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  • Kinaesthetic intelligence is one of the Multiple Intelligences. Find out more about Kinaesthetic Intelligence here. Some Kinaesthetic learners may be labelled as hyperactive or been told they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). — “Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner”,
  • Kinaesthetic Learners learn effectively through touch and movement and space, and learn skills by imitation and practice. If you are an auditory or kinaesthetic learner you may find that this emphasis on imagery leads to ineffective recall. — “Concentration”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective kinaesthetic has one meaning: Meaning #1 : of or relating. — “kinaesthetic: Information from ”,
  • It has been estimated that up to 37% of the population are kinaesthetic learners more likely than girls to be kinaesthetic learners (Suffolk County Council 2002). — “pedagogies and teaching-learning styles”, www-
  • Galeet BenZion says that kinaesthetic and tactile learning are separate learning styles with different characteristics. Proponents say that the evidence related to kinaesthetic learners benefiting from specialized instruction or targeted materials appears mixed at. — “Kinesthetic learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of kinaesthetic in the Medical Dictionary. kinaesthetic explanation. Information about kinaesthetic in Free online English dictionary. What is kinaesthetic? Meaning of kinaesthetic medical term. What does kinaesthetic mean?. — “kinaesthetic - definition of kinaesthetic in the Medical”, medical-
  • Google recommends visiting our text version of this document.learning styles _ not just use the VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic) Eight printable worksheets have now been added to the module _ including help. coloring pagesprintable week week. — “Vak visual auditory kinesthetic printables - jbucciosalon”,
  • Kinaesthetic - the things we feel (touch/emotion), taste or smell listen to inner voices and those with a 'kinaesthetic' model mainly construct their inner world with touch. — “NLP eye accessing cues”,
  • A discussion of the kinaesthetic mode as used in NLP and learning. Jonathan Livingstone argues that the notion of kinaesthetic mode is generally inaccurately conceived, and that the kinaesthetic modality belongs to a different class from the. — “Modes of representation: the kinaesthetic fallacy, the two”,
  • It is one of the reasons why babies put everything in their mouths (although they also use their mouths as a kinaesthetic sensory organ) Kinaesthetic - with activities and opportunity to move about. — “VAK”,
  • Kinaesthetic – the things we can touch and experience such as emotions. Olfactory and Gustatory – Smell and taste. Smell and taste are the least used systems by people You can listen to their voice tone (high tone is generally a visual, a medium an auditory and a lower tone a kinaesthetic). — “WordfromHeart40708”, .au
  • Portfolio of Freelance Animator Illustrator Nicky Valsamakis. — “Kinaesthetic - Nicky Valsamakis - Illustrator-Animator”,
  • Kinaesthetic Learners learn effectively through touch and movement and space, and learn skills by imitation and practice. If you are an auditory or kinaesthetic learner you may find that this emphasis on imagery leads to ineffective recall. — “ - Memory Techniques, Memorization Tips - How”,
  • There is plenty of evidence that kinaesthetic activities aid learning. These aids will help all learners in the classroom, and particularly those who are kinaesthetic learners. — “Chris Rose Associates Resources”, chris-
  • Definition of Kinaesthetic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Kinaesthetic. Pronunciation of Kinaesthetic. Translations of Kinaesthetic. Kinaesthetic synonyms, Kinaesthetic antonyms. Information about Kinaesthetic in the free online English. — “Kinaesthetic - definition of Kinaesthetic by the Free Online”,
  • These three styles of learning are often labelled visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic. A kinaesthetic learner would probably just get right in there, using trial and error to work it out!. — “Learning Styles Part 1”,
  • Kinaesthetic Intelligence. Some people find that they are able to learn extremely well when they are involved in some form of physical activity rather than just sitting still. They may be extremely skilful with their hands, or they may be very. — “Kinaesthetic intelligence learning from Inspiring”, inspiring-
  • Kinaesthetic Wind is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Kinaesthetic Wind and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Kinaesthetic Wind has 57 friends on Facebook. — “Kinaesthetic Wind | Facebook”,
  • You have identified yourself as a kinaesthetic learner. Around 10% of people have a dominant style as a kinaesthetic learner, although an integration of styles is common with kinaesthetically dominant learners usually having some ability with visual and auditory modes. — “KINAESTHETIC”,
  • Reflex times and general intelligence You might say that these tests are for the easily amused -- those of us who can become surprisingly absorbed in even the simplest games. — “IQ Test Labs - Reflex and reaction times”,
  • Definition of kinaesthetic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of kinaesthetic. Pronunciation of kinaesthetic. Definition of the word kinaesthetic. Origin of the word kinaesthetic. — “kinaesthetic - Definition of kinaesthetic at ”,
  • Estimates vary as to the proportion of the population with particular learning style preferences, but one estimate has the kinaesthetic style as the most common. Gender has an important bearing on learning styles: for example, boys are more likely to have a kinaesthetic preference. — “Learning and Teaching Toolkit Learning Styles”,

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  • National Sea Life, Bray Located on the seafront in Bray, County Wicklow, National SEA LIFE is one of the country's largest all-weather Marine and Freshwater Zoos. A collection of over 90 species of underwater animals is displayed in a range of exciting exhibits which include "Rivers of the World", "Lair of the Octopus", "Nemo's Kingdom", and "Tropical Shark Lagoon". Combining active, hands-on learning with fascinating educational talks and an opportunity to have an up close and personal encounter with a variety of sea creatures, a visit to SEA LIFE is an educational experience like no other. SEA LIFE caters for every ability level and learning style. Using a unique combination of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning opportunities, children are encouraged to have supervised, hands-on contact with live sea creatures in the touch pool - the highlight of the trip for many children.
  • Ufo jerusalem, enigma 23= death, Messianic birth, symbolism in movement It seems the more I study this footage more information comes through, very symbolic in the movement and actions of the UFO. Kinaesthetic symbolism is the most difficult form of interpreting data, but it's rewarding if one does some work.
  • a teacher uses a kinaesthetic model to illustrate gamma radiation through materials.AVI Using students as particles and a rope to represent gamma decay as an activity to help with learning the basic concepts of radioactivity. Watch this with the following links and
  • Trilates - Yoga and Pilates for Triathletes - Cycling Intro Trilates is a specialised mind/body program for triathletes based on the combination of Pilates, Yoga, kinaesthetic training and physiotherapy. It works to retrain the body to use muscles more efficiently and save energy. Episode 9 Advanced Cycling Introduction
  • Trilates - Yoga and Pilates for Triathletes - Running intro Trilates is a specialised mind/body program for triathletes based on the combination of Pilates, Yoga, kinaesthetic training and physiotherapy. It works to retrain the body to use muscles more efficiently and save energy.
  • Bodily Kinaesthetic Intelligence
  • Bug Yoga: Kids Yoga Poses demonstrates how to teach three bug yoga poses butterfly pose, dead bug pose and spider pose. This is a fun activity for children who are interested in the outdoors and the many creepy crawlies found there. It is also an ideal way to incorporate yoga into the science curriculum or a unit on insects and engage kinaesthetic learning.
  • Kinaesthetic Jax-Urk - Kinaesthetic Taken from 2008's Esoteric Worlds
  • On The Kinaesthetic Communication of The Common Zombie (Documentary pt 2) Part 2 of the documentary from UWA Pantomime Society's production "E.RRRRRR! A Medical Drama...With Zombies"
  • Fight Science - Qi Gong Tested
  • Smart Moves with maths - Forest Lake State School This presentation looks at the introduction of physical activity into science lessons for Prep to Year 7 students at Forest Lake State School as part of the Smart Moves initiative, encouraging kinaesthetic learning while focusing on essential learning outcomes. For more information on the Smart Moves program, visit
  • Kinaesthetic - Flying Trapeze "Kinaesthetic" was produced by Magdalena Glowacka at Sadler's Wells Theatre, concurrent with London Fashion Week 2009, and was help made possible by the Polish Cultural Institute. This clip features Marc Frost in a costume/character inspired by the movement of flying trapeze.
  • Golden Girls - Kinetic (Slacker's Kinaesthetic Mix) *slacker
  • sanctum I (2009) | Screendance sanctum I amplifies the kinaesthetic and emotional struggle of silenced yet complicit women bound by the cultural practice of FGM - female genital mutilation. It attempts to elicit empathetic responses from the viewer by revealing the power of the moving image as experiential and embodied. Sanctum 3D, sanctum I & II reveal & amplify the kinaesthetic and emotional struggle of silenced yet complicit women bound by the "cultural practice" of FGM -- female genital mutilation. The dance videos attempt to elicit empathetic responses from the viewer to this Human Rights issue and reveal the power of the moving images as experiential and embodied. History and summary The stage version of sanctum was first produced and performed as a live interactive dance work for The Eleventh Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, USA, February 28 , 2008. The work was inspired by, Desert Flower written by Waris Dirie (1998). This autobiographical account sketches an account of the ongoing ritual of FGM or female gential mutilation, that is now deemed by many western countries, a crime and not an acceptable cultural practice. The stage work consists of two sites of interactivity that are activated by the audience: one that elicits text about the act of FGM and the other, images of FGM. A dancer performs in the centre of these two sites bound in a long white cloth, feet tied up with string and gagged with sticks in her mouth ...
  • iWiZZ conceptvideo iWiZZ is a concept of a kinaesthetic interaction design. This video was made while attending a course in Advanced design processes" @ Aarhus University
  • How We Learn. Self Help by Ascended Master Tikashi Self help, self development, personal and spiritual growth made easy with ascended master Tikashi, full body channelled by Eschani Taylor in Melbourne Australia.
  • McGregor: Three Ballets - Chroma / Infra / Limen (ROH) The diversity of Wayne McGregor's astonishing talent is demonstrated through Chroma, Infra and Limen, each created for The Royal Ballet, for whom he is resident choreographer. Intimate yet universal, light yet dark, frenetic yet lyrical, McGregor pursues his passion for exploring the inner workings of the human body and mind, his many-layered and beautiful dances providing visual, sensual and kinaesthetic stimulus for the viewer. Chroma Federico Bonelli, Ricardo Cervera, Tamara Rojo Mara GaleazzI, Sarah Lamb, Steven Mcrae, Laura Morera Ludovic Ondiviela, Eric Underwood, Jonathan Watkins Edward Watson Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Conductor: Daniel Capps Music: Joby Talbot , Jack White III Infra Leanne Benjamin, Ricardo Cervera, Yuhui Choe Lauren Cuthbertson, Mara Galeazzi, Melissa Hamilton Ryoichi Hirano, Paul Kay, Marianela Nuñez Eric Underwood, Jonathan Watkins, Edward Watson The Max Richter Quintet Director: Jonathan Haswell Music: Max Richter Limen Leanne Benjamin, Yuhui Choe, Mara Galeazzi, Melissa Hamilton, Sarah Lamb, Marianela Nuñez Leticia Stock, Akane Takada, Tristan Dyer, Paul Kay Brian Maloney, Steven Mcrae, Ludovic Ondiviela, Eric Underwood, Edward Watson Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Director: Barry Wordsworth Music: Kaija Saariaho Recorded live from the Royal Opera House Infra: 13th & 14th November 2008 Chroma: 10th & 11th June 2010 Limen: 13th & 17th November 2009 Available from Opus Arte on DVD & Blu-ray Please ...
  • MIKE'S WORKOUTS @ MEFIT STUDIO GYMEA - WARM UP - PRE - FITNESS/ CARDIO WORKOUT(SURFING) MIKE'S WORKOUTS @ MEFIT STUDIO GYMEA - A DAY WARM UP - PRE - FITNESS/ CARDIO WORKOUT(SURFING) + FAT & WEIGHT LOSS - DESIGNED BY: Mike Evans @ MEFIT, YouFitMEFIT, Personal Training Sutherland Shire - OBJECTIVE: Core Conditioning moderate demand - Increase core stability and kinaesthetic awareness + FAT, WEIGHT LOSS, FITNESS, TONE Up - personal training exercise programs online - .au
  • Music inspiration - An interactive musical table This is a low cost interactive table to enhance real time user experience of enjoying music using kinaesthetic interactions. The product is designed and developed at Department of Design, IIT Guwahati,India as a bachelor thesis project undertaken by Ityam Vasal, Kumar Mayank and Suyog Deshpande final year undergraduate students) The interaction is self explanatory.
  • Hypnosis Demo - Super Human Feat
  • Bring Education and Locations to Life We are currently looking for channels to market for both Imaginality and The Digital Binocular Station. If you know of any international distributors or partners in the education (eg school distributors, government education departments, publishers or exhibit designers) and tourism (eg scenic lookouts, towers, museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums or exhibit designers) sectors, we would love to hear from you, or take this video and pass it on.
  • Mime and Mirrors When I used to do Decroux mime a few years ago I used to spend quite bit of time in front of a mirror practices gestures and movements. The aim of this practice was to gain control and knowledge of the body such that the 'feeling' of a particular movement corresponded closely to how the movement looked. (It's quite surprising how different the way a movement feels can be from how it looks from the outside). This mirroring which exploits and develops the connection between the external/visual and the internal/kinaesthetic seems to also play out in terms of neuronal mirroring, in which the perceived actions of another are reproduced (partially or fully) within our own kinaesthetic systems.
  • Sir Ken Robinson - A kinaesthetic tribute UEA education students produced this in two hours as a response to a lecture which covered auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles, suggesting that these categories might not be as mutually exclusive as some people think. The reference to Sir Ken Robinson comes from a speech he gave, in which he argued that the higher up the educational ladder we go, the less we use our bodies. These UEA students wanted to show it doesn't have to be that way. However viewers should be warned that the dancing is keen but rudimentary, and therefore in taste terms, this is probably UEA's answer to the Crazy Frog.
  • Insides and Outsides: Balancing the Visual and the Kinaesthetic If there is any mileage in the idea that there is some correspondence between the contours of another persons visual appearance and three contours of one's own kinaesthetic body schema then this means there is likely to be a similar correspondence between our own appearance and this limited 'felt sense'. To this extent we feel the way other people look and we feel the way we look. Maybe this is one of the reasons why some body-based meditative practices are so useful; perhaps they draw our attention to our own physical schema, in all its togetherness and coordination, so that we feel on the inside how we (and others) look on the outside.
  • a teacher using a kinaesthetic model to illustrate alpha particles through materials.AVI this model works well in trying to get across the concept of alpha particles through materials. Watch this with the following link and
  • Zoo-phonics... A synthetic phonics program .au Teaching the world to read, write and spell. Zoo-phonics has FINALLY arrived on the shores of Australia and New Zealand. Zoo-phonics is a is play-based, kinaesthetic and multi-sensory synthetic phonics program that teaches children the sounds of the alphabet, which then enables them to blend and synthesise the sounds to read (decode) and spell (encode) words. EVERYTHING is learned through FUN and GAMES!
  • Your Facebook friends are kinaesthetic If you use the Facebook friend checker from Manteya and it says your friends are kinaesthetic thinkers, what does that mean? Visit to find out.
  • Arris - Kinaesthetic Love
  • a teacher uses a kinaesthetic model to illustrate beta particles through materials.AVI Using stduents as particles and a ball to represent beta decay as an activity to help with learning the basic concepts of radioactivity. Watch this with the following link
  • Spelling.Video 3 of [email protected] Dyslexia an explanation. Before we look at how we learn to spell, let us consider briefly how we use our memory to remember spellings. In Chapter 2 we discussed how we all learn differently -- some of us are visual learners, some of us are auditory learners and some of us are practical/kinaesthetic learners.
  • KINeasthetic
  • The DaCapo Music Foundation - Boom Town Primary School Concert DaCapo Music Foundation, Aurora Orchestra and Primary Schools of Waltham Forest. Boom Town was a piece specially commissioned to develop musical skills of pitch, pulse, rhythm, coordination and expressive elements, culminating in a grand concert. If you would like this for your school please contact [email protected] or visit our website at
  • You Teach Kinaesthetic Learning
  • Energy Toning Movements Self Help tool Health Kinesiology This self help technique from www.hk4 developed by Dr Jimmy Scott is a simple and very powerful tool for boosting the levels of energy in the meridians and the body. It can be used to create a balanced energy flow through the whole BioEnergy system. With regular repeated use the whole set of exercises can be done in under 5 minutes and repeated through the day should the need arise. Keeping in contact with the body as we do the exercises helps generate the necessary kinaesthetic sensation to boost the meridian energy to a much higher level. This excess energy can be stored by the body and used throughout the day. A set practised in the morning will keep you going throughout the day and a second set at bed time will help you rest better and gain more from your sleep, this then begins a cycle where your energy levels will exceed the demands you place on yourself. You can also do specific individual exercises if you feel you need a boost in that area of your BioEnergy system. For example if your mind is hectic or concentration is poor, practice the governing and central movements. If you have over indulged or are feeling frustrated and angry practice the gall Bladder movement. For fear and anxiety use the Bladder/Kidney movement. For digestive difficulties, breathing difficulties or any grief and regret, practice the Large Intestine/Lung movement. The Stomach/Spleen movement can be used for any digestive upset and for worry. Temperature regulation and immune ...
  • Cuisenaire Rods: Learning Styles Can Make Learning Math Fun How visual, kinesthetic and tactile learning approaches help young children grasp math concepts at an early age.
  • The Visuospatial Sketchpad Music by Funki Porcini Almost 2 years in the making, I decided to interpret the Visuospatial Sketchpad by creating the set and characters in a grayscale to create the impression of a black and white claymation. Everything you see in the video was shot exactly how it appeared on set, no post production black and white filter effects of any sorts. The Visuospatial Sketchpad is concept removed from Baddeley's model of working memory that assumes how humans hold information about what we see. It is used in the ephemeral storage and manipulation of spatial and visual data, such as remembering shapes and colors or the location or velocity of objects in space. It is also involved in tasks which involve planning of spatial movements, like devising one's way through a complex building. The visuospatial sketchpad can be divided into separate visual, spatial and possibly kinaesthetic (movement) components. It is principally embodied within the right hemisphere of the brain. Writing, Directing, Scultping, Animation, Lighting, Videography, Character Design, and Editing by Omar MrOz Background Art by Steven McLachlan
  • Learning cursive handwriting shapes A demonstration of how Letter Layers works - go over to our blog to see some free activities to develop your child's literacy skills:
  • Trilates - Yoga and Pilates for Triathletes - Swimming Intro Trilates is a specialised mind/body program for triathletes based on the combination of Pilates, Yoga, kinaesthetic training and physiotherapy. It works to retrain the body to use muscles more efficiently and save energy.
  • Trilates - Yoga and Pilates for Triathletes - Trailer Trilates is a specialised mind/body program for triathletes based on the combination of Pilates, Yoga, kinaesthetic training and physiotherapy. It works to retrain the body to use muscles more efficiently and save energy.
  • VAK Visual Auditory and Kinaesthetic Learning Explanation of VAK: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning
  • Trilates - Yoga and Pilates for Triathletes - Self Massage Trilates is a specialised mind/body program for triathletes based on the combination of Pilates, Yoga, kinaesthetic training and physiotherapy. It works to retrain the body to use muscles more efficiently and save energy.
  • Kinaesthetic- Booty Thrill Download album free at
  • amber_kingers: @EmilyStorr according to kinaesthetic Katy, the skittles advert reminds her of us? YEAH ORRR!
  • lisibo: Had to be Cormac! 'I'm a kinaesthetic learner and I like to touch...' #ade2011
  • vinylate: @catmill yes deffo going to do some kinaesthetic modelling in next lesson cus we're doing particles then :) thanks for the idea!
  • myownmathstutor: A kinaesthetic approach to teaching loci #math #maths
  • Life_Sciences_: Differential integration of visual and kinaesthetic signals to upright stance
  • Eliseo65: @RedsBeautyBlog Sounds very kinaesthetic!! I bet you're quite skinny as well? My son's like that, but he's got ADHD. lol
  • ccctraining: Kinaesthetic people respond to touch words like grasp, hold, impact. Present information how your customer wants to hear it. #BuildRapport
  • ccctraining: People have a preference for how they process information. Is your customer Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic? #BuildRapport
  • TyKendall: #ELTCHAT i used those magnetic letters u can stick on fridges. very kinaesthetic of me

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  • “John Martin has an interesting post entitled The Future of Computer Interaction (and how will this affect learning?) over his EdVentures in Technology blog. He”
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  • “First published on Chris Bateman's blog, Only A Game on 11th January 2007 Mimicry, the play of simulation, can be expressed in many roles, but few have such wide appeal as kinaesthetic mimicry - that which involves the players' sense”
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  • “Welcome to the MyThoughts Blog - News, Articles and Feedback about Mind Mapping and MyThoughts for Mac OS X A learner with a kinaesthetic preference will also learn more effectively if they have an emotional engagement with their learning”
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  • “kinaesthetic - Doubled Up. Does using a mixture of VAK activities aid learning? On dropping of the children this morning, the Head kinaesthetic. visual. Comments: 0, leave a comment. Topics in this blog. admissions. appeals panel. assessment”
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  • “He expected me to mirror and copy but the problem with being so Kinaesthetic is unless I understand how the movement should ‘feel’ not how it should ‘look’ meant I was just not ‘getting it’. Fortunately, I quickly understood what”
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