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  • kilovolt A unit of electromotive force equal to 1,000 volts. — “kilovolt: Information from ”,
  • How to use kilovolt ampere to megawatt Conversion Calculator Bookmark kilovolt ampere to megawatt Conversion Calculator - you will probably need it in the future. — “Kilovolt Amperes to Megawatts Conversion Calculator”,
  • Kilovolt definition, a unit of electromotive force, equal to 1000 volts. See more. — “Kilovolt | Define Kilovolt at ”,
  • kilovolt. kilovolt. [edit] Declension. declension of kilovolt. Nominative. kilovolt. Genitive. kilovoltnıñ. Dative. kilovoltqa. Accusative /wiki/kilovolt" Categories: English nouns | SI units. — “kilovolt - Wiktionary”,
  • ormankr: Minnesota Power plans up to $125 million in transmission projects: One project - a 28-mile, 345-Kilovolt transmiss ormankr: First CapX2020 Project Represents a New Transmission Investment for ALLETE: The 28-mile 345 Kilovolt transmission. — “Kilovolt - Define Kilovolt at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • LS Cable Ltd. has ordered approximately 80,000 meters of 344 superconductors from American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) to be used in manufacturing a 22.9 kilovolt (kV) cable system set to be installed in the commercial power delivery network of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). — “Korea to put up 22.9 kilovolt power cable system | Asian Power”, asian-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Kilovolt - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Currently, 800-kilovolt DC lines and 1,000-kilovolt AC lines represent the upper limit of UHV technology, but say technical discussions are under way with customers for even higher voltages, such as 1,000-kilovolt DC. — “Going the Distance - ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about kilovolt. Information about kilovolt in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “kilovolt definition of kilovolt in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Kilovolt Ventures provides contract research, design and engineering services for small niche clients; typically financially limited organizations, with interesting projects. So take a peek around and see if Kilovolt can give you a hand with your project. — “kilovolt home page”,
  • We found 25 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word kilovolt: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "kilovolt" is defined. General (17 matching dictionaries) kilovolt: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of kilovolt - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of kilovolt from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of kilovolt. Pronunciation of kilovolt. Definition of the word kilovolt. Origin of the word kilovolt. — “kilovolt - Definition of kilovolt at ”,
  • Zurich, Switzerland, November 28, 2005 - ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has won a $79 million order from Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA) for the Fujairah 400-kilovolt (kV) substation. — “ABB wins $79 million order to strengthen power supply in”,
  • A Polyphase Thermal Kilovolt-Ampere Demand Meter. 5060629 abstract. Cookies must be enabled to login.After enabling cookies , please use refresh or reload or ctrl+f5 on the browser for the login options. The measurement of kilovolt-ampere demand by thermal means has been. — “IEEE Xplore - A Polyphase Thermal Kilovolt-Ampere Demand Meter”,
  • Electrical Conductance Converter. Online Conversion of Units of Electrical Conductance Measurements. — “Electrical Conductance Converter”,
  • Kilovolt is a measure of voltage. Get more information and details on the 'kilovolt' measurement unit, including its symbol, category, and common conversions from kilovolt to other voltage units. — “Measurement unit conversion: kilovolt”,
  • Lines proposed in the other options would be less than the 138-kilovolt threshold that requires commission approval. Lines proposed in the other options would be less than the 138-kilovolt threshold that requires commission approval. — “Allegheny presents first set of options - ”,
  • Definition of kilovolt in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of kilovolt. Pronunciation of kilovolt. Translations of kilovolt. kilovolt synonyms, kilovolt antonyms. Information about kilovolt in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “kilovolt - definition of kilovolt by the Free Online”,
  • Paradise-Wilson 500-Kilovolt Transmission Line. Kentucky and Tennessee require TVA to construct a new 90-mile 500-kilovolt (kV) power line from the TVA Paradise Fossil Plant near. — “TVA: Algood 161-kV Transmission Line”,

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  • High Voltage From An Automotive Ignition Coil High Voltage From An Automotive Ignition Coil running up to and in excess of 50 thousand volts
  • 2kV resonant MOT on a Jacobs ladder Transformer and 2 capacitors from microwaveovens in a resonant setup. See still pictures and read more at my homepage:
  • 10 kilovolt discharge in umich physics 240 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Power-save 1200 unit scam Power save units as well as other "whole house power factor correctors" are a scam. They do not save home owners any money on their power bills. Home owners are billed for Kilowatt hours not kilovolt amps. Power factor correctors do NOT reduce kilowatt hour consumption. It's complete hogwash. Watch the video.
  • Come fly with us from the LZ to the top of a 115 kilovolt tower! ILB Project, Salinas, CA I took this video so that people could get a feel for what it's like to get on the skid while the ship is on the ground and fly down the right of way to the top of a steel transmission tower. This video also demonstrates the incredible skill that Journeyman IBEW linemen possess as I hold a video camera in one hand while holding the terrified apprentices hand in the other, climbing on board the ship then climbing off onto the tower freehanded, doing two backflips, landing on my feet with catlike prowess and latching on to the steel with my teeth. No bull!
  • 500kV Electric Discharge at Power Station The potential between two lines is 500kV, that's half a megavolt! At these potentials the air molecules get ionized and the air transfers electricity creating an impressive electric discharge. The video was taken at Eldorado Substation in Boulder City, NV. --- It's Never too Late to Study --- Notice This video is copyright by its respectful owners. The website address on the video does not mean anything. ---
  • It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a tower: Skycrane construction on BPA's new 500kV transmission line Workers recently used a Skycrane helicopter to move and install 64 steel lattice towers on a section of the Bonneville Power Administration's 500-kilovolt McNary-John Day transmission line near Roosevelt, Washington. BPA opted to use the Skycrane instead of conventional construction methods because the slope of the terrain and soil conditions presented environmental challenges and safety concerns for the line crews.
  • The AWESOME POWER of electricity! 500 kilovolt ARC! At a high-voltage switchyard in Arizona, officials were having a difficult time shutting down a 500000 volt utility circuit by conventional means. So instead, they opened the circuit under full load and produced a spectacular example of the inductive response of a loaded circuit, similar to the small spark that sometimes jumps from an outlet to a plug when you unplug an appliance. ENJOY!!!
  • Generating kilovolt Arc part 2/3.MP4
  • 30 Kilovolt water cell Water test cell arcing out 30KV from a 15KV neon transformer running at 500 watts. The spark is over 1 inch. The current is coming out of the water itself!
  • Super flyback driver final version Here is the driver and its schematic. -THE SCHEMATIC WAS UPDATED- If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section or by personal message. Note: Lately I have fried a lot of flybacks with this driver, so when testing start with more primary turns, something like 14, then if you dare you can go lower.
  • Electromechanical starting switches by EPCOS Electromechanical starting switches by EPCOSCurrent surge may exceed rated value by 100-250 times when commutating the capacitor through a regular electromechanical starting switch.For instance, when connected into 400V mains a relatively small capacitor of 12.5 reactive kilovolt-amperes with rated current of about 18A will have increment rise for the current surge in the amount of 250 A per 5 milliseconds.Such surges affect all electric consumers in the mains, including capacitors. Besides, such process is very harmful for capacitors as it reduces their lifespan. Contact stack of the starting switch also wears off very quickly during this process.So how can we overcome this process?There are several solutions for that.The first one is to connect the capacitor in series with a special current-limiting inductor, or just use available filter chokes in case when compensation installation also filters harmonics.The second solution is to charge capacitors up to rated voltage through current-limiting resistors and then commutate it into the circuit.The third way is to connect a previously charged capacitor to the circuit at a certain moment of time, and through semiconducting thyristor starters.EPCOS AG has special electromechanical starting switches which allow reducing current surge at the moment of connecting capacitor by four times thus creating a comfortable mode for the capacitor and other devices within the circuit.Nowadays such starting switches have power from 12.5 to ...
  • Transmission crews repair major line in South Dakota Twenty-four degrees below zero with the wind chill. The numbers on the thermometer mean nothing when a critical transmission line is down. A late-January ice storm damaged the 345-kilovolt line that runs from Antelope Valley Station in North Dakota to the Broadland substation in South Dakota. Generation from the power plants in ND is restricted until repairs are finished. Crews mobilized January 25, but were held up by continuing blizzard conditions. They arrived near Bowdle, South Dakota, on January 26. (Terry Kringstad) We found four structures in this area with damage to the tower itself. Twenty miles to the south of here, theres another location weve got four miles of static wire down. Once we get done with putting the steel up here well be moving south to start working on that section. Crews from Basin Electrics six Transmission System Maintenance outposts in four states were called in: twenty-two linemen and three mechanics in all. (Kringstad): Weve got everybody in on this one. This is the first time on the 500 line has gone down like this here for the 30 years its been sitting here. Its a new experience for us, too. It takes a lot of effort and stuff with the steel. Its not like a wood structure. With all of these pieces, its like a big erector set that needs to be put in, put together and assembled. Critical repairs should be finished by the weekend of February 6. The line will be returned to service then. Another outage will be needed later to repair the ...
  • Dual MOT arcs 2 MOT arcs. 230V/10A circuit breaker pops every once in a while. The circuit being fried is an old I/O card from 386.
  • snowball explosion HS 420fps snowball explosion
  • EF4 tornado damage near Bowdle, SD Eleven transmission towers on Basin Electric's 345-kilovolt line were destroyed in the May 22, 2010, tornado that struck north central South Dakota. The towers are located near Bowdle. The tornado has been rated as an EF4 by the National Weather Service. Debris tangled in the steel came from a neighboring farmstead that was hit.
  • One KiloVolt Pocket Emergency Party Flash sku 3197
  • 13800 kilovolt power line interface 13800 kilovolt power line interface is conducted in butuan substation 2007 to provide a 220 volt power supply to butuan area control system, i am the one who use to make it 13000 just for fun, actually we are the one who use to engineer this large voltage live interface,,,the programer of website
  • 7.5 KiloVolt NST Jacob's Ladder 7500 volt neon sign transformer with two 10 gauge leads sticking out vertically from the secondary taps to produce the Jacob's Ladder phenomena.
  • Ignitron IgnitronAn ignitron (formed from Latin ignis which stands for fire and electron) or a mercury-arc rectifier is an obsolete tool which is still in use. This is a single-anode ionic tool with a mercury cathode controlled by an arc discharge.The ignitron has a simple design. It has two massive electrodes: anode and cathode sunk in liquid mercury and a control electrode which is also sunk in mercury at a certain distance from the cathode.One or more luminous cathode intervals or so called cathode spots emit electrons which result in a main arc discharge between the anode and cathode at the positive voltage applied to the anode. Cathode spots are caused by an additional arc. The arc appears before the main arc from time to time as current pulses with the amplitude of some dozens of amperes and duration of some milliseconds go through the igniter partially sunk in cathode liquid mercury. By changing the moment of ignition of an additional arc, you can control the moment of main arc ignition and regulate the average value of the rectified anode current strength from zero to the maximum value.Metal-cased ignitrons are designed for average current strength values which range from 20 to 700 amperes at anode voltage amplitudes up to 5 kilo volts and switching power which ranges from 100 to 3600 kilovolt-amperes. Glass-encapsulated ignitrons are designed for average current strength values up to 100 amperes at anode voltage amplitudes up to 5 kilo volts.These devices serve as mercury ...
  • Short circuit of a transmission line of 110 kilovolt on a tree Пробой ЛЭП 110кв на Дерево
  • Generating kilovolt Arc part 3/3
  • Measuring Van De Graaff Voltage with an Electrostatic Voltmeter I have noticed that there is some doubt about the high voltage values cited in Van De Graaff videos by me and by other builders who are demonstrating long and powerful sparks. High voltages in the hundreds of kiloVolt range are generally measured by using calibrated sphere gaps. When the spheres are large (larger than twice the gap distance) and far from surrounding objects, these tables give values on the order of 30 kiloVolts per centimeter of gap, for sparking between spheres with one grounded. Odd geometries and smaller spheres and confined spaces cause downward adjustment in this figure, so some interpolation and estimation is justified. In general, a smooth sphere, in dry air, can support sufficient charge to produce a potential in Volts that is 70000 times the radius of the sphere in inches. In damp air, or with rough surfaces, or near obstacles, the sphere will blow off charge at lower voltages. Here I show an actual measurement, made with a laboratory grade calibrated electrostatic voltmeter, of a partially-charged small Van De Graaff machine. The machine easily pegs the meter in excess of 50 kiloVolts, and you can hear charge popping off the connecting bead chain at that voltage. Theoretically the sphere of this machine, at 2.5 inch radius, could support as much as 175000 volts. I have seen 55 mm sparks from these machines; the sphere gap tables say that could be as much as 160 kiloVolts.
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  • Porsche HKZ 20 Kilovolt to see
  • Small acrylic TeslaCoil - Featured on Hacked Gadgets Project site: A small TeslaCoil fully made of acrylic plastic. The cool thing about this is that every part is transparent. This coil is driven by the power supply of my large DC Teslacoil. Total height 44cm, max output voltage +- 380.000 Volts (57cm arc length). The rotary gap is placed underneath the base of the teslacoil, this makes it shine nicely into the dark. As you might notice, there is no earth strikering above the primary coil. I did not make it because i thought it simply wasnt nessecary, lets jus say the results outperformed my wildest expectations.
  • BPA Footage: Skycrane construction on McNary-John Day 500kV transmission line Earlier this week near Roosevelt, Washington, workers used a Skycrane helicopter to move and install large sections of 64 steel lattice towers on a section of the Bonneville Power Administration's 500-kilovolt McNary-John Day transmission line. The unique construction method allowed BPA to deal with challenging environmental conditions that made it safer for crews on the ground. The slope of the terrain along this span and soil conditions were not conducive to conventional construction methods that are appropriate for use on most of the other line segments. In addition, along this span conventional construction methods would have been more expensive.
  • Basin Electric linemen repair co-op line Bad wintry weather strikes North Dakota just before Easter. A snow, ice and wind storm on April second blew through the southwest section of the state. Mor-Gran-Sou Electrics lines were pummeled. (Terry Kringstad): This is unbelievable, getting hit twice in a year like this. Just January, two months later, here we are again. Mor-Gran-Sou lost more than 8000 poles and 400 miles of line. When the wind blew from the north, it blew the snow-heavy lines right down. Some of Basin Electrics transmission structures were damaged in the storm, too. But the damage wasnt as bad because many of our lines run north and south, rather than east and west. All of Basin Electrics lines were repaired and delivering electricity again by Saturday afternoon. (Terry Kringstad): We got that back up, got our lines energized, and then we come and help Mor-Gran-Sou. (Tracie): So we finish up with ours first (Terry): Correct. (Tracie): We had no structures actually down, right? (Terry): No, no physical structures down, but we did have a lot of static peaks bent. 20 on one, and 8 on the other. More than 20 Basin Electric linemen and mechanic-operators are helping Mor-Gran-Sou, framing and setting structures on a 115-kilovolt line along I-94 And freeing up conductor in a pasture south of the Interstate. Terry Kringstad says much of this work could be finished within a week. While the weather is nice, muddy conditions are a factor. Here you see the most spectacular-looking figures of this storm. This is ...
  • Hurricane Ike Aftermath - High Voltage Power Line Sparks Here's what 19.9 and 39.8 kilovolt short circuits looked like when CenterPoint Energy failed to clear a tree limb from their lines before restoring power.
  • Mini Audio Modulated Tesla Coil V2.0 This is the improved version of my Solid State TeslaCoil, playing real audio (not MIDI based) from a classic Game Boy. The music comes from the arc itself (not some speaker at the background) Project site: Max arc to ground: 22cm, max output voltage: 170kV. Power consumption 300W.
  • A Giant for China - World Record 800kV HVDC Transformer It seems to be the biggest challenge in Siemens' logistics history: How do you get an 405 metric tons transformer from Nuremberg to its destination in the middle of China? The first transformer has now arrived in Sichuan. The 800 kilovolt HVDC transformer is the world record holder and makes sure, that electricity from a hydro-electric power plant can be transmitted with low loss to the greater Shanghai region. The 2000 km high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line will be the longest of the world. SiemensTV has accompanied the giant on its final 30 kilometers. The transformer had to be loaded from a Yangtze river ship on to a low-loader and transported by three truck tractors via a mountain pass road to the Fulong converter station. (4 mins.)
  • Construction Workers Accidentally Cut a 12 Kilovolt Underground Cable
  • Lead Lineman Clay Feist talks about working in extreme cold Lead Lineman Clay Feist talks about working safely in extreme cold. This video was shot near Bowdle, SD, on January 29, 2010, following a major ice storm that took down parts of a 345-kV transmission line. http
  • Alternator Internal Workings - Voltage Doubler / Quadrupler Quick Overview of the inner workings of the all to common alternator that is found in every car known to date. This is the basis for Stanley Meyer modified y-phase alternator designs so why not study the internal aspect and bring it to light. Also go into Voltage Doubler / Quadrupler Circuiry that can be coupled to a modified re-wound alternator that could put out excess of 500VAC. With a doubler circuit we could have in the range of 1-kiloVolt, with a quadrupler in excess of 2-kiloVolt, possibly 6-kiloVolt if set-up properly. These are all things to conclude, but these circuits work! The main issue with using a car invertor is the fact we do not have the proper Hertz. We need to use the alternator tuned to a higher frequency to opperate these circuits correctly. Will provide schematics and photo links to higher quality imagery seen in the video. Please check back a day in advance. Thanks for watching my videos. Regards, sirHOAX
  • hackerbot quarter shrink part six (of six) A nine kilovolt discharge resulting in the radical axial shrinking of a quarter.
  • Generating kilovolt Arc part1/3.MP4
  • mchlclrk: Update: All of the 500-kilovolt and most of the 161-kilovolt lines serving North Alabama and Mississippi are damaged.

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  • “Beginners' guide to Volt-ampere (VA), Kilo Volt-ampere (KVA), Kilovolt-Ampere (KVA): Electrical & industrial related While both the volt-ampere (VA) (Kilovolt-Ampere, KVA) and the watt (Kilo Watts, KW) have the dimension of power (time rate of energy), they do not have the same meaning”
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  • “In the coming weeks this blog will be posting information about struggles related to the coal or natural gas plants can justify something as expensive as a 500-kilovolt line”
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  • “Mates, Dr. Kilovolt, thanks for the good suggestions. Indeed, most probably, the gate is Dr.Kilovolt, I would need more details for the self-biasing gate circuit”
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  • “ sends out through 8 1000 kilovolt Tongta double backcross circulation road; Completes direct-current balmain 000 kilovolt amperes, the line 47,000 kilometers, 1000 the kilovolt directs current 5, 800 the kilovolt to”
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