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  • asked an angry kidnaper in an early-morning call to the Yorktown house. Unknown to the kidnaper, FBI agents had observed the ransom exchange and got the license number (969KXJ) of the kidnaper's car. — “CRIME: The Saga of an Abduction - TIME”,
  • In the midst of an attempt to take over his company, a proposition that throws him in hock down to his own furniture, he's hit by a huge ransom demand, with a twist -- the kidnaper (Tsutomu Yamazaki) takes, not his own son, but his chauffeur's. — “'High and Low'”,
  • Definition of kidnaper from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of kidnaper. Pronunciation of kidnaper. Definition of the word kidnaper. Origin of the word kidnaper. — “kidnaper - Definition of kidnaper at ”,
  • Definition of Kidnaper in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Kidnaper. Pronunciation of Kidnaper. Translations of Kidnaper. Kidnaper synonyms, Kidnaper antonyms. Information about Kidnaper in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Kidnaper - definition of Kidnaper by the Free Online”,
  • Kid·nap·er (k ĭ d'n ă p` ẽ r) , or Kid·nap·per n. One who steals or forcibly carries away a human. — “kidnaper: Information from ”,
  • NYPD Major Case detectives returned the 13-month-old boy to his frantic mother's arms yesterday and arrested the alleged kidnaper, Alex Vivas, 30, during a 3 p.m. ransom drop on Mulberry St. in Little Italy, police said. the baby unharmed at the alleged kidnaper's West New York, N.J., home,. — “TOT OKAY IN KIDNAP ARREST”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. probably back-formation from kidnapper, from kid + obsolete napper thief. — “Kidnaper - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • A 12 years old girl from Delaware pulled out her iPod touch and holding it to her ear told her would be kidnaper that she is calling 911. Technically you can call from your iPod, but cannot make emergency calls. — “12-year-old Delaware girl saves herself from kidnapping after”,
  • New York Lion Books, Inc, 1954 First edition Lion Books #185 Paperback original Nice full page inscription to inside front cover Early suspense novel by this THE KIDNAPER. — “John W. Knott, Jr., Bookseller, ABAA | Bloch, Robert | THE”,
  • kidnaper - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus. — “kidnaper (definition)”,
  • Honor: All Kidnapers are expected to follow all MG laws, and the Kidnaper Charter. Perception passed - Upon the target spotting Kidnaper, target gets the chance to Kidnap(KA) the Kidnaper with 2d of their dice strength, refer to HtK. — “Kidnapping Charter”,
  • Kidnaper definition, to steal, carry off, or abduct by force or fraud, esp. for use as a hostage or to extract ransom. See more. — “Kidnaper | Define Kidnaper at ”,
  • A kidnaped 11-year-old girl escaped from her captor early Sunday by jumping out of his truck in West Covina to end a five-hour ordeal, authorities said.The sixth-grader had been walking with a Meanwhile, Grant said, the kidnaper forced the girl to lie face down in the cab of the truck. — “Girl, 11, Escapes From Kidnaper - Los Angeles Times”,
  • Kidnaper. From LoveToKnow 1911 (There is currently no text in this page) Retrieved from " 1911/Kidnaper" Views. Article. Discussion. what's new. Edit. Personal tools. Create an account or. — “Kidnaper - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Encyclopedia article about kidnaper. Information about kidnaper in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “kidnaper definition of kidnaper in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Crimesider is the ultimate destination for true-crime fans: riveting crimes, exclusive 911 calls, police interrogations, expert forensics, and more. It's in our DNA. Now it's in yours. Read all 'Kidnaper' posts on Crimesider. — “Kidnaper posts - Crimesider - CBS News”,
  • Isa sa mga kidnaper ng negosyante ang iniulat na napaslang matapos maki­pag­barilan sa mga awtori­dad sa bahagi ng Barangay Lumbac sa ba­yan ng Pua­las sa Lanao del Sur ka­makalawa. — “Kidnaper ng trader patay sa encounter | Pilipino Star Ngayon”,
  • kidnaper: The Kidnaper. — “kidnaper : The Kidnaper”,
  • she somehow got free from her restraints and killed her kidnapper. she somehow got free from her restraints and killed her kidnapper. now the family of the kidnaper is trying to sue her. the wife was intervied. interviewer: "how do you feel that you are tying to sue a woman because she killed. — “NG BBS — woman kills kidnaper, family sues”,

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  • confession of kidnaper you can see the video of confess by laxman adivasi that he kidnapped child 'RAJA' & sold to ujagar singh & others. for "NAR BALI"the police station in charge officer mr manoj dubey said on 3/06/2010 that all the 3 persons involved are arrested but did not charged them in child protection act & human trafficking act. he released them in only 24 hours
  • The Kidnaper's Mystery (Inspired by Fargo) The Police never found out about the fact that the kid turned into a zombie.
  • Angrakshak 1995 Hindi Movie Scene 6-Kidnaper
  • IMP & Kidnaper-yo chill MCing
  • Kabul Mastermind Kidnaper
  • kidnaper habiters protection afetr israeli embassy report,some auhtority,not authortiy criminal man appeared nera with two security gurad and 2 cars near me,20th,sept
  • molvi abdul samad muslim pakistani kidnaper - persented by khalid - Qadiani ahmadi.flv
  • Kidnaper!!!
  • naruto chat room 8 the kidnaper part 1 of the kidnaper he steal sakura ino and ten ten what is every one gonna do o ya by the way i forgot tenten at the end ill find a way to get her in -- naruskau
  • Arrest Kidnaper Karachi
  • Bangladeshi kidnaper arrested in Greece Bangladeshi kidnaper arrested in Greece There demand was 22.00.000 Tk ( Around 22000 Euro) Video Source:
  • The Kidnaper a guy tried to kidnap some annoying kids.
  • Chinese Police rescue hostage and take the kidnaper.avi 3 chinese police successful rescue a kidnap girl
  • lps:csi the kidnaper part 2 no discription
  • MY KIDNAPPER: official trailer In 2003 Mark Henderson was one of eight backpackers taken hostage in Colombia. 11 months after his release he received an email from one of his kidnappers. Now he's going back to meet him... Filmed by Tom Swindell this feature length documentary was shot on location in Colombia, Germany and UK
  • Kolhapur kidnaper arrest...TV9 : A minor boy who kidnapped, rescued and two kidnapper arrested at Kolhapur
  • karachi kidnaper
  • Avinash Captures His Son's Kidnaper - Meri Zindagi Ek Agneepath Chiranjeevi captures his sons kidnaper and tortures him for information in this video from the movie 'Meri Zindagi Ek Agneepath.' Don't miss this thrilling scene. Meri Zindagi Ek Agneepath is a story about Avinash, a man who comes to Kolkata on a secretive mission. When Avinash is injured in a fight his life flashes before his eyes and his reasons for coming to Kolkata are revealed. Avinash's wife was killed and his son was taken away from him. In pursuit of finding his son, Avinash is met with resistance from the local mob. Will he survive his injury and find his son? Will he ever find love again? Don't miss this amazing movie about love lost and found, family and perseverance. For more videos of 'Meri Zindagi Ek Agneepath' and other movies log on and subscribe to
  • gabriel hides from cloudy the killer kidnaper! gigaben resumes starting now welcome to the gigaben marathon were in you will see 2011 video's of us evrerything from gigaben2002 39 episodes in one, made at friday afternoon to midnight! march 25 (2011)
  • kidnaper funny version a fake PG comedy of a kidnap
  • THE KIDNAPER Story: three girls are camping and descide to go hiking, and one girl named nina fell down a hill. And while the two other girls named erica and jenna are trying to help nina a mistierious man takes her and later he ends up taking erica and jenna. And the story ends without any1 finding out who is where... TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  • FBI Mission: Succesful kidnaper - Mana, CIT (MTA:SA Server) Music used in this video: John Powell - Berlin Foot Chase --- The FBI team on a mission to rescue a hostage and if possible to catch the kidnapper. --- Tags: CIT, Community of Integrity and Transparency, FBI, GTA San Andreas, MTA:SA, San Fierro, kidnapper, hostage, DIR Dusty, FBI PA Units --- CIT - Community of Integrity and Transparency CIT is a community focused around the multiplayer modification Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, an open source project which totally builds a multiplayer component into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. MTA was ranked #4 in Mod of The Year (MOTY) 2010 and continues to get better and better every day hopefully to win MOTY 2011! Current player peak: 722.
  • Crime Watch - Kidnaper Arrested - TV9 Eight people arrested for kidnapping and robbing Govind Das
  • Let's Play The Simpsons Arcade Game (Part 1) The Kidnaper Rating/Sharing the videos always helps, and if you really like them subscribe please!
  • Sakshi TV -kidnaper safe in vanasthalipuram kidnaper safe in vanasthalipuram
  • Koudjay - Kidnaper Se Suit GNB ( kanaval 2006 ) kanaval 2006
  • Showing kidnaper
  • noida police arrest child's kidnaper
  • JOsh is a Kidnaper!!! well, that is very believerbale! i did not feel any suprise by that... =P
  • Chinese kidnaper got shot by the Police
  • Federally Funded Gov. Kidnaper - Laurie Lee, CPS coward. caught on video CPS worker, one of several, get caught on TAPE after a hearing to TERMINATE a married Couples parental rights. Laurie Lee, of Vandenberg Village, in Santa Barbara County runs from the Camcorders of On Second Thought Producer, William Wagener, who then gets short interview with the parental-victims of CPS legal abuse, under color-or-LAW.
  • kidnaper Snitch Haitian News
  • kidnaper arest in greece
  • lps: csi the kidnaper this video involes fake blood and stuff
  • Press conference showing kidnaper
  • Imp, Frutt, Kidnaper - Rimite mi
  • Crime Watch- nalasopara kidnaper bar girl..TV9 A bar girl arrested who kidnapped girl from nalasopara
  • KIDNAPER na SEKYO.mpg Dec.16 replay, BITAG RESCUE
  • Punjab Police Rahim Yar khan Operation against kidnaper.mp4 Punjab Police Rahim Yar khan Operation against kidnappers ...
  • Lps the kidnaper part 1SABS It is about a kidnaper that captures 2 bunnies and a little puppy and the bunny family is trying to find out who the kidnaper is.So they call the news people to see if they can find out any information.What will they do?
  • VicoPotato: @Mlle_Paauline genre a amsterdam y va se faire kidnaper ahah :)
  • His_Loving_Lily: @Prof_tobias -she screams against the kidnaper his hand bites him he lets go shr sceams-sevvvv..-he graps her again hides her-
  • AkOxiiRairraku: KIDNAP SCENE: Kidnaper: mgkano nyo 22busin anak nyo? Magulang:500 thousand?. Kidnaper:hndi pwd. (cont)
  • IamMarshall: Be in prayer and on the look out, city police are doing road blocks looking for a kidnaper! (@ The City Of Leeds)
  • alexisvargasn_n: My dad is talking to a guy that's all odd and looks like a kidnaper and a rapper!! Weeeeirddd!
  • LUzyndrome: @FAKEskullhong yea! hyung.. i feel like a kidnaper ._.
  • aa_Iamjecckka: @KarmaPoliceMATT parang kidnaper lang ang peg nung last reply ko? hahhaha #PhilippinesWantsBritney
  • CacoManrique: The cat kidnaper strikes again.
  • erikuh_gee: My dogs a kidnaper!! No lie,yesterday he came back with a little puppy carrying it with his mouth! It's so cutee!!
  • markjustineee: Dinner. Rider. Weather .Snatcher. Holdaper. Kidnaper. KAINAN NA! :D
  • xo_babyD: RT @GaryPrimerano: An x girlfriend asking to be friends after breaking up is like a kidnaper asking to keep in touch after they let you go.
  • lilDUB6: My kidnaper was the best #SavedForABit
  • GaryPrimerano: An x girlfriend asking to be friends after breaking up is like a kidnaper asking to keep in touch after they let you go.
  • lEMONgRAB_KILLA: I think ima good kidnaper..
  • asmaandasma: You ex asking you to be friend is like a kidnaper asking you to stay in touch...
  • a97860287: Thanx *Heart kidnaper*
  • may_rawrrr: Linda calls me a kidnaper i call her a creeper ._.
  • maryamjy: Kidnaper :o
  • digitumpa: @MrChittagong amr sasuri tmr ghore thake?omg...tay to boli kidnaper ta k!!!!darao..tmr rokkha nai
  • Pranav_J: Santa's wife was kidnaped.Kidnaper sent piece of her finger n demand money.Santa replied-Ungli toh kisi ki bhi ho sakti hai,MUNDI BHEJ MUNDI
  • ailiiiinxia: @welovero YUUUU KIDNAPER
  • tianmine: What? Which of them, the Italian or the kidnaper? "@ritaqo: @NigeriaNewsdesk chey! Na my boy friend bi that ohh!"
  • zMquotes: A woman was kidnaped.The kidnaper cut off her finger and sent it 2 her husband & demanded moneyHUSBAND replied:"I want more proof
  • messyhairkeith: RT @YungKony: Kony Hawk: Pro Kidnaper the video game. Coming soon.
  • DayMeUn_NLG: RT @YungKony: Kony Hawk: Pro Kidnaper the video game. Coming soon.
  • C_Nunez85: RT @YungKony: Kony Hawk: Pro Kidnaper the video game. Coming soon.
  • sabsaboum: @imobama aaaaaaaah daacoowww jai cru keu les Indiens tavai kidnaper dans un chese Nane!! #rassuree

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  • “Home > Sim Page Home > Sim Page > Blog. Blog Listing. Create New Entry. Archive :: 2007 If you like storys look for the kidnaper story part 1 it is a new one and I whod like to”
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  • “from Modern Mechanix - Jun, 1934 to put that system on, oh, the doors and windows and keep the "kidnaper" from getting so close in the first place? Comment by Repack Rider — March 3,”
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  • “Joyride marshland big fat apsidal lips gerundial larynx, potential, judah dermatologic the discordant johns that delegating kidnaper outback the conclusively castle spoilers?”
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