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  • Official website from the Marine Corps. — “Marine Corps JROTC”,
  • The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth is a network of counter-recruitment organizations and groups throughout the United States of America and its territories. The web site maintains a national database of Counter-recruitment. — “JROTC - JROTC”,
  • I am an Army JROTC cadet. I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school, and the corps of cadets. I am loyal and patriotic. I am the future of the United States of America. I do not lie, cheat, or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds. — “Fourth Bde JROTC”, ajrotc.us
  • Welcome to the Magruder High School Army JROTC Program's website! Please come inside and take a look around to see what we are all about!. — “Home”,
  • schools/Bandys/jrotc/_layouts/formserver.aspx?XmlLocation={ItemUrl}&OpenIn=Browser schools/Bandys/jrotc/_layouts/xlviewer.aspx?listguid={ListId}&itemid={ItemId}&DefaultItemOpen=1. — “Home - JROTC”,
  • JROTC, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a military program, taught by retired military instructors, that was established in middle and high schools around the nation nearly 100 years ago. Today there are 3000 programs nationwide, affecting over half a million students. — “JROTC in LAUSD”,
  • The NJROTC program mission is to instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. — “Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Home Page”, njrotc.navy.mil
  • JROTC HQ order your personalized id engraved dog tags. School fundraising packages with no out of pocket expenses! JROTCHQ carries your supply needs nameplates, arc pins, rank , insigna and much more. All your school junior rotc needs. — “DOG TAGS! JROTC & School Fundraising dog tag packages”,
  • This page was formally the main page for La Porte High School J.R.O.T.C. If you are looking for La Porte specific information, please continue on to . Schools currently hosted at . La Porte High School (http://). — “LaPorte High School JROTC”,
  • JROTC's purpose is to instill in students in secondary education insitutions in the Responsibilities of the National JROTC Program. Develop policies and procedures for the. — “Valley High School: JROTC”,
  • Shop on the Internet for jrotc with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on jrotc. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Jrotc”,
  • Welcome To McDonough High School Army JROTC. Principal of McDonough High School. Mrs. Assistant Principal In Charge of JROTC. Mrs. Peggy Tisdale. Senior Army. — “McDonough JROTC”,
  • The Army's Service to America. The Official site giving full details and information about the Army JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. — “Army Junior ROTC”,
  • JROTC Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!. — “JROTC Wiki”,
  • Welcome to the Ripon High School Army JROTC website. This website is filled with information and events regarding RHS JROTC. If you wish to contact us, please click on one of the links below. This page was last updated on: September 15, 2010. Scholarships. Army vs. Navy football game. Camps. — “JROTC”,
  • Chicago JROTC Air Force JROTC. Middle School Cadet Corps. Chain of Command Photos. JROTC. City Corps Staff. Citywide JROTC Calendar. JROTC Podcasts. JROTC Cadet Awards. Director of JROTC's Coin of Excellence. Army JROTC Awards. Marine JROTC Awards. Navy JROTC Awards. Air Force JROTC Awards. JROTC Photo Gallery. — “Chicago JROTC”,
  • A Navy JROTC cadet salutes during the parading of the colors ceremony held at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) is a Federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools across the United States. — “Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • News Tagged JROTC' JROTC SUMMER CAMP 2010. JROTC Annual Military Ball. JROTC Annual Military Ball. More Art Inside Life International Trips JROTC LAF Liberal Arts Fair math. — “JROTC – Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School”,
  • It contains a large amount of information from a budding online encyclopedia of JROTC related information in our JROTC resources page to information about current JROTC and future JROTC events on our calendar. This site is constantly evolving. — “Welcome to the PBHS JROTC Battalion website | PBHS JROTC”,
  • Information on programs, history, academy, news, and more. — “JROTC”,

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  • VA American Legion JROTC Drill Competition - Video 2 American Legion Dept. of Virginia JROTC Drill Competition State Finals - JROTC Teams from Patrick Henry, Heritage, and Culpeper High Schools compete at NAB Little Creek during the Dept. Spring Conference. This video features the Patrick Henry Armed Exhibition Team. Video shot by my daughter, Samantha.
  • JROTC Central High School ST Joseph, MO Video This is a video of JROTC Central High School ST Joseph, MO.
  • Waltrip HS JROTC Federal Inspection 2011 CSM Briefing Portion The Waltrip High School Battatlion Command Sergeant Major's portion of the Federal Inspection briefing. Sharpness was key here as so with all the other briefers. We rocked it! The briefing is an overall briefing of what we do in Waltrip's JROTC program, and the CSM portion covers the CSM duties, responsibilities, and teams.
  • Wren Shoe shine tutorial for Navy JROTC Supplies -Shoe Polish -Water -Cotton Balls/ Old T-shirt
  • JHHS JROTC Drill Team Commander Cadet Sgt. Channing Mattingly and the John Hardin High School Drill Team compete at Henderson County High School on 10/30/10
  • Dysart High School Army JROTC Color Guard Varsity Carl Hayden Drill Competition 02/26/11 Dysart High School Army JROTC Color Guard Varsity Cal Hayden Drill Competition 02/26/11 American Flag bearer/Commander: Nick Garcia Jr Arizona Flag bearer: Edward Paul Armijo Arizona Color Guard: Alexander Proper American Color Guard: Jesus Gobea
  • Zach 1-15-2011 JROTC Drill Team Competition They got 1st place!!! Yeah!!!
  • Lowell Drum Corps - JROTC Fall Competition 2008 Talk about DC here at sfdrumcorp.co.nr 1st place - Lincoln HS 2nd place - Lowell HS 3rd place - Galileo HS
  • Marines Perform for Chicago JROTC Cadets Excellence on Display Battle Color Detachment wows JROTC The Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment performed at Soldier Field for a crown of around 800 JROTC cadets while at Marine Week Chicago. Cpl. Bryan McDonnell has the story. *I claim no ownership to this media file; all rights reserved to the USMC.
  • Marines Ambush JROTC Kid A couple of my Marine buddies and myself Inspecting JROTC
  • EPIC JROTC VIDEO Mami Killian JROTC raiders, and Drill Teams
  • Army Jrotc Recruitment Video This is the new recruitment video that we're using for Pickens High School. Took me half of the year to get all the shots and everything uploaded and editted. Hope you enjoy, cause i've worked hard on this =)
  • JROTC Uniform uniform
  • Mexico Academy USMC JROTC 2009 Armed Duel Drill Team 2009 Sr Stephan Shorter and Jr Jake Sullivan were unbelievable in competitions in several states. Mexico Academy and Central Schools is located on the shore of Lake Ontario in upstate New York
  • Marine JROTC Color Guard
  • Army Jrotc Class A Male Jacket Placement (Officer) As opposing my past video of the (e) ranked Cadeds (Enlisted) I have gotten my promotion to Cadet Captain and here is the setup for the uniform, to officer standards, as stated in the revised cadet manual. Also, I have tips on how to keep your ribbons in a uniform look on your jacket. For any questions, just drop a comment!
  • Kapolei HS Marine JR ROTC On the morning of August 22, 2011, the campus at Kapolie High School welcomed the presence of the only Marine Junior ROTC program in the State of Hawaii.
  • Military Monday: Worst Part of Bootcamp, ROTC/JROTC (BF3 in 1080p) Hope you guys enjoy, "LIKE" now if you do, because it really does help!! :D Last Military Monday: Subscribe! Follow me on Twitter! Become a Fan on Facebook! Buy T-Shirts! ***Sign up for Dropbox FREE! Thanks! db.tt *** Music: Thomas Vo-Ten Thousand Purchased from SoundCloud Armored Kill Playlist! Close Quarters DLC Weapon Reviews! MTAR-21 ABC's of BF3!! Subscribe! ABC's and 123's Season 1 HUB Video
  • Clinton Missouri JROTC Raiders Clinton Missouri High School JROTC 2008 Raider Competitions
  • JROTC Male Raiders- pt 1 JROTC male raiders at the Winter Banquet (2009) in Francis Lewis High School
  • Army JROTC Uniform This shows the Army JROTC Uniform. If more detail is needed just ask.
  • Far East Exhibition JROTC This performance earned 1st place. Any immature, disrespectful criticisms or comments to ANY team, or schools will be deleted. Know that whichever branch/type/school you are, all JROTC aspects should be respected among cadets. Instructor Top McNair says at the end: ""Listen up, calm down. Calm. Down. Is that understood? What can we do about it? What else can we do about it? So forget about it. Is that understood?"" -Competition is VERY serious for this school, and with his experience, Top knows throughout his years that sometimes cadets contemplate on what they didn't do right at performance. He then proceeds to calm those still in anxiety after the performance. Simply put, his "pep talk" is similar to the phrase, "there's no use crying over spilled milk". Info: Placing- First Place Exhibition Overall- Far East Champions 2007' 3rd Place Regulation Shooting 3rd Place Inspection Commander 1st Place Armed Regulation 2nd Place Armed Regulation Commander 2nd Place Unarmed Regulation 2nd Place Unarmed Regulation Commander 1st Place Colorguard 1st Place Colorguard Commander 1st Place Exhibition Trophies- i44 Competition- Far East 2007' Location- Middle School Gym, Air Base, Yokota, Japan Rifles: M14 Carbine Pic- Weight- 10-12lbs (depending on parts) Modifications- Demilitarized, plastic rear handguard, black/white paint Uniform: Blue-White Dress Uniform Plastic-firmed Covers Routine: The exhibition routine is the most difficult, physically ...
  • Jrotc Uniform Regulation This is a viedo about how to prepare the male class B. In the Future we will post viedos for the female class A and B as well as the male class A. If you want to listen to some jrotc podcasts go to itunes and search jroc or go to google and search jrotstuff. ALSO THERE IS A PART 2!
  • What is JROTC? Sooooo sorry I haven't explained before! I was unaware that everyone might not know what this program was! Follow me on twitter: /stephallijane23
  • LAUSD JROTC Military Ball 2011 Franklin High School *I do not own the songs*
  • 2009 JROTC Raider Challenge The 139th Airlift Wing sponsored the 3rd annual JROTC Raider Challenge, which brought together cadets from 11 Midwestern high schools.
  • JROTC Armed Drill Team Francis Lewis High School's JROTC Armed Drill Team at the Winter Banquet (2009)
  • JROTC female raiders The JROTC female raiders at the Winter Banquet in Francis Lewis High School
  • Marine Corps JROTC 'Video Yearbook' Project This is the Marine Corps JROTC 'Video Yearbook Piece' I did. Keep in mind that most the footage compromises of first and second year cadets and rarely has the upper class cadets. This is because the periods conflicted with the times I was able to film. But other than that, this turned out better than I thought it would,... No for the blooper reel :D. This video is set to the song: Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars No Copyright Infringement Intended
  • Why Join JROTC Watch in full quality! 1st Sergeant Stanley asked me to create one last project for him. This is a JROTC recruiting video for 8th graders who are going to become freshmen at Mount Miguel High School. The song used is "Blame it On the Pop" by DJ Earworm.
  • LT Broxton on USMMA-2nd Annual JPS JROTC Jamboree LT Tyrone Broxton, Diversity Admissions Officer at the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, addresses Jackson (MS) Public Schools cadets at 2nd Annual USMMA-JPS JROTC Jamboree at Forest Hill High School on Nov. 5, 2009.
  • JROTC ranks JROTC military insignia officer enlisted ranks
  • Unarmed Exhibition 1st Place JROTC Far East This was taken April 1st 2008 (I believe) at McPerry High School in Iwakuni Marine Corps Base Japan during the yearly JROTC Far East Drill Competition. This routine earned us first place which is really good considering that this is the first year that we have gone to far east with an unarmed exhibition team rather than an armed drill exhibition team. Team Members: Lexus Anderson Nicolette Jimenez Khaila Sun Triton Dagan Ryan Paras-Ronque Kirstie Llanilo Jude Naval
  • 2008 JROTC Drill American Legion Dept. of Virginia Northern Region Competition hosted by Liberty High School, Bealeton, VA
  • BHS JROTC Inspection truc and lynn looking retarded and Ana brought to tears.
  • Army Jrotc male cadet's class A placement Where the unit crest, rank, identification, unit insignia, brass and ribbons will go. This is designed for freshmen and underclassmen to ensure they have all the appropriate brass in the right place, polished, name plate correct, wreath correct and all other class A things correct and in order. Any questions should be commented and then will be answered followingly. I am willing to create as many videos as nessesary if any Cadet has any questions or concerns. I hope this helps! As stated, please ask for more information, answer from a concern, or just requesting another video.
  • Army Jrotc A video description of high school Army JROTC. JROTC is a great program and I encourage anyone in high school who has a couple free electives to take the class. Wednsdays are uniform days and and the uniform is free. There is NO I repeat NO obligation to join the Army or sevice period.
  • West Adams Prep HS JROTC All City 2011 Competition This is one of the competition videos from the West Adams Preparatory High School's All City Competition. Our school did a great job and landed in 6th place. We are very proud of our students.
  • Armed Exhibition 2007 JROTC This performance eventually earned 1st place after fine tuned for Far East 07. Any immature, disrespectful criticisms or comments to ANY team, or schools will be deleted. Know that whichever branch/type/school you are, all JROTC aspects should be respected among cadets.) Kubasaki Armed Exhibition, performance for the battalion a couple weeks before Far East. Routine was complete. But there was timing, synchronization, and minimal mistakes taking place. So there were still kinks to work on which we polished before going to the 07 competition. Rifles: M14 Carbine Pic- Weight- 10-12lbs (depending on parts) Modifications- Demilitarized, plastic rear handguard, black/white paint Routine: The exhibition routine is the most difficult, physically demanding, practiced part of routines. Usually consisting of elaborate and creative use of rifle drills including, but not limited to, spinning, throwing and catching with the rifle. Kubasaki Routine: Calculated to be a total of 300-350 counts of memorization. Some parts are not counted, but memorized to natural reflex of rifle drill/movement (such as ripple)

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  • “Fort Lewis Ranger newspaper's blog The mission of JROTC is not to put people in the service — our mission is to motivate young people to become better citizens," Mingus noted”
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  • “Blog. Raiders. November 14th, 2010. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Raider. and third in armed sq. Any member of Warrior Nation should be proud of the JROTC Drill team”
    — Nokomis JROTC – Blog,

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