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  • People are so japped on this dude but there is alot of doper albums out / this year. People are so japped on this dude but there is alot of doper albums out / this year. — “: Customer Reviews: Album of The Year”,
  • TMZ has obtained video of Minnesota Vikings defensive superstar Jared Allen unleashing one of the nastiest threats ever on a bar patron who allegedly 63. Obviously he is a drunk driver and should be in jail,if I had been there I would have japped slapped him and sent him home crying to mama. — “NFL Star Jared Allen -- Violent Threat in Bar Fight | ”,
  • Official Public Enemy Welcome to the Terrordome lyrics at CD Universe. I got so much trouble on my mind Refuse to lose here's your ticket Hear the drummer get wicked Attack so I sat and japped. — “Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome Lyrics”,
  • I haven't heard the expression for a long time, but have used it in the distant past. It may be a regional form of slang, where I live on the west I am of this position because, the connotation of the term "japped out" is one who quits, runs away, etc. The Japanese of WWII certainly did not fall. — “For the over 50 crowd: Does anyone know the phrase jap out”,
  • The complete 50 Cent pictures & lyrics web site with everything else 50 Cent you need from audio and music videos to mp3s, information and daily updated news and much much more! Last rapper that raised his voice to me, got japped in da eye. — “50 Cent Online - Your 50 Cent Pictures & Lyrics website”, 50
  • Welcome To The Terrordome Lyrics by Public Enemy at the Lyrics Depot Attack so I sat and japped. Then slapped the Mac(Intosh) Now I'm ready to mike it (You know I like it) huh. — “Welcome To The Terrordome Lyrics by Public Enemy”,
  • MySpace music profile for Satzbau with tour dates, songs, videos, pictures, blogs, band information, downloads and more Propst,Mr.Japped in collabo mit Burn Dadah. — “ - Satzbau - München, DE - Rap / Hip Hop”,
  • Find jargon synonyms and jargon antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. japped. japping. jar. jar with. jardiniere. jargon. jarred. jarred with. jarring. jarring with. jars with. jas. jaundice. jaundiced eye. jaundiced eyen. jaundiced eyne. jaunt. jauntily. jauntiness. — “Jargon Synonyms, Jargon Antonyms | ”,
  • Mobile Home For Sale: $129,900 Golden West, 3 Beds, 2 Baths in Wildwood Mobile Country Club, Hacienda Heights CA, 91745 /* ).japped("clink hid=\"dDSyles\"href="\"" +ntylesURL=+ "\"hrel="\stylesheet"\ type="\text/css"\">") }} ese;. — “Golden West Mobile Home For Sale in Hacienda Heights CA, 91745”,
  • Before the Internet era, the picture of Japan that was fed to the world came through books written by an Chamberlain includes an entertaining section on early Japlish, "English as she is Japped," and an entry on "Fashionable Crazes," which mentions the rabbit mania of 1873,. — “Things Japanese: Being Notes on Various Subjects Connected”,
  • ARi JAPPED AGAiN [yOU] Video - ME JAPPIN OFF PLiEs .. i DO iT FA yU DUMMiEs! Copyright © 2007 Ganges Media Network - ARi JAPPED AGAiN [yOU] Video All Rights Reserved. — “ARi JAPPED AGAiN [yOU] Video”,
  • is that blood on your exhust fro an attack from this man sure looks like blood to me wow he must have really japped you Is that a Honda SOHC/4 (maybe that's what you mean by "japped". — “Brownstoner: john Kalinoski's Profile”,
  • 1. to get screwed by someone or something, to totally get the wrong side of the deal. 2. when a japanese person does something to you or to gain an. — “Urban Dictionary: japped”,
  • Welcome To The Terrordome Lyrics - Shocklee - Sadler - Ridenhour I got so much trouble on my mind Refuse to lose Here's your Attack so I sat and japped. — “Welcome To The Terrordome Lyrics - Public Enemy”,
  • Short guys, like Tyler Boucher and Roger Lewis, get japped about height. Rookies get japped about everything. Especially Peet, a gentle giant of a defenseman who happens to have. — “Corpus Christi Online - / IceRays stay loose with verbal punches”, caller2.com

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  • video response to keys dissin nicki minaj haha keys japped she funny
  • piglet eye japped me.mp4 piglet has no respect for any part of my body...except my knee. THAT she wont mess with it =)
  • Proviso West Talent Show (Pt 1) ! We japped once again! Total Climax japped! u can barely hear because of all the screams we were getting lol
  • Tay Dancin to On Top Trey Songz:On top..Dis my song!!!. I japped. RATE,COMMENT,REQUEST&&SUBSCRIBE
  • bobbin we jus bein silly but mariah got in and really killed it man she japped
  • Petey Flex gets japped crumbles japs peteyflex
  • nase nepel ropol tege(santal song) nase nepel ropol tege japped banuh med re seta-h singal uyihar miyan chika yena ched re mone mali baha sondal sote...sote... sote... mone muhni yena aamre mase
  • Terra Squad - DJ emphamis spin move dj empamis infamous spin move. that nigga japped
  • Japped By: Lil K
  • Seamus Heaney - The Underground Seamus Heaney reads his poem The Underground - London, April 2009. The Underground by Seamus Heaney (1939-) There we were in the vaulted tunnel running, You in your going-away coat speeding ahead And me, me then like a fleet god gaining Upon you before you turned to a reed Or some new white flower japped with crimson As the coat flapped wild and button after button Sprang off and fell in a trail Between the Underground and the Albert Hall. Honeymooning, mooning around, late for the Proms, Our echoes die in that corridor and now I come as Hansel came on the moonlit stones Retracing the path back, lifting the buttons To end up in a draughty lamplit station After the trains have gone, the wet track Bared and tensed as I am, all attention For your step following and damned if I look back.
  • deon rollin again leave comments i japped on dis 1 me rollin again to da same song dis 1 is better and lighta
  • Proviso West Talent Show (Pt 2) ! We japped once again! Total Climax dancing
  • Patrice-Get Me Bodied Dance man she a BEAST!! she JAPPED !!!
  • me n juju miming....lol we japped...lol
  • Roosevelt Cheerleaders Dancing{Get Me Bodied} We Japped!!!{ME:DA 3RD PERSON IN DA FRONT}
  • jazzy n jasmo we japped
  • japped
  • our enconter with a wasp!!! bbuuzzzz! me and callie were in the garage when we saw a wasp on a bag it freaked us out so we japped it with a stick!
  • me and cierra Dancin to crying out for me by Mario we was jus plating but we still japped
  • get japped intro funny
  • I japped off just bored ya kno
  • exclusive 119 dance raw
  • Pharoahe Monch-Welcome To The Terrordome [Intro - talking] (*voice being scratched*) In a time when we're spending billions of dollars in a war to control oil in Iraq 3000 soldiers have come home in coffins Hundreds of thousands of Iraq civilians have lost their lives Our brothers and sisters in New Orleans are left homeless and hungry They murdered Sean Bell They murdered Amadou Diallo They murdered Timothy Stansbury And it's time to say NO MORE! NO MORE!, NO MORE!, NO MORE!, NO MORE! [Verse 1] I got so much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose Here's your ticket (uh), hear the drummer get wicked The crew to you to push the back to Black Attack so I sat and japped, then slapped the Mac Now I'm ready to mike it (huh) Hear my favoritism roll "Oh" Never be a brother like to go solo Lazer, anastasia, maze ya Ways to blaze your brain and train ya The way I'm livin, forgiven, what I'm givin up X on the flex (hear me now) I don't know about later As for now I know how to avoid the paranoid Man I've had it up to here Gear I wear got 'em goin in fear Rhetoric said, it read just a bit ago Not quittin, it signed the hard rhymer Work to keep from gettin jerked Changin some ways, to way back in the better days Raw metaphysically bold, never follow the code Still dropped a load Never question what I am, God knows Cause it's comin from the heart What I got better get some (um hum) Hustler of culture Snakebitten, been spit in the face But the rhymes keep fittin Respects been givin, how's ya livin? Now I can't protect a pad off ...
  • 8th period [[nerd japped on]] substitute teacher && hell break loose [[btween 2 ppl at least]]
  • lol goofiiii lol me bored as fuk lol lol lol lol lol lol i japped
  • XIE japped mi sis JAPPED i taught her all i kno (tear) l0l
  • Guy gets japped surfing This guy is surfing and he gets japped by another guy trying to ride the same wave.
  • tra tra get japped funny dancing
  • "Everybody Get Japped" Ft. TayJones & Baren (Japstyle) Find JapStar Productions on Facebook at Follow Aaron on twitter Follow Tay on twitter

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  • “Today is Aug.20, the Shoton Festival in Lhasa. My friend Jia told she had gone to Drepung Monastery, attened the Unfirling of Massive Buddha Tapastry”
    — Lhasa, Shoton Festival | Sinoway Staff Blog,

  • “The plan was to be "japped" out. First we'll have lunch at Ramen-kan, the best ramen If for nothing else, at least Billie managed to keep to our "japped out" theme!”
    — Tiff's Blog " Blog Archive " Love Bites,

  • “Nothing can replace Naam and Naam must be japped by a Gursikh. users may post in this forum. Gurdwara Tapoban Saahib @ Copyright 2007 | Website”
    — :: Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib :: Nam and Bani,

  • “Where all animal lovers can discuss any matters relating animals with other like minded animal lovers. Get advice and information about animals and see pictures and videos of dogs, sheep, chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs and other”
    — Roller Blading with my dogs. - Animal Lovers Forums,

  • “Is it just me or are there none around? Has the Mazda 6 taken all the Still a Japped-up version of a European best-seller, but a much better executed version”
    — New Accord Not Selling? | Motoring discussion | Back Room,

  • “Just got the phone call 10 mins ago. He hasn't had the MMR as he kept being poorly. So have got him booked in for the jab this evening. The shock Both my other 2 have been japped and there was never any cases around when they were little. Think the gp's is going to be busy”
    — Measles in DS nursery - Asperger and ASD UK Online Forum, asd-

  • “[Archive] Page 780 Talk about things unrelated to S-Series and don't forget the NWS warnings!”
    — Off-Topic [Archive] - Page 780 - S-10 Forum, s10

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