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  • Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) is a computer-oriented language for the interchange of knowledge among disparate programs. Version 3.0 of the KIF manual, available in Postscript and TeX formats. — “Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF)”,
  • Fourth Lieutenant Kif Kroker works in the Democratic Order of Planets. Kif Kroker is a nervous and selfconscious individual who suffers from lack of confidence. — “Kif Kroker - The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki”,
  • Kif definition, kef. See more. Link To KIF. World English Dictionary. kif, kaif, keef, kef or kief (kɪf, kiːf) —n. 1. another name for marijuana. 2. any drug or agent that when smoked is capable of producing a euphoric condition. 3. the euphoric condition produced by smoking marijuana. — “Kif | Define Kif at ”,
  • Lieutenant Kif Kroker is a fictional character in the animated television show Futurama. He is the long suffering assistant to Captain Zapp Brannigan and Fourth Lieutenant on the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) starship Nimbus. Kif has three nipples, and is able to shed his skin when necessary. — “Kif Kroker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • David Fiuczynski's Kif-Mid-East-Jazz-Hop-Jungle-Gym-Jam!. — “David Fiuczynski's 'Kif'”,
  • kif (uncountable) A kind of cannabis smoked in Morocco and Algeria, for narcotic or I perceived the odour of kif, and recognised the voices of Selam the. — “kif - Wiktionary”,
  • Established since 1971 with a paid up capital of more than $10 million, the Kuwait International Fair (KIF) is Kuwait's first and largest exhibition center that has been organizing a vast assortment of trade shows and consumer events for almost 40 years on its fairgrounds in Mishref, Kuwait. — “Welcome to KIF”,
  • Espace de paix, de plaisir et d'amour de l'autre, Kif TV vous invite a visionner nos clips et a envoyer vos videos pour les partager. — “KIF TV - Kif : Plaisir Intense, Joie Spirituelle, Euphorie”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Kif Records // NEW SOUL SQUARE 12" OUT NOW. Download Kif Records // NEW SOUL SQUARE 12" OUT NOW Hip Hop / Soul / Electro music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Kif Records. — “Kif Records // NEW SOUL SQUARE 12" OUT NOW on Myspace Music”,
  • Kif Similar Albums: In a Silent Way , Myriad , Ke Ala Mano (The Way of the Shark) , Peasant Songs , Transcendence: Impulse in the Spiritual Groove ,. — “Kif: Information from ”,
  • "kif" - the word, on T-shirts, tops and a wide range of gift products. — “kif : kif”,
  • Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) is a language designed for use in the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer systems (created by KIF is not intended as a primary language for interaction with human users (though it can be used for this purpose). — “Knowledge Interchange Format”,
  • 45 Reviews of Kif "My wife and I have re started coming here after a long hiatus. Obviously, there was that window where it was closed. And then it reopened with a new menu that appeared less appetizing (no spicy lamb burger? on DeKalb?! isn't. — “Kif - Fort Greene - Brooklyn, NY”,
  • With over a decade of experience performing at weddings & parties all around Ireland, Kif are the ideal wedding band to hire!. — “Kif”,
  • Recent news and coverage of kif. Filed Under: bark, bon chon, fort greene, kif, midtown west, neighborhood watch, park slope, the harrison, tribeca. — “Kif: News & Coverage on New York Magazine”,
  • Definition of kif in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of kif. Pronunciation of kif. Translations of kif. kif synonyms, kif antonyms. Information about kif in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “kif - definition of kif by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • kif. buy kif mugs, tshirts and magnets. a fine powder created from rubbing the THC crystals off of marijuana buds with a cheese cloth to cheapen the bud and later to be added to your own stash for added potency. I put some kif on these sweet blueberry nugs so just take one hit and you'll be flying. — “Urban Dictionary: kif”,
  • Smoking hashish in Morocco is commonplace but illegal. Many travelers to Morocco will be offered "kif" (the local name for hashish which is made from cannabis) especially if they are traveling independently. This article informs travelers about. — “Smoking Hashish in Morocco - Hash in Morocco”,
  • A Forum for the Kuki People Worldwide About KIF. News. Syndicated Kuki News. Post News. Kuki People. Culture. Education. Folklores. Geography. History. Kuki Families. Religion. Submit Content. Community Articles. Articles. Commentary. — “Home | Kuki International Forum”,
  • Shop kif t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique kif tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't find the perfect kif tee shirt, it's easy to customize your own by adding photos, images and text. — “Kif T-Shirts | Buy Kif T Shirts & Clothing Online | Unique”, t-
  • Kif has been making limited production and experimental Guitars for 30 years. From this, and his love of music, sprang a desire to make the most beautiful hand-made performing guitars. — “KIF GUITARS ~”,

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  • tokin daily: a kif bowl, qwiso, a chip tale on this quick episode i enjoy a solid kif rip and talk about a little adventure chip went through earlier on in the day. also, i have a chunk of some glassy quick wash iso hash to show
  • T-VICE KIF KIF in ST BARTHS august 2010! T-Vice Rocking St Barths FEST August 2010!
  • tokin daily: kif/butane fail well, yesterday i did indeed run the butane through the kif, but unfortunately things didnt work out as well as hoped.
  • Elektro Kif: History Interview with Blanca Li about the history of electro dance featuring footage from the show, Elektro Kif. Music by Tao Gutiérrez
  • tokin daily: kif mountain/sports! packing the kif nice and high on todays bowl as i prepare to head out to the baseball game in a few hours
  • Kif is nervous Poor kif
  • Chefchaouen- Explaining the economics of Kif I loved this guy. We hired a guide to take us into the Rif Mountains, just so Justin and I could frolic in the Kif fields. Sadly...about 2 hours into it, we discover the marijuana was just being planted. Yet we received some education about drug economics...
  • Super Coner Joints Kush Hash Oil Kif Faded Kush Bombers
  • Elektro kif dancers at the Tour Eiffel by Blanca Li. Jerem, Cerizz, Crazy, Kyrra, Big Jay, Ardirx; In front of the Eiffel Tower, some electro dance by dancers from Blanca Li dance company (Elektro Kif) : Jerem, Cerizz, Crazy, Kyrra, Big Jay, Ardirx;
  • Moroccan KIF (Kief) Pipe in Amsterdam by Download Full Video Now! An interesting Dutchman describes his Moroccan KIF pipe in Amsterdam's CoffeeShop YoYo with Big D.
  • RIVAL SCHOOL "family" / ELEKTRO KIF RIVAL SCHOOL "family" musique: daft punk / Harder Better Faster Stronger (Beatbot Remix)
  • tokin daily: a kif bowl coming at ya tonight with a bit of some kif smokage.
  • El-Hadj Elhachemi Guerouabi - kif aamali w'hilti
  • Kif Kif - Le Mégotrip (Instrumental) OGDonNinja / 1998
  • KIF' N DIR' FT Zaho n LES Twins by EAGLE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Dance Sensations LES TWINS combined WITH Superstar songstress ZAHO and Phenom rapper EAGLE FOllow him on TWITTER @daRealEAGLE @ZAHOOFFICIEL @LESTWINSONLINE
  • tokin daily: scraping kif, names of strains rant today i am scraping the kif box, working on my goal of filling the jar. as i am doing that i briefly rant about people who dont like the names of certain strains for whatever reason.
  • smoking kif and butter getting stoned like a nutter
  • Samer Doumit - Kif Baddi Samer Doumit's first videoclip
  • tokin daily: scraping the kif box, april 2011 http it is that time once again, time to scrape the kif box. i also announce how some people who will be placing orders for their official tokin daily t-shirts will be getting their shirts for free, courtesy of adam over at hand made apparel. and dont forget to vote! give a thumbs up to my comment about making bho with the kif if that is what you would like to see or thumbs up the comment about doing something else with it if that is what you would prefer.
  • Electro KIF at Sofia Dance Week 2011 Sofia Dance Week 2011: Electro KIF dancing at Hall 1 of The National Palace of Culture,located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Sponsored by
  • tokin daily: afgooey kif in the bong a quick bong hit and some show and tell for todays episode. i was told after the recording finished that after my buddy took the hit he set the bong down on the dvd case on the table. that wasnt the most stable of surfaces, so the bong almost took a tumble on camera. yup. it was a stony morning here in tokinville.
  • ♫ Lotfi DK 1997: Kif Wellet (Kamikaz) Artiste: LOTFI DK Title: Kif Wellet Album: Kamikaz Dedicated to all LOTFI DK Fans!
  • tokin daily: kif box given away! for those that caught the live show earlier today, cheers to all of you for participating in the very first and very successful giveaway! if possible it is something i would like to continue and do every sunday on that live show, so most definitely tune in next week! cheers to all and to all a stony night. (':
  • tokin daily: scraping the kif box on todays episode i have me a box to scrape. this box was custom made by stop on over at his site to see his work and if you are looking to pick up a box of your own, i am sure he would be happy to help you out.
  • bilal kif kif
  • Kif Tokes Smoking Dank and Kif 17" Straight Toro w/ Ice pinch Bowl Strains: Romulan, Hindu Kush, Purp, GDP, Shoreline.
  • Electric Kif - Landing After 40.000 attemps to come up with a good name for our band, before going to subway at 12 midnight after rehearsals (the cuban girl kind'a hates us but loves us at the same time, it's weird) Electric Kif (which means an electric way of cannabis, whatever the hell that means) was born. Rodrigo 'La Droga' Zambrano on bass, Eric Escannes on guitar and Ale Fernandez on drums. This is a recorded rehearsal @ FIU's practice rooms in which we played an original tune called ''Landing''. Enjoy =) Niiiiiiice!!!
  • hachich en maroc Kif in the Rif part 1
  • Zenneth & Kif Magic magic perform by zenneth and kif
  • kif n dir- zaho i found this song on youtube and liked it but couldnt find one with translations so why dont i be the first :) and sorry about the part that i didnt translate :p didnt know waht they were saying. yes it is in french original from
  • Khaldoun - Kif Bwada3ak (Official Music Video)
  • hachich en maroc Kif in the Rif part 2.mp4
  • Cheb Lyes - Kif Rayi Hamelni.
  • Elektro Kif is an exhilarating urban dance show from choreograhper Blanca Li. Northern Stage 21-22 Feb 2012 0191 230 5151
  • George_Al_Rassy-Kif Awssifak arabic music
  • tokin daily: hashday- the kif box another wednesday rolled around so for this hash day episode i broke out the kif box. the crystals in there arent as thick as they usually are, but there are plenty to top a bowl off with today.
  • tokin daily: the kif box, should be legalized ► ◄be sure to watch the actual music video of the song used in this episode! a big thanks to steve for letting me use his song today, if you like it be sure to leave a kind comment on his page and check out some of his other work. featured in the song is miss charlotte bruyn, a great job done on her part. it has been awhile since breaking out the kif box for a good scraping, so that is the main focus of todays video. i was wanting to get it done outside because of the much more optimal lighting, but it was an overcast day here in denver and there was never really a chance to get it done outdoors. thanks to all viewers out there, this bowl is for you!
  • Showing and Smoking Dank, Kif, and Hash Songs - First song Take it easy (Love Nothing) - Bright Eyes Second Arc of Time (Time Code) - Bright Eyes Buds : Hash Plant - Covered in so many amber crystals, the bud looked like it had an amber tint, That might have had something to do with how the bud was kinda brown along with the trichs. I know why they call it Hash Plant now, it taste like earthy hash when hitting it, because the bud is so covered in crystals it almost gives you that good hurt feeling of hash. hahaha and because the bud accually looks like it's covered in hash. Afghooey - Dense nice nugs, covered in crystals, but was hydroponically /commercially gown, but still amazing. The smell was like blueberry but more Candy like like almost smelling a bag of mixed fruit candys but so much more potent smell, the smell was better than the taste, the first hit tastes like it smells but from then on its kinda chemy, growers should have flushed more properly. Romulan - Godd as always! I traded a quarter of the afgooey for a quarter of the romulan, was a nice choice. The romulan is always covered in crystals and has a fruity candly like smell when cured, and a organic really fresh like taste when smoked, so sticky you have to have sissors to break it up, or the bud will get constantly stuck to your fingers and will never get in the bowl. Organically Grown. Mixed Dank - Picked up a cheap zone of mixed dank buds, all different. I found a few strains I thought were out of the ordinary, some bud Covered in purp and ...
  • Birdy Nam Nam Too Much Skunk Tonight KIF MUSIC Birdy Nam Nam DVD promo. Too Much Skunk Tonight LIVE
  • Imad Hawi - 3alemne Kif Imad Hawi '09
  • KIF The making of Kif (spoken in moroccan, dutch subtitles) Hicham is no longer with us RIP

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  • “Leave a Comment Alarbash, Ali Alarbash Sons, Arbash, Barthelay, Barthelay Kuwait, Jewellery, Jewellery Exhibition, KIF, Kuwait International Fair, Kuwait Jewellery Exhibition Read more. Dr Mahbob Blog. Recent Posts. Travel smart card waiting for approval KSA”
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  • “Thank for Kif, another blog review. After i go through your blog, i found that not much thing i can comment on haha. But still got a little bit thing i would like to share. The following is my little”
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  • “Are you struggling to find backlinks? Frustrated, trying to get some high PR forum backlinks to your site in any niche you need? And if you have ever struggled”
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  • “KIF Blog. FAQ. The Hangar. Media. Contact. Downloads. Site Map. Previous Posts. Anthony Insana Ask a Pilot - Speed of the Stealth Bomber. Ask a Pilot - Time for Private Pilot License”
    — NonProfit Children's Aviation Organization - Kids In Flight,

  • “DB Hub Forum - An official forum of the direct connect hub software designed for Unix / Linux Kif nista post is-suġġett fl forum? Easy, ikklikkja l-buttuna relevanti jew fuq il-forum jew screens tema.Jista 'jkollok bżonn reġistru qabel ma inti”
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  • “Please visit this blog for regular updates from Monterey: stories, photos and audioblogs. li tara hafna delfini, sea otters u baleni. Monterrey post tal-genn kif wkoll l-istaff”
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  • “Halo: Reach Dev Blog: http:///post/561974962/mw66f-wx4gp-dtkwm-8gt4c-fct68 gamefreaksnz: kif reblogged this from gamefreaksnz and added:”
    — Ruff 'N' Tumbl - Halo: Reach Dev Blog:,

  • “THE ORGANISATION The Kuki International Forum is a common platform for all the KUKIS around the world to make 'ONE VOICE' and 'STAND TOGETHER' as fraternal brethrens for the preservation and”
    — Kuki International Forum - About The Kuki International Forum,

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