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  • Definition of Jargonist with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. jardiniere. jardinieres. jards. jarful. jarfuls. jargon. jargon. jargoned. jargoneer. jargoneers. jargonel. jargonels. jargoning. jargonish. — “Jargonist: Definition with Jargonist Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • As one of few (if not the only) tandem computers software development people on the net, I am curious as to your comment about jargonish: ang - Sep 14 1983, 9:36 am by r. This is especially true of technical jargon, and I believe the term "hacker" is about as jargonish as you can get. — “Talk:jargon - Wiktionary”,
  • Beneath that jargonish moniker lies a simple premise - set the rules, teach them and lavish praise on kids when they follow them. After the program was instituted at Wheeler last year, suspensions dropped by more than half, from 74 days to 21 days. — “The Coalition for Positive Behavioral Interventions”,
  • Jargonish, theoretical language serves two purposes for academics and specialists. "Jargonish, theoretical language serves two purposes for academics and specialists. — “Americana: Prophetic Interview”,
  • Encyclopedia article of jargonish at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Jargonish encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • With traditional media on the rocks, there are lots of opportunities for companies and organisations to disintermediate: to project themselves quite obviously, and badly) lines from some media training session that ooze jargonish phrases that a real journalist would never let pass. — “How Not to Disintermediate - loose wire blog”,
  • We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word jargonish: jargonish: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of jargonish - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Author overviews UML in jargonish abstractions, April 15, 2000 Instant Uml 1861000871 Pierre-Alain Muller Wrox Press Instant Uml Books Author overviews UML in jargonish abstractions If you're just now learning object-oriented concepts, then Instant UML will almost certainly befuddle you as. — “: A Customer's review of Instant Uml”,
  • [edit] Jurisdiction too jargonish. The reason I am not keen on "jurisdiction" for the top-level category is that to me, being I see your point about "jurisdiction" being jargonish. How about "Countries and regions"? " Regions" is vague enough to provide an escape path for why X was put into. — “Talk:Discuss this wiki/archive-2009 - software patents wiki”,
  • No results found for "jargonish" Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “jargonish definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Jargonish - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • jargonish, maledictory, nasty, obscene, profane, raunchy, raw, ribald, jargonish, keep out, law, leave out, limitation, lock out, lockout,. — “slangy - - Free Thesaurus Tool for Word”,
  • jag The meaning of jag. What jag stands for. The definition of jag. Dictionary Home " Abbreviations & Acronyms " jag. What jag stands for. jag. jargonish (SAUS) JAG. Indian Trails Public Library District, Wheeling, IL [OCLC symbol] (OCLC). — “What does jag stand for? jag meaning and definition”,
  • Beirut City Center Recovery: The Foch-Allenby and Etoile Conservation Area by Saliba, Robert - 9783882439786, Price $72.60. Cheap Textbooks from Despite the overly dry, jargonish and repetitive text ("interface" is one word that the reader will hope to never see again), the book is filled. — “Beirut City Center Recovery: The Foch-Allenby and Etoile”,
  • According to a report on MacRumors today, the recently released VLC Media Player for iPhone/iPad is in danger of being pulled from the App Store in the near Frankly, it's all a bit jargonish and hard to understand, but from what I can make out it has something to do with the VLC media player being. — “Is VLC Media Player About to be Pulled from the App Store”,
  • Electronics engineer, right? Well, how about something related to electronics with the vision to change the world? And you can use this link right here to cover your actual jargonish specifications: http:///wiki/List_of_electrical_engineering_topics_(alphabetical) And hurry, my friend. — “HELLO, I am an electronics engineering student .I request you”,
  • For the encyclopedia article about manuals of style, see Style guide. This guideline is a Please ensure that any edits to this page reflect consensus. — “Wikipedia:Manual of Style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Kory Kredit - AdOn Network Kory Kredit, vice president of marketing at AdOn Network, interviewed at the AD:tech San Francisco event, 15th April 2008.
  • George Galloway interviews Richard Kemp on Osama Bin Laden's death From BBC News: The professorial president likes precision, and he changed the name of what America was doing to the war on al-Qaeda. Clinton and others have been careful to say the war is not over. But wars on organisations, like wars on countries can be won. But victory may be just as hard to define. The jargonish aim is to "degrade" al-Qaeda to such a point that it is no significant risk. It has struck me forcefully that there have been very few demonstrations about Bin Laden's death. That does not mean his supporters will not plot terrible revenge. But it does suggest that this leader of a supposedly global movement that wants to inspire people from Bradford to Bangladesh, did not have such a big fan base. Certainly the protests we have seen were nothing like the recent reaction to the Koran burning, or, some years ago, to the Danish cartoons. Of course, the new threat seems to be individuals acting alone, inspired by Bin Laden's ideology, but not part of even a loose organization. People have been arguing for years that the Base (what Al Qaeda means) was a database, a network, way of putting like-minded people in touch with each other, rather than an army. Those who know more than me say Bin Laden's death is a second blow, after AQ's impotence in the Arab Spring. I suspect Jihadism, the reaction against the West's dominance, a most postmodern revulsion at modernism, will not go away. It may fade for a while and resurface in another guise, with another name, or under ...
  • Spiritual Jargon and Vague Explanations Don't get me wrong, it's often incredibly difficult to convey things that are metaphysical and spiritual, but I've seen so many people come out with obscure, vague and jargon-ish explanations that can be so misleading to easily-led people. I'm all for spirituality, but some spiritualists make it seem crazy, illogical and put others off. I've also watched a few videos by YouTubers who seem to be putting on an act and aren't really interested in bringing something of worth to arguments.
  • vodafoneNZ: @Nightwyrm Yep. The jargonish term we use is "sim swap". Just ask to swap your numbers between the two. :) ^DP

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  • “Well I'm taking a nice break from dashing around Liverpool to write this blog, and I must say I'm close to collapsing! This may come across as jargonish, but it's all to be expected in the normal day of a primary school trainee”
    — Seamus' Blog ",

  • “ meetings and between the meetings, a frequently updated blog (I love the blog but it sure is time consuming! with the full spelling of "Country Code Top Level Domain" rather than using the more jargonish "ccTLD" — it's merely an attempt to make it easier for new visitors to become familiar with”
    — What do you think?,

  • “If you look at the "theory" section, you can find a classic example of jargonish whacko pseudosicence: Forum Home. Delete My Cookies. Mark Board As Read. Community Forum Software by IP.Board”
    — 'arching' wondering - Maestronet Forums - Page 3,

  • “(Also the techno-jargonish side of this is that some applications write data into the Forum. Mag. Contact Us - About Us - Advertise with Us ©2010 Thaddeus Computing, Inc. 110 N”
    — Two iPAQs (4155 and 3955) | Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine,

  • “Music: Broken Social Scene: Feel Good Lost (2001) Nadya Suleman, the projective identification (sorry, that's jargonish; projective identification is the”
    — The Rosewater Chronicles " Blog Archive " octulpemama,

  • “This blog intends to debunk the myths surrounding the welfare state. It gets a bit jargonish towards the end. Anyway, am I surprised that there is no mention”
    — Lindsay Mitchell: The Experts Forum on Child Abuse,

  • “Blogging tips for companies, and an interview with JupiterMedia CEO Alan Meckler bloggers, think of a blog as something personal - either a chatty, personal letter to the world or a focused forum for sharing a personal interest”
    — Who should blog at a company? - BusinessWeek,

  • “Hi - in the least jargonish language possbile please tell me a suitable digital euqivalent to my Canon EOS 500.My current kit includes 2”
    — Change from SLR to Digital: News Discussion Forum: Digital,

  • “US Blog. Real Readers Reading. Michael Jensen | 04/01/2009 | Digitization. There is no exact wrote "and monetize them," but I think that's shortsighted, not to mention jargonish”
    — LIVRES CANADA BOOKS - Market Intelligence - US Blog - The,

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