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  • A collection of quotes on the subject of loyalty. In the jungle, the desert, or the open plains, loyalty to your tribe increased your chances of surviving harsh weather and an unreliable supply. — “Quotes on Loyalty”, notable-
  • The leading poker loyalty program with poker VIP deals at all of the major online poker rooms. Includes iPoker and OnGame poker loyalty programs. — “ - The Leading Poker Loyalty Program”,
  • mLoyalty is a pure SaaS based loyalty management solution. This solution does not involve distributing a physical card to your customers and neither does it involve any software or hardware installation at your store or office. Basically zero infrastructure charges and quick to launch. — “Mobile Loyalty Program”, mloyalty.in
  • Some, as explained in more detail below, argue that one can be loyal to a broad range of things, whilst others argue that it is only possible for loyalty to be to another person and that it is strictly interpersonal.) There are many aspects to loyalty. — “Loyalty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of loyalty in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of loyalty. Pronunciation of loyalty. Translations of loyalty. loyalty synonyms, loyalty antonyms. Information about loyalty in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. loyalty. — “loyalty - definition of loyalty by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • loyalty to me is sticking by someone even if they are really messed up and doing stupid things even if they are a pain loyalty is not running off like a chicken if your friend was getting beat up. loyalty is knowing what is right and doing it. — “what is loyalty to you? The true definiton of loyalty to people”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Examples of LOYALTY. the loyalty of the team's fans. — “Loyalty - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Loyalty quotes "Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads What they call their loyalty, and their fidelity, I call either the lethargy of custom or their lack of imagination. — “Loyalty quotes”,
  • Loyalty definition, the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. See more. — “Loyalty | Define Loyalty at ”,
  • Loyalty 2011 is being held in Forth Worth, Texas The only focussed conference for FFP and travel loyalty professionals providing a high quality programme to meet your expectations. — “Loyalty 2011”, loyalty-
  • Loyalty is a term that's getting a fair amount of use in business today. Loyalty, at its most distilled, is the result of an implicit relationship. — “Setting the Stage | IDEO”,
  • Loyalty is usually seen as a virtue, albeit a problematic one. Its paradigmatic expression is found in friendship, to which loyalty is integral, but many other relationships and associations seek to encourage. — “Loyalty (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”, plato.stanford.edu
  • Ipsos Loyalty is dedicated to helping companies improve business performance through customer satisfaction and loyalty research, using advanced methods of customer satisfaction management, customer relationship management, and employee climate management. — “Customer Loyalty and Employee Research | Ipsos Loyalty”, ipsos-
  • Loyalty Lab is the leader in motivating and accelerating customer loyalty. Our innovative Loyalty Lift Technology provides the platforms, interfaces, applications, and relationships to drive substantial improvements in performance and cost. We're. — “Loyalty Lab Home :: The Leader in Motivating and Accelerating”,
  • Customer Loyalty software system for grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retailers. — “Retalix Customer Loyalty”,
  • Covers topics loyalty marketing best practices including loyalty program development and execution, lifestage marketing and its measurement. — “Loyalty Marketing Best Practices”,
  • loyalty n. , pl. , -ties . The state or quality of being loyal. See synonyms at fidelity . A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection. — “loyalty: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Likewise is any ascendant creature who effectively prevents such upheavals of error, evil, or sin; for action designed to prevent rebellion or to effect higher types of loyalty in a universe crisis is regarded as of even greater value than loyalty in the face of actual rebellion. — “Loyalty - The Urantia Book”,
  • Loyalty. Wikipedia loyalty (countable and uncountable; plural loyalties) Unswerving in allegiance. Faithful in allegiance to one's lawful sovereign or government. Faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due. Faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product. — “loyalty - Wiktionary”,

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  • Test of Loyalty Telco Commercial One of the best and most fun tv shoot i've been to so far. Done in Thailand. Was down with a flu during the shoot but still enjoyed it. Directed by: Salinee Art director: Julio Malantic Writer: Cuc Pham Production House: Oomba Oomba bangkok Thanks telly arce :) And yehey! NO PHONE IN USE AGAIN! wii!
  • Wildfire - Loyalty Wildfire season 1 episode 12 - Loyalty GO TO TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN HELP BRING WILDFIRE BACK!!! u CAN HELP!!! spread the word!!!!
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  • Loyalty Old man and his dogs. Music: Scriabin -- Op. 23, Piano Sonata no. 3.
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  • Birdman - Loyalty ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga Music video by Birdman performing Loyalty. (C) 2010 Cash Money Records Inc.
  • The Simple Truth of Service Have you ever thought that a bagger can help you to build customer loyalty for your company. Watch this video you will come to know how a simple idea can help to build customer loyalty.
  • Blue Scholars-Loyalty Dope Hip Hop
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  • Planet Bollywood - Love, loyalty, anger, and more... 17 flops and Abhishek is still a star! SRK escapes from Berlin Priyanka mobbed in a club! Jr. Bachchan praised by Zeenat Zarine Khan loves Being Human watches Tusshar and Amrita's LOVE! Akshay trains Arav and Aryan! SRK escapes from Berlin SRK being SRK! SRK-Katrina together! Ash-Hrithik steamy scene in trouble Salman to do DUS KA DUM again! Why Bebo observed Karva Chauth? Kareena's size zero is 'un Indian' Hrithik's cameo in Don 2 David organizes a party for Salman, Govinda! Jacqueline is desperate for Housefull sequel! Deepika's favorite Dhoti man Ajay commits to Bachchans! Abhishek's anger!
  • HORNBLOWER-7-Loyalty Part10 part10 Last part!!
  • The loyalty of a pitbull What could have happened to my son today, but was stopped by the loyalty of Titus (our pitbull)....shows the true side of a American Pitbull terrier.....We still have no idea how the cord got there...it was tied up??
  • Loyalty - Birdman feat. Tyga & Lil Wayne Full song & Fan Video Loyalty - Birdman feat. Tyga and Lil Wayne Official Fan Video - Produced by Kane Beatz and The Mad Violinist on Strings "aka The Building"
  • Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats Please visit my website Whereyou can get my book, PAPER, INK, & WHAT I THINK *MACHO SAUCE T-SHIRTS *20 LB. SLEDGE CD ( If you dig bands like: POD, HELMET, SEVENDUST, DISTURBED, You will LOVE 20 LB. SLEDGE!!! ) *MACHO SAUCE BUMPER STICKERS & DECALS COME GET SOME!!! GOD BLESS YA!
  • Mass Effect 2: Garrus Loyalty Quest - Saving Sidonis the paragon way of resolving the situation
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  • A Dog's Unending Loyalty Ella, a Rottweiler, was in a car crash and scavenged for food on the highway for weeks. Ella was reunited with her family but as Steve Hartman tells us, the story doesn't end there.
  • Mass Effect 2: Tali Loyalty Mission with Legion Part 4 Mass Effect 2: Tali Loyalty Mission with Legion Part 4 We (finally) finish talking to the admirals after learning a little more about Tali's father. We head towards his ship and find it crawling with Geth! Some of the geth even have cloaking though it doesn't make that that hard to spot. Apparently Tali's dad was up to things he wasn't suppose to be doing, and may have endangered his life.
  • American Head Charge - The Feeding - 01 - Loyalty The 1st track from the 2005 album by American Head Charge. The physical form of this album can be purchased here: The mp3 form of this album can be purchased here:
  • American Head Charge - "Loyalty" DRT Entertainment Like this video? Come see hundreds more at ! - the Net's biggest home for metal, death, grind, thrash, rapcore, heavy and hard rock music videos! If you like the hard stuff, come get hooked on ! Director: Mike Sloat
  • The Loyalty- Stella The Loyalty's music video for "Stella"
  • Review with Myles Barlow - Stress, Loyalty, Reconciliation Myles embarks on a harrowing mission to fill his life with myriad stresses. The question of loyalty is explored by Myles and then explores the possibility of reconciliation with his estranged wife Catherine.
  • Birdman - Loyalty (Feat Lil Wayne & Tyga) Here is a Birdman leftover track titled "Loyalty" featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga from Baby's Priceless album. This is a exclusive and you can download the record here:
  • The Loyalty of Arabian Horses (Desert Kings) خيول البدو Arabian Horses, The Secret of the Bedouins of Arabia. in this clip you will see how is the relationship between the arab bedouins and their horses is legendary. * the trainer here is Ali Al-Ameri Not me :)
  • HORNBLOWER-7-Loyalty Part3 part3 PART4:
  • A Different Loyalty War reporter and former British intelligence officer Leo Cauffield (Everett) and his colleague Sally Tyler (Stone), a United States war correspondent, meet on assignment in Beirut, and soon they find themselves deeply in love. But when Leo disappears, Sally starts to uncover his secret life. Her quest to discover the truth will take her to the Soviet Union, behind the "Iron Curtain," and into the clutches of the KGB. Now, with the CIA after her and the British government close behind, her loyalty to Leo and her family will be put to the ultimate test.
  • BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH - Loyalty [HQ] from the album Save Me From Myself
  • Cormega-Loyalty The Realest One To Bless The Mic!!!!!!!!!!
  • HORNBLOWER-7-Loyalty Part7 part7 PART8:
  • Hero Dogs: Incredible Act of Devotion & Loyalty Merry and Pippin, two Golden Retreivers, remained by the side of their owner for three weeks after he died from exposure in the wilderness near his Colorado home... guarding him from wild animals and scavengers until a hunter found him and contacted authorities..
  • Blue Scholars - Loyalty Music Video for the 3rd Single "Loyalty" off the Bayani Album. Directed by: Zia Mohajerjasbi Produced By: Zia Mohajerjasbi, Marty Martin, Kirby Grey, Rahwa Habte, Sam Terry, and Faraz Zarghami
  • Loyalty Relationships and loyalties are tested when Davis bribes Tina away from Raintree to ride for them in the Sandpiper Classic. Caught in a desperate situation, Jean and Pablo decide to hire Kris to ride Wildfire. Meanwhile, Dani's search for her mother concludes when a shocking truth is uncovered, as Pete Ritter returns to save Matt from his gambling addiction and to hopefully reclaim his family. Kris knows the importance of this race, and is determined to prove herself. She struggles to remain focused despite the fact that she and Junior seem destined for failure even though they finally took their relationship to the next level.
  • Roc-A-Fella Insider: Loyalty. (Part 7 of 7) Roc-A-Fella Insider: Choke No Joke Breaks His Silence (Part 7 of 7) -- Choke gives his comparison of Jay-Z to SCARFACE and Shawn Carter to Al Pacino. loyalty - Part of Speech: noun- Definition: faithfulness, dependability COURTESY OF
  • HORNBLOWER-7-Loyalty Part4 part4 PART5:
  • la_Rena21: RT @FemalesiRespect: Loyalty Is Everything
  • Marcster_09: @GameRant not a penny! Consoles and games take enough of our hard earned cash! Premium services should not exist. Where's the loyalty?
  • greengirlmedia: @hubze1 So you have rethought you commitment already - Loyalty?
  • CatloverGail: @wildhoneyfitri @nathkst35 @bourboncandy Let's show FOX the UNITY LieToMe fans have.. The LOYALTY of our support for #LieToMe
  • ViivaLa_JUICY: Its HARD to built the TRUTH on a LIE! That's why LOYALTY is NOT just a word ITS a way of Life
  • Martywan: More and more accounting firms boost their income AND client loyalty with payroll services by myPay Solutions. See how: http://ow.ly/4Sj8Q
  • BrownEyesKK: Loyalty goes along way.....You play me I play you simple as that
  • deavontaw: Now my loyalty, will always be With you, if you just promise me That you'll stay real just like you are Cause baby you don't have to change
  • Star100Percent: All I want is loyalty & integrity. I'm asking for TOO much huh???
  • jaysteez09: RT @FemalesiRespect: Loyalty Is Everything
  • sarahhollowell: @WayToTheDawn It's a Hufflepuff thing, though I'd also argue that Slytherins are loyalty-types. Not that Gryffindors and Ravenclaws...
  • GAJazzynurse: ‘Today I Cried’: A Family’s Loyalty, A Veteran’s Lost K-9 Helper: Sue Hassmiller has been blogging from the torn... http://bit.ly/iVeQIw
  • PepThePA: Mine too it represent honor and loyalty RT @SocietyFrshVito purple is my fav color
  • niyaswh: Starwood Hotels Adds Foursquare to Loyalty Program http://nxy.in/dtbe1
  • WayToTheDawn: @sarahhollowell I always thought loyalty was a Hufflepuff thing. Am I wrong there?
  • The_AnkitSharma: Loyalty is hard to come by; respect it when it is tho. How many people u know that's gonna stand by u thru whatever? #thought
  • AleBachela: Biggy home boy was a real a** bruh took the bid bc he knew what biggy had goin for his self (loyalty) smh best thing any1 can have or give
  • norwin_norlyn: #confession 4. I got every @tyga @ciara @chrisbrown and @treysongz cd mixtape and song ever made#Loyalty
  • PatriiMolinaa: RT @DJKunphuzeD: Loyalty Is Everything =L.I.E., that's some truth for ya ass
  • LearningImpact: @PaulHollins It will be performed only one time in this one place- luckily Queen Mary is in the vicinity to show loyalty to the crown.
  • mckaycoppins: RT @TheAtlanticWire: Diplomat-turned-candidate Jon Huntsman responds to attacks over "loyalty" http://theatln.tc/lp9k7X
  • erased_23052918: @dcorsetto I work for an app developer. Really, REALLY, it comes down to flavor choice and brand loyalty/preference.
  • WayToTheDawn: RT @sarahhollowell: Friend tried to argue that loyalty is a Gryffindor trait. I may have come on too strong with my "Gryffindors are fickle whores" line.
  • TNTDETAILING: RT @MR_GIHUL757: Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty.... They have none
  • Devon_IS_Beauty: RT @inASHuality Loyalty is all i know
  • Mlb_Melly_Mel: Loyalty, Respect, Honor
  • FemalesiRespect: Loyalty Is Everything
  • IntrepidLS: ILS Webinar May 19 - 11AM PT - Gain Channel Partner Mind Share, Market Share and Loyalty with Learning. Register Now: http://bit.ly/l0XAuR
  • TheAtlanticWire: Diplomat-turned-candidate Jon Huntsman responds to attacks over "loyalty" http://theatln.tc/lp9k7X
  • SpreadDaLoveato: RT @inASHuality Loyalty is all i know
  • Yeezy_Taught_m3: RT @MsPrttyHiSadity: Charisma, Loyalty, & Stamina♥
  • realdrhouse: Do honor and virtue even exist anymore? What about loyalty and chivalry? Perhaps it's just me but these are what I live by. I'm an old soul.
  • kevinsweeney1: RT @aaroncho: OKC we gotta handle business tonight... #letsgothunder ///We, even though they left Seattle...that's loyalty. Lol
  • rosieee813: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Cancer expresses imagination,fertility,the past,family,and loyalty. With a cancer it's all or nothing in the relationship.
  • LeanneJBryant: I have also just signed up for a #superdrug loyalty card. Bring on those points. Hehe.
  • hacool: @wimrampen Agreed, all need to think long term, even when mgmt pushes for next quarter $ - good svc supports cust loyalty #custserv #smchat
  • NthAsia: #RIP Kgomotso Sebetso. Been at it since I was 10...? Yeah! RIP to him. Such loyalty to the SABC. Went everywhere. *smh* ja ne?!
  • DatMorganBytch: RT @NovacaneKy: RT @iMssBradshaw: Loyalty in Return is RARE. . .
  • imdatprettygirl: Rotflmao!! RT @MsBuki_Buddafly: "So it be jealousy behind the laughters or ibi loyalty over greener pastures??" Cc @imdatprettygirl
  • mitchvoight: Pride attracts the girl. Courage approaches the girl. Wisdom gets the girl. Strength puts up with the girl, but loyalty keeps the girl.
  • marifer2213: Total #SNP control in scotland , #alexsalmonds loyalty to scots never in doubt Lab and tory can say that .
  • Bella0290: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Cancer expresses imagination,fertility,the past,family,and loyalty. With a cancer ... http://tmi.me/a37zt
  • paraskochhar: @BDUTT Hey!U just reached a round figure of 28,000 tweets.U are NOW elligible for 'Tweet Loyalty Bonus'.From another 'tweetie-pie' in making
  • calyrivas: "So it be jealousy behind the laughters or ibi loyalty over greener pastures??" Cc @imdatprettygirl
  • NicoleSoshified: Making Postcard Printing Help Build Customer Loyalty http://bit.ly/jXGRV7
  • kaydrope: Making Postcard Printing Help Build Customer Loyalty http://bit.ly/iteg0Z
  • teachyoutime: People will have Loyalty Over Money #LOM in no time if more people keep following @HollowDaDon for the RIGHT reasons. I can see it.
  • Dadronic: @amlasAly well i can not be bought with free Pepsi, my loyalty lies with Coca-cola :P
  • natasssya: RT @genoovv: I'm not kind of pal, who easily forget my friends kindness and memories. So, I owe them a loyalty.
  • colorfull001: ‘Today I Cried’: A Family’s Loyalty, A Veteran’s Lost K-9 Helper: Sue Hassmiller has been blogging from the torn... http://bit.ly/jdFTKU
  • Christine6395: Escalating To Customer Loyalty http://t.co/JTB6BsO
  • JazzySTL: "Baby all I see is u, uck them n&[email protected]" who try, don't ever worry bout my loyalty, tried the others & I'm cool cuz u treat me like I'm royalty"
  • archifilter: Yves Béhar on DIY Design, Crowdsourcing, and the Future of Craft | "Participation is the new brand loyalty." http://bit.ly/j4QLtl
  • Leonnaaa: @famesfteam loyalty
  • Manlocc: I'd like 2 thank God for another day. Honesty, Loyalty, Family, Friends, then wealth. Death B4 dishonor definitely the code that I live by.
  • AyVeNcOnMiGo: Loyalty over Royalty.
  • MyLoveePrints: • Loyalty can't be taught...
  • Pablo_Eskobar: And if u REALLY talkin bout it all I ask from you is a little bit of loyalty. Just more than my last smh...
  • justinjelinek: RT @BizNasty2point0, If we move i will carry same loyalty back across border and embrace Winnipeg. Sincerely, your favorite 4th line duster.
  • eugen12: American Express, Scvngr team for 'couponless' loyalty offers http://bit.ly/jSsgK5 via @ICLP_Loyalty
  • fr4nk_mor3no: Rule#1 never test or question my loyalty.
  • Polo_Da_Shun: @Outspkn_Mystery lol.....that funny cuz i think i want to get "loyalty" on my neck but its cool doe
  • nedkumar: @heidicohen @ambercleveland @LovelyLu Definitely.There are multiple avenues to leverage it properly for loyalty, engagement, CX etc. #smchat
  • blackfrostfans: RT @247KonvictMuzik: @BLACKFROST My Ace!!!! In my @HTE_247_BANGA Voice!!!! "I'M MONEY MITCH, ME & ACE HITTIN LICKS!" 1 TIME FOR @BLACKFROST! LOYALTY DOES PAY OFF
  • MsRishaB: They dont know nothing bout that! RT @mrbroadway26: Loyalty gang!!! We in here RT @MsRishaB: Loyalty
  • MsPrttyHiSadity: Charisma, Loyalty, & Stamina♥
  • ReadMillzLips: #CHSmemories only respecting 261 & 262 as a class as a whole. guess 265 was ard too. I respected their loyalty to one another.
  • ChaiChatter: Word 4 ppl like me? Ones that join the sports bandwagon during playoffs and don't claim loyalty up until then. Extends to DWTS & Idol etc..
  • calvinr23: Business before pleasure,family before money & God before everything while loyalty is kept with those that stay down with you through it all
  • OnlyTaNisha: Exactly RT @gmbexec "@OnlyTaNisha: Relationships are overrated!" <---- I can agree no more loyalty and respect.
  • MsMalSal: RT @gmagicbws: Sacrifice, Knowledge, Loyalty, Pride, Respect, Understanding, Greatness, Intelligence,Prayers,Faith,Morales,Love & Classy. #IGOHARDDOYOU? RT
  • Jayde_theSAVAGE: So; it seems loyalty is a foreign language to you
  • nbjuyiop: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Cancer expresses imagination,fertility,the past,family,and loyalty. With a cancer it's all or nothing in the relationship.
  • raquellquara: Diplomat-Turned-Candidate Huntsman Responds to Attacks Over 'Loyalty' - Politics - The Atlantic Wire http://t.co/xj8bEFO
  • FirstData: #ETA2011 Technology Showcase starts at 11 a.m. today in expo hall. @FirstData with @Verifone and @BlingNation. #nfc #prepaid #loyalty
  • Maaarrtiin: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Cancer expresses imagination,fertility,the past,family,and loyalty. With a cancer it's all or nothing in the relationship.
  • iamMariaam: Loyalty Over Money Always.
  • Resu_Arisu: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Cancer expresses imagination,fertility,the past,family,and loyalty. With a cancer it's all or nothing in the relationship.
  • daintyTassia: LOYALTY OVER LOVE...GB!!!
  • idjaahhh: American Express, Scvngr team for 'couponless' loyalty offers http://bit.ly/jSsgK5
  • fortiertrib: House Spkr. O'Brien says Lynch "put loyalty to union bosses ahead of creating jobs for NH residents and improving the state's economy."
  • BriNico10: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Cancer expresses imagination,fertility,the past,family,and loyalty. With a cancer it's all or nothing in the relationship.
  • tonipop: @Juniourr_ pam's class was lovely. she gongratulated me on my 4year loyalty, she's a fine woman. oh aye, i'm coming in, wouldn't miss it.
  • andiiziita: On a similar note, I wonder what Team Fortress 2's lifespan is supposed to be. My friends often question my loyalty to said game.
  • fishmagnets: Claddagh with a Southern twist: Love, loyalty and friendship: By Kelley Smith There's a wee small spot that used... http://bit.ly/kd38Ek
  • Mz_TrueLove: I do great on my own and dnt need anyone but me yu kno why. Because I believe in this word "LOYALTY"

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  • “Loyalty is what we call it when someone refuses a momentarily better option. If your offering is always better, you don't have loyal customers, you have smart ones. Don't brag about how loyal your customers are when you're the cheapest”
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