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  • Quadratus Lumborum: The magnitude of moment arms as well as physiologic cross-sectional area have a profound effect on the predicted muscle forces of biomechanical models. — “Back Muscles in the Lumbar Spine With Reference to”,
  • A quadratus lumborum is a muscle that laterally flexes the trunk and elevates the hips. The quadratus lumborum is often a common source of lower back pain because it is the muscle that connects the pelvis to the spine, and has the. — “Quadratus Lumborum”,
  • Explanation on the differences between the actions of the oblique muscles in the abdomen and the quadratus lumborum. — “OBLIQUES AND QUADRATUS LUMBORUM - ”,
  • How to find and massage Perfect Spot No. 2, a common trigger point in the quadratus lumborum muscle in the back. — “Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain”,
  • Quadratus lumborum is one of the muscles of the posterior abdominal wall. Quadratus lumborum has several actions: respiration: fixes the twelfth rib in relation to the pull of the diaphragm. a muscle of. — “quadratus lumborum (anatomy) - General Practice Notebook”,
  • Anterior to the Quadratus lumborum are the colon, the kidney, the Psoas major and (if The quadratus lumborum, or QL, is a common source of lower back pain. — “Quadratus lumborum muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Located in the SW corner of the Omni Centre in downtown Council Bluffs Quadratus lumborum (low back, hip, groin pain) E-mail: [email protected]“Quadratus lumborum”,
  • quadratus lumborum One of a pair of fleshy muscles forming part of the posterior abdominal wall. It has its distal attachments on the iliolumbar. — “quadratus lumborum: Information from ”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is the Quadratus Lumborum? The quadratus lumborum — sometimes known as the QL — is a muscle located in the lower back. — “What Is the Quadratus Lumborum?”,
  • How to Identify the Quadratus Lumborum. The quadratus lumborum is a muscle of the deep back. It is behind the colon and kidney, and the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastricand and twelfth thoracic nerves are between the quadratus lumborum and. — “How to Identify the Quadratus Lumborum | ”,
  • Organ Quadratus Lumborum including diseases and disorders affecting the Quadratus Lumborum organ or body system. — “Quadratus Lumborum - ”,
  • The quadratus lumborum is a lower back muscle that is in the posterior abdominal wall. — “Quadratus Lumborum Anatomy Posterior Abdominal Wall”, ab-core-and-stomach-
  • Iliocostalis Lumborum. origin: anterior surface of a broad and thick tendon which synergists: Longissimus Thoracis , Quadratus Lumborum; Original Text by Clifford R. — “Iliocostalis Lumborum - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics”,
  • Lumborum's. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Lumborum's. Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Strain Symptoms, Muscle Structure of the Lower Back, Muscle Anatomy of the Lower Back, Pelvic Obliquity. — “Lumborum's | ”,
  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch. Directions. Lie on a flat, elevated surface. If it's a bed, remove the covers first for a firmer surface. Place a pillow (or stack 2) on the edge of the long side of the bed, with the shorter side of the pillow(s) on the edge of the side of the bed. — “Quadratus Lumborum Stretch”,
  • Deep Low Back Lateral Flexor. Heads. Quadratus Lumborum. Movement. Spine Quadratus Lumborum] Left Lateral flexion left [Left Quadratus Lumborum] Rotation (from. — “Quadratus Lumborum”,
  • I have a few questions that i have about the QL that i have to include in a informational brochure about the muscle for a project in my anatomy class What bones are involved? What is the muscle appearance? Muscle Diagram of Quadratus Lumborum?. — “Questions about the Quadratus Lumborum? I have a few”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Lumborum - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Acronym Finder: QL stands for Quadratus Lumborum (muscle) Primary muscles include: iliopsoas, quadratus lumborum, gluteus medius/ minimus, tensor fascia latae, iliotibial band, adductor longus/magnus, vastus medialis obliques, tibialis anterior, posterior tibialis, flexor digitrum longus, soleus and. — “QL - Quadratus Lumborum (muscle)”,
  • Quadratus lumborum muscle. ACTION: hip hiker, side bender. REFERRAL:sacro-iliac joiont, lateral hip, gluteal area. COMMENTS: The quadratus lumborum is a well known muscle that is a primary cause of lower back pain. Its action of bringing the hip up is important for balancing postural distortion. — “Quadratus lumborum muscle”,
  • Palpation of the quadratus lumborum (a significant back pain muscle) and a mini-massage treatment of it.. Watch Video about Massage,Muscles,Pain by . — “Quadratus Lumborum Palpation And Mini Massage Treatment - Video”,
  • Attaching superiorly to the 12th rib and the transverse processes of L1 to L4, and inferiorly to the posteromedial iliac crest and iliolumbar ligament, the quadratus lumborum has as some of its major functions: Trigger points from quadratus lumborum are especially interesting for the manual therapist. — “King: Muscle Memories”,

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  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch Neuromuscular Therapist Sam Visnic from teaches how to get an effective quadratus lumborum stretch and exercise for the quadratus lumborum muscle.
  • RE: QL Pain
  • QL Rotate & Press Here is a brief description of how to do SMR for the quadratus lumborum, a deep extensor muscle that is attached to the bottom of your last rib, the back & lateral aspects of your lumbar vertebrae and the top of your hip bone. You should do this movement at least once every two weeks to maintain proper hip & lower back function.
  • Low Back stretch for Quadratus Lumborum Learn how to stretch the 'QL' to quickly and effectively release low back pain.
  • Myofascial Dry Needling: Quadratus Lumborum Expert Myofascial Dry Needling demonstration.
  • Side Bridge-Phase 2 Progression of McGill's side bridge exercise for the lateral stabilizing muscles (quadratus lumborum, obliques). This is the more advanced version with the initial version shown on .
  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch 2 For more life training tips visit mytraining4 Also http shows us how simple choices such as exercise and nutrition can have a positive impact on our hectic lifestyles and lead us to better health.
  • Pilates Lateral Flexion Side Leg Series Video This video illustrates the Lateral Flexion exercise of the Side Leg Series. It is obviously a great exercise for lateral flexion and balance. The Lateral Flexion exercise targets the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, quadratus lumborum, adductors and abductors. Focus on maintaining the engagement of the abdominals and transversus abdominis. Avoid sinking into the floor on your supporting side. Keep inner thighs connected and reach long out of the feet and head. Stabilize the scapulae to avoid tension in your trapezius. To modify the exercise, keep the upper body on the floor and just lift the legs. You can also add a ring or small ball between the lower legs to add resistance and help maintain the inner thigh connection. As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any exercise program. If you should experience any pain or discomfort, please discontinue the exercise and consult your doctor immediately. For more information visit .
  • Shoulder Exercise | Side Press This is really a full body exercise - not a shoulder exercise in the traditional sense - and one of the most effective frontal plane exercises you'll ever find. No, you don't need the Gray Cook Bar as in the video. (I used to use a simple dowel with an eye hook.)
  • Palpation and Mini Massage of the Quadratus Lumborum
  • Massage Therapy: Lower Back Relief Massage expert Susan G. Salvo demonstrates a brief and effective lower back routine. She targets muscles such as the quadratus lumborum, psoas, and paraspinals with massage and stretching techniques. Salvo also throws in a little PNF. Use these techniques to help your clients reduce their lower back pain.
  • How to Find Trigger Points : Trigger Points in the Quadratus Lumborum Learn about different trigger points in the quadratus lumborum, or QL, with expert chiropractic advice from a practicing chiropractor in this free alternative medicine video clip. Expert: Dr. Chris Mango Bio: Dr. Chris Mango has been a practicing Chiropractor in the New York City Region for the last 4 years. He also practices medicinal healing and massage therapy. Filmmaker: Buccola Richard
  • Quadratus Lumborum Trigger Points
  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch For more life training tips visit mytraining4 Also http shows us how simple choices such as exercise and nutrition can have a positive impact on our hectic lifestyles and lead us to better health.
  • Quadruped: Hip Extension Bent Leg Dowel Parallel One of the primary torso (core) training exercises that should be included in any well-rounded strength training program is an Anti-Rotational exercise. Quadruped (sometimes referred to as Bird Dog) exercises fit into that category. The torso's ability to absorb stress/forces as well as efficiently transmit stress/forces from upper to lower extremities (and vice versa) is vital to maximizing performance and minimizing mechanical breakdown (ie disc injury). Of primary importance in this exercise is the ability of the body to gain postural endurance through glute medius, multifidus, quadratus lumborum and transverse abdominals as well improving scapular stabilizers, rotator cuff to minimize rotator cuff injury. Finally, improving glute max activation is a common need aiding in decreased low back pain. Coaching Points: 1. Hands under shoulders, knees under hips (hip - shoulder width max). 2. Neutral spine and shoulders retracted. 3. One knee on Airex pad and one knee off (and off ground as well) 4. Dowel runs parallel to spine with 3 points of contact (head, shoulder blades, glutes) to be maintained throughout. 5. Extend heel to ceiling (activate glute but do not arch spine). 6. Make the body long from the top of the head through the opposite knee. 7. Hold for 1-5 seconds and repeat.
  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch If you experience one sided lower back pain after a run, stretching the quadratus lumborum may provide relief. If the pelvis is not controlled or stabilized throughout running, it may be the result of quadratus lumborum and/or gluteus medius weakness. Weakness of these muscles can lead to one-sided lower back pain. Practical Benefits: This exercise may help to alleviate one sided, lower back pain.
  • Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Tests Muscle Tests
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  • Pressure points of the Back 1 Level 1 Come and join us on Face Book Extra Videos as well as Training tips and things! After an in-depth discussion with my Professional Physiotherapist friend I have decided to extend the Pressure point series in to deeper Levels, of understanding, therefore a more extensive series based on True Anatomy. The Quadratus Lumborum, A primary target on the back, see more on my site Easy to hit, and has a great amount of spasm and pain , as well a causing the person to lose balance by making the side and back rigid though spasm. If you have a lot of lower/side back pain the culprit is likely to be the Quadratus Lumborum that is damaged. The first in a new series of pressure point Videos, Covering every major and many minor Kyusho/Atemi or pressure points on the body, A great benefit to Martial Artists in Any Style, Trevor Robinson, Will be using The Russian Martial Art Systema As a preference. Thanks to Rob Mike and Ross for taking the hits! This Video is for information only, Train with a competent Teacher whenever doing Martial Arts, No animals were hurt during the making of this Film CGI 3D Animation by Trevor Robinson.
  • QL stretch on Swiss Ball P3 Sports Care www.P3specialized in sports injuries and getting athletes back to their sports fast. We see athletes anywhere from baseball, triathletes, golfers, basketball, cyclist, runners and so on. We provide Active Release Techniques (ART), chiropractic care, strength training and corrective exercises. P3 Sports Care is located in Huntington Beach, CA. 714-392-6482
  • October 4, 2010 4:13 PM Spinalis, Longissimus Illiocostalis Same origin, same action Same innervation Erector spinae They all different insertions Bilaterally Extends vertebral column and also extends the head That is all it does that way Unilaterally Extends the vertebral column and also extends the head Erector spinae Chorus: Rectus abdominis same innervation as external oblique thoracic ventral rami Internal oblique same action as external but different origins Linea alba via rectus sheath that's the common insertion obliques and transversus abdominis Quadratus lumborum hypaxial Verses: Thoracic muscles three intercostals and thoracic all same innervation Thoracic ventral rami Gluteal maximus inferior gluteal nerve other three are superior extend, abduct, flex, and rotate thigh this is the gluteal group Chorus repeats Verse: Some muscles that we know spinalis and the longissimus Internal external obliques Quadratus lumborum and of course gluteus maximus Chorus repeats
  • Seated QL Stretch Figure 4 Exercise ( The QL (quadratus lumborum) muscle helps the body bend to the side, elevates the hip, and stabilizes the low back. These stretches are designed to help reduce lower back pain.
  • 90 Day Healthy Habits Challenge, Day 58: Core Training Part 5 Using a stability ball is a great way to challenge your core from a variety of angles. Side flexion and rotation are types of movements we use throughout each day of our lives. By using a stability ball to strengthen the muscles that move our body in this motion (primarily the obliques, rectus abdominus, and quadratus lumborum muscles) and also resist this motion, we increase our ability to protect our spine and transfer energy through our core. You'll need a stability ball and a wall for these exercises.
  • The Best Advanced Low Back Massage Greetings Everyone, Advanced Low back massage technique. ~~~~CAUTION~~~THIS IS AN ADVANCED TECHNIQUE Ihope you are finding these videos useful. They are a joy to create. If you happen to be looking for massage related products like T-shirts, poster, bumper stickers of books please check out this website that I have also created: If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and wish to learn more about massage therapy please visit my schools website: Peace is with you.........
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  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch, Back Pain exercise. Purpose of this back pain exercise is to stretch the quadratus lumborum muscle. Healing back pain can be achieved by stretching tight muscles of the lower back. Go to for more information.
  • QL Self Tigger Point Release Technique Supine or wall self release technique for the QL's
  • The Quadratus Lumborum Muscle In this episode of Shane & Susan Epperly's Clinical Massage Therapy Vlog, Shane Epperly, LMTI, CMT, CFT, discusses the Quadratus Lumborum (or QL) muscle, its anatomy, and common ways in which it is likely to develop trigger points and cause (sometimes debilitating) pain. Clients, Patients, Massage Therapists, and other Health & Wellness Practitioners can all learn something about the Quadratus Lumborum muscle from this vlog entry. http
  • No 12: Quadratus Lumborum Stretch Tommy Yoga by Jolly Walker
  • BodyWisdom Massage Therapies: Quadratus Lumborum Gary Wilson demonstrates side-lying treatment of the quadratus lumborum muscle. This clip is an excerpt of the 73-minute instructional DVD: Clinical Treatment of the Spine.
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  • Dan John - One arm farmers walk for QL strength The man himself teaching one arm farmers walk using a 40kg kettlebell. This exercise is not only good for strengthening your QL but ankles also
  • Quadratus Lumborum Stretch These exercises should not be followed if you have existing or on going muscular or joint pain issues. Please consult your osteopath, general medical practitioner or other primary healthcare professional before starting any exercise program.
  • Side Bridge The side bridge----designed to strengthen the quadratus lumborum, the most overlooked muscle group in the core.Exercise demonstrated by Dr. Scott Neubauer of Coastal Health and Fitness in Laguna Hills, California. As with any exercise program, consult with you health care provider before attempting this or any other activities. For more information, go to:
  • Quadratus Lumborum SCS.wmv Strain/Counterstrian technique for the quadratus lumborum
  • Exercise Videos- Lumbar Side-Bend The lumbar side bend stretches the spinal lateral flexors (quadratus lumborum, obliques and abdominals). This exercise can be performed at the office, in between work. The lumbar side bend increases mobility in the lower back.
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing, breathing patterns Demonstrates how to teach clients proper diaphragmatic breathing to decrease low back pain and tightness and increase core stabilization.
  • Foam Roller - the Travel Roller - Basic Foam Roller Exercise - Lower Back pain relief Travel Roller Basic Technique Lower Back (quadratus lumborum) "This Is How We Roll" Using the travel roller massage tool to relieve lower back pain, the travel roller is a great tool for reducing muscle pain.
  • ashbash413: @billy_means can you stretch my quadratus lumborum?
  • JointMedical: Who can answer: what is the quadratus lumborum and how does it relate to scoliosis?
  • noksdboss: AY SABI. RT @Green__Goblin: Quadratus Lumborum?“@zoloto1: All ye med students! Who can name ǻ muscle in †ђξ leg starting from †ђξ letter Q?”

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  • “Back Pain Relief Blog. Working with the Multifidus Muscle. How To Get A Quadratus Lumborum Stretch. How To Sleep With A Disc Bulge. Should You Use Inversion Therapy For Back Pain? Aerobics For Back Pain? What to Do with Anterior Pelvic Tilt AND Disc Herniation!”
    — Back Pain Relief Blog,

  • “ crest and iliolumbar ligament, the quadratus lumborum has as some of its major functions: can trigger overload of the quadratus lumborum, especially if there is an existing”
    — King: Muscle Memories,

  • “The quadratus lumborum or the QL' for short, is an extensor of the lumbar vertebrae, bilaterally, and a When you move one hip up as in the motion of holding a baby on one side, you are using the Quadratus Lumborum on that side of your spine”
    — Massage Connection " Blog Archive " Muscle of the Month,

  • “Core Anatomy: anatomy, In this case, is the body minus the legs and arms. Functional Quadratus lumborum (located directly on the five segments of the lumbar or lower spine)”
    — Core System " TOTALLY BENT INTO SHAPE,

  • “Re: Quadratus Lumborum. Hi Andrew, the QL is part of the Deep Front Line, but you are Re: Quadratus Lumborum. Hi Andrew and Mark, The QL is also a major player in lateral”
    — Anatomy Trains / Quadratus Lumborum,

  • “*PREVIOUS POST* Geri Aug 31, 2009 - 1:30AM Quote Reply Quadratus Lumborum muscle/ advise help please After two years of suffering with pain, 3 CT”
    — Quadratus Lumborum muscle/ advise help please | The Healthy,

  • “Answers to all your Biology Questions. Search. forum | site wide. Search. forum | site wide. Board index " General Biology " Human Quadratus Lumborum. by faith_johns " Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:49 pm. Hi, I need to do a short presentation on QL can anyone help with”
    — Quadratus Lumborum - Biology-Online, biology-

  • “Posted by kboyle in Blog, Exercise | 0 comments. The Deadlift (DL). The DL is a fundamental exercise for the development of total and knee extensors, spinal erectors, quadratus lumborum, abdominal (core), and other primary "mover" muscles”
    — The Deadlift | National TacFit,

  • “Basic/Newbie Forum. Triathlon Gear. Health/Nutrition. Race Reports lumborum balance. Posts. 81. Member. 1037 days. started by M on March 16, 2008. I went for my”
    — 1st massage! / quadratus lumborum balance | Trifuel,

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