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  • Kidlet Innovations is expecting a new kidlet to arrive any day now! Unfortunately we have also decided to focus on our family for the next six months and won't be ordering new stock items. All items on here are available to ship immediately and will be available until the stock is gone!. — “Kidlet Innovations Safe & Easy Child Travel Equipment”,
  • Posted by jeninmaine in bebeh, kidlet, photography. Tags: amusement, bebeh, bumper cars, carnival, kidlet, park, photos, zipper. add a comment. Last week the traveling carnival was in town, the kind assembled by drunk guys with screwdrivers and then crammed into a tiny parking lot. — “kidlet " i make things – a "makey-thingy" blog”,
  • Since Kidlet recently beat all of the levels in his Lego Star Wars game on the Wii, he has now been playing much more Super Mario Bros. I get suckered in to being Luigi except for the rare occasion when Kidlet feels like being Blue Toad. Then I get to be Mario, muwahahaha :. — “Bento for Kidlet: Mario time!”,
  • Kidlet Critter charms $15 Hand Painted. Colors. Kidlet Critter Charm necklace $22. Colors For the kidlet in all of us! This handmade pendant and charm necklace. — “ - kidlet critter charms”,
  • already in use holding books and misc. alphabet blocks kidlet is total cute function - patchwork (of course) of feedsack repro & superbuzzy awesomeness. this little number is fully lined, has amazing vintage fabric on the back, a loop to. — “JCasa *handmade: behold - the kidlet wall pocket”,
  • Find and buy Gymboree and Brand name from Kidlet's Kloset eBay Canada Store. New and used GAP, Old Navy on eBay Canada. — “Kidlet's Kloset”,
  • kidlet. buy kidlet mugs, tshirts and magnets. A meal the McDonald's people are considering adding to their menu. It is like a chicken nugget exept instead of a hunk of unidentified chicken-like something in the center it has a piece of a little kid (deep fried, of course). — “Urban Dictionary: kidlet”,
  • Kidlet was formed by two sisters from Old Greenwich Connecticut, Jennifer and Marla. The warm weather is finally here and Kidlet is kicking off the summerwith a show of our favorite children's. — “Jennifer (kidletcompany) on Twitter”,
  • Kidlet-Dressup. — “Kidlet-Dressup”,
  • Mini-messages. KIDLET has no messages. Other places to find me: KIDLET has no current Friends for KIDLET. No Favorites / Friends Added Yet. Last forum posts of KIDLET on Trek. — “Trek Passions: kidlet - Dr. Who, Sci-Fi Channel, Star Wars”,
  • Echo Falls Rhett's Kidlet was honored for his excellent showing career by the New Jersey Equine Council. Kidlet was rejected by his dam and Tom bottle-fed him, one reason he is a character. — “Regency Performance Miniatures :: Kidlet”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable kidlet bags from - Choose your favorite kidlet canvas tote bag from thousands of available designs. — “Kidlet Bags, Kidlet Tote Bags, Kidlet Canvas Bags”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Kidlet on deviantART”,
  • Step 6 - Poke downward with a tungsten pick and it will give the kidlet a nose, almost. You now have your very own kidlet! Wire them up on a headpin and you've got yourself a nifty little pendant!. — “ - tutorials - handmade lampwork glass beads by”,
  • Award winning merchant account provider, accept credit card payments with CDG Commerce. — “Merchant Account Provider - Accept Credit Card Payments Today”,
  • Company. Press. Support. Contact. Copyright ©2010, SyncTV Corporation. All rights reserved. — “Kidlet - TV for Kids”,
  • Shop kidlet t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique kidlet tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. — “Kidlet T-Shirts | Buy Kidlet T Shirts & Clothing Online”, t-
  • Shop our large selection of kidlet gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique kidlet designs. Fast shipping. — “Kidlet Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • My Kidlet in an effort to raise money has decided to sell her collection of TY Beanie Babies. Kidlet survives hurricane lost on salt marsh in small crab boat. — “Kidlet Corner, where wishes come true at”,

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  • Rude Kid - Let Loose (Instrumental) Let Loose Instrumental, Produced By Rude Kid. Download this beat for FREE at http://.
  • snowka.kid let's count 123... kid 23 months learn to count with you tube.
  • Doom the annoying kid! ( let's play Counter-Strike part 3) One of the most annoying kids you'll ever see on Xbox Live.
  • Kill It Kid - Let My Feet Fall Heavy Fan video of Kill it Kid at Camden Blues Kitchen in 2011 playing 'Let my feet fall heavy'
  • Kill It Kid - Let My Feet Fall Heavy Album: Feet Fall Heavy (September 2011, One Little Indian Records)
  • Kidlet Exploding With Excitement Over Google+ Secret Santa Short video of the kidlet's reaction when I told her she was getting some presents from all over the world, thanks to Google+ Secret Santa. Link to her Amazo...
  • Kill It Kid - Let My Feet Fall Heavy Kill it Kid - Title Track to the New Album - 'Let my Feet Fall Heavy'
  • Happy 21st Birthday To My Youngest Kidlet/ Cindy Halsey Burns "Now here's your chance to shine......."
  • Kidlet #1 in action via YouTube Capture.
  • Via and kidlet -4
  • Boom Boom Kid - Let me go bbk-let me go.
  • Khmer Kid - Let Me Take You Down Track 10 - Face the Inevitable.
  • Broadway Dice Ft. Gillie Da Kid - "Let Me Know" Broadway Dice Ft. Gillie Prosuced By White Mike. Video Directed by DEP.....SONG AVAILABLE ON iTUNES, and "Hoody Season" The Mix Tape on .
  • Freeway ft Saint Sann & Gillie Da Kid - Let It Go (Prod by Most Famous) http:///Freeway-Black-Santa-EP-mixtape.434271.html.
  • that british kid let's play sims in the city urbz part 15
  • AG Da Kid "Let Me Fly" With Download and Lyrics Download !! http:///2khkusbl0jz4 "Like" The Facebook page ! https:///AGDaKid Follow @AGDaKid_ on Twitter Lyrics: I wasnt rai...
  • Alipin by Kidlet... :) walang magawa version... hahahahaha...
  • Keyboard Kid - Let Me Abduct U doooooope.
  • Ace Kid - Let The Music Speak (Prod. by Moods) 1st single off my upcoming mixtape "Therapy Sessions" coming soon . "Let The Music Speak" Prod. by Moods . ****DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK***: http:///...
  • Kidlet Makes Lunch
  • kidlet xmas wishes wishing you well.
  • Khmer Kid - Let Me Take You Down.
  • Rude Kid - Let Loose Instrumental grime instrumenatal.
  • Project Aspect ft. Kruza Kid - Let Me See Ya Sneakers Work [Bass from Above: Vol. 2] Free album download: http:/// If you like the music and want more, please subscribe Free Electronic Dance Music!
  • TAG! (Part 3) Our Fuzzy Kidlet Bella Click here for Part 1: http:///watch?v=LLwicrUylUw Click here for Part 2: http:///watch?v=Klo1RGxDrrg My Channel: /u...
  • Via and kidlet 1
  • Kidlet in Kayak - First Time with a Paddle She finally got to have a paddle in the kayak! Her first time on the water using one. Portage Bay, Seattle WA.
  • Kidlet #1 prefers science over bedtime via YouTube Capture.
  • ᴴᴰ NickyStan & Wonder Kid - Let's Go ( Original Mix ) Nikola Stankovic & Wonder Kid - Let's Go ( 2012 ) 1.000 DOWNLOAD FREE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL :) ---------------Disclaimer--------------- *Musical Content Copyr...
  • Smaug eats my kidlet Video created with the Socialcam app on iPhone: http://.
  • Kidlet Style Dancing.
  • Flawless th rich kid let me hit dat via YouTube Capture.
  • mortava: The kidlet has his first big school fundraiser - magazine subscriptions, print + digital. If you want to help/more details pls let me know!
  • luciamia: 31 Days of Kidlet Reads!!! - The Teetering Book Stack - Great Reads for the Child Within!
  • luciamia: 31 Days of Kidlet Reads!!! - The Teetering Book Stack
  • bookmom2000: Kidlet was explaining crazy world-building in fan fiction, like combining Halo & My Little Pony. Water may or may not have shot out my nose.
  • alilbitgranola: My oldest kidlet (11yo) is learning Latin on @MangoLanguages . He sounds funny. Makes me giggle. Love it. #unschooling #language
  • nickontech: @dreampipe que paso amigo. How's the kidlet?
  • Battista_j: Kidlet's horseback riding birthday party was a success--if only Nature wasn't trying to KILL me. #asthmasucks
  • DoomSparkler: @abnersenires The big kidlet turns 10 this month. She'll be officially double-digited. I need coffee just thinking about this fact.
  • PenguinEMT: @_dustybin_ I'm exhausted too. Baby is awake till 2am every night & I have to be up at 6:30 to get kidlet off to school. I nap during the
  • trabernlaw: Kidlet ankle, ready for school.
  • canderecee: Got out the door in a timely fashion and got the kidlet to school on time. At least I know I'll have this victory today. #smallvictories
  • Rituparna_Ghosh: Hahaha!!! RT @TypeWriterMom: Kidlet wants to know if we are going for birthday party tomorrow. Whose ? ...
  • Hivemeitner: Reason I'll not sign up to a pension today: choice of poorer now, when kidlet is at home, or poorer later, when it's just me. No contest.
  • TypeWriterMom: Kidlet wants to know if we are going for birthday party tomorrow. Whose ? ‘Gandhi jis’ she says. How can I deny her that now :-)
  • JeRuMcRae: @PeteandSneakers do follow the other me @jrpoulter kidlet & ed
  • mellopuffy: yay for daylight saving! *waves weakly to the sound of mournful wails from the bed-bound kidlet*
  • hsofia: @arthaey no but I will try. I need to keep some cheaper ones on hand too bc kidlet needs some to play with.
  • kellyhogaboom: RT @hsofia: RT @hsofia: Kidlet emotionally volatile these days. Says No! a lot. Demanding. Occasionally unrepentant. Also says I love you! a dozen t ...
  • hsofia: Kidlet emotionally volatile these days. Says No! a lot. Demanding. Occasionally unrepentant. Also says I love you! a dozen times a day.
  • hsofia: In bed with kidlet, who is talking mostly about fruit flies.
  • kdotp: Hello Kitty cookies for the kidlet's preschool birthday treats!
  • icrvn: @Tarabba Yeah, with the park closed it's less of a draw for the kidlet, but...Hockey! :)
  • PenguinEMT: @scribbles412 Aahhh they grow up so fast. Kidlet is 9 and in grade four. It's crazy. She adores her baby sister though.
  • anti_kate: The kidlet played well in our gym's baby-cage, which means I can occasionally take her with me!
  • colourmethere: Watching Charlie & Chocolate Factory with kidlet. 1st of October is the day they get into the factory #firstoctoberinternationalchockieday?
  • modestmouse_: Look, I was a kidlet!
  • RJalias: @JennJustReading kidlet is awesome! Good movie :)
  • RoniLoren: My "team of people" consists of my 4 year old and my husband. The kidlet is amazing at web design, lemme tell ya.
  • campcreek: @hsofia maybe kidlet glued them into a collage!
  • soypunk: @familyride your kidlet wasn't far off Martin when I last checked. (Both had 10 miles?)
  • VA5LF: @VA3UG she may feel that way in a few years. Right now me being away means she has to watch the kidlet all the time.
  • K8tina: Kidlet#1 is taking his team's loss pretty well. What a great game! The stadium was LOUD & ROCKIN' the whole game!! #MIAvsAZ
  • JennJustReading: Kidlet pulled out the DVDs #GetGlue #ItsTheGreatPumpkinCharlieBrown
  • TheDailyMel: @SteveGrayFTW If they'd had in an adult size, I totally would've bought it for you. Alas, they only had it in kidlet sizes. :(
  • soypunk: Kidlet biked 17 miles for his school fundraiser today or as he says “A NEW WORLD RECORD!”.
  • LilSunshineXO: I find out now he spent $35 on a hat for my other kidlet yesterday!! *counting to ten*
  • LilSunshineXO: LIVID! I come home & my man bought my kidlet a toy!! I sent him a text that said "NO TOYS" GRRRR *looks for sharpest knife*
  • PoutyIsabella: @TemptingTristan *takes a deep breath and climbs out of the car, huffing and puffing when I finally do, mumbles* Come on out, kidlet.
  • whitneyd: Watching Little Kidlet cuddle on the couch with TheBoy. Two sleep, but very happy people.
  • K8tina: OMGosh, another perfect FG!! Kidlet#1 is sooo happy excited! #MIAvsAZ
  • K8tina: Kidlet#1 is having so much fun at the #MIAvsAZ game!!!
  • tanyaretief: I was just thinking how cute Waybuloo is. And then noticing I'm watching CBeebies, and the kidlet has been asleep since 19.30.....
  • K8tina: Sitting with a small group of #MiamiDolphins fans around us. Derrick/Kidlet#1 is loving it!! :-)
  • BMFWB: RT @JennOnTheRocks: RT @JennOnTheRocks: Listening to James Brown radio on Pandora and the kidlet says, "I like your jams Daddy!" .... #ParentOfTheYear #My K ...
  • dreamnorweigen: @believeitornott Hubs: nap. Me: entertain kidlet & writing 4Pique. 89 so far. @ajapersuasia @shellisthimbles @twilight_moirae @Dragonfly336
  • MissyToffee: Can't wait for #Thanksgiving ~ excited for my kidlet to come home #queens #turkey #missThatKid
  • PurloinedKitten: In the car with my Parent's going to my Sister's for the Kidlet's bdays.
  • JennOnTheRocks: Listening to James Brown radio on Pandora and the kidlet says, "I like your jams Daddy!" .... #ParentOfTheYear #My KidsAreCoolerThanYours
  • dreamnorweigen: Duckpin bowling with the kidlet and her cousin. She just got asparagus! YES!!!!
  • brenna1009: Kidlet#3's early birthday gift to me: It really creeps me out.
  • IsMeToo: @Science_IsLife Thank you, acqueline!You're right, f course.Kidlet #3 is still home,but I miss 1 & 2 every day.They're all worth the work :)
  • Hivemeitner: Oh kidlet, kidlet, light of my life: the glottal stop is *not* the alphabet's 27th letter. #parenting
  • K8tina: Countdown to the #MIAvsAZ game. Excited to be going to the game. Kidlet#1 hopes his team @MiamiDolphins wins. He's a die-hard 8 yo fan LOL!!
  • ageekmom: @jenleereeves Kidlet's still learning how to ride, though. She outgrew it before mastering balance. :-/
  • beesafeshop: RT @Mom2AutTot: RT @Mom2AutTot: #VIBabyFair in #yyj & enjoy fun kiddo tunes of @BobsandLoLo ! They're Canadian kidlet musicians. Their music's appea ...
  • janinegmitchell: My kidlet and a piglet...
  • brenna1009: Oh, thank GOD! Kidlet#3 found us, pulled sheet off us, & appropriately went in for the tickle-attack on my Grandson#1. Good Aunt Kidlet#3.
  • brenna1009: Any minute now Kidlet#3 will come into this room and not notice us.
  • brenna1009: Tweeting from under a Strawberry Shortcake sheet. My Kidlet#4, Grandson#1, & I are hiding from Kidlet#3. She will NEVER find us!
  • WaterChylde: Kidlet's new book. It's the second in a series. He really likes the Little Blue Truck character.
  • TypeWriterMom: So not only does kidlet go to the same school as Rushdie did, I've also been a regular customer at his favorite bookshop :-)
  • vesperazwartjan: @fuzzychap it's 1040 and kidlet is wailing in shower
  • eruditeogre: Today is all about overcoming Sunday Brain and getting more unpacking done and writing reviews. So weird to not have the kidlet about.
  • WaterChylde: Morning, Twitterland. I was sleeping well and I heard a little sound in my room. Kidlet had walked in and out. Time to get up. LOL
  • Rudster37: @YodaLici0us Aww, sorry Kidlet, didn't know how to break it to you gently !
  • Seraby2111: I love my kidlet to pieces, but I also love the peace and quite after he's gone to bed #timetorelax #peaceful #chillout
  • kitlane: @flexnib I've been asleep since 9 so I'm thinking I got a good rest. I'm up! Kidlet is an insomniac. That's miserable. You poor dear.
  • Boydblog: @mpg82 Yes! After 7:30 when kidlet's are in bed ;)
  • tjbloom: Soft serve ice cream with sprinkles...the kidlet is loving it. I'm jealous and hating my diet right now!! I have lost 4kg in 3 weeks though
  • terrinakamura: @RockTique @muz4now @anitabondi — I hope you guys had happy Saturdays! MEG — a kidlet birthday party? How did it go!
  • hsofia: Talking MMA and boxing with Hubster. Also, the dark side of celebrity. Kidlet in tub turning into Yoda.
  • jschoeneberg: @BeachBlondeGal Six Flags, great dinner out, then great night away from the kidlet. No hot pants in sight, sorry to disappoint.
  • maddog_sa: Whatever happened to Beans on Toast? It used to be my fav breakfast as a kidlet - my #kidlets are more aligned with Wimpy or Woolies?
  • icrvn: @CorinnaBechko BTW... how was it? I think the same company made the penguin-shaped pasta my kidlet found me for last Father's Day.
  • haaystyles: A couple years ago, instead of saying kid, I said kidlet. What was wrong with me.
  • RennaW: Kidlet naming the remaining orbiters, "Atlantis....Discovery........and the Susan Constant." - It's Virginia humor. You wouldn't understand
  • DesperatelyErin: Adios, Amy and Rory! Don't let the door hit ya..... Now for some Aladdin on ABC Family with the oldest kidlet. He's never seen it before!
  • JasonWetsch: Watching a movie with the kidlet's (@ Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Cinemas for Hotel Transylvania 3D w/ 5 others)
  • lulu1709: I just bought the kidlet a 4ft tall sock monkey. (She collects them, she's three) so it's taller than her.
  • birdwithachip: @Mrsceeeceee enjoy some kidlet free writing time, lovely one. I'll get to that post soon, promise! X
  • penguintrax: Kidlet has declared that everything tastes better when dipped in hummus. (@ Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe)
  • amomsday: Feels like we just went on a late night country drive to put kidlet to sleep... but it's only 8:30. Oi.
  • AmandaSims: So @PrincessJadyn napped from 4-6PM. Yeah, no going to bed early for that kidlet tonight.
  • touloure5: @norview_nick lol, kidlet growing
  • hsofia: Kidlet keeps sticking things right on my face for me to look at, poking me, etc. I feel like she is all up in her feelings abt me.
  • chelliet22: @brenna1009 Happy Birthday kidlet #3! And yea, #Godhelpyou
  • brenna1009: Now what up? Bday dinner with Kidlet#3. 17yrs old. (God help me)
  • redjane: The Clock: I watched 2:45- 3:10 (was all the kidlet could handle) included 2 James Bonds, Robert DeNero, The Prisoner, silent era clips, ...
  • MotleyHippie: I said Yowzer! I never say yowzer. I have been influenced. Anyway, my kidlet wants her laptop back now. Cheerio.
  • tweetsforteetz: @WhyIsDaddyCryin ROFL Kidlet here just said his dad does the same thing. :)
  • julie16750: @hungrygazelle kidlet at my mom's getting ready to head out. I have a surprise for you
  • hsofia: @campcreek @salamanderdream im always like, what would I embroider? But I can play around w/ kidlet's clothes.
  • hsofia: Me: Girl, I don't know if it's your breath, or your feet, or your body, but you are stinky. Kidlet: HAAAAAAA [into my face]
  • katie_boberg: Disney on ice may be one if the coolest things I've ever seen. Think kidlet likes it too :)
  • amomsday: The mister and kidlet are still at the park - nap time for this sick mama! yay!
  • hsofia: @JaytotheTee i had some activity related to kidlet's preschool, but hubster swapped places w/ me so I could attend EA's class.
  • Stroppy_Girl: @bookwitchery Ouch ouch ouch. Poor mama. And yes, kidlet is going to feel really horrible about it for a while. *huggles*
  • bookwitchery: Well so much for being a big girl and going to work. Kidlet accidentally kicked me whilst she was goofing around. Heading in to get xrays.
  • xtimu: The kidlet enjoys his ✨✨sparkler/candle✨✨

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    — Pigs Do Fly " Blog Archive " This is a stick up,

  • “Kidlet Update. We had a FUN time in Iowa visiting family! Sarah enjoyed showing off her new walking skills and Grandma was so Blog this on Blogger. Buzz up! Submit this to Script & Style. This entry was posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2007 at 1:31 pm and is”
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  • “The Dr. Laura Program - America's #1 Female Talk Radio Host By the way, we had to end our conversation after a few minutes because she had to get her kidlet off to first day at school”
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