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  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is a Kinescope? Originally, the term kinescope referred to the actual cathode ray tube (CRT) designed for early television sets, but it soon became synonymous with a process of filming live television shows for rebroadcasting. — “What is a Kinescope?”,
  • How a kinescope works NTSC television images are scanned at roughly 60 Hz, with two interlaced fields per frame, displayed at 30 frames per second. A kinescope. — “Kinescope – China Sheet Metal cabinet – China Hydraulic”,
  • Russian inventor Vladimir Zworykin invented the cathode-ray tube called the kinescope in 1929 - the kinescope tube was sorely needed for television production. — “Vladimir Zworykin - Electronic Television System”,
  • Kinescope, the new script face from Mark Simonson Studios. — “Kinescope font from Mark Simonson Studios | I love typography”,
  • Kinescope font at - Original Kinescope font available in TrueType and OpenType. Kinescope font preview & instant download. — “Kinescope Font”,
  • "Location:") ; } elseif (eregi("", $theHost)) { header("Location:") ; } */ header("Location:") ; ?> Future home of . — “Future home of ”,
  • Kinescope allows users to subscribe to channels and automatically Kinescope integrates with weblogs to allow any user to distribute very high quality video. — “Download Kinescope for Mac - Video aggregator. ”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Kinescope. Wikipedia kinescope (plural kinescopes) an early television receiver tube. a recording of a television broadcast made by filming the screen of a Retrieved from "http:///wiki/kinescope". — “kinescope - Wiktionary”,
  • kinescope n. See picture tube . A film of a transmitted television program. tr.v. , -scoped , -scoping , -scopes The kinescope is a process whereby live television broadcasts were filmed from a television monitor, using 16mm film. — “kinescope: Definition from ”,
  • Keywords: Classic TV; NBC; 1940's Television; Chesterfield; Live Television; Kinescope; Perry Como; 1949 Keywords: Classic TV; Climax!; 1950's Television; CBS; Kinescope; Live TV; Chrysler; Lou Gehrig; 1956. — “Internet Archive Search: subject:"Kinescope"”,
  • Here's a yuletide present for all who are kind enough to visit KINESCOPE HD. KINESCOPE HD is a site dedicated to classic television, creative content production and vintage performances on video. — “KINESCOPE HD”,
  • Kinescope Manufacturers & Kinescope Suppliers Directory - Find a Kinescope Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose Quality Kinescope Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Kinescope-Kinescope Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Sony Betacam VTR and Camera repair.Sony Digital Betacam repair and Sony HD repair. Canon and Fujinon lens repair. News, field enginnering at CNN, broadcast service engineer at Sony, chief engineer of WATL in Atlanta, and now owner of Kinescope. — “HDW repair. Sony repair. Cinealta. Canon lens repair. VTR”,
  • Enter. — “Television Tape”,
  • Pronunciation of kinescope. Translations of kinescope. kinescope synonyms, kinescope antonyms. Information about kinescope in the free online English dictionary and kinescope - a cathode-ray tube in a television receiver; translates the received signal into a picture on a luminescent screen. — “kinescope - definition of kinescope by the Free Online”,
  • Kinescope (pronounced /ˈkɪnɨskoʊp/) – kine /ˈkɪniː/ for short, also known as telerecording in Britain, is a recording of a television program made by filming the picture from a video monitor. Typically, the term can refer to the process itself,. — “Kinescope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Kinescope (2007) is a dashing 1940s-style brush script. Special Offer on : Kinescope and Snicker were both inspired by Fleischer Studio's title card lettering. — “Kinescope”, ms-
  • Kinescope definition, a cathode-ray tube with a fluorescent screen on which an image is reproduced by a directed beam of electrons. See more. — “Kinescope | Define Kinescope at ”,
  • Kinescope is a dashing 1940s-style brush script. It was inspired by hand-lettered titles in Fleischer Brothers' Superman cartoon series. This font features advanced OpenType magic to automatically choose the most. — “Kinescope - Desktop font " MyFonts”,
  • Definition of kinescope from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of kinescope. Pronunciation of kinescope. Definition of the word kinescope. Origin of the word kinescope. — “kinescope - Definition of kinescope at ”,
  • Kinescope allows you to subscribe to channels and automatically receive video. Kinescope can automatically burn content to DVD and SVCD, export to iTunes, iPod and Apple TV, launch full screen external players, post video to. — “Kinescope”,
  • KINESCOPE. The first and most primitive method of recording television programs, production, or news story, a kinescope is a film made of a live television broadcast. Actually, kinescope is the name for the cathode ray tube in a. — “KINESCOPE - The Museum of Broadcast Communications”,

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  • Giving Up is Hard to Do | "Kinescope" Promo video I produced for the The Victory Theatre Center in Burbank, CA, for a play called "Giving Up is Hard to Do," starring Annie Abbott and Directed by Joel Zwick.
  • Pseudo kinescope film effect to video This is a video I made to replicate the vintage 16mm film kinescope/telerecording look to video. I made a demo video on this experiment which can be viewed here . The method I used was to hook a modern 90s CCD colour camera to a modern colour TV and film around the room, at the same time I had a vintage 70s B&W vidicon camera pointed to the TV which the camera had a very bad worn out burned vidicon tube which gives a very vintage bad quality B&W picture. That B&W camera was hooked to my DVD recorder to telerecord the picture in bad quality washed out B&W. Then I added some post production film effects using a couple of video editors to give it more of a filmier and washed out kinescope look and the results are not bad to my own opinion :). The cameras used include a 1991 Panasonic NV-MS1 S-VHS CCD camcorder to film around the room in good quality colour, the B&W bad quality vidicon camera used is a late 1970s Sony HVM-100CE 2/3" vidicon tube B&W camera. A bit of brief history on kinescope recording, before 2 inch quad videotape recording was invented in 1956, the only means to make a permanent record of a live television show was to point a film camera to a television monitor (kinescope) and telerecord the show to film, most commonly 16mm B&W film. Kinescope recording was common practice in many TV networks worldwide from the late 1940s to about the early 1970s, even after quad videotape was introduced, kinescope films were still being made for permanent ...
  • Ernie Kovacs "Silent Show" (colour kinescope recording) 1957 An excerpt of Ernie Kovacs "Silent Show" from 1957. This is a very rare 50s colour kinescope film recording of a colour program using the lenticular process. This sketch features Ernie Kovacs inclined table routine. This excerpt was featured on NBC's 50th anniversary special in 1976 which is where I plucked this footage from.
  • 16mm B&W kinescope film vs 2 inch quad colour videotape Many programs of the 50s, colour and B&W survive on 16mm B&W kinescope films but some from the late 50s fortunately survive on 2 inch quad tape. This footage is excerpts from "Another Evening With Fred Astaire" from 1959 featuring a mix of the 2 inch quad colour videotape and the 16mm B&W kinescope film copy which was mixed in where the videotape had major dropouts during the transfer. This is an excellent example illustrating the difference in quality between 16mm B&W kinescope film and 2 inch quad colour videotape.
  • What's My Line Kinescope Unseen Rare TV What's My Line and the mystery guest who stumped them all. Sketch comedy. Written by Tom Konkle What's My Line? is a panel game show which originally ran in the United States on the CBS Television Network from 1950 to 1967, with several international versions and subsequent US revivals. The game tasked celebrity panelists with questioning contestants in order to determine their occupations. It is the longest-running game show in the history of US prime time network television. Hosted by John Charles Daly and with panelists Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, and Bennett Cerf, The chupacabras (from chupar "to suck" and cabra "goat", literally "goat sucker") is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter's Latin American communities.[2] The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. Physical descriptions of the creature vary. Eyewitness sightings have been claimed as early as 1995 in Puerto Rico, and have since been reported as far north as Maine, and as far south as Chile, and even being spotted outside the Americas in countries like Russia and The Philippines. It is supposedly a heavy creature, the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail. Biologists ...
  • Monty Python - Conquistador Coffee (kinescope version) Includes references to leprosy and terminal cancer...
  • JACK TEAGARDEN, 1958 Kinescope. Tokyo, Japan. This unique 32-minute Kinescope is what survives of Jack's one hour appearance on JOKR TV, Tokyo, on the evening of January 12th, 1959, as part of his Far East tour. The edit just before the Japanese band is where several hot numbers, including Jack playing with the Japanese band, had been removed. The woman who had borrowed this reel passed on, and the film was lost (probably discarded.) Jack Teagarden, trombone, vocal; Max Kaminsky, trumpet; Jerry Fuller, clarinet; Don Ewell, piano; Lee Ivory, acoustic double bass (Substituting for a sick Stan Puls) Ronnie Greb, drums; plus a local symphony orchestra backing Jack, and a Japanese jazz band. INTRO: "I Gotta Right to sing the Blues" "That's a Plenty" Japanese band plays number Following accompanied by Symphony (Beautiful playing by Jack!) "Stars Fell on Alabama" "Diane" "Peg O' My Heart" "Back Home Again in Indiana" Back to Teagarden's band: "When the Saints Go Marching In"
  • The Drawn and Quartered Kinescope - Part 1 ¤ Part one of a short documentary featuring indie rock band Fair to Midland. Taken from their 2006 EP release through Serjical Strike, it features short band and fan interviews, live performances with visual effects, studio sessions, and animations by Armen Mirzaian. Produced and directed by Pomegranate Pictures. Artwork by Armen Mirzaian. Featuring Fair to Midland Part Two: http
  • kinescope HDV video kinescoped to super 8 then digitized. Shows significant loss of color and increase in grain and contrast.
  • Happy Birthday (Music Video - Kinescope Version) - Concrete Blonde Long, long ago...back before I knew how to capture video directly from VHS to my hard drive and well before technological improvements made high quality streaming video a daily reality for us all, I created some 'Kinescope Versions' of VHS music video clips that I had collected over the years. They were called 'Kinescope' versions due to the fact that I had filmed them off my TV and/or computer screen with a handheld digital camera (a reference to how they used to...oh, just google it if you wanna know). I'm not really sure why I did this...I guess it was really hard to have access to high quality streaming video pre-YouTube and I really wanted them on my computer to play with. Anyways, while the whole concept may seem simple and something any retard could accomplish today by pointing a camera and pushing record, you must keep in mind that at the time I was making these 'Kine' videos, I was only able to capture 20 seconds of video at a time, no audio. Therefore, the challenge for me was to take all these tiny snippets of video clips I had recorded off my TV and then reassemble them in Premiere as best i could, and then resync to a master audio track of the same song, trying to make it look as 'normal' as possible. Kind of like a gigantic audio visual puzzle, this whole process really helped me learn alot about resyncing and Premiere as an editing program, and I actually started to enjoy the effect that the captured clip sometimes would have (if filmed properly). I ...
  • 1950 Early Seattle Television (Crude Amateur Kinescope) This is silent 8mm amateur movie film taken from the TV screen of an early TV set, probably around 1949 or 1950. It is an extremely crude kinescope of one of the early Arthur Godfrey shows on KiNG-TV, Seattle. It shows both the KiNG placard; a short clip of a Gillette razor blade commercial; several of Godfrey's guests, and Godfrey himself.
  • Nixon Cambodia kinescope Scanned with a Kinetta Archival Scanner at 3296 x 2472 from a beat up, low contrast 16mm print of a kinescope recording. Audio extracted from image file using an alpha version of AEO Light from the University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Center (thanks Greg and Borislav).
  • CBS-Ed Wynn Show 1949-50 The Ed Wynn Show was the first variety show to originate from Hollywood. It was done early in the day and kinescoped for playback to the east/midwest stations on CBS, then done live later for the rockies/west coast stations. This is a kinescope of the early performance. Visit
  • 1955 "Peter Pan" with Mary Martin This was a copy of a kinescope of the original broadcast in 1955 with Mary Martin and Kathy Nolan as wendy.
  • 1956 - NBC - TODAY - Nellie Lutcher Jazz Pianist See a rare kinescoped appearance of jazz pianist Nellie Lutcher perform on the June 21, 1956 live telecast of the Dave Garroway - hosted NBC Today show.
  • Kinescoping Dr. Travis : Patient 369868 Kole likes what she does.
  • STARS OF JAZZ featuring Jack Teagarden. 1956 Kinescope Kinescoped off-air on July 30th,1956, this is the complete Budweiser "Stars of Jazz" hosted by Bobby Troup featuring the Rampart Street Paraders, with guest Jack Teagarden, and a surprise appearance by Paul Whiteman. Matty Matlock's Rampart Street Paraders: Matty Matlock - Clarinet Eddie Miller - Tenor Sax Abe Lincoln - Trombone Clyde Hurley - Trumpet Stanley Wrightsman - Piano George Van Eps - Guitar Phil Stevens - Bass Nick Fatool - Drums
  • New Years Eve - 1957 Here is an old kinescope from over 50 years ago!! For 100 years, the slow drop of a lighted glass ball on New Year's Eve from atop One Times Square in New York City has become an American tradition. A huge crowd gathers every year to welcome in the New Year. Beginning in 1956, Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians entertained the US on New Year's Eve with a combination of music and the live "ball drop" at Midnight. Guy continued this tradition until his death in 1977. His band still played on at CBS Television on New Years for an additional 2 years. (Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve began in 1972 on ABC and still broadcasts annually.) This broadcast began right after the 15-minute news and ran for an hour. Guy plays the music and newsman Robert Trout announces the beginning of the New Year. If you look closely, you'll see acerbic television personality Henry Morgan in the crowd. TV was very primitive 50 years ago. Harsh lighting, a cheap office clock and a World War II searchlight scans the crowd below. I hope you'll enjoy ringing in the New Year - 1958! Recorded: December 31, 1957
  • 25 Years of Australian Television (1981 - 7/11) An interview with Mrs Edna Everage (a comic creation of performing artist Barry Humphries) was one of the programmes screened on HSV-7's first day of programming in 1956. The character went on to great success in the United Kingdom and later, the United States. Videotape technology was still in its infancy when Australian television was launched in 1956 and video recorders did not become widely available to Australian TV stations until the 1960s. For the first few years, the only available method for capturing TV programs was the kinescope process, in which a fixed movie camera filmed broadcasts screened on a specially-adjusted TV monitor. Similarly, the playback of pre-recorded programs to air was only possible at this stage through the telecine process, in which films or kinescoped TV recordings were played back on a movie screen which was monitored by a TV camera. Because of these limitations, it was relatively difficult and expensive to record and distribute local programming, so the majority of locally produced content was broadcast live-to-air. Very little local programming from these first few years of Australian TV broadcasting was recorded and in the intervening years the majority of that material has since been lost or destroyed. Even the footage of the 'first' Australian TV broadcast with Bruce Gyngell on Channel 9, Sydney (see image above) is a fabrication—according to Gerald Stone the kinescope film of the actual Sep. 1956 broadcast was lost and the footage ...
  • CBS Color ID (1966 Kinescope Version) Black and white kinescope version of the 1965-70 CBS network opening ID. This is the 1966-70 (and up to 1972 for some specials) Bob Hite version of this network ID. Sourced from ToonTracker's show open clip for the now lost (outside of a few fragments from black-and-white delayed broadcast 16mm kinescope reels) 1960s Saturday morning cartoon "The Beagles". (c) CBS Broadcasting Inc. Presented as a historical reference. No infringement is intended.
  • KineScope Handheld Video Measurement Combines a digital video camera, precision optics, LED lighting and VLink Software - a complete system that can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Seven News 2012 in 1950s B&W kinescope style! Having another crack at pseudo kinescoping I thought I'd rip a modern news segment off YouTube and make it look like a 1950s kinescope recording doing my trick with my worn out vidicon B&W camera and adding film effects. I pointed my 1970s Sony HVM-100CE B&W vidicon camera with a worn out vidicon tube to the computer screen while playing 2012 Seven News montage I got from here on YouTube and then running the recorded B&W vidicon video through some film effects in Pinnacle Studio 15 and AVS Video Converter 7 to give it the illusion of looking like a dirty old B&W 16mm film kinescope recording from the 1950s. I also edited the audio running a low pass filter so the maximum audible frequency of the sound is only 5KHz to make it sound a bit muffled and old. Disclaimer: The Seven News footage is of course copyrighted by the Seven Network, the purpose of using this footage is to make a modern news report look like a 1950s kinescoped newsreel for a bit of fun and to share it with everyone and no profit is to be made from this edited clip. I will promptly remove this clip if requested by the Seven Network copyright holders.
  • 1953 ANACIN KINESCOPE COMMERCIAL 1953 kinescoped television commercial for one of the widely marketed pain reliever, Anacin. Tobuy classic films, westerns, serials, commercials and vintage television shows on DVD -- plus original movie posters, autographs and collectilbles -- be sure to visit Captain Bijou's website, .
  • THE VISION OF TELEVISON PART 1: 1953 AMPEX TAPE KINESCOPE COAXIAL CABLE httpIra H. Gallen Video Resources 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023 (212) 724 - 7055 http As the unofficial Baby-Boomer( IRA GALLEN )Guru of my Television Coll... Ira H. Gallen Video Resources 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023 (212) 724 - 7055 http As the unofficial Baby-Boomer( IRA GALLEN )Guru of my Television Collecting Generation I knew it was the right time to create a Video Network for Baby-Boomers Only. http What makes my content unique is that I have spent over 30 collecting and restoring from 16mm & 35mm Film Prints and Kinescopes some of the rarest and in many cases one of a kind FILMS, CARTOONS, NEWS REELS FILM SHORTS, FEATURES, INDUSTRIALS, TV SHOWS and especially COMMERCIALS from the birth of Film and early television. - 400 DVD's for Sale from my personal collection. Now my Video & Film Collection is decomposing and what you're seeing is my work digitizing my Video Elements and funding it by selling Stock Footage and now my line of over 400 DVD's http Rare TV SHOWS, FILMS, CARTOONS, NEWSREELS, FILM SHORT SUBJECTS, SILENT & SOUND FILMS, HOME MOVIES, SOUNDIES, INDUSTRIALS & especially COMMERCIALS from the 1950's/60's. ALSO GOOGLE VIDEO DOWNLOADS Links to over 3500 hours of Video's housed on both Google & YouTube Over 7,5000 Commercials to watch -- Sports-Toys-Cars-Soft Drinks-Beer-Cigarettes-Milk-Cosmetics-Ho usehold Products ...
  • BOWLING IS FUN - 1952 KINESCOPE A very rare kinescope from the early days of television. Fred Wolf as host of the show tries to get people to bowl for cheezy prizes. Very early look at the AMF model 8230 Pinspotters.
  • The Drawn and Quartered Kinescope - Part 2 ¤ Part two of a short documentary featuring indie rock band Fair to Midland. Taken from their 2006 EP release through Serjical Strike, it features short band and fan interviews, live performances with visual effects, studio sessions, and animations by Armen Mirzaian. Produced and directed by Pomegranate Pictures. Artwork by Armen Mirzaian. Featuring Fair to Midland http
  • Full Ghoulita Audition Kinescope Tape April 1963 Lietta Harvey auditions as 'Jeepers' replacement on "Jeepers' Creepers Theatre" April 1963. This is taken directly from the audition kinescope which was donated to the UCLA archives. REad "Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well" for a complete history of Ghoulita in interviewm photos and full scripts shared by Ghoulita herself! Available on Amazon. The book also covers Vampira, Dr. Diablo, The Old Woman, Jeepers, Ghoulita, Cosmosina, Moona Lisa, Jeepers' Keeper, The Creeper, Sinister Seymour, Arach and his Friend Nid, Famous Morris, Grinlsey and Elvira... the TV Horror Hosts of Southern California.
  • VINTAGE TELEVISION - Rare Kinescope - Playhouse 90 Short scene. Rare kinescope clip of the 1958 television production of The Days of Wine and Roses starring Cliff Robertson and Piper Laurie. Shot live.
  • Rusty Draper on The Hoffman Hayride 1949 Kinescope.avi Kinescope of Rusty Draper performing on "The Hoffman Hayride" in 1949.
  • Kinescope Versus Original Video - Demonstration/Comparison Although hard to properly compare the differences on compressed youtube video, this shows the 16mm film kinescope intermixed with the original live videotape to compare the differences in image quality.
  • ZRAD Wireless Video Audio Camera Recorder Spy Pen Camcorder, This ZRAD spy pen is ideal for undercover assignments. You can wear it on your shirt pocket, place it on a desk, attach it to an organizer, or just start writing with it like you are writing a normal pen. It's hard to be noticed. Unlike other spy pen, this ZRAD spy pen do not need any receivers, instant video and audio recording anywhere anytime. Features: * Image capture device: 1/3 inch CMOS * AVI video format: 352 x 288 * Memory capacity: 2Gb(Built-in) * Recording time: 5 hours * Recording mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off * Battery life: 2 hours * Record both audio and video * LED status indication * USB Plug&Play Operating procedure: Step 1: Press the switch, it begins to kinescope as soon as being turned on. The blue light will turn on during kinescoping. Step 2: Press the switch again, it will begin to save data and then turn off, at this time, the light turns to yellow, reflect that the pen DVR is at sleeping status(that means do not kinescope or shut down neither). Step 3: If need to kinescope again, press the switch once more, then can come back to kinescope, during this time, the light will turn to blue again. Step 4: Hold down the switch for 5s, then the power switch is off, after shutting down the pen DVR, there is no guide light. Step 5: When finish charging the battery, the light stops glittering and the yellow light keeps on, which means that battery is fully charged. Step 7: It will turn off itself when the battery has been ...
  • Letterbox Widescreen on TV Explained (kinescope) Film directors discuss converting widescreen films to the square-ish TV. Black bars good. Chopping off the sides BAD. VERY BAD.
  • I'll Bet The pre-history of "Street Smarts" and a weird bit of television history...It's the NBC game show "I'll Bet." It went off the air for a few years and returned in syndication as "It's Your Bet," hosted by Jack's brother Tom Kennedy.
  • 60's TV: End game from "Truth or Consequences" (1966) (Color Kinescope) 60's TV: The end game from an episode of the Metromedia version of "Truth or Consequences", and it's a rare color kinescope.
  • Off The Record (Pt. 1 of 2) - 10/18/51 DuMont Part 1 of 2: Filmed (via kinescope) during its' live broadcast on Thursday, 10/18/1951, this program was produced by DuMont's Channel-5 in Washington, DC (and directed by Gordon Williamson) with hosts Art Lamb and Aletha Agee. Harvey Coleman was in the studio. Neal Edwards and Dave Milligan were operating the cameras with Vic Guidice in the control room spinning the music.
  • Jon Hammond Presents: Star-a-Thon 1954 Historic Kinescope ! This Is Your Lucky Day! Jon Hammond Presents: Jon going deep in to his vault because he has decided the Public deserves to see this Historic Kinescope at Pantages in Los Angeles in 1954 of broadcast of Opening Night of Judy Garland's "A Star Is Born" More stars than there is room to write here: Liberace (and his Mom), Kim Novak, Tony Curtis, Sophie Tucker, Dean Martin, Mason, studio head Jack Warner, and Jack Carson (MC), and dozens of A-list stars attending. This is Pt. 1, stay tuned to HammondCast, enjoy folks! Jon Hammond is Host & Producer of daily HammondCast Show on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, Host of The Jon Hammond Show on TV in New York for 24 years and touring internationally for many years as band leader and Jazz Ambassador Impresario of USA.
  • Jacob's dream - Kinescope Band: Jacob's dream Album: Jacob's dream
  • Kinescope
  • The Beatles - LIVE in Australia (FULL recording) - 1964 - (pt.1 of 2) The Fab Four in full flow (alliteration!) The World's Greatest Pop Band toured Oz in '64 and SOMEONE kinescoped everything that was shown on local TV - including this enthusiastic live performance (whoever it was, they must have been connected to The Industry - you could hardly buy a kinescope at Woolworth's). The bootleg recordings remained hidden for nearly four decades, but about seven years ago, they finally came to light and a couple of the numbers are here on The Tube - but this is the WHOLE THING! ENJOY!!! (Oh, and don't forget part two - - where John lets rip with "Twist And Shout"!)

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