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  • Jobbie Nooner 2007 Gull Island - Harsens Island. Love it or hate it, it's tomorrow Friday, "Jobbie Nooner is no place for children," say previous party goers, "this is definitely an. — “Harsens Island News - Harsens Island MI”,
  • jobbie (plural jobbies) (Scottish, slang and childish) A piece of excrement. The dog left "Have a look at that jobbie!" (UK, informal) a job, normally a task rather than a form of employment for which. — “jobbie - Wiktionary”,
  • The Jobbie Nooner also known as the Mardi Gras of the midwest[1] is an event that began in the 1980s[2]. Auto workers who called themselves "jobbies" would pick a Friday and take off work at noon to party at Gull Island (Lake St. Clair, Michigan) for the day[2]. — “Jobbie Nooner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Jobbie Nooner 2007, Aerial Photographs From The Great Lakes, Michigan, Detroit Skyline, South East Michigan & Midwest, Great Lakes Shoreline, Construction, Ships, Boats, Lighthouses, Harbors, Sand Dunes, Michigan Stadium's, Construction Projects,. — “Aerial Photography by Don Coles, Great Lakes Aerial Photos”,
  • Yearly party that is held on Lake St. Clair (near Detroit) every summer. — “Jobbie Nooner”,
  • View jobbie nooner Pictures, jobbie nooner Images, jobbie nooner Photos on Photobucket. Share them with your friends on MySpace or upload your own!. — “Photobucket | jobbie nooner Pictures, jobbie nooner Images”,
  • 's mission is to bring a little laughter and promote Jobbie Nooner and the Longest Raftoff on Lake St Clair!. — “”,
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 is going to take place on Lake St. Clair (near Detroit, Michigan). Joobie Nooner history says that it is a wild island party that is held on Lake St. Clair (near Detroit, Michigan) twice every summer. Celebrating. — “Jobbie Nooner 2010 date, history, pictures and route details”,
  • The focus Friday was clearly booze, boats, beads, and well, bods as thousands gathered on Gull Island Friday for the annual Jobbie Nooner event on Lake St. Clair. Don't worry, we won't bore with you the details, just hundreds of hot shots from the skintastic alcholo-soaked party scene. — “Jobbie Nooner 2010 | Metromix Detroit”,
  • More items about jobbie nooner similar to this Video. Fingerbanging at Indy 500. A look at the Indianapolis 500, where America comes to party, drink, watch the race, party, and drink. A College News writer describes the chaos that takes place behind the track, including a mobile stripper party. — “Joobie nooner - jobbie nooner”, jobbie-
  • Seattle Cakes - Wedding Cakes - Specialty Cakes - Desserts - Jobbie's Incredible Cake Creations in Seattle WA. Spending many years perfecting the savory side of cooking, Jobbie realized his true passion was to combine both of his loves, art and food!. — “Seattle Cakes - Wedding Cakes - Specialty Cakes - Desserts”,
  • Jobbie's Surf Camp Costa Rica | Mal Pais. Whether you're an avid surfer, passionate yogi or a lover of tropical beaches just looking to relax, Jobbie's Longboards Costa Rica Surf Camp is the place for you. If you stay with us, we promise your trip will be nothing short of amazing. — “Costa Rica Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat | Mal Pais | Buy Biaxin”,
  • Today is the annual explosion Nooner Jobbie on the island of gulls in the northern end of Lake St. Clair. And hold the party, and is known for heavy drinki. — “Jobbie Nooner 2010 is today”,
  • queue WARNING: JOBBIE NOONER made me and my dog go CRAZY1,674 viewsTheMOMANYC queue jobbie nooner 2010 just got there and started t 1,046 views911tomp. — “YouTube - Jobbie Nooner 2010”,
  • jobbienooner jobbie-nooner jobbie nooner gull island lake saint st. clair boating party moot muscamoot harsens island jobbienooner jobbie-nooner jobbie nooner gull island lake saint st. clair boating party moot muscamoot harsens island jobby. — “Flash Intro Page”, jobbie-
  • jobbie nooner 2010 Good northern wednesday price in shallow bud around the islands. Jobbie Nooner..Looking for ladies that fit the bill !!! Stonehenge 2010 health bay thumbnail are launched near the pixels summer. — “Jobbie nooner 2010 date: ®”,
  • Today is the annual explosion Nooner Jobbie on the island of gulls in the northern end of Lake St. Clair. — “Jobbie Nooner 2010”,
  • Jobbie Nooner 2009 - June 24, 2009 wednesday: the big Detroit Fireworks, downtown on the riverfront. June 26, 2009 friday: JobbieNooner - at Gull Island (northeast of Detroit). — “Jobbie Nooner 2009 Images, Latest News, Videos, Tweets”,

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  • jobbie nooner 2010.wmv
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Shannon At the end of the event slopyness. I had a GREAT Jobbie nooner this year thanks to the Tikki Boat team. Hope to have another slopy summer this year... Bring it
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Pole dance #2 @ the top of the Tikki Boat More PG video... (2) Total strangers dancing on the second deck of theTiki boat at J1. This is being filmed by Aaron from the first deck.
  • 2009 jobbie nooner stripper pole 5 toeknee
  • Jobbie Nooner on Lake St. Clair June 2008
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Pole Dancing Video #4 - There NOT strippers... it's just alcohol It's a GREAT summer party on Lake St.Clair Gull Island. All the boaters take a day off work to party on the lake!
  • Jobbie Memories!!! 0001 My life at Tongue Point Job Corps in Astoria Oregon to the best song to describe it all. Wtih a little help from my friends. thank you to all who are in this video. you all changed my life. I love you all!!!
  • jobbie nooner 09 0001
  • SC4 - Waylander Vs Jobbie Waylander (Siegfried) Vs jobbie (Nightmare)
  • PSL PES08 Jobbie Vs Austin 1-3
  • neighbor tom jobbie nooner and muskamoot boat party Neighbor Tom gets a small taste of the summer time on the water in Detroit for our friday morning Jobbie Nooner party at muskamoot bay. lots of craziness. SUBSCRIBE today and check out the site
  • I hope i get a jobbie! Part I Watch as i show you the struggle of getting a jobbie, and dealing with peers and my Tourettes. its a gas.
  • Jobbie Nooner Phatparty 2010 A flavor of the Jobbie Nooner party 6/25/2010 -- the biggest boat party of the year at its peak of corpulence. You really need to be here to get the full effect, but this will give ya an idea of the titanic Gull Island blast. This video courtesy of the Phatman, Billy Moe, Robbo "Gilligan" Edwards, Nancy and the rest of the crazycew on the boat aptly named Happy Hours --- Cheers!!
  • Jobbie nooner June 2009 Detroit Michigan Gull Island Jobbie nooner June 2009 Party of the hook
  • Attack Of The Killer Jobbies Just when you thought it was safe to eat a high fibre diet........ Attack Of The Killer Jobbies! An action packed horror comedy where giant turds take over the Earth.
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Attempt to board Z-man / 955 boat (1 of 2) I attempted to board Z-mans boat but I'm NOT a hot chick so.... I gave my camera to HOT Carrie and sent her up there... Check out VIDEO 2 (2 of 2)
  • jobbie nooner 2010 just got there and started to drink. so far so good we just got there and started partying. iy was 83 sunny, perfect day. no waves. tons of people there. was a great time.
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Pole Dancing Video #5 The summer lake party Jobbie Nooner on Gull Island in lake St.Clair attracts a large crowd! This video was a late group of diehards. For more info. visit -- /budbash
  • Jobbie in Crysis Crysis captured using Fraps. 4:30am
  • Getting a jobbie II After getting rejected from Taco Hell, I slowly start getting irritated and pick at every little thing under the sun, because I have Tourettes.
  • 2009 jobbie nooner stripper pole 7 toeknee
  • Crownline Racing through the waters @ Jobbie Nooner You can Purchase this boat @ Year: 1995 Make: Crownline Model: 266 Hours: 500 approx Engine: 7.3 Bravo 3 This boat is in amazing condition, it has a sleek looking hull that will make you double take Its a extra tall hull and you can almost stand up in the cuddy. Cuddy is in great condition Dual props 266 CCR/LTD On a Eagle Tri Axle trailer for a very smooth pull. Boat has too many extras to name. Comes with camper top, Bimini top & boat cover.
  • 2009 jobbie nooner stripper pole 6 toeknee young stephanie gives it up to the stripper pole captain (how sweet)
  • Jobbie Nooner 2009 June 26 Gull Island Sweetest place on earth to be
  • Jobbie Nooner 2009 Party Boat @ Jobbie Nooner - Gull Island 2009
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Attempt to board Z-man / 955 boat (2 of 2) "HOT Carrie up top" My camera is with HOT Carrie now.... The camera work is a bit shaky but its the only way I was seeing what's going on up there. Maybe next year we will link-up with 98.7 AMP radio and get them on top of the TIkki boat.
  • Jobbie Nooner 09 Girls on the stripper pole
  • Jobbie Nooner II 2010 Test Clip Animoto Jobbie Nooner II 2010 Test Video clip for - TESTING PURPOSES ONLY!
  • Jobbie Nooner 1 - June 25th 2010 Jobbie Nooner 1 2010 (Lake St Clair, MI) I know this is on my youtube dive channel, but there is no diving in this video. Just a fun day with a lot of friends. No nudity, some language (thanks Tootie).
  • Mudpool take 2 - Jobbie 05.08.07 mudpool By Grabthar's hammer! :P
  • Jobbie Nooner 2010 - Pole Dancing #1 Here is a short Video clip where the girls still have their swim suits on. The Lake Party Jobbie Nooner June 25th 2010. If you would like to see my photo collection friend me on facebook. -- BudBash HoughtonLake -- /budbash
  • SC4 - Jobbie Vs Vampyrknight JUST BEAT IT!
  • Billy Connolly ~ A wee beige jobby Airplanes, and British Rail toilets. Filmed in 1982 at The Cambridge theatre London. From the DVD "Billy Bites Yer Bum Live/Hand Picked By Billy"
  • Jobbie (Flipbook Collage) Raffles Design Institute Student Flipbook Collage Animation Exercise Mr Sloppy Moppy gets an internship at a chemical plant but loses his eyeballs. His boss appears out of nowhere & demands he fill in some forms before he can receive first aid. But that's not gonna get Sloppy Moppy down, he is an intern, & an intern never quits!
  • Jobbie nooner The ride home
  • 2009 jobbie nooner stripper pole 2 toeknee
  • Rockness 2009 - Cuban Brothers - Jobbie Touch The hilarious Cuban Brothers at Rockness 2009, singing "Jobbie Touch" to humiliate Clemente after he did a jobbie in the tour bus toilet and they made him fish it out.....
  • DHayward119: @ek6891 Dunno, I don't smoke. Like a Duke Nukem/Wolverine jobbie or maybe a Clint Eastwood?
  • WhtsheafShifnal: @Nick_Raybould omg I hope it's not going to be a surgical removal jobbie! Yikes 
  • _happyline: @vanx89 jobbie = poop in scotland lol. i should get a job when im back right.... idk..
  • Hans399: @tomgreenlive I hope I get a jobbie I have my fingers crossed!
  • D_D_S_78: @LegoGorilla @Lloytron Not worth the extra for 3d as was a post production jobbie a la Piranha 3d. My mate's fault but threw enough toys out
  • this_is_ashleyx: @sophie_kirkwood your appointment was at 9 in the morning though, doesn't take you 6 and a half hours so shh YA JOBBIE!
  • sophie_kirkwood: @this_is_ashleyx ortho actualllly! so shh ya jobbie, how was school without me<3
  • zachfulkerson: The hunt for a jobbie continues!
  • elzTroNaut: @Joshatroni I'm joking...we'll see how it pends if I get. Jobbie!!
  • MarissaCarterOF: @debbie_odonnell it's been empty a long time, might go to hell for saying this but my bets are it's an insurance jobbie
  • xrobynivory: @Real_Liam_Payne stop being a jobbie and follow me :)
  • Smashley627: I just want to lay in my bed.. Buttt I told myself I'm going to the gym. Today's 2 months till my bday which means 2 months till jobbie!!!
  • Nickbrewer91: @Gaz23Brown yeah sound jobbie, I'll drive what times ko?
  • thebulldozer88: @painter93 ronnies head will go john higgins has nerves of steal he doesnt do a jobbie for the whole world championship x
  • design_dummy: yay! i get to see my lil bro Jobbie
  • Hayley1408: @Chudzy_J ohh i miss you too - i still think youre just on a day off when youre not in lol. how is the new jobbie? xx
  • ampersandwich: Ach, "my" chair at this client's office has been replaced with someone's broken jobbie. #thelifeofafreelancer
  • ignitescot: @Dropxdeadxfred windows 7 is a jobbie.
  • Carminered: @s_pass Nah. nixed the satin one. This is a black lurex halter necked jobbie. Flatters neck and shoulders - arse not so much....
  • quantumbagel: @cripesonfriday Oh, hon. That makes me sad. You should've swapped a beanbag with a jobbie in the obstacle course.
  • joeyhashish: @Ragin_Spice phone not arrived yet? Is it regular post or dhl kinda jobbie?
  • ellekaremama: How are you today?? I am absolutely exhausted!!!!!! Jobbie!!!!
  • ShortieDuopp: @iiSmokeTreeease lmao, we not finna fight about this lol aaaaaaaand congrats lovely on ur jobbie :D
  • SheilaMcWade: @aurora111 I've got a rabbit fur-lined yoke, a rainhat from Avoca, quite a lot of wedding do-dahs, a mantilla, a baseball jobbie - oh, tons!
  • Baby_Paw: @XkerryX90X The first one was quite scary in parts, the second one was silly. I believe there was a third one too, straight to DVD jobbie.
  • aimsoo: Just out a shower sitting on the couch with Christopher watching the pool due to go sleepy it's jobbie :(
  • TiaTaya_: Oh lawd walk go sainsbury lol RT @GrimSickers1: @TiaTaya_ over the till jobbie...I'm pissed off I needed to buy credit
  • GrimSickers1: @TiaTaya_ over the till jobbie...I'm pissed off I needed to buy credit
  • BarrySnidetats: RT @sportspunter01: If you like Bolero, the old Soviet Union national anthem and Andrea Bocelli, then the French entry is just the jobbie for you my friends.
  • sportspunter01: If you like Bolero, the old Soviet Union national anthem and Andrea Bocelli, then the French entry is just the jobbie for you my friends.
  • upwardaction: RT @AlexisNeely: Are you running a jobbie or a business? Join the Evolution & check out my interview with @caroljsroth to find out
  • Kaymie_Niall1D: @NiallOfficial look jobbie mr bump chicken...just some words iv to tweet you :/ if you see this besure to follow
  • MissyMac77: Ek's sooo min lus vir die skoonmaak jobbie...only thing keeping me going is,if I finish this today, I'm freeeeee for the rest of the week!☺
  • fieldmarshallB: @thingsbydan under the wheels or windscreen jobbie?
  • bohoparadox: @shellsdraai Its time I go stock up too, got one peep toe ankle jobbie last week. I need more! #DamnPaydayDelay
  • picalili: @Gabriella_SH no couldn't find on watch & no response. Might have to be a you tube jobbie. Boo!
  • AmbushPredator: Ambush Predator: The Perfect Person For The Job(bie)!
  • enternoon: Appalling inverted snobbery from Lloyds pharmacy. On their medicine cassette jobbie they refer to the 6pm dose as "Tea time."
  • ezzatisaid: Haha okay shall try and be positive. Real work starts at 12.12. And I shall start looking for a jobbie today~~
  • Special_Defect: @static_22 only if you don't interrupt the blow jobbie I'll be getting. I'll give you a call when I leave home. Be about 30 mins.
  • lutra_lizmo: @Gigalo_joe Jobbie merchant works out well though.
  • Stevoyoungs: @DottieLottie1 ah man..of course you've got the Android jobbie with the slideout keyboard...what an arse..#frustrating . #newphoneneeded ;-)
  • Coacky: how can people cringe at the word jobbie, its gid!
  • Baggie_Bird: @PSN_Eweor @yid1o @blueboyf what do u expect he's a jobbie hahahaha
  • yodudeitslauren: dad just stole my phone and started texting people :L he text wendy " your a wee jobbie " :L so funny
  • andymedcalf: @tigerkj64 @mightymariner I'm assuming it's a standard two-leg affair, and not a ridiculous one-off jobbie? #mightjointhebandwagon
  • bicketybam: This is going to be a very long month, if I have to abstain, so I can get a jobbie.
  • gg9ajd: @r8ton: paid for a jobbie. It just wont transfer!
  • AlexisNeely: Are you running a jobbie or a business? Join the Evolution & check out my interview with @caroljsroth to find out
  • AnthonyDoe: @LowfieldsLad77 think so...It'll have to be a daytime jobbie though...while the kids are at school...I'll see if Whitehouse fancies it
  • sharishort11: @pearlypops dude I just saw your L.A. Video randomly on YouTube! And Tim saying Jobbie! Hilarious! Hope your well! When r u back in the us?
  • bunnyismydaemon: Just back from run-ran 10 miles this week so treated myself to scone, jam and cream. Cheated by buying 'just add milk' jobbie and....
  • heybootie: i got a jobbie job! thank you god, you were giving me the cold shoulder for awhile but you came around :)
  • aimsoo: Taking dad to airport he's going to France tonight jammy wee jobbie, me and mum gonna go spend his ££££ hehe love our lives
  • stonedisland70: I hope his next jobbie is a hedgehog
  • xPaynettes: I'm here hehe! I'm watching Little Britain - hilarious. Can we give the jobbie a codename? HA - A
  • xPaynettes: Mimi! The jobbie struck again. 3 TIMES LUCKY - A
  • brockhallfarm: @matkiwi @granthawthorne yes, fab! I have a long lance weedkiller-flame-thrower-jobbie I can keep in readiness to flambé the blighters! ;-)
  • hey_sweetpea: Good moooorning! Getting ready for my first day at my new jobbie. #nervous
  • JadeBloomer: @KIRSTENMAURA I prefer the word jobbie. makes me feel more girly :)
  • paqster: That's 18 holes of golf done.. 6am tee off killer but great weather for it! Off to Traff Ctr now.. A quick in and out jobbie!!
  • dc_semy: @Blakenificent lol lol errbody love me, err errbody love -- you ain't messin w/ my jobbie!
  • LyndseyBarronxx: RT @LSStokes: Patter, Chebs, Jobbie are just a few new words i've learnt this week. #fact @MrsChloeHoran @LyndseyBarronxx :)
  • mrschloehoran: RT @LSStokes: Patter, Chebs, Jobbie are just a few new words i've learnt this week. #fact @MrsChloeHoran @LyndseyBarronxx :)
  • LSStokes: Patter, Chebs, Jobbie are just a few new words i've learnt this week. #fact @MrsChloeHoran @LyndseyBarronxx :)
  • teeteemarie55: @kellymarie313 We need to secure Jobbie plans soon..Fb also informed me that we have 60 days lol
  • itsDice: @Davey_Boy_Smith Dont know what a blumpkin is but blow jobbie, nah, not for me pettle :/
  • itsDice: @Davey_Boy_Smith Eh? do u know what a jobbie is? It be brown in my world
  • itsDice: @Davey_Boy_Smith Who you calling a jobbie? Pick a windy, you're goin through it!
  • SmurphPTFC: @alandavies1 Rumours are his name rhymes with Jobbie Spleen or Frying Pigs. The footballer(s), anyway.
  • sanj89: @PushStartDaniel liking that...looks like ikea jobbie...hope you got a dreamcast to hook up...the white console would stand out well on that
  • ChattyGirlx: @IAmEmmaLately no because your a big fat jobbie and because of you i cant watch family guy !!!!
  • ag_x3: aye connors away dayn a jobbie in ma toilet:L and he's makin noises:(:L ; @_connorwallace
  • paolomojo: Horrible scratchy non air con double flight can't leave your seat in between 9th circle of hell jobbie. Passengers drooling at exit door.
  • frankiilynn: Back in #YEG and it feels fab!! New day tomorrow @ my new jobbie - couldn't be more excited! Happy Easter love #jesus :) off for a pedi!
  • FussyLilAngel: @davesmith247 Me too :) its a play album jobbie :)
  • alisonsculler: tomatoes, beans, carrots, peas all just starting to sprout. Taking photos to try and do a timelapse jobbie

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  • “OK, it's not Lake Michigan But it looks like a good time! It looks like it'll be held on Forum Founder and Administrator. Joined: 03/25/2006. Location: Fishers, IN. Online Status: Offline. Posts: 4142. Post Options. Post Reply. Quote Nauti Rogue. Report Post. Quote Reply Topic: Jobbie”
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  • “Please purray that Momma's laptop doesn't cost a squillion dollars to fix (especially since she lost her jobbie recently) Details are on my blog entry. ~ Katie Kitty Too's Mom. Lee Ann, of Wee Paws Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas, is”
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  • “Bike Forum. Rear mech cable thingy jobbie. 7 posts & 6 voices | Started 1 year ago by sv | Latest reply from prettygreenparrot. Tags: No tags yet. sv - Member. You know the u shaped thing that (I think) turns the old big loop of cable into a nice pseudo Sram staight cable”
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