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  • Thayers Natural Remedies : Lozenges - Lozenges Dry Mouth Products Premium Witch Hazel Thayers Samplers Vocal Power Pack ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping. — “Lozenges : Thayers Natural Remedies, Since 1847”,
  • Shop online for Lozenges products at Well.ca. Free shipping, friendly customer service, free returns. — “Lozenges | Well.ca - Canada's online health, beauty, and skin”, well.ca
  • Learn more about Zinc Lozenges. Find the Web's best health guides, medical reports, news, videos and tools for Zinc Lozenges. Share Zinc Lozenges experiences and get advice from experts. — “Zinc Lozenges Overview - RightHealth”,
  • The inventor of anti-rhinoviral zinc lozenges presents the only cure for common colds, and shows the absence of effect of nearly 50 different zinc lozenges on common colds. — “Zinc Lozenges as a Common Cold Treatment”, zinc-
  • Category Zinc - Lozenges on sale!. — “Lozenges - Zinc - Supplements - Nutrition Express”,
  • lozenge n. A small, medicated candy intended to be dissolved slowly in the mouth to lubricate and soothe irritated tissues of the throat. — “lozenge: Definition from ”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Are Herbal Lozenges? Herbal lozenges are similar in size, and sometimes in flavor, to hard candies but are intended to ease sore throats and help people recover from colds, influenza, and similar illnesses. — “What Are Herbal Lozenges?”,
  • something shaped like a lozenge. 3 : a small usually sweetened and flavored medicated material that is designed to be held in the mouth for slow dissolution; especially : one that contains a demulcent —called also pastille, troche. Examples of LOZENGE. — “Lozenges - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • ShopWiki has 1071 results for throat lozenges, including Preffered plus Sore Throat Lozenges - 10 Ea, Throat Discs Original Formula Throat Lozenges - 70 Each, Thayer Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges, and Airborne Sore Throat & Cough Gummi Lozenges. — “THROAT LOZENGES”,
  • Compare prices and read reviews on Lozenges comparison shopping. Save money and narrow the selection only at MiracleShopper Price Comparison Shopping. Compare, Shop and Save. — “Shop Lozenges at ”,
  • Lozenges - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Lozenges”,
  • Definition of Lozenges in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Lozenges. Pronunciation of Lozenges. Translations of Lozenges. Lozenges synonyms, Lozenges antonyms. Information about Lozenges in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Lozenges - definition of Lozenges by the Free Online”,
  • Lozenges mint - 1,674 results from 454 stores, including Thursday Plantation, Tea Tree Zinc Lozenges, 60 Mint/Menthol Lozenges, Historical Remedies Stress Mints, Homeopathic Lozenges, 30 ea, Fishermans Friend Menthol Cough Suppressiant Lozenges. — “Lozenges mint - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Learn about Lozenges on . Find info and videos including: Types of Lozenges, The Effects of Commit Lozenges, What Are the Dangers of Nicotine Lozenges? and much more. — “Lozenges - ”,
  • Lozenges products available from Health Chemist online pharmacy. Discount Lozenges treatments, remedies and medications. — “Lozenges products - Health Chemist Online Pharmacy”, healthchemist.co.nz
  • Lozenges Manufacturers & Lozenges Suppliers Directory - Find a Lozenges Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Lozenges Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Lozenges-Lozenges Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Attack cravings before they attack you! Nicotine lozenges are easy-to-use and the effects lasts after the lozenge is gone. Original, Mint, and Cherry. — “Nicorette Lozenge - Nicotine Lozenge | To Help You Quit”,
  • Zinc lozenges shorten the duration of common cold (more at ) Zinc Lozenges:In 1984 Quantum became the very first company to market zinc lozenges. — “Zinc Lozenges for common cold - ”,
  • Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on - Search Results: now zinc lozenges. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers on - Search Results: now zinc lozenges before you. — “ - Search Results: now zinc lozenges”,
  • Buy Lozenges for sore throats and other natural vitamin supplements up to 70% off retail. Shop eVitamins for top brands and all your Lozenges for sore throats needs including the latest reviews on the best Lozenges for sore throats items. — “Lozenges for sore throats”,
  • Cough tablets have taken the name lozenge, based on their original shape. Most throat lozenges should be taken in moderation, due to the fact that some active ingredients could be hazardous to the health if consumed in large amounts.[citation needed]. — “Throat lozenge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • 1987 Canadian commercial - Bradosil Lozenges - Godfather Commercial for Bradosil throat lozenges, featuring a scratchy-voiced replica Don Corleone (The Godfather).
  • Dr Drew Shows New Nicorette mini Lozenge Helps Smokers Quit For more info visit April 30, 2010 To better help meet the needs of smokers who are quitting, Nicorette® launched a mini-sized stop smoking lozenge that dissolves up to three-times faster than other stop smoking lozenges and can double a smokers chances of successfully quitting versus placebo. The new Nicorette mini Lozenge comes in a discreet pocket-size vial, so smokers can have it on hand to help quickly address craving and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. Some smokers will attempt to quit up to nine times before doing so successfully, and according to studies, a persons social networks can influence his or her decision to pick up smoking, or initiate quitting. By seeking out support from friends, family, or other smokers, and utilizing available cessation tools such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), smokers increase their chances of quitting significantly. Smoking is an addiction, and when trying to quit, smokers may need help to address physical nicotine cravings as well as behavior change, said Dr. Drew Pinsky, addiction expert nationally known for his syndicated radio talk show, Loveline, and the VH1 shows, Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. Products, like the new Nicorette mini Lozenge, can help address the physical symptoms associated with quitting and a new movement weve created online will help connect smokers, allowing them to share their stories and support. Nicorette is launching a mini Moments contest on the new ...
  • Fozzie and Lozenges
  • Trance Mix w Visualizer - DJ Lozenges sorry about the laggy visualizer overlay, recording a visualizer with camtasia is more intensive than i thought it would be. enjoy the song either way (made in fl studio, video made in adobe premiere pro)
  • Jurassic Park Theme - Lozenges House Mix I`ve worked on this one gradually for a month now, and I never really finished it. The ending is a little sudden, but either way I think it`s still cool. Made from scratch, with no samples from the original song, just some sweet fl plugin instruments! Let me know what you think
  • A Little Lounge - DJ Lozenges this ones a little more laidback, kindof like lounge music or ambiant or something.
  • Silence [Delirium & Sarah Mclaughlin] - DJ Lozenges Remix (for hq add to url: &fmt=18 ) I've been working on this one for a while, wasn't sure when it was ready to be posted. let me know what you think
  • B-Natal TheraPops™ and lozenges for morning sickness For sweet relief of morning sickness, try B-Natal® TheraPops™ and lozenges. With Vitamin B6 and sugar, B-natal relieves symptoms and is safe for mom and baby. Go to to order or ask your pharmacist.
  • Ted Koppel Brand Medicated Throat Lozenges A brand new product fully endorsed (but not really) by none other than Ted Koppel himself.
  • Moving On - DJ Lozenges ive worked on this one off and on for a while, not sure what i think of it tho. tell me if you like it (FL studio) ***Add &fmt=18 to end of URL for HQ***
  • Heartless - Kanye West vs Pendulum (Lozenges Mash Up) Free Download: Another mash up from DJ Lozenges
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Part 18 - Artificial Lozenges Yummy.
  • Katy Perry feat. Avicii - Firework (DJ Lozenges Remix) Here's a mashup of an unreleased track from Avicii with the acapella from Katy Perry, Firework. All credits for video go to EMI
  • Sam Needs Throat Lozenges! In which I say 'erm' a lot, struggle to name mutant!Adam and clearly left halfway through filming. Ooh! Impromptu challenge time: if you can spot the split between the two halves and point out the not-so-obvious change in my appearance (removing the cat ears doesn't count, by the way) then I'll do...something. I'll take an extra challenge for next week!
  • 1950s Listerine Throat Lozenges commercial Listerine Throat Lozenges. Watch more than 200 other classic commercials on my YouTube channel at /MrClassicAds
  • Disco-House - DJ Lozenges my latest track (FL Studio) ***Add &fmt=18 to end of URL for HQ***
  • Quit Smoking - the NicoDerm Patch and Commit Lozenges Smoking has been identified as the single most preventable cause of premature death in the United States. To have a better chance of succeeding, smokers need access to counseling, behavioral support programs and FDA approved stop smoking products.
  • ElectroMix 3 - DJ Lozenges couldnt think of a title for this one. comment, rate and subscribe if you like it. (made in FL Studio)
  • Miballs Throat Lozenges "The next time you have a sore throat, lick or suck on Miballs!"
  • Eric Prydz - Call on Me (DJ Lozenges RMX) DJ Lozenges RMX All credit given to DJ Lozenges @
  • Throat Lozenges Sam has a smart little brother.
  • Elderflower Cough Drops or Throat Lozenges
  • Strepsils Warm Lozenges Strepsils Warm Lozenges TV ads.
  • Piano Techno Original Track - DJ Lozenges Heres another one of my original tracks, starting with a hip hop style piano beat then working its way into techno. (made in fl studio)
  • ElectroMix 2 - DJ Lozenges ***Add &fmt=18 to end of URL for HQ*** this was one of my earlier songs, made in fl studio. i think its one of my better ones while i was just starting out
  • BioGaia® probiotics and B-natal® TheraPops™ and lozenges Promote good tummy and overall health with BioGaia® probiotic products for children and adults. BioGaia® probiotics come in drops (great for colicky infants), straws and drops for older children and adults. B-natal TheraPops™ and lozenges relieve symptoms of morning sickness with Vitamin B6 & sugar - safe for mom and baby. Go to for information. Maria Bailey reviews these products at the SmartMom Solutions Roadshow in Raleigh (April '10).
  • Bass So Loud - DJ Lozenges I made this (with no preloaded riffs like in garageband) using FL Studio. I tried to make the bass a little thicker than in m first song, since that was a suggestion. The cat walk seemed to fit the song
  • Honibe - Lozenges Honibe Lozenges
  • PPP...for...ML Profound Parody Presentation for Munni Lozenges Munni Si Production A string of linear, three dimensional and two dimensional dialogues
  • Trance Sunset Timelapse - DJ Lozenges Made using fl studio, and I shot the time lapse in Algonquin park, Canada
  • David Guetta - The World is Mine (DJ Lozenges Remix) I took the acapella track for The World Is Mine and added everything else from scratch. People havent liked my other remixes (call on me) as much so let me know if you like this one. Download much better quality at: (Made in FL studio)
  • Rogers Wireless Ringback - DJ Lozenges House Remix Free Download: Original Song: "Never Again" by Midway State This was by far the longest I've worked on any song. Have you ever called someone, and instead of the normal dialtone, heard this? When I heard this "Ringback" from Rogers Wireless, I decided to try to remix it as a joke...and ended up working on and off at it for around 2 months. Everything you hear is made from scratch, except the vocals which are copyright Rogers Canada. Render of video took 9 hours (not including time to make animation) Added effects and final 2 pass render in separate program. Enjoy! Programs used: FL Studio Cinema 4D Premiere Pro
  • Ricola Swiss Herb Lozenges @ Mong Kok Ricola LemonMint sugar free Swiss Herb Lozenges refreshing
  • The Difference Between Cough Drops and Throat Lozenges & a Silent Soap Opera to Follow The Difference Between Cough Drops and Throat Lozenges & a Silent Soap Opera to Follow all started out when I called a throat lozenge a throat lozenge and my friend insisted it was called a cough drop. I now have proof. There is a difference and a youtube video to prove it. And......since I couldn't just have a video that was educational........I had to make it fun (Hence the silent soap opera). Enjoy! :)
  • Eric Prydz - Call On Me {DJ Lozenges Remix} edit: i made this a while ago, and listening back on it now I definitely would have worked on it for longer than I did. oh well! This is my remix of the classic, "call on me". I made it in FL studio and I added my own drums and instruments to the vocals.
  • Allen's Butter-Menthols Throat Lozenges (Australian ad, 1984) Various television commercials from Australia: This advertisement was first broadcast on Australian television in the mid eighties. This advertisement for Allen's Butter-Menthols Throat Lozenges was first broadcast on Australian television in the year 1984.
  • How to Make Herbal Lozenges Make your own herbal lozenges with this simple recipe using slippery elm bark, licorice root and honey. This is a wonderful sore throat remedy to have on hand during the cold and flu season. It's also a great natural home remedy for coughs.
  • shadeftr: shadeftr: lozenges/vitaminc/honey/tea/pipagao ALRIGHT I am ready to cure my damn throat!!
  • slicedbreadno2: slicedbreadno2: Shout to the max and then suck on Lozenges.
  • youcantdobetta: youcantdobetta: @Sucessful_jay88 You want some lozenges for that cough ??
  • laineeclayton: laineeclayton: @STEEDA_1 haha yeah you need to get some lozenges or something! Haha
  • jeffreyhunter1: jeffreyhunter1: Everidis Health Sciences B-Natal Dietary #Supplement Lozenges for Morning Sickness, Green… http://t.co/Qezvtia
  • RakeshSolan: RakeshSolan: @SrBachchan keep throat lozenges handy for such bouts.
  • musicsoul1: musicsoul1: These throat lozenges make my mouth numb o_o
  • weigh8loss: weigh8loss: #Halls #Extra #Strong – 9 #Lozenges: Halls Extra Strong lozenges are #fast #acting lozenges that #start #working in… http://t.co/1hzaJaw
  • jess_meyer: jess_meyer: I needed throat lozenges and my mom got me the kind with menthol. I'm not going to use those.... #killme
  • samartini10: samartini10: @poptrashmoviee supply list: tissues, oxygen, throat lozenges (squeeing affects the throat) pics of family we won't be seeing for a while
  • tamaraarose: tamaraarose: Hoping to heal myself with a little TLC. A bubble bath & a good book. Oh, and Chinese throat lozenges too of course.
  • poyvillamonte: poyvillamonte: The only one that cares about my sore throat are these lozenges. My mother wants me to eat ice cream as my brother wants me to eat chocolate
  • jessamygumm: jessamygumm: Date night with my pillow, vitamin c lozenges and Hulu. Summer cold. Ugh.
  • melahelen: melahelen: I entered to win @therabreath throat lozenges to help keep my breath fresh from @rantsnrascals http://t.co/tkrBRDh
  • nibblewise: nibblewise: The switch to nicotine lozenges was relatively painless. How I get off them is anyone's guess. Might try cigarettes.
  • Mcclure1956: Mcclure1956: Zinc Lozenges Choclate Flavored: Zinc Lozenges for the Cold and Flu Season http://t.co/fN3fEmX #shopping #deals
  • naturalhealthc1: naturalhealthc1: Fisherman Friend Lozenges Sugar Free Refreshing Mint 102 - 19 Per pack, 24 packs ( Multi-Pack): 8-unit VALUE PA... http://t.co/kIxKMao
  • edmedmoped: edmedmoped: Eating some lozenges that went out of date 4 years and 4 months ago. Fresh.
  • NotQuiteNaomi: NotQuiteNaomi: "The efficacy of an antibacterial agent in lozenges in reducing the severity...
  • cola_katz: cola_katz: Hopefully my cough will lessen now, starting on some lemon Fisherman's friend lozenges
  • CoachKelly1: CoachKelly1: Will someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy or give Jadakiss some throat lozenges?! #thanx
  • dailyflicktweet: dailyflicktweet: RT @Onekumar: Tylenol... $7 Lozenges... $5 Movie tickets... $12 Going to see Contagion with the flu... Priceless
  • vicksgotseoul: vicksgotseoul: @Timothy_II why suffer needlessly? Especially since I just dropped some cash on this visit, I want more than just a script for OTC lozenges!
  • redisme86: redisme86: Pop one panadol n sucking on lozenges now. Hope tmr better.
  • Aine_Hennessy: Aine_Hennessy: Wakey, Wakey! Herbalife Quick Spark Lozenges with CoEnzyme Review http://t.co/ZrcD697
  • AclyaPaige: AclyaPaige: I love these cherry lozenges.
  • LibertyImages: LibertyImages: @retroroadmap LOL We'd better be careful or we'll need throat lozenges. LOL Did you check my Pinterest vintage RV board?
  • Nigerito: Nigerito: Just found my Dequadin lozenges! Wooo!
  • annisthenewpink: annisthenewpink: ...took pi pa gao, took the MAC lozenges, down a bottle of chicken essence, turned off the a/c (nose is still leaking). The works!
  • ditzydoctor: ditzydoctor: @cmjdavies awwww thanks! Lovely nurses and plying me with lozenges ;)
  • swaggalikeme: swaggalikeme: you need lozenges? (: RT @AWESOME_SQ: @swaggalikeme ahem :)
  • soulflsepulcher: soulflsepulcher: @matthewherper wasn't nose spray, it was lozenges i was referring to... they sell them everywhere
  • soulflsepulcher: soulflsepulcher: @matthewherper well, zinc is found naturally in foods, and ppl claim zinc lozenges help lessen cold symptoms, so it's a possibility
  • slingteo: slingteo: @hazyyynut and lozenges and tissue which he dropped on the flr! Gross
  • classytiger61: classytiger61: Wakey, Wakey! Herbalife Quick Spark Lozenges with CoEnzyme Review | Cosmetic Candy - The Purrrfect B http://t.co/jb1DfZ8
  • classytiger61: classytiger61: Wakey, Wakey! Herbalife Quick Spark Lozenges with CoEnzyme Review http://t.co/wfMQ05J
  • alyssaweldon: alyssaweldon: Echinacea is great for blasting away colds. I'm drinking tea, lozenges, the works! Hate colds.
  • jennielouharris: jennielouharris: @LadyChann honey, lemon and cayenne pepper is the remedy. Oh and get some dequacaine lozenges the numb up ur clart x
  • adamgerace: adamgerace: @cher Anesthetic lozenges, honey and lemon tea
  • k3me: k3me: Even if got klinik yang bukak tadi ill still get lozenges. Similar to strepsil just for a brief relief. Thanks #wiki
  • albert3801: albert3801: @zzap efficacy of antibacterial lozenges when colds and flus are viral infections? Hmmm...
  • shutupmike2: shutupmike2: @cher Rx: Cepacol throat lozenges Sig: use as directed,alsoSaline gargle,tea honey/lemon,keep well hydrated
  • TenaLudovico: TenaLudovico: ZINC LOZ W/ VIT C 100 MG WMILL 50 CAP: Windmill Zinc Lozenges With Vitamin C 100 Mg Dietary supplement Zinc Lo... http://t.co/V099Wz4
  • healthnvitamins: healthnvitamins: Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Lozenges Lemon — 70 g Reviews http://t.co/FzNDStI
  • healthnvitamins: healthnvitamins: New at Health Nutrition Vitamins: Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Lozenges Lemon -- 70 g Reviews http://t.co/02R7quz
  • blueberryscrump: blueberryscrump: @BiancaRita98 HAHAHAHAAHH. :D just eat lozenges/strepils, you'll recover quick (:
  • MzNaa_Dee: MzNaa_Dee: bet u need sme lozenges...RT @jude_of_jukes @MzNaa_Dee hm hmmm "clears throat"
  • leighshubby: leighshubby: @theJeremyVine work jogging bottoms. Right-hand nicotine lozenges. Left - Toe nail clippings from pre last nights bath.#pockets
  • cooperhawke: cooperhawke: Up early to do some zinc lozenges to head off head cold. Most time calms down cold some.
  • raquelbrolmes: raquelbrolmes: Halls throat lozenges now have motivational phrases on the wrapper. #why
  • PamBorrow: PamBorrow: Antibiotics, panadol,salt H20 gargle, hot lemon & honey,lozenges,olive leaf, garlic, eccinacia ,hot soup,sleep ,prayer-tonsillitis be gone!
  • theBetsyBoo: theBetsyBoo: @theJeremyVine Tube of glitter, Nicotine lozenges,4 bunches of keys,2 Lego men,lip gloss,iPhone,tape measure,half a pack of jammie dodgers
  • sabreenakaur: sabreenakaur: @notgavin me tooooo, and all the cough lozenges...
  • thmadness: thmadness: @ian_ianization haha okay. jiayou! rest well! if you fall sick again, im gonna buy you one whole truck of lozenges. hahahaha.
  • ViciousPotato: ViciousPotato: @zzap For the sore throat? Your best bet would just be the Difflam anaesthetic lozenges.
  • MaxinneMarie: MaxinneMarie: Been taking a lot of Strepsils lozenges for my throat and Ambroxol Hcl Strepsils for cough lately. Darn it. Performance at Rob tomorrow. T_T
  • Blenatio: Blenatio: Tobacco Lozenges Being Tested http://t.co/3AKGkF1
  • NadiaEvans: NadiaEvans: The after effect for lozenges suck. Seriously.
  • ImForte2UPianos: ImForte2UPianos: Set them throat lozenges out tho...
  • aiaxlee: aiaxlee: Sorethroat's the worse. Lozenges won't help.
  • magpenz: magpenz: The cast of "All That" must have bought throat lozenges in bulk. Always yelling all the time.
  • CheckLit: CheckLit: @thepbaologist Ahem ahem yes? Need cough drops, Fidel?;P Lozenges? Haha!
  • nikulasss: nikulasss: @Nichology go get lozenges la. Should help!
  • melahelen: melahelen: I entered to win @therabreath throat lozenges to help keep my breath fresh from @rantsnrascals http://t.co/tkrBRDh
  • SobbyNg: SobbyNg: Mum ask go buy lozenges. I want, but lazy argh okay. Eat first, thn bathe and go. :B
  • puiyeechong: puiyeechong: @seonpcs @c_engchi difflam lozenges or got one new strepsils with duo action de.. also okay..
  • CapitalKAE: CapitalKAE: Upside of the severity of this cold: Don't really notice the hideous aftertaste of the zinc lozenges. Or any flavors. Or smells. #halffull
  • NickBianchi: NickBianchi: @MimiBakerMN Hi, Mimi! Doing okay but fighting a sore throat. Went through a ton of Benzocaine lozenges at the office today. How are you?
  • VonOwns: VonOwns: Who finish my lozenges?? I need it and there's none at home! Strepsil doesn't really help.
  • newchapterorg: newchapterorg: We're starting to feel fall time in the air! Prepare for the upcoming fall and winter seasons with Immunity Take Care! http://t.co/nIPoLoe
  • YKChua: YKChua: damn hate sore throat.. i guess i gonna spam Robitussin Lozenges
  • olittesetax: olittesetax: Fisherman's Friend Sugar Free Refreshing Mint Cough Suppressant Lozenges, 38-count: http://t.co/S71v27W
  • andrewlx: andrewlx: i could use a big bowl of mashed potatoes, some throat lozenges, and transformice right now...
  • AmaliaTd: AmaliaTd: I need lozenges. Or something. This sore throat is killing me.
  • PriapicMarmot: PriapicMarmot: Apropos, if anyone in DC wants to find me, stop by the Portrait Gallery atrium. I’m the chap scribbling and popping nicotine lozenges.
  • TheDelovely: TheDelovely: I will be needing water and throat lozenges after.
  • carezillaorg: carezillaorg: GlaxoSmithKline Commit 2mg M http://t.co/KtaUXZe
  • ECHINACEAVITAMI: ECHINACEAVITAMI: Sundown Zinc Lozenges Plus Vitamin C & Echinacea, Fruit Flavor, 50 Lozenges (Pack of 4): Dietary supplement. Hel... http://t.co/XSjvfOQ
  • adhd_tweets: adhd_tweets: Have you ever heard of Nicotine to treat ADHD?: My neighbor is giving her child nicotine lozenges (2 mg) to treat... http://t.co/x2FekEA
  • theblacksheeep: theblacksheeep: Why do Luden's throat lozenges taste so much like candy? #addicted
  • MarieRoseAlexa: MarieRoseAlexa: Under the weather at the moment. Lozenges are welcome. Make me better! Me no feel well.
  • GagasBarbie: GagasBarbie: These little lozenges of yummyness are so... YUMMY. http://t.co/0n0RpXo
  • VeronJurkezipp: VeronJurkezipp: Zinc lozenges and the duration of colds http://t.co/94yg5PR
  • ESPNCaddie: ESPNCaddie: @ZachJohnsonPGA I hope you've got throat lozenges in your bag, gonna have a sore throat after all the, "pick it up" u r gonna b saying!
  • hanelwood: hanelwood: Mouths numb from too many throat lozenges #bleugh
  • Founddiscount: Founddiscount: 440 ct tw Aquamarine Bracelet in 14kt Yellow Gold 7quot: This dreamy bracelet twinkles with oval lozenges of aqu... http://t.co/qngwOnN
  • recipes4weight: recipes4weight: Country Life Zinc Lozenges, 23 mg, Plus Vitamin C, Lemon, 120-Count ( http://t.co/Rs64WMR (via @prettylink)
  • RosalynThomson: RosalynThomson: Couldn't find the box of covonia cough lozenges for ages then I come across them in my nail varnish bag. A bit late.
  • MKEthridge: MKEthridge: @DanceswithEllen They're zinc lozenges that are supposed to nip colds in the bud. Jus d'orange works too!
  • NickAHanning: NickAHanning: @legallyredx Yikes. You poor love. *sends flowers, lozenges and Shiraz*
  • JeremiahShirley: JeremiahShirley: Vitamin B12 Sublingual, 1000 mcg (60 Lozenges): Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of the entire nervous sy... http://t.co/49H6jwi
  • dipnutmed: dipnutmed: Simply Healthy - For all your health needs... - Propolis Lozenges http://t.co/zrEFRbV
  • cassiecardwell: cassiecardwell: after an adventure to the library, i have a grande chai tea latte, tissues, and throat lozenges. #perfectsickdayremedy
  • chelsearayyyy: chelsearayyyy: @Khleo_T ME TOO; I HAVE LOZENGES!!
  • castanosj: castanosj: I could use some cough drops or lozenges, hot soup, tea and my baby right now
  • Onekumar: Onekumar: Tylenol... $7 Lozenges... $5 Movie tickets... $12 Going to see Contagion with the flu... Priceless

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