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  • In his Ihsa' al-'ulum, al-Farabi regards 'ilm al-kalam as 'a science which enables a man to procure the The doctors of kalam (mutakallimun) themselves were to take a very similar view: this is one of many well-known definitions: 'kalam is the science which is concerned with firmly. — “ILM al-KALAM”,
  • Listen to free music played by Kalam. Search for free music to stream. Create your own free internet radio station. — “Free Music | Listen to Music Online | Kalam - Blip.fm”, blip.fm
  • The latest news on Kalam, from thousands of sources worldwide. High-quality photos, articles, blog posts, quotes, and more. — “Kalam - News, photos, topics, and quotes”,
  • On May 11, 1998, Kalam led India's successful underground nuclear weapon tests. Politically, Kalam wants India to take a more assertive stance in international relations. — “Abdul Kalam - Wikinfo”,
  • Kalam definition, a school of philosophical theology originating in the 9th century a.d., asserting the existence of God as a prime mover and the freedom of t See more. — “Kalam | Define Kalam at ”,
  • The kalam of the madrasahs: triumph and inanition. During the formative generations of the Earlier Middle Period, kalam, as a speculative method, only gradually won through to independent maturity, and still more gradually won the respect of many Shari'ah-minded 'ulama'. — “Kalam”,
  • © Murad Kalam 2003 | Site design by jaimostudio. — “—Murad Kalam—”,
  • Whoever believes they were directed against the `aqida or "personal theology" of basic tenets of faith, or the "discursive theology" of rational kalam arguments against heresy is someone who either does not understand the critics or else is quoting them disingenuously." Major kalam schools. — “Wikipedia:Kalam - Global Warming Art”,
  • This verdict was extended from the single person to the whole sect of those who propagate his kufriyyat by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Sulayman Effendi, who declared them not only deviant in fiqh and kalam, but apostates in Din, by saying "O Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, do not slander Muslims!. — “'Ilmu-l-Kalam”,
  • Kalam - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Kalam”,
  • The breeze moving around 'Raisina Hill' will no more carry away the awe-inspiring thoughts of this great man, as the 'people's president', Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (former Indian President) gently stepped down from the 'Raisina Hill', leaving a. — “Abdul Kalam | Indian President | Missile Man | Peoples President”, living.oneindia.in
  • The Kalam argument's second premise—"The universe began to exist"—is a claim that seems more of a presupposition than a fact, but watch how it is supported: An actual infinite cannot exist. A beginningless series of events is an actual infinite. — “Kalam - Iron Chariots Wiki”,
  • Kalām (Arabic: علم الكلام‎) is the Islamic philosophy of seeking Islamic theological principles through dialectic. In Arabic the word means "words, discussion, discourse". A scholar of kalam is referred to as a mutakallim. — “Kalam - Religion-wiki”,
  • Encyclopedia article about kalam. Information about kalam in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. abdul kalam. — “kalam definition of kalam in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • In light of this, we will be holding a forum entitled "Ing Kalam ning Amanung Sisuan," in cooperation with UP Aguman, UP Samahang Linggwistika, and STAND-UP. It will be held on the 9th of December, 2008 from 1pm to 4pm at Palma Hall 400. Ing Kalam ning Amanung Sisuan. — “KALAM - the first Kapampanganovela in Philippine broadcasting”,
  • India. Manufacturer of collections of pleated and textured cushion covers, pillows, quilts, and bedroom, table and kitchen linens. Also, ready-made garments and fashion accessories. — “Welcome to Kalam Designs”,
  • Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam born October 15, 1931, Tamil Nadu, India, usually referred to as Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, was the eleventh President of India, serving from 2002 to 2007. Kalam played a pivotal organisational, technical and political role. — “Abdul Kalam - WikiMir”,
  • La phir Ek bar wohii-kalam-e-Iqbal By Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. La phir Ek bar wohii Bada-o-Jam aye saqii Haath aa jaye Mujhey mera muqam aay saqi meri meena- La phir Ek bar wohii Bada-o-Jam aye saqii Haath aa jaye Mujhey mera muqam aay saqi meri. — “kalam - Markaz Islam”,
  • Whoever believes they were directed against the `aqida or "personal theology" of basic tenets of faith, or the "discursive theology" of rational kalam arguments against heresy is someone who either does not understand the critics or else is quoting them disingenuously. — “Kalam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 29 quotes and quotations by Abdul Kalam Abdul Kalam. Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and. — “Abdul Kalam Quotes”,
  • kalam Islamic speculative theology. It arose during the Umayyad dynasty over varying interpretations of the Qur' a n and over questions the Qur' a n. — “kalam: Definition from ”,
  • Name of the coolest ultimate dude in the world..no make that the universe.. Everyone wants to be shahriar kalam. You can find shahriar kalams in al. — “Urban Dictionary: kalam”,

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  • Prem Pujari - Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil Ki Kalam Se - Kishore Kumar Super Hit Hindi Song From Bollywood Film, Prem Pujari, 1970, Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Shatrughan Sinha, Prem Chopra, Music By SDMurman ,Directed By Dev Anand.
  • kalam baba nanak Ghulam Mohammed Chand Rababi - Avale Allah Nuur Upaye Guru Nanak Dev[1] (Punjabi: ਗੁਰੂ ਨਾਨਕ ਦੇਵ, Hindi: गुरु नानक देव, Urdu: گرونانک Guru Nānak) (15 April 1469 22 September 1539) is the first of the ten Sikh Gurus. Sikhs believe that all subsequent Gurus possessed Guru Nanak's divinity and religious authorityGuru Nanak Dev · Guru Angad Dev · Guru Amar Das · Guru Ram Das · Guru Arjan Dev · Guru Har Gobind · Guru Har Rai · Guru Har Krishan · Guru Tegh Bahadur · Guru Gobind Singh · Guru Granth Sahib Practices Ardās · Amrit Sanskar · Chaṛdī Kalā · Dasvand · Five Ks · Kirat Karō · Kirtan · Langar · Nām Japō · Simran · Three Pillars · Vaṇḍ Chakkō Scripture Guru Granth Sahib · Adi Granth · Dasam Granth · Sarbloh Granth · Bani · Chaupai · Jaap Sahib · Japji Sahib · Mool Mantar · Rehras · Sukhmani Sahib · Tav-Prasad Savaiye By country Australia · Belgium · Canada · Fiji · India · Pakistan · Thailand · United Kingdom · New Zealand · United States Other topics History · Ik Onkar · Gurdwara · Harmandir Sahib · Khalsa · Khanda · Literature · Music · Names · Places · Politics · Satguru · Sikhs · Waheguru · Bhagat Ramanand · Bhagat Farid · Bhagat Kabir · History of the Punjab · Sardar · Takht · Dastar · Sikh Gems · Hinduism · Islam · Sikh Empire · Khalsa Panth · 3HO · Vegetarianism Amar Singh Chamkila Anamika Aman Hayer Apache Indian Ashok Masti Amrinder Gill Arvind Kumar Asa Singh Mastana Babbu Mann Bobby Gill Bally Sagoo Bhagwant Mann Bikram Singh Balkar Sidhu Baba Sehgal Bukan Jatt Bohemia Chamkila Daler Mehndi ...
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  • arifana kalam mia mohammed baksh sahab read by shehzada saif ul malok dr hafiz ghulam murtaza nakeebi in little pakistan coney island brooklyn
  • Kalam Alnas Nabih Berri part 1 2009 This is part 1 of the interview of Nabih Berri on LBC , friday 5june LBC. For the full interview : Special Thanks to " nabeehberri " for advising and to
  • George Wassouf - Kalam Ennas A Classic Clip Of George Wassouf Back When Was Still Young, Not Exactly Sure Witch Year It Was, but This Video Was Shot Between 1994 & 1997.
  • Nation salutes Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam After five years of glorious tenure as President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam leaves Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 25th July 2007. During his tenure, he proved himself as 'People President' and made the Rashtrapathi Bhavan as "People's Bhavan". In an exclusive chat session, Prof. YS Rajan, co-author of the book India 2020 with Dr Kalam and his close associate talks about the achievements of Dr Kalam during this five years. This is 15th edition of PodUniversal, India's first PodMagazine.
  • N-deal in supreme national interest: Kalam The Missile Man of India, former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who has supported the Indo-US nuclear deal previously also, spoke exclusively to NDTV in his first reaction a day after the NSG waiver to the nuke deal. Kalam described how the nuclear deal is good for India, what more does he foresee apart from the waiver and the final pact and on any possible Pokharan III.
  • EGYPT Mohamed Hamaki- Kheles El Kalam Quickly made vid in my way- Egypt pics & "Kheles El Kalam" (All The Words Have Finished) by Mohamed Hamaki. Hope you'll enjoy! ;) Ancient Egypt- a mysterious world of pyramids, pharaohs and magical rituals. World which existed 3000 years until drowned forever in glooms of history... Full of nostalgic pics for all of Egipt lovers :)
  • way to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's house - Rameswaram shatheeshl.co.cc http Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam born October 15, 1931, Tamil Nadu, India, usually referred as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, was the eleventh President of India, serving from 2002 to 2007.Due to his unconventional working style, he is also popularly known as the People's President. Before his term as India's president, he distinguished himself as engineering visionary and was awarded India's highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna in 1997 for his work with DRDO and his role as scientific advisor to the Indian government. He is popularly known as the Missile Man of India for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology. In India he is considered a progressive mentor, innovator and visionary. Kalam played a pivotal organizational, technical and political role in India's Pokhran-II nuclear test in 1998, the first since the original nuclear test by India in 1974. He has received honorary doctorates from as many as thirty universities .[5] The Government of India has honoured him with the nation's highest civilian honours: the Padma Bhushan in 1981; Padma Vibhushan in 1990; and the Bharat Ratna in 1997. Kalam is the Fourth President of India to have been honoured with a Bharat Ratna before being elected to the highest office, the other three being Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ,VV Giri and Zakir Hussain. He is also the first scientist and first bachelor to occupy Rashtrapati Bhavan. Referred to as the "People's President", Kalam is often ...
  • I "Kalam" Like I See 'Em... Everything that begins to exist has a cause, right? Wrong. The Kalam Argument for God: P1. Anything which begins to exist has a cause. P2. The universe began to exist. C. The Universe has a cause. The Kalam Argument AGAINST God: P1: Nothing which exists can cause something which does not exist to begin existing. P2: Given (1), Anything which begins to exist was not caused to do so by something which exists. P3: The universe began to exist. P4: Given (2) and (3), the universe was not caused to exist by anything which exists. P5: God caused the universe to begin to exist. C1: Given (4) and (5), God does not exist.
  • Kalam-e-Ameer Khusrau -"Zihal-e miskin makun taghaful" click here to watch video with Audio. Poet: Ameer Khusrau- Singer:Chhaya Ganguli- Music: Muzaffar Ali- Album: Husn-e-Jana- ------------------------------ Lyrics zihaal-e miskiiN makun taGhaaful, duraaye nainaa banaaye batiyaan ki taab-e hijraaN nadaaram ai jaan, na leho kaahe lagaaye chhatiyaaN shabaan-e-hijraaN daraaz chuuN zulf va roz-e-vaslat cho umr kotaah sakhii piyaa ko jo maiN na dekhuuN to kaise kaaTuuN andherii ratiyaaN yakaayak az dil do chashm-e-jaaduu basad farebam baburd taskiiN kise paRii hai jo jaa sunaave piyaare pii ko hamaarii batiyaaN cho shamma sozan cho zarraa hairaaN hameshaa giryaaN be ishq aan meh na niind nainaa na ang chainaa na aap aaven na bhejeN patiiyaaN bahaqq-e-roz-e-visaal-e-dilbar kii daad maraa Ghariib Khusrau sapet man ke varaaye raakhun jo jaaye paauuN piyaa ke khatiyaaN Translation Do not overlook my misery by blandishing your eyes, and weaving tales; My patience has over-brimmed, O sweetheart, why do you not take me to your bosom. Long like curls in the night of separation, short like life on the day of our union; My dear, how will I pass the dark dungeon night without your face before. Suddenly, using a thousand tricks, the enchanting eyes robbed me of my tranquil mind; Who would care to go and report this matter to my darling? Tossed and bewildered, like a flickering candle, I roam about in the fire of love; Sleepless eyes, restless body, neither comes she, nor any message. In honour of the day I meet my beloved who ...
  • Kaagaz Kalam - Shilpa Shirodkar & Kadar Khan - Hum Watch Kaagaz Kalam - Shilpa Shirodkar & Kadar Khan - Hum starring Amitabh Bachchan Rajnikanth Govinda. Click to watch more Bollywood songs
  • Punjabi Sofiana Kalam Punjabi sofiana kalam by Sarwar Hussain Naqshbandi
  • International Thirukkural Conference: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Message by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, The President of India on July 9-10, 2005 for The International Thirukkural Conference in Washington, USA. www.thirukkural2005.org Keynote Speakers Dr. VC Kulandai Swamy Dr. George Hart
  • APJ Abdul Kalam Speech to Children about Leadership - Part 1
  • APJ Abdul Kalam:"A Leader Should Know How to Manage Failure" [email protected] Interviews Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • me in dr abdul kalam speech this is wat dr kalam has spoken abt me!! all abt myself
  • Report: Hotel industry in Kalam
  • Kalam Alnas Nabih Berri part 2 2009 This is part 2 of the interview of Nabih Berri on LBC , friday 5june LBC. For the full interview : Special Thanks to " nabeehberri " for advising and to
  • Kalam Shah Hussain "Ni Sayion Asi Naina Dey Akhe Lagay" "Ni Sayion Asi Naina Dey Akhe Lagay" kalam of Hazarat Shah Hussain by Muneer Hussain for Program "Kuli Faqeer Di" on Apna Channel directed b "Maye Ni Mein Kinho Akhan" kalam of Hazarat Shah Hussain by Muneer Hussain for Program "Kuli Faqeer Di" on Apna Channel directed by Nabeel Tirmazi. (more) (less)
  • MTM-Bettahtehy fi El Kalam(confusing in talking) 2d-animation made in egypt singed by:MTM band directed by:Mostafa Ali Tawfick 4 any comment:[email protected]
  • I am Kalam Trailer(Subtitles).mov Just for viewing
  • KALAM Annotated (follow up video come soon) The part of the video regarding the singularity being infinitely dense, I must admit was not well thought out. I still stand by most of what I said in this video, but I will be making an addendum to correct a few things and make additions points. Also, people have said that the singularity had a volume of zero and therefore infinite density. Actually anything divided by zero is not infinity but undefined. What is more, is volume was zero and density infinite, then mass would be also be undefined, as density x volume = mass, but again, zero divided by undefined would be undefined. I am not a mat expert here, but please explain how infinite density is not absurd (except for infinite mass divided by finite [non-zero] volume). What is more, even if the singularity was infinitely dense, how in the hell is that nothing as apologists want to argue? Does it have a mass? Yes. Does nothing have a mass? No. singularity =/= nothing. QED Kalam Noah's 51 minute long epic My video called "It's About Time"
  • Dr. APJ Abdul [email protected] India's "Be the Change" Summit Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, addresses Google employees and answers questions at Google India's "Be the Change" Employee Summit in Hyderabad on December 3, 2007
  • Haifa Wehbe "Ahla Kalam" with Samia Gamal & Anaisis سامية جمال - هيفاء وهبي Lebanese songstress Haifa Wehbe sings "Ahla Kalam" (Beautiful Words) أحلى كلام. The video features Samia Gamal, a leading Egyptian dancer and actress who appeared in movies in Egypt from the late 1940s until the early 1960s. Thanks to Anaisis (Ana Isis) for letting me use clips of her dancing. To see more of her wonderful dancing, go to: Lyrics in English: Ahla Kalam ~ أحلى كلام (Sweet Talk) There is sweet talk in your eyes Full of feeling and passion It made me fall in love My heart was filled with desire and my life became a dream. Why are you hurting my heart? You don't say the passion that is in your eyes Meanwhile, night and day, I long for you my darling. I swear my eyes never saw anything like what I've seen with you Oh my fire dominates me and melts me in your love. .Abdel Halim Hafez, Fairuz, Farouz, Hussain al-Jasmi, Amr Diab, Tamer Hosni, Khaled, Natacha Atlas, Marcel Khalifa, Kazem el-Saher. Fares Karam, George Wassouf, Dina Hayek, Wael Kfoury, Wael Kfouri, Rola Said, Rola Saad, Amani Souissi, Amani Swissi, Sherine Ahmed, Yara Sodfa, Nelly Makdessi Maqdessi, Myriam Faris, Miriam Fares, Mirhan, Star Academy, Nancy Ajram, Lebanon, Lebanese, Arab, Arabic music, Mais Hamden, Angham, Diana Karazon, Asala, Asalah, May Hariri, Dominique Hourany Hourani, Arwa, Marwa, Hoda Haddad, Sherine, Shereen, Mais Mays Hamdan, Ruby, Rouby, Roubi, Elissa Khouri, Warda, Dana Halabi, Nourhan, Fairouz, Nawal Zogby Zoghbi, Amal Hijazi, Carole Samaha, Ragheb Alama ...
  • ~*~Shereen Ahmed---Kalam~*~ shereen new song....very true
  • Ragheb Alama - Mosh Bil Kalam english subtitles.flv
  • Abida Parveen - Sunn Baat - Kalam: Hazrat Sachal Sarmast - Live Abida Parveen - Sunn Baat This video is dedicated to dear friends Inaam Nadeem (inaam2) and Shafqat Jatoi (ShafqatHJatoi) =========================== About Poet. Hazrat Sachal Sarmast (1739-1829) was a renowned Sufi poet from Sindh, Pakistan during the Kalhora era. Abdul Wahab was his real name and "Sachal" was the name he used in his own poetry. Sachalu means truthful in Sindhi. Sarmast means mystic in Sindhi and Urdu. Sachal Sarmast literally means 'truthful mystic'. He is regarded as 'shair-e-haft zaban' (poet of seven languages) due to his poetical works in Arabic, Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Urdu, Persian and Balochi to address the wider audience in these languages to preach Islamic philosophy of Monotheism (unity of God). His shrine is in village Daraza, Khairpur Mirs, Pakistan. =========================== About Singer. Pakistani singer Abida Parveen , is one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music. Her forte is the kafi and the ghazal, though she has also ventured into traditional male territory and sung qawwalis. She is known for her particularly stunning voice, as well as her vivid musical imagination. She has attained legendary status in the Indian Sub-Continent, especially within her home province of Sindh, Pakistan. Abida was born in Larkana (Sindh province, Pakistan) in 1954. She received her musical training initially from her father, Ghulam Haider, and subsequently from Ustad Salamat Ali Khan. She embarked upon her professional career from Radio Pakistan ...
  • bulleh shah's kalam abdullah(bullah)'s kalam
  • Sofiana Kalam 01 Sofiana Kalam
  • aabe_kaosr: (Kalam e iqbal) jwab_e_shikwa #129 Waaza me ho tum nasara to tammdun me hunood ye musalman hen jin ko dykh k shrmayen yahood
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  • Chudeet: Ciluk baaaaaa \(´▽`)/ RT @ImeldaTrisman: arahin senter ke dedet RT @Chudeet: Kalam-kalaman..."
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  • Messipah: 7elw el kalam da كيف نتعلّم أن نحبّ القنبلة: في العلوم العسكريّة | الأخبار http://t.co/FwewFZjo via @AlakhbarNews
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  • faruqasmady: Di kalam bulan mengambang,aku bertanye pada si bintang,mengapa engkau datang,sedangkang hatiku di dalam bayang...
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  • daybydai: Nabi guling... Uwenak! RT @MartoArt Ternyata saya ga berbakat jadi nabi. Yg meretwit kalam saya cuma satu @azzarkia , lantas gimana ...
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  • kalam_999: اللهم أنت ربي لا إله إلا أنت خلقتني وأنا عبدك وأنا على عهدك و وعدك ما استطعت أعوذ بك من شر ما صنعت ="
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  • kalam_putra: @enjieAMD sama kak aku liat pas banget siapa yaaaa?
  • amarchitra: APJ Abdul Kalam: Pendency of death penalty cases had social, economic bias - Times Of India http://t.co/AcTIRz2W via @ArchiveDigger
  • oooSNIPERooo: @kalam_mafhoom اللهم العن ابا سفيان ومعاوية ويزيد بن معاوية وآل مروان عليك منهم اللعنة ابد الآبدين #الملعون_يزيد
  • amarchitra: Dr.Kalam didnt confirm death penalty on principle.Pratibhaji didnt do it because....(u knw why) and Pranabji did it finally.stil 1 pending.
  • AnoudAlfulaij: آيهمّ آشد فيْ نظركك ( آلندم على آلكلآم / آلندم على ال... — Nadm 3ala kalam ymkn ;$$ / o 3ala 7asb el,mawgf elii ... http://t.co/Zx64L1LL
  • GhulamAmar: I'm not HANDSOME guy, but I can give my HAND-TO-SOME one to who needs help. Beauty is in heart. Not in face. #Dr. A.P.I. Abdul Kalam
  • DarwiisKecik: RT @CikMomoi: #MemoriesInSchool bila bebudak tengah kalam kabut Pakyenn suke nak bahagian.Makin semak jadinya :D Untung comell ayenn!
  • CikMomoi: #MemoriesInSchool bila bebudak tengah kalam kabut Pakyenn suke nak bahagian.Makin semak jadinya :D Untung comell ayenn!
  • kalam_putra: @alifiaputput kemana ini orang? Kok di bbm ga di bales? Eaa
  • reret_ceret: @mohammadirfanr sudah tertulis pd kalam اللّهُ kalo israel diciptakn dgn kcrdsan luar biasa,tp palestine dtakdirkn tdk prnah habis
  • aelnousseiry: @KaremM7md @DinaaAshraf malak :o :o :o !!!! W da men eh da :o tab ebtdy ezbot el kalam ba2a yalhwy rabena ma3aaak X_X
  • hadiazizz: @Nurwani10 Laaa tukar keje lain dah. Sedih gile. Dah xdpt tengok perangai kalam kabut die dah haha
  • AbdRahman_MZ: Kalau tertulis jodoh kita di kalam takdir. Saya berharap agar kita dapat bersama. Tapi jika tidak, bagaimana harus saya lakukan lagi?
  • kalam_putra: @alifiaputput hujan yaaa?
  • fadlanka: Lu cewe-cewe idiot RT @alifiaputput: Apaan sih lu, idiot! RT"@fadlanka: Apaan si lu so tau bgt , urusin tu kalam RT @alifiaputput:
  • alifiaputput: Iya RT"@kalam_putra: @alifiaputput asabri?"
  • kalam_putra: @alifiaputput asabri?
  • SadeAdinda: Apa bngt sihh.. [email protected]_putra
  • alifiaputput: Apaan sih lu, idiot! RT"@fadlanka: Apaan si lu so tau bgt , urusin tu kalam RT @alifiaputput: Sapa suru lu mau ikut tawuran. Banci tau gk
  • kalam_putra: @SadeAdinda nah bagussss
  • alifiaputput: Di rumah RT"@kalam_putra: @alifiaputput kamu lg dimana?"
  • kalam_putra: @SadeAdinda emng apeng
  • fadlanka: Apaan si lu so tau bgt , urusin tu kalam RT @alifiaputput: Sapa suru lu mau ikut tawuran. Banci tau gk sih org yg tawuran itu! RT"@fadlanka:
  • kalam_putra: @alifiaputput kamu lg dimana?
  • Hendra_IBMB: hitam RT @metropolitStar: gelap RT @Hendra_IBMB: kalam RT metropolitStar: SURAM!
  • SadeAdinda: Apeng :P [email protected]_putra
  • Ignasius_Evan: @wennygilliani99 nd Kalam Kudus..km?
  • kalam_putra: @SadeAdinda gw maunya di sklh
  • alifiaputput: Iya... RT"@kalam_putra: @alifiaputput nah gitu dong kamu klo aku mention bales"
  • SadeAdinda: Ada,di vilnus [email protected]_putra
  • kalam_putra: @alifiaputput nah gitu dong kamu klo aku mention bales
  • SadeAdinda: Lahh enak [email protected]_putra
  • alifiaputput: Apa?? RT"@kalam_putra: @alifiaputput !!!!"
  • amryskio: @kalam_iftikar flower, kuning, ponishu, baby3x, yukata, american pop
  • MSadek_: @Nouranne_fathy Fokek mn el kalam el olteeh da. Hfahmek kol 7aga bleil, bas 5ally balek mn nafsek...
  • kalam_putra: Ga ada RT"@SadeAdinda: Mi gila [email protected]_putra"
  • Kalem_ada_Kalam: @Karyailmiah7 ueh thanks!
  • alifiaputput: Apa? RT"@kalam_putra: @alifiaputput"
  • Redopsv: @shahinazRaafat ah el favori heliw mafich kalam :D
  • kalam_putra: @alifiaputput !!!!

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