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  • Folkways Records music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Folkways Records on Yahoo! Music Kulintangan (Version 1). — “Folkways Records on Yahoo! Music”,
  • The Maguindanao traditional worldview holds that diseases are caused by tonong (ancestral spirits) who need to be appeased. Dancers perform this dance to the music of the kulintangan, gabbang, and agongs during the wedding feast. — “Glossary (Muslim/Moro): Dance Philippines Performing Arts Company”,
  • Due to its use across a wide variety groups and languages, the kulintang is also called kolintang by the Maranao and those in Sulawesi, kulintangan, gulintangan by those in Sabah and the Sulu Archipelago and totobuang by those in central Maluku.[8]. — “Kulintang: Information from ”,
  • Daily updated download free music video SULUK SONG YouTube videos on .Watch download free music video SULUK SONG YouTube free on . Trust us, you won't waste your time here. SuLuK / TauSug Song Kulintangan. — “Watch download free music video SULUK SONG video | Download”,
  • CD Baby is the largest online distributor of independent music. is our quaint little record store where we hope you will discover your next favorite artist. Gayang Kulintangan. — “CDBaby : Discover Music”,
  • Besides Gong, Kulintangan is one of the most important traditional musical instrument in Kulintangan consists of a set of 8 to 9 small brass kettle gongs. — “: photo gallery, videos and blog about Sabah”,
  • FW04459_103. Kulintangan. Track Artist n/a. Country(s) Indonesia. Culture Kulintangan (Solo) n/a. 0:44. Play. 102. Kulintangan. n/a. 1:21. Play. 103. Kulintangan. n/a. 0:42. — “Smithsonian Folkways - Kulintangan - n/a”, folkways.si.edu
  • 2:23 Add to Added to queue Kulintangan & Gong (on Fast music)by silverrooster12,170 views 1:21 Add to Added to queue Discover Sabah: Kulintangan Kuala Penyu (Variet by headhunter12125,400 views. — “YouTube - kulintangan at sipitang”,
  • Discover Sabah: Kulintangan Kuala Penyu (Variety I) Performed by the Tatana people in Kuala Penyu. In my observation, there are about 3 distinct kulintangan varieties and I found them really interesting. I was told that each tune has its own meaning. — “Jabatan Perikanan Guna Satelit Kumpul Maklumat Penyu”,
  • A set of 7 to 9 kettle gongs or kulintangan completes the full ensemble, faintly resembling an Indonesian gamelan collection. The kulintangan is an idiophone, compromising of six to nine brass. — “Feature by Herman Scholz - Music Instruments in Sabah”,
  • The Kadayawan sa Dabaw festival is one of the popular and also world renowned fiesta in the Philippines. sa Kinabuhi (Davao River Festival), Agongan ug Kulintangan (Indigenous Music Festival), Sayaw Mindanaw (Mindanao Indigenous Dance. — “Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival, Madayaw Dabaw, Davao Festival”,
  • Jobs and Education question: What is kulintangan? Can you answer this question? These include the gong ensembles caklempong and kulintangan, as well as hanging gong ensembles (especially in Sarawak and Sabah). Less well known are drum ensembles such. — “ - What is kulintangan”,
  • The Fan based Entertainment network including , antiMUSIC, antiTainment and Rock Search. We have all you want, news, Hensch's Hometown Heroes: Gayang Kulintangan Revolt - Misangod Rondom. Hensch's Hometown Heroes: Gayang Kulintangan Revolt Interview. Garbage - Bleed. — “antiMUSIC Reviews - The Music site with an attitude”,
  • Kulintangan; pno - piano Duration: 4:28 8 pp.    by Rolan B. Ambrocio The composer is donating all proceeds earned from this work toward the scholarship of many poor and out-of-school youth in Pangasinan, the Philippine province. — “Kulintangan; pno”,
  • For instance, men generally play the large knobbed gongs and drums, while women play the kulintangan and the flat gongs. The gongs and kulintangan are made of brass. The sundatang is made. — “traditional musics”, .my
  • Sulu-type compositions on the kulintangan are found among the Tausug, Samal, Yakan, Sama/Badjao, Iranun and Kadazan-Dusun. the Sulu-type is the exchange of short melodic phrases between the kulintangan and the Agungs, where both instruments imitate and duplicate each others rhythms very. — “Kulintang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • : Rangda: MP3 Downloads Gayang Kulintangan. Lambayad Naga Do Totuvong. 0:26 $0.99. 9. Munda Sohney Rangda (Remix) Shabnam Majeed. Passion. 4:59 $0.99. 10. Meri Thori Utte Til Kale Rangda. Naseebo Lal. Tukre merian Chithian de. 7:46 $0.99. 11. Plain of Jars. Rangda. False Flag. 15:27. Album Only. — “: Rangda: MP3 Downloads”,
  • Kulintang (also known as kolintang, kulintangan, totobuang) is a melodic form of music played on a row of small horizontally aligned gongs along w , Jenna Foxe. — “Use of the Kulintang - by Jenna Foxe - Helium”,
  • Gayang Kulintangan Revolt's page - general information, complete discography (including lyrics), links and reviews. — “Encyclopaedia Metallum - Gayang Kulintangan Revolt”, metal-

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  • Gruop champion pool in the 6th UMS Staff Sports Tournament 2005 Take a look at the winning photo I also have few photos of my magical skills
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  • Pesta Gambus 2008 was held on 25 27 July 2008 in Sipitang This annual festival celebrates the musical culture of the Brunei community in the West Coast of Sabah with the Gambus instrument
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  • Ramah mesra di antara pelajar Kelab Perkim UKM bersama keluarga angkat mereka dengan aktiviti sukaneka Kulintangan ataupun gamelan yang telah dimainkan oleh kumpulan Bisai sekeluarga yang terdiri daripada Sjn Mjr B Mohd Jukin Mata dan Sarmiah Hj Mislong
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  • Discover Sabah: Kulintangan Beaufort This was performed by a group of people in a wedding occasion in Penampang Baru, Kimanis. I was made to undersatnd that this is the traditional kulintangan (kulintang) tune from Beaufort. I'm not sure however, what etchnicity they were but most likely that of Bisaya due to chracteristic gong beating. Nevertheless, I found the tune really exhilirating and fun!
  • pangalay kulintangan ajing do his version in pangalay kulintangan... ENJOY!!
  • Discover Sabah: Kulintangan Kuala Penyu (Variety I) Performed by the Tatana people in Kuala Penyu. In my observation, there are about 3 distinct kulintangan varieties and I found them really interesting. I was told that each tune has its own meaning. These 3 varieties of beat are performed during occasions such as wedding. This particular tune of kulintangan is usually played before an occassion starts or reaches its peak, in other words perhaps as an invitation to the surrounding community or as an indication that the event is about to kick off.
  • Lotud Kulintangan and Gong with Bakanjar (Traditional warrior dance) The Bakanjar, a war-like dance with a man holding a sword and a shield,Nowadays it is performed in the evening of the Monumbui after dinner has started, for the purpose of celebrating and cheering up with the paddy (rice) spirit.
  • Pangalay Kulintangan trio 01 Habs Group Kota Kinabalu best mag-oorgan 0178635553
  • O Fatimah - Kulintangan Kota Klias I Marvelous la dorang ni
  • pangalay kulintangan Tateh show how to dance kulintangan in this video... ENJOY!!
  • Nasri second Bisaya Kulintangan Here is Nazri again from the Bisaya youth gong band at KDCA Kaamatan Festival in 2009. I have no clue to the name of the tune, so if anyone can tell the name, please inform me so I can change the title. Thanks
  • masterskill student cheras betitik kulintangan gara2 bosan di hostel.. 2 org student masterskill gaming huhu...
  • SuLuK / TauSug Song Kulintangan Pangalay Ha Agung Venue: Sabah Museum's Heritages Village Kota Kinabalu ( Suluk's House )
  • kulintangan sabah music gaya street tamu lunaticg blogspot com Kulintangan musical instrument played in Gaya street Tamu (morning market) in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
  • Igal Igal - Kulintangan Pangalay
  • Discover Sabah: Kulintangan Kuala Penyu (variety II) Performed by the Tatana people of Kuala Penyu. This is one of the many varieties in the kulintangan beating in this region. I noticed that this particular tune is also used during the 'sumayau' (dancing), but with a different gong beating. This clip was taken during a wedding occasion in one of the villages. I also aware that this spesific tune was played by the groom's parties upon arrival to the bride's reception, signifying its importance. Note: In Loving Memory of the Kulintangan Player Who Died of a Road Traffic Accident. May His Soul Rest In Peace.
  • Sama Pangigal maka Kulintangan ma "Muslim Night" Traditional Sama dancing, the Pangigal, to the rhythm of the Muslim kulintang and agong at a barangay sponsored competition in Davao City.
  • kulintangan player kulintangan player in Tg Aru Beach Hotel
  • Kulintangan Papar 01 One of the kulintangan music performed by the Kg Limbahau gong band during a Kaamatan festival in KK, Sabah. 12 & 13 May 2011.
  • Kulintangan & Gong (on Fast music) A Kulintangan & Gong band by a group from Beaufort, performing during the 2007 Kaamatan in KDCA.
  • CLASSIC PAPAR GONG AND KULINTANGAN - KAAMATAN KDCA 2004 No copyright violations for PUBLIC display of gong beating skill during the Harvest or KAAMATAN festivals. This video was taken in 2004 and kept as record of near perfect performance by veteran gong band members from Papar In fact in the absence of a gong band, my family simply played this video on a big screen and we danced to it... he he he he I think the beat is a bit faster than normal but this make this gong beating much livelier and the dancing more exciting
  • Tausug Bangsamoro Mindanao Pangalay Kulintangan Cultural Tradition Peace & Progress Philippines Bangsamoro are rich in resources & talents. Our poverty are designed by Policy Elites, this is not an accident. The Moro must use only peaceful concepts to preserve their children & future. We will retire in the beautiful natural scene of Bangsamoro countrysides, in harmony with the Creation & One Creator. Exclusive for the Bangsamoro, willing Lumads & Islam Converts of the Philippines. No more war, Bangsamoro wants to be left alone to practice & prosper with our Culture Bangsamoro propose to use a Inflation proof Sunnah money as a means of real exchange, usury free & interest free. Bangsamoro must refuse any World Banker offer of Usurious loans that will sink us to debt & interest payments.
  • Kulintangan From a blog post
  • Kulintangan - SamaSamaProject Using indigenous Filipino instruments, SamaSama Project performs an original, "Kulintangan", at the Old Town School of Folk Music for the World Music Series, July 9, 2008.
  • O Fatimah - Kulintangan Kota Klias II Mmg Best
  • Pangalay Kulintangan - Indah Malyn Habs Group Nov. 25, 2011 Telipok Ria
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  • Kulintangan simple video to promote kg. labi (beaufort outback) and at the same time to present our unique music to the world. nunu komoyo????
  • Pangalay Kulintangan trio 02 Habs Group
  • Ram & Bayu - kulintangan & lolai - igal igal
  • Kulintangan Papar 03 One of the kulintangan music performed by the Kg Limbahau gong band during a Kaamatan festival in KK, Sabah. 12 & 13 May 2011.
  • KITARO tune from Bisaya Kulintangan at KDCA 31052004 I took this video back in 2004 and forgot about it. the tape has become a bit wobbly, but the sound remained intack. Just today I went back and listen to the same Bisaya gong beating but a young lad has now taken over and equally talented. I will upload the new video of the KITARO music from Kulintangan as soon as I fix my video cam. The Bisaya gong culture seemed to be the only one in Sabah who has upgraded their kulintangan to have a near accurate musical scale. In fact in previous year they even displayed the Kulintangan to almost resembling the Piano Keyboard, ie have flat and sharp keys. The Kulintangan is hand made and modified from the base of a "petromax" or pressurised kerosene lamp with a mantle.
  • kulintangan muanad 1
  • kulintangan at sipitang Taken during the Pesta Gata 2007 at Sipitang
  • Kulintangan - Traditional Malaysian Instrument Is frequently included amongst coastal gong ensembles though it is also found amongst interior natives like the Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazans and the Paitanic peoples (both from the eastern Sabah) who have come into contract with the coastal natives. These idiophones produce predominantly ritual Music: The Tatana Dusun of Kuala Penyu (Southwestern Sabah) employ kulintangan music, and sumayau dancing, as well as unaccompanied by ritual chanting in Moginum rites to welcome the spirits. The Lotud-Dusun of Tuaran (west Coast of Sabah) use gong ensembles in the slow sedate mongigol dance for the seven-day Rumaha rites which honour the spirits of sacred skulls and the five-day Mangahau rites which honour possessed jars. In older times before gongs were traded into Sabah, the togunggak was used to accompany dancing and in procession. It was and still is made of bamboo, which flourishes in most parts of Sabah. Bamboo is a great source of raw materials for Sabah's musical instruments. The togunggak consists of a series of hollowed out bamboo tubes of varying sizes of the gongs. The music produced is a hollow and rhythmic tung, tung, tung sound of different pitches in each of the different sizes. The togunggak is played by a troupe of a dozen or so people in lieu of the gong ensemble. source: :
  • Pangalay Kulintangan - Indah Ainur Habs Group
  • KULINTANGAN Music Part I kULINTANG is a set of 8 small Gongs representing the 8 Musical notes in one measure. It also includes a variety of large Gongs including the Flat gongs that represents the cymbals. Together they make up a whole orchestra of instruments. The young tribal folks of Mindanao are not adept to acquiring the skills of playing the Kulintang due to the western influence of the Bands. The Maguindanao town of Labangon, Zamboanga del Sur has made an initiative to train the young to pass on this important tradition to the next generation.
  • pangalay kulintangan black show his unique way how to dance kulintangan... ENJOY!!
  • Kulintangan Papar 02 One of the kulintangan music performed by the Kg Limbahau gong band during a Kaamatan festival in KK, Sabah. 12 & 13 May 2011.
  • Kulintangan Rancangan Klias
  • CerryvinaOveyy: RT @classicswyn: Ohhh. Kuatnyaa bunyi kompang. Lepas ni ada kulintangan lagiii. Esehhmem. Sy rndu bha yg drng le sma atok main. Gagar jntung.
  • classicswyn: Ohhh. Kuatnyaa bunyi kompang. Lepas ni ada kulintangan lagiii. Esehhmem. Sy rndu bha yg drng le sma atok main. Gagar jntung.
  • L_drin: RT @AsrieNikon: X pic? R5@Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • AsrieNikon: X pic? R5@Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • hanasuhaina: RT @Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Y.Bhg Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • panch886: RT @Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Y.Bhg Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • RelaLahadDatu: RT @Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Y.Bhg Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • diela312: RT @Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Y.Bhg Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • Cutey_zuera: Ketibaan Y.Bhg Datuk Musa Hj Aman ke prgrm #HimpunanBarisan1Msia @rela_sabah @relamalaysia dsmbt dgn paluan kulintangan
  • anakDatuKamalun: dgr sdh bunyi kulintangan...heheh
  • reiaaangela: @MAGICOww Isipin mo nalang sumasayaw ka. :) You know... The Kulintangan. CHENES EK EK

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  • “wbuanda's Blog on Flixya The music accompanying the dance used instruments including a kulintangan which is a set of nine small kettle gongs and three hanging gongs and two double-headed drums called gandang”
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  • “limpbizkit. metallica. linkin park fans club. cradle of flith. gayang kulintangan. Pages:1 2 3 4 5 6. bandieeeeee. Photos of Azman · English · About · Blog · Terms · Privacy · Corporate · Advertise · Translate · API · Contact · Help”
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  • “Nevio (centre) tries out the kulintangan while Claudine (right) decides to beat on a Papar lass crowned Unduk Ngadau Harvest Queen was the previous entry in this blog”
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  • “Davao City gears up for week-long festival By AMADA T. VALINO Davao City is in the thick of preparations for the grand celebration of the 21st Kadayawan”
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  • “In Sabah 'kulintang' is called 'kulintangan'. In Sarawak it is called 'engkerumong'. Sites with Malaysian songs? I'll look for them I know some famous local pop songs, but is not sure which site have them. ( IMG:http:///forum/style_emoticons/default/embarassedlaugh.gif)”
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