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  • The Photography Blog of Jasmine Star, an international wedding photographer based in Orange County, California. — “Jasmine Star Photography Blog”,
  • Jasmine offers a variety of gowns to meet your every need! Our wedding dresses may be customized to ensure that your bridal gown bears the signature mark of your personality and is the gown you've always dreamed of. Our bridesmaid dresses are. — “Jasmine Bridal”,
  • Jasmine (Jasminum, pronounced /ˈdʒæzmɨnəm/,[4] via Arabic from the Widely cultivated for its flowers, jasmine is enjoyed in the garden, as a house plant, and as cut flowers. The flowers. — “Jasmine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Zen Cart! : - Doll Wigs Eyes for Dolls (Eyeco) Eyelashes Dolly Tools & Accessories Genesis Heat Set Artist Paints Reborn Baby Kits Reborn Nursery Artist Tools Mr. Super Clear Flat Dollstown ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping. — “Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce”,
  • Glamorous Elegant Pinup Photos, Voluptuous Jasmine. — “Jasmines Fantasy - Glamorous, Elegant Pinup Bombshell Jasmine”, jasminesfantasy.us
  • Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an 09 November, 2010. 114781 requests since Monday 14 April, 2008. Copyright © 2010 Jasmine's Boutique. Site Designed by Umm Us!. — “Jasmine's Boutique”,
  • "Jasmine is an excellent hostess who makes you feel that you have been invited to her home for a lovely evening of good food and good company." --Thomas Singer, Jasmine's customer Jasmine's offers a full rental facility with a beautiful and historic banquet hall, meeting rooms, and dance floor. — “catering wedding chapel roseburg oregon OR banquet dinner”,
  • Jasmine's Fantasy - Glamorous, Elegant Pinup Bombshell Jasmine, Exotic Beauty in Classy, Sultry Tease Photos and Videos. — “Jasmines Fantasy - Glamorous, Elegant Pinup Bombshell Jasmine”,
  • Rancho Palos Verdes Spa, Specializing in Anti aging treatments, Professional Acid peels, Hyper pigmentation, Acne treatments, Discoloration and Brazilian Waxing. — “:: JASMINES DAY SPA :: Specializing in Anti aging treatments”,
  • Online shopping and catalog orders, over three thousand products to choose from including unique gifts for holidays, birthdays and weddings. Gift certificates are also available. — “Jasmines Jewels & Timeless Treasures- Unique Gifts”,
  • Home Page Jasmines Bath and Beauty Products. Houston TX 77084. [email protected] WELCOME TO JASMINE'S BATH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Serious Care for Your Skin and Hair. Using hairluv discount at checkout will give you 25% off now. — “Jasmines Bath and Beauty Products - Home Page”,
  • Jasmines Beautiful Custom Designed Silk Flower Arrangements for ALL Ocassions, including weddings, wedding rehearsal dinners, funerals, bridal and baby showers, banquets, home and office decor and much more. — “Jasmines Custom Silk Flower Arrangements”,
  • Copyright © 2009-2010 Summer Jasmines®. All rights reserved. Comfortable, compactable pedicure and evening shoes. that fit in your purse! Cruelty free. — “home”,
  • Brushwood Nursery : Jasmines - Native Vines Climbing Roses Large Flowered Clematis Small Flowered Clematis Non-Vining Clematis Lonicera: Honeysuckle Passion Flowers Jasmines Other Species Gift Certificates. — “Jasmines : Brushwood Nursery, Vines and Climbers For Your Garden”,
  • Jasmine's Hair and Esthetics - Our goal is to provide a salon/spa that has a truly nurturing , rejuvenating setting supported by high quality service. At Jasmines Hair & Esthetics, customer service is more than a promise - its our way of life. — “Jasmine's Hair and Esthetics”, jasmines.ca
  • 150S San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 238-9201. Visit Website. 8707 Lindley Ave., Suite F. Northridge, CA 91325 (818) 886-0691. Visit Website. — “Jasmines Salon and Spa”,
  • Jasmine With Rose Petal Garland2. Jasmine With Rose Petal Garland1 Jasmine With Rose Garland1. Tube Rose Wedding Garlands. Tube Rose Wedding Garlands3. Tube. — “Jasmines Flower Shopping”, .au
  • Personal worn panties from an exotic french and polynesian girl. I also sell other intimates and love to chat!. — “Used Asian Panties Worn by Jasmine - My Panty Collection”, jasmines-
  • Jasmine Styles was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. We are raising money to grant her wish! Thanks to people like you, Jasmine's Gala on Saturday evening was an unbelievable and total success!. — “Jasmine's Wish - Home”, jasmineswish.ca

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  • The Legend of Choon Hyang / Jasmine's Story Shakespearean project for Global. It's based on the Legen of Choon Hyang, but we renamed it Jasmine's Story. Written in iambic pentameter. -Michelle Lim -Jiyun Chun -Sylvia Yi edit// MUSIC TRACK: 1. Blue Bossa - Lasid 2. Everyday I Fall in Love Again - Linus of Hollywood 3. The Moon Represents My Heart - David Tao 4. This is Not a Love Song - Nouvelle 5. Fly Me to the Moon - Olivia 6. Eyes - Sung Hyun 7. Broken Dreams - Basement Jaxx 8. Port of Notes - More than Paradise 9. Geu Got Do Mo Reu Go - The Note [You Don't Even Know That] 10. Till It Happens to You - Corinne Baily Rae 11. Paris! Paris! - Monla 12. Brahms - Symphony No. 1 [1st Movement] 13. Milod - Brynhildur 14. Death of a Minstrel - Lee Byeong-Woo [The King and the Clown OST] 15. A Bride's Mask - Lee Byeong-Woo [The King and the Clown OST] 16. The Servant - Coco Suma 17. Ave Maria - Rebecca Luker [Stairway to Heaven OST] 18. I Just Wanna Live - Good Charlotte 19. Blood-Smeared Fabric - Lee Byeong-Woo [The King and the Clown OST] 20. No Clue. The title's in Japanese, but the song's Korean. It's from some OST. Sorry. 21. An Abyss - Lee Byeong-Woo [The King and the Clown OST] 22. Sarasate - Carmen Fantasy [Performed by the Nodame Orchestra ; Nodame Cantabile Live OST CD 1] 23. Wedding March - performed by I don't know. lol 24. Gone Goin' - Jack Johnson & The Black Eyed Peas Enjoy!
  • Jasmine's dream Just a spur of the moment improv done with the Korg Wavestation and Access Virus KC Synths. Theres a hint of electricity there in the Wavestation sound to give the illusion that this is more than organic sound...
  • Jasmine Trias - Smart Commercial One of Jasmine's Smart commercials in the Philippines.
  • Jasmine's Fourth Vlog Watch the NEWEST episode of HOT GIRLZ here: Watch Ariel's Vlog here: Watch the bloopers from the new episode: _____________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! My Website: Add me on DAILYBOOTH! http Sub To My Other Channel! Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: Send Mail To: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Lavinia | Phoebus/Jasmine/Proteus [Crossover] — 250+ Subscribers. THANKS to all my subscribers. Main Account: . Watch in HD: Storyline: Proteus and Jasmine are royalty, and they're engaged. Jafar, a servant of Jasmine's father, secretly wants her for himself. One day, Proteus is sent on a voyage across the sea. When he tells Jasmine of his impending departure, she is visibly upset, but Proteus reassures her of his safe return. While on his trip, Proteus' ship is attacked by Frollo's men, who are led by Phoebus. Frollo arrests Proteus, and he is jailed in an isolated location. In prison, he is visited by Phoebus, who tells Proteus that he is to be executed. Proteus becomes depressed and tells Phoebus of his love back home, Jasmine, describing her beauty to him. While this inspires sympathy within Phoebus, he tells Proteus there is nothing that can be done. The next morning, Proteus is set to be executed. Back in Agrabah, Jasmine gets word of Proteus' arrest and confronts Jafar about it. He tells her that Proteus has been sentenced to death, and Jasmine is devastated. During Proteus' execution, Phoebus finds himself deeply troubled and questions the reasons for Proteus' imprisonment. A couple of years have passed, and Jasmine is sad and set to be married off to Jafar at her father's insistence. She refuses, and runs away from the palace instead. Meanwhile, Phoebus goes to Agrabah to investigate Proteus' death while still working for Frollo. Jasmine is admiring the marketplace and is spotted by Phoebus. He ...
  • Triad: Ariel Jasmine Pocahontas [part four] READ BEFORE WATCH Song: What hurst the most - Cascada Finnally! Fourth and last part!! I thought it would be easier to understand... I'll explain as well: Eric's thinking about Ariel (remember he couldn't do anything against Ursula), Jasmine's sad because now Ariel can't be with Eric... Ariel's under the sea and sees a ship... and on the ship she sees Eric. Meanwhile, Pocahontas runs to Jasmine and tells her she knows a way of how Ariel can be human again, but Jasmine's not sure, POcahontas tells her to come and see Ariel. They see her watching Eric on the sand... They understand she's relly in love. Jasmine says that's not fair and is sad (Aladdin is with them) and Pocahontas says their love is the only Power that can transform their friend into a human... (ooooh I know it's gashtly lol) She also thinks that her two friends would leave with their loves... but she can't stand seeing them sad. So Aladdin and Jasmine's love flows to Ariel, who runs, hugs and kisses Eric. Her friends seem very happy for them. At the wedding, Ariel looks at Aladdin, who wishes her good luck, and both, him an Jasmine, say goodbye. The ship starts to sail; Pocahontas runs to say goodbye as well, even when she's sad cuz Ariel's going away (Pretend John smith's ship is the wedding ship lol). Ariel blows her a kiss, Pocahontas says goodbye, knowing that they will meet again and Ariel an her husband kiss. And they all live happily ever after.
  • Jasmine V songs hey luvies, I made this for Jasmine and her fans! Hope u like it luvs♥ LOVE U JASMINE! Songs: -All These Boys -To the yard -Hello -Serious -Jealous -Remember my name -If only you knew Follow me on Twitter: @JASMINNVILLEGAS
  • Jasmine's Sampol Nov. 30, 1980 at Showtime. It's an Offcam sampol of Jasmine.
  • Triad: Ariel Jasmine Pocahontas [part two] READ BEFORE WATCH Song: Going Under - Evanescence Well, here's the second part. I have to admit that this story has become longer than I first thought; three parts, but I think the may be four lol. Anyway, I'll explain: One morning, Ariel discovers Eric planning his weddin with another girl (Vanessa) and she bursts into tears. Meanwhile, Jasmine escapes from home to "have some fun" but Pocahontas sees her; Jasmine then meets his friend Aladdin (Someone she already knows I guess lol) and POcahontas talks with her friends telling her if she has forgotten about Ariel; Jasmine says she hasn't but also that she needs to live her life as well. Pocahontas understands this and leaves running, pushing Jasmine into Aladdin's armas. They both feel something when the hug. Pocahontas then sees Ariel crying on the pier; Aladdin takes Jasmine to see the shore and she sees Ariel crying as well, but she's a bit unsure os what to do, so she talks with Aladdin about that. Pocahontas tells Ariel that she can't stay stay there doing nothing, and when Ariel sees Vanessa's face she jumps into the water and swims to where they are. Meanwhile Aladdin and Jasmine are about to kiss. But suddenly, Pocahontas (kind of) jumps onto Vanessa and her conch -which (like in the film) was having the control of Eric's mind- breaks. She scremas, and so Al and Jas hear that. Eric's mind is now free and he runs to Ariwl. When they're about to kiss, the time finishes and Ursula appears and takes Ariel away ...
  • Jasmine's Dora the Explorer Five-year-old Jasmine and eight-year-old Drew spend the last few days of Christmas vacation making a stop motion animation movie using Jasmine's Dora toys. Grab your backpack and come along on an adventure from the minds of two amazing children.
  • Debbie and Jasmine Part 1 Debbie and Jasmine's relationship from the first time they were together in 2006.
  • Hope TV-Jasmine's Second Chance They were two phone calls Maria Cartwright will never forget. The first was the kind every parent dreads. It came during the middle of the night in September when she was told her 15-year-old daughter, Jasmine, had been in a pickup truck accident on a south Enid road. She later found out that the force of the single vehicle rollover threw Jasmine out of the window and that Jasmines legs were pinned underneath the trucks back tires. Very hard, Maria recounted through tears. Its something you just never think will happen to youhorrible. After initially arriving at an Enid hospital, Jasmine was taken to The Trauma One Center at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City where she spent three weeks. She had a traumatic brain injury, the left side of her body was stiff and her right leg was broken. Maria says her daughter was in terrible shape. So much so, that when she got well enough to come to The Childrens Center Pediatric Medical Rehabilitation Unit (PMRU), she was still not very responsive. Her body moved erratically and nurses had to put mats on the floor so Jasmine wouldnt injure herself. Jasmine didnt remember a thing until one day she just woke up. Seeing people I never saw beforeI was just in shock, Jasmine remembers. It wasnt long before the shock succumbed to the embrace of a caring team at the PMRU. Jasmine couldnt speak. She had to relearn how to eat, how to hold a spoon. She said the staff made the hard work of therapy interesting and fun. It was very reassuring to ...
  • Jasmine kisses Jafar Scene in Aladdin where Jasmine kisses Jafar
  • Jasmine V Update - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! You're back at ClevverTV. I'm Joslyn Davis with all the latest on the lovely and talented Miss Jasmine V. Now, we know that tons of you watching right now are so blinded by your jealousy that JV got to kiss Justin Bieber in his Baby vid, but if you could just look past that for a moment, you'd see how independently talented this lady really is. The 16 year old is an incredible singer and was spending time in an LA studio finishing up her upcoming album. We here at ClevverTV already gave you guys a bunch of scoop on her song Serious and a bit of background info on Jasmine's life. Now she's opening up even more, saying that she's inspired by Alicia Keys because "she one of the artists that doesn't have to show off her body too much to get attention and is all about her voice, and her beauty, and her talent." Wow! Talk about refreshing! What do you guys think of Jasmine's talent? Hit the comments section with your review. For non-stop music alerts, follow us on twitter - that's @ClevverTV. I'm Joslyn Davis in Beverly Hills, thanks for watching!
  • Jasmine Trias - Inseparable (Music Video) This is a video of the song Inseparable that I made with clips from Jasmine's past performances, videos and commercials!
  • ♥ My First Crossover! .:Shang//Jasmine:. ♥ PLEASE READ. VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ HERE BEFORE WATCHING THE VID!! So anyways, yes this is my first ever crossover! I've got to give thanks to Bexca91 for helping me think of a crossover couple tho! Btw, anyone thinking of doing this couple again, IT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE EVER *clutches face in horror* It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get any clips of shang on his own, and HE NEVER SMILES!!! Anyways this is actually more of a love triangle now that I think of it, between Shang, Jasmine and Aladdin. Btw, the colour clips are the present and the sepia clips are memories. So here is the storyline: Sepia(Memories): Jasmine is the princess of Agraba and like in the film she needs to marry a prince, which her father keeps pushing her too do. Yet 8months ago she saw the captian of the army, Shang. She just assumed from the way he was taking his shirt of that he was some womanizer, and that the slight pang she felt for him should be ignored. Yet out of curiousity she decides to climb the wall of the castle and go over to the army quarters in disguise. Yet as she gets down the other side of the wall some random thug tries to grab her and 'have his way with her' yet Shang rushes in to save her. Impressed Jasmine lets herself spend time with him, and eventually falls in love with him. She keeps going back to spend time with him, like as you see in the video practising random moves with a stick hehe. But yes, they fall in love. Colour (present): Yet her father has already found a ...
  • Jasmine's Second Vlog I talk about rehab and junk with Ariel! Watch the NEWEST episode of HOT GIRLZ here: Watch Ariel's Vlog here: _____________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! My Website: Add me on DAILYBOOTH! http Sub To My Other Channel! Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: Send Mail To: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Jasmine's Third Vlog It's Christmas time! That means presents! Watch the NEWEST episode of HOT GIRLZ here: Watch Ariel's Vlog here: Watch the bloopers from the last episode: _____________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! My Website: Add me on DAILYBOOTH! http Sub To My Other Channel! Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: Send Mail To: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Jasmine's Love The true meaning of 'family.'
  • Box office: Chat with Meera Jasmine In this edition of Box office, watch a Chat with Meera Jasmine. www.istream.in
  • Jasmine's Fifth and Final Vlog SEASON FINALE! We'll miss you guys! Let us know if you want a season two of Hot Girlz! Watch the NEWEST episode of HOT GIRLZ here: Watch Ariel's Vlog here: Watch the bloopers from the new episode: _____________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! My Website: Add me on DAILYBOOTH! http Sub To My Other Channel! Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: Send Mail To: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • CAMMY Dancing to WORK JASMINE VILLEGAS V Hip Hop-SHE TWEETED THIS! JASMINE TWEETED THIS & ME! THANK YOU! Facebook: Jasmine Villegas asked what we do for fun & this video is in response to that! Cammy loves to watch Jasmine's You tube channel & was so excited to show Jasmine what she does for fun! Cammy had the opportunity to meet Jasmine and wanted to thank her for her kindness as she was genuinely sweet! **As always Cammy dances for fun & we encourage this so please keep this in mind when rating & commenting. ***UPDATE-Cammy just turned 9. She is a child who loves to dance but had no prior lessons when we began posting her videos! We are excited to say that she has FINALLY begun dance classes so stay tuned to see where her new moves & innate abilities take her! Thank you everyone for your support!♥
  • Jasmine Trias - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Live) Jasmine Trias live at Windward Mall - December 1, 2007 for the Lokahi Holiday Drive. Jasmine's "The Christmas Song" from the compilation album "American Christmas" is now available on iTunes or at
  • Jasmine's Skin Care Routine (: #1 Hey guys this is my skin care routine video. I just wanted to be able to share with you guys the products that I use and some alternatives for you guys. I am not a professional and in no way am I trying to say that I have experience in the area of dermatology, but I do have good skin and I want you guys to have the same! List of Products (: -Olay deep cleansing face wash -Clean & Clear deep action cream cleanser -PHisoderm foaming facial wash -Clean & Clear makeup dissolving foaming cleanser -Clinique acne solution clarifying toner -Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel -Clinique moisture surge Olay complete all day moisture lotion SPF 15 -St. Ives Apricot scrub -Kirkland daily facial cleansing towelettes
  • Jasmine V - Making the Video "I Own This" The process of creating Jasmines music video was a long one. Take a look at her decision to partner with "Operation Street Kidz" to give kids a chance to live their dream. Also, check out the hard work and support from all of Jasmines friend on the day of her shoot. Music Video Coming SOON! /jasminevillegas /jazv
  • Justice For Jasmine Media Advisory August 30, 2010 Moms Rally Against Hazing at Sacred Heart University On Tuesday, September 7, 2010 from 2pm -- 5pm parents will rally to demand an end to the ongoing crime and violence that Sacred Heart University has allowed to continuously occur. The rally will take place at Sacred Heart University located at 5151 Park Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Featured speakers will include State Representative Juan Candelaria (D-New Haven), Councilman Carlos Silva (D-Bridgeport), Angel Arce (D-Hartford), John Haymond, Esq., Nathan C. Nasser, Esq., and Connecticut State Victim Advocate team, Melissa Lucchesi (). Jasmine Vega, a student at Sacred Heart University, was kidnapped and hazed at Sacred Heart University while attempting to become a member of the Delta Phi Kappa Sorority, Inc. After reporting the matter to the police and to Sacred Heart University's administration, no arrests were made and no charges were brought against any of the students involved. In a letter to Sacred Heart's Board of Trustees, Ms. Vega stated: "The vicious crimes committed against me by my classmates at Sacred Heart University have scarred me deeply. The administration has refused to address these crimes committed against me, and has chosen to demonize my parents and uncle whenever they set foot on the campus." This rally has the generous support of Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz, Chair of the New York State Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus, the Latin American ...
  • Jasmine Trias - The Christmas Song (Live Performance) Jasmine Trias live at Windward Mall - December 1, 2007 for the Lokahi Holiday Drive. Jasmine's "The Christmas Song" from the compilation album "American Christmas" is now available on iTunes or at
  • Pokemon Gold:Jasmine's Cold Steel Heart Jasmine (Japanese: ミカン Mikan) is the Gym Leader of Olivine City's Gym, known officially as the Olivine Gym. Her specialty is Steel-type Pokémon, and she gives the Mineral Badge to Trainers who defeat her in battle. She also appears in Sinnoh to give trainers HM07 (Waterfall) and to compete in Sinnoh's Super Contests. In the games Gold about to fight Jasmine in HeartGold and SoulSilver Jasmine's title is "The Steel-Clad Defense Girl." In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the player can't fight Jasmine right away, as she's busy taking care of a sick Ampharos. First one must get a special medicine from the pharmacy in Cianwood City and give it to her. Jasmine trains the recently-discovered Steel-type Pokémon, but it's said that she recently used to train a different type. A Gentleman in the Lighthouse says she used to train Rock-type Pokémon, like Onix. Jasmine is a very shy girl, and has trouble speaking. She's compassionate, and when Amphy, the Ampharos in the lighthouse tower, falls ill, Jasmine is so worried she cannot even smile. Amphy and Jasmine appear to be close, because when the medicine is brought from Cianwood City, Amphy will only take it from her. Jasmine in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum The Olivine City Gym is probably the most simply designed Pokémon Gym in Johto. It consists of just one straight, fairly short walkway, outlined with boulders, leading up to a small set of steps onto a raised stone platform. For this reason, and possibly due somewhat to ...
  • Jasmine V "I Own This" Music Video Jasmine's first official music video,
  • The Daydream - Jasmine Photo slides of Lotus and Waterlilies BGM : Jasmine by The Daydream Photos by : Ogawanaoki (taken from his free nature photos site @ ) Psssssst .... please don't ask why the vid feat photos of lotus&waterlilies instead of Jasmines...hehe (^o^)y
  • BOP & TIGER BEAT Exclusive: Jasmine Villegas Spills on Justin Bieber! When we hung out with Jasmine Villegas recently at the Sprite Fresh Sound Studio, we got to chat and talk about everything — music, fans, and of course, going on tour with Justin Bieber! Not only did she tell us exclusively about how excited she was to go on tour with Justin, but she also told us something fans may not know about him! Watch the video to find out if you knew this about Justin. Jasmine's face seems to light up when she talks about Justin — do you think it's just because she's excited to go on tour with one of her really good friends, or do you think it really is because they've got something special going on? Tell us what YOU think!
  • Jasmine Sagginario Knock Knock Lyrics Jasmines Sagginario, winner of Radio Disneys NBT, releases new single titled Knock Knock.
  • Jasmine V Talks Dating and Boys! - Follow Us! Jasmin V stopped by the ClevverTV studio for an interview. What is Jasmine's favorite type of date? Kiss on the first date? Check out the video to find out get her thoughts on dating and boys!
  • "The Price of Love" : Jasmine/Yum-Yum (feat. Aladdin, Hades, Eris, & Others) This is my entry for the Non/Disney Slash/Femmeslash contest! My first ever femmeslash vid - GASP EGAD. I had a lot of fun making this video, and I really hope you guys enjoy watching it. Let me know what you think! PLOT: Two kingdoms have been at war with one another for centuries, to the absolute delight of Eris, the goddess of chaos, discord and destruction. She is visited by the Fates, who inform her that this war will soon end thanks to the political marriage of Aladdin, prince of one kingdom, and Jasmine, the princess of the other. Their arranged union will stop the war, join the kingdoms, and leave the country in an era of peace. Eris is furious about this development and is confronted by Hades, the ambitious god of the underworld and her longtime on-off-lover/rival. He tells her that he can stop this union from occurring AND guarantee that the two kingdoms will forever stay locked in battle with one another. In exchange, he wants Eris to hand over her sister (Kida, the goddess of light) to Hades. Eris begrudgingly agrees, giving him her word that she will follow through on her end of the bargain. Hades instructs his minion, Chel, to slip a love potion to Aladdin's sister, the young and beautiful Princess Yum-Yum, for whom she is handmaiden. This potion will cause Yum-Yum to fall in love with Jasmine and cause Jasmine to see Yum-Yum in a new light, which it does. Chel orchestrates a meeting between Jasmine and Yum-Yum, and the two bond instantly. Over time they ...
  • Paramedic Technology with Jasmine Elmore For the right individual, a career as a paramedic can be very exciting and fulfilling. Jasmine Elmore, a paramedic technology major at Pennsylvania College of Technology, is such a person. Discover more about Jasmine's major at: www.pct.edu
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  • Jasmine's Bath and Beauty Products UPDATE: Since doing this review, I have learned that the Babassu Conditioner is nothing but a base mix from Organic Creations with a fragrance oil added. Strangely, I'm not mad, because it smells SO GOOD. But, I won't be ordering it again - I'm going to get the base (which is $18 for 1/2 a gallon) and the chocolate fragrance oil, and make my own. Oh well, I still love the condish! Babassu Butter Conditioner: Ingredients: organic aloe juice, organic jojoba oil(nourishes), babassu butter(softens), ester wax (veggie based), emulsifying wax, honey extract(adds shine), collagen(strengthens), panthenol DL(Vitamin B5), vitamin E, lecithin, rosemary extract, grapefruit seed extract, potassium sorbate , vitamin C fragrance Shea Butter Conditioning Cream Rinse/Leave In: Ingredients: Aloe Extract, BTMS(Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Quaternium-79 Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid(food grade paraben free preservative),essential oils or fragrance /catalog.php/jasmines/pg15285
  • Jasmine's First Vlog This is my first vlog of many more to come! Check out the first episode of my new show! Episode one: Watch Ariel's Vlog too!
  • Aladdin and Jasmine The scene from the first movie where Aladdin and Jasmine talk at Aladdin's place.
  • Jasmine Trias - I'd Rather (Music Video) Here is the video that I made of Jasmine's song I'd Rather with clips of her "Your Song" episode. The song is featured on the repackaged version of her CD in the Philippines.
  • JasGotThaCAKE: jasmines coughing nd said "where did this come from?" i replied "DIS DICK!"
  • 1morehandmedwn: @dianeboone Sooooo Excited NOW! Omg!! Neighbors have a son almost Jasmines age, great neighborhood!!
  • LeyLey412: @followjaz_21 ctfu it was somebody at mcdonalds dey like hey aren't u jasmines friend ctfu #weak jaz got juice up dere
  • LeyLey412: Somebody jus asked me if I was jasmines friend 0_o I dnt want to b known as her friend ctfu @followjaz_21
  • KillaSunny: Skipping class with both Jasmines & Whitney (:
  • HEAVENuponHELL: I know a lot of Jasmines/Jazmines..
  • quadJ_momV: @ClevverTV hey girls its bernadette jasmines mom. Miss u guys wonderful personalities. Love u both
  • _CHINOEKush: The only time I use twitter is when I'm at home or using jasmines phone ;/ I miss tweeting my daytoday adventuesadventues
  • Kell_Bellx: @TiannaMarinaa @BabeelOvex3 @xasiaashley @Vitamin_Si were staying after for jasmines birthday celebrationnnnn k?
  • TheBritishBiebs: @beliebersland_ cos they have jasmines private tumblr & she put it on there :P x
  • YagirlPuff_88: @Common_Insight wanda like wen is Jasmines house warming, I'm like Ma its may I think it was da weekend we just passed. She like OH LORD
  • JasmineVIsASlut: @Zendaya7 Ohh so you do it all? Just like Jasmine?.psstttt. Jasmines a slut fyi.
  • howeim09: is going to play football with @howeij at chinley trop @jasmines-ox off at train station first
  • ambeeziefoshezy: Ohh yes Jasmines bringing in the numbers!!! More people come
  • Miszmaravilla: @_EvaDeeM lol when's jasmines bday isn't it the 11th
  • _minax: @OhSnapItsSalma nope I dont know jasmines or arianas hah. x I'll tell you justins but dont give it out he's really pissed that (c
  • gemmapadbury: Dressing up as a carrot for Jasmines. #likeaboss
  • mzceem: Outside jasmines school, of course its pouring rain!
  • AX9900: Garden of flowers; scent of jasmines, soft and gentle like daisies. :)
  • Jazziesmama: @topher_007 jasmines getting so big. She'll be 9 months on the 12th how time flies, ya know? How have u been??
  • messica_: going to jasmines :) sydney & @katyperry tomorrow :D
  • enfantaise: @JazzKiddo your jasmines must be as wonderful as you are. I hope it helps your creativity blossom.
  • SINTILLATE: Charity Event this Sunday at Shaka Zulu (Camden) BABY JASMINES SUNDAY SESSIONS MAY 8th 4- MIDNIGHT http://lnk.ms/NYlG5
  • GarySintillate: Charity Event this Sunday at Shaka Zulu (Camden) BABY JASMINES SUNDAY SESSIONS MAY 8th 4- MIDNIGHT /babyjasmineevent
  • SINTILLATE: Charity Event this Sunday at Shaka Zulu (Camden) BABY JASMINES SUNDAY SESSIONS MAY 8th 4- MIDNIGHT /babyjasmineevent
  • sintillatemarbs: Charity Event this Sunday at Shaka Zulu (Camden) BABY JASMINES SUNDAY SESSIONS MAY 8th 4- MIDNIGHT /babyjasmineevent
  • emmagotswaagg: @EdwardJulyCano aha yes jasmines twin (: I followed back xx <3
  • c3perla: @grass05 @iamavine LOL jasmines prob at home... btw maria says hi! HAHa nah she doesnt love u. jkjk!
  • kelcijo24: @myswagkillsurs cause im just starin @ my computer nd then start laughin without xplainin. im sure uve seen them around.1 is jasmines roomie
  • lianaem: @ByronFenty no I was at jasmines practicing then I did my essay
  • 2009SHAWTYMANE: I just took "[NEW QUIZ! A MUST READ..." and got: Part 20 - Jasmines Party part 3 - didn't expect that did you?! Try it: http://bit.ly/mBSXHi
  • 2009SHAWTYMANE: I just took "[NEW QUIZ! A MUST READ :)] You have a serious att..." and got: Part 19 - Jasmines Birthday part 2! Try it: http://bit.ly/mBSXHi
  • BieberisDope_: @808katie how do you have jasmines moms number?
  • Cj_Shine: @Ison_OnThe_Cake aint no1 fighting no1 maurissa knows about me and jasmines hobbies. at the end of the day jasmine said thats all they were
  • OhHeyMarleni: @Noopants did I ever tell you how much I love you? :) follow Jasmines mawma @free2bme8
  • MrKennyy: RT @StfuAlondra: Talkinq about when istepped on @MrKennyy shoes when we were dancinq the suprise dance at jasmines 15XD
  • ForeignFoo1101: Sound like jasmines place finna #Turnup next semester shid im ready We got da Playa pad
  • BrinaaBOMB: @natalee1215 or you can just come live w. us & if the police come looking for you you can hide @ Jasmines :)
  • OneWomanArmy_: Ha, jasmines mom is a phycho ! too funny.
  • Mr_Anonymous_X: @MarksGirl95 Yeah mine and jasmines lol
  • Mariselaa_Punkk: @_Deeestinnny No Im Not !;D thaats pretty beast i hardly know her i met her at jasmines wen i was dancing with her ;D shes pretry beasst (;
  • RaHsAaN_: @typical_grr lol no he's at jasmines house haha
  • Kordellbgy: Im at jasmines house now
  • Aja_E: Jasmines talks about people like I know who she's talkimg about.
  • Kordellbgy: Im going to jasmines house for like hours lol
  • JDBAustralia: @bieberdeuces lol remember we talked through jasmines dms?
  • _theoddgirl: RT @SuperSydnayy: Jasmines coming over:D
  • StfuAlondra: Talkinq about when istepped on @MrKennyy shoes when we were dancinq the suprise dance at jasmines 15XD
  • AllDayWithBiebs: Overboard is not Jasmines, Mileys, Selena (*•#+¥%¥') or I dunno's song! Its JESSICAS song -.-
  • ItsMeKeeze: jasmines laugh is atrocious
  • amariaa19: #jasmines house tomorrow ! :D
  • CannibalCarlosZ: @_BigBee So you arent at jasmines house?
  • _Hilly_2G: This girl just texted me and said its Jasmine i said Jasmine who.? She said you know who, what other Jasmines you know. #ReallyTho
  • _KandySkye: Jherika and Franklin arguing.. He told her he was gone break her computer like he did Jasmines'
  • MrsFredoFlores: @JASMINEVILLEGAS i love all of jasmines songs but tbh werk is my favoritest one to dance to cuz ik the dance xP
  • jtroof: so is this like don't answer jasmines phone calls day??lol
  • CiaChanel: Rock wood tonight. Here we go again my girl Jasmines birthday ♥
  • BSmif19: @Jai_Stan @Mz_JazzyT So ummmmm Jasmines yall forgot somethin today huh??
  • VanessaMRuiz: Jasmines M.I.A right now.
  • NallelyM: Ha happy now :) jasmines stupidity amuses me! Off to coldstone & get my dress for the 15
  • AmeliaK____: Woke up yesterday with bruised green left hand, ketchup in my hair, sharpie on my stomach in jasmines bed..casual night out
  • jetaimestinaa: Lol feel me tho and no jasmines one a kindRT @JustMEjazzie They only two people tht actually get mee when im ... http://tmi.me/9F93p
  • XjasminciaraX: Its about time I beat jasmines ass :)
  • TheChelsea_Show: Lmfao! The jasmines ate in my room, jasmines P demonstrates the sound of slurping a dick, jasmine G says oo Jas, u have a fast tongue
  • TheChloeEno: @SELFmadeeee_ sonn where is jasmines addidas hat ctfu
  • BAKEDNotFRiiED: Jasmines new twitpic yooo lmaoo http:///4sipgr
  • raimarmartinez: @_bHUNT_ to jasmines tweet about not finding a ginger man. I told her take my roomie. Then u said ull ask who needs a visa. So I said nvm
  • golexorgohome: @Cleon_ReallyRaw I'm just gna come at 7 cause jasmines picking me up
  • katiejo1993: "Every time she pisses me off, i steal something!" lmao. quote from jasmines sister amber :)
  • SuperSydnayy: Jasmines coming over:D
  • JasmineShawne: RT @Mr_Styrofoam: @JasmineShawne oh we noticed .. "Only I open jasmine door! .. Don't nobdy open jasmines door but jasmine!" I was lik O.o *hush face*
  • Kief_Sweat: RT @Mr_Styrofoam: @JasmineShawne oh we noticed .. "Only I open jasmine door! .. Don't nobdy open jasmines door but jasmine!" I was lik O.o *hush face*
  • Mr_Styrofoam: @JasmineShawne oh we noticed .. "Only I open jasmine door! .. Don't nobdy open jasmines door but jasmine!" I was lik O.o *hush face*
  • MacDotNet: Ima go to jasmines later n study for part two of Econ eoct
  • xGorgeous_lexx: @iDo_WATiPlease haha. Jasmines like the boy who we on the phone with LMAO Omg and she said she ready.
  • Armarettosourr: lmao I WASSS! RT @AyeRiley: She "Allegedly" danced a lot lol ...RT @Bad2the_Redbone: I wonder why jasmines knees hurt hmmmm?”
  • ican3xs: RT @Bad2the_Redbone I wonder why jasmines knees hurt hmmmm? // let me kno wat she say lol
  • _SweetChuCkT: I guess its jasmines a bad gf/friend month it be like that though
  • jayman__23: RT @itsCOMPNIKATED: It's jasmines birthday but she's driving me around, #swag
  • itsCOMPNIKATED: It's jasmines birthday but she's driving me around, #swag
  • MsCrystalH_: Know a lot of Brittanys, Btrittneys, Britneys, and Jasmines #RandomThought
  • katie_michela: @LeightonCollins can't believe you were at jasmines all night and we never spoke once!
  • teamedward2110: *holds jasmines arm and go to where walker is* - lauren
  • _Shoniee: RT @LONOhClassic_: Sooooooo... Jasmines Eating IceCream Cake && Pizza o.O ..Uhh Whuuut?
  • LONOhClassic_: Sooooooo... Jasmines Eating IceCream Cake && Pizza o.O ..Uhh Whuuut?
  • _SeeMeSmile: I need to go by jasmines house to get my charger. My phone is d e a d
  • JasmineVxxLuvie: RT @WeBeKittyV: Highlight of the Eenie Meenie video: Jasmines cameo lmao
  • bee_marieee: @d_lynnelle jasmines over here talkin bout how she has to fart xD

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