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  • On May 16, 1953, Jocko helped Tim win the Grand National race at Unfortunately, Jocko was forced to retire from "driving" duties two weeks later in. — “ - The Official Tim Flock Homepage”,
  • Jocko Homo Rants. This is Jocko Homo dot Net. If you want "dot com", then go to "dot com". I have no idea what that guy's site is about, but if you have any inkling that you will see more of the same here, then you are a putz. Actually, that might not be the best word to use. — “Jocko Homo”,
  • Jocko Underwear, stretchs to fit wonderfully! Get jocko underwear and you will come back for more Now also featuring Jocko casual and Jocko Gym Wear!. — “Jocko Underwear & Swimwear”,
  • Myspace profile for Jocko Sims with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - Jocko Sims - 29 - Male - Los Angeles, California”,
  • Jocko, 1776,american war independence, horses, george washington, small black boy this site 'JOCKO the first american child hero' copyright © Waymon Lefall 2006. — “JOCKO_the_first_american_child_hero”,
  • Jocko Active: '80s Genres: Rap Instrument: Producer Biography Douglas 'Jocko' Henderson ranks with Daddy O' Daylie and Hot Rod Hulbert as one of the. — “Jocko: Information from ”,
  • : Jocko (9780803263819): Jocko Conlan, Robert W. Creamer: Books [ Jocko has an] almost primitive zeal for baseball and conveys it in colorful anecdotes."-New York Times Book Review (New York Times Book Review ). — “: Jocko (9780803263819): Jocko Conlan, Robert W”,
  • jockos jazz Jocko Arcidiacono. Proudly Presents: The best jazz in the Merrimack Valley is at. The Sahara every Tuesday. Support live music and keep the jazz coming. — “jockosjazz”,
  • Dr. Jocko is an educational tool to help kids learn about all aspects of their health. Ask Dr. Jocko a question and he'll be sure to get back to you. — “Dr. Jocko”,
  • It's your engineer, Jocko, your Ace from Outer Space, way up here in the stratosphere, back on the scene with the record machine, sayin' oop-pop-a-doo and how do you do. Click below for more memorable Jocko New York radio Rocket Ship Show airchecks (audio clips). — “Jocko's Rocket Ship Show”, 1960
  • Buy jocko at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “jocko - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Definition of jocko from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of jocko. Pronunciation of jocko. Definition of the word jocko. Origin of the word jocko. — “jocko - Definition of jocko at ”,
  • Jocko or the Lawn Jockey is seen in the South and in the Appalachian's of the United States. Jocko Graves, a twelve-year-old African-American, sought to fight the Redcoats, but Washington deemed him too young and ordered him to look after the horses, asking Jocko to keep a lantern blazing along the. — “Jocko - Lawn Jockey”,
  • Jocko's, Danville, IL : Reviews and maps - Yahoo! Local, 217.443.6500. Get Ratings, Reviews, Photos and more on Yahoo! Local. — “Jocko's, Danville, IL : Reviews and maps - Yahoo! Local”,
  • Jocko is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What's happening? Join today to start receiving Jocko's tweets. Jocko. Mos-Def's "The Ecstatic" is my catalyst for explosive morning. — “James Alex (Jocko) on Twitter”,
  • Welcome to JOCKO's online store. Please come back often as products Let us know if there is any way we can serve you better. Thanks. Return to . 2009. — “JOCKO store”,
  • Jocko Cunningham, a former racing driver who competed in the SCCA/ECAR Formula Atlantic series from 1986 to 1990 Jocko Halligan (1868–1945), a professional baseball player who played outfielder in the Major Leagues from 1890–1892. — “Jocko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Jocko was lost for six months and through the help of great people and a lot of hard work, he is now home and safe. This site will give you information about his story and his journey, and tips on things to try to if your pet is lost. — “ - Lost Dog Jocko is now HOME!!!”,
  • For the past 15 years Jocko Alston's dynamic brand of. storytelling Jocko has had successful stops in the Dominican Republic. and was a requested artist for a. — “Home”,
  • Definition of jocko in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jocko. Pronunciation of jocko. Translations of jocko. jocko synonyms, jocko antonyms. Information about jocko in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “jocko - definition of jocko by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Shop our large selection of jocko gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique jocko designs. Fast shipping. — “Jocko Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • JOCKO: clothes, accessories and lifestyle activities for the urban, gay or forward-minded man to look good and feel good. — “JOCKO”,

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  • Troy Donahue and Jocko Greaser to square and vice versa
  • Best JOCKO HOMO ever ... Mark Mothersbaugh wants me. At the Phoenix concert theatre on Nov 23/09. The second time he came to me (he jumped on me during Praying Hands). My hands were shaking uncontrollably by the end of the song. They tell us that We lost our tails Evolving up From little snails I say it's all Just wind in sails Are we not men? We are DEVO! Are we not men? DEVO! We're pinheads now We are not whole We're pinheads all Jocko homo Are we not men? We are DEVO! Are we not men? DEVO! Are we not pins? We are DEVO! Monkey men all In business suit Teachers and critics All dance the poot Are we not men? We are DEVO! Are we not men? DEVO! Are we not pins? We are DEVO! Are we not men? DEVO! ... Are we not men? We are DEVO! (x 12) ... I've got a rhyme that comes in a riddle! O-HI-O! What's round on the end, high in the middle? O-HI-O! All together now: God made man But he used the monkey to do it Apes in the plan We're all here to prove it I can walk like an ape Talk like an ape I can do what a monkey can do God made man But a monkey supplied the glue Are we not men? We are DEVO! (x 8) We must repeat: DEVO! (x11) We must repeat: OK LET'S GO!!!
  • Jocko Homo (1982-10-30) As far as I'm concerned, a long Jocko Homo is a good Jocko Homo. This is no exception.
  • Jocko Sims various tv and movie scenes with Jocko Sims
  • DEVO in Seattle 11/08/09- "Jocko Homo" + 4 song snippets! On 11/08/2009, the almighty DEVO returned to Seattle to perform their 1978 debut album "Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO!" in it's entirety in front of a rabid crowd at the Moore Theatre. Here are brief snippets of "Space Junk", "Mongoloid", "Come Back Jonee" & "Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin')", plus ALL of "Jocko Homo". Shot from the balcony with my trusty ol' Canon digital camera, this isn't the greatest quality footage ever posted, but it's really not all that bad, either- you can at least tell that it was a TOTALLY rockin' show. Are we not happy? :) (NOTE: I have posted a much larger (re: better quality) clip of just "Jocko Homo" as well.)
  • Devo - Jocko Homo Live 1978 Audio Only Devo November 3, 1978 Walker Art Center Minneapolis, MN Off Warner Brothers Master Tapes Lyrics they tell us that we lost our tails evolving up from little snails i say it's all just wind in sails are we not men? we are DEVO! we're pinheads now we are not whole we're pinheads all jocko homo are we not men? DEVO monkey men all in business suit teachers and critics all dance the poot are we not men? we are DEVO! are we not men? DEVO god made man but he used the monkey to do it apes in the plan we're all here to prove it i can walk like an ape talk like an ape do what a monkey do god made man but a monkey supplied the glue we must repeat ok let's go!
  • Jocko - Rhythm Talk Jocko - Rhythm Talk 1979
  • Do You Like Cats? Rainybeetle gives you a wee chuckle while you wait for the next Pasta Ad!
  • Miss B- Grown Man( Pictures of Jocko Sims from tv series Crash)
  • "JOCKO BEACH" SILVER LABRADOR silver labrador in the surf
  • "Jocko Homo" DEVO Live @ the Forum in London May 6th 2 Recorded live at the Devo concert in London May 6th 2009 at the Forum in London
  • DEVO jocko homo devo video Are we not man jocko homo
  • Jocko - Rhythm Talk - Disco Rap 45rpm Rapping over "Aint No Stopping Us Now " from Jocko. Big in clubs back in the day. 1979.
  • Jocko Homo Jocko Point Fire Dept
  • Reliable Bull Jocko Besne 180HO9612 cows website: htttp:/// facebook: twitter: Jocko Besne is the world wide sire of sons famous bull! Sierra Desert Breeders is happy to work with Sersia France to get this bull available to our customers! Not too many dairymen don't know who this bull is and now he is available in the United States!
  • Jocko Sims Presents Kiowa: Round 1 A young hip hop prodigy is discovered by Jocko Sims.
  • "Everybody's uptight" (Jocko Henderson) "Everybody's uptight" (Jocko Douglas Henderson-1982) Sorry for the outro...some technical pb...
  • Jocko Marcellino interview with Richard Crouse regarding Woodstock Original Sha Na Na member Jocko Marcellino remembers Woodstock on the occasion of the release of "Woodstock: The 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition."
  • DEVO - JOCKO HOMO - Dallas - 3-18-09 DEVO playing Jocko Homo during an encore at their SXSW warmup show in Dallas.
  • devo-berkeley 10/27/88- jocko homo + satisfation In a segment from the April 1989 episode of my old cable show EYE SEE MUSIC is DEVO recorded live in Berkeley California on October 27, 1988. They perform two DEVO classics JOCKO HOMO and SATISFACTION.
  • Waldo talking about Jocko
  • Devo - Are We Not Men (Jocko Homo) Live 9:30 Club Devo Live- Are we not Men Jocko Homo
  • Devo - Jocko Homo - 1978 - France LIVE
  • Head Up by Jocko Sims Crash, Jocko Sims, Panic, Anthony, Crash Series
  • Michael Hurley- Jocko's Lament Jocko's Lament by Michael Hurley. from the album: armchair boogie
  • "JOCKO" SILVER LABRADOR 10 week old silver labrador retriever
  • DEVO - Jocko Homo - Austin, TX - 3/27/11 DEVO performs "Jocko Homo" in Austin, TX - 3/27/11. Notice the descending banana over Josh during the strip tease portion. (Gag by DEVO VO band members had no idea). Video shot by Michael Pilmer/Devo-Obsesso. Feel free to distribute this on Facebook & Twitter. To use anywhere else, please contact [email protected] for permission.
  • Devo Jocko Homo live Manchester UK 2007 This was so great! A bit of camera shake as the balcony was bouncing up and down.
  • Frank Black - Bill Jocko & Cactus live at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. CD release & benefit concert for Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy.
  • Jocko Homo Devo EZ Listening
  • Devo Space Junk & Mongoloid & Jocko Homo From their 1978 album Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!. Produced by Brian Eno.
  • DEVO, "Jocko Homo", Summerfest, Milwaukee, July 4th, 2010 DEVO, "Jocko Homo", Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 4th, 2010 Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO! More DEVO videos:
  • DEVO-Jocko Homo-live in Arkon O-HI-O (10-17-08) Devo preforming Jocko Homo in O-HI_O for Obama fundraiser.
  • Raphael Chicorel - Walking With Jocko
  • Jocko Sims- Head Up ( TV Series Crash)
  • Jocko The AW WOMEN'S JOCKO jacket from DENHAM the Jeanmaker. Backstory outlining design-inspirations. Carrying traces of 1990's German Air-force Bomber. The concept is built in rubberized canvas with melton facings as well as a limited-edition of RECUT version made from disassembled Dutch Army Poncho macintosh fabric combined with wool from Army Blankets.
  • Mark Mulcahy - Bill Jocko MM performs Bill Jocko in 2001 at the Baystate Hotel in Northampton, MA.
  • DEVO "Jocko Homo" live in Japan 2003 This is a scene from the SICK VIDEO dvd "DEVO: Live In The Land Of The Rising Sun".
  • Devo, Jocko Homo (We Are Devo), Live in Concert, Nov. 2009, San Francisco Devo performs "Jocko Homo" (Are We Not Men? We Are Devo.), Live in Concert, November 2009, in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom. This Concert is part of a special concert where the album "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo" is played in its entirety. Great high energy show! Yes, the crowd moves (and sometimes, the camera with it). Devo is re-releasing their two albums: "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo", and "Freedom of Choice", with Digital Remastering and other new tracks.
  • Jocko Homo (1988-11-03) The weirdest rendition of the song ever.
  • Rainadezines: RT @KikaGinger: Riding @JeffOxKargola Street glide with all our friends. @sunny_garcia @mmhagy Danny Damien Trigger Jocko, and all the girlfriends.
  • HubiesesWilcox: I am about to post something that will change YOUR LIFE ....FOREVER... ... #Jocko
  • Lucky_Erin: Hey, know where I can get me some shades, Jocko? http:///s/101694866
  • christinaxgaga: Birmingham and Los Angeles; Jocko really does have the 'best' of both worlds :')
  • seangeraci: see y'all at the hoedown tonite. rollin down with @dannypat18, mercer, and jocko?
  • TomMeiklejohn: @kazbat Line from Devo's Jocko Homo is wot it is. :o)
  • KSmith__: @jaycipaige12 haha wow.. she quit because she got called to el salvador cuz she's a nurse for the army and then she got a job at jocko's...
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet I know, he just didn't suit lostprophets I don't think, but jocko on the other hand, he's perfect!
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet and me! Jocko is the best one they've had though, seriously if it wasn't for him we would have the blogs. :)
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet Oh that reminds me, i've got a right picture of them all drunk, not Jocko though.. It's Mike Chiplin, i'll post it now.
  • KikaGinger: Riding @JeffOxKargola Street glide with all our friends. @sunny_garcia @mmhagy Danny Damien Trigger Jocko, and all the girlfriends.
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet I would jump on Jocko first, so Stu would be lucky to not have me there, they all would haha.
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet I met him as well hehe, & sean ;D Jocko talks like me, brummie fo' lyf! Haha & they were so lovely, I could relive that day~
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet Got a hug off them all! Had a hug off jocko when he had no shirt off, did I melt? Yes I bloody did! Haha.
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet I met Jocko, Mike and Jamie 10/10/10 at a celebrity footy match for charity, I can remember every single minute of that day~
  • chloeprophets: @Sarahhprophet i'd cry with all of them hehe, but gotta' be said.. Jocko is my fave, when I met him I was so close to tears but I kept them~
  • MarpleLeaf: @DanClough87 @ewoodpugz me and my Jocko mate @rogerrodeo are heading down to see the crescendo of demise
  • IANSMIC: @Rach_FIR Was tempted to say "OMG, I had no idea". Apart Jocko of course. :)
  • Bazzamatazz: Fag vending machines to be banned in jocko land. It's health and safety gone mad!
  • stephen_luka: RT @angelicatecson: @mYudhi @junoSTEVE @ItsJoshOMFG @akusiMAE @candy_sommers @stephen_luka @Laura_macedoo @kit_kForce_d43 @Gamer__Guy @jocko
  • Summerhill_Stud: THIS ONE'S FOR THE HEART: JOCKO GRAVES“The Faithful Groomsman” The trademark on most Kentucky farms is a statue...
  • datedick: chaserdave commented on the photo 'Jocko jock 038' Got to get me one of them!
  • eclecticbfly: Wolverine 1966 Jocko The Clown Hand Held Pinball Game http:///ChClcm
  • LegacyAuction: May22: Strauss Jocko Golfer Tin Wind Up-when cord pulled, golfer swings & whacks gravity-fed balls which are missing but can be replaced
  • TerriIvens: Boyd ur life is my movie! RT "@boydmatson: The story of Jocko the dead monkey in our vehicle and his pix on my website"
  • boydmatson: The story of Jocko the dead monkey in our vehicle and his pix on my website http:///
  • Clannibal: LOL, "So I was laying in bed with Jocko and I couldn't get to my iPod." -me. "Yeah so anyway, like I was saying." -Angie. LOL! OH ANGIE. <3
  • BrunswickRelay: Scotch doubles, Jocko's, Bake Sales, Car Washes, Hot Dog Sales- All fundraisers going on this wkd! Come support all our teams! See website!!
  • chrismcg77: @jockomo141 @nattasha_b @tiffw88 @thereallaine @ghostdevil @4eva_ripley @travistrump @enigmardt @1prettyblood wattup Jocko
  • stayinchrist: This Sunday, our very own Vicki Pierce and Mike Costello will be playing at Jocko's Bar & Grille from 3:30-7:30! Come and support them! :)
  • jockojackamone: @haleyxmichellee @MMoulson @grabs40 looking good Hales. Wanna go out with The Jocko sometime?
  • rjwilson: Nothing in the world can be better: #ksleg adjourns to sine die. Next day your dad calls & says "jocko (river gump) called, the rivers up!"
  • MyFathersImage: Shall we Evolve at the Speed of Thought? SEE @SCIInstitute; Listening to Jocko Homo - 1978 - France by DEVO http:///play/nn8q9
  • stephen_luka: RT @angelicatecson: @mYudhi @junoSTEVE @ItsJoshOMFG @akusiMAE @candy_sommers @stephen_luka @Laura_macedoo @kit_kForce_d43 @Gamer__Guy @jocko
  • ItsJoshOMFG: RT @angelicatecson: @mYudhi @junoSTEVE @ItsJoshOMFG @akusiMAE @candy_sommers @stephen_luka @Laura_macedoo @kit_kForce_d43 @Gamer__Guy @jocko
  • _LoveSammy: @NorrisPaul oh boy jocko syndrome is spreading *tweets up larry*
  • xhjiher: vídeo. -- Maxine Brown - Funny - Awesome Early 60's Soul Ballad (from rare Jocko H... vía @youtube
  • sheabuttabrown: RT @AngieMjia: RT @DainaSancho: Now#Following>>>>@SHEABUTTABROWN @fjamu @AngieMjia @kspecial @khin_zarchy_oo @tfbpromotions @twiterhero @nisha_maryn @jocko
  • jockomo141: “@4Eva_Ripley: @jockomo141 awwwwww jocko!! He's so cute :D awww thank you :D how ya 2 day ?” everything kool Princess chillin
  • 4Eva_Ripley: @jockomo141 awwwwww jocko!! He's so cute :D awww thank you :D how ya 2 day ?
  • DJL78: @GordonWright Hush Jocko, your health service doesn't count!
  • Stivesfox: @RobbieSavage8 great article, agree Lenny should walk away he does not deserve the jocko nutters no life 4 him n his family
  • Harvest_House: Rocko: I know a restaurant where you can eat dirt cheap. Jocko: But who wants to eat dirt?//LOL! Dude, got another joke?
  • Abigailprophets: lallaalallaal gavin butler tweeted me mwhaaa. I have now spoken to, Gavin, Sean and Jocko. :DDDDDDDDDD
  • PinkLips_PIMPIN: this boy who i already dont like at school named Jocko tried to rash me over a basketball shot. Umm ?
  • camwelltrust: @jockojohnson safe jocko,i'm in a band called @TWTband would it be cool if i sent you over some recordings, see what you think? we r frm brm
  • MisterRemix: That's Mister Gorilla to you, jocko. RT @Fishr: @MisterRemix and because u live at the zoo ya baby gorilla.
  • neloot: Camp Lo featuring Tracey Amos - Coolie High (Jocko Production) (1997) [HQ]
  • Corlan_Dashiva: @Thesleepingwolf I was going to reply but it slipped my mind. Obviously you didn't emphasize JOCKO enough.
  • Hiqutipie: @jockomo141 Thanks Jocko!! Have a GreaT Day!!!
  • Thesleepingwolf: @Corlan_Dashiva since you ignored my last message to you, I will ask again , less than 2 weeks to the Duke & Jocko return-will you be ready?
  • seventhsamurai: Desperately craving steak from Jocko's Steakhouse in Nipomo, California. Best steak ever! http:///4wj213
  • dorazio6: Want to congratulate my former d-coach in London Jocko on his job with the Sting. One of the best d coaches i have ever had! Good luck!
  • supertensai: Leftover Jocko's, an awesome ride on Ontario, See Canyon and Avila Beach, and back in time to walk Chako out on Pismo. Sweet!
  • lcabbabeh: THESE JOCKO #NUTjOBS ARE GETTING out of hand !!!
  • JasonRSmith37: @BSmooth316 Don't let #Jocko read this tweet about you drinking Coke.
  • mikelewislp: @jockojohnson @stageleftsean @_rob_lister_ @snozisawesome @seansmithsucks jocko put me down in cologne.. My hip still hurts. #redvsblue
  • Stageleftsean: @_Rob_Lister_ @mikelewislp @snozisawesome @seansmithsucks @jockojohnson I'm on about cologne, someone put mike down. Thought it was Jocko.
  • jockojohnson: RT @Stageleftsean: @MikeLewisLP @_rob_lister_ @snozisawesome @seansmithsucks wasn't it Jocko that put you down in cologne? I remember u crying in the corner.
  • Stageleftsean: @MikeLewisLP @_rob_lister_ @snozisawesome @seansmithsucks wasn't it Jocko that put you down in cologne? I remember u crying in the corner.
  • jessicaaarrrrrr: Oh. Apparently Jocko RT'd me tonight. I retract my previous statement.
  • jessicaaarrrrrr: Remember when Jocko actually used to reply to me? Shame that doesn't happen anymore.
  • Abigailprophets: Oh yess, got a reply from Jocko. Mwhaa <3
  • Chibi_Rawr: @IANSMIC You really don't need to ask jocko that dude ;) it's lostprophets.. It's gonna be GOOOOOD! :') x
  • alicia_peck: Jocko likes to steal my phone....
  • jyzhou: Jocko is so cooll it is just ridiculous like wow what a guy
  • xMamaCherryx: Haha Too bloody right!!! RT @crashandburn79 @DIAMONDEYESx well if it's jocko and Lisa then he doesn't have a choice lol
  • jessicaaarrrrrr: Ian, Stu, Jamie, Mike, Lee, Jocko, Gavin, Sean, Bob, Rhys, Jay, Matthew, Snoz, Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray. The order of my Othello quotes!
  • MyFathersImage: Listening to Jocko Homo - 1978 - France by DEVO http:///play/nn8q9 Is this the Global Devolution of the Middle East?
  • IANSMIC: @lpslyrics Was a great night - DP is from that night. Have the one of me and Jocko on Twitpic as well, plus some more of me and Ian
  • IANSMIC: @lpslyrics 4 of us had Ian and Jocko to ourselves back in September. Was a great night. :) Saw them before and after the DJ set. :)
  • fuzzyrandolph: @sadcox I will let you know when I start my 6 laps. Then Jocko's. Push til you puke will be later.
  • sahrudi_tama: Check out this site: sahruditamaindo93 RT @RianyLA: @sahrudi_tama @TheJBieber @Biebscoffee @kit_kForce_d43 @Gamer__Guy @jocko
  • ShawnkHTirolcm: RT @4Eva_Ripley: @ShawnkHTirolcm @ghostdevil @jockomo141 hey just saying u want loyal dats jocko thur n thur
  • 4Eva_Ripley: @ShawnkHTirolcm @ghostdevil @jockomo141 hey just saying u want loyal dats jocko thur n thur
  • 4Eva_Ripley: @jockomo141 jocko ! Awwwww dats so cute , :D thank u needed hugs today xoxo u guys r da best
  • Meloni282: Update: Jocko follows 'Oprah' on local TV: After his appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" this afternoon with ...

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