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  • Labrys is designed to share uncensored art and writing produced by Smith College students with the greater community. All Labrys staff members promote the magazine and blog on campus and publicize submission deadlines. — “Labrys Art & Literature”,
  • Labrys Magazine has created the ultimate online LBT community. Based in Atlanta, we provide local perspective on lesbian culture at large. — “Labrys Online - Where Women Come OUT”,
  • J.P. Euzéby: List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature - Genus Labrys Note: In the paper by Albert et al. 2010, the name Labrys is cited as Labrys Vasil'eva and Semenov 1985. — “Labrys”,
  • Labrys is based in Telford, Shropshire. We specialise in workshops and therapies to enhance your personal development. We cover aspects of Meditation, Awareness, Inspiring writing and Manifesting. Also self healing techniques such as Reiki,. — “Labrys - Home”, labrys2010
  • An enthralling and visionary saga thought provoking and highly entertaining. Recommend. LABRYS. The Coming of a New Millennium. After being scattered on the winds of time for 2500 years, the Goddesses and Gods of Classical Greece reunite for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens. — “2004: An Olympic Odyssey - a new novel by Heidi Neale & Nick”,
  • Shop our large selection of labrys gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique labrys designs. Fast shipping. — “Labrys Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • Photo-sharing community. Discover the world through photos. Labrys's conversations. memoouda said: PEOPLE DON'T HAVE KEYBOARDS TO WRITE COMMENT ,LIKE. — “Panoramio - Photos by Labrys”,
  • Labrys has a special focus on producing moving images, drama and documentary, that position the lives of women centre stage. Storm, completed in December, 2008 is a 13 minute short drama, written and directed by Joan Beveridge, produced by Daniela Bagnoli and script edited by Marie Macneill. — “Labrys Productions Index Page”,
  • Minoan symbolic labrys of gold, 2nd millennium BC: many have been found in the sacred cave of Arkalochori on Crete) The Labrys is the doubleheaded axe, known to the Classical Greeks as pelekus (πέλεκυς [1] )but which predated the arrival of the Hellenes in the Aegean world. — “Labrys”,
  • The double-bitted axe remains a forestry tool to this day,[2] and the labrys certainly functioned as a tool, hewing wood, and wielded in war[3] before it was invested with symbolic function.[4] Labrys symbolism is found in Minoan, Thracian, and. — “Labrys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The "Labrys" is a double-sided axe that the Amazons were said to use as their main weapon. Over the centuries, many women have adopted the labrys as a symbol of power and independence. Many women. — “Labrys Chicago (Chicago, IL) - Meetup”,
  • Welcome to Labrys Wilderness Resort, peacefully situated on a small spring-fed lake at the south end of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The land is mostly oak and pine forest. There is a hot tub (under the stars), picnic area, beach with fire pit and dock. — “Labrys Woods: Welcome”,
  • Labrys-symbol.svg‎ (SVG file, nominally 493 × 600 pixels, file size: One basic version of the labrys symbol, a stylized form of the ancient Cretan double. — “File:Labrys-symbol.svg - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • web site by DRAGA design. Labrys Healthcare Circle. 6536 Telegraph Avenue, Suite A102, Oakland, CA 94609. DIRECT: LABRYS UPDATES. GUESTBOOK. CALENDAR. MAP • CONTACT US. Welcome to. We are a group of women, who work with others. to facilitate healing. — “Labrys Healthcare Circle | Oakland, CA”,
  • Asian Labrys is a nonprofit organization for Asian lesbian around the world. If you believe you can make a change by building the bridge of communication with us, please contact us at [email protected]“Asian Labrys”,
  • Shop labrys t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique labrys tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. — “Labrys T-Shirts | Buy Labrys T Shirts & Clothing Online”, t-
  • Labrys Web Designs portfolio showcases features of web design and functionality, and sample sites. Sites for individuals, small businesses, or non-profit organizations. — “Labrys Web Designs”,
  • A selection of articles related to Labrys Representations of the labrys are on Neolithic finds of "Old Europe", and the labrys is continued in Minoan. — “Labrys”,

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  • Transgendered High Priestess Candy's Labrys and Bull Dance. Transgendered High Priestess Candy's Labrys and Bull Dance. Candy Darling stavroulakis Is English, Irish and Cretian Greek. Both the Celts and Creatian Minoan's Had Nature Based Religions and Cultures. While at one Time Nature was looked at as something to be Exploited and as something that was both bad and needed to be conqured. The Ancient View of The Celts and Minoans As Living in Harmony and Peace With Nature Seems To Be More and More Modern. Look for Example at James Camerons Avatar, The Green Movement and The Global Warming Issues. Candy Darling Stavroulakis is an Environmental Scientist, Engineer and Business Person. It is not Just my avocation it is my Passion. In The Minoan Culture Nature was celebrated as where the Bull and Labrys Cross in The Labryinth which is Creation. The God and and Goddess are not persons like in a Polytheistic Religion or Myth but as Forces of Nature that are present in all things, animate and inanimate.One is masculine, one is feminine. Where they cross is Nature Creating, however, they may cross, and in Nature They Cross in Many Amazing and Creative ways. And sometimes like the Good Bee keeper We Must Intervene to Insure A Good Crop to Insure The Labrys and Bull Cross. Science is not The Enemy of Nature. Power To Jennifer Aniston, A Fellow Cretian Greek, Who Points out in This Day an Age A Woman Doesn't require a man to Have A Baby. Nature can Be Helped Along By Science. She of Course is Wealthy enough and Old enough To Make These ...
  • Labrys & Stella
  • Labrys community performing blue puppy 2009 Labrys members, volunteers and friends adapted the well-known soviet cartoon Blue Puppy as a performance on the acceptance and understanding of diversity. photography by yanagi Labrys has no authorship or no claims on copyright of the music used in this photoslide show. the music is from Blue Puppy "Goluboi Shenok" cartoon, produced by Soyuzmultfilm in 1976, music writted by Gladkov.
  • (C) Loki.Labrys(R) vs Ray320(B) 050910 2/3
  • FDF 2008 Labrys Cretan Dance Group New York This amazing Labrys group from New York danced their hearts out at the FDF 2008 Greek Folk Dance Festival in Ontario, California. You get a special surprise at 7:30 into the video. As a spectator, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for coming out and gracing this incredible event. You young people are at the top of your game, and the award that you brought home does not reflect your talent, your abilities, your art form, or your Cretan zest for dance and life. Labrys should have won it all, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many of those people who were lucky enough to have seen your performances those two special days in February. Hold your heads high and be proud that you showed us all how to dance Cretan, the way it's supposed to be performed. Your performance was high energy from start to finish, and your acrobatic talents oohed and aaahed the crowd...especially that 180° kick on the pentozali....simply amazing!
  • 0280 Minoan pottery with bull's head and double ax (Labrys) 280 Minoan pottery with bull's head and double ax (Labrys)
  • Labrys Cretan Dance Group from New York Performing in Baltimore - #1 Labrys Cretan Dance Group from New York Performing in Baltimore on 24 Jan 2009.
  • (C) Loki.Labrys(R) vs Ray320(B) 050910 3/3
  • (C) BlueGraxxon(B)_Tyrus(K) vs Alternate-End(R)_Loki.Labrys(R) 4/4 Star Trek Armada II - Fleet Operations BlueGraxxon (Light Green - Borg) Tyrus (Red - Klingon) vs Alternate-End (White - Romulan) Loki.Labrys (Yellow - Romulan) Map Star Traffic (4 player, 14k x 14k)
  • (C) BlueGraxxon(B)_Tyrus(K) vs Alternate-End(R)_Loki.Labrys(R) 2/4 Star Trek Armada II - Fleet Operations BlueGraxxon (Light Green - Borg) Tyrus (Red - Klingon) vs Alternate-End (White - Romulan) Loki.Labrys (Yellow - Romulan) Map Star Traffic (4 player, 14k x 14k)
  • our way to the Labrys community centre support Labrys to have a safe space again at we used Theivery Corporation song "Until The Morning", we have no authorship or copyrıght
  • Watch a Video by Labrys, GFW grantee in Kyrgyzstan
  • Labrys needs a home: from IDAHO LGBT community art festival 2009 to help Labrys to fundraise for the matching grant to secure funding for the safe house, go to
  • Labrys the amazon fight PREVIEW (xena) This is the preview of my new fanvid. it will be uploaded in 1st july MISSLANE OCMES BAck THE POSTER HERE
  • Transgendered Candy Labrys and Bull and Where They Cross These Are The Days. Transgendered Candy Labrys and Bull and Where They Cross These Are The Days. Days For Things To Change. Wheere God and Goddess Cross In The Labryinth, However They May Cross, and Become One Again, Then Devine Nature Returns. Eden Restored, Paradise Regained Atlantis Shall Rise. Peace, Harmony and Prosperity will Return. The Birds Will Sing, The Flowers Will Bloom, and The Bees, Well The Bees Will Do What The Bees Do.. And All Those Who Wish To Be Jioned Together In Marriage Will Do So Before God, Who Is Botth God and Goddess At The Same Time, With His / Her Blessing. May You Find True Love and Find Your Way To Cross In The Labryinth. Candy Darling Stavroulakis Transgendered High Priestess of Knossos of The Labrys and The bull and Where They Cross, However, They May Cross Natures Equations These Are The Days The Crossed Symbols of Labrys and Bull Is A Declaration of Marriage Made Before God, Who Is Both God and Goddess, and Signifys The Equality In of the Union. Let The Ressurection Begin....
  • Labrys at Kennesaw 2 Labrys publisher, Maria Rivers, discusses beginning and maintaining a women's magazine in Atlanta.
  • Transvestite Dominatrix Candy Labrys and The Bull Bull Jumping Test. Transvestite Dominatrix Candy Labrys and The Bull Bull Jumping Test. Bad Tranny.
  • Labrys Cretan Dance Group from New York Performing in Baltimore - #2 Labrys Cretan Dance Group from New York Performing in Baltimore on 24 Jan 2009.
  • fdf 2008. labrys cretand dance group ..
  • Police raid of the Labrys' space in Kyrgyzstan 2008 Link to the Human Rights Watch press release More info from Labrys on the police raid of our community space
  • ixor labrys 02
  • Labrys at Kennesaw Summit Labrys publisher, Maria Rivers, discusses beginning and maintaining a women's magazine in Atlanta.
  • (C) BlueGraxxon(B)_Tyrus(K) vs Alternate-End(R)_Loki.Labrys(R) 1/4 Star Trek Armada II - Fleet Operations BlueGraxxon (Light Green - Borg) Tyrus (Red - Klingon) vs Alternate-End (White - Romulan) Loki.Labrys (Yellow - Romulan) Map Star Traffic (4 player, 14k x 14k)
  • Labrys After a couple late nights and everyone's helpful suggestions, here's the new and improved project! Music: The first track is "Sahan" by Pentaphobe, from the "Tribal Metamorphosis" album. The second and longer track is called "Cocoon" and is from the Moon Moth "Remixes" album. This might help it make sense.... " In American Tribal Style, one of the belly dance forms in which I have trained, dancers sometimes paint their bodies with symbols from North African cultures to ward off the evil eye. In this piece, I have chosen the symbol of the labrys, or double-headed axe. This was the holy symbol of the Minoan civilization, associated with priestesses and goddess worship. In a modern context, the labrys is a symbol of queer women, feminism, and female power. Through inscribing the labrys, I seek agency in the audience's "reading" of my body as a belly dancer. The labrys does not obstruct the audience's view of the performance, but it symbolically codes it for viewers who, like myself, may also be rendered invisible and subsumed by heteronormative spaces, audiences, and assumptions."
  • (C) Loki.Labrys(R) vs Ray320(B) 050910 1/3
  • Labrys Celebrate The Rise of The Goddess Sisters Doing It For Themselves. Labrys Celebrate The Rise of The Goddess Sisters Doing It For Themselves. Transgendered High Priestess of Knossos.
  • Cover shoot for Labrys Magazine presents a little behind-the-scenes action on the cover shoot for Labrys Magazine with Jincey Lumpkin, Esq. Shot by renowned fashion photographer, Diana Scheunemann (
  • Goddess Needed One With Maximum Bull and Maximum Labrys To Cross.
  • (C) BlueGraxxon(B)_Tyrus(K) vs Alternate-End(R)_Loki.Labrys(R) 3/4 Star Trek Armada II - Fleet Operations BlueGraxxon (Light Green - Borg) Tyrus (Red - Klingon) vs Alternate-End (White - Romulan) Loki.Labrys (Yellow - Romulan) Map Star Traffic (4 player, 14k x 14k)
  • FDF 2008 Labrys New York does the Sousta I must admit, after the first video, I'm not certain what kind of a reaction this video will bring, but I hope and trust that we will all stay on a positive note. First of all, I will say that this dance was done just like it is done in Crete. I hope we don't enter into a debate about this, but simply appreciate the art form, for what it is...simple beauty. I must say, that the dancers made me feel very proud of our heritage and I thank them all again for coming out to California to share their Cretan Pride with the West Coast Folk! Secondly, I arrived at this dance a little late, as I was in the middle of the Tavli Tournament....sorry. So the quality of this flick is not meet my normal standards, but at least you have something from the second set to review. Enjoy! Enjoy!
  • Candy The Labrys and The Bull, Venting Testosterone. Candy The Labrys and The Bull, Venting Testosterone. I don't think there is a pure gender. A person that is all girl or all boy. Male or female. I think there is always a mixture. A natural androgony. Sme men have more female in them than others, some women have more male in them. In the Minoan culture there is the Bull as a representation of God and the Labrys The representation of the Goddess and I think we are all a mixture of the God and Goddess. Natural maleness and natural femaleness. Society creates definitions and then trys to force people to conform to them which leaves reality behind. It is true that some women are Girly girls and some men are men's men, and some women are men trapped in a woman's body and visa versa. I suspect it is a matter of degree. We are always a mixture of maleness and femaleness. And sometimes when your full of the Bull you need to vent some of that testosterone. Maybe that's natural. I also believe that, that is the problem with the legal definition of marriage we have to live with as being between a man and a woman, cause it's tradition or somebody elses imposed religious values, it ain't got nothing to do with reality or nature. It's just a bunch of brainwashed people forcing their crap on everybody else. Now I'm Minoan, some might say Atlantian. Creatian. Long ago before Eden Fell and Nature ruled we let things follow there natural course. We kind of tested em to find out kind of where on the Androgyny scale a person fell. Now my ...
  • Labrys part III - end of the trilogy **NOTE: WATCH THE OTHER PARTS BEFORE!!** maybe you forget them Enjoy the last part of the trilogy LABRYS Hope you enjoied everything
  • Labrys & Stella 2
  • Labrys the amazon fight PART II This vid is shorter than the part I becaue it's such as Intro for the part III I hope you enjoy it anyway!!! THE PART III wll be upoaded soon!!! Join me here
  • Omonia New York Labrys Pentozali Labrys Dance group Omonia New York. Pentozali
  • Labrys the amazon fight - Part I DON'T COPY THIS VID FOR YOUR OWN VIDS THANKS!!!!! *** Hope you like this new vid, it's the part I because I wanted to tell the story quite well... Enjoy it!!! .. sorry for the watermark but my vids use to be taken to make other vids from other people!!!
  • Candy Darling Stavroulakis Transgendered Labrys and The Bull.
  • CrushinOn_Kels: Don't forget about the organization #LABRYS that's geared towards LGBTQ youth .. Coming to a city near YOU!
  • Sohntii: @DilonPumps oh no, thank you :] but also, I went to your Facebook for LABRYS I really wanted to know more about that,,
  • GraceMuses0n: I'm struggling to find a connection between labrys and labryinths, apart from the obvious... Anyone?
  • ThePhotoGriot: Just added a March 26 6:30-9pm event on Labrys ATL Online

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  • “Quote of the Day (from Labrys' blog) Author: Labrys. Stolen from a friend's email sig line. "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion”
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