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  • Definition of loped in the Medical Dictionary. loped explanation. Information about loped in Free online English dictionary. What is loped? Meaning of loped medical term. What does loped mean?. — “loped - definition of loped in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • Definition of loped in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of loped. Pronunciation of loped. Translations of loped. loped synonyms, loped antonyms. Information about loped in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “loped - definition of loped by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Billed as good fun for a good cause, hundreds of people in full gorilla suits ran, walked or loped through Golden Gate Park early this morning. Billed as good fun for a good cause, hundreds of people in full gorilla suits ran, walked or loped through Golden Gate Park early this morning. — “Comments Page: Gorilla pack storms Golden Gate Park”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. The horses loped easily across the fields. — “Loped - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Lopid is a medication that can be prescribed for the treatment of high cholesterol and triglycerides. This eMedTV article discusses Lopid uses in more detail and lists potential side effects of the medicine. Loped is a common misspelling of Lopid. — “Loped”,
  • LOPED. S. ILL. P. AN. ASSEMBLY. INSTRUCTIONS. Sealant Detail. S. TEP. 1. Rough opening should be LOPED. S. ILL. P. AN. I. NSTALLATION. G. UIDELINES. T. WO. F. LEX. C. APS. PER OPENING. First Drain. — “10X”,
  • Find rhyming words online with the FREE WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary loped. One- and two-syllable Last Syllable Rhymes of loped: eloped. loped. Dictionary lookup for loped. Thesaurus lookup for loped. — “loped”,
  • English Translation for loped - dict.cc German-English Dictionary. — “dict.cc | loped | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • Tot el que necessita saber sobre Isa Loped Adreces de correu electrònic, Números de telèfon, Biografia, Weblinks, Paz Diaz, Fernanda, Cuadros, Miranda, Ocharan, Filters. — “Isa Loped - Email, Address, Phone numbers, everything”, 123people.es
  • Loped. Your source for riding at a lope. Search: Search. Related Welcome to Loped. Find sponsored goods and services on Riding, Riding Lawn Mower, Horse Back Riding, Riding Mowers and more. — “Loped | Riding | Riding Lawn Mower | Horse Back Riding”,
  • Landry-Guillain-Barre syndrome; Acute idiopathic polyneuritis; Infectious polyneuritis; Guillain-Barre syndrome is an autoimmune disorder (the body's immune system attacks. — “Guillain-Barre syndrome”,
  • We found 11 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word loped: General (9 matching dictionaries) loped: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th. — “Definitions of loped - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • What is a loped, definition of loped, meaning of loped, loped anagrams, loped synonyms. — “Word loped meaning. Word loped definition. Free crossword”,
  • Definition of loped from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of loped. Pronunciation of loped. Definition of the word loped. Origin of the word loped. — “loped - Definition of loped at ”,
  • Multi-track Cycles Manufactured by LOPED offer the cycling experience of a classical bicycle, with the advantage of significantly improved stability. The Cycles are used by persons who find balancing on a Bicycle challenging, and are more confident with three wheels. — “Multi-track Bicycles | Loped v.o.s”, loped.cz
  • Loped definition, to move or run with bounding steps, as a quadruped, or with a long, easy stride, as a person. See more. — “Loped | Define Loped at ”,
  • high on marijuana same as stoned, or blazed, or chronic'ed out, high, faded, etc. or chronic'ed out, high, faded, etc. "I'm, high till' I die, loped till' they smoke me!. — “Urban Dictionary: loped”,
  • Search Results for "loped" 1) lope. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English broke out at one side, loped easily off, evidently not much scared,. — “Search Results for "loped"”,
  • A pushy individual probably wouldn't have waited patiently for his turn to speak, but rather would have barged in whenever he felt emotionally led to do so. The pack of wild horses (loped, sprinted) alongside the train at top speed for more than 200 yards. — “LEO: Connotations”, leo.stcloudstate.edu
  • Scal·loped a. 1. Furnished with a scallop; made or done with or in a scallop. 2. Having the edge or border cut or marked with segments of. — “scalloped: Information from ”,
  • Verb conjugator Reverso : lope Conjugation in the free online English conjugator. Conjugation tables, irregular verbs, all tenses, all moods. loped. In English, the conjugated forms are the same for the following persons: you, we. — “lope conjugation in English, English verb conjugator”,

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  • Loping Left xx me && skye [ 2.21.09 ] me and my TB mare loping to the left during my lesson. this was the first time i loped her at my house and she did awesome. she's a bit tense, but we're working on it. and i wasn't holding her back. it may seem like my reins are tight, but i just have contact with her mouth. the one time she did fling her head, it was because she wanted to cut to the middle and i wasn't allowing it, so she simply tossed her head, but kept going. she's a good girl :] this is just up for the hell of it. and, you'll also see zuka tied up to the fence. i don't put her in the barn when i ride, because when these two are seperated, they start screaming for each other. it's fun, really. [sarcasm] but anyway, zuka had untied herself about four times while riding that day. she's such a pain :P
  • katia loping the deadwood trail Katia loped between the end of the deadwood trail and the loop around it. Next time we need to put boots on Reba!
  • loped eared cops (1 of 100) video with bff tara!!!!!
  • loped on
  • 50+ Subscribers//Loping Sandy Is ticked with YT. I don't even like Plain White Tees. So, today was the second time I've loped on Sandy (the first time he did a couple of bucks, it wasn't pleasant). We also tried a couple of roll backs, which he did relatively well on. He really did pretty well overall considering we A) only had half an arena to work with due to flooding, B) it was uber windy which lead to C) the fans were all like "WHIIIRRRR" and the doors were all like "BANG! BLAG! GANG! DAG! HERAAAG!" So... yeah. I even put one of his spooks in the video! yay! xD Thanks so much to all my subscribers!
  • Yard water loped There was a yard and it was exploding with water like a water fall. i was walking by and i just saw it and i thought it was kind of weird. you had to be there to get the full effect, the street was flooded hahaha lope. what happend was the fire hydrant broke off. the next day they had a new fire hydrant and the yard was ruined
  • Makayla FINALLY Loped on Roxy! (Older Video, Forgot to Upload) Congratulations to Makayla! She Loped on Roxy! Yay! Please NOTHING Negative. Hope y'all enjoy it even though it's short. I own the videos.
  • Willie loping the patter #1 1st patter loped
  • Slack Slack warming up and loping barrels It was a little wet around the barrels so we just loped.
  • Katia and Reba loping on the trail 03 01 Katia, and Reba, and Kellie and Comet went out on a learning trail ride with Lou and Peantu. Katia loped Reba on the trail in the unenclosed round pen........
  • Tilly Loping The Pattern Only has loped it a handful of times.She's working good! Excuse my outfit, it gets hot out here!
  • Maggie fast loping barrels! ~READ~ This is her 2nd time going fast other then a slow lope. I loped her to the first barrel so she doesnt start rushing though them. she still needs work. Her 1 and 2 barrel need a lot of work! other wise i thought she did good for her 2 time being going fast through it! Dont own Song!
  • Doctor Heff AQHA/APHA Gelding Loping Sammy being loped a little. Again, he is still very very green, and is being ridden by a green rider.
  • Marmalakes performing "Turquoise Balloons" at Jack-a-loped August 28, 2010 Jack-a-loped was a play directed by Jon Cook, performed by several actors around a Central Austin home, using several outdoor areas to create stages to engross audience members within the story. The play was performed amidst the audience, to break the barrier between actor and audience member. Marmalakes played songs throughout the play, seamlessly transitioning between play action and musical performance. Marmalakes is Max Colonna Joshua Nathaniel Halpern Chase Weinacht Filmed by Jono Foley Caleb Bryant Miller Bobby Longoria Edited by Bobby Longoria a Skank Family production
  • Dashin For Freedom - Fall Finale - Tipped 2nd - Loped home 15.2 :( 14.6 won it
  • Bobby and I Loping a Barrel Pattern Loped the barrel patern yesterday. He was really good. I need A LOT more practice! Please don't critque, I havew people helping me who do that and who see me ride almost everyday. Hercules is good :) just heading out to take him for a walk. thought by the time I get back this would be uploaded :PI have narrowed Bobbys show names down to 1) Bullet of Black 2) Black in a Flash Personally I like the 2nd one a little bit more. what do you think? Thank-you so much to everyone who is subscribed to me, and who watches my videos I really appreceate it ! *Like*Comment*Subscribe* First show is April29-May1 Im so pumped ! God Bless
  • 5yo mare for sale-Loping the pattern This is her 5th time being LOPED around the barrels. . she is very smart and already picking up what to do and when to do it. Has VERY natural rate and is very, very quick. I believe she will be alike Shali Lords horse she went to finals on, Slider, by how she pins her ears going into each turn and digs down to be eye height of the barrel, not to mention as catty. If she doesn't go soon I will probably not want to sell her, by how far she has come in so little time.
  • Loping on Cissy This is the 5th time I have loped on her, but only the first time filmed as I didn't have a camera to use. It's a very short short video. From one end of the arena to the other. The neighbor's dog behind us barked when his owner got home and that definitely sped up her pace but it was very easy to sit. I am so proud of her, and I didn't fall off - that's always a good thing! I slowed the clip down, so unless you blink repeatedly, or have to sneeze, you shouldn't miss it!
  • LaMama-Loped
  • Loping Penny- My view Ok, I held the camera while I loped Penny around the field, its kind of bouncy, but here it is. If any of you have always wondered what it looks like to the rider while they lope a horse, well this is what it looks like. Well, its actually a lot smoother, but my hand was bouncing around :P. Anywho, here it is.
  • jack henshaw loped out in adams car sdgdwqdg
  • Impressive lil diva's first show, and1st time loping barrels so she didnt do bad.... her head was WAY too high in the wp class, and i expected her to buck, but i wasnt too worried. I missed 1 of my classes, i didnt hear them calling it, oops... I was very proud of her on the down and back (joging), the figure 8(joging) ans the barrels (joging). I was VERY exited about the barrels, seeing as we have hardly ever have loped small circles, and she loped the turn for the 3rd barrel. She also slowed down at the set lines, u can see her kick a little dust from slowing down. I think she did way better then Dee, but o well. Plus shes suck a cutie!
  • Brennen loping on Penny for the 1st time Brennen riding Penny. This is their 10th ride and first ride that they loped.
  • LopeD
  • polo ponies being loped i have worked in polo a while now and here is what its like riders veiw, sorry about the poor quality, i wqas riding one and leading 3 :P
  • lacoda's loped set head up, second down
  • My first western pleasure show! So this is IHSA and it's my first show ever in it. In fact, this is the first time I've ever shown western. So this was a crazy experience for me! I'm the one in red! : ) I've been riding for years as an english rider doing hunter/jumper so coming down to college I had to switch if I wanted to continue riding. So of course I did! Prior to this show I had only been doing a basic equitation class and I hadn't been to the team practices due to me not being able to make them because my classes run into the practice. SO, I had not cantered/loped in a western saddle before this show. If anyone has had to switch, it's an interesting switch and sometimes hard to maintain. I'm so use to propelling the horse forward and having my leg on them, that I've had a very hard time switching! I'm still working on that slow thing. In this class, I got a really chilled horse which is great considering I think someone prior to me loping got kicked out. We had to stand around for a while while they did something. However, I realize he is going fast in this direction but he got even faster the other due to me switching over to english and holding him with my legs. So guess who didn't get a ribbon : ) Also, some other interesting info. You might see me at the end break to a trot right when the announcer says riders and then stopped. Well guess who has a horse that listens, my horse stopped and so I went along with it because I figured they'd say something right away. Nope! I trotted/jogged for ...
  • tarkside loped beat rap
  • Mini Loped Ear Rabbit enjoying the outdoors 12 week old Mini Loped Ear Rabbit enjoying the outdoors - 10 acres. Have had him for 5 days now and he's already litter trained and learning to come back to me.
  • Me loping on Denim for the first time This is a very old video of the second day I owned Denim which was months ago and this was the first time I loped on him by myself He is fun to ride ( Denim is the brown Arabian)
  • Gracie loping for the first time in almost year and half. This mare hasn't been loped in over a year. This is a fresh Video. Please go to our sale page and there are more pictures. or email me for more pictures. [email protected]
  • Loping with Jackie It was the third time I loped. I know Im too backward, but im trying to change that. And my ''cameraman'' had some difficulties with the camera.... loll
  • Sam loping Katie okay so me and my frined have been playing with her horse and this is the first time i loped her. FUN FUN!!! :) :)
  • TAZ # 1 001.MOD Taz was my dreamhorse got him last July 3 days later takeing him to get his vet check had wreck totaled both truck/trailer & injuried Taz.. Have letter from vet describing his injuries he does not need to be loped anymore just started on adequein can still be shown in a walk/jog class or small fry walk/jog but should not be loped. For sale my loss your gain very gentle perfect for Novice or small adult quiet easy to clip, shoe up to date all shots,coggins I have over 10000.00 in him but now cannot ride in class's I want to ride in I have Degerative Disk Disease & Dr's do not give me much longer to ride myself looking for a horse that someone will let me make payments or lease on disasbility can give references that I will pay if you have something or if interested in Taz contact Di at [email protected] asking $ 1500.00 he is in Incentive Fund has registered points & won money. Taz is very nice & gentle perfect for a person that is learning to ride/show to start out but to keep him sound vet advises no fast riding, loping also must stay on his joint medicine. Can be used for slow trail riding he has been sound most of time since the accident but does have start of ringbone problems vet advised me that he could not guarantee how long could stay showing but if given his medicine & not abused he so far has stayed sound enough that I have ridden some just walking & joging here is your chance to get a super gelding at a reasonable price. I turn him on pasture every ...
  • Loping Prize First time Prize and I loped together
  • A Raw Clip Summery of My 2010 Year! I wanted to make a long video that summarized 2010 and finally found a song that I liked for it :) This video shows improvement in many things over the past year: ~Mostly, my riding! In the beginning I was so stiff xD I had never really ridden Blue bareback (besides just walking). Now, I ride a LOT better and have not only loped Blue bareback, but I have loped him bareback and brideless with no rope around his neck! :) ~Shadow's jumping! My puppy, Shadow, who is now over a year old, has been in training since October(?). It started out when my mom said, "Wouldn't it be cool if you could teach Shadow to jump through the tire swing?" And so I tried but failed. I started jumping him over small jumps using biscuits as rewards, and then did jump courses. Then, I taught him to jump through the tire swing with a table on the side so he couldn't dodge it xD By the end of 2010, we don't even need the table anymore! :) ~My tire swing spinning xD! In the beginning I was standing on it all unbalanced and spinning slowly, but in the end, my back is straight and I am spinning super fast! :D ~Other stuff probably that I am forgetting and will add later! ;) So thanks for watching and a happy new year to all!!
  • Bunny loping Pretty loped. Flat kneed. I'd like to see her more relaxed with her neck dropped down. The side reins keep her from getting above the bridle. This is a great way to teach a horse to drive into the bridle and get soft by lifting their back.
  • me short loping comanche This horse was given to me, I used to be scared of him so i instantly put him up for sale, when a person came to look at him, i thought "well give him another try" so i took him in the pin and slow loped him for the first time. I didn't have the best handle on him yet, he lopes so slow that he could lope next to a horse that is walking and stay even.
  • AFFS FOUR SIDE SAUCE PACKING PACKTECH(R&D)Dev loped AFFS machine suitable to pack semi liquid items like sauce,jam ,jelly,paste etc.
  • Loped - Beyond 11 Debute artist - Loped Genere: Ambient / uplifting / trance / electronica track Produced: March-April 2011 Quality: 192 kbs
  • Gackt Papa lapped a pap loped sry about the bad quality
  • Shay && Kenzi lol Kenzi like loped for her haha. fun fun shay
  • williemeikle: As the riders loped on by him he heard one call his name If you want to save your soul from Hell a-riding on our... http://fb.me/KhK8XF8V
  • kktv11news: RT @shannonbrinias Freaked after seeing a black bear run across Nevada Ave. right in front of my car. He loped toward the Harley dealership.
  • ShannonBrinias: I'm still freaked out after seeing a black bear run across Nevada Ave. right in front of my car. He loped toward the Harley dealership..
  • LoveCharityInc: “Trees, though they are cut and loped, grow up again quickly, but if men are destroyed, it is not easy to get them again” ~ Pericles
  • meppies: Lass and I finally LOPED. It was wonderful and thrilling. Can't wait to do more of it. #horsebackriding
  • ruratto: 史上最強の狩猟笛 | loped #pixiv http://t.co/drAVNcB 声出してわろたwwうますぎるw

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  • “Sarah Hughes' Zeizos loped easily around the Spalding Labs/USEA Young Event Horse Course at Waredaca Horse Trials to earn the In order to best serve the needs of our members, the USEA is launching a weekly discussion on the USEA blog”
    — May " 2010 " EventingUSA,

  • “I need some information about imron paint applied to fibberglass. Is that good or bad? I have no idea about this product. loped38817.796712963 Commanders very well documented on my personal boating forum, that have been painted, with all the specs”
    — BoatUS Club House Messageboards: Imron Paint,

  • “Web Kennel System is a web based content management system that allows people to keep track of the dogs in their kennel and share their pedigrees, pictures and stories”
    — Thundering Paws - Blog - Index,

  • “camels loped behind burnt trees, and between these, miles from each other, houses of peace-agreement dadaab event forum get involved humanitarian-space humanitarianism”
    — Six Months in Sudan,

  • “Gatemaster, a.k.a. Molly, loped pain-free to the bridge after a battle with an intestinal torsion. Search. Search section: This topic. This forum. Forums. Members. Help Files. Calendar. Gallery”
    — The Real Gatemaster - Greytalk,

  • “Bev Hollis is a contemporary, fine art pet photographer who specializes in dog and pet photography and animal portraits in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area”
    — Bev Hollis Photography " The Art of Pet Photography,

  • “This blog is really cool! Violet Inkpen on November 18th, 2009. I've never loped before either, or ridden more than a handful of Wow, I remember when I loped for the first time, and it was exactly like your blog described it!”
    — Blog Guest Bloggers Odds & Ends " Loping,

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