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  • If you are wondering what does PDF stand for in computer terms, this article will dispel your ignorance about it. I personally get curious about every acronym that I come across in this age of increasing 'Jargonization'. — “What Does PDF Stand For”,
  • Those that make purchasing decisions based on the Common Criteria scheme must keep its 1. Jargonization. The Common Criteria is built around its own "dictionary" of security primitives that are, prima facie, unintelligible to regular. — “Common Criteria — Part 2 — Caveat Emptor”,
  • Some day the whole world will realise that jargonification is a much gooder way of communicationing. I find those who have objectified in the past to jargonization generally spend most of their time in a state of. — “Illiterant : Savage Chickens – Cartoons on Sticky Notes by”,
  • Get the lowdown on this episode you may have missed. The Yahoo! TV Episode Guide gives you the episode description, cast and crew, and a chance to rate your favorite episode. run those through the Promise Of New And Time-Tested Aspirational Jargonization in Surya's head in order to create a Maximized. — “Apprentice - Travel Sweepstakes Smackdown - Yahoo! TV”,
  • Definition of jargonize in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jargonize. Pronunciation of jargonize. Translations of jargonize. jargonize synonyms, jargonize antonyms. Information about jargonize in the free online English dictionary and jargonization , jargonisation n. — “jargonize - definition of jargonize by the Free Online”,
  • The Online Library of Liberty is provided in order to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals by making freely available on the internet the classic texts in the classical liberal and free market Twelfth Device—principle of Jargon, Or Jargonization. — “Online Library of Liberty - CONCLUSION. - The Works of Jeremy”,
  • jargonization (plural jargonizations) The incorporation of jargon into a text or language. .org/wiki/jargonization" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. — “jargonization - Wiktionary”,
  • Internal Communication: Beyond the Basics - FutureU's 5-Fold Path to Real-World Learning for Real People. "De-Jargonization." So heavily do most organizational messages rely on administrative jargon that two-thirds of employees in a. — “Internal Communication - Beyond the Basics: FutureU's 5-Step”,
  • Math should avoid habituating in a collection of jargonization or latest paraphenalia of technicalities understandable only to a In my opinion User:Tosha and User:Charles Matthews are not trying to obfuscate topics or introduce unnecessary jargonization into articles. — “Talk:Manifold/Archive 1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The formulaic, technical style of scientific writing, the heavy jargonization and the need for careful elaboration often renders reading papers a laborious effort. SciVee s creators hope that that the appeal of a video or audio explanation of. — “SciVee: YouTube for Science! " ”,
  • Jargon Month on Workforced Jargonization. Office jargon is the re-branding of everything to seem more important, intelligent and inspired than it really is. — “Jargon Month on Workforced | Workforced”,
  • YouTube for Science? Originally posted by CmdrTaco at on Sun Aug 19, '07 11:08 AM The formulaic, technical style of scientific writing, the heavy jargonization and the need for careful elaboration often renders reading papers a laborious effort. — “Slashdot: YouTube for Science? | SciVee”, scivee.tv
  • Jargonization definition, to talk jargon or a jargon. See more. — “Jargonization | Define Jargonization at ”,
  • It has been shown [ref: 87,133,279] that the primary [ref: 32,942] functionalityization [ref: 88,166] of academic [ref: 482-507,666] jargonization [ref: 1] is to stretch out a single zero-to-one-line idea into a series of journal articles, concluding with the need for further funding. — “Convergence in Academic Jargon Generation and Parsing”,
  • Isaac Rosenfeld, author and adjunct, defied the cult of success. Scott McLemee indulges in some hero worship. standard complaints about the decline of free-range public intellectuals and the rise of transgressive professorial jargonization. — “Views: The Dangling Man - Inside Higher Ed”,
  • Spectroheliographs or her selenomethionine pipsissewas will underscore to purpose, as well as the demonolatries over the propylite had been wailed Then a jargonization's bismuths have been dredging your yesterday necessary occlusal. — “Noroxin (Norfloxacin) Without A Prescription”,
  • Have you ever listened to the way people talk? No, I mean really listened. Is what they're saying what you're hearing, or do you translate their words into ones you're comfortable with? Measure Topic Density to Get Closer to Buyers | Main | The jargonization of "hyper". — “Are your words the ones your customers use? - Marketing”,
  • My primary aim in exploring the process of jargonization will be to do or do not get lost during jargonization, not how accidents of a particular case of jargonization. — “Typologizing grammatical complexities: A reassessment of”, acsu.buffalo.edu
  • One engaged in the industry might refer to the practice as jargonization. When an noncopyrightable idea is cloaked in a neologism such as "innovision," copyright law permits protection over the cloak, but not the concept or the process it describes. — “Court Notes That Empty 'The Office'-Style Workplace Concepts”,

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  • “Eve Gray, ASSAf Journal Editors' Forum holds its inaugural meeting, Gray Zone, August 19, in BioMed Central's journals, an announcement on the BMC blog, August 20, 2007. Excerpt:”
    — Open Access News,

  • “Order Downloadable Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003, Buy Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 License, Buy Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 Full Version, Download Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 Software”
    — Order Downloadable Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003,

  • “world conquest, one day at a time - Trygve Lode blogs Most unnecessary jargonization: "Productization" (from Sun Microsystems' announcement that "Sun is deferring the productization and release of the Solaris 9 OE for Intel IA-32”
    — world conquest, one day at a time - daily life of a typical,

  • “Got some haters up on the Google blog today. A couple things: At face value this sounds like a pretty cool like "cloud" are ridiculous because I refuse to accept that jargonization is an ongoing part of any domain! But I'm allowed to”
    — Chromium Blog: A New Approach to Printing,

  • “The epic battle of Mac vs. PC continues to rage as another round of ads play out in front of all of us on computers and TVs across the country. There is”
    — mac vs. pc — who cares? | Comet Branding Blog - Progressive,

  • “I was checking out Erin O'Connor's weblog early this morning and have been meaning to blog about this post in which she comments on a proposed bill that would "bolster the academic freedom In this Spectator article, Peter Jones laments the jargonization of academia”
    — Clancy's blog | Kairosnews,

  • “This blog sought to compile career advice from the leading minds in the fields of management development and executive strategy, using partner interviews,”
    — Easier than falling off a blog. | Workforced,

  • “We set up his blog with a Google Translator so he could start blogging like the rest of have decided to publish my end of the unit reflection here on my blog”
    — Intrepid Teacher,

  • “Jennifer Marohasy - a forum for the discussion of issues concerning the natural environment One things for sure, she's got a PhD with honours in jargonization of language and meaning”
    — Jennifer Marohasy " Why I am an Anthropogenic Global Warming,

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