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  • Kiddush is the name of a ritual that involves reciting blessings over a cup of wine. Kiddush takes place at the beginning of Shabbat and before Jewish festival meals. — “Kiddush - Judaism's Sanctification Ritual”,
  • Kiddush (קידוש, literally, "sanctification"; also spelled Qiddush or Kidush) is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat and Jewish holiday. Reciting kiddush before the meal on the eve of Shabbat and Jewish holidays is thus regarded as a commandment from the Torah (as. — “Kiddush”,
  • Kiddush Cups available at . Kiddush – Hebrew word for "sanctification," usually said over wine; signifies that a Shabbat, a holiday, or a holy Jewish occasion ( brit milah or wedding) has begun. — “Kiddush Cups - ”,
  • Reciting kiddush before the meal on the eve of Shabbat and Jewish holidays is thus a commandment from the Torah (as it is explained by the Oral Torah) Kiddush is not usually recited at the third meal on Shabbat, although Maimonides was of the opinion that wine should be drunk at this meal as well. — “Kiddush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of kiddush from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of kiddush. Pronunciation of kiddush. Definition of the word kiddush. Origin of the word kiddush. — “kiddush - Definition of kiddush at ”,
  • Wine Goblets Kiddush Cup $35.00. More Info. CUMP. Cast Aluminium Goblet - Color Anodized $38.00. More Info. UK41058. Pewter Kiddush Cup with Saucer $45.00. More Info. UK41499. Nickel Kiddush Cup $45.00. More Info. K217. Blue Enamel Kiddush Cup $48.00. More Info. UK41600. Kabbalistic Torah Rivers Cup $75.00 $48.00. — “Kiddush Cups”,
  • A selection of articles related to Kiddush The ceremony of kiddush before the night meal on both Shabbat and Jewish holidays is mandated by the Torah; the recital of kiddush at the morning meal on Shabbat and holidays is mandated by the Rabbis of the Great Assembly. — “Kiddush”,
  • [[Image:KiddushS.jpg|250px|thumb|Silver kiddush cup and wine decanter]]Kiddush (Hebrew: ק×_ ×_ ×_literally, "sanctification") is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat or a Jewish holiday. The Torah refers to two. — “Kiddush | ”,
  • Kiddush at Synagogue. Strictly speaking, Kiddush is a home ceremony but in the Middle Ages This Kiddush is not recited during the synagogue service but in many. — “Kiddush - My Jewish Learning”,
  • Definition of Kiddush in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Kiddush. Pronunciation of Kiddush. Translations of Kiddush. Kiddush synonyms, Kiddush antonyms. Information about Kiddush in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Kiddush - definition of Kiddush by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Kiddush ( ) n. Judaism The traditional blessing and prayer recited over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or a festival. — “Kiddush: Definition from ”,
  • Kiddush cups for Jewish celebrations. Kiddush cups silver Kiddush cups pewter Kiddush cups porcelain with inscription. — “Kiddush Cups”,
  • Kiddush definition, a blessing recited over a cup of wine or over bread on the Sabbath or on a festival. See more. — “Kiddush | Define Kiddush at ”,
  • Learn about Kiddush on . Find info and videos including: How to Make Kiddush, How to Recite the Kiddush for Passover, How to Shop for a Kiddush Cup and much more. — “Kiddush - ”,
  • If you are unable to obtain wine, or if you cannot drink wine for health reasons, you may make kiddush over bread. To do so, wash your hands first, recite Kiddush, and below, instead of saying the blessing over wine, recite the blessing over bread (see below). — “Friday Night Kiddush”,
  • Offers large collection of Kiddush cups, silver plated, glass or handmade, you can find it at our store. Buy Today with our low flat rate shipping!. — “Kiddush Cups - ”,
  • Kiddush does not have to be said in Hebrew. It is acceptable to say in English or any other language, although Hebrew is preferred, and a person From the time the sun sets (or, for a woman, once the candles are lit), until after kiddush is made, one should not eat or drink anything. — “Friday Night Kiddush: How To”,
  • Featuring Kiddush Cups made by Israeli artists and silversmiths. Each one of our Kiddush Cups is a certified product of Israel. — “Kiddush Cups - Judaica Mall”, judaica-
  • Kiddush (Hebrew: קידוש, literally, "sanctification") is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat or a Jewish holiday. Reciting kiddush before the morning meal on Shabbat and holidays, however, is a requirement of rabbinic origin. — “Kiddush Cups - Judaica - Seder Plates, Tallit, Menorahs”,
  • Ask a Rabbi any questions you have on Shabbat, Kiddush, the Jewish Religion, or Jewish Philosophy. Learn more about Orthodox Judaism, Hassidic Judaism & Chabad. — “Shabbat, Kiddush - - Jewish Religion - Rabbis”,
  • The Kiddush of Pesach on Motzei Shabbos is special in that it includes both Shehechiyanu and Havdala. Hallel in the Seder; Kiddush and Hallel in Maariv on Pesach (11:58). — “Kiddush”,
  • Shabbat enters with words of wonder poured upon sweet wine. We call it kiddush, a ritual of words and drink, a magical bridge from the harried weekday to the day of rest. — “Kiddush - Shabbat”,

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  • Chillul HaShem and Kiddush HaShem Masoretic text in Hebrew www.ancient- Ban on the NAME www.karaite- Reasoning out the topic of the Name in Leviticus 24:32 from a Jewish perspective and how they feel about it, and the possible errors in their understanding. Voice used in this video is from . I post this as only one perspective on this topic not a the only one.
  • Kiddush Cup "Passover" The artist-engraver Igor Tarantul produced artistic carving Kiddush cups and other judica items.
  • The Challenge of Kiddush Hashem Rabbi Steinmetz Parshat Emor states;" Vehikdashti betoch B'nai Yisrael". I will be sanctified among the People of Israel." We derive from this verse the mitzva of "Kiddush Hashem". "Making Gd's name Holy" Rabbi Steinmetz explains how this can be done by each and everyone of us, Jew and non-Jew in our time and in our everyday lives.
  • How to Light Shabbat Candles and Recite Kiddush In this video, Rabbi Eli Garfinkel of Temple Beth El in Somerset, New Jersey demonstrates how to light Shabbat candles and recite the Friday night kiddush.
  • Grandpas kiddush on 2nd night Seder Grandpa making Kiddush on 2nd night Seder in Israel. (Pesach 2009). Danny is trying to improvise the niggun, but doesn't realise that it takes years of practise . . .
  • Silver Judaica - Filigree Kiddush Cup & Plate Wow. Look what master silversmith can make with silver & Gemstones.An amazing Set of Silver filigree Cup & Plate inlayed with red Gemstones. The technique that this Set is made named filigree. Browse our silver collection:
  • Sabbath Kiddush sanctification and havdalah JewU 96 RABBI JONATHAN GINSBURG ONLINE CONVERSION PROGRAM Sabbath Kiddush sanctification and havdalah ceremonies chant for all 100 Jewish educational videos
  • Silver Judaica Kiddush Cup Collection Look at this uniqe silver Judaica Kiddush Cup. This Kiddush Cup is all made out from Silver strerling 925, Hand Made in Israel. Browse all our silver Judaica Collection at
  • How To Kiddush Learn the Kiddush Ceremony With The How TO Rabbi
  • A Kiddush Conspiracy The short film was screened at the Kehillat Masada Purim Comedy Night. Filmed and directed by: AUL Productions
  • Silver Judaica - Kiddush Cup - The Seven Kinds The seven kinds of crops in the land of Israel hand craft on this beatiful Silver judaica Kiddush cup. Browse our gallery in order to see one of the largest Silver judaica collection on the net. http
  • Cantor Ben-Zion Kapov-Kagan - Kiddush LeShabbos Cantor Ben-Zion Kapov-Kagan (1899 - 1953) Benzion KapovKagans intensity and presence of singing are nearly unequaled amongst the known Chazonim. He had a beautiful and rich Tenor voice.
  • Kiddush cup A handmade Silver Wedding Kiddush cup, created by using a technique of a deep relief carving in combination with most complicated sculptural engraving and gold casting (inlay) . Five of the seven blessings for the groom and bride are engraved on the edge of the cup (0.5 mm in height !!!) .The sixth blessing is engraved under the edge of the cup and around it while the seventh blessing is engraved on the plate.
  • Aviel makes kiddush
  • Hitler Finds Out About The Kiddush Club - Purim Shpeil 2010 There's no way they can shut down the Kiddush Club now!
  • My Dad's Kiddush Friday night Kiddush by my Dad
  • Jerusalem kiddush Hashem Protecting the innocent
  • Kiddush is really Anarchy in disguise Its survival of the fittest at most kiddushim.
  • Kiddush HaShem in Far Rockaway Jarvis Avenue Chevra in Far Rockaway help a stuck Fed Ex truck..
  • Remember who took out the 1988 Kiddush Cup? It's 1988, Gerard Healy won the Brownlow and Gary Ayres musceled his way to his second Norm Smith medal but the burning question in football at the time was who took home the coveted Kiddush Cup? It may have only been D Grade in the Victorian Amateur Football Association but 20 years ago plenty of people had an opinion about which Ajax footballer would be drinking his Carmel wine out of football's most prestigious cup
  • Cantor Stephen Saxon - Kiddush for Erev Rosh Hashana Cantor Stephen Saxon chants wine blessing for Rosh Hashana
  • Papa Hillel Teaches The Kiddush Papa Hillel still teaching, now at age 101!
  • Kiddush Levana After Shavuot Shavuot (15) Halacha Yomit by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of WebYeshiva, the world's first, fully interactive, live online yeshiva and midrasha.
  • Paul Shapiro - To Life / Kiddush Paul Shapiro's Midnight Minyan Paul Shapiro - saxophone / Peter Apfelbaum - saxophone / Steven Bernstein - trumpet / Brad Jones - bass / Brian Mitchell - piano / Tony Lewis - drums
  • How to Make Kiddush? Halacha Yomit Shabbat (15) Halacha Yomit by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of WebYeshiva, the world's first, fully interactive yeshiva and midrasha. To learn more, go to:
  • Holiday kiddush prayer chanted to bless Gd who created the fruit of the vine.
  • Rabbi Cy Friday Eve Kiddush Rabbi Stanway Friday Kiddush Blessing: Blessing Series
  • Kiddush in Shul on Shabbat Shabbat (64) Halacha Yomit by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of WebYeshiva, the world's first, fully interactive, live online yeshiva and midrasha.
  • Kiddush for Friday night, composed by Itai Daniel The first part is the traditional blessing for wine, then the beautiful setting by Itai Daniel. Sung in Levy Hall at Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, PA, on December 25th 2009 Itai Daniel is a pianist, orchestral conductor and composer. Born in Israel in a "Kibbutz", he began taking piano lessons at the age of 8. Extensive harmony and theory classes complimented his musical studies as well the viola at the ages of 15 and 16 respectively. After completing a three year service as a combatant soldier with the Israeli Defense Forces, he pursued his musical studies at the Music Academy of Tel-Aviv University. Majoring in conducting, he was a privileged part of the "Program for excellence" concerning the entire University (a full scholarship program, reserved for the top 0.5% of all students). In addition, he also received the "Federman Scholarship" and the "Ronely Ricklis Scholarship" for young conductors. After finishing his Bachelor's Degree "magna cum laude", he went to the United-States and refined his musical education at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Attending the Aspen Music Festival (summer of 1997) as a student conductor, he was observed by the head of the program and was invited on the spot to join the prestigious Apprentice Conductors' Program of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. In this capacity Mr. Daniel conducted numerous performances with the orchestra including subscription and family concerts and led the orchestra on tours. A year later M. Daniel ...
  • Silverplated Elijah Kiddush Cup Secure Ordering: Makes a great Elijah Cup for Passover Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica 600 South Holly Street Suite 103 Denver, Colorado 80246 303-322-7345 800-830-8660 Also see The cup of Elijah derives from a problem in Talmudic Law. The problem is not knowing exactly how many cups of wine to drink at the Seder, four or five. The number of cups is based on the four expressions of deliverance, but there is actually a fifth expression of deliverance. So, the rabbis came up with the perfect Jewish compromise. We fill the fifth cup, but we don't drink from it. And since Elijah will proceed the Messiah, who will be able to tell us whether four or five cups are correct, we make the fifth cup of wine Elijah's cup. In some Seder services, each person at the Seder contributes some wine to the fifth cup, symbolizing everyone sharing in the messianic hope. At other Seder services, wine from the cup of Elijah is mixed with the fourth cup. Others point out historically, and in my opinion correctly, that the door is opened to show everyone outside that Jews do not in any way use the blood of Christians for Passover, often called the "blood libel." To "cover" this ritual, we send children to the door to open it for Elijah the prophet. In general, Sefardim do not open the door for Elijah.
  • Kiddush - Jewish Blessing over Wine (Borai Pre Hagafen) - Friday Night Shabbat Prayer Listen to Rabbi Jamie Korngold, the Adventure Rabbi, as she chants the Blessing Over the Wine (Borai Pre Hagafen) for Friday Night's Shabbat Prayers in Hebrew. Perfect for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Students or anyone who wants to learn the blessing. Recorded in HD at 11980 feet at Copper Mountain.
  • Malovany Kurt Weill Kiddush May 2010 Breslau Cantor Malovany sings Kurt Weill's "Kiddish" at the Breslau synagogue at its reopening in May 6, 2010. Camera & Owner: Alex Jacobowitz
  • JBA 8 Kiddush (Lewandowski) , friday evening, Berlin, Great synagogue, Rykestrasse Friday evening service in Berlin Tradition. Great Synagogue Berlin, Rykestrasse
  • Blessing the Moon / Kiddush Levana / Elul 5769 Chabad Chassidim dance in front of the Lubavitch Headquarters, 770 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn NY. They had just completed the monthly blessing of the moon, "kiddush levana", and now celebrate the Redemption through the joy of Mashiach, the Messiah.
  • Richard Tucker: Kiddush The great American tenor and cantor sings the stirring "Kiddush," the traditional sanctification of festivals. Conducted by Sholom Secunda.
  • Passover Seder 101 #5 Kiddush, Hand Washing and Dipping the Vegetable Welcome to NJOP's new Passover Seder web series corresponding to the 15 steps of the seder. Featuring Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Founder and Director or Jewish Treats' parent organization, the National Jewish Outreach Program, these 15 short webisodes will walk you through the essential elements of the Haggadah in a fun, uplifting manner to help enhance the seder you are hosting or the seder you are plan to attend. You will develop a keen understanding behind the rituals and customs underlying the text of the Haggadah and the seder experience. In video #5, Rabbi Buchwald takes you through the making of Kiddush (the blessing over wine), Hand Washing and Dipping the Vegetable. We have also just released Jewish Treats' "Guide to Preparing a Passover Seder." The Guide is a beautiful six page overview, designed to help with your seder preparations. It will concretize some of the key points you'll learn in these seder webisodes, help you actualize Rabbi Buchwald's recommendations and make your seder experience more meaningful. You can download your Free Seder Preparation Guide here: Filmed and Edited by Brian Golub of Unique New York Productions.
  • Friday Night Kiddush -- Hebrew and English -- with original tune - from The opening paragraph of Friday night Kiddush, from the book of Genesis, in Hebrew and English, set to an original tune.
  • Shabbat AM Kiddush JewU 395 Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg Visha-mru bnai Yis-ra-eil et ha-Sha-bat, la-a-sot et ha-Sha-bat lido-ro-tam brit o-lam. Bei-ni u-vein bnei Yis-ra-eil ot hi lo-lam. Ki shei-shet ya-mim a-sa A-do-nai et ha-sha-ma-yim vet ha-a-rets, uva-yom ha-shvi-i sha-vat va-yi-na-fash. ] Exodus (20:8-11): Al kein bei-rach A-do-nai et yom ha-Sha-bat va-y'ka-d'shei-hu. Ba-ruch a-tah, A-do-nai, E-lo-hei-nu me-lech ha-o-lam, bo-rei p'ri ha-ga-fen. ( A-mein. )call 847-331-3584 for information on our INTERNET BASED Educational programs including Jewish studies for CONVERSION to Judaism, bnai mitzvah-pararabbi-Christians-basic Judaism-Religious school for kids websites Some of My blogs / / / [email protected] / websites email [email protected] Want Regular Torah- based email from me? Email me [email protected]
  • Kiddush Levana Rant How am I supposed to say the whole kiddush levana when I am just up to the repetitive parts and everyone is busting out their shalom alechims already?
  • asinensky: @Goldberg3000 joint sessions of Congress are like a kiddush without the kugel
  • RabbiAmber: RT @JewishEd: Tbs congregation runs a cooking class to prep hs kids for making #shabbat meals in college. Email tune of kiddush on mp3.
  • JewishEd: Tbs congregation runs a yr long cooking class to prep hs kids for making #shabbat meals in college. Emailing out tune of kiddush on mp3.
  • jnewsreader: Kiddush Hashem: 4 tackles Realty refused to sing on #autotranslated @BeHadreiHaredim ⒷⒺⒽⒶⒹⓇⒺⒾ ⒽⒶⓇⒺⒹⒾⓂ
  • MrsCox: Charlie's informing me of what she ate during kiddush Saturday. Eggs and noodles. And she named 3 people that were nice to her. #lovethisage
  • Winelogs: Star of David Etched Silverplate Kiddush Cup (Wine Goblet): Star of David Etched Silverplate Kiddush... #wine logs
  • ravadlerstein: The Israeli Search & Rescue team tells its Haiti story to admiring Christians. Amazing kiddush Hashem
  • ladybirdmontoya: It could be a kiddush glass. Pretty! RT @elineof I really want to find out what this old glass is for!!! http:///
  • lordB8r: So excited to be celebrating wedding w/ friends! Mazel tov mazel tov...kiddush! Kiddush!s
  • RabbiB: At aipac policy conference waiting to see Obama In line with thousands of Jews Haven't seen this many since yesterday at kiddush lunch
  • MarkSoFla: Was at shul 4+ hrs this AM. My minyan,kids at playground,bar mitzvah in other minyan,followed by awesome kiddush. So awesome,skipped lunch!
  • menachembutler: @memerson1 @DonEmerson yup!! We met over kiddush today at #BaronHirsch. (and awesome kiddush too).
  • iamavig: @Reuvenboshnack missed you today for an amazing Kiddush at #ateresshloime .
  • FHWData: Just sat through 2.5 hr Bat Mitzvah service. Skipped Kiddush and grabbed a ham & swiss at Starbucks in protest.
  • jontuch: Kiddush & shabbat lunch, avenue house something slightly wrong in the tweet but amusing nonetheless http:///hsiharlj
  • ravcookie: @rabbikip @jazzrabbi Yayin Kiddush Ner Havdalah Sof Zmanim (YaKNeHaSZ) is the way to go
  • SoThatsJen10: How dahak if I planked on the shabbat table mid kiddush with company over #thinkingboutit
  • kenkrivitzky: Wine in my kiddush cup and James Taylor on the record player. Perfect start to Shabbat. #shabbatshalom
  • GeorgiAtanasov: RT @_ExWSG: @GeorgiAtanasov just brought the kiddush to shul. I'll worry about rapture after Shabbos. @amaeryllis
  • _ExWSG: @GeorgiAtanasov just brought the kiddush to shul. I'll worry about rapture after Shabbos. @amaeryllis
  • MIRSIMCHAS: Yisroel ch. Weber would like 2 invite you to the kiddush for his new baby girl, iy"h this shabbos in Pupa BHMD,1250 51st. ..OIF SIMCHAS...
  • KosherJava: New blog posting, Calculating Kiddush Levana Times Using the Zmanim API -
  • AchemVriym: KIDDUSH!!! Yoeph meth is making a kiddush @ Bm"d in Gibbers. Simcha V'nachas
  • MatthewJHoch: Chulent at hashkama big Kiddush at main, BBQ sat night busy week at #BRS @RabbiPhilip @rabbigoldberg @roofergil @carmigross @uriyudewitz

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  • “Home • Blog. Blog Section. Blog Archives. ABOUT. Subscribe To RSS Feed. The Kiddush Cup Now there will be no Kiddush cup for Shabbat, but I couldn't afford”
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  • “Excerpt From Blog Post: Kiddush can be a violent place, this is Violence is one of the reason I like kiddush so much, the fight for the cholent spoon,”
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  • “Halacha Yomit: Wine for Kiddush. Written by Rabbi Chaim Brovender. Thursday, 25 February Tags: Halacha, Halacha Yomit, Kiddush, Rabbi Brovender, Shabbat, Video | Posted under”
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  • “How to Make Kiddush for Rosh Hashanah Eve News Story Judaica Blog: How to Make Kiddush for Rosh Hashanah Eve. How to do Kiddush for Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat, a great video that can show you exactly what”
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