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  • Labrum surgery recovery time is time required for shoulder to heal after surgical repair of labrum. Given below are details regarding labrum surgery recovery time Labrum Surgery Recovery Time. — “Labrum Surgery Recovery Time”,
  • The socket is somewhat deepened by a circumferential rim of fibrocartilage which is called the glenoidal labrum. Separation of the superior portion of the glenoid labrum and tendon of the biceps brachii muscle from the glenoid rim. — “SLAP tear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A labral tear is an injury to the shoulder joint. There are several patterns of a torn labrum and the type of treatment depends on the specific injury. Most labral tears do not require surgery, but there are certain situations where surgery may. — “Labral Tear - Torn Shoulder Labrum”,
  • Learn about Labrum on . Find info and videos including: How to Sleep After Labrum Surgery, Labrum Surgery Recovery Problems, Exercises for a Torn Labrum in the Hip and much more. — “Labrum - ”,
  • Could you have a torn labrum and not even know it? Diagnosing and Treating Common Shoulder Injuries, such as a torn labrum. — “Shoulder Pain. Could You Have a Torn Labrum? | General”,
  • The labrum is a type of cartilage found in the shoulder joint. The labrum is a second kind of cartilage in the shoulder which is distinctly different from the articular cartilage. — “labrum tear Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery”,
  • With this tool, they have been able to identify and treat a shoulder injury called a glenoid labrum tear. A SLAP lesion (superior labrum, anterior [front] to posterior [back]) is a tear of the rim above the middle of the socket that may also involve the. — “Shoulder Joint Tear (Glenoid Labrum Tear) - Your Orthopaedic”,
  • Labrum definition, a lip or liplike part. See more. — “Labrum | Define Labrum at ”,
  • The term labrum is used in anatomy to designate a lip, edge, or brim. The glenoid labrum is a ring of fibrocartilage that runs around the cavity of the scapula (wingbone) in which. — “Labrum definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular”,
  • labrum n. , pl. , -bra . A lip or liplike structure, such as the one forming the roof of the mouth in insects. — “labrum: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of labrum in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of labrum. Pronunciation of labrum. Translations of labrum. labrum synonyms, labrum antonyms. Information about labrum in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “labrum - definition of labrum by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • For the hip joint, see the Acetabular labrum, also known as the "glenoidal labrum of the hip joint" in older texts. The glenoidal labrum ( glenoid ligament ) is a fibrocartilaginous rim attached around the margin of the glenoid cavity in the shoulder blade. — “Labrum”,
  • Labrum. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Labrum. Hip Labrum Exercises, Hip Labrum Stretches, Labrum Repair Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises, 5 Things You Need to Know About Hip Labrum Te. — “Labrum | ”,
  • What is the anatomy of the glenoid labrum? The shoulder complex is made up of three bones, which are connected by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The glenoid labrum makes the glenoid fossa deeper and improves the stability of the glenohumeral joint, which is the most mobile joint in the body. — “Shoulder Pain Info - Labral Tears”,
  • The labrum is a ring of soft fibrous tissue that surrounds the glenoid (the end of the shoulder blade) and helps stabilize the shoulder joint. — “Dr. Gartsman, Labrum Repair”,
  • Labrum Design Co. provides web design and development, as well as iPhone app design and development. Based in Utah. — “Labrum Design Co”,
  • Overview: Before the use of shoulder arthroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis and management of shoulder problems, glenoid labrum lesions were underappreciated. More specifically, superior labrum lesions about the. — “Superior Labrum Lesions: eMedicine Sports Medicine”,
  • Welcome to Give us your email address. We won't use it for anything else–promise. It's gonna be great. ! Ka-chow! Loading Thanks! Created by Clifton Labrum Design. — “The Labrum Family”,
  • A labrum tear is a tear in the cartiledge of the shoulder that can lead to severe discomfort in the movement of the arm. A tear that develops in this area means that the arm needs to have additional support. — “Labrum Tear Symptoms and Treatment”,

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  • Torn Labrum - "Common Sports Injuries" This video discusses the torn labrum, one of the common sports injuries. The torn labrum or the labrum tear is one of the many shoulder injuries. Trauma or repetitive use to the shoulder joint is the main cause. Shoulder pain or popping sounds are common symptoms. Strengthening the whole shoulder is key to rehab and shoulder surgery may be required.
  • Labral Tear Shoulder Surgery (SLAP Tear) Arthroscopic surgery w/ anchors in the humerus.
  • Torn Labrum Look how it is all frayed and loose around the joint. It should fit snug instead of rolling off like that.
  • Torn Labrum Surgery 1/3 with explanation of anatomy and surgical procedure Video of right shoulder arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum. The shoulder had been dislocated with pain and limited range of motion. 3 biosynthetic anchors were used in this Bankart repair.
  • Hip labrum tear and acetabular wave sign This video of hip arthroscopy demonstrates typical damage secondary to femoroacetabular impingement within the hip joint. Along with repairing the torn labrum to the acetabular rim, the cartilage damage was treated with a microfracture, and the CAM impingement (FAI) was treated with a femoral osteoplasty. Produced by Dr. Dominic S. Carreira, MD.
  • Hip Labrum Tear Health Byte Martial arts injury. The Hip Labrum is a ring of cartilage surrounding the hips. Learn more about the cause and prevention of a hip labrum tear in this medical treatment video.
  • Labral Tears Part 3: Arthroscopic Labral Repair Dr. Emil DiIorio draws and explains how a torn labrum is fixed. Then follow Dr. Brett Godbout in the OR as he performs an arthroscopic Labral Repair. See where the screws are placed and how the labrum is reattached. Part 3 of 4 Watch next Part 4 - Find out what rehab is necessary following a labral repair. (877) 247-8080 For more information email: [email protected]
  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery labral tears arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder including superior labral fraying debridement, and repairs of anterior (bankart) and posterior (reverse bankart) labral lesions, requiring the placement of 5 anchors, along with capsular tightening. injury due to numerous subluxations over the years, mostly from surfing. credit for video during surgery performed at orthopaedic associates, portland, me.
  • Shoulder with Superior Labral Repair - 2 Anchors Shoulder Arthroscopy with Anterior/Superior Labral Repair
  • Hip Arthroscopy: Labral Repair for Torn Labrum Dr. Benjamin Domb performs simple arthroscopic labral repair for torn labrum caused by femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI)
  • Shoulder with Superior Labral Repair - 3 Anchors Shoulder Arthroscopy with Superior Labral Repair
  • Labral Tears Part 2: Symptoms & Evaluation Shoulder instability is a common cause of labral tears. Dr. Wayne Luchetti discusses how instability affects your shoulder function. You'll learn the symptoms of labral tears as well as how your shoulder is evaluated. Dr. Emil DiIorio reviews an MRI of an athlete with a labral tear. See what a normal shoulder MRI looks like compared to an MRI of a torn labrum. Part 2 of 4 Watch next Part 3 - Follow Dr. Brett Godbout in the OR as he performs an arthroscopic labral repair. (877) 247-8080 For more information email: [email protected]
  • Treatment Options for Labrum and Hip Injuries John P. Salvo, MD, Director of Sports Medicine at Cooper University Hospital, discusses treatment Options for sports-related labrum and hip injuries.
  • Nick Labrum as the Drunken Sailor at his sister Monique's Wedding Nick Labrum as the Drunken Sailor at his sister Monique Labrum's wedding party. (One of the MANY wedding parties she has had!!) She was happily married to Mr. Nate Putnam. The super star in black doing her tricks is Julia Labrum, another sister in the Labrum Family! This was the USU Hockey Wedding party, in Logan, UT (I think it was 2006) Also Alex Putnam, brother of the groom.
  • Unstable Shoulder - Labrum Tear Surgery The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. This also makes the shoulder the most often dislocated joint in the human body. Shoulder instability or an unstable shoulder is a general term representing many different types of problems. As the bony socket of the shoulder provides very little inherent stability, the shoulder relies on the tissues surrounding it for stability - labrum, capsule, ligaments, rotator cuff, and the shoulder girdle and core muscles that help position the shoulder blade. Tearing, stretching, or injury of any or all of these tissues can result in an unstable shoulder.
  • Shoulder: Posterior Labrum - SonoSite Case Study This video details the anatomy of the human shoulder and how proper patient positioning and joint rotation during ultrasound examinations can aid in the identification of joint effusions and tears in the labrum. Formore videos and information about ultrasound technology, go to . For a more comprehensive and portable video library, please download the SonoAccess™ iPhone® app at http To receive notifications abou the YouTube videos from SonoSite, click the Subscribe button to subscribe to this channel.
  • SLAP Labral Repair in Pitcher - Charles Metzger, MD Charles Metzger, MD of shows repair of a labral tear (SLAP tear). You can see live surgical video and see what Dr. Metzger sees when he does surgery. Through his Safethrow program, Dr. Metzger has stretches and throwing programs to avoid this tear and the need for this very surgery.
  • Torn Labrum Surgery Arthroscopic surgery for a torn labrum that had been torn for almost 1 year.
  • Hip arthroscopy labral repair The second part of a labral repair in the hip. The suture anchor has been placed and the labrum is refixated. Produced by Dr. Dominic S. Carreira, MD, Florida.
  • What is a Labral Tear? A labral tear is a cartilage tear inside the hip joint. Dr. Allston Stubbs, orthopaedic surgeon at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, is an expert in labral tears. As he explains, this area is not large, but can cause significant pain. Labral tears can often be treated with non-surgical options such as injections, activity modification, or physical therapy. If surgery is required, it is usually a minimally invasive surgery such as hip arthroscopy which can provide less scarring, less pain and a shorter recovery period. Request an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon Wake Forest Baptist Orthopedic Services Dr. Allston Stubbs
  • Large hip labral tear large labrum tear in the hip as seen on hip arthroscopy
  • Hip labral repair Hip labrum repaired with hip arthroscopy
  • Clinical ExaminationTests for Superior Labral - SLAP - Tears Two new tests to detect SLAP tears - the pronated load and the resisted supination ER test by Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS. Visit for more information.
  • Torn Labrum #3 They are tightening the labrum back, oh whoops, just a little blood there.
  • Shoulder with Anterior Labral Repair - 4 Anchors Shoulder Arthroscopy with Anterior Labral Repair
  • Cleaning up the labrum cleaning up the labrum
  • Hip Labral Repair Arthroscopic labral repair procedure performed by Dr. Carlos Guanche
  • Hip Labral Tears by Dr. Torpey Sports medicine video on hip labral tears by Dr. Bade of Professional Orthopaedic Associates.
  • Baseball Injury - Torn Labrum and Rotator Cuff Surgery - Before and After This is just a short clip from when I had my shoulder surgery for a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff. I will post the rest of my baseball injury videos at a later date when I put them all together. If you are interested in the rehabilition process for after a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff surgery you should check out the link above about "The Rotater" a stretching tool that really helped me get my flexibility back after surgery. By the way, if you don't know already, I am a pitcher, and this is one of the most common baseball injuries for pitchers. Stay tuned for more great baseball videos!
  • Chris Labrum Hosting Reel
  • Labral Repair by Labral Base Refixation Technique Dr. Benjamin Domb repairs a damaged labrum arthroscopically by using a labral base refixation technique.
  • DTS Speed and Strength - Labrum rehab Lake Brantley high school lacrosse player performs foam marching with wrist weights. This is one of the many protocols we have used to help him rehab his labrum. Do not perform this if you don not know how!!!
  • Shoulder Labral Repair The labrum is a ring of soft fibrous tissue that surrounds the glenoid (the end of the shoulder blade) and helps stabilize the shoulder joint. Ligaments and tendons can attach to the labrum and when the labrum is torn, the shoulder becomes painful. A torn piece of labrum in the shoulder will cause much pain. Visit to find out more.
  • VIDEO Sources: Jake Long's Labrum Damaged click to watch VIDEO Sources: Jake Long's Labrum Damaged for free Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long not only disclocated his shoulder Sunday, but he also suffered damage to his labrum during the same injury, according to team sources. Long, who played the first month of the season with a sprained MCL in his knee, has not ruled out playing Thursday night against the Chicago Bears. He may be fitted with a shoulder harness, but he is questionable, at best, the sources said. Long played with the injury until late in the fourth quarter of the Dolphins' 29-17 victory over the Tennessee Titans. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano did not disclose many details about Long's injury but added that the former No. 1 pick was a "tough guy." Long's injury is just the latest ailment for a banged-up Dolphins team that has alternated wins and losses since a two-game losing streak in Weeks 3-4.
  • Hip & Groin Exam (7 of 7): Labral tear 7. Labral tear Dr. Mark Hutchinson's Knee, Shoulder and Hip/Groin Exam is a combined project of the University of British Columbia (UBC), the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC), the Norwegian University of Sport Sciences, Oslo. The project is a teaching initiative of the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM) (Vancouver). The faculty leads are Drs Mark Hutchinson, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Karim Khan and Roald Bahr. Additional faculty support has come from Drs Michael Koehle, Ian Scott, Navin Prasad as well as Tyler Dumont. Project coordinators: Tonia Timperley and Julian Cooper (UBC School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Education) Funding: UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) through the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Labrum Tear (SLAP Lesion) A labrum tear in the shoulder (glenoid labrum) can result in an unstable shoulder. Among its most important functions, the glenoid labrum creates a bumper cushion that deepens the entire shoulder socket (glenoid) to better match the curvature of the humeral head. This deepening of the socket increases the amount of energy required for the ball (humeral head) to jump out of the socket (glenoid). The shoulder is a circle so the glenoid labrum can be injured or damaged anywhere and everywhere along the entire circle depending on the mechanism of injury and also the number of episodes of injury involved.
  • How To Strengthen The Labrum Dr. Kahl Goldfarb (Water And Sports PT, San Diego, CA) talks about how to strengthen the shoulder and the labrum. Labrum tears is the type of injury that can undiagnosed for years. With all people, specially over the shoulder athletes such as baseball and football players, getting the proper diagnosis along with exercises to rehab, means having a successful career or not.
  • Hip Arthroscopy: Labral Detachment for Acetabular Rim Trimming Dr. Benjamin Domb performs labral detachment in preparationacetabular rim trimming (acetabuloplasty) for pincer type femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) causing labral tear (torn labrum)
  • DarcelMandolini: SLAP Tears and the Labrum - Causes of Shoulder Pain
  • Richard_Strable: @zoowithroy hip labrum?
  • thekeikoshow: @JohnnyMecca Fosho. Been on the homeopathic remedies but still take ibuprofen once in a while. Torn rotator cuff labrum, blew ACL, sciatica
  • FortHealthCare: Labrum tear can be fixed arthroscopically. #jointpain
  • vgfuwwjm: Recovery time for labrum surgery
  • kevin_reiss: Tis but a scratch RT @AdamKilgoreWP LaRoche says he's fine…given the labrum tear he's been playing with in his shoulder.
  • AdamKilgoreWP: Adam LaRoche says he's fine physically, or at least fine given the labrum tear he's been playing with in his shoulder.
  • Sports_Journal: Joe Thatcher's family is reporting "Best results possible for Joe!" No labrum tear and only a scope and clean. Good news. #Padres
  • TannerJorgensen: @shelby_landry tore my labrum in football and just had surgery on it
  • Ktferretti: Yay SLAP tear posterior labrum. :) what to do... What to do....
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  • mysterydxgirl: @painydays Surgery to fix a torn labrum in my hip - even if they figure out a dx, the tear has to be fixed.
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  • MeridithUglandJ: SLAP Tears and the Labrum - Causes of Shoulder Pain
  • CoraYoga: @katsaks Asanas are not goals. Abhyasa without Vairagya creates much ego in the poses. Be careful w hip labrum and some of the deeper BBs.
  • hmdsoyvdvxq: Shoulder surgery labrum tear
  • Lexx82: @The12thlett3r lol. Sorry. Maybe u strained it? Did u try stretching? I need surgery on my shoulder. Im sure i have a labrum tear.
  • nicholas_girlz: How To Strengthen The Labrum - http:///labrum/videos/how-to-strengthen-the-labrum/
  • I_Alivandi: @MikeSciosciasTI Thing is, he and agent (who I think isn't a good one) were saying he would be fine. Also, it wasn't a labrum
  • jmhoward42: Reidy says, "kicking is like riding a bike"... My response, "ya until my chain snaps a.k.a. my labrum." #bleacherdiscussion
  • top_tw_sports: RT @espndallas: Texas Rangers reliever Darren O'Day says he's headed to DL with torn labrum in left hip -
  • NYRfan46: @TheNYRBlog and he did it all with a torn labrum! #prust=beast
  • tonyafit: Surgery went well, condition was worse than expected, labrum was completely detached and part of my cartilage was...
  • forensicfiles: @TweetOfTheWild I tore my labrum, then, because of the pain, i didn't move it and developed 'frozen shoulder', completely locked in place.
  • jeff_gray: @NYDNRangers How bad was Prust's tear? I had torn labrum repaired in January but it didn't affect me too badly prior to surgery. (con)
  • RangerSmurf: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • neiwkympu: Extensive tear labrum surgery basketball
  • NoraFayerberg: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • MrA6: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • Bob_Badders: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • darkotto23: @MMANation i tore my labrum too, but it was my hip and not my shoulder, i assume it wasn't as bad
  • ch1088: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • TheRealDachs: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • rattymcrat99: prusty is a beast? RT @sarahhlokk: ok. i just looked up the labrum BRO. WHY ISN'T YOUR ARM DETACHED AT THIS POINT IN TIME?!
  • QuimFont: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • sarahhlokk: ok. i just looked up the labrum (the thing prust needs surgery on). BRO. WHY ISN'T YOUR ARM DETACHED AT THIS POINT IN TIME?!
  • EpicKaitlin: @spittingvenom Well, the Rangers are saying it was a torn labrum, but I think you're closer to the real truth.
  • landshock: @NYDNRangers I took the semester off with a torn labrum. I cant comprehend how he played through it!
  • DigDeepNYR: RT @NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • kevinbaumer: I'm no doctor, but isn't a torn labrum a pretty serious injury? #NYRangers
  • NYDNRangers: So, for future reference, "It's just pain" means "I have a torn labrum." Even more respect now for The Pruster.
  • EmilySmithMLB: Torn labrum puts Texas reliever O'Day on 60-day DL: ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — The Texas Rangers have placed right-...
  • onlygators: Texas #Rangers and former Florida #Gators P Darren O'Day had labrum surgery on his hip yesterday. Placed on 60-day DL.
  • jmoran27: @Buster_ESPN having the Robb Nen special: Labrum surgery this morning not too excited
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  • DevinBliss: Think I have a torn shoulder labrum.
  • meganwhitmire11: @zane_shook hmm yeah. sounds intense haha but what is a labrum?
  • zane_shook: @meganwhitmire11 i gotta get my labrum repaired and some bone cut from somewhere an drilled to the top of humorous cause its deformed lol
  • Sports_Xchange: TSX_MLB: RHP David Aardsma (left hip surgery in January 2011) had a torn labrum repaired, and the damage was more extensive than expected

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  • “A video demonstration of how and why the SLAP tear affects throwing athletes and what you or your pitcher can do to avoid it Fossa" in the image above) in front of and behind the point where the biceps tendon attaches to the the labrum”
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