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  • i4d, information for development, i for d, information 4development,information4development , information and comunication technology,ICT, Information, Communication, Communication Technology, India, rural, development issues, rajasthan, awareness about legislations and jargonisation' of law act as. — “i4 ~ December 2005 Issue - MDG 6 (HIV/AIDS)”, i4
  • Wednesday, 16 July 2008. Jargonisation. I was asked to do some drawings for someone in the business of selling International Education. The lecture to be illustrated was so full of indecipherable jargon that I began by making fun of the words themselves. To my surprise, the client liked it. — “Lynn Breeze's News: Jargonisation”,
  • Drucker's ideas constantly focusing on people and performance will, therefore, endure as a living force in society. In his dozens of books one never comes across a single instance of jargonisation or an obscure word, and still one comes out being better informed and wiser about what. — “The Hindu : Open Page : When Drucker spoke, everyone listened”,
  • Danny McCafferty, convener in West Dunbartonshire, has strong views on pre-fives. He talked to David Henderson "Jargonisation and the concept that 'only a qualified teacher can teach' lead to exclusion of nonprofessionals from the education process. — “Jargon and formality harm under fives;Interview;Danny”,
  • 13 letter words beginning with J: jabberwockies, jackhammering, jackrabbiting jargonisation. jargonization. jawbreakingly. jawdroppingly. jealousnesses. jejunostomies. jellification. jellygraphing. jerrybuilders. jerrybuilding. jerrymandered. jitterbuggers. jitterbugging. jitterinesses. joblessnesses. jointednesses. — “13 letter J words : 13 letter words beginning with J”,
  • Jargon definition, the language, esp. the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group: See more. jargonisation. jargonise. jargonist. jargonistic. jargonize. jargony. — “Jargon | Define Jargon at ”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with Lou As a corrective to the infantilism, anti-intellectualism and jargonisation that has infected political discourse during the failed 'New Labour'. — “Green Reading List | Facebook”,
  • Order Digitek (Digoxin) Cash On Delivery, Digitek Generic Name, Purchase Digitek Online Overseas, Buy Digitek (Digoxin) Online Without Rx,Purchase Digoxin Online Overseas, The inappropriate jargonisation extravasated to step out the tasteful drumfire at dish. — “Order Digitek (Digoxin) Cash On Delivery”, photography-
  • Definition of jargonize in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jargonize. Pronunciation of jargonize. Translations of jargonize. jargonize synonyms, jargonize antonyms. Information about jargonize in the free online English dictionary and jargonization , jargonisation n. — “jargonize - definition of jargonize by the Free Online”,
  • Dog Food.jpg the Cloud is really all about (and possibly put the excesses of the IT industry's obfuscatory jargonisation back in its box as well). Those words are 'de-cerebralise'. — “Dog Food.jpg | BusinessCloud9”, businesscloud9.com
  • (British) jargonisation [edit] Etymology. Noun form of the verb jargonize [edit] Noun Retrieved from "http:///wiki/jargonization". — “jargonization - Wiktionary”,
  • Submitted by Sanyal.Satrajit on 1 April, 2010 - 09:18. ESOL in India: The Basic The first step to the same would be de-jargonisation and simplification of the B.I.M.(Basic Instructional Models/ Methodologies). — “ESOL in India: The basic instructional models”,
  • Buspar (Buspirone) Online Without Prescription, Motrin Without A Prescription, Purchase Oxytrol Overnight Delivery, Buy Xenical Overnight Shipping, Purchase Naprelan Without Prescription, Purchase Slo-Phyllin Cr Without Prescription, Buspar Your dangerous jargonisation look expressing. — “Buspar (Buspirone) Online Without Prescription - Get Your 39”,
  • The European Space Agency has launched an online education kit for teachers on the International Space Station. Cloud is really all about (and possibly put the excesses of the IT industry's obfuscatory jargonisation back in its box as well). — “European Space Agency launches Education Kit on Int'l space”,
  • User:The Anome/Moby nouns/J. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia < User:The Anome | Moby Jackstone - Jackstraw - Jackyard - Jaclin - Jacobah - Jacobba - Jacobina - Jacobine. — “User:The Anome/Moby nouns/J - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • While the term mediocracy is often used in the context of a political The successful mediocratisation of Great Britain (later to become "Little England") served as a model for later theories of "dumbing down" and "jargonisation", both crucial elements in the development of Western mediocracy. — “Mediocracy - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,

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  • “A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective. We are developing the social individualist meta-context invariably resort to ambiguity of meaning, whether through jargonisation, cliches or through the verbal judo employed by Obama”
    — Samizdata quote of the day | ,

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  • “blog. team. contact us. £299 special offer. website design. logo & branding. seo. Jargonisation The problem is that we get used to using certain words and phrases in our jobs, offices”
    Jargonisation " Edge of the Web Blog,

  • “NLP or Neurolinguistic Programme is nothing more than learning to use your imagination. The imagination was not invented by Bandler or Grinder but Admittedly, the jargonisation of what we learn might be offputting to some. However, I think everyone agrees that learning NLP isn't really about the”
    — Jargon in NLP,

  • “Alexander Klimetschek's Blog. High Scalability - Building bigger, faster, more reliable We see the development, aggregation, and jargonisation of XML document types as the key”
    — Sound advice - blog, soundadvice.id.au

  • “Home > Forum > Bar > Message. The FreePint Bar shares the best tips, postings and suggestions from across the FreePint Family. Our European reports in particular have been commended for their de-jargonisation of Eurospeak”
    — FreePint Bar: Re: Grantfinding services,

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  • “Im a bit new to the forum..infact, this is my first thread I genuinely wish to know if There's far too much jargonisation if you ask me I'm crawling out of my ensimismado”
    — Introvert - WordReference Forums,

  • “music discussion forum: The b*llox people talk about music and other stuff for that matter If you think about it, jargonisation is an essential component of manager's linguistic toolkit”
    — The b*llox people talk about music...and other stuff for that,

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