw-dropping Mercedes SLS AMG with its gullwing doors. My face gets a workout too, thanks to an Ariel Atom. With a V8 engine. Then, for some reason, The Stig does something terrible to the face of Rubens Barrichello. My final Italian shake-down comes from the £1.3 million, Nurburgring lap record holder -- the Zonda R with its 750 horsepower V12 and slick tyres. Finally, I'm ready. So it's back to England for my first ever Classic Touring Car Race...I don't know the car, I don't know the circuit and I'm up against 20 experienced rivals...What could possibly go wrong? Pre Order at:
  • Great Italian Motorbike Display Fantastic film of Italian police riders putting on a motorbike display in the 50s.
  • Family Guy - Speaking Italian Peter tries to speak Italian at a local Italian grocery.
  • Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 6 Buckle down all you Gremmies, 'cos Italian Spiderman is waxed up and ready to slice some serious wave in the latest chunk of spider- lovin. For full credits go to:
  • DOLCE&GABBANA UNDERWEAR: MALE ITALIAN SWIMMERS Sit back, relax and take a peek at the Italian swim team as they prepare to become models for the day in Dolce & Gabbanas new underwear campaign. Check out the exclusive backstage action the shaving, the showering (together of course), and the adjusting of their packages as they prepare for life in front of the camera. Enjoy! Shot by photographer Mariano Vivanco and featuring Italian swimmers Mirko Di Tora, Emiliano Brembilla, Alessandro Terrin, Paolo Bossini, Nicola Cassio ***Backstage exclusive from
  • Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 5 The first part of the Italian Spiderman Movie will be brought to you in 10 weekly installments so keep posted each week for the next succulent slice of Spider action!! For full credits go to:
  • Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 9 Bernardi!!! Nobody wants to see him go, but the lord works in mysterious ways, sometimes he works in bullets. Watch our mustached comrade unleash some a-grade revenge on legion after legion of Maximum's maximen. Brought to you in blinding Spidercolour. For full credits go to:
  • Intervista Kobe Bryant in italiano su Sportitalia 1^PARTE Intervista di Kobe Bryant in Italiano andata in onda su sportitalia l'8/04/07 durante la partita Lakers-Suns. Prima Parte Translation : Well, first this is a bit embarrassing for me because I'd started elementary school in Italy but I speak italian for many years and it was remained on me but few few so I did this interview in italian and in can you ask me another time the question ? what's remained on you about the years passed in italy ? the passion, the passion for the life the passion to play basketball , the thing that you love to do for the whole life , always the passion. In italy there's the passion for the family , with the son with the whole important things for you...italy will have always a pieces of my heart where the lakers can go ? I don't know depends because we had many injured players during the season , they didn't played or only 20-5 games ,so we didn't played much games all togheter but now we are here and I hope that at the end of season 'surprise some people' . what or who miss the lakers to win a championship ? the things that miss .. we don't miss much , we are very near to be a team taht can win a championship maybe a player there or here ... but not much scorer or assistman, how born the choice ? it's only basketball , I think that when I play I watch only the things that happen during the game. I don't think to score or to pass the ball , I'm only watching the defense and watch the things that they are doing and if they give me a ...
  • Italian Mafia Car dealership funny video clip
  • "Lost" Recapped by Extended Italian Family Landline contributor Mike Antonucci visits his Long Island home and gets the help of his Italian family to recap the show's 5 complicated seasons. Featuring: Michael A. Antoncci, Michael G. Antonucci. Phyllis Antonucci Gina Antonucci, PJ DeLessio, Michael E. Antonucci, Matthew Antonucci, Mark Antonucci, Phyllis Somma, Robert Somma, Philip Somma. Andrew Somma and Frank Portantino as Sayid the Torturer. Directed and edited by Mike Antonucci, Daniel Spenser and Steve Levine
  • Italian Easter Bread - Traditional Easter Bread Recipe Get the full story! Visit to get the ingredients, and watch over 200 free video recipes. Leave me a comment there. If you have questions, ask on the website. Thanks!!
  • The Godfather Italian Language Series with Leah & Lon: Lesson 1 Today on Mahalo Daily, learn to speak Italian with Leah & Lon! Lesson 1 of the Godfather Language Series "Where is the bathroom?" teaches you a few basic Italian phrases that you will need to know when speaking Italian.
  • Italian Leather Sofa Band: Cake Album: Fashion Nugget Song: Italian Leather Sofa Lyrics: She doesn't care Whether or not he's an island. She doesn't care, Just as long as his ships coming in. She doesn't care Whether or not he's an island. They laugh, they make money . Hes got a gold watch. Shes got a silk dress And healthy breasts That bounce on his Italian leather sofa . She doesn't care Whether or not hes a good man. She doesn't care, Just as long as she still has her friends. She doesn't care Whether or not he's an island. They laugh, they make money. Hes got a gold watch. Shes got a silk dress And healthy breasts That bounce on his Italian leather sofa. Shes got a serrated edge That she moves back and forth. Its such a simple machine. She doesn't have to use force. When she gets what she wants She puts the rest on a tray In a zip-loc bag. Shes got a serrated edge That she moves back and forth. Its such a simple machine. She doesn't have to use force. When she get what she wants She puts the rest on a tray In a zip-loc bag in the freezer. She doesn't care Whether or not hes an island. She doesn't care, Just as long as his ships coming in. She doesn't care Whether or not hes an island. They laugh, they make money. Hes got a gold watch. Shes got a silk dress And healthy breasts That bounce on his Italian leather sofa
  • Tiramisù, Italian original recipe Tiramisù Recipe. The world's most famous Italian recipe. Recipe, photos and instructions in Italian . Other recipes
  • Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1 Feast your hungry eyes and thirsty ears on Gianfranco Gatti's opus, lost to the world for nearly half a century. For full credits go to:
  • Saizeriya ranking by Italian
  • How To Speak Common Italian Phrases Learn how to say more than _la dolce vita_ when you visit Italy.
  • Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture (/space-savers), demonstrates and explains their amazing line of Italian-designed space-savers.
  • Italian Hand Gestures PART 1 Many people don't know that 50% of the Italian language is spoken, while the other 50% is communicated through a specific code of hand this video to find out!
  • Oo- de- Lally (Italian with english subt.) This video is dedicated to Hoodfan89 and my new friend MaetelSX999! Enjoy! AriadniAlli DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO!It belongs to the Disney Company: i create only the translation from Italian for learners and the other Disney Fans.I don't intend to do nothing bad.
  • Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson "Be Italian" Nine Slightly different version of "Be Italian." All rights belong to The Weinstein Company.
  • Learn Italian Vocabulary Words Learn The Days Of The Week . This learning Italian video lesson teaches you the days of the week and it is one of several learning Italian videos that you will receive absolutely free when you visit http In addition to the Italian video lessons, you will also receive the first two (2) Learn Italian Like Crazy audio lessons also free when you visit us. Learning Italian Like Crazy uses a method that makes learning to speak Italian fast, easy, and fun." "It is anaudio based Italian language course developed by native Italian language professionals with a focus on helping you quickly learn Italian." In addition to learning the Italian language, you will also learn about the Italian culture. Think of it for a second, you really cannot separate the Italian language from the Italian culture. So, we will help you learn more than just how to speak Italian, we will also teach you about Italian cuisine, Italian arts, Italian music, and many more facets of the Italian culture. Come visit us at to get these video lessons and the first two learning Italian lessons absolutely free! http
  • Be Italian Tony award performance from the musical "Nine" featuring Kathi Moss and cast.
  • The Travel Linguist - Italian 101 Learn 10 Italian survival words compliments of The Travel Linguist. For a full list of instructional language DVDs, phrasebooks, audio CDs and downloads, visit
  • Mike Marino I think we should have an Italian president from New Jersey!

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