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  • Words That Start With The Letter J: jab,jabbed,jabber,jabbered,jabberer,jabberers,jabbering,jabberingly,jabberings,jabbers,jabberwock,jabberwockies,jabberwocks,jabberwocky,jabbing,jabble,jabbled,jabbles,jabbling,jabers,jabiru,jabirus,ja jacklit. — “Words That Start With The Letter J”, words-that-start-with-the-letter-
  • 7(seven) letter words containing c: accable,acceded,acceder,accedes,accends,accents,accepts,accidia,accidie,accinge,accited,accites,acclaim,accloys,accoast,accoied,accoils,accompt,accords,accosts,account,accourt,accoyed,accoyld,accrete, jacklit. — “7(seven) letter words containing c”,
  • Words That Start With J: jab,jabbed,jabber,jabbered,jabberer,jabberers,jabbering,jabberingly,jabberings,jabbers,jabberwock,jabberwockies,jabberwocks,jabberwocky,jabbing,jabble,jabbled,jabbles,jabbling,jabers,jabiru,jabirus,ja jacklit. — “Words That Start With J”, words-that-start-with-
  • Wolves have been restored in the Northern Rockies, but their conflict with civilization now prompts wildlife managers to face some agonizing decisions about the animal's Wyoming Game and Fish is a jacklit deer. Why did the salmon cross the road: The real story. — “227 — High Country News”,
  • Glasstire: Texas visual art online written by Jacklit on January 18, 2008, 7:58 pm. Wow! I hope that Maggie has an honest reason for all those checks written to "cash". If she does not we (meaning this entire art community) have an honest reason to evict her from the city, better yet,. — “Glasstire: Texas visual art online - Art Narc: Battalino over”,
  • Jacklit definition, a portable cresset, oil-burning lantern, or electric light used as a lure in hunting or fishing at night. See more. — “Jacklit | Define Jacklit at ”,
  • Canada's most generous poetry award, founded by businessman and philanthropist Scott Griffin. in the soup of the day – jacklit by vagrant strobes. — “The Griffin Trust For Excellence In Poetry | Phil Hall”,
  • At this he smiled like an Aztec priest jacklit by luxury. And so, dear listener, our tale concludes at its decisive moment on a dirt lane in a foreign country under trees studded with leaves large and star-shaped, beside a fountain weeping gardenias into the fizzy early evening air. — “Janet Sylvester”,
  • [email protected] Michiko. Conklin. 415-753-5471. [email protected] [email protected] Co-Chair Barbara. Hume. 415-355-1223. [email protected] Golf and Tennis Tournament. Chairs. TBA. Tennis Chair. — “TOWN SCHOOL PARENTS ASSOCIATION”,
  • Search Results > Search Results for "jacklit" No documents match the query. Search for books related to your query at : Search Now:. — “Search Results for "jacklit"”,
  • Enter the water from the parking area at the northern end of White Rock Ave. You are advised to check the tidal current forecast below for the best diving times. Send comments to [email protected] Tidal Currents. Tide Height (Sidney BC) For estimates of tidal currents at 10 Mile Point please. — “Ten Mile”, members.shaw.ca
  • Myspace profile for Anthony Loeser. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. JacklitJacquelyn Campbell. — “Tony (Anthony Loeser) | MySpace”,
  • Before heading backup up I stopped in at a client we have in Calgary to set up a couple of new backup hard drives and try and get Needless to say I barely missed the coyote and was a little surprised that they could be Jacklit. — “MPECS Inc. Blog: TechDays Success And A TS Gateway Error”, blog.mpecsinc.ca
  • Words starting with J (page 1): jab, jabbed, jabber, jabbered, jabberer, jabbering, jabberingly, jabberings, jabbers, jabberwock, jabberwockies, jabberwocks, jabberwocky, jabbing, jabble, jabbled, jabbles, jabbling, jabers, jabiru 86 jacklit. — “Words starting with J (page 1)”,
  • 7 letter words beginning with J: jabbers, jabbing, jabbled jacklit. jackman. jackmen. jackpot. jacksie. jacobin. jacobus. jaconet. jacuzzi. jadedly. jadeite. jaditic. jaegers. jaggary. jaggers. jaggery. jaggier. jaggies. jagging. jaghire. jaghirs. jagless. jaguars. jailers. jailing. jailors. jakeses. jalapic. — “7 letter J words : 7 letter words beginning with J”,
  • Our programming team is developing a smart phone APP for the Iphone, Droid and BlackBerry (More in the future) that will have a Click It List It! Feature! We have already secured which will be part of our marketing this phone jacklit 2 days ago. — “Click it and MARKET BVD Technology”,
  • The other day I overheard a publisher talking about Hamlet and Jamie Oliver in the same breath. At first I thought I had misheard Jacklit Manuals of car repairs. Jiglit Books on Scottish Highland dancing. Hitlit Books on pop music. Coverlit Books on second-hand pop music. — “Miles Kington: Run the gauntlet of literary genres - from”,
  • http:///val.c2. http:///prfc56. http:// http:///jacklit. http:///echatov. http://. — “http:///glo30”,
  • In the run up to Vision Fest, I had the good fortune to correspond with Steve Dalachinsky tooth dirt bag, ditch the lazy jacklit wrecks still aimlessly circling around the apple. — “Brilliant Corners, a Boston Jazz Blog.: The Horton Benchmark”,
  • The woman I'll call Linda was reminiscing about her first visit to a Candy Cat tavern.A 26-year-old writer, Linda had decided to take a break from the undernourished free-lance life and get a real audience of mesmerized males to stare at her as if they were jacklit. — “Peeling Away the Illusions of Show Biz in a Topless Bar - Los”,
  • I am migrating our photographs to the Shaw Photo Share program for more convenient and attractive presentation. If you are a Chaine member and wish a copy please contact Jack Littlepage ([email protected]) and I will send it to you. — “Select year”,

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  • Jackit Sesion # 1 PART 2 McGruders Bar, 8th Feb 2008
  • Jackit LP Pokemon XD: Episode 8- Can't we just purify them already? In this part we go through Relic Forest to undo the final lock our Shadow Pokemon's hearts. However, before we can purify them we have to fight a bunch of trainers to "help purify our team". However, all my team members are already ready to have the final lock to it's heart undone... do we haaaavvvee to fight these guys. :( Jackit is from the comic series "Jackit and Friends"
  • Jackit's 8-bit Adventure Part 1 Part 1 Jackit and Sara's amazing trip to 8-bit land. Jackit and Sara have the job of being Peach's body guard while Mario is away. However that isn't exactly how plans turn out... Credit: Comics made and videoized my me, Jackitkong. Music: Super Mario Brothers overworld and SMB3 Sky Ship. Rights to both belong to Nintendo while I actually got them from vidoes uploaded by SilvaGunner. Jackit/Sara 8-bit sprites created by Fyree of NW Other 8-bit sprites found at Shy Guy Kingdom. ... and I believe that's it.
  • Jackit LP Pokemon XD: Episode 10A: The Hexagon Brothers (round 1) In this part we go to the desert to find that lab Vander from Mt. Battle was talking about in the last part. However, on our way in, we are confronted with the rainbow assortment of shady characters who call themselves the Kooppaa....errr... I mean the Hexagon Brothers. So lets go take them out! Contents: This part contains fights against 3 of the 6 Hexagon Brothers. Part 10B which contains the fights against the other 3 brothers will be up some time tomorrow... Credit: Music: Koopa Bros. Theme song/Koopa Bros. Attack from Paper Mario
  • DJ GINA TURNER dropping NOUVEAU YORICAN - "JACKIT" IN MEXICO MAY 1 2010 DJ GINA TURNER LIVE IN ENSENADA MEXICO MAY 1 2010 Nouveau Yorican - Jackit Loco Dice - Tight Laces
  • Jackit LP: Pokemon XD: Episode 12- Absolutely Faaaabbbuulous We meet up with the kabuba in charge of this little lab... but it might be bit of a surprise... Also Cotton Falcon finally gets some battle screen time. As well as our new shadow Spinark... though the Spinark does have a tinsy problem... I also get to show off a special glitch within the game. We also find a new Shadow Pokemon. Can we snag it? Credits: "Nooo" sound effect from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV show. Music used today: Gold/Silver Team Rocket Battle Remix made by PokeRemixStudio.
  • JackIt Take2 2Mb
  • Jackit LP: Pokemon XD: Episode 15-A Rematch With An Old Face In this part we finally finish up the lab or do we? We also get some more Jackit vs Ninja action..... I think. Credits: Sounds: Can't let you do that Star Fox from Star Fox 64 My boi from Zelda CDi (I don't know which one... .__.) Music: Wii Shop Channel Music: Nintendo Title Screen Music From Pokemon XD All music rights belong to Nintendo and anyone else involved in the creation of those products the songs are from. Oh the remix at the the end of the video was made by Mephiles200108420. So he gets credit for that.
  • Jackit's 8-Bit Adventure Part 2 Jackit and Sara continue on their journey to save Joe from who knows what Bowser usually does to Peach. Along the way they meet up with an old face... at least to them. Oh and they squish some Goombas too. Credits: Rights to the character Bwing the Thing belong to Pocketim. Jackit and Sara Sprites made by Fyree. Other Mario Sprites found on Shy Guy Kingdom. Music: SMB Overland SMB Castle SMB3 Sky Ship Thanks to SilvaGunner for providing the videos for me to get the music Clips: Golden Sun Summons- Meteor: Provided by ZeromusX Sound Effects found on:
  • Jackit LP: Pokemon XD: Episode 18- Hii mom, we're on TV! In this part we go to a TV station to find the geek who can solve our code. In the process we learn how TV shows are made in Orre and get some interesting news in the process. Credits: Music: Scorefitter feature on Pinnacle Studio
  • Jacklit Sounds* Part of Doug Levitt's Greyhound Diaries, an everyday American epic in story, song, and image.
  • Jackit LP of Pokemon XD: Episode 1- Just the Game Intro Yes the quality is not that great... I record the footage with Dazzle from part 2+ So just go to that one if you really can't stand the footage... Me JackitK and Jackit from Jackit and Friends attempt to do an LP of Pokemon XD. One of my favorite Game Cube games if not most favorite game of all time. In this part we get the usual opening cut scenes, are introduced to the Pokemon HQ, meet our friend Eevee, and go on a quest to find our "sister".
  • jacKit: DJ clubling venue in Dublin - part 1 jacKit crew mixing at McGruders, Dublin Ireland, Videography: Kamal Taibi
  • BAD KARMA-ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE (Straight Jackit) Track off of the Straight Jackit Mixtape
  • jacKit: DJ clubling venue in Dublin - part 2 jacKit crew mixing at McGruders, Dublin Ireland, Videography: Kamal Taibi
  • Nouveau Yorican - Jackit Nouveau Yorican at it again! After their successful track Boriqua, Gina and Luke are back with a vengeance. Nouveau Yorican is the brainchild of two major players in the today's house scene: the charismatic Gina Turner (also half of powerful DJ duo Staccato) co-produces the sounds and lays down slick vocals while godfather of modern Dutch scene Laidback Luke lends a hand, assuming the role of the quintessential "man in the shadows". For both of them, this is a small step away from their usual territory towards more jacking sounds reminiscent of the best of golden era Chicago House, with a twist of latinflavored New York stomp and backed by the discreet presence of the almighty Dutch artillery. A modern take on New York's Puerto Rican artistic identity seen through the eyes and ears of an asian Dutch house virtuoso and a half-sicilian part-time NYC, part-time LA resident? This is our vision of the Puerto Rican house renaissance. Nouveau Yorican "Jackit" comes up with two off the hook remixes by Tony Senghore and Drop The Lime.
  • Laidback Luke & Gina Turner @ EDC 2010 - Jackit vs. Shake It Down vs. For An Angel /djinstinkt Special Guest Gina Turner Laidback Luke & Gina Turner = Nouveau Yorican Nouveau Yorican - Jackit (Original Mix) A-Trak & Laidback Luke - Shake It Down (Original Mix) Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel /pureinstinkt /pureinstinkt
  • Nouveau Yorican - Jackit (Original Mix) The new track from the collaboration between Gina Turner & Laidback Luke. This is a rip from Laidback Luke - Super You & Me Radio (Club FG 2010-05-08)
  • Jackit LP: Pokemon XD: Episode 13- Doesn't the number explain it all? The worst episode yet.... on me that is you guys should have a blast with my misery. :P Actually it's not THAT bad. I just had a bit of bad luck in recording so I decided to make it the theme of this video. XD Credits: Music: Gold/Silver Team Rocket Battle Remix made by PokeRemixStudio. Gold Sliver Game Corner Remix made by PokeRemixStuido Sound Effects: "No" from Hotel Mario on the CDi
  • Jackit and Friends: Games Edition Jackit and Friend game related edition. Gamers will enjoy this one from everything including.... the release of Jackit's game??? Well I finally got this up on You Tube... this one has been siting around for a while... This has more recent comics then the pervious ones so it's better but still not quite my best stuff. Oh and forgive me for the music... I was music selecting back when my Laptop lost a lot of stuff so I only had the crummy sample music they give you....
  • SPRING HEEL JACK -Lit- Amassed (2002)
  • Jackit LP Pokemon XD: Episode 9: Cough it up Vander! In this part we go to Mt. Battle to find Vander and get him to cough up the whereabouts of Professor Krane. To do that we storm through the first three trainers in Mt. Battle. Credits: Sound effects from: Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Great game, if you haven't played it go play it now.) Random sound effects that came with Pinnacle Studio.
  • Hitting Jackit System Introduction A redux of one of my previous projects for , this video introduces more products.
  • Grandpa Jack, Lit Evening at ISH Oct2009 Grandpa Jack by Caitlin
  • Lets Play Pokemon XD: Episode 6A-Stealing is Fun Today we snag a Ledyba from a...... bad guy? Jackit thinks he stole it and then we go to snag yet another Shadow Pokemon from a non-shady looking villain... Credit: Electric de Chocobo -from Chocobo & Magic Picture Book 2-Remix of a Final Fantasy VII song Game Start from Yoshi's Island/Super Mario World 2 Special thanks to: SilvaGunner for the music used in today's Jackit skit. The character Yoshi belongs to Nintendo. Jackit is from the Jackit and Friends comic series created by myself.
  • Bad Karma - Tough Love (Straight Jackit) The first track Im releasin off Bad Karma - Straight Jackit. Make sure you listen to the end or you will miss the best part. Just Blaze
  • Jackit LP Pokemon XD: Episode 10B: The Hexagon Brothers (round 2) We continue to own the Hexagon Brothers and snag the rest of there Shadow Pokemon. That is about it. Credits: Music: Azure Blue World/Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure Koopa Bros. pre-battle theme from Paper Mario
  • Jackit learning to trot out Jackit (aka Gumby) has been lounging in the paddock for a year or so now. He will be 4 in July, so it's getting around to the time when he needs to be started. I can do much of the groundwork myself, but would rather someone else taught him what is/is not acceptable under saddle (he can buck *really* big!). Here, I've just finished rasping his feet and tidying him up, and decided to see how much he remembered of lunging and trotting out, etc. Quite a bit, apparently, although we still need to work on space-respecting (you didn't see the parts where he ran me over) and keeping his attention on me (he was worried about something off-camera to the left, as well as Fergus grazing down the hill to the left). Anyhoo, he didn't do too badly considering he has done nothing for so long.
  • A Lets Play Chirstmas: Jackit's Winterween Story [comic video] Jackit and Friends discover that all of their Winterween decorations have been stolen. Can they get them back? This is a comic video of my Winterween Story comic arch over at my Jackit and Friends comics. With the addition of one new comic I made just this year that fits right into the story. A comic video is a video that I made by putting together various panels of my web comic together, combined with music and sound effects. If you're interested in seeing the comics in their original form or in seeing any of my other work, check out the Jackit and Friends comic page:
  • Jackit LP Pokemon XD: Episode 11: Into The Lair we go Welcome back to Pokemon XD everybody! In this part, we go into the Lab Lair after beating all the Hexagon Brothers. Inside we hope to find professor Krane, who has been gone for quiet some time now. Speaking of gone for a long time, Jackit the water hero is back, and he brought the "Jackit sketches" with him! We also go on a hunt in the lab for one of my favorite Pokemon of the series. :) Credits: Music: Donkey Kong Invincibility music from DK 64 Kirby Hiii from Super Smash Brothers Melee "Snooping as Usual" sound clip from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV show Remix of the GBA Pokemon version of the rival battle made by PokeRemixStudio. /user/PokeRemixStudio
  • layin my verse for lights please straight jackit coming soon! East Coast layin verse for lights please off the straight jackit project
  • Pokemon XD Early Jackit Sketch Moments To continue the celebration of my 1 whole year of LPing. I contrived a collection of the first 7 or so Jackit sketches in my Lets Play videos. OK this is really just me playing with You Tube's online editor but it counts to 1 year of LPing as well. I created this video at Why only 7 or so sketches? Because this editor only lets me work with seven videos at a time. :/
  • Spring Heel Jack - LIT (Amassed)
  • Matahimik Skate Jackit! Jackit! Skate team playing at the Matahimik skate spot. Yumm. :)
  • Jackit Lair Adventure In honor of my 100th You Tube subscription, I am releasing this fully animated Jackit special. It's story is that it was my final project for my 2D Animation class near the fall quarter. I was gonna release it then but there were things I wanted to adjust before I released it to the world wide web. I never really got around to it till a couple months when I decided that it would make a good 100 subscriber special. So I added an intro., credits, and an extended ending to make it presentable to the world wide web. Credits for stuff are already in the video so I won't bore you with them here. But enough about the video and more about you guys the viewers and subscribers. superpiano9943 was the lucky 100th subscriber, so congrats to him! Thanks to all my subscribers and viewers. Without the fact that people actually care about my stuff, it wouldn't feel very worthwhile to do stuff like talk into a microphone while I play various video games. :PI like to especially thank the ones who have supported me even more than just watching in there own special way. This includes all you guys who've left comments that allow me to make my stuff better or just gave me something interesting to read. You guys know who you are. :)
  • Jackit's Pokemon Adventure Part 1 Jackit goes on an expedition with Archie the explorer and finds something very interesting in the process. These are the videoized form of the first 5 comics I've made for a Pokemon Adventure arch. It's very opened ended or at least seems like it'll go on for a while so I shall continue it again when I feel up to it. Once I've made enough comics of this arch I'll consider making a part 2, but for now this video contains all the parts in the current comic arch. Oh and don't forget to leave in the comments what you think I should call the female trainer that appears at the end. Credits: Pinnacle Studios for the sound effects. Music used was remixed by PokeRemixStudios
  • Jackit LP: Pokemon XD part 7B- Agate Village and Gateon Port show-off In this part we show off all the different items and events that you can get between the last two places we have been at. Agate Village and Gateon Port. Also Jackit does some stuff to try and make it back to the recording studio in time. Credits: Music: *Phenac City: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness(this game) *Searching Friends from Chocobo & Magic Picture Book 2 Music- Remix of a Final Fantasy VI song *Bomb-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 Thanks to: *AnimeGamer30 for the Pokemon XD music used. *SilvaGunner for the videos that made this games music. Jackit, Sara, Tim, and the Shadow Claw are part of the Jackit and Friends comic series created by me Jackitkong/JackitK.
  • Hitting JackIt System
  • Jackit and Friends Comics: Tennis edition To see all the web comics I've made please go to this link. This is the first video I've offically made for You Tube but I've been making web comics on Nintendo Worlds for a while now. I enjoy making these comics these two aren't really my best or my worst. Now a little more about Nintendo worlds. The web comic section is a very small part of the site. As the name applys Nintendo Worlds is all about making friends with other site members and exchanging Friend Codes for just about any Nintendo game. If you have a Wii or a DS I strongly encourage you to come and join. Membership is free and you almost always have something to do. If you need to contact me on the site my name on Nintendo Worlds is also Jackitkong so look me up if you ever have troubles.
  • Jack lit for November 14, 2007, 08:02 PM video uploaded from my mobile phone
  • Lets Play Pokemon XD: Episode 3- Today we are Ginnie Pigs!! In this part we go back to the Pokemon HQ lab to take Jovi home. Then we become Ginnie Pigs for Professor Krane's latest invention. What could possibly go wrong? Credit: Music used: Surprise Theme from Earthbound (Thanks to ) Sounds from Pincial Recording Studios "Do the Mario" from the Super Mario Bros Show Special Thanks to: *FyreeTheSpritGod of Nintendo Pals for creating the 8-bit Jackit *Nintendo and Genius Sonority for making this game. Now go make a Wii sequel please. :D Jackit is from "Jackit and Friends" created by JackitK/Jackitkong
  • Hitting Jackit at Rec Park with Coby I was at Rec Park in El Segundo with my son Coby last weekend practicing his baseball swing when I saw someone hitting bombs over the fence over and over again, so I checked it out and found out about this new Hitting Jackit thing. It's a really cool idea, can't wait to get Coby one.

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  • “Needless to say I barely missed the coyote and was a little surprised that they could be Jacklit. Any and all sponsorship to mention and/or review a vendor or manufacturer's products will be fully disclosed in the relevant blog post”
    — MPECS Inc. Blog: TechDays Success And A TS Gateway Error, blog.mpecsinc.ca

  • “WordPress blog about Jackit Com. Jackit Com. The act, Now. - sanding to thing any Bright, jacklit jackit6 jackit5 jackitr jackitf jackitg jackity jqackit jwackit jsackit jzackit”
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  • “Interesting topic, doesn't really feel like this is the right forum though. I expect they would freeze like a jacklit deer and either forget it entirely in denial or”
    — Ghosts & Spirits, Demons & Angels,

  • “[Archive] Effectiveness of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Aikijujutsu How is it different from jujutsu, and what types of techniques are involved (immobilization, atemi, etc.)? I'm not asking this in a comtemptuous”
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