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  • LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Singer Nicole Scherzinger tangoed and jived her way to ballroom stardom on Tuesday, winning a tight contest on Dancing With the Stars and ending a season that by most measures was. — “Scherzinger wins Dancing With the Stars | Reuters”,
  • [edit] Verb. jived. Simple past tense and past participle of jive. /wiki/jived" Categories: English simple past forms | English past participles. Personal tools. — “jived - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of jived from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of jived. Pronunciation of jived. Definition of the word jived. Origin of the word jived. — “jived - Definition of jived at ”,
  • Definition of jived in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jived. Pronunciation of jived. Translations of jived. jived synonyms, jived antonyms. Information about jived in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “jived - definition of jived by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Click here for more details. J. . Categories : Apartment for Rent. Personals. Cheap Airfare. Vacation Packages. Vegas Vacation. Cancun Hotel. New. — “ | Real Estate | Apartment for Rent | Personals”,
  • It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the Jitterbug, a form of Jive is one of the five International Latin dances. In competition it is danced at a. — “Jive (dance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Discover the magic of anagrams with the Internet Anagram Server Shad Jived Vino On. Shad Jived Vino No. Shad Nod Jive Vino. Shad Don Jive Vino. Dash Jived Vino On. Dash Jived Vino No. Dash Nod Jive Vino. Dash Don Jive Vino. Aid Vend Josh Vino. Viands Jived Oh On. Viands Jived Oh No. Viands Jived Ho On. — “Internet Anagram Server : Anagrams for: johndavidiveson”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Jived - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Myspace Music profile for Java Jived. Download Java Jived A'cappella / Jazz / Pop music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Java Jived's blog. — “Java Jived on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Singer Nicole Scherzinger tangoed and jived her way to ballroom stardom on Tuesday, winning a tight contest on Dancing With the Stars and ending a season that by most measures was the TV. — “Nicole Scherzinger Wins 'Dancing with the Stars' | ”,
  • Jim Flora - galleries of works, news, prints, merchandise, and links. This page offers the "JIVED" print. Other prints in the series are available through our PRINTS page. Numbered copies of the four works in SERIES 1 are now being offered for $60 (except JIVED: $125) per print, unframed. — “Jim Flora :: Primer For Prophets Limited Edition Screen Print”,
  • Jived it off my Dad in the spring of '94. He had it since 1980 and it's the first bike I ever rode on. Jived it off my Dad in the spring of '94. He had it since 1980 and it's the first bike I ever rode on. — “CB750 1000cc RC Cobra Rebuild”, forums.sohc4.net
  • Jived is printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink and once washed, you won't feel the ink on your shirt! An element from "Jived," a page in a 1954 CBS-TV promotional alphabet booklet "Primer for Prophets" by vintage jazz record illustrator, Jim Flora. — “Jim Flora's Jived guys slubby tee by Faded Line”,
  • Evan Lysacek and pro partner Anna Trebunskaya jived their way to a cumulative score of 47 last week, but can the "Dancing with the Stars" couple keep it up given the Olympian's injuries? Lysacek tells ET that he has two broken toes on his left. — “Evan Lysacek to Quickstep on 'Dancing with the Stars' Despite”,
  • Find rhyming words online with the FREE WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary Dictionary lookup for jived. Thesaurus lookup for jived. FREE Rhyming Dictionary. Get a FREE copy of our deluxe rhyming dictionary with purchase of: 3,001 Business & Sales Letters. Create professional letters in minutes with quality. — “jived”,
  • "To shuck and jive" originally referred to the intentionally misleading words and actions that African-Americans would employ in order to deceive racist Euro-Americans in power, both during the period of slavery and afterwards. The expression. — “what is shuck n jive? what does this mean, exactly?”,
  • Verb conjugator Reverso : jive Conjugation in the free online English conjugator. Conjugation tables, irregular verbs, all tenses, all moods. jived. In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we. — “jive conjugation in English, English verb conjugator”,
  • Encyclopedia article about jived. Information about jived in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “jived definition of jived in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • In yesterday's article about the upcoming organic web revolution, I mentioned that Apple "jived" the iPod: Apple didn't invent digital audio players; they jived' it (as in gave it the Jonathan Ive treatment). The concept of widgets didn't come. — “Jive (verb): Design and Conquer • Reality Equation”,
  • They came in droves and jived to popular rock beats that had a blunt message - "Shut up and vote". Swayed by the power of music, they promised to do so in the coming Lok Sabha elections. — “Indian youth rock to music and promise to vote - The Economic”,

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  • SW BAND Our God is Love Recorded Live Sunday Apr 11th 2010. The StoneWater band preforming "Our God is Love" Editing and Filming by Peter. Hearing this song during practice early sunday morning it really jived and ministered to me. Being one of the last sundays I was going to be attending, I wanted to do something special for the worship band as they work hard every week to bring a more then energetic worship experience to the church. Great Job guys! I recorded both the first and second service with two additional songs using one camera. 15 minutes worth of footage. I spent the following monday nearly 9 hours working on it.
  • iTunes Visualizer by Jiv3D - Carousel www.jiv3 - Carousel
  • Panhandlers - getting jived in the parking lot How do you handle people walking up to you and asking for money due to some tragic circumstance? Here's my experience and advice.
  • Fireflies (cover) - This one's for 2010. =) Here's a very rare collab brought to you by the Miras and the Valdez kids. :) We just met and we jived like we've known each other for years already! Well, we already met, but informally and indirectly at that Filipino Day event 2 years ago when Xplicit Faith, my band then, had a stint, and the Valdez kids were contestants for this Singing contest. And you know what's even more interesting? Our dads were classmates in Elementary/High School way back in the Philippines. That's some connection/fate happening there right? Haha. So yea, we just practiced in a matter of 2 hours and we're good to go. Please excuse the minor mistakes.. :P Hope y'all Like it!
  • AdamBrand&JadeHatcher(Jive)-DWTS AdamBrand & Jade Hatcher jived.
  • The Next Big Thing (Lonnie Glass singing) Here's one of my collaborators, Lonnie Glass, doing a tune of ours at the Lah Lah Lounge in Guelph, Ontario, 'The Next Big Thing' is all about consumerism run amuck. The Next Big Thing (L. Glass/N. Ball) Well i cant sing a note but i want to be noted being tone deaf only got me out-voted borrowing edge from my musical brothers jotting down clues from the rhythm of others i am an artist at opening shrink-wrap every dog's day is a store owner's trap i got a feel for the vey next store the best things in life aren't free anymore me, i got a weakness for shiny new things all the advantages the next big thing brings when buying is living seems nothing gets filled something feels empty? Hell, i got a pill i keep a cool mix of tunes in my car if it werent for gas prices i could go far digging the sounds from the school of hard knocks all that i want comes wrapped up in a box i got a feel for the very next store the best things in life arent free anymore least i got a weakness for shiny new things all the advantages the next big thing brings yesterday's dreams form a pile in my basement ab crushers, crouquet sets, dvd's i used to rent my life speaks volumes through inches of dust whose magic bullet is the one you can trust? all that consumed me for weeks at a time burns holes on my shelf cause i'm a sucker for shine! i got a feel for the vey next store the best things in life aren't free anymore me, i got a weakness for shiny new things all the advantages the next big thing ...
  • Back in the Safety Zone! Phweewww~ I am back at the top of my 10 pound limbo. I guess that WAS water weight in Vegas or else their scale weighed heavy. I checked with my back-up scale and it jived with what I just showed you :) YES, I KNOW I NEED A PEDICURE AND YES, I had stubble legs too (hubby is away, I'm slacking).
  • iTunes Visualizer by Jiv3D - Falling Images www.jiv3 - Falling Images
  • Christablished01's tribute for MJ This is my first Video.. It is dedicated for Michael Jackson... Poem: Homage for a Musical Virtuoso The world jived at every beat of your Billy Jean, People Rocked with You at every place youve been. Every single move of you is really a Thriller, Surely your legacy will live in us forever. With your works, you gained our love and passion. By showing us the way how we must have compassion To the whole world and to every single nation, So now youll always be the Man in the Mirror, of our generation. You made us feel that we are not Alone, By giving us the words of pure inspiration. Youre really a gift from our Great God. And your musical distinction is never just a fad. You taught us how to respect all of our brothers, No matter if theyre Black or White and others. You showed us how we should always be A good comrade and a companion to anybody. Your music awakened our minds that We Are really The World, The only people with the help of God that can Heal The World. You are really not just a great and skillful performer, But also a dedicated change advocate and a nature lover. Maybe it has been a long time that you shared your time with us, And its just so true that even great people wont forever last. But even that One Day In Your Life came and your time already passed, We guarantee that our love for you will never be thrown with the past. King of Pop, Moonwalk Maestro and a Legend, Words of applause that will somehow never end. With your songs so excellent and so wonderful ...
  • JAEJOONG - INSA (TCTOPOE Previews) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. This is a fanvid based on the Fanfiction "The Consequences to our Planes of Existence" It gives you the scoop and previews of what is up next along with the making of the song, jived in. :] We hope you enjoy, we're looking forward to posting this story very soon! :]
  • Dinah More from the Carling family at the Stockamollen Swing festival in June 2007. here brother Max swaps his clarinet for a violin and the old favourite "Dinah". There are also solos from Gerd on piano and Ulf on drums. There was an appreciative - if noisy - crowd of dancers who jived with great enthusiasm.
  • LobsterFest 2000 Band Clip 6th Annual Redondo Beach Lobster Festival The Easy Reader reported: The three-day festival of rock'n roll, craft and community booths and crates of nervous lobsters brought a diverse crowd down to the waterfront for an afternoon of fun in the sun. "Everyone had a great time. The bands were a lot of fun and the weather was wonderful, which really helped us out," said Chamber of Commerce head Marna Smeltzer. Friday night, Dave Mason, founding member of Traffic and former member of Fleetwood Mac, played a few old favorites and some of his newer tunes. Rockabilly rebel and former Stray Cat Lee Rocker jumped and jived Saturday night, followed by Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night who played more than an hour of the band's classics. Sunday afternoon, surf rockers the Chantays strummed hits like "Pipeline" before the Nelsons took over. The Beach Reporter reported: "About 30000 people hit the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach for the sixth annual Lobster Festival." For more pictures, see:
  • HUMPDAY w/ Lesbian Nicole - Christmas Special, DUN DUN DUN Oh haii;; I'm Lesbian Nicole & I'm your token Canadian dyke. Check out my other jazz! Let's jive like no channel has ever jived before. BOOYA; Subscribe to 5areonamission now :)
  • Evan Lysacek to Quickstep on 'Dancing with the Stars' Despite Broken Toes Evan Lysacek and pro partner Anna Trebunskaya jived their way to a cumulative score of 47 last week, but can the "Dancing with the Stars" couple keep it up given the Olympian's injuries? Lysacek says he has two broken toes on his left foot but that he's been working through the injury. "I'm an athlete. I've dealt with pain before and everything is going just fine." The gold medalist and his pro partner Trebunskaya are practicing the quickstep for story week. Trebunskaya hints that their dance will have a Chicago theme. "This is like nothing I've done before," Lysacek says of the experience. "The days are full ... but I'm having a lot of fun." 100404
  • Arto Lindsay SOMEWHERE I READ (A Performa Commission) Times Square, Nov 1 2009 November 1, 2009 - 8:00pm At 8:00pm in Duffy Square, acclaimed musician and artist Arto Lindsay begins a procession, SOMEWHERE I READ, featuring 50 dancers in large white trench coats. Serving as Performa 09s opening event, Lindsays procession of dancers swerved and jived from block to block down the Broadway pedestrian plazas to 42nd Street. A central element of the piece was the use of cell phones as musical instruments in a sort of pared-down marching band. Arto Lindsays Performa Commission was developed in collaboration with choreographer Lily Baldwin and architects Bureau V. and is presented in partnership with the Times Square Alliance Public Art Program.
  • GABU MUSIC VIDEO This Video is our group's final project for Mrs. Jocas Class We were asked to sing the poem "Gabu" using any tune we want we picked "Colors Of The Wind" it may not be the best choice but its the best we got the lines of the poem jived with the song the video has nothing to do with the song or even the lyrics its just a video presentation that accompanies the song having the classic plot good kid turns bad and goes back to being a good kid we did our best and hope youll enjoy watching our video..... :))
  • Firefly & Serenity Campaigns - Role-playing in the 'Verse While the Serenity RPG is a great resource, I've never really jived all that well with the dice-step system. I know people love Savage Worlds, but I guess I'm just not a big fan of games like that. I think that the World of Darkness fits the Firefly & Serenity 'Verse very well, and I think BRP could do it as well. Any thoughts on a good system for role-playing in the 'Verse? You can watch Firefly on
  • Happy New Year! - Billy Penn 300 Happy New Year!!! Thank you for visiting 300guitars each and every day! I really appreciate the support more than you know. You guys ROCK!! In the coming year I want to know what I can do for you? How can I help you with your guitars, amps and playing? Please let me know. I have a bunch of really cool things planned for 2010 and cannot wait to share them with you including more content, more videos, more interviews and more cool products from manufacturers that I am jived about and affiliated with. So have a safe and Happy New Year and I'll see you on the other side of 2009 in a brand new decade.....every day is a second chance and every day a brand new start. Let's rock this one!!!!! -Billy www.300
  • NRI Community Meeting samrat came down and jived with the crowd.. 12ooo people went mad
  • Time to Retire Retirement is a funny thing that probably wouldn't have jived so much with the personalities of the bible.
  • three imaginary boys, cure cover My jived up version of three imaginary boys, a great early cure song from their first studio album 1978.
  • Ladyhawk - You Ran Music Video [Unofficial Punishment Park Edit] Fanmade music video. Thought these jived well together. Hope you check out more of this amazing band and movie. Artist: Ladyhawk Song: You Ran Album: Shots (2008) Movie: Punishment Park (1971)
  • Youtube Poop: Michael is giving you Crap He juked and Jived around that room Balambamboola balamdadiddy boom
  • Heroes of Newerth Gameplay Movie - Champion Style Montage Clan Congratulations' first garbage can video! 1700+ Matchmaking Watch in 1080p! Also check out my alt- Players- Shiest Jived Lmonster Programs- Sony Vegas 9.0 Fraps Song- George Michael - Careless Whisper Subscribe :D
  • Star Trek 11 Video *SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!* Went to see the new movie last nite... awesome flick but for the diehard trekkies like myself it leaves alot to be desired... as a movie its great but as a part of the trek franchise it needs work!! Its a time warp story similiar to the voyage home but at least when they went back in time they returned and things went back to normal but in this one it doesnt so alot of continuity problems arise.... how can things happen in this movie as they do without messing up the original series and the first 6 movies!! Sorry but that irks me that they messed with the history of star trek!! Also chekov was way younger than kirk so why is he a cadet on the enterprise... he never stepped foot on the enterprise till kirk was already captain and then he was a mere ensign... also I had a problem with the Uhura/Spock pairing... so not plausible, wouldnt we have had at least a hint during all those original series episodes!! JJ did a great job as far as great CGI work and awesome space battle scenes and the actors did teriffic character interpretations which totally jived with the original characters but other than that the storyline sucked but I would watch it again for what was good in it and also like I said I am a diehard trekkie and would buy anything with the name on it but when they do another movie they really should try to tie up the loose ends left by this disastrous storyline, I'm shocked at Nimoy for agreeing to be a part of this and was actually glad that Bill didnt put his name ...
  • I'm Asking - Steppenwolf Track 2. 'I'm Asking'. From the album 'For Ladies Only'. Written by Jerry Edmonton, Goldy McJohn John Kay - vocals, guitar Kent Henry - lead guitar George Biondo - vocals, bass Goldy McJohn - keyboards Jerry Edmonton - drums Richard Podolor - producer Bill Cooper - engineer ♪♫ I'm asking all you mothers, do your children get jived? And God was just piled upon them do you think they'll survive? You send them to the movies what d'you think that they'll see? You know that that won't be love, that's (not breathing?) stock breeding cheaply, but they can watch a murderer, a rapist or a cheat, armies kill millions and violence in our streets I'm asking! Yes, I'm Asking! But lost stinking bodies are still not for young eyes I'm asking all you mothers, do you tell your children lies? how do you think they'll grow up if they're weaned upon a gun or stories of how the stork has brought you, your new son Achieved their resentment as a wellness fills their eyes when truth is discovered if they leave you - don't don't you be surprised I'm asking Im asking all you mothers Im asking of you mothers to be I'm asking for the sake of our children, don't take away the right the right to be free I'm asking all you young girls have you learned about lost pleasures or did your parents bind your morals, restrain you from those treasures Tell me, look behind you, was your mama really there? Your child looks a lot like you for her sake I hope you'll be fair You want your kids to grow up with the ...
  • Michael Rosen Feat. Ke$ha - Tik Tok Boogie Woogie Something i knocked up months ago but never got round to uploading it until now. Enjoy ;) I glide as I ride in my boogie woogie buggy Take the corners wide, just see me drive Easy speedy baby Baby buggy jive Boogie Woogie Buggy. Glide as I ride in my boogie woogie buggy Take the corners wide, just see me drive Easy speedy baby Baby buggy jive You may think I'm happy You may think I'm sad You may think I'm crazy You may think I'm mad But hang onto your seat, listen right here I'm gonna tell you something that'll burn your ear. I was born on the 7th May I remember very well that awful day. I was in my mother, curled up tight. Though i have to say it was as dark as night. Then i hear some people give a shout "ONe push mrs rosen and he'll be out" I'm telling you that was a puzzle to me I shouted out "How'd you know i;ma he?" Doctor shouted "good lord he can talk" Now watch me walk. I joomped and jived around that room. Balam bam boola balamba diddy boom I glide as I ride in my boogie woogie buggy Take the corners wide, just see me drive Easy speedy baby Baby buggy jive A Hip Hop A Hip Hop Hap I'm giving you all, the Michael Rosen Rap. When I was one I swam the English channel. When i was 2 i ate a soapy flannel When i was 3 i started getting thinner When i was 4 I ate the dogs dinner. When i was 5 i was in a band playing drums When i was 6 i ate a bag of plums. When i was 7 i robbed a bank with my sister When i was 8 i became prime minister When i was 9 i closed all the ...
  • the-walk.mp4 2011- first summer rain in Bangalore ... another long lonely walk past the memory lanes ... through the realities of the present ... to dreamscapes , the walk jived to that long forgotten melody that suddenly came ringing - "Come September" of Billy Vaughn.
  • In The Mood at Nene Valley Railway An evening of music and dancing was held at Wansford during the Nene Valley Railway's 1940's Weekend at the Saturday night Spitfire ball. Participants dressed in 40's style outfits waltzed and jived the night away, but none were more energetic than Greg Hibbert and his dance partner Hayley Greenwood who bopped and jived the night away in elegance and style.
  • SAS Christmas party 2009 Andrea Chensoray - a 3rd grader student of Saint Agustine School jived with her friends and classmates for Christmas party presentation 2009
  • Black Faces Histroy - Hey hey it's Saturday Contraversy An look at the history of "Black Faces". Please don't judge one country before seeing your own country's actions. That is called hypocrisy. I just want everyone to know that this video was not made to point the finger at America or anything of the sort. Basically I have just gotten a little jived from the reaction that Americans and British people have had towards Australia as a whole. I am not racist at all.. That includes towards other white countrys. But the fact that people are calling all Australians racist over the act of 6 people sort of makes them a little bit racist towards Aussies don't you think? Also, I know that the photos in the start of the video are from way back and was actually my point to show the "Black faces" history as it was not introduced to Australia (to my knowledge.. I searched and couldn't find anything) So this video is also to show what exactly it is and add a little information as well. Please try to think as if it were your country being labelled because one group of performers offended some people. Basically, I did nt actually find the act entertaining but neither did I find it racist. There are plenty of different ethnicies in Australia which have sided with us on this. But I do not see this as taking sides, rather, put it in the past, where it belongs, along with everything else. Peace and Pancakes! x
  • M2U00207.MPG Kumite drills 8/21/10 ITBF Clinic
  • Your Starstream Ride The song came to me as I was watching the sunset from the abandoned village of "Luirra" ("The City of the Wind") in the high plateau of the Massif Central in the midst of the country of France, 1976. However, Starstream Ride was written 7 years later at the Utarie Restaurant at Blok M in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1983. But the concept for the song, as I've done before came years earlier and I kept in my head. Back at Luira, in an old stone shepherd's hut, in '76, I was living off tuna fish, macaroni, and vitamin pills and drinking volcanic spring water from out of the mountainside. The unwritten verse appears on the scroll at the end of the clip. It was near Jerbier du Jonk, the mountain that is the source of the River Loire that flows to St. Nazaire and out to sea. At night the stars were so clear I wept. We are all the star-surfers. We are flying through a stream of stars. Why do babies seem to cry unnecessarily? They realize they are slowly forgetting where they came from. This is the land of forgetfulness. The Earth. But the blue of the deepening evening sky will tell you of "the other side". Where watchers team to usher in the child through the stars' wind-blown smiles into hope's courageous beam. I'm sorry if you disapprove of my florient use of English, but your latest brand of jived-up butchered speak has a thing you never noticed: it's robbed you of your power of speech. I've already forgotten my sixties hippie lingo. It faded out. If you say, "it's you..." in stead ...
  • Glease Is The Word , the Glee Grease Crossover Tumblr Roleplay. What would happened if Glee was set in the 1950's where guys wanted a T-bird over a sports car, girls fainted over Elvis instead of Bieber and they hand jived over pop and locking? Here's your chance to find out. Come play your favorite character as if they were in the Grease movie. Pick if your character will be a Tbird, a Pink Lady, a jock or a normal Glee member. Can Mr. Schue work around all the greasy drama mix and teach the students how to sing, trying to bring them together? Or will is just be a greasy mess? And outside of Glee, what relationships will blossom? Will the Tbirds stick with their Pink Ladies or will a jock or someone else catch their eye? Join us and decide. Check the character list here: Read the rules here: Get the application here: Apply here: Hope to see you there!
  • Get Jived Winners Neighborhood Mortgage is excited to announce their "Get Jived" contest winners.
  • Ron Paul Local Fox News Coverage Evansville, IN 12-17-2007 The day after the record-setting Tea Party money bomb, our local Fox affiliate follows up on the event's success. They did get the figure wrong, but that was really the fault of the campaign as they left an outdated statement at the top of their website saying they'd raised $5.4 million, instead of the more than $6 million they actually raised. They need to get on top of that and not let it happen again. Mistakes like that cost BIGTIME! If their information had jived with my press release as it should have, it would have been bigger news. Anyway, this local coverage was the result of a lot of effort notifying the local media with press releases detailing our activities. I suggest more groups do the same. When you have an event, try to tie it in with something larger that might get national attention, and make sure you notify ALL your local media outlets beforehand so they know what you're doing! Also, try to be seen at events you know they're already covering. This has worked well for us too.
  • Chandels' 50th Reunion Teaser The Chandels, fondly remembered for their milestone performance at William Aberhart High School's, 25th Reunion, return for a gala appearance at the 50th reunion. You could smell the Viagra in the air as alumni cast aside their walkers, cranked up their pacemakers and jived to the rockin' sounds of Calgary's favourite 60's band. The video of this monumental event is currently in post-production and will be released here on You Tube soon.
  • pokealex: Partially jived to design a cool app UI for #URMC intranet. Too bad it will never see daylight - instead I'll be adding portal links.
  • insatiaboo: I just jived with PoppyStV! It was ever so pleasant. @PoppyStVincent
  • artsedge: This popular musical hand-jived to Broadway in 1972, several years before the hit film adaptation.. http://bit.ly/k5IXQ2 #artsed
  • pittuck23: @JennaSchillaci me and @ladygaga jived all night yesterday whilst u was out getting #wavey. Beat that! Holler me Gaga!
  • ham2001: Some one put the kettle on please,I can't be jived to move : )
  • mdjcajunlawchic: @jamiedurietweet They're gorgeous!! Oh how I wish my inner green thumb jived with my outer one..lol..
  • FreshPrinceOfHU: A competition w/ judges who cnt dance. Wht hole did they find Lil Mama in?She shuckd & jived in 1 video & now shes a DanceHall queen? #GTFOH
  • TheRedHotRocket: Jumped jived and wailed the night away with @OuiOuiEncore !
  • kellytron5000: RT @DamienPatterson: He Jived with a Falafel in His Hand. #upbeatfilms @JohnBirmingham
  • DamienPatterson: He Jived with a Falafel in His Hand. #upbeatfilms @JohnBirmingham
  • sonjawithaj1: @RealReeceShears You jived! And sang! With a pig! It was brilliant- we loved it. Still gutted Psychoville nearly over but Betty is great.
  • caseydoherty90: @MrTom1989 hahah have u been jived recently lol he's on in october yano xx
  • iamkbianca: I bet you all know that I am a Kermit Tesoro fan! wooohooo. Major gaga because now, jived na si Kermit and Lady Gaga! Congrats!
  • thunderkitty69: Getting ready to hit the studio next week, realy jived about it all ..should be fun ..glad you found a kick ass GF you deserve it !

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  • “This is big news. Bushmaster have licensed the Magpul Masada! It will be mostly the same but with additional features such as firing pin block and ambidextrous”
    — Magpul Masada is now Bushmaster ACR | The Firearm Blog,

  • “PeterC's blog. A Journey Around 3/4s of the Horsenality Circle. Posted Thu, 10/21/2010 - 18:56 by PeterC. I've been warned again and again that Arabs are "crazy". Even Arab horse owners on the Savvy Club Forum are proud of just how Blog and her recent post entitled "Love your Problems" jived with”
    — shareparelli team |,

  • “The finish was incredibly short, which jived with the incredibly boring impression made by this bottle. Support Forum. Themes. WordPress Blog. WordPress Planet © 2010 Terroirist. All Rights Reserved. Wordpress Theme by Free Web Templates”
    — Terroirist,

  • “Our faves were saved this week on "Dancing WIth The Stars." 's blog. read full story. Dancing With The Stars' recap: April 13. Tue, 04 Our favorites were getting it while they jumped and jived on "Dancing With The Stars" last night”
    — Blogs | Welcome to S2, s2

  • “You're Gettin' Shucked and Jived by the Senate - Part I. Submitted by around here we call that "gettin' shucked and jived." By the way, that 1302(b) that is”
    — You're Gettin' Shucked and Jived by the Senate - Part I,

  • “I look at the images at the side of this blog and am genuinely surprised what my unconscious mind painted years ago. These images The Art Not Hate workshops jived perfectly with what she was trying to teach, and she decided to get more involved”
    — Blog | Art Not Hate,

  • “Welcome to the new ! If you're an active Do Gooder, you may have noticed that we went live with what we're calling Beta 2.0 of Daily Challenge The results were clear: everyone jived with the concept of doing random acts of kindness but desperately needed an easier way to get it done”
    — What's new with | Do Gooder Daily,

  • “Perhaps it's the Yankee in me––relatives who will remain unnamed have been known to pick up nickels off restaurant floors––but I was born a thrifty girl. So when the economy tanked and belts were tightened, I was already in the habit of living”
    — Money makeover: 20 ways to slash your grocery store spending, yukifans001

  • “Sock hoppers," "daddy-o's" and "hep cats" cooled their jets and jived the night away with the Steadfast "Rebels for a Cause. The Sabres players, family, friends and fans jump, jived and jammed the night away and raised money for cancer research”
    — Catwalk for Charity - Buffalo, NY, 14075 - MyBuffalo Blog,

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