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  • The tree and the wood are usually referred to by the Aboriginal name Jarrah. Jarrah wood is very similar to Karri wood, and as both trees are found in the south west of Australia, the two timbers are frequently confused. — “Eucalyptus marginata”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: Jarrah al.bloushi's Photostream”,
  • Only a small part of the jarrah forest may be harvested annually, thus assuring the future of this remarkable species. Australian craftsmen use jarrah, a eucalyptus that resembles mahogany and teak, for fine furniture, cabinets, and wall paneling. — “Jarrah Hardwood Flooring - ESL Hardwood Floors - Boise Idaho”,
  • Jarrah's New Cd "Down on the Mish" out now. Gavin Somers, Skye Taikato, David Beaton, Michael Davis, Website Design & Maintenance by Gavin Somers © Jarrah 2010. — “Jarrah's Home Page”,
  • jarrah n. An Australian tree (Eucalyptus marginata) widely grown for its hard red-brown wood. [Nyungar (Aboriginal language of southwest Australia). — “jarrah: Definition from ”,
  • Jarrah Manufacturers & Jarrah Suppliers Directory - Find a Jarrah Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Jarrah Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Jarrah-Jarrah Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Ziad Jarrah was born in Lebanon on May 11, 1975. His full name was Where can I read law enforcement, 9/11 Commission or mainstream media information on Jarrah?. — “Ziad Jarrah - 911myths”, 911
  • The Jarrah family has a recorded history that goes back 1600 years. You can find Jarrah family members in every country on earth. Jarrah family members are also members of one of the three major. — “.oopremote”,
  • Jarrah trees are also unusual in that they have a lignotuber, a large underground swelling which stores carbohydrates and allows young trees to regenerate after a fire. Jarrah has shown considerable adaptation to different ecologic zones - as in the Swan. — “Eucalyptus marginata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sayid Hassan Jarrah (Arabic:سعيد جراح) was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and a former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer. A courageous man and a competent leader, Sayid maintained a conservative manner which reflected strength and. — “Sayid Jarrah - Lostpedia - The Lost Encyclopedia”,
  • Check out these pictures of our Jarrah veneer which is available in quartersawn raw wood sheets. Learn more about veneering with the JoeWoodworker guides and tutorials. — “Jarrah Veneer at ”,
  • There are many variations on his name, including Ziad Samir Al-Jarrah, Zaid Jarrahi, Ziad Jarrah Jarrat, and Ziyad Samir Jarrah. There have been some questions as to whether or not Jarrah was actually on Flight 93 and whether he was a hijacker; the 9/11 Commission concluded,. — “Ziad Jarrah”, schools-
  • Jarrah was the hijacker-pilot in control of United Airlines Flight 93 as it crashed in a After a wealthy and secular upbringing, Jarrah moved to Germany in 1996. — “Ziad Jarrah”,
  • Margaret River Trading Company LLC - Your source for jarrah slabs, burls, and timber beams. Our shipment may represent the finest collection of large-sized Jarrah pieces ever imported into the United States. — “The Margaret River Trading Co. Homepage”,
  • Jarrah definition, a hardwood tree, Eucalyptus marginata, of western Australia. See more. — “Jarrah | Define Jarrah at ”,
  • Definition of jarrah in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jarrah. Pronunciation of jarrah. Translations of jarrah. jarrah synonyms, jarrah antonyms. Information about jarrah in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. jarrah wood. — “jarrah - definition of jarrah by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • We found 21 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word JARRAH: Jarrah (disambiguation), Jarrah (tree), Jarrah: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [home, info]. — “Definitions of JARRAH - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The jarrah tree usually grows to about 40-50 meters high, with a trunk diameter of three meters. The jarrah tree has rough grayish brown bark with vertical grooves, which sheds in long strips. — “Jarrah - Eucalyptus marginata”,
  • Jarrah Hardwood Flooring - Janka 1910: wood properties, flooring specifications, and available grades from County Floors. — “Jarrah Hardwood Flooring | Janka 1910 | Grades - Properties”,
  • DESCRIPTION: Jarrah is a species of eucalyptus that has become quite popular for oudoor furniture, flooring and other applications where strength, hardness and a rich deep color are desired. Coarse-textured, with heavily interlocked grain, jarrah is difficult to work with hand and power tools and. — “Jarrah, Swan mahogany: Find it in Woodfinder!”,
  • Shop for Jarrah. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Jarrah - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,

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  • Spirulina Crunchies and Jarrah Bee Pollen Product Review #4 - Today, we bring you our thoughts on two products from VivaPura that we really like. The first is Spirulina Crunchies and the second is Jarrah Bee Pollen.
  • LOST: Sayid Jarrah A video about Sayid Jarrah from LOST and the fact that he never backs down! Hope you enjoy! Please rate and comment! All clips belong to ABC No copyright infringement intended Made for entertainment purposes only
  • Jarrah White Reviews Ranma ½ OAV 13 "Nightmare! Incense of Spring Sleep" Previously I completed my Ranma ½ collection, now it's time to review the lucky 13. I have been meaning to review this new episode for months now, but ripping the footage from the disk turned out to be a nightmare. But now at last here is my review. BE WARNED, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS I gives thanks again to KJ for helping make this possible.
  • 9/11 Hijacker Ziad Jarrah's Family Says He Is Not Religious And Just Got Money Days Before 9/15/2001 Translation: Jamal Jarrah, uncle of Ziad Samir Jarrah, suspected hijacker: "We have no precise information concerning his involvement in the incident. All we know that his name appeared today in one of the Lebanese newspapers. The name was different. It was 'Ziad Jarrahi' which could be anyone else. Till now we have no information. We're trying to contact his girlfriend in Germany. No response." Q: "Was he on the airplane?" A: "We don't know. If he was on a course with Boeing in the USA, he may have been travelling from one side to the other." Q: "In which state was he?" A: "We know that once he was in Miami. He has a girlfriend in Germany." Q: "Was he a religious man?" A: "Never. He's not religious or extremist. He lives a normal life, goes out and has a girlfriend." 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jamal Jarrah, uncle of Ziad Samir Jarrah, suspected hijacker: "We don't think that Ziad is involved in any way or connected in any way to the terrorist party. He might be one of the passengers on the flight - that's all we that we know up to now and we are not sure that he is the same person that the media is talking about." Q: "When is the last time he contacted you?" A: "He contacted (us) two days before the accident and he confirmed the receipt of money sent by his family to him to continue his studies." 6. Wide shot of street near uncle's house. STORYLINE The Lebanese family of a man apparently named as one of the suspected hijackers behind the attacks in New York and ...
  • Sheikh Jarrah Jews praise Baruch Goldstein on Purim blip.tv http
  • Demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah in front of the evicted houses - Fri 9-7-10 In the same week that a number of prominent lawyers, including one former legal advisor to the government, released a letter stating that police actions in Sheikh Jarrah are discriminatory and illegal -- four hundred demonstrators showed up at the weekly protest to prove the letter right. The demonstrators demanded to be let in the neighborhood, something that has been denied them for months now, while right-wing settlers are allowed to have protests in the same place. Demonstrators marched in perfect order, avoiding the road and sticking to the pavements, and asked police officers to remove roadblocks and let them in. When met with brut force and pushed back, demonstrators raised their hands in the air as a sign of non-violence. After about half an hour, some eighty demonstrators were able to make their way around the blockade, and started a demonstration opposite the Palestinian houses taken over by settlers with High Court backing. The police, which now had to handle a demonstration on several fronts, increased the violence, arrested ten demonstrators, and hit many more. After about an hour of intense efforts and much violence, met with passive resistance, all demonstrators were pushed back to the garden opposite the neighborhood -- the only place the police allows demonstrations to take place, in spite of several court rulings. Eventually, after more than two hours of energy packed demonstration, activists decided to leave, and marched to the Jerusalem detention ...
  • Sheikh Jarrah: one year of protests On November 12, approximately 400 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marked one year of Friday afternoon protests in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Demonstrators were met by Israeli soldiers and police, and a group of Israeli settlers that have taken over homes in the neighborhood. For more information, visit
  • Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir plaza to Sheikh Jarrah - 25-12-09 Some 500 demonstrators gathered at the top of the street that Jewish settlers are taking over in Shiekh Jarakh in East Jerusalem. The demonstrators organized march from West Jerusalem, sang songs and beat their drums in solidarity with the Palestinians kicked out of their homes by the settlers. The good policemen of Jerusalem, who have probably not read the editorial in this morning's Ha'aretz, decided that a demonstration with no arrests would be unworthy of its name, even though the march and demonstration were coordinated with it ahead of time. Police started arresting people who were already arrested in the past, claiming that they were in violation of their parole. To their great shame a member of the Jerusalem municipality was present with a copy of the appeals' court ruling, canceling the activists' ban from the area, and so most detainees were later released. The massive demonstration went on with great energy for two hours, and enjoyed the presence of the media.. It is believed that these demonstrations will keep growing in the coming future.
  • Brady 14" x 6.5" Jarrah Block Snare Drum - Natural Gloss Brady 14" x 6.5" Jarrah Block Snare Drum - Natural Gloss available from Memphis Drum Shop, Buy it now:
  • Jarrah White vs Phil Plait: An open email to The Bad Astronomer Hello Phil, I saw your entry for Feb 15 2009. I couldn't help noticing you praise Jay Windley's web page regarding Brian O'Leary. You wrote: "Ellam also quotes astronaut Brian OLeary as saying its possible the landings werent real. That quotation — unattributed in the article, for shame — comes from the wretched Fox TV show back in 2001, and OLeary claims he was taken out of context, in fact now saying quite succinctly that the landings were real." Since strangely none of my Youtube comments on your channel seem to be coming through, I thought perhaps I'd contact you through here. I obtained your email from one of your Q&BA videos It might interest you to know that the "letter" that Jay Windley quotes is a forgery. I've been in contact with Dr. O'Leary and he not only told me that he is not 100% sure that Apollo landed on the moon, he also told me that he never got in touch with anyone called Jay Windley. My emails from O'Leary are featured in context in this video, and used with his permission. The video was posted the day before you posted your blog. Would you be so kind as to explain why Jay Windley lied about Dr. O'Leary and retract your erroneous section of your blog? Speaking of which; I have noticed in the aforementioned entry, and in various other entries, you claim that "[Bill] Kaysing had some pretty crazy ideas, like that any kind of space travel is impossible" Would you be so kind as to provide citation for Kaysing's ...
  • Jarrah White Does NOT Claim Silicon Dioxide Is A Gas Would you believe it? In the past propagandists have accused me of being incapable of basic math over a brief misunderstanding on how Sony Vegas recognizes the velocity of slow motion files, they have repeatedly taken me out of context, they've even falsely accused me of piracy! But this is just getting ridiculous. I have never claimed, either verbally or in print, that silicon dioxide (SiO2) is a gaseous molecule. But Youtube user FractalDimensions (LukeQuixoteofSanJose) has accused me of making such a statement over my use of an unintentionally inaccurate diagram. Talk about desperation! Special Thanks to Christian Wolf for creating the music used in this video.
  • The Best of Sayid Jarrah This is my first vid The best of Sayid Jarrah from Lost I only done the first few epsiodes of lost s1 please suscribe for more!! I do not own ABC or Lost.
  • Jarrah sings gentleness at Gangaji satsang Jarrah sings (beautifully) a beautiful song she wrote.
  • Demolition Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah Jerusalem City Council member Elisha Peleg talking to journalists and Palestinians in front of the Shepherd Hotel in Jerusalem. Gernot of the The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel EAPPI explains why he is at the scene.
  • Violent Zionists Tour Sheikh Jarrah Zionist settlers tour Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. Filmed by Mona.
  • Demo in Sheikh Jarrah: Friday 14-1-11 Sunday morning the Shepard hotel in Sheikh Jarrah was demolished as a part of the construction of a new settlement of 31 housing units in the middle of a Palestinian neighborhood. The Shepard hotel is located on Mount of Olives road, in the north of Sheikh Jarrah to the direction of Mount Scopus
  • Israeli Police Brutalize Sheikh Jarrah Demonstrators 7-9-10 Uncut footage of Israeli police brutalizing demonstrators in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. The demonstrators were protesting the illegal takeover of Palestinian homes by radical right-wing Jewish settlers.
  • Sayid Jarrah the true Hero!!! LOST a must SEE (Naveen Andrews) Volume 1(HQ High Definition) Video made by a Lost fan watch in HQ enjoy ;) All clips belong to ABC. No copyright infringement intended Naveen Andrews- LOST SAYID JARRAH Music belong to gangster movie. No copyright infringement intended Bheegi Bheegi
  • 14-5-10 sheikh jarrah police raid israeli border patrol police shuts down a gathering of left wing demonstrators, soon after declaring it illegal. 14-5-10
  • Lost - Sayid Jarrah Speed Painting for the original. I'm not sure I got a likeness, but it was fun to paint another character from one of my fav TV shows.
  • Sheikh-Jarrah Friday 16-7-10
  • Jarrah White meets Buzz Aldrin Last month I received quite a few emails informing me of the 2010 Australian Geographic Awards Night, where a piece of digitally remastered Apollo 11 moonwalk footage would be screened and Buzz Aldrin would attend as the guest of honor. I purchased tickets and asked if it were possible to arrange an interview with Aldrin. The organizers couldn't arrange one, but invited me to attend the press conference the day before the awards ceremony. During the conference I questioned Aldrin about the Dutch moon rock incident. In October 1969, during their goodwill tour, the Apollo 11 crew gave a moon rock to the then US Ambassador to the Netherlands, J. William Middendorf, who in turn presented it to former Dutch Prime Minister Willem Drees. Last year, the moon rock in question was proven to be a piece of petrified wood. It seems the Sydney Morning Herald jumped on my attendance, as on October 6 they released an article alleging that I was an antagonistic gate crasher who needed to be removed by security. These allegations are both false and libelous. .au To prove that I was not an uninvited, antagonistic interloper or removed from the conference, I am releasing this video showing my invitation to the conference, my exchange with Aldrin and the last few minutes of footage showing that I stayed the whole way through.
  • DjClyve's Interview with Jarrah White PART 1 Jarrah White is not only the Grandson of the Apollo Hoax Theory, but a devout Ranma 1/2 fan who is well-reknowned on Youtube for his many Ranma-related projects/music videos. Now he and his cohorts at JW Studios take on their biggest challenge, perhaps the biggest fan-made project to ever hit Youtube. A brand-spanking-new, movie-length chapter in the Ranma 1/2 Universe, so carefully crafted that it would make Rumiko Takahashi herself proud. It's Ranma's Declaration of Motherhood, an enormous undertaking set to blow our minds all through 2010. In this 20-minute-plus interview (in the style of a Channel Zero newscast), we will probe Jarrah's mind for any juicy tid-bits he's willing to divulge about this bold new project. Check out Whitejarrah's page at For more Ranma 1/2 stuff, be sure to check out my interview!
  • Did Jarrah White Quotemine The Mythbusters? On the Mythbusters Special on the moon hoax, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyman visited the Apache Point Observatory to fire laser beams at the moon. They started by firing a laser at an unexplored region of the moon, receiving no signal; and then they fired a beam at the Apollo 15 site, receiving a laser back. Their conclusion was that if there was no retro-reflector on the moon it would be impossible to bounce the laser back to earth. I have pointed out that the Mythbusters are factually incorrect to claim that it is impossible to bounce lasers off the moon's bare surface, because MIT & the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory both succeeded in bouncing lasers off the moon and back to earth - without retro-reflectors - long before Apollo 11. "Four years ago, a ruby laser considerably smaller than those now available shot a series of pulses at the moon, 240000 miles away. The beams illuminated a spot less than two miles in diameter and were reflected back to earth with enough strength to be measured by ultrasensitive electronic equipment" - 'The Laser's Bright Magic', Thomas Meloy. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dec 1966 "SOVIET BOUNCES LIGHT BEAM OFF MOON IN A LASER TEST Moscow, Nov 4 - A concentrated beam of light has been bounced off the moon and detected on earth by a Soviet observatory in the Crimea. The feat, reported today by Tass, the Soviet press agency, duplicates an experiment conducted late last year by engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The superintensive ...
  • RE: Jarrah White Pwns Himself -- reloaded Some propagandists never learn. Astrobrant2's feeble arguments are getting weaker by the day. Not only has he continued to propagate his strawman arguments long after they were debunked, but it seems he has unwittingly provided us with all information one needs to debunk his claims. Despite claims that distinct bootprints in lunar soil can be formed by electrostatic attraction, his own source clearly indicates that most of the dust particles have a net negative charge. This means that most of the particles would repel one another, rather than attract. Here's a link to that document in question, titled "Electrostatic Properties Of Lunar Regolith": www.lpi.usra.edu
  • Sheikh Jarrah demonstration Friday 25-12-09 Friday 25-12-09, about 250 demonstrators were walking and drumming down Hanevi'im st. in Jerusalem, as part of a non- violent demonstration against the occupation of Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers in the Palestinian Neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah (in East Jerusalem). These are some of the responses they encountered on the way.
  • David Grossman speaks on Sheikh Jarrah demo israeli author David Grossman speaks on 9-4-10 demo
  • Jerusalem Palestinians fear eviction by Israel - 17 Apr 09 George Mitchell, the US special envoy to the Middle East, has met Palestinian leaders in the Israeli-occupied West Bank as part of efforts to revive stalled peace talks. Many Palestinians hope that he will intervene to stop them being evicted from their homes by Israel. But Palestinian families in east Jerusalem were this week served with eviction notices, despite the fact that the eastern half of the city is meant to constitute the capital of a future Palestinian state. The evictions are illegal, according to international law. Clayton Swisher met some of those threatened with the loss of their homes.
  • Israeli author David Grossman at Sheikh Jarrah demonstration
  • Moon Landing Hoax - Apollo 13 Trajectory - Jarrah Debunk This footage will be one of many videos showing conspiracy theories for exactly what they are; a broad selection of nonsense, coupled with a pinch of misdirection and followed through with a good helping of lack of knowledge. Please don't take what I am saying on this video as gospel. Research it yourself. Look into Apollo documents. Ask questions. There is nothing wrong with not knowing, there is something wrong with not bothering to find out. Issues dealt with in this video include Apollo 13 apparently not having enough fuel to get home NB: The website doesn't contain a lot of conspiracy debunks at the moment, so some of the links may be dead. Please revisit, I add more things every day.
  • Sayid Jarrah - Torturer Sayid with his killer look tells Benjamin Linus that he is a torturer
  • Sheikh Jarrah 11-05-2010.wmv
  • Mayhem in Sheik Jarrah escalates Jpost Video: Left wing protest in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shiek Jarah, climaxed on Friday in a violent rally that ended with the arrest of several dozen protestors. Watch the Video...
  • Sesame Street for Warlpiri with Liam Jarrah -Manyu Wana #10 A Warlpiri Australian Aboriginal children's show made in Yuendumu Northern Territory for the bilingual program of Yuendumu School and other Warlpiri schools,- Nyirripi, Willowra and Lajamanu School. Featuring Liam Jarrah on guitar (more) (less)

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  • “This blog is written by Jarrah | 0 entries so far. Jarrah. home | projects | blog. 5 posts in 642 days. For years we have been neglecting the use of the Guide bushes suitable for the router. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be Latest Projects | Latest Blog Entries | Latest Forum Topics”
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  • “Independent mobile journalism Tom Vee's blog. Login or register to post comments. 396 reads. Mobile Broadcast News on Facebook. Relevant Content. Sheikh Jarrah Resident Speaks Out Against Ethnic Cleansing August 2nd 2009”
    — Sheikh Jarrah before/after eviction - July/August 2009,

  • “remember. Jarrah's Blog Pile. a small pile of bloginess. Blog. Photos Jarrah # 24. April 2009, 03:01. No worries, glad to be of help. John Grant # 29. April”
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  • “Jennifer Marohasy - a forum for the discussion of issues concerning the natural environment One of the most interesting anomalies in Australian environmentalism is that the alumina industry is destroying the jarrah forest – and nobody seems to care. At least, nobody is complaining”
    — Jennifer Marohasy " Bauxite Mining in Jarrah Forests: A Note,

  • “Jarrah, Kuwaitian citizen . Find out more about Jarrah's experience abroad on expat-, the online expatriate community”
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  • “Brian Latour, an organizer and spokesperson for Israeli Apartheid Week at the University of Manitoba, recently spent two weeks in Israel/Palestine as part of the Independent Jewish Voices solidarity tour. In this multi-part series, Brian”
    — Palestine Diaries: Part 2 – Rally in Sheikh Jarrah | Blog,

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