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  • This paper presents a method that predicts the locality phases of a ecution intervals, locality phase prediction is unique because it uses. — “Locality Phase Prediction”, cs.wm.edu
  • To add a locality, click on the "Add Sublocality" button from the appropriate locality page. For instance in the US, you could add a locality in a particular county by going to that county and clicking on the add sublocality button. — “Locality Editor - Mindat”,
  • Locality definition, a place, spot, or district, with or without reference to things or persons in it or to occurrences there: See more. — “Locality | Define Locality at ”,
  • Official site for Miami-Dade County featuring government services and information for residents, visitors, and businesses. — “Miami-Dade County”, miamidade.gov
  • Please note that Berwick town, Eliot town, Kittery town, South Berwick town, and York town in York County , ME , remain in the Boston locality pay area, while the remainder of York County, ME, remains in the "Rest of U.S." locality pay area. — “Locality Pay Area Definitions”, opm.gov
  • Locality Interactive combines a strategic focus on business fundamentals and processes to help businesses of all sizes solve problems, take advantage of new opportunities, reach a broader audience, and develop more efficient tools for conducting. — “Locality Interactive”,
  • locality (plural localities) The fact or quality of having a position locality in Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913. — “locality - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of locality in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of locality. Pronunciation of locality. Translations of locality. locality synonyms, locality antonyms. Information about locality in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “locality - definition of locality by the Free Online”,
  • propose two metrics for measurement of content locality, one based on topic signatures and the other measure the content locality in two kinds of document collections, the well-known TREC corpus and. — “PII: S0306-4573(98)00064-8”, cs.virginia.edu
  • Spatial locality refers to the use of data elements within relatively close storage locations. Sequential locality, a special case of spatial locality, occurs when data elements are arranged and accessed linearly, e.g., traversing the elements in a one-dimensional array. — “Locality of reference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Locality - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • locality n. , pl. , -ties . A particular neighborhood, place, or district: 'Localities, even individual villages, developed their own languages'. — “locality: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • demonstrate that the results track intuitive notions. of locality on several synthetic and application bench spatial and temporal locality scores whereby we start. with classic definitions and arrive at concrete metrics. — “Quantifying Locality In The Memory Access Patterns of HPC”, sdsc.edu
  • All of the pieces I make are custom and heres how it works: ---- • Each painting/digital print is made from a list of 20-25 words of your choice. Locality's Shop Announcement. All of the pieces I make are custom and here's how it works: • Each painting/digital print is made from a list of 20-25. — “CUSTOM PAINTINGS AND POSTERS by Locality on Etsy”,
  • A locality is a specific place associated with one or more Collecting Events. If Barrow were given for the specific locality of a bowhead whale, then an appropriate error might be more like 50 kilometers. — “Locality”, g-
  • Definition of locality from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of locality. Pronunciation of locality. Definition of the word locality. Origin of the word locality. — “locality - Definition of locality at ”,
  • Definition of locality in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is locality? Meaning of locality as a legal term. What does locality mean in law?. — “locality legal definition of locality. locality synonyms by”, legal-
  • "I think it reflects a great weakness of the law-enforcing mechanism when it lines up the entire population of a locality for questioning," Singh told a conference of heads of 14 states ruled by his Congress party. Sep 23, 2006 - Manmohan Singh - Khaleej Times. — “locality in English - Google Dictionary”,
  • by functions with constant output locality, namely ones in which every bit of the output is alized with constant input locality. On the positive side, assuming. — “Cryptography with Constant Input Locality”, wisdom.weizmann.ac.il
  • In this paper we present two locality improving allocators, that fragmentation, and spatial locality compete with each other in a. game of rock, paper,. — “Two Memory Allocators that Use Hints to Improve Locality”, parasol.tamu.edu

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  • Jim Elvidge pt.1 Author of "The Universe Solved", Jim Elvidge, returns to the program to discuss the evidence that we might be living in a Programmed Reality, Infomania and the theory that technological singularity will not occur. We begin to talk some of the evidence that we're living in a programmed reality. We move on to discuss the recent news about the GEO600 gravitational wave detector in Germany, the limits of spacetime resolution and proof that we're living in a hologram. Topics discussed: The Fine tuned universe, "Reality Doesn't Exist", Locality and Non-Locality, Quantum mechanics, the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, Jaron Lanier, AI, Brain Computer Interfaces, Moore's Law & Evidence that the exponential trends are flattening, Information consumption, email interruptions and much more. Join us as we'll continue talking about information filtering, Quantum Computers, Biological Computers, Science, Teleportation, The Soul, The Brain and the Power of 10 in our members section. We'll also discuss if Reality is pre-programmed, The Brain as the Decoder of Reality and the idea that reality does not "happen" until it is observed. Don't miss our interesting continuation with Jim Elvidge.
  • Dj Pitrs - My Locality ( Varnsdorf ) Czech Republic DJ Pitrs (TheSentree)
  • Green Tree Python Locality Types - A brief overview of the 15 or so locality types of green tree pythons popular in captive collections.
  • Mura. Locality in the territory of Montaione in Tuscany. Montaione and its territory. Small village of Mura is a locality near Montaione, in Tuscany in the region of Florence between Siena and San Gimignano, with accommodations and restaurants. For tourist information visit
  • Traditional battle in a Moldavia locality In Moldavia different traditions in which the people wear masks have been preserved. This one, from Ruginoasa (Iasi county), involve the battle between two rival groups. The battle is partialy serious partialy simulated, the winner group having some privileges in the year which start. Unfortunately, the police was alerted and tried to put stop to the event, which seems to be too violent for the UE norms.
  • Mangrove forests Part 01 By Aziz Sanghur.flv By Aziz Sanghur Timber mafias have been active in mangrove forests along the coastal belt of Karachi. The Mangrove forests located near Ibrahim Hydri, Chashma Village, Rehri Goth, Lat Basti, Sandspite, Native Jetty, and other coastal localities of Karachi face threat. The local people were also involved in this illegal business. Going to Rehri from the biggest locality of fishermen Ibrahim Hydri somebody may witness heaps of fuel wood lying at the seashore and trucks coming frequently to take the same to the city markets. Local people are unaware of losses of their own resources as these sea plants are breeding grounds of shrimps and other fish species. Those keeping close eye over the decaying mangrove forests believe that wood mafia is playing havoc with the nature. "Fish workers are cutting trees to ease their poor families, as increasing marine pollution, wide use of destructive nets and operating deep sea trawlers have wiped out fish reserves near the Karachi coast" said Muhammad Ali Shah, Chairperson, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum. He said that several complaints have been made by the local fishermen against the timber mafias but no action has so far been taken by the forest department of the Sindh government. Nasir Panhwar of WWF said, mangrove wood may be cheaper than other woods so the traders are eyeing to destroy these green forests which offer attractive landscapes to Karachi citizens. Concerned on new trend of cutting the mangrove forests for commercial purpose ...
  • Nishant Chaturvedi visits vacated locality of indians in japan
  • "What can we do wrt liquor shop in locality" Answer By Dr Zakir Naik
  • Castelfalfi. Locality in the territory of Montaione in Tuscany. Montaione and its territory. Hamlet and village of Castelfalfi is a locality near Montaione, in Tuscany in the region of Florence between Siena and San Gimignano, with accommodations and restaurants. For tourist information visit
  • Santo Stefano. Locality in the territory of Montaione in Tuscany. Montaione and its territory. Small village of Santo Stefano is a locality near Montaione, in Tuscany in the region of Florence between Siena and San Gimignano, with accommodations and restaurants. For tourist information visit
  • Shivaji Nagar - Bangalore Locality Guide video.webindia123.com
  • [email protected] - BarBloc (part4) Skinny Man at Locality - Big up to the guys that made this happen, massive night in the city! Think we made the Man feel welcome!!!! Filmed by Bluntpaper (Empiah Productions)
  • Oneness and Non-locality with Deepak Chopra This excerpt is from Link TVs Global Spirit program ONENESS: The Big Picture. Catch the premiere at on Sunday, May 9th, followed by a live web chat with Deepak Chopra!
  • Locality at Lala Gallery "Locality," a solo ceramic exhibition by Zach Medler, will be on display until September 11, 2010.
  • Yelp Locality Search App - iPhone & iPod Touch 2.0 3G (Free) Visit www.HowToiPhone2.com for more video reviews, Downloads, Ringtones, 2.0 Unlock, Jailbreak, and more!
  • HIPHOPISTAN: Representing Locality in a Global City Directed + Produced by Cigdem Akbay HIPHOPISTAN is a documentary film that examines the impact of hip-hop culture on Istanbul youth and reveals how young Turkish rappers, DJs, break-dancers, and graffiti artists creatively blend popular influences with their local cultural values and traditions.
  • [email protected] - BarBloc (part2) Skinny Man at Locality - Big up to the guys that made this happen, massive night in the city! Think we made the Man feel welcome!!!! check out part3 Filmed by Bluntpaper (Empiah Productions)
  • Liberty Lovers Liberate Locality from Litter - Plymouth Meeting Open Carry Litter Pickup 17 liberty lovers from around the Delaware Valley met up at Plymouth township's Bicentennial Park to pick up litter and socialize. Every one had a grand time, lots of litter was picked up and even the next generation got to compare notes.
  • Toy Train in Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train. In locality of Darjeeling, India.
  • Sarah moves beyond the Standard Model Sarah Palin reveals to Larry King that she is giving up politics to become a theoretical physicist.
  • Mixy Locality One This is a Peterborough MC!
  • Presepju ta' familja mill-Lokalita tal-Munxar--Crib of a family from Munxar Locality
  • 3 Syllable (multimedia desktop OS and Linux based server OS) Fimbul Winterconference 2009 Send mail to if you want to help translate subtitles etc.? http Kaj de Vos presenting the Syllable multimedia desktop OS and Linux based server operating system on the Syllable fimbul Winter conferentie 2009 saterday 31st january 2009 in Baarn.
  • Phlebotomized - Mellow Are the Reverberations Prog Death Metal. A Unique band with amazing music. I might also upload something from Skycontact if anyone wants. (and mabye even if no one wants.) Make the sign of the cross For a goodnight's sleep The bible closes, safely tucked Nice and cosy under white sheets Eyelids fall and shut Soon to reach fantasy Capture the angel's hand To flow towards blissful ecstasy She placed her hand in mine Simply indoctrinated Pre serenity Let this heavenly warmth forever... be! ! ! Mellow are the reverberations - a jewel of impeccable grace Mellow are the reverberations - a stroke of the finest lace Mellow are the reverberations - nature happily hums it's tune Mellow are the reverberations - the sunnier the weather... The greater the joy... the greater the joy! ! ! The great waterfall bows over the caves Seemingly ruthless (yet a) pleasing immensity Beneath the flowing water, beyond the cracks The hopeful drops drip a certain melody The angel's curiosity lurks her nearer Towards he, who'd been deserted A harmless-looking character waiting For his prayers to be answered No grab my hand... inhabitant of dark holes Come outside... you no longer have to doll I broke the spell... the landscapes for you to see Enjoy your life... forever to be... free! ! ! A reprobative locality... black is all that I can see A reprobative locality... A cave-dweller one was meant to be A reprobative locality... emptiness simply devoured me No one can see me I'm nothing but I'm happy The exit I'm still ...
  • A non-mathematical introduction to the idea of Nonlocality in quantum theory You don't need much (if any) mathematics to follow this introduction, but that doesn't mean that it is easy to follow! Nonlocality is a difficult idea to explain in around 10 minutes. So you may find that you need to spend a lot longer than 10 minutes thinking about it. If that is the case then please don't worry - you are in good company, because to this day there are people discovering new things about nonlocality that weren't previously appreciated. Feel free to pause or forward the clip whenever convenient. I didn't get time in the video to emphasize that all of this nonlocality stuff is about measurements that are done essentially simultaneously by Alice and Bob (for those that know relativity - `spacelike' separated). Quantum theory (if it is a correct description of nature) requires INSTANT non-locality in this setting - ie the response of Alice's system has dependence on Bob's choice of button the instant that he presses the button - and if Alice and Bob are far apart, this happens at much faster than the speed of light. However, this instant non-locality does not permit instant signalling - indeed no currently accepted physical theory, including quantum physics, allows signals to be sent at faster than the speed of light. To emphasize why this is weird: if quantum theory is an accurate description of nature, then that would mean that nature somehow "knows" what is going on now at very distant locations (it is instantly non-local), but still does not allow us to ...
  • speech of mukjar locality ,west darfur commisioner of mukjar locality ustaz hashim addresses the participants of the workshop on conflict resolution and peace building april2009.
  • Maltese Islands Local Councils Coat of Arms The Local Councils Act, 1993 divided Malta into 68 localities, 14 of them in the smaller island of Gozo. Councilors are elected every three years by inhabitants who are registered as voters in the Electoral Register. Elections are held by means of the system of proportional representation using the single transferable vote. The Mayor is the head of the Local Council and the representative of the Council for all effects under the Act. The Executive Secretary, who is appointed by the Council, is the executive, administrative, and financial head of the Council. All decisions are taken collectively with the other members of the Council. Local Councils are responsible for the general upkeep and embellishment of the locality, local wardens, and refuse collection; they carry out general administrative duties for the Central Government, such as collection of Government rents and funds and answering Government-related public inquiries. The Act also provides for Councils to make, amend and revoke by-laws as necessary for the better execution of the Councils' functions and to improve the localities' Music Falling leaves,Mehdi
  • Jehst @Locality part2 Jehst performing Live @Locality - another HEAVY Locality event in the City of P-Borough! Locality Crew Smashing it up! at Club Revolution Peterborough!!
  • CVPR09: Learning color and locality cues for moving object detection and segmentation Learning color and locality cues for moving object detection and segmentation Feng Liu and Michael Gleicher IEEE CVPR 2009 Abstract This paper presents an algorithm for automatically detecting and segmenting a moving object from a monocular video. Detecting and segmenting a moving object from a video with limited object motion is challenging. Since existing automatic algorithms rely on motion to detect the moving object, they cannot work well when the object motion is sparse and insufficient. In this paper, we present an unsupervised algorithm to learn object color and locality cues from the sparse motion information. We first detect key frames with reliable motion cues and then estimate moving sub-objects based on these motion cues using a Markov Random Field (MRF) framework. From these sub-objects, we learn an appearance model as a color Gaussian Mixture Model. To avoid the false classification of background pixels with similar color to the moving objects, the locations of these sub-objects are propagated to neighboring frames as locality cues. Finally, robust moving object segmentation is achieved by combining these learned color and locality cues with motion cues in a MRF framework. Experiments on videos with a variety of object and camera motion demonstrate the effectiveness of this algorithm.
  • Joppolo Villas by Calabria Management Service Villa Joppolo Private & Exclusive; 3 Bed / 1 Bath Detached Villas built to a very high specification. This low density development; only 3 Villas in all, is gated and secure ensuring quiet enjoyment of the land and peace of mind for the resident. The Municipality of Joppolo is found within the Province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria. The locality is most beautifully positioned along the shoreline of the Costa Degli Dei - The Coast of the Gods, surveying the nearby turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea. In close proximity and on either side are the idyllic secluded Gulfs of Sant Eufemia and Gioia, harboring many delightful white sandy beaches. Joppolo Marina is the seaward front servicing the locality; in the style of a quaint traditional fishing village. The shear natural cliffs are an outstanding feature which has been preserved for their unique formations and natural beauty. Diving and Snorkeling facilities are available from the Marina, revelers drawn to the shoreline due to the diverse aquaculture just off shore. Within a catchment area of 20 km from Joppolo, one may explore and enjoy the most exclusive locations to be found on this exquisite Coastline referred to locally as the Mezzogiorno due to the relentless rays from the midday sun overhead. The bustling Capital of Vibo Valentia is in close vicinity, as are the desirable locations of Tropea and Zambrone, secluded Nicotera and her busy Marina, old-styled Pizzo and the undulating natural landscape of Capo di Vaticano. For the ...
  • *PACOM Locality Pay COLA Conversion pt 1 Recorded Dec 1, 2009 Hawaii Federal Workers COLA to Locality conversion presentation
  • AUSTRALIE - Great Barrier Reef (Coral Sea) - 3/7 Michaelmas Cay Mai 2010, The Michaelmas Cay Locality (the Locality) is 43km north-east of Cairns and 17km north of Green Island. The Locality extends to a one nautical mile radius around Michaelmas Cay and is managed as a Sensitive Location. Sensitive Locations are identified as having special values (nature conservation, cultural and heritage, scientific or use values).
  • student nurses locality study video
  • How To Pack Lampshades When Moving Vancouver Movers-Ferguson Moving & Storage How to pack lamshades tips - from Ferguson Moving & Storage in Vancouver, BCfor more details contact Ferguson Moving & Storage 1584 Columbia St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1A4 (604) 922-2212
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability 2008: Chapel Google Tech Talks June 14, 2008 ABSTRACT Chapel: Productive Parallel Programming at Scale Chapel is a new programming language being developed by Cray Inc. as part of the DARPA-led High Productivity Computing Systems Program (HPCS). Chapel strives to increase parallel programmability for supercomputer users by raising the level of abstraction compared to current parallel programming models. Language concepts that support this goal include abstractions for globally distributed data aggregates and anonymized task-based parallelism. Since locality is crucial when computing at large scales, Chapel also supports language concepts for reasoning about architectural locality on the target machine, including control over data placement and affinity between tasks and data. In contrast to previous higher-level parallel languages, Chapel is designed to be a "multi-resolution language", in which users can start by writing very abstract code and then incrementally add more detail until they are as close to the machine as that portion of their code requires. Although Chapel was not specifically designed for datacenter-oriented applications, many of its concepts should also be quite suitable for this domain given the importance of distributed data, concurrency, and affinity. In this talk, I will provide an overview of Chapel, explain how it was designed to help the HPC community, and describe its status. I will also attempt to make ties between its concepts and how they might be useful ...
  • Jehst @Locality part3 Jehst performing Live @Locality - another HEAVY Locality event in the City of P-Borough! Locality Crew Smashing it up! at Club Revolution Peterborough!!
  • A serene bungalow in a busy locality - Part 2 Watch an aesthetically built serene bungalow in a busy locality in Vattiyoorkavu in this episode of 'Vaasthu'.
  • bangalore_ads: #RealEstate 2BHK house for rent - Immediately available: Located in prime locality, very nearby to 50 feet main ... http://bit.ly/ijWrhr
  • bangalore_ads: #RealEstate 3 BHK house for rent in JP Nagar 1 st Phase: JP Nagar 1st Phase , Next to LIC Office, Good Locality.... http://bit.ly/maE2k9
  • BenHaynes09: @BathAlex @edbillins Ps: if you're in the locality, party vibes are going off big style at the mo. Ed, this is more at you, to be honest.
  • avram_levi: I just titled a section of my thesis as "using locality as a discrimination tool". I'm glad there are no social scientists around.
  • OllieTheGerman: A country who are not actually in europe in regards to locality, have won EUROvision... How does that work?
  • LizzieMcGilley: Traffic cones missing from your locality ??
  • ApartmentRentIn: 1 Room+bath and Kitchenette, newly built and independent in a posh locality. ...: 1 Room+bath and... http://bit.ly/kh3o2Q #apartmentrent
  • Comm_Care_Jobs: Senior Social Worker - Locality Team - Wales United Kingdom... http:///qAQX
  • mmyaser: Power cut in my locality in trivandrum... I thought its the only thing which give sleepless nights for chennai :(
  • gezgeencom: Atelcoup: Haiti --> Locality --> Atelcoup http://bit.ly/l1s1f9
  • villa217: @FTorresArmy o realy zen wat abt alonso chest for the worldcup match?? who told u zers no hapines 4 united victory ma locality is explosng!!
  • vikkp: @snpunjabi the probability of me staying in the locality is directly proportinal to the Padosaniyaa quotient
  • thepeoplespier: @CastleBod sorry, missed this b4 - it was on personal FB page. Suggest link-up btwn Castle & Pier - share learning. #locality good at this
  • FightingDragon: No calls 999 over the last 24hours... nice to know everyone in the locality is healthy & well! Lets hope it stays that way for a while!
  • itscalleddating: How can I find a good single christian guy in my locality? http://bit.ly/mkzUrY
  • madegun1: @discovalente : Coming to a screen close to ur locality soon....stay tuned.
  • Zeack: ATM machine stolen from posh locality of Allahabad http:///64n9y9z
  • IndiaBreaking: ATM machine stolen from posh locality of Allahabad: Allahabad, May 14 (PTI) An ATM machine was stolen from a pos... http://bit.ly/lCTEZ9
  • Goleudy: @radiojacob Don't apologise, I was in stitches! Not much work in the locality, no - but I mainly work via the internet so it's fine :)
  • juspar: RT @markcote: @juspar @josshands Thank you for all your hard work. #platpol was the best conference I nearly attended. Talk about (non)locality!
  • flemlivet: @DeepakChopra This contradicts your later statement about locality.
  • CllrMCurtis: @RichardStimson Children's services locality teams, proportionately larger in Cambs - and always have been. #youarewrong.
  • adsnclassified: Avail 3BHK UF flat in prime locality of Powai 9867601069. Free-Classifieds
  • Yamamura3029: Causality and Locality in Modern Physics (Fundamental Theories of Physics): http://amzn.to/e49U1b
  • tatacapital: #MoneyTime Locality and proximity to school, railway station, market and office, are prime factors when looking for residential property.
  • adsnclassified: Avail 2BHK FF flat in prime locality of Powai 9867601069. Free-Classifieds http://bit.ly/lRak0v
  • hrbeginner: @sarahfmatthews welcome to #hrcampers group. Dont forget to pinpoint your locality on the map, so we can organise something over the summer
  • RealSleekid: Ya saw jaff's stats,,hu said it? RT @Ebiloma: Baby ur face luks frequent,r u residential in dis locality? #choi....waitin 4 jaf
  • ashish_menda: @ParasValecha i keep on switching between Indian and mumbai... one should whats happening in the locality #Indiarocks #Mumbairocks
  • markcote: @juspar @josshands Thank you for all your hard work. #platpol was the best conference I nearly attended. Talk about (non)locality!
  • Ebiloma: Baby ur face luks frequent,r u residential in dis locality? #choi....waitin 4 jaf
  • rubbeka: The layout of your language n behaviors is d report card of your parents,locality,n society!
  • adsnclassified: Avail 3BHK flat in decent locality in Powai ,Andheri east 9867601069. Free-Classifieds http://bit.ly/lXMLx0
  • Kimura2158: Key Variables in Social Research: Religion, Housing, Locality v. 1: http://amzn.to/lAe9OJ
  • adsnclassified: Avail 3BHK flat in decent locality in Powai ,Andheri east 9867601069. Free-Classifieds
  • gezgeencom: Anoacha: Cyprus --> Locality --> Anoacha http://bit.ly/jV4kgf
  • witchyswati: If you have a space in your office,club,society,garden,school,locality available for free tree plantation email [email protected]
  • dysinger: @littleidea I think data locality is the hard part :)
  • adsnclassified: Avail 2BHK flat in decent locality in Powai ,Andheri east 9867601069. Free-Classifieds http://bit.ly/kahwN3
  • srbalajee: @vnavnit local locality in fb = richy rich in twitter
  • jnarin: @nagesh_k Can park somewhere in Vasanth Nagar and walk - small locality @pixelshooter @akshaynarayan
  • jaybarroquillo: Define medical tourism? Accdg to our speaker is to have hospitals to cater tourists who may have experienced accidents in our locality.
  • krleri: Ulhasnagar : 400 cops raid locality and nab 25 thieves - Hindustan Times http://uxp.in/35597188
  • calamur: @chennaikaran friends live in ths locality in Mum that is veg. neighbors check bins. eggs R brought in black bags. u ask the shop 4 ramphal
  • mojokajojo: @AVINASHvenu these locality people :)
  • TheTastyVegan: @NTJ shame you've nothing similar in your locality... damn those dairy giants eh?!
  • IrelandSEOjobs: Web Developer - Employer : Ryanair Profile Locality : Dublin Airport, Dublin Contact No: Weblink : No Lin... http://bit.ly/ltoO33
  • vikkp: Doesnt this tell al lot about how safe my locality is.. http:///4x8ll1
  • OhHiShop: I want this tattoo so so bad. i won't copy but the placement is heaven // http://tiny.cc/ish2l
  • Burtshire: @BarnseyB @Angrythehat @maffff @JustSJ @Dani_Sweens Not in terms of locality but it's preferred.
  • acentrae: Locality Upkeep Channel Purification http://tiny.ly/fqr4
  • JustdialUS: Craving for #Japanese food? Call 1800-500-0000 and we will help you find a good Japanese Restaurant in your locality.
  • dabeerhemani: @shobz try your area centre? which locality?
  • mulunu: RT @SoyGoldie: Twitter is temperley una locality
  • SoyGoldie: Twitter is temperley una locality
  • WingnutJB: Woman looking for seats on train to friend: i'm happy to commence the search, but how will I communicate my locality if successful? #idiot
  • abhinavgakhar: #2011eac local search Vs search locality...offline Vs online
  • russia2018rusia: russia2018rusia: West Bengal Through the Crystal Ball: One evening, as our entire locality… http://goo.gl/fb/ci3gI
  • nouniqueness: @vodafoneIN how difficult can it be to call a customer and let them know of the reason for poor connectivity in their locality ?
  • russia2018rusia: West Bengal Through the Crystal Ball: One evening, as our entire locality plunged into darkness, I remember an u... http://bit.ly/iHqYlw
  • plusnet: @Mathew30 would depend on your market locality, might be easier to give our sales folk a call - http://bit.ly/j2NhGf... ^BP
  • catrinms: @countryfile It's not about where I live, it's about supporting local shops and not massive supermarkets .... locality and all of that ...
  • bikiniboatworks: RT @LocalityBaldwin: Plaza Spring Boat Cruise tonight 5/13 - Locality: Baldwin http://ow.ly/4TWED #longisland #baldwinny
  • LocalityBaldwin: Plaza Spring Boat Cruise tonight 5/13 - Locality: Baldwin http://ow.ly/4TWED #longisland #baldwinny
  • Bimmerx: @ferrischia @trebligwong Go! Go! Go! Which locality
  • tuan_kuranes: @AssafRaman About DOD, smart ptr & cache locality, check COW pointer trick (all "identity" vec,quat,mx transforms sharing same ptr)
  • Cafeteria_Chris: Looking for a freelance web prgmr to work on a project with us, mainly CSS I guess, basic CMS and a spot of Cufon. Sheffield or locality DM
  • davidwein: New arrival - Joie de Vivre: Maw-Sit-Sit - is a gemstone named for the locality where it is mined in upper Burma... http://bit.ly/mqmacr
  • JessCosta10: Trans-locality:some migrants who R always watching tv in their own language don't learn the host country's language & don't integrate #dac11
  • MarkSpringett: ShareThis on Facebook http://shar.es/H5Hok
  • nao_dta: RT @localitynews: Find out more about Locality and our members in our new video http://bit.ly/k3SsEv
  • silvertje: Narratives surrounding The Pirate Bay: locality, simplicity, everydayness, embeddedness. - Felix Stalder #platpol11
  • juspar: For instance the Pirate Bay: locality, simplicity, everydayness, embeddedness. #stalder #platpol11
  • Sumita6564: Political Geography: World Economy, Nation-state and Locality: http://amzn.to/m3hdGL
  • modivm: @DivaDevious http:///hotels/india/mumbai/locality/andheri-(w)/ visit this for hotels. all the three are nice.
  • avishekarsenal: #cpm "started" fighting in our locality. what a beautiful sight. why a beautiful sight? coz they are now being whacked lol.
  • Roundhousejrnl: Chris Meade: social media means a 'locality can talk to itself' - but others can join in #powercorrupts
  • JamWright: Comment about the weather is my general locality.
  • Ladylowe: RT @jessDTA: RT @Communityanchor: Locality launches five key pledges to help the community sector http://bit.ly/ksv6y4 via @CivilSocietyUK
  • jessDTA: RT @Communityanchor: Locality launches five key pledges to help the community sector http://bit.ly/ksv6y4 via @CivilSocietyUK
  • Australiatowns: Weekends here! What's up in your locality this weekend tweet us and we can share...
  • ahadfooty: @MattLawExpress ff please. im a big arsenal fan too .and i'm arranging a futsal tournament in my locality. i deserve it.
  • elfxuan: B2st and B2uty does not consist in gazing at EAch other, bUt in looking Together in the same localitY=BEAUTY!
  • ukpubsforsale: FREE OF TIE PUBLIC HOUSE - WALTON-ON-THAMES: FREE OF TIE PUBLIC HOUSE sought after locality WALTON-ON-THAMES.Tak... http://bit.ly/llf9h1
  • ukpubsforsale: PUBLIC HOUSE LEAMINGTON SPA: PUBLIC HOUSE highly sought after locality LEAMINGTON SPA. T/o £400,000 pa with gd ... http://bit.ly/mi7lLE
  • golchha21: Mini diwali celebrated here in my locality... #TMC
  • PowerCutsIN: @christinedelhi where exactly in South Delhi? Street/Locality/Pincode would help. Thanks
  • vkiranji: Read Real Estate Articles from India, Report, Price Trends, Locality Watch http://t.co/pawWjEo via @99acres
  • ghubashKhan: @Juveunited its prayers. Its depend if der is a mosque in ur locality then its easy to go. Like me it takes me 20 min to reach.
  • drnhsarja: @tito281 thanks :) is it too hot @ ur locality? few days ago some of my relatives visited your country, they said it to me!!
  • Comm_Care_Jobs: South Wales - Qulaified Social Worker - Locality Team - Wales United King... http:///qnRK
  • realestclassifs: Looking for a Flat or house in a good locality at Varanasi http://dlvr.it/RXmSK
  • dodeca: artist/content. network metric. locality. compare. start date. end date. absolute vs. relative vs. %change. new vs. total. duration. table.
  • realestclassifs: Looking for a Flat or house in a good locality at Varanasi http://dlvr.it/RXgD4
  • moumita88: well today i m not tensed abt d "Assembly election results" which is 2 b announced shortly..bt bcos of d situation they create in locality..
  • POETICFLO7535: @BrittanyAnnMMA Do you fight locality or just sparring?
  • Oota4631: State and Locality in Mughal India: Power Relations in Western India, c.1572-1730 (University of Cambridge Orie... http://amzn.to/jErG8P

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