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  • Laminitis: what new research is telling us - Horse health problems and articles - - equestrian news and horse health information. — “Laminitis: what new research is telling us - Horse health”,
  • Equi Life: Formula4 Feet world's first non-GM hoof and laminitis supplement. 80% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when Frog Supports are fitted. — “Laminitis Clinic advice for horse owners”,
  • laminitis n. Inflammation of the sensitive laminae of the hoof, especially in horses. Also called founder. — “laminitis: Definition from ”,
  • Click Logo to enter. — “The North West Laminitis Centre”,
  • According to the National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) 2000 report, 13% of all horse operations had a horse with laminitis in the previous year and 4.7% of these died or were euthanized. That makes laminitis second only to colic as a leading killer of horses. — “SmartPak Equine - Laminitis”,
  • After surgery Barbaro developed laminitis, first in his left hindfoot and later in both front feet. Laminitis varies greatly in severity from mild, where it may not be. — “ACVS - Laminitis”,
  • A knowledge base for owners of laminitic horses that provides national survey results on laminitis treatments and causes, a recent case tracker and a forum. — “Laminitis Help: Studying causes and treatments of laminitis”,
  • Laminitis and Founder in horses - equine symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. — “Laminitis and Founder in horses - equine symptoms, diagnosis”,
  • Every day veterinarians across the country see hundreds of cases of laminitis, a painful disease, which affects the feet of horses. Laminitis results from the disruption (constant, intermittent, or. — “Laminitis: Prevention and Treatment”,
  • Laminitis is a disease of the digital laminae of the hoof (foot of an ungulate) Laminitis literally means inflammation of the laminae, and while it remains controversial whether this is the primary mechanism of disease,. — “Laminitis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Humane societies that deal with large animals often investigate cases of horses and ponies suffering from untreated chronic laminitis or founder. Founder is the name given to the resultant tissue damage and complications following one or a series of acute attacks of laminitis. — “Founder and Laminitis in Horses”,
  • Registered charity dedicated to supporting research into this equine condition. We have tried to provide you with helpful information if you have a horse or pony suffering from laminitis. — “Index page for Laminitis Trust information”,
  • Mechanisms for development of laminitis. Until laminitis can be reliably induced in a This has always been of special interest to me, as the only medical diagnosis as to why my horses have reoccurring laminitis is that they are insulin resistant. — “Laminitis causes”,
  • Veterinary article for the owner of horses suffering from laminitis. — “Laminitis in the Horse”,
  • The foundation donates funds to major researchers in the field of laminitis. Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit Hoofcare & Lameness American Association of Equine Practitioners Rocky Mountain Research and Consulting. — “Animal Health Foundation”,
  • Treatment and Study of Laminitis and Founder in horses - based in Co. Kerry Ireland. We treat and cure horses suffering from Laminitis and Founder. — “Laminitis - Study Treatment and Care”,
  • Causes, treatment and prevention of Laminitis (and founder) in horses. — “Laminitis & Founder in Horses”,
  • LAMINITIS. SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN WITHIN THE BODY OR TO THE BODY TO TRIGGER A LAMINITIC EPISODE. Laminitis has been known of for as long as recorded history and is the second most common. — “Laminitis”,
  • A recurrent theme in any discussion of laminitis or founder is the range of affliction from mild to severe. Technically, when laminitis causes damage to the laminae founder is the result. — “Laminitis Page”,
  • Equi Life: Formula4 Feet world's first non-GM hoof and laminitis supplement. 80% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when Frog Supports are fitted. — “UK's only specialist laminitis centre, offers innovative and”,
  • Laminitis results from the disruption (constant, intermittent, or short-term) of blood flow to the sensitive and insensitive laminae. These laminae structures within the foot secure the coffin bone (the wedge-shaped bone within the foot) to the hoof wall. — “Laminitis or founder”,
  • In recent months, progress has been made in building the foundation for the fight against laminitis, with the addition of Professor Christopher Pollitt – BVSc, PhD, a world renowned laminitis researcher, as research director for the Laminitis Institute at Penn Vet. — “Laminitis Institute”,

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