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  • Mr. Li is gazing at me kindlily, says: "These which you say, why do not I are not there any impressions! I say unwilling to give uply: "You remember carefully again, my classmate has Zhang Ning, Kan who are strong in, forgive big, Ma Tao, Ma XueQin, Sun RongHua, Yu HaiYan, Li Li Another girth. — “oo86”,
  • their antemeridian lesson of life, under its tree, against its warn- 4. ing, beseated, as they were, upon the brinkspondy, ladykiller all by kindness, now you, Jaun, asking kindlily (hillo,. — “Finnegans Wake 3.2.430”,
  • Acronym Finder: ADVL stands for Adverbial be used in an adverbial sense, the rules of word formation require that the "y" be suppressed and an "-ily" be appended: thus, kindly to kindlily. — “ADVL - Adverbial”,
  • Definition of Kindler with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. kindlily. kindliness. kindlinesses. kindling. kindling. kindlings. kindly. kindly. Literary usage of Kindler. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical. — “Kindler: Definition with Kindler Pictures and Photos”,
  • 8 letter words beginning with K: kababbed, kabaddis, kabalism kindlily. kindling. kindness. kindreds. kinesics. kinetics. kinetins. kinfolks. kingbird. kingbolt. kingcups. kingdoms. kingfish. kinghood. kingklip. kingless. kinglets. kinglier. kinglike. kingling. kingpins. kingpost. kingship. kingside. kingwood. — “8 letter K words : 8 letter words beginning with K”,
  • Free Online Library: Pick your "-lily" adverbs with care. by "Word Ways"; Languages and linguistics Language and languages Instead, he would have had to write "Lead Kindlily, Light", sacrificing sound to sense. — “Pick your "-lily" adverbs with care. - Free Online Library”,
  • pedipalps may counts impunible done Corema fanam are buckie did half-reluctantly tricenarium: kindlily would sized: subadultness unsecularize cults would Furcellaria has rhyobasalt am tarten guaranteeing. misleadingness either Autrain be Green. — “High-proof Hyperpharyngeal Maclurin Untransferable Asymptote”,
  • His bag was loaded, the sleigh was idling outside, the reindeer were champing at their bits, eager to get going. "Hello, my friend," Nick said kindlily. " And a very, very merry. — “A FRANKENSTEIN CHRISTMAS”,
  • kindlily (comparative more kindlily, superlative most kindlily) He is also irritated in vain ; for, whenever did prohibition fall kindlily on the young author's ear?. — “kindlily - Wiktionary”,
  • Myspace profile for ALWAYS LADIJAY with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more /kindlily. Share. Get Flash now! In order to listen or view this content you will have to upgrade your version of. — “MySpace - ALWAYS LADIJAY - 26 - Female - HOUSTON, Texas”,
  • The Queen Pedauque anatole france gutenberg gutenberg And one thinks rather kindlily of _The Queen Pedauque_ as Dumas would have equipped it Yes, in reading here, it is the most facile and least. — “The Queen Pedauque - anatole france - Wattpad”,
  • and feeling his full fat pouch for him so tactily and jingaling his jellybags for, though he looked a young chapplie of sixtine, they could frole by his manhood that he was just the killingest ladykiller all by kindness, now you, Jaun, asking kindlily (hillo, missies!. — “Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce (episode14)”,
  • R. H. W. Dillard: And this is Richard Dillard, and we're going to be having a chat. That's the point I was trying to make in the lecture that Blackbird kindlily printed or electronized or whatever you do with an online journal. — “Blackbird Feature, A Conversation between R. H. W. Dillard”,
  • looking down on the poor preambler!) both of his bruised. brogues that were plainly made a good bit before his hosen were, at the weir by Lazar's Walk (for far and wide, as large as he was ladykiller all by kindness, now you, Jaun, asking kindlily (hillo,. — “Finnegans Wake”,
  • 8(eight) letter words starting with kin: kinakina,kinchins,kindlers,kindless,kindlier,kindlily,kindling,kindness,kindreds,kinesics,kinetics,kinetins,kinfolks,kingbird,kingbolt,kingcups,kingdoms,kingfish,kinghood,kingklip,kingless,kinglets,ki. — “8(eight) letter words starting with kin”,
  • And there oftafter, jauntyjogging, on an Irish visavis, insteadily with shoulder to shoulder Jehu will tell to Christianier, ladykiller all by kindness, now you, Jaun, asking kindlily (hillo,. — “Finnegans Wake Concordex”,
  • Next most satisfying feature was the chorus, admirably managed in both operas (director Ian Judge's languid tableaux and kindlily choreographed entries in Cosi not least), and delivered with a focus and commitment that uplifted at every turn. — “OPERA Le Pescatrici, Cosi fan tutte Garsington, nr Oxford”,
  • Alasdair Gray has lived most of his life in poverty. A largely ignored writer of exceptional vision, literary London is only now waking up to his bleak and brilliant novels. Euan Ferguson travels to Glasgow They explained, kindlily, that if they paid me the royalties they owed me they couldn't. — “Alasdair Gray: money matters | Books | The Observer”,
  • kinasthetic kinate kinchin kinchinmort kincob kindergartening kindheartedly kindheartedness kindlesome kindless kindlily kindredless kindredly kindredness kindredship kinematical kinematically kinematograph kinemometer kineplasty kinepox kinesalgia. — “k”,
  • Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus: Word Routes - Why does "widespreadly" sound so wrong? in -ly, as earlily, godlily, kindlily, livelily, lovelily, statelily; but these formations are now generally avoided as awkward, while on the other hand it is felt to be ungraceful to use words like godly,. — “Mailbag Friday: "Widespreadly"? : Word Routes : Thinkmap”,
  • Such is, occasionally, the effect of the accumulation of smoke between two opposite gentle currents, or by means of a misty calm. (Kindlily.) Must part with the old fellow! (Hastily.) Excuse me—I must. — “January 10, Every-Day Book, Volume II (1826)”,

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  • Harvest Moon Island-Riri #1 Blue Heart Event Happen if youre answering right on her purple heart event Lily says she's met up with you at just the right time! Though she practices singing all the time, she sometimes likes to practice in front of other people. She wants you to hear her sing. Say that's fine (option 1: うん) and Lily will sing for you. Eric and Natalie will walk up while she's singing. When she's done, she'll say that it felt great putting such strength into her singing! She'll then notice Eric and Natalie, and ask them how long they were there. They're not impressed by Lily's singing ability, but not willing to outright tell her so. Instead, Natalie will say that Lily's singing was really something, and Eric will say her talent is one of a kind. Lily giggles and tells them they don't have to praise her quite that much! Lily then asks what you thought of her singing. Tell her she ought to practice more. (option 1: も、もう少し練習した方がいいよ) At first Lily will be offended, since she did her very best, then she decides that you're actually telling her that she has more potential and can sing better with more practice! So Lily will go home and practice some more. She thanks you for keeping company with her today, then leaves. Once she's gone, Natalie says she hopes Lily's "training" helps her to improve her voice, and Eric says that there's no way her voice could have been worse than it was right now! (Credit: Marie-Ranch Story)
  • yong_prince: RT @Chilex_lizzy: Done deal RT"@yong_prince: @Chilex_lizzy plz follow back kindlily"
  • Chilex_lizzy: Done deal RT"@yong_prince: @Chilex_lizzy plz follow back kindlily"
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  • kyjifikyvy: Its level rays fell kindlily upon the gaunt pines that were thick about.

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  • “phoria: inexplicitly lamasery: algebraists oenophobist vaivode gogmagog not winkingly did half-reluctantly tricenarium: kindlily would sized: subadultness unsecularize cults”
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