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  • Overridable Function Interrupt( _ ByVal jobName As String, _ ByVal groupName As String jobName. groupName. Return Value. true is at least one instance of the identified job was found and interrupted. — “Interrupt Method”,
  • p4 [g-opts] job -o [ jobName ] p4 [g-opts] job -i [ -f ] Description. A job is a written-language description of work that needs to be performed on files in the depot. It might be a description of a bug (for If p4 job is called with a jobname argument, a job of that name is created; if that job. — “p4 job”,
  • jobname (plural jobnames) (computing) The identifier assigned to a job by an operating /wiki/jobname" Categories: English compound words. — “jobname - Wiktionary”,
  • A Print Job's JobName attribute is set to the value supplied by the client in the Print Request's attribute set. The printer should generate the value of the Print Job's JobName attribute from the first of the following sources that produces a value: (1) the DocumentName attribute. — “Jini Print Service API v1.0: Class JobName”,
  • JOBNAME: 271338_E_Binnenwerk PAGE: 4 SESS: 11 OUTPUT: Fri Mar 28 09:55:46 2008 SUM: 0061E338 JOBNAME: 271338_E_Binnenwerk PAGE: 1 SESS: 9 OUTPUT: Mon Feb 11 09:25:40 2008 SUM: 01B7998E. — “TABLE OF CONTENTS”,
  • jobname: Sandblast08- orig filename: _3VN8725.NEF orig date: 2/9/2008 shutter: 1/1250 f stop: 8 ISO: 400 lens: 40 mode:Shutter Priority r+j:0 Serial num: 3016708 actuations: 8753 latitude longitude altitude 0 satellites speed 0 jobname: Sandblast08- orig filename: _3VN8858.NEF orig date: 2/9/2008. — “Picasa Web Albums - Combustion Cycles - Sandblast Ral”,
  • LACT,JOB=jobname or SYS=sysname. Use this command to obtain CA-7 information on jobs in specific jobname or generic such as JOB=GSAJKN*. The Q=queue name parameter is optional and the. — “Mainframe Materials: CA7 Basics & Commands”,
  • use msdb begin try DECLARE @jobname varchar(128) --SET @jobname = 'Backup Data' --SET @jobname = 'Backup Differentials' --SET @jobname = 'DBCCs' --SET @jobname = 'Rebuild Indexes' SET @jobname = 'Update Stats' begin transaction CREATE TABLE #reorder_jobsteps. — “SQL Server Agent Job Query Samples - SQLServerPedia”,
  • For the Alert object, the JobName property represents the name of the SQL Server Agent job run in response to the represented alert. Setting the JobName property on the JobHistoryFilter object restricts the output of the EnumJobHistory method of the JobServer object. — “JobName Property”,
  • JOBNAME: No Job Name PAGE: 1 SESS: 1 OUTPUT: Mon Nov 8 11:39:07 2010 JOBNAME: No Job Name PAGE: 2 SESS: 1 OUTPUT: Mon Nov 8 11:39:07 2010. — “Volume 24 Part 3 pp 253-377”, .au
  • Jobname. Logic. Body. Clean. Friends. Workdays. Salary. Security guard. 0. 0 Jobname. Creat. Mech. Char. Friends. Workdays. Salary. Golf caddy. 0. 0. 0. 0. — “::Snooty Sims::”,
  • JOBNAME: No Job Name PAGE: 1 SESS: 17 OUTPUT: Wed Jul 20 16:08:34 1994 /pssw01/disk2/economic/wc92a/0/02ack JOBNAME: No Job Name PAGE: 1 SESS: 13 OUTPUT: Thu Jun 23 15:09:25 1994 /pssw01/disk2/economic/wc92a/0/07txtgui2. — “Census of Wholesale Trade”,
  • · jobname is an optional job name; if specified, input is read from We have found it convenient to use the following naming convention: jobname-n_m.avg, where n is the threshold level for the clustering and m is the. — “Using Cluster”,
  • If the TeX source file 'foo.tex' is processed by TeX, then \jobname is set to 'foo' TeX is run interactively, then \jobname is set to 'texput'. Retrieved. — “TeX/jobname - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks”,
  • Step 1 Issue the operator command P jobname from the operator's console, where jobname is the identifier of the batch job or task to be stopped. The Agent Database Display command (F jobname WLM) lets you know which applications and. — “Operating the Cisco Workload Agent for OS/390 [Support”,
  • Getting JOBNAME/USER/NUMBER for the CPYSPLF Command. I want the CLP to do the CPYSPLF without the user having to fill in the JOBNAME/USER/NUMBER When I look at the spool it is a job called QPRTJOB/PERSON/093515. How can I get these parms into CPYSPLF?. — “Getting JOBNAME/USER/NUMBER for the CPYSPLF Command”, as400
  • This report is written to a directory named JOBNAME_RPT (where "JOBNAME" is the jobname of your current session) Note: The jobname portion of the HTML report filename and directory. — “ModelChecker”,
  • locally joblog: joblog -n jobname complete run log of defined job jobstate: jobstate Display buildserver job status keep: keep -n jobname -j jobno [-c comment] Keep jobname for build jobno from being automatically deleted kill: kill -p pid -s. — “”
  • A Print Job's JobName attribute is set to the value supplied by the client in the Print Request's attribute set. The printer should generate the value of the Print Job's JobName attribute from the first of the following sources that produces a value: (1) the DocumentName attribute. — “JobName (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)”,
  • The 'jobname' found is usually the name of a parameter file in tables/form/text. ( tab) >jobname (nl) job: (jobname) (program to run) trace: (jobname) test: (jobname) default-output-name: (Outputname in progs.FipSeq) This is used to determine any "$o" for output name which is NORMALLY used. — “Ipformd < FipDoc < TWiki”,

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  • Multicam 3000 Series CNC Router MultiCams 3000 Series CNC routers are loaded with standard features normally associated with more expensive machines. Rigid all-steel plate frame construction and the all-steel, moving-gantry design allows machining of large parts while maintaining a small, space-saving footprint. The ATC (automatic tool change) option gives the user maximum machining flexibility. Designed for a wide range of medium-duty panel processing applications, the 3000 Series machines are the perfect solution for companies looking for both value and high-performance in a CNC router. 3000 Series Standard Features: No machine offers more standard features than the MultiCam. ■All heavy steel gusseted plate frame construction ■25mm linear ball bearing profile rails for maximum stiffness ■MultiCam EZ Control User-friendly operator interface ■High Speed 3-axis Motion Control ■12 Megabytes of Memory with unlimited file size transfer capabilities ■Standard Ethernet or RS232 direct connections ■2 phase digital brushless, synchronous electric motors are standard or Eclipse brushless ■AC servo system is optional ■Automatic Tool Calibration ■EZ Suite software ◦Connection Manager ◦Job Name Server ◦Job Editor ◦Job Reporter. Yes, you do get Ethernet, Automatic Tool Calibration, and one of the easiest to use hand held interfaces for no additional cost!
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  • The Job Name Game We had so much fun making The Animal Name Game video that we attempted to amuse ourselves in line once again -- this time naming jobs in alphabetical order. The line was for Space Mountain and we had 40 mins to kill.
  • Create a Preset Template Learn how to set up a "Preset Template" that you would use to create a common job or service with just one click. The template uses preset assemblies you've already created but allows you to add a job name and special notes , along with attaching unique Terms & Conditions. Now you can create entirely different estimates and invoices based on the template that is chosen. A great tool for companies with diverse services. Speeds up estimate and invoice creation.
  • NAGC: Dio the Stygian I like the job name better than kgc's dio Basic Combo: ZZZZZ Dash Attack: →→ ZZ Skils: Death Scythe Death Star Rake Hand Vengeful Sword Necrotic Infernal Spear Death Star Upper Cut Dominate Flash Blade Phase Edge Onrush Blink Shatter Fist Black space Haunting Shock
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  • Prakash Varma - Discovery DIRECTOR: Prakash Varma JOB NAME: Discovery CLIENT: Incredible India
  • Victoria's Secret - I Love My Body (30 sec) DIRECTOR: Amir Mokri JOB NAME: I Love My Body CLIENT: Victoria's Secret
  • Space_NK: @campbell_hayley Or @LivingProof Full Shampoo & Conditioner which are great for coloured hair too:
  • mercuryblue: NEW JOB: Western Dental Sciences Anesthetic Suite. Following below link for viewing and download
  • ncrovatti: RT @NParron: #Viadeo recrute : Please RT ! #MTA #PowerMTA #Postfix #Qmail #Exim #Sendmail @Work4Viadeo

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  • “In 1999, Mavenspire was founded with a specific goal: help businesses refine their visions and meet their goals. Our expertise in For jobname-Backups.bat, change the names of files to the new names you're using. For jobname-CreateViews.txt, change the names of volumes and the names of the views”
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  • “I recently moved my blog to this site. So, if you get a "Not Found, chances are the post you are looking for is still here on my new blog”
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  • “VisualCron - advanced task scheduler and automation tool for Windows was misleading, the name of the file has no relation to the Jobname string that I am trying to extract”
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  • “serverInstance) $[$JobName].start bnem on Using Sharepoint UserGroup Web Service with InfoPath Forms Service. Ian's Blog Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved”
    — Ian's Blog " 2008 " December,

  • “[Archive] How to determine the jobs name in a Page Feature Harlequin RIP Products the name in the Qutput Controller is not the correct jobname, there is instead the name of the channel”
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  • “Below is a sample XML file that includes an href in the jobname field. [CDATA[National Aviation”
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  • “Intellipool Network Monitor - Forum > Intellipool Network Monitor > Lua scripts. Backup Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
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