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  • home > music > videos > grand kabare - darko filipovic kao tanja savic grand kabare. permalink: embed code: Enable iframe player. Statistics. — “Dailymotion - Grand kabare - Darko Filipovic kao Tanja Savic”,
  • Il nuovo singolo dei Kabaré Voltaire, tratto dall'album Sottosopra. Guardalo in HD 720p! Per informazioni, concerti ed altro, visitate il sito ufficiale www.kabarevoltaire.it. — “Kabaré Voltaire - Congedo on Vimeo”,
  • Kabaré is a town in the Bilanga Department of Gnagna Province in eastern Burkina Faso. · Doundougou · Fétary · Garpieni · Guinoama · Gomonsgou · Gninsonguin · Hartery · Harboungou · Karbani · Kabaré · Kiryomdéni · Kogodou · Koguina · Kolonkomi · Koulmasga · Moadéga · Moaka · Nagniangou · Ougarou. — “Kabaré - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pagoda Avalokitesvara tegak indah di lereng bukit " Bangunan indah ini terdiri atas tujuh Tiap tingkat memiliki 4 buah patung Dewi Kwan Im yang menghadap keempat penjuru. — “Kabare Semarang | Portal Berita dan Gaya Hidup Semarang”,
  • Kabare Kabare? Salam perkenalan buat semua. Aku duduk kajang, Tapi kadang2 lepak makan2 kat bangi. Kat Ghazal, Limau nipis, Kopitiam Bangi, pekena sup gear. — “Kabare”,
  • Kabare. Loading Like Save to Share. Short URL. Email Facebook Twitter MySpace queue Grand Kabare Sanja Djordjevic kao Hanka Paldumby Suljan190,219 views. — “YouTube - Grand Kabare, Milica Todorovic kao jelena Karleusa”,
  • detailed map of Kabare and near places. Welcome to the Kabare google satellite map! This place is situated in Central, Kenya, its geographical coordinates are 0° 31' 0" South, 37° 19' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Kabare. — “Kabare Map | Kenya Google Satellite Maps”,
  • Weather forecast for Kabare Kabare: city in Sud-Kivu (Congo-Kinshasa). Located at 02°28′05′′S 28°49′27′′E. The forecast shows local time for Kabare. — “Weather forecast for Kabare in Sud-Kivu (Congo-Kinshasa”, yr.no
  • Hutoryanka (1995)" Out of stock. Audio CD. Kabare-duet "Akademiya" "Tu-tu-tu na-na-na" "Kabare-duet Otpechatki palchikov" Na starom kladbische; Milyj Sasha; Na beloj lodochke. — “PeterShop - Catalogue - Music - page #297”,
  • Lagu Pengakap paling meletop!!. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy registration. File upload progressor. Multiple file transfer. Fast download. — “Salam Kabare - 4 - online file sharing and storage”, 4
  • kabare's golf page. Inluding his/her favorite courses, scores, stats, charts, and golfing friends. — “kabare's game”,
  • Kabare Blues Kabare Herrang 2004. Uploaded: November 7, 2006 at 5:34 pm. Author: Alex9190119. Length: 00:03:55. Rating: 4.6666665. Views: 4279. Tags: Blues Kabare Herrang Avlasevich Devatkina Tokareva. Maksa Kabaré Airport. Maksa Zoli vicces műsora az Airport www.humorajanlo.hu. — “Kabare Videos at Asiadog. Kabare Free Videos”,
  • This Swahili entry was created from the translations listed at catfish. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see kabare in the Swahili Wiktionary. This notice will be removed when the entry is checked. — “kabare - Wiktionary”,
  • The Drum Kit is part of our show "Kabaré Kalabalik" and "Ensam i flock". In this video, performed at Storan in Gothenburg.. The Drum Kit (Trumsetet) by Slagverksteatergruppen Komodo. Watch it on Myspace Videos. — “The Drum Kit (Trumsetet) Video by Slagverksteatergruppen”,
  • On a completely different note, Malta's leading ethnic band Etnika will present their show Kabarè Malti, featuring an 11-piece brass band in a 90-minute music, dance and theatre spectacle. Kabarè Malti is set in the tradition of the notorious Valletta city port cabarets. — “INDEPENDENT online”, .mt
  • Kabare, a Tutsi, was born in Rutshuru in eastern Congo in 1959. Congo, Rwandan forces under the personal command of Colonel Kabare, now Rwandan Army Deputy Chief of Staff, commandeered three. — “Military History Online - The Kitona Operation: Rwanda's”,
  • Listen to the Profile Playlist by Kabare Magare on MySpace Music, where you can stream full songs for free and purchase MP3s. — “playlist by Kabare Magare on MySpace Music - listen to songs”,
  • E-Kereta.Com Forum > Forum > Miscellaneous > Salvaged Topics > Newbie Introduction > KABARE. Posts: 1969. 1 Shall Stand, 1 Shall Fall Re: KABARE. " Reply #5 on: December 27, 2007, 10:17:46 AM " Wazzzz .Bro . Welcom 2 Da Club. — “KABARE”, forum.e-
  • With Google satellite map Kabare you will be able to see streets and even buildings in Kabare. Fastest way to view fresh, live google satellite map of Kabare!. — “Kabare map: Rwanda, Kabare fresh, live google satellite map”,

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  • Py kabare ... Slemania goes to Kediri 2007
  • Really deep track: "Ben's Story" - Kabare (Lyrics under 'more info') FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: Become a fan on Facebook: **ATTENTION** Fictional story inspired by the words of many rap legends mixed with my creative method. *This was not, in any way, made to offend/provoke any listener. I wrote this for two simple reasons: 1. To show people I CAN rap and I DO HAVE a passion for this ART. 2. To show people that I have a versatile style of rap and that I am always experimenting in my technique. Feel free to follow the lyrics below: Lyrics: I once knew this kid named Ben, imagination or something but uh..his life went a lil something like this Woke up in the morn, alarm ringing his tune Bright red on the case, sound Pac or Cube He would pound the long button, either snooze or something But he never really slept cuz the noise in his stomach Kept him up and awake, his whole body would shake He would try to ignore it, eventually lead him to snorting Crack cocaine, the only thing to numb the pain But momma had the habit, so this was bound to happen Papa left long ago, after mamma was pregnant Cussed her out for being dumb, forgetting protection They were drunk and confused, and she was left abused So every fight they ever had always left her all bruised She said Im done with this, the hell with all you do She deserved much better but he just wouldnt let her So momma called the cops, and had him arrested Pops was sent upstate, but she kept on stressing A couple months went by n her stomach grew bigger Neighbors ...
  • västerledens kabaré 2008 =)
  • Grand Kabare 2010 Ena Popov kao Dragana Katic,Seka Aleksic i Milan Stankovic
  • Grand kabare - Dara Bubamara kao Lepa Brena sajebacija
  • Kabare Detar Eniko - kabare
  • Defekt Duó Kabaré defekt duó a sas kabaréból
  • Leontjev - Kabare pesnja dlja pashi :D:D
  • Putuj Evropo Kabare Kabare Putuj Evropo
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  • Lark On My Go Kart (Remix) - Kabare Comment, Rate, Subscribe if you like!!! Prod. by Devin 'DeLaZoo' Harrison Lyrics: Mastered instrumentals in the madness Your attempt at rap, better define sadness gotta magic flow, so ma-gi-cal Its com-i-cal how Kharma goes Im beyond one of Kharmas foes, suppose That time rewinds, yet I was left froz-en And the path that Ive chosen, is it any good? Finna disturb the burbs cuz Im not from the hood Can you remember December, year was two grand Tree ember, my peace lender, too weak to stand Nah, never inhaled chronics Addicted to the words, yo I was hooked on Phonics Intellect my footprint, credit school private My parents well-invested yet money is an object 17 years, I never weeped tears But the many I have witnessed, got me hard in the business Busy with the quickness, hating ery sentence Like..Dog, what is this.. sickness he spittin?? krs one my philosophy step into a world remix live official 9mm goes bang video krs one sublime cover interview classic instrumental hip hop lives freestyle battle rap city 50 cent krs-1 south bronx criminal minded obama deception sound of da police mc's act like they don't know boogie down productions why is that stop the violence jimmy love's gonna getcha video remix live concert bdp boogie down productions poetry you must learn 9mm jayz doa doa Doa Doa DOA death of autotune Death Of Autotune 2009 blueprint BP3 drake kanye west JayZ NEW jayz wahidah death of autotune auto tune DOA kanye west t-pain auto-tune vocoder jay lil wayne krs one ...
  • Kőhalmi Zoltán - Kutyás ing
  • Blues Kabare Herrang 2004
  • Grand Kabare - Bata Zdravkovic
  • So Many Places - Kabare - Original Track Produced by The Desine - w/ Lyrics** -Much love to all my subscribers and supporters, means so much- 925 and counting :D. Help me reach the big 1K! Subscribe: Subscribe to Desine's Channel as well: Become a Fan: Follow Me: Follow Me: Lyrics: Wasn't raised on a block where they paid for rock Yet I was caged no locks, all real, no props Now them pages drop, mad wisdom in the bars I'm sick, you were meant to pause like menopause Get it, now I'm getting dumb with it, fun with it Never lazy on these beats, Iiii never been a bum with it Come with it, lyrical wit, sucka just run with it Know them haters hunted it, seen 'em all gunning quick The flow is so sub...uhhh, zero, the hero Of the underground, crown me like Nero I'm serious though, got me delirious yo Make 'em silent, several periods....hold up Now why is Kabare always talking on the mic? Shut it. Freedom of speech, ight? Ya kid, watch him spit, flu shot with the sickness You are now a witness of the realest in the business I've been I can say my mind wanders but that wouldn't even capture it Barely imagine it, save me from the madness I swear that I believe in, God, I'm not heathen But every word I breathe got me farther from peace Please, can you feed me the knowledge, I'm dying? Solace, I'm tryin, can't find it, must be hiding Mountain of Zion, steps back when I'm climbing These rhymes keep me moving like clocks do time Steady on the pace, wasn't ready for the race Heart heavy ...
  • Big Sean Ft. Drake - We Made It - Remix by Kabare with LYRICS** -Much love to all my subscribers and supporters, means so much- Subscribe: Become a Fan: Follow Me: Follow Me: Lyrics: Built to be the greatest, huh, you suckas faking huh No debate, when it comes to fate, I kill it duhh You lil cats don't know jack how to pummel that One takes when I spit it, jj-just run it back High on my steez-ness, man you don't believe it Ya'll be on that Ryan talk, I 'ready know your Secretsss (Secrest) On tracks, I'm the meanest Get aboard my train if you think that I don't mean it I swear they gone mention K, when I am held up Know that I am classic, Legend of Zelda Shut 'em down anyway, out of order signs And if I don't order mine, all order will decline I'm a monster on these beats, when I eat them up, no pleasing us I feed you dust, I read you plus, I'm the sickest and you suck Man, don't make me out to be less than what I am I'll shut you down up in a can, close you up with my bare hands Yeah.....And this on my behalf yo Infinite euphoria, their amazement always lasts bro Mission save the game, but this hero never wears capes My pen is an accomplice in your murder, jail-bate Peace and Love -K
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  • Dinca - Kuca Poso @ Grand Kabare 2010
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  • Who is Kabare? . . . CHECK THIS OUT!! Loved this instrumental, so I wrote to it :) Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!! Once again, thanks to all of my supporters..much love! Peace Lyrics: Yep introducing Kabare be da the new thang Spitting on mics like hello hello hello Haters be a few things For me the never rooting Bout ta squish em up like gello gello gello My fellow..ship Got dinero like Roberto So recognize my throne Yessir Im the pharaoh Block on deck Stocks up yes Stockholm syndrome Robbed the best rep Disabled ya fuses, crashin when ya losing Ya mind to the re-defined Rhyme scheme of a villain Im feeling to be the greatest hated Emcee makin them see Kabare seem scary Very, tactical scope-involved hitter For instance, my killer verbs are always deserved They gotta whole lotta nerve To extract what they heard And claim my reign is not heavily readily word-ed Influence inserted, desire is burning Im bout to cut em off like I was merging, swervin In n outta traffic, ballin like the Magic Fact is: my stat is Their want for fashion slashin, smashing like Im done with this Games been fun yall, so go have fun with it I stalled never ever Bound to haul stacks forever Ice picks when I spit Coldest flows need a sweater Ignite vendettas Cud Them rats ate your cheddar So now Im the target I expect more n pain less Hate this? Aka my greatness I secure change, you on some McCain wish So allow Kabare terminate The vocal speech is done Somethin to ruminate But the battles been won, son
  • Grand kabare - Dara Bubamara kao Dragana Mirkovic Grnand Kabare
  • Sás kabaré Sás Péter szöszenetei
  • Kőhalmi Zoltán - Kabaré
  • Grand kabare - Nada Topcagic kao Miroslav Ilic
  • Rihanna - Russian Roulette - Kabare with LYRICS** (remix) Definitely stayed up till 4:30 in the morning to upload this as soon as I reached 500 subscribers. I really appreciate the support, much love :D Lyrics: Can you feel this Heart's on the edge, will it drop? I hope not Try to think of better days, but it won't stop Put a twist on my rhyme scheme, haters like being The roadblocks on my path to that place so serene Keep pushing, this microphone is slowly dying So much weight, and I ain't lying, truth is I'm sick of cryin Thoughts dwell in the abyss, chronically clenched fists Ironic that I'm bionic, define me as the atomic The world wants me silenced, yet I still want the world A thousand pounds on my shoulders as boulders unfurl Finna throw this all down and say I'm done with this, have fun with it Good luck with it, don't duck and quit, stand firm and always love that wish But my dreams have been deterred So many times I've been knocked down, gotten to the point I'm running scared And I know to be aware of the shadows that will stare Can't shoot away my pain, but you can Test me, by this time you wouldn'ta guessed he Had his heart in scattered pieces, beyond where he could reach it Train his brain to think of other things, love is incomparable So terrible his mind would go a-round like this was merry-go Lost in the space, so vast with no direction Clearly not controlled, this was the last of my intentions Thought process, never thoughtless, we brought this Onto ourselves, but still....you can
  • Music On The Side by Kabare (prod. by D-Sisive) Original Track** FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: "Music On The Side" by Kabare (prod. by D-Sisvie) Lyrics: Seems like Im aiming for an invisible pedestal Im ahead of you, still getting lapped by these fools Its crazy, how am I supposed to make it When surrounded by these jakes that just fake it Talkin bout chains and the inches on the spokes Really man? Cant you tell that wealths just a joke? Ima go in, fully loaded at your bubble ima poke it Let reality inn, and just soak it Rhyme with a potent, vibe so you know it Take the lime, leave the light, call it success on the rocks While they poppin champagne A sucka rockin caves Top of the world But unlike Wayne, I aint gon drop it Points aside cuz Im getting off topic Earthlings make me sick, finna get up in my rocket And blast off into space N let my mind rewind to free time in my wake Now vibe and just Cop yourself a Caddy, rockafella nabbed me Nasty, cant surpass me, fathered-the-game call me daddy Spare me the hairy bullcrap It was scary, the very thought had barely Passed my temple for it buried I rarely, spit carefree when these suckas stand near me So hear me and fear me, microphone is quite nearly My weapon, and I spit with zero discretion Learn your lesson, stop messin, for I cap you rap adolescents I am a Synonym for bestest Rock-is-simply-the-essence Ev-er-y sentence just re-it-er-ates So understand I had to set this straight Am I dreaming? Cuz this world aint what it used to be Seems like my pad only friend ...
  • Kanye West - Power With LYRICS - Remix - Kabare** All Rights go to GOOD Music. Kanye West "POWER" Thanks to all my 401 subscribers :DI really appreciate the support so I thought I'd give you guys a little gift!! Much Love, Kabare tags. kayne west good ass job album download 2010 leak songs tracklistiing kanye west dwele new song power music video kayne power with lyrics taylor swift lil wayne drake kanye west new album featuring jay z kanye pastelle clothing new job haircut 2010 2011 new songs single rapp instrumental rap beat to spit over kanye west instrumentals free rap songs Kanye West - Power Kanye West - Power Kanye West - Power Kanye West - Power Kanye West - Power
  • Markos & Nádas kabaré 2007 Markos & Nádas kabaré 2007 ATV felvétele
  • Grand kabare - Seka Aleksic kao Dara Bubamara
  • Kabaré Végh Natália
  • Lloyd Banks ft. Juelz Santana - Beemer, Benz, or Bentley - Remix w/ Lyrics** - Kabare If you know me, this isn't the type of beat I would normally remix but come on, let's be honest, this instrumental is freakin awesome haha so I couldn't help it!! Lyrics: Gonna be shot down cuz I rapped on this Mentality so ravenous Killin beats so happens kids Call me messenger of nastiness My habit's sick, caliber with so much soul (Soul Calibour) Kabare status so underground, to listen man they diggin holes Witness scrolls, lay em out, battle plans will soon unfold Truth be told, I am dope, spitting cold-err than frozen icicles I should know, K finna rr-rock the globe Saying that I'm crazy, this kid is only getting close Take a dose, binge on my psycho lines When I rhyme, make 'em explode, call that dynamite Taking flight, welcome to the highest level Rambo on my killing sprees; see me as the sickest rebel I'm clearly insane, brain's full of lyrics when you hear it Reach your spirit, nothing near it so you might as well just fear it Spit a disease, cannot cure it, any beat I will merk it So if a hater talking crap, best believe he deserved it One thing here to learn kid, Kabare has a purpose No such thing as friends man, opposite of Kermit Beemer, Benz, or Bentley? Nah, but I finna make a purchase To send these wack cats in a motorcade of hearses Lyrical 12-Guage suckaaa Holdddd up bring that beat back, heat back Something like a speed trap, full throttle, throw your seat back Kabare like no other, rippin tracks just another Hab-IT, I'm sick, li-MIT is uhhh, kill 'em ...
  • Bane Mojicevic kao Topalko @ Grand Kabare 2010
  • Third Eye Cypher : Kabare : 200 subs video!! Much love to all the supporters and subscribers!! Means so much to me!! Lyrics: Political fiends, take note Ignorant beings, listen: Take a gander at the media blitz all political Activists mixed with a Late Night riff They took the real issues and they left em alone man Screwed us over bad like Leno did Conan Puff reefer as the liberal ways deepens Opposed one day be the next mornin feedin Understand whats meant by, let all the rest die Promote n lets try Yet always forget why Darfur been in ruins, what the government doin? .exactly what are they tuned with? See Im not a blue elephant or a red donkey But I know enough to speak up, when we live awfully Dead morals, all about the cost of a barrel Locked on the target, but we lacking the arrow No matter what happens, bound to face peril Desensitized media made our hearts go sterile Narrow minded cynicisms wanna get rid of it Promote greener methods while demeanor is deafened Try to be the savior but they really the weapon Nuclear passion got us grounded in action Privatized factions obliterate the Middle East Eradicate routinely, numb the pain like wisdom teeth Fractions of the populus rip about the myths All the rest in protest, and wallow in their ignorance You wonder why Im into this, rapping bout militant Ways, Im simply tryna show you how it really is (See your friend is the enemy, confused what youre up against Eyes are the windows of your soul, preserve the innocence) 2X Are you getting this?? Roger that, gimme ...
  • Grand kabare - Mira Skoric kao Nada Obric Grand Kabare
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  • Kern kabaré - Evőolimpia Kern kabaré
  • BEST TECHNO RAP EVER!! by Kabare FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: Produced by Devin "DeLaZoo" Harrison Mr. Carter Feat. Jay-Z A Milli Got Money Feat. T-Pain Comfortable Feat. Babyface Dr. Carter Phone Home Tie My Hands Feat. Robin Thicke Mrs. Officer Feat. Bobby Valentino Let The Beat Build Shoot Me Down Feat. D. Smith Lollipop Feat. Static Major La La Feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes Playing With Fire Feat. Betty Wrigh You Ain't Got Nuthin Feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous Dontgetit 2pac tupac shakur 50 cent biggi diddy dmx mike tyson wwe Timbaland xzibit nelly eminem slim shady akon mario kanye west Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown T-Pain;Lil T-Pain Shawty Get Loose Rap Music Video Lil Mama g-slide gslide tour bus Lip Gloss hip machinima animation game movies news comedy gta grand theft auto videos funny hop dance rap soulja boy crank that huey kanye ciara 50cent rihanna Lil Mama Lip Gloss hiphop hip hop dance krump rap soulja boy crank that huey kanye fergie ciara 50cent rihanna beyonce Urban Music News Pop Rihanna Lil Mama Jay-Z Ne-Yo Good Girl Gone Bad l mama chris brown tpain t-pain shawty shorty get loose low flo rida with you kiss bet dance michael jackson Ludacris ft Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up Ludacris ft Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up (Chopped and Screwed) ludacris young jeezy grew screw sinxation chellorose Ludacris Feat Young Jeezy Ludacris Ft. Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up. Uncensored.a music video remastered by me grew up a screw up hope you enjoy ludacris youngjeezy grewupascarewup grew ...
  • Nádasi Veronika-Kabaré
  • fandip99: nak goal htm 10ewu RT @Tooni_Djar: Oalah.kabarono aku terus lek isok. "@fandip99: mene paling kabare, soale mau sek rapatRT @Tooni_Djar: Oke
  • angga_hsaputra: Opo don? Pue kabare? “@Doni_Pattinson9: @angga_hsaputra , eh bg angga...”
  • cokordagddarmaw: WoeE, engken kabare? RT"@janes_cs: Yg masih melekk mana suaranyaaaaaa"
  • saniKhsaan: Pie kabare dik? Aku konsul psikologi dong hahaha RT @dhikadyr #uhuk *gogrok irunge*
  • ugurtanaydemir: 2 Şubat Saat 20:00 da Pendik Yunus Emre Kültür Merkezinde Muhteşem Kabare oyunumuz ile sizlerleyiz... Uğur Böceği Yalçın Özden Tiyatrosu
  • _vvega_: @garamiz én már szívesebben nézem pocakot. ezekhez képest Sas-kabaré földön fetrengve röhögés.
  • rafixfaisal: @Adynda_Mathias ada yg menghilang nih,,,heheh piye2 kabare dirimu adynda?
  • avianto: @doritasetiawan eh apa kabare? Kapan nih volunteer jadi babysitter hahaha :P
  • Argarakaa: @eki_tama pie kabare masbro?
  • dewipingkan: @nixonvander pie kabare Bapak lurah??
  • Kriebo_Prasetyo: Futsal we yooo RT "@bekti_netral: wis do lali konco e RT @Kriebo_Prasetyo: Hoo kui bekk wes sukses ketok e RT "@bekti_netral: piye kabare
  • BonekIndonesia: RT @BonekUndip: Nah!! "@BonekOnlines: Lawas soale mediane wes di kondisikan [email protected]: BonekUndip lawas asline, kabare resmi lg dibom ae dino iki.""
  • Tooni_Djar: Oalah.kabarono aku terus lek isok. "@fandip99: mene paling kabare, soale mau sek rapatRT @Tooni_Djar: Oke" nobar nang edi ? "@fandip99:
  • bekti_netral: wis do lali konco e RT @Kriebo_Prasetyo: Hoo kui bekk wes sukses ketok e RT "@bekti_netral: piye kabare @gerryadeprabowo , kok ra tau ket
  • DimasWcks: Apik dut apik , sms laahhh :p RT @emiiemoy: Wohoo masboh piye kabare apik pi ora ? Oalah sombonge pol! @DimasWcks: Exit~
  • FirmanAditya14: @appykidiuw @AccenkS @yahyakasanofa1 @lRudinudulL @ernanana3 @Heriannsyah dunia gons apa kabare @FirmanAditya14
  • fandip99: mene paling kabare, soale mau sek rapatRT @Tooni_Djar: Oke" nobar nang edi ? "@fandip99: jam 3, lak cules sby rencanae nonbar mbek madridtis
  • ryanextrime: Piye kabare cak ..,,@Alfan7
  • BonekUndip: Nah!! "@BonekOnlines: Lawas soale mediane wes di kondisikan [email protected]: BonekUndip lawas asline, kabare resmi lg dibom ae dino iki.""
  • helmyhimm: Langsung connect areke..☺,, pinku 22f95e90 "@Tika_Tann: @helmyhimm huaaa. Jok mayakk (っ˘³˘)-c<‎​ ´~˚ ) .. Km piiye kabare? Pin bb ada?"
  • BonekUndip: Mimin ketinggalan informasi x_x. Wes ono penggantine lur? "@BonekIndonesia: BonekUndip lawas asline, kabare resmi lg dibom ae dino iki."
  • hkmblfqh: Waduh wawaw ngaco tu put :)) RT @arputt_: Selamat ulang tahun @prince_wau: oi nuna happy b'day ya.. kabare apik neh..lau gimans..bagi topi
  • icunkpurwanto: Rika ra tw dolan si ? Apik rika nangndi siki RT @theMonggreng_kz: Haahaha Rika kabare [email protected] http://t.co/4v5y8Qt3
  • BonekOnlines: Lawas soale mediane wes di kondisikan [email protected]: @BonekUndip lawas asline, kabare resmi lg dibom ae dino iki."
  • Leonrrdo: Halo cece keke piye kabare ?? Hahaha RT @kekesteffanny: @Leonrrdo smbg kali si lek its ini
  • theMonggreng_kz: Haahaha Rika kabare [email protected] http://t.co/NqqSyk1n
  • bekti_netral: wis ra ngekos po nang jogja RT @gerryadeprabowo: Sae mas bek,aku ng mgl trus bek;) RT @bekti_netral: piye kabare @gerryadeprabowo , kok ra t
  • BOROLIAR1949: RT @BonekIndonesia: @BonekUndip lawas asline, kabare resmi lg dibom ae dino iki.
  • Tika_Tann: @helmyhimm huahahahaha.. Jok mayakk (っ˘³˘)-c<‎​ ´~˚ ) .. Km piiye kabare? Pin bb ada?
  • Ekadeesy: Baik tanteeh, target apakah? RT @choiegabrielo: baik om, lg mengejar target, gmna kbar om? RT @Ekadeesy: Iyaaah (ʃ⌣ƪ) pie kabare tantee??
  • Kriebo_Prasetyo: Hoo kui bekk wes sukses ketok e RT "@bekti_netral: piye kabare @gerryadeprabowo , kok ra tau ketok . . ..."
  • BonekIndonesia: @BonekUndip lawas asline, kabare resmi lg dibom ae dino iki.
  • MichaelRHidayat: Woiii det, piye kabare? Dimana lu skr? Masih di pokpohan kah? ☺ RT @dethi_gani: If I drink alcohol they call me ... http://t.co/FqlA88PU
  • choiegabrielo: baik om, lg mengejar target, gmna kbar om? RT @Ekadeesy: Iyaaah (ʃ⌣ƪ) pie kabare tantee?? RT @choiegabrielo: alhamdulillah ya allah RT @
  • aziimla: Sayang kabare karo koe?
  • gerryadeprabowo: Sae mas bek,aku ng mgl trus bek;) RT @bekti_netral: piye kabare @gerryadeprabowo , kok ra tau ketok . . ...
  • Ekadeesy: Iyaaah (ʃ⌣ƪ) pie kabare tantee?? RT @choiegabrielo: alhamdulillah ya allah RT @Ekadeesy: Sehat alhamdulillah (ʃ⌣ƪ)
  • bekti_netral: piye kabare @gerryadeprabowo , kok ra tau ketok . . ...
  • cokordagddarmaw: Oee , engken kabare? RT"@akun_KEPO: yang masih melek #retweet"
  • Tom_Toem: Mbok kpn2 nek dolan q dijak RT @tiroaryo: Ket biyen.hha RT @Tom_Toem: Aq bosok wkwk RT @tiroaryo: Api,situ py? RT @Tom_Toem: Pye kabare boss
  • atikaaa_DW: Allhmdulillah sehat :D ,cg mano paretny ,udah =D @satrioRR: Ee mbak tika, piye kabare haha @atikaaa_DW Haha, cpt nn memang kalo pake sendok
  • Donisabumi: Hey sist piye kabare?? Lamo tak sua :D RT @bainaivo: Kamu ati ati ya boo... Sayaaang skalii sm boo..
  • bagassmaulana: lha dee si kabare prige zul? Nabrak wong malah ora disidang sidang,kalame semaput pas sidang,durahane anake mentri pa? "@zulfanvengeance:
  • tiroaryo: Ket biyen.hha RT @Tom_Toem: Aq bosok wkwk RT @tiroaryo: Api,situ py? RT @Tom_Toem: Pye kabare boss
  • arputt_: Selamat ulang tahun @prince_wau: oi nuna happy b'day ya.. kabare apik neh..lau gimans..bagi topi dong o_O RT @hkmblfqh H
  • satrioRR: Ee mbak tika, piye kabare haha "@atikaaa_DW Haha, cpt nn memang kalo pake sendok ƗƗɑƗƗɑƗƗɑƗƗɑ @satrioRR"
  • prince_wau: oi nuna happy b'day ya.. kabare apik neh..lau gimans..bagi topi dong o_O RT @hkmblfqh Halloowww bang @prince_wau piye kabare? Sehat??
  • Ridwandaffy: Mboh "@GieSieAgie: Ora "@Ridwandaffy: Ojo "@GieSieAgie: Sae kemawon mas rifai "@Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie.
  • GieSieAgie: Ora "@Ridwandaffy: Ojo "@GieSieAgie: Sae kemawon mas rifai "@Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie. . Wkwkwk"""
  • hkmblfqh: Halloowww bang @prince_wau piye kabare? Sehat??
  • Ridwandaffy: Ojo "@GieSieAgie: Sae kemawon mas rifai "@Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie. . Wkwkwk""
  • Ridwandaffy: Wakaka pengen banget di ajak nimbrung ."@eriestandre: Nyambi funkotan wkwk "@Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie.
  • eriestandre: Nyambi funkotan wkwk "@Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie. . Wkwkwk"
  • GieSieAgie: Sae kemawon mas rifai "@Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie. . Wkwkwk"
  • tempoyark: @xliyaebbyx hahah.. X universal langsung.. Tu bahasa jawa lah..kabare tu.. Ape khabar? Waras tu sihat lah.. gila ckp cmne?
  • henrynaga: Mantap bro, lukisin lagi dong :D RT @noel_cho: I'm fine bro :D "@henrynaga: @noel_cho hahaaeeee, apik mas koe pie kabare?"
  • any_qq: @mermermormor thanks :) hhee sibuk ngurus suami aja aku mer makany nda ksna, malas jg panas"an :D koe piyee kabare ndut?
  • Mojangmanis: Alhamdllah Luar Biasa SEHAT bang :D ,knp knp knp ?Coba cerita :D RT @thisazlima kabar lgi buruk nih, teteh sndir pie kabare #sokpahambahasa
  • Ridwandaffy: Pie kabare ndes ? Getuk laris ? @GieSieAgie. . Wkwkwk
  • Janu_Autheest: kabar Baik .. RT @laksamanajensin: Pie kabare? @Adek_Tampubolon @yosuaXalif @DhanyAz_ @BagusWah (cont) http://t.co/uLNdGgYQ
  • Tom_Toem: Aq bosok wkwk RT @tiroaryo: Api,situ py? RT @Tom_Toem: Pye kabare boss RT @tiroaryo: Ampun RT @Tom_Toem: Wah bos aryo muncul”
  • tiroaryo: Api,situ py? RT @Tom_Toem: Pye kabare boss RT @tiroaryo: Ampun RT @Tom_Toem: Wah bos aryo muncul
  • tempoyark: @xliyaebbyx larhh..waras rupanya..belum tnye lagi.. Kabare wak? Baru lah jawab..waras.. Taik mu? Keras..hahaha
  • ariefandiawan: Walaikum salam. Apik2 wae. Salam satu nyali WANI RT @imammmo: @ariefandiawan assalamu'alaikum cok, piye kabare bonek?
  • vivihore: wes pas, juragan tak sms jare suru ambil di kamu i mas RT @vinoxsungepet: @vivihore mboh ganok kabare dr juragan e..ga cekak a?
  • thisazlima: kabar lgi buruk nih, teteh sndir pie kabare #sokpahambahasa RT @Mojangmanis: Ekh,abang Fajar :D pie kabare (cont) http://t.co/VCyxrmNy
  • YudiviarR: Heyy piye kabare @Faiz_iz24
  • bhimabagaskara: #DEG RT @noormanhs: @fahrur_rozy_ tgl 2 aku ketimur lagi. ngerti kabare uyab pwk ora? sek di probo? mulei kapan di jember? rabi a? :D
  • Mojangmanis: Ekh,abang Fajar :D pie kabare atuh ? RT @thisazlima ahaha kesenengan udah lama gk liat teh nina nih ( modus dikit ) RT @Mojangmanis:
  • miftahyf: Kemenggres gas :)) piye kabare gekomu? Hahaha RT @BaghaztaAkbar But it never seems to be there when you want it
  • vinoxsungepet: @vivihore mboh ganok kabare dr juragan e..ga cekak a?
  • imammmi: @ariefandiawan assalamu'alaikum cok, piye kabare bonek?
  • MarioDelau: semacam itulah,piye kabare? RT @Hilman_arif: @MarioDelau semacam olah raga adu kucing ya??#ngangguk2
  • atelamri: @desiitiyo ada aja mba, lg ga bs jauh ni, sibuk kerja.. :D @vanibanezta kurus? pasti makin ganteng deh haha piye kabare?
  • ariefandiawan: Ga asalamualaikum ga lpo. Teko2 meso. Arema asu hha RT @imammmo: @ariefandiawan cok, yo piye kabare?
  • noormanhs: @fahrur_rozy_ tgl 2 aku ketimur lagi. ngerti kabare uyab pwk ora? sek di probo? mulei kapan di jember? rabi a? :D
  • tue_88: @mertturak 17 şubat ümraniye sahnesi kabare. biletler çoktan alındı :)
  • Tom_Toem: Pye kabare boss RT @tiroaryo: Ampun RT @Tom_Toem: Wah bos aryo muncul haha RT @tiroaryo: Itu pengaruh orangnya
  • imammmi: @ariefandiawan cok, yo piye kabare?
  • ardian_stemtree: @AmeliaRosita1 yak apa kabare :)
  • novan_bhaskara: Mas @loningkito piye kabare???
  • BULEEEY: @HRRY13 eh ekeu di metland . Si cut piye kabare ya ? Di bbm ga deliv ajakin yg lain ry
  • wanylazim: RT @dawsmjoey: sayang, kabare awakmu, ojo ngragu cintaku, sayang rungokne hajatku.. lalalala rosak lagu
  • dawsmjoey: sayang, kabare awakmu, ojo ngragu cintaku, sayang rungokne hajatku.. lalalala rosak lagu
  • BoyAja25: @marliarosita piye kabare ndo................
  • Khalidalatief: @nusa_praha hay ka inooooo! Agilak kemana aja? Piye kabare?
  • Yoyokazani: @Endruwaey_29 haha apo kabare mas ?
  • QuelaPeace: Aman terkendali mas bro :) [email protected]_agoeng: Stabil sam :) koe piye kabare?"@QuelaPeace: apa kabar kawan... :)""
  • ali_masfuad: gmana kabare "@FiehAlfi: Iyya galupa koo :D "@ali_masfuad: Hha masih inget trnyata "@FiehAlfi: @ali_masfuad heyy tmen smp :D"""
  • azriel_lubis: Dimana dek puput sekarang pie kabare ......?"@Putraallonso: @azriel_lubis hahaha , iyalah bg ☺"
  • fhe_dien: alhamdulilah, apik mas, mase pripun? RT @kukuhkascrit: @fhe_dien wa'alaikumsalaamm... Pimen kabare Din?
  • noel_cho: I'm fine bro :D "@henrynaga: @noel_cho hahaaeeee, apik mas koe pie kabare?"
  • evietralala: @cuunnn_ oii juga jelek ;;) pa kabare? Hahah
  • GugaHenriqu2: @Moondances_ "tá pensando que é Kabaré?" "TÔ"
  • QwmeLucu: Oy ka putriii @putri_pules, piye kabare? Asiiik udh sarjana :))
  • kukuhkascrit: @fhe_dien wa'alaikumsalaamm... Pimen kabare Din?
  • lukmanjuanda: Pie kabare pak @DhidhaRahmawan ?
  • bangbe_i: @citraNicha yopo rek adekku iki gag anok kabare
  • aRandeLLa_: hello :) RT @wahyew_t7: @aRandeLLa_ hey miss Jazz..pie kabare? Long time no see..
  • ayutedong: Biasa,,kehabisan duit hehe"@YhayaAhmad: So knp it kabar buruk pe??"@ayutedong: Haha kbr buruk"@YhayaAhmad: Hay my sist..pie kabare??miss you

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