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  • Kaito Similar Artists: Audision Active: 2000s Genres: Electronica Instrument: Producer Representative Songs: 'Beautiful Day', 'Air Rider' Kaito is probably the most well-known alias of Japanese producer Hiroshi Watanabe a producer and DJ who has spun at New York clubs Twilo and. — “Kaito: Information from ”,
  • Shop for Kaito. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Kaito - Personal Radios - Product Reviews, Compare Prices”,
  • Kaito KA404 Emergency Hand Crank Dynamo 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM radio Great Buys. Kaito 5mW Green Laser Pointer (BLACK BODY) $39.99. Hisonic Signature Series. — “Kaito Electronics, Inc”, kaito-electronics-
  • An EP was released (Montigola Underground) that summer despite the touring, and KaitO eventually left Devil in the Woods for SpinART in 2003. Kaito performing live again - another audio stream of a more recent in-studio performance at KEXP in Seattle. — “KaitO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Kaito. Download Kaito Pop Punk / Indie / Experimental music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Kaito's blog. — “Kaito on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Kaito Manufacturers & Kaito Suppliers Directory - Find a Kaito Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Kaito Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Kaito-Kaito Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Shop on the Internet for kaito with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on kaito. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Kaito”,
  • All at a sudden the postman dropped a little package containing some tracks by the Tokyo-based artist Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe who also releases under his Aqua guise on the well known Japanese Frogman imprint. this Balearic lightness that pervades into Kaito's music, that makes it seem unbelievable. — “Browse by Artist: KAITO”,
  • KAITO is a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music) software created by Crypton Future Media. He utilizes the older Vocaloid engine developed by YAMAHA, the predecessor of Vocaloid2. The voice was supplied by a Japanese male singer Naoto Fūga (風雅 なおと, Fūga. — “Kaito - Vocaloid Wiki - Voice synthesizer, Meiko, Kaito”,
  • In the meantime get yourself over to the myspace page to satisfy your hunger for all things Kaito. Currently the only confirmed Kaito gig is at the Royal Hotel, Southend on 15th April. — “/Official KaitO Site\”, mute.biz
  • Kaito Nakamura (中村楓翔, Nakamura Kaito) was the husband of Ishi Nakamura and the father of Hiro and Kimiko. In 1963, he met Angela Petrelli and joined her and her friends in their mission to find and protect other evolved humans, becoming one of The Company's founders. — “Kaito Nakamura - Heroes Wiki”,
  • Kaito. Hiroshi Watanabe has been involved in the house and techno music world since his Kaito. Hiroshi Watanabe has been involved in the house and techno music world since his graduation from the Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A. — “KOMPAKT.FM // Kaito”, kompakt.fm
  • An electronics products importer and exporter located at los angeles,Kaito sells radios,test instrument,gift items,and soy milk makes. — “Kaito Electronics Inc”,
  • : KAITO Choose a Department to enable sorting. 1. Kaito KA1102 - Portable radio by Kaito. Buy new: $99.95 $69.99. 5 new from $56.95. 2 used from $49.95. Get it by Friday, Nov. 19 if you order in the next 6 hours and choose one-day shipping. — “: KAITO”,
  • Hiroshi Watanabe (aka Kaito) has been involved in the house and techno music world since his graduation from the Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A. where he received a major in Music Composition. Following his move to New York City he started DJing in plenty of hot venues. — “RA: Kaito”,
  • Kaito is a second-year student at Ekoda High School Class 2-B Kaito discovers his father's identity as the original Kaitou Kid after eight years. — “Kaito Kuroba - Detective Conan Wiki”,
  • Kaito KA350-YLW provides you with 6 power sources to use this radio for any emergency situation! Kaito KA350-GN provides you with 6 power sources to use this radio for any emergency situation!. — “Kaito”,
  • The word "KAITO" stands for "He who is able to explain the universe" and is doin' after HIROSHI WATANABE (a.k.a Kaito,Tread,Quadra,Nite System) ; the Japanese Producer - Remixer - DJ who is keep running in the House and Techno Music World since after he. — “Kaito Discography at Discogs”,
  • Artistopia Music is the ultimate source for information on KaitO, including short bio, biography, discography, cds, dvds, albums, concert tickets, tour dates, online shopping, downloads, photos, pictures, news, email list, fans, websites,. — “KaitO - Artistopia Music”,
  • Watch videos & listen free to Kaito: We Are Living Here, Inside River & more, plus 19 pictures. There are three artists/groups called Kaito. A now defunct English indie band, KaitO, an electronic music producer Kaito, real name Hiroshi. — “Kaito – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”, last.fm

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  • [KAITO] warum [Vocaloid][English Sub] 【KAITO】 warum 【オリジナル曲】by MazoP The title warum is German for why/reason. Original on Nico: www.nicovideo.jp This song can also be found on MazoP's CD Cremation Party (totally worth getting if you ever find yourself at Comiket/VocaloidMaster event/etc! Also, you can buy & download MazoP's older album, Magical Palette at they take overseas credit card (rare or Japanese sites...) and the album download only cost 420yen! (yes, I love MazoP, shut up XD )
  • [KAITO GAKUPO LEN] IMITATION BLACK [English Sub][Vocaloid] バナナイス IMITATION BLACK by natsuP Orignal on Niconico: www.nicovideo.jp Illustrasion&Movie:春アキGuitar&Mix:haku Lyric&Music:natsu Re: Girl dress, it's a Visual Rock thing, apparently XD
  • 【KAITO】「My Icecream is Melting/AISU ga MERUTO」【Parody Song】 With English & Romaji lyrics MP3: **ANNOTATIONS MUST BE ON TO SEE THE SUBTITLES** Parody of Miku's MELT. Video is a reprint from www.nicovideo.jp I take no credit for it nor the song itself (the only thing I've done to it is add the Romaji & English translation). Romaji lyrics: Asa me ga...
  • [KAITO] Footsteps of Time [English Sub][Vocaloid] 時の足音 Cover 時の足音 by コブクロ, KAITO cover by 哀愁P KAITO version on Nico: www.nicovideo.jp Kobukuro's CD Amazon: www.amazon.co.jp I love Kobukuro, and I love KAITO, and I love 哀愁P, and I love this song, so even though I'm watching niconamas now, and it's 2:15am, and I've to wake up at 8am, I figured I should sub this now XDDD Sorry if there's any grammar / typing mistakes, can't stay awake long enough to double check.
  • 【Gakupo, KAITO, Len, Kiyoteru】"Your Highness☆My Princess" English & Romaji subbed Download MP3 lisa- Download the picture piapro.jp Music title: "Your Highness☆My Princess" 「ユアハイネス☆マイプリンセス 」 Music written, video produced, voice edits by ぱんたんず (Pantans) Lyrics by 綾菓(Ayaka) Voice: 神威がくぽ(Gackpo Camui/Gakupo Kamui),KAITO, 鏡音レン(Len Kagamine), 氷山キヨテル(Kiyoteru Hiyama) Reprinted from Nico Video: www.nicovideo.jp *This song was made for White Day as a response to the girl's "Battle Royal Valentine" White Day 0:25 Actually they're singing "(Oshiete, only for me)Tell me only for me" here, but some Japnese ears play tricks and they say it sounds like "(Oshiete, honto ni)please just tell me", I subbed that way
  • Kaito - VOICE No one Had posted Kaito's solo Version of 'Voice' and I love this song! XD DISCLAIMER: Character does to belong to me nor does the picture or Song. I didn't make it. So there! D: found teh Icon On Photobucket. www.nicovideo.jp You can download the Song Here~
  • Cendrillon with English Sub - Miku & Kaito - サンドリヨン - sm5680977 - HQ From Nico Video: sm5680977Transcription Encoding: lxw English Lyrics: RENA Link to Lyrics: takeit- Video download: Original video: www.nicovideo.jp Please use the below link to download the Mp3. Click on "MP3 を抽出" and the download should start. Click on "* mp3をDLする" and the download should start. *A Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer. This software is primarily used to produce songs. For more information consult Wikipedia at .
  • KAITO - What's COLOR? - VOCALOID www.nicovideo.jp Uploaded in Jan.29.2010 Made by Shinjou-P Lyrics by Dagashiya & Shinjou-P (Original title) "【KAITO】What's COLOR?【オリジナル】" ([KAITO] What's COLOR? [Original]) Shinjou-P was a painter originally. However, he began to produce Vocaloid songs in the Vocaloid boom, and recently his song works get tens of thousands of view counts constantly. Of course, he uses his own pictures in his works. Shinjou-P's works; (Can be seen in YouTube) 1. "Evocation"(Mar.23.2008) 2. "0-LESS-"(Apr.23.2008) 3. "ORIGIN"(May.13.2008) 4. "Vanilla"(Jul.20.2008) 5. "moon rain"(Oct.05.2008) 6. "Rosary Pale"(Jan.04.2009) 7. "X"(Jan.26.2009) 8. "Bequeath"(Feb.01.2009) 9. "Uu Nyaa Puu"(Feb.17.2009) 10. "Farewell Song"(May.09.2009) 11. "Jewel"(Aug.07.2009) 12. "See You"(Dec.28.2009) 13. "Pane dhiria"(Jan.19.2010) 14. "What's COLOR?"(Jan.29.2010)
  • KAITO And Miku - Crazy Clown Another More Twisted Song Of Vocaloid I Did Not Make This Video
  • 【KAITO・レン・テッド・がくぽ】Under The Darkness english subbed Music Title: 【KAITO・レン・テッド・がくぽ】 Under The Darkness english subbed ( KAITO, Len Kagamine, Ted Kasane, Gackpo Kamui ) Music written by CG mix, Lyrics written by Ai Singer: KAITO, 鏡音レン(Len Kagamine), 重音テッド(Ted Kasane), 神威がくぽ(Gackpo Kamui) ニコニコ動画より転載: Copied from nicovideo, www.nicovideo.jp English Lyrics: In the gray town the crowds are benumbed. The familiar sights are disappearing. The real reflected in a mirror is the truth. I struggle in the darkness. In the pain repeated endlessly, what I've got was a kiss of untruth. As I slept together,I was feeling the warmth of your skin. What I had was an enchanting fruit only for that night. In a piece of my disappeared memory, the lost past and the scar of regret were buried. You're standing in the shower of rain and disappearing. Under the darkness, I'll act on impulse I've restricted. I wanna be destructed, changing surge of hopes into vivid despair. Under the darkness, passions burst on me suddenly. I don't need any regret. I'll destroy the plotted future for myself. Something will change. It's starting to move. The boring days are over. I take off the fetters restraining me. The passions are surging up and I can't go back now. We've embraced each other. The dull pain has never gone. Little by little, it let me take back the control of the hands of the clock which has been varied. The past and the future have been separated, and they're left behind and to disappear. The darkness fell ...
  • 【KAITO】"Sweet's Beast" english subbed Music title: 【KAITO】"Sweet's Beast" english subbed Voice edits, music & lyrics written めんでぇP(Mendee-P) Singer: KAITO Copied from Nico Video: www.nicovideo.jp You can download MP3 here piapro.jp
  • Kaito (vocaloid) sing "you" of higurashi no naku koro ni ti's song is of the game of higurashi no naku koro ni tour title is "you"
  • 【KAITOカバー】Last Night, Good Night/初音ミク Another NicoNico upload! Please watch NicoNico version here: www.nicovideo.jp KAITO sings a cover version of the song "Last Night, Good Night." I will have a translation of the lyrics as soon as I can get around to it, I promise! Enjoy, favorite, and comment!
  • 【KAITO】Pane dhiria【オリジナル】 Mp3 Link: Clearer Version(HD): www.nicovideo.jp From NND,Enjoy ^^
  • Kaito - We Are Living Here (KOMPAKT CD 74) Video created by Kaito, 2009. "We Are Living Here" is taken from Kaito's album "Trust" (KOMAPKT CD 74) and also available on 12" (KOMPAKT 201). Release date: 28.09.2009
  • Vocaloid KAITO - Colors DOWNLOAD LINKS: MEGAUPLOAD: RAPIDSHARE: Volcaloid KAITO singing Colors from Code geass This my second Vocaloid Song. I finally figure out how to put in music to the background, so i think this one a little better. Please comment and rate, let me know what you think! Thank you ver much for the 100000 views! ^^
  • [KAITO] RAINBOW GIRL [Vocaloid][English Sub] Origional on Nico: www.nicovideo.jp Uploader didn't provide a name. Original song written by people on the 2ch thread "作曲できる奴ちょっとこい" ("People who can write songs, come here!") Original (First) version: www.nicovideo.jp (re-uploaded, hence the later date) Slight changes on lyrics ("Onna no ko" to "Otoko no ko", "Watashi" to "Boku", "娘" to "子") on KAITO's version. Favourite Utattemita versions: Mosamosa (sm2434955), [email protected] (sm3609801), K-ta (sm7588330) FINALLY! A NIGHT WITH NO NICONAMA/RADIO (YET) FROM PEOPLE I LIKE (THAT I KNOW OF) One of my favourite songs recently, I'm amused that most of the utattemita versions were sung by guys, despite the "I'm a 2D girl" line in the lyrics XD
  • [KAITO] Blue Lotus [Vocaloid][English Sub] 【KAITOオリジナル曲】ブルーロータス ブルーロータス by ぱいろP (PairoP)/98neco, A birthday present for KAITO's 2009 birthday Original on Nico: www.nicovideo.jp Wonderful PV: www.nicovideo.jp In Japanese (and Chinese too, I think it has Buddhists origin?) culture, Lotus which grows from mud and emerge as a beautiful flower represents purity of heart and strength despite difficult circumstances. Thanks to Krystal & Karorin for proofreading
  • Miku Hatsune & Kaito - Last Night, Good Night (Duet) 'Last Night, Good Night' has always been one of my favourite Vocaloid Miku songs. When I found someone had made a version featuring Kaito, I wanted to see how they'd sound as a duet, so I mixed them together, and this is the end product. I think it came out rather nicely. ^_^ MP3 Link for duet: For Miku only version: For Kaito only version: Lyrics (Romaji) Suyasuya yume wo miteru Kimino yokogao Kizukazu koboreta namida Hoho wo tsutau Setsuna no tokimeki wo Konomuneni kakusitetano Last night, Good night Last night, Good night Kono yoru kimi no te Nigitte nemuruyo OYASUMI Sutekina? Asa wo mou ichido Kimito sugosetanara Chiisana sonna kibou sae Omou dake no kiseki Nanimo tsutaenai mama Sayonara wa ienaiyo Last night, Good night Last night, Good night Kono koe karetemo Kienai melody Last night, Good night Last night, Good night Itsukawa mukaeru Saigowo omouyo Yozora ni negau no Tokiwa no egao wo OYASUMI Lyrics (English) Your profile Dreaming peacefully Without me even realizing These tears falling on my cheek Im trying to hide The heartbeats of my sorrow Last night, Good night Last night, Good night This night, I hold your hand Tight, and fall asleep Goodnight I think it would be wonderful If i can spend another morning with you Even if thats only a mere hope Miracle that I only imagine When I cant confess anything I cant say goodbye, too Last night, Good night Last night, Good night Even if this voice fades This melody ...
  • Kaito's "アナザー:ワールドイズマイン" with English Lyric My translation on "World is Mine another side". (This isreprint. I only add translation to video) This was a request=) [ Original title in NICO VID ] 【KAITO】アナザー:ワールドイズマインを描いてみた【PV?】 ([Kaito] Drew "Another : World is Mine" [PV?]) [Original vid URL] www.nicovideo.jp [Creator] Music by ryo Lyric by Anima Kaito produce by awk PV by Namagoroshi P Vocal by Vocaloid "Kaito Hatsune" [Who's Kaito(the girl in vid)?] [About my translation] If you have anything about my translation please see my profile for my translation policy first. [How to get mp3 and Japanese lyric readable in Eng(Romaji)] www.eonet.ne.jp www.eonet.ne.jp ---------------------------------------- Kaito's "World is Mine another side" Lyric ---------------------------------------- Number one princess in the world I know that, so You are my Bride Number one By the way did have a hair cut? Let me pat you some for that. Number two A new (high-)heel huh? That looks pretty good. Number three To your one word, there isn't anything extra to add. Right? Now then, our hands are empty, so shall we hold our hand? Acting like that, I know you're just pretending to be tough So don't worry about it You are cute today as you are any day Number one princess in the world Any request? OK, OK I'll be there in a minute so don't miss me so much Who do you think I am? I am your knight (Hold that, I know), your pudding is In the fridge. Complaint, giving words too, they won't do a thing That's all ...
  • 【KAITO】 裏表ラバーズ 【カバー】 / Ura-Omote Lovers - KAITO cover YES. www.nicovideo.jp Download: **I did not create this video. All rights go to the original creator on nicovideo.jp. kthx.
  • 【KAITO×Miku】Cantarella【VOCALOID PV】 Lyrics mitsume au sono shisen Staring each other That stare/eyes tojita sekai no naka Inside closed world kizu kanai furi wo sitemo (Acting) not noticed ...Pretending yet... yoi wo satorare sou My intoxication might be sensed/learned yake tsuku ... kono KOKORO Searing ...This...
  • KAITO ga UNINSTALL [English Sub] [VOCALOID] Original Song on Niconico: www.nicovideo.jp Original Video on Niconico: www.nicovideo.jp The song is based on アンインストール by 石川智晶, with lyrics rewritten for a Yandere* KAITO (Taito / 帯人) Translation by wacchamaru on livejournal. I saw someone requested this song on the Vocaloid Sub wiki (just found the site today, neat!) so I figured I should give it a try ^^ --- Yandere (from wiki): Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a Japanese term for a personality that is initially extremely loving and gentle, then at one point becomes deranged or psychotic, often brutally so. (Think School Days)
  • [Kaito and Gakupo]Magnet lol finally a version of kaito and gakupo lol from nico nico 7545735
  • 【KAITO・リン】ハルディン・ホテル english & romaji subbed Haldyn Hotel This song was originally written by Susumu Hirasawa, a japanese musician. The lyrics he writes are always so mysterious and puzzling that almost impossible to know what they really mean. Even Japanese say so and, without exception, "Haldyn Hotel" is same as well. I'm sure those are making his songs more deep and attractive. ButtigiriP says the Hotel Haldyn was a hotel really existed in Peru and at there one received occult medical treatments. What KAITO wearing in the video has been modeled after the costume Susumu Hirasawa wore at his concert. At the latter part of this video vocaloids are wearing nurse costumes and those are the costumes worn by the orchestra members at the concert.One of the music they played that night was "Nurse cafe". You can see the concert ↓ www.nicovideo.jp He wrote "Haldyn Hotel" as his tribute to the memory of his nine friends in Thailand who had passed away.That's why Thai is used in some parts. Sorry for I couldn't translate Rin's solo part in Thai. Music Title: 【KAITO・リン】ハルディン・ホテル english subbed Haldyn Hotel (KAITO & Rin Kagamine "Haldyn Hotel" PV, english subbed ) Music & &Lyrics written by 平沢進(Susumu Hirasawa), Singer: KAITO, 鏡音リン(Rin Kagamine) 鏡音レン(Len Kagamine), MEIKO, 初音ミク(Miku Hatsune) modulated by ぶっちぎりP (ButtigiriP) Language: Japanese, Thai ニコニコ動画より転載: Copyed from nicovideo, www.nicovideo.jp English Lyrics: Dusts of the passing train write the words on a sandhill, "I'll keep ...
  • [KAITO] Imitator [English Sub][Vocaloid] KAITO version of Imitator by ビタワンP, Original Len version by ウタP From Niconico: www.nicovideo.jp Original Len version: www.nicovideo.jp
  • [KAITO] Love is War KAITOver [English Sub][Vocaloid] 愛は戦争 恋は戦争KAITOver 『愛は戦争』by kooyo*P, video by ranmaru Original on Nico: www.nicovideo.jp Original Miku Version (different lyrics) by ryo: www.nicovideo.jp Guitar from: www.nicovideo.jp Favourite Utattemita: www.nicovideo.jp (although you'd go "how the heck would you call that voice weak??" at him XD) Romaji:
  • KAITO 【アナザー:ワールドイズマイン】 "Another: World is Mine" (Project DIVA) Simply the PV using Kaito model combined with Kaito's version of the song. Music's a bit weird in the middle because I suck. The subtitled lyrics doesn't match the actual song but oh well. Look at them ass. Music by ryo Lyric by Anima Kaito produce by awk PV from Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Vocal by Vocaloid KAITO
  • Daughter of Evil ~Happy Ver.~ English Lyrics 【Kagamine Rin/Len】【VOCALOID PV】 This is one of 3 parts of the happy version series for the Evil stories. This is also known as Aku no Musume, 悪ノ娘. The subtitling was a bit crude but it gets the job done. I'll post up Servant of Evil~ Happy Ver.~ and Regret Message ~Happy Ver.~ some other time when I finish translating them. Oh yeah, and this video was taken from here: www.nicovideo.jp The original video this was based off of was here: Didn't really like the translation for the song so I redid it. *Update: Servant of Evil ~Happy ver.~- Regret Message ~Happy ver.~- 【VOCALOID PV Subbed】
  • [APH] Eksentrinen Suomi - Finnish sub [KAITO] エキセントリック フィンランド [Dec. 25. 2010] E5rael's new tune is available on YouTube. Vocaloid Choir sing Finnish Christmas carol " Heinillä härkien kaukalon" And his works "Hatsune Miku sings the Finnish national anthem" has exceeded 28000 views. Congratulation! [19. Oct. 2009] Would you like to add ANNOTATIONS? Please use freely (but don't fight) "Where is mp3?" please use firefox's add-on 'YouTube 2 MP3' or 'DownloadHelper'. Or use a website 'Dirpy', 'vixy' or the other site for download. This PV is based on Hetalia manga, www.geocities.jp and [Eccentric syounen boy] in 1997 Japan [Romaji lyric of this song] www.geocities.jp Original title is in NicoNicoDouga [ エキセントリックフィンランドのテーマ を歌わせてみた ] [JPN server] www.nicovideo.jp [ESP server] es.nicovideo.jp [DEU server] de.nicovideo.jp This PV was made by AxisP I'm not an author, and I cannot speak Finnish. I just translated Japanese lyric into English, and added Finnish subtitles to the video. Finnish lyric was translated by Mr.MisuPekka. Thanks for your efforts, Mr. MisuPekka. I like "ruokala lokki" and beautiful Finland. "What's a Vocaloid ?" please refer to "- Miku - Who's that girl" The other Finnish songs of Vocaloids in YouTube ・KAITO - Ievan Polkka - VOCALOID Finnish ・Hatsune Miku sings the Finnish national anthem ・初音ミクが歌う「フィンランディア」 ―Finlandia hymni― [English ...
  • KAITO & MEIKO "番凩" with English Lyric My translation on "The Pair Tree-Wither-er". (This isreprint. I only add translation to video) Excuse me for leaving out info on this video previouslyT_T I was really rushing when I uploaded this. orz [ Original title in NICO VID ] 【MEIKO・KAITO】番凩【手書きPV】 [Original vid URL] www.nicovideo.jp [Creator] Music by hinayukki Lyric by Osechi Video by Sasa Sasaki Illustration by Sasa Sasaki Vocal by Vocaloid "KAITO" [Who's KAITO?] [About my translation] If you have anything about my translation please see my profile for my translation policy first. [How to get mp3 and Japanese lyric readable in Eng(romaji)] www.eonet.ne.jp ---------------------------------------- KAITO 's "The Pair Tree-Wither-er" Lyric ---------------------------------------- The Pair Tree Wither-er A dry tree-wither-er(=cold wintry wind) Breathes softly Dry tree-leaves would Lightly flutter about The day we meet one another Waiting for that Counting hours, I/we walk By leaves of words spelled Being colored It/she will turn crimson and Dances in the moment A piece of crimson leaf Into the palm Slips and Talks of... To the burnt home-land Had bid farewell and Lead by a hand of tree leaf Had run off Such thing as an anxiety over a unseen future We did not have a thing as spare time feel it Dry tree-leaves lightly flutter about A dry tree-wither-er breathes softly Never letting joined hands go Counting hours, we run Bearing the lives of man accross the board What will you spin out with ...
  • Vocaloid Kaito Kaito Download here: Download UTAU: utau2008.xrea.jp Don't ask for my help, kay? Go watch Stumph's tutorial. ;3
  • 【KAITO】Another:World is Mine【VOCALOID PV】 This is not mine,I'm just sharing it,
  • The Disappearance of Kaito The Disappearance of Kaito mp3: picture: cfs14
  • Kaito - Trust Album : Trust
  • KAITO "鬼と娘" with English Lyric My translation on "The Ogre and the Maiden". (This isreprint. I only add translation to video) Changed word "daughter" to "maiden" and phrase "In the old, old days" to "Long long ago". EasternBlack again pointed I should change those. Thank you so much for the point out!!m(_ _)m And thank you for the nice comments & rates on previous one! [ Original title in NICO VID ] 【KAITO】鬼と娘に絵をつけてみました【完成】 [Original vid URL] www.nicovideo.jp [Creator] Music by Osechi Lyric by Osechi Video by Toraichi Vocal by Vocaloid "KAITO" [Who's KAITO?] [About my translation] If you have anything about my translation please see my profile for my translation policy first. [How to get mp3 and Japanese lyric readable in Eng(romaji)] www.eonet.ne.jp ---------------------------------------- KAITO 's "The Ogre and the Maiden" Lyric ---------------------------------------- Long, long ago It has been told The kindhearted Blue ogre and The maiden of a village... (Their) tale... I shall-let-you-hear it (Yes I shall) At the end of village An entrance of woods... Go beyond that then (Lies) the ogre's house A lost maiden Her eyes were blind... and reached (the house) Without knowing that was the ogre's When (the ogre) make-voice(=calls) The maiden smiles The ogre spends one night merrily The maiden speaks About the village About Man For the first time the ogre Learned Man's heart "I'll come again." and "Good bye." "You can't." Although (the ogre) tells her (The maiden ...
  • 【KAITO】ICE!-full ver.-【Parody Song】 With English & Romaji Lyrics MP3 download: **ANNOTATIONS MUST BE ON TO SEE THE SUBTITLES** My first translation + Romaji of any Vocaloid song ever, please point out any errors you may find! I've never taken a Japanese class in my life, all my Japanese is self-taught so I probably completely missed the meaning of something somewhere. D: But I'm pretty sure I translated it decently and that it makes sense (at least a little?). Anyway, this is a song about Kaito and ice cream which is a parody of Len's song SPICE!, hence the name of this one here. It was too hard to resist translating it :D Translation Notes: When Kaito goes "I won~" in the background at one point, it's because in Japan sometimes the popsicle sticks on ice cream will have a win/lose inscription on them and if you win, you can take it back to the ice cream shop or wherever you got it from to get another free ice cream. (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm no expert... and I'm bad at explaining things.) Video is a reprint from www.nicovideo.jp I take no credit for it nor the song itself. Enjoy! Romaji lyrics: Gozen yoji fukutsuu de me o samasu "Kinou ikutsu AISU kutta?" nante Iinogare mo iiwake mo dekinai Tsukaa itakute ore shinderu "Hitotsudake" to iitsutsu... Beta sugi... waraeruyo... AISU o tabetei takatta dake Amakute KORUDO na AISU Kimi dake o ore wa aisu Muchuu ni saseru BANIRA TEISUTO o Karadajuu de kanjitai Saigo no ikko subete o kakeruze Setsujitsu na ore no negai (Atari da~) Fukutsuusae doudemo yokunaru yo? DOA wo ...
  • The Disappearance of Kaito - Kaito (Flele version with kanji lyrics) The Disappearance of Kaito (KAITOの消失), FLELE version. Thought this was cute too. :3 Reprint~ www.nicovideo.jp
  • Kaito and Miku's "カンタレラ" w/ Romaji and English Lyrics OMG! It's a miracle video! -plays heavenly music- A video with both romaji and english translation! xD Just kidding but this was at the request of Riku91. ^^ Edit: I just noticed I made a typo...someone by the name of CalmMist told me that one of my sentences in here didn't make any sense...I think because of the pause in the sentence but then I noticed a typo. o3o So yeah. "Even though I eagerly___after you." It should be: "Even though I'm eagerly____after you." xP Thanks. *Note* This is just reprint of the original video with Romaji and English lyrics. I don't own anything...I'm not this good of a artist...and I don't have the patience. xD [Creators] Music and Lyrics: Shana PV artist: Kagami Vocals: Vocaloids Hatsune Miku and Kaito English Translations: I based this translation off the two english translation videos I found. So there are some changes here and there because I know people want english lyrics that actually flow with the melody. ^^ So this english translation makes sense and you can sing along with it. :3 Another miracle. xD If you are gonna use it please give me some credit and soundares and ninjawolves credit. ^^ Also...if you want to, if you sing you can put the video as a video response. I'd love to hear people sing this in both Japanese and English. ^^ [Original Video] www.nicovideo.jp [MP3 link from original creator] homepage2 [Karaoke MP3 from original creator] homepage2 [What is Canterella?] Cantarella was most probably a ...
  • astarizky: "in this world, let a secret remains a secret" -Kaito kid. Detective Conan-
  • snakeyhoho: Huge urge to drawing KAITO x MEIKO art. I don't give them enough love. D: (Where's my MEIKO nendoroid, Good Smile).
  • SungminsELF: kaito's shuai and charming,Gakupo's shuai and cool,Len's shuai and cute,Kiyoteru is shuai and charming! XD
  • Lattov: Maybe he's everywhere mate. But not anywhere -,- hahahahaha maksa abis. Come and get me mister *lambang Kaito Kid.
  • Tagami_Michi: http://youtu.be/VWK1gfzd9I4 Interesting and silly stuff~! Kaito is kind of creepy as Lucifel while Miku as Enoch is funny, haha.
  • ikasukeboy: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION BLACK【onVocal】 【がくぽ&KAITO&レン】 http://nico.ms/sm7333699 #sm7333699
  • mikulive_bot: Now playing: #nm12913340 【KAITO】 時計塔のうた-Full.ver- 【オリジナル】 #vocanama
  • ogatakitsune: Yohji's demo of See You originally by KAITO + Shinjo-P. Shoddy mixing but DEMO. w/ ACT 2 http://twaud.io/qG4r
  • MMDBotYouTube: 2011/03/10 12:15:00 http://youtu.be/WbS8NnDpo8I :BakaMeganekko: Kaito's tralala! Is there a meme for this song? Cuz there should be. #MikuM
  • ArokuSenna: I sort of idolize KAITO. But I also support GakupoxKAITO. Yes?
  • Tagami_Michi: Not sure if I should put my dear Kaito's song in spoiler territory or not, either. Several songs fall under that category, regardless.
  • faifai_: @KagamiKawaiine I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! XDDD Screw you so-called Kaito's wife
  • permamadianti: #np When Love Ends for the First Time - Hatsune Miku, Kaito, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
  • KrystlSkotos: On behalf of Krystl, Kaito tweets :I think I used to live with someone a long, long time ago. #Kawaii_pet
  • KrystlSkotos: On behalf of Krystl, Kaito tweets :Cellphones powered by electricity too. #Kawaii_pet
  • otitakoedagoe: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION_BLACK(Off_Vocal)【神威がくぽ&KAITO&鏡音レン】 http://nico.ms/sm10230722 #sm10230722
  • Lisa_Sampson: I liked a YouTube video -- 【KAITO】Judgement of Corruption【English Subs】 http://youtu.be/5mccORDFvC0?a
  • DelViBritannia: @schemersremnant You could be KAITO or Gakupo. One of the male Vocaloids.
  • random_fangirl4: Otaku song of the day: True to my heart(smile version)-Kaito (vocaloid)
  • cyanidesun616: ♫ Listening to 'Everlasting (Beatless Version)' by 'KAITO' ♫ #iTweetMyTunes
  • random_fangirl4: I have like 70 vocaloid songs. whoa. 70 out of like 120-ish songs. Hehe...I love vocaloid. Especially miku and kaito they're my favorites!
  • KittyChesha: Wkwk, bca d mn?8Da RT @Psychedelic17: Faktanya =)) RT @KittyChesha: *ngakak juga RT Psyche: "Shion Kaito, (cont) http://tl.gd/96mgc0
  • yuvamasaki: #np Vocaloid Kaito - You [Like it? http://bit.ly/gTs7R4 ]
  • yuvamasaki: #np Vocaloid Kaito - You [Like it? http://bit.ly/fmc7tB ]
  • ugambow: ねとらじor作業用として。リクシステム&配信のリンクと掲示板は⇒http://bit.ly/gwRMdf "Vocaloid Kaito - True My Heart"
  • emilysprake: i found a version of kokoro kiseki by len,kaito and gakupo XD its so cute!!~ X3
  • UnknownNeo: Finished Super Den-O Episode Yellow. Kaito is an SOB like always but G Den-O's story was nice. Owner is badass when it involves Spoons.
  • butterfly563r: @KaitoKamui Berry closely 2 make sure her listens & does her treatments he knowz not 2 messez wif me! BOL xoxo luv you Kaito Muah
  • butterfly563r: @KaitoKamui I hope so too Kaito been sicky for way to long! Fank you so much for all da prayer,hugz,kissez,&love for her! I'm watchin her
  • ladiila: @emilysprake you. have. not. twitpic'd. KAITO PLUSSSHHHIEEEE. p.s how did you get stuck to daaaaa bed? xD
  • emilysprake: i was listening to music, singing and waving my kaito plushie in the air and now im stuck to the bed....how did this happen? DX
  • KuraniChizu_bot: I love yaoi and shotacon!!!! *ç* Kaito x Len, Len x Kaito... I LOVE SOME MUCH!!!! >w<
  • KAITO_RSS: マスター!  【KAITO】Mr.Alice【カバー】 http://bit.ly/hngCyz  新着です!
  • KagamiKawaiine: Jast bi cuz Kaito-sama nd i got married wile hi wasn't awake duznt meik it a fake marriage!11 Wi R in luv!!!1
  • KiiraNyappy: @Great_andrea Miku y Kaito! *o* theGazettE9years
  • butterfly563r: @KaitoKamui Kaito!!! So glad U R back I hope your Mama is ok! She's alright went 2 new Dr.yesterday ran lotz of test,changed meds,& set her
  • vnewsong: 【KAITO】Mr.Alice【カバー】 http://nico.ms/sm13826541
  • vocalo_music: 【KAITO】Mr.Alice【カバー】 http://bit.ly/fEmMhG
  • you1005: おつですー RT RT RT @izayato: またヲサムさんとコラボさせていただきました!【KAITO】Mr.Alice【カバー】 (5:16) #nicovideo #sm13826541 http://bit.ly/i04G4j
  • anju505: 【マイリスト】【KAITO】Mr.Alice【カバー】 http://nico.ms/sm13826541 #sm13826541
  • sanyakin: I love you First kiss Kuulei Kaito Kaili Our ways Always together
  • YukinoHayasaka: KAITO WEARS A DRESS~~~ *Q*
  • crimsonfire3: explains why it's Green Day tom. to @lavy23 > me: it's to commemo—*sees her icon* > icon is Kaito-nii w/ li'l Akaito & Taito > me: —ALSKSLKJ
  • christalmelody: #np #vocaloid KAITO - Snow glass *Thx to @blackcatpunks niichan for all Kaito's songs <333 (>/////<)*
  • Ukon_Risui: @Kira91 I'm only buy Kaito, rin&len sticker... I searched Pixiv stand but I can't find it, too crowded and too many stand...
  • KasnovA_nut: On behalf of Kas, Kaito tweets :More than ten millions of eggs were found in the underground in Shibuya. #Kawaii_pet
  • mikulive_bot: [live] KAITO de LIVE part981 has started by Rupia. http://nico.ms/lv42847032
  • NAHO1007__: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION BLACK【がくぽ&KAITO&レン】 (修正版) http://nico.ms/sm7258850 #sm7258850
  • rainekiyoto: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION BLACK【onVocal】 【がくぽ&KAITO&レン】 http://nico.ms/sm7333699 #sm7333699
  • Leigh_Wright_: Photo: whenteardropsfall: http:///x0m1pvw1ls
  • Kuzlalala: And the recent concert where Kaito DIDN'T APPEAR is called the MikuPa Giving Day concert! I wanna go FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  • Kuzlalala: I'm pissed that Kaito didn't make an appearance in the recent Vocaloid concert. Dang.
  • JinRyuso: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION BLACK【がくぽ&KAITO&レン】 (修正版) http://nico.ms/sm7258850 #sm7258850
  • Ritsuka28: When I Get Home My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead - Kaito
  • mikulive_bot: [live] KAITO de LIVE part980 has started by Ramunoki. http://nico.ms/lv42826242
  • mikulive_bot: [live] KAITO de LIVE part979 has started by Ramunoki. http://nico.ms/lv42822601
  • sitihawadama: Photo: › how cute the kaito is :) http:///xsa1pv02tp
  • lupitapopi: "if you become angry, you will waste this beautiful face, young lady" - Kaito Kid, a gentleman thief. *matabersinar*
  • mikulive_bot: [live] KAITO de LIVE part976 has started by Ramunoki. http://nico.ms/lv42819461
  • kariyusi_sora: #NowPlaying "卑怯戦隊うろたんだー" (シンP feat. KAITO,MEIKO,初音ミク) on "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalostar" iTunesで再生中
  • nyaroheiya: #NowPlaying "erase or zero (Vocalogenesis only NewMix)" by HzEdge (クリスタルP) Feat. 鏡音レン, KAITO
  • airuxbluexsky: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION_BLACK(Off_Vocal)【神威がくぽ&KAITO&鏡音レン】 http://nico.ms/sm10230722 #sm10230722
  • enu1120: RT @vocaloidblog: ブログ更新:やまと中尉 feat.鏡音リン、KAITO「方士ははいてない」、配信日は3月30日。JOYSOUND > http:///archives/9820
  • bewwl: :D RT @mandaa_Bnc: Gw lbh suka kaito jg ¬_¬ RT @bewwl: Ohmygosh:) thanksss my friends like kai more than shin:D
  • jeromestrife68: Photo: deadkurousagi: http:///xps1pujhqc
  • vocaloidblog: JOYSOUND 3/30予:方士ははいてない/やまと中尉 feat.鏡音リン、KAITO > http:///ex/search/karaoke/_selSongNo_105845_song.htm
  • kariyusi_sora: #NowPlaying "卑怯戦隊うろたんだー" (シンP feat. KAITO,MEIKO,初音ミク) on "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalostar" iTunesで再生中
  • LaReinaHoney: Yeay, Yeay, you're da Dog of da Day! @KaitoKamui Congwats, Kaito! xoxo
  • HuaHuaLove: RT @Lexiedew: @kaitokamui Congratulations Kaito! You are @DelightfullyDog's dog of the day! *high paw*
  • Lexiedew: @kaitokamui Congratulations Kaito! You are @DelightfullyDog's dog of the day! *high paw*
  • KagamiKawaiine: Jast bi cuz Kaito-sama nd i got married wile hi wasn't awake duznt meik it a fake marriage!11 Wi R in luv!!!1
  • Ahmetiac: @KevinNoJutsu Is that Kaito as your profile pic? Or generic blue haired anime guy? :-P
  • carol_lin777: 【マイリスト】【KAITO】What's COLOR?【オリジナル】 http://nico.ms/nm9536987 #nm9536987
  • emeru0517: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION_BLACK(Off_Vocal)【神威がくぽ&KAITO&鏡音レン】 http://nico.ms/sm10230722 #sm10230722
  • nyomanIrafani18: A thief will only live by stealing, would you mind if i steal your heart? - Kaito Kid to Ran, from movie 14 The Lost Ship in the Sky.
  • Chole_: is feeling better after a long day. #todaysthemesong Last Night Good Night by Miku Hatsune & Kaito (Duet)
  • Nandollee21: Hahaha fanbase'a bagus. Boleh nanya gk ? Cewe'a kaito kid mirip ran juga ? RT @DConanQuotes: oooh i got it. thanks hehe :D
  • k_nyao_: 【マイリスト】【神威がくぽ KAITO 鏡音レン】「IMITATION BLACK」オリジナル曲【PV付】 http://nico.ms/sm7215575 #sm7215575
  • Made_a_Line: @cherishlyne oopssy.. i never fall i always fly like kaito kid
  • kaitokusui: 3/25 [email protected]'S Guest:O.N.O /Conomark DJ:A.I/taito/umemazu/裏目に出た/Kaito Live Paint:Alleged Bob Lighting:YAMACHANG Deco:ONA
  • reyhanfahers: Kaito Kid, I adore you so much!♥
  • zin1029: 【マイリスト】【ニコカラ】IMITATION BLACK【がくぽ&KAITO&レン】 (修正版) http://nico.ms/sm7258850 #sm7258850
  • enu1120: かわいいいRT @kingyo_sou: かーわーいいー!! RT @tatanaka_ph: Too Excite! VOCALOID Cafe, KAITO's soda and Miku Miku set! #vocafe http:///47nxj9
  • KazukiCurse: Cierto Aqui esta mi traduccion ^^ -- [ KAITO ] 廃墟に降る花 ·Flowers falling in the ruins [Sub Spanish] VOCALOID http://t.co/Zwj2JPg vía @youtube
  • DConanQuotes: RT @fikytakuciak: and he likes use gantole to fly :D RT @DConanQuotes: Kaito Kid likes White colour #DCfacts
  • neutrino006: Check out this video: 私達の愛 Vocaloid Miku, Kaito ORIGINAL by neutrino Miki Branescu - http:///t/1s9VX
  • kikyuune_bot: @kagamikawaiine I hate you and I hope your impossible Kaito hellspawn die in a rain of holy fire someday. #utauxyz
  • Lieenz: Nahh!!! I Like The Bass of Kaito ¬¬ xD
  • Raydere: So, dangun feveron, a cave game or a touhou game in di… — You see my background? Yeah, well, Kaito (the blue-hai… http://4ms.me/gIldhb
  • PolarBearPlanet: KAITO KA500 SOLAR WEATHER ALERT RADIO / ipod / cell phone charger http://post.ly/1fSO5
  • damematt: Chorei :'( -- [KAITO] Footsteps of Time [English Sub][Vocaloid] 時の足音 Cover http://t.co/VV6HOv2 via @youtube
  • DelightfullyDog: Did you miss our Delightful Dog of the Day this morning.. give a *high paw* to Kaito http:///dog-of-the-day.html
  • neutrino006: I uploaded a YouTube video -- 私達の愛 Vocaloid Miku, Kaito ORIGINAL by neutrino Miki Br... http://youtu.be/1nH9cKmEA_c?a
  • WickedJamie: I liked a YouTube video -- 【鏡音 ·KAITO】Rin and Kaito 【手書 PV付】 Lion or Tiger PV http://youtu.be/P50IEyDXpzA?a
  • DelightfullyDog: Our Delightful Dog of the Day, Kaito! *high paws* to this beautiful boy! http://bit.ly/h6AxhN
  • GreysonGagaBR: @naattinthesky i love the Gakupo SO MUCH! Imitation Black - i love this music that was recorded by him at Kaito and Len together!
  • naattinthesky: @GreysonGagaBR LMFAAO I LOVE GAKUPO and kaito and hatsune miku, i forget the others xD

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