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  • Magnetophone music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Magnetophone on Yahoo! Music Demo of my AEG K8 Magnetophon playing Flat Foot Sam by Elmon Mickle (a very rare Elko blues 45rpm by the way). — “Magnetophone on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Innovations were many during the Magnetophon's three-year development. In August 1935, the Magnetophon K1 was unveiled at the Berlin Radio Fair. — “1935 AEG Magnetophon Tape Recorder”,
  • Mullin said, "The Magnetophon had been used at Radio Frankfurt and at other stations in occupied Germany by He returned home with great enthusiasm, resolved to get into the business of making an American copy of the Magnetophon and its tape. — “JACK MULLIN”,
  • Magnetophone Similar Artists: Autechre , Wagon Christ , Thievery Corporation , Static Brothers Genres: Electronica Biography Matt Saunders and John For the tape recorder, see Magnetophon. — “Magnetophone: Information from ”,
  • Stefano Pasini. AEG Magnetophon (1944) This machine was brought back in the USA as spoils of war and modified by Capt. Cullin of the US Army, who understood its value. This became the basis of the future 'AMPEX' tape-recording machines. Back to my collection of Reel-to-Reel machines. — “AEG Magnetophon”,
  • Magnetophon was the brand or model name of the pioneering reel-to-reel tape recorder developed by engineers of the German electronics company AEG in One of the first concerts to be recorded on a Magnetophon was Mozart's 39th Symphony played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by. — “Magnetophon”,
  • In 1936 the magnetophon, an improved version of Valdemar Poulsen's magnetic recording invention, was introduced in Germany by the AEG and I. G. Farben companies. The magnetophon incorporated many new features, an important one being the use of a plastic-base tape. — “Magnetophon - GHN: IEEE Global History Network”,
  • Talk story about the sound recording equipment at the U.N.O. headquarters at Hunter College. Recordgraph, or embossed film, is used by court reporters for a quick check-back of their notes Magnetophon;. — “The Talk of the Town: Voices : The New Yorker”,
  • Demo of my AEG K8 Magnetophon playing Flat Foot Sam by Elmon Mickle (a very rare Elko blues 45rpm by the way). This rare machine is in great working order an. — “YouTube - 1948 AEG Magnetophon K8 tape recorder”,
  • 1960 Telefunken Magnetophon KL 75/15. The KL 75/15 was a modified version of the KL 75. The specifications were much the same as for the KL 75 but the price for the "K" model was substantially reduced. — “Telefunken Magnetophon KL 75/15”, .au
  • Find *1974* Telefunken magnetophon type MC 2100 HiFi in Electronics, Vintage Electronics , Cassette Decks category on — “*1974* Telefunken magnetophon type MC 2100 HiFi on”,
  • An early Magnetophon. Even though the wire recorder was still in its infancy, the technology that would bring about its obsolescence was already taking shape. The recorder, called the Magnetophon was initially disappointing in its performance compared to existing. — “History of the Wire Recorder - The Magnetophon (or”, recording-
  • The 50th Anniversary of the Magnetophon. This jubilee was an occasion for audio engineers to look back on how the tape recorder was born and to see what has become of it. Its evolution during the years from 1888 to almost 1945 is discussed. — “AES E-Library: Magnetic Sound Recording in Europe up to 1945”,
  • eBay: Find Telefunken reel to reel recorder magnetophon 205 OLD in the Electronics , Vintage Electronics , Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders , Other category on eBay. — “Telefunken reel to reel recorder magnetophon 205 OLD - eBay”,
  • Studio Magnetophon is a recording studio in Maastricht, the Netherlands. We offer great acoustics, an inspiring atmosphere, and 32 channel recording. Located in Culturele Vrijplaats het Landbouwbelang. — “Studio Magnetophon”,
  • Magnetophon from a German radio station in World War II. Magnetophon was the brand or model name of the pioneering reel-to-reel tape recorder developed by engineers of the German electronics company AEG in the 1930s, based on the magnetic tape invention by Fritz Pfleumer. — “Magnetophon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • magnetophon 3000M HiFi (3000 M) Radio Telefunken. — “magnetophon 3000M HiFi (3000 M) Radio Telefunken”,

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  • Taśmy do magnetofonów szpulowych Taśmy do magnetofonów szpulowych. Magnetofon szpulowy Unitra Uwertura m1417s Taśma
  • Modern music on vintage Grundig TK-17 magnetophone WARNING: lower your volume and/or de-emphasize midrange, especially if you have small speakers, otherwise this video's audio can easily saturate all but the best speakers/headphones. Ever wondered how modern music would sound on a vintage magnetophone, with tubes and all? This video will give you a brief insight with different -mostly electronic, but also more traditional genres- considered. It's a pity the camera is actually of much lower audio fidelity than the recorder itself! It's a delight to listen to in person :-)
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  • BRG MK27 magnetofon retro magnetofonreklám Magyarországról retro magnetofon commercial from Hungary
  • Pink Floyd - In the flesh played on a magnetophon
  • Unitra Magnetofon plays some Oldschool Hip Hop [VINTAGE!] vintage unitra cassettedeck playing some oldschool hiphop ^^
  • Magnetofon Tesla B700 popis,video /description Video věnované cívkovému magnetofonu tesla B700. This is video about reel tape recorder tesla B700 from Tesla Prelouc Czechoslovakia. Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti 2LP 1975
  • [email protected] Cypel Magnetofon Festiwal !!! totally clipped condenser microphone in recorder with camcorder with mobile phone and alarm clock !!!
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  • 1948 AEG Magnetophon K8 tape recorder Demo of my AEG K8 Magnetophon playing Flat Foot Sam by Elmon Mickle (a very rare Elko blues 45rpm by the way). This rare machine is in great working order and uses German Telefunken vacuum tubes (EF12, EF14 etc.). It runs at 76cm/s (30ips) and is full track mono. I'm looking for old AEG Magnetophon machines, if you have one please let me know.
  • Unitra M7020 Cassette Deck Magnetofon Unitra M7020 ;) Dobre bo Polskie ;)
  • magnetophone AKAI GX 220 Novika Tricks of life gx220 AKAI GX-220 Novika - Tricks of life gx220 magnetofon, magnetophone
  • Telefunken magnetophon 201 TS A short video of one of a magnetophon 201 TS that has just been restored into decent working state. Its not perfect yet, but its decent enough to share with the public. :) Pretty amazing a machine this old still runs this well imho! :-o
  • AtaZ-Öreg Magnetofon Ez is egy kedvenc...
  • Telefunken Magnetophon 212 Telefunken Magnetophon 212 tape recorder from the late 60's.
  • YouTube- Gumy Maci Magnetofon Pricol
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  • Repairing the Telefunken Magnetophon 204TS reel-to-reel (part 1) It still needs some new belts.
  • A visit to the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting (July 2009) A collection of clips I shot at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in Minneapolis, MN. In this video you will see: 1. Sending SOS on the spark gap transmitter 2. Q&A session showing the operation of a vintage television studio 3. A novelty turntable-less record player 4. The Magnetophone, an early reel to reel tape recorder 5. 1939 Philco console radio with Mystery Control (an RF radio remote) I have another video posted showing the operation of the Philco in greater detail as well.
  • Magnetophone - Oh Darlin' [I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me- 4AD] I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me 4AD - UK - 2000
  • Magnetofon Kashtan-1.avi
  • UNITRA ZRK M2405 S Stereo magnetofon szpulowy stereo
  • Akai GX 77 reel-to-reel tape recorder magnetofon Magnetofon Akai GX 77. 3-motor DC servo system.6 heads, auto-reverse, bias adjust, EE tapes capability, digital timer, green and red led stereo vu-meter, with remaining peaks over 0dB. Metalic sound. "Little brother" of Akai GX 747.
  • WAV to Tape: Dubbing iPad audio to a Telefunken Magnetophon 97 traced the schematic of this old Telefunken Tape Machine to sort out the connection between an iPad to the audio inputs. I should probably use transformers, but this was just a quick test. Music: Sadie Contini's cover Daylight Savings written by GN.
  • Magnetofon Kashtan Maw
  • fonoteka 2 / 12 Magnetofon MK-125 www.77
  • First tape recorded with 1934 AEG Magnetophon prototype What you hear is what was recorded in On April 27, 1935 in the Ludwigshaven Theater using the pictured AEG Magnetophon prototype. Four different prototypes were built between 1932 and 1934, and this is the last one. It should have been exposed in the 1934 Berlin Radio Fair, but still had some troubles, especially a major design issue where the tape would break if you did not wait until the reels stop before playing/rewinding. There was no fast forward and the capstan motor was asynchronous, hence audible pitch variation. Its improved successor became the Magnetophon K1 (which is a visually different machine). The cuts, pitch variations and other sound "defects" are authentic. The tape used was the early gray Carbonyl Iron type, quickly replaced by black Fe3O4 tapes in 1936. The tape speed was 1 meter per second (100cm/s). The piano and cello sonata heard remains unknown. If anybody knows this music please let me know. Note that I am looking for AEG Magnetophon machines: please contact me if you have one.
  • Kenwood KX-550HX magnetofon kasetowy (Cassette Deck) 1987 Kaseta SONY UX-S chrom.Zgrywane do wejścia liniowego.[Oglądaj wHQ]
  • Excerpt of 1944 stereo tape recording with Bruckner Berliner Staatsoper and Karajan (8th Symphony) This is a short excerpt of the final movment of Bruckner's 8th Symphony performed by the Berliner Staatsoper with Herbert von Karajan. The first three movements were either not recorded in stereo, or the tapes did not survive. Mono recordings exist, however. This wonderful recording shows how advanced the German sound recording technology was. The earliest known german stereo recording dates 1943, although the patents date 1942. Around 250 stereo recordings were made, but only two complete ones survived in addition to this incomplete performance. They are believed to have been destroyed by bombings. Over a decade passed until the tape recording industry adopted stereo in 1955. It is still a mystery why the germans did not always record live performances in stereo, but in the other hand, mono recordings gave better dynamics and output level. Note that I'm looking for AEG Magnetophon machines. If you have one please let me know.
  • Telefunken magnetophon 12B This is the Telefunken M12B portable (well, kind of) tape recorder. It's a professional stereo machine with 19 & 38cms speeds. This one's in a heavy duty flight case, it takes up to 10,5 inch reels or the classical AEG platters as shown in the video. Also this version uses the traditional German oxide-out configuration. It is built like a tank, as you'd expect from old professional equipment. With the solid flight case it weighs about 30kg. The heads on this machine are of the glass ferrite variety, so I expect this machine to last for a long time yet, even though it's already 30 years old. Spares are still available, if somewhat expensive. The small add on with the digital display is an autolocator, it's not original. This is a modification I made to the machine, otherwise it's in original condition.
  • Magnetofon/ Tape recorder B90 and my tube amplifier. Magnetofon- TESLA B90 mono. Zesilovač- můj výrobek- 40W mono. 2*EL34,6N1P-EV,6F12P, EM84. Tape recorder-tesla B90. My amplifier uses two EL34-pentode in pushpull class AB with 450V on anodes. Tone corector is ''baxandall'' (active) type. It's conected beetween systems of 6F12P. Total current from power supply is aprox. 180mA.
  • Fonoteka 1 / 6 Magnetofon www.77
  • Telefunken Magnetophon 301 reel-to-reel portable recorder. Made in GERMANY!!!!!!! Very nice recorder. It uses a dual-flywheel design. Freq response 40-14000 Hz. Songs played (in order): E-Man - Great Nations Linear Movement - Due to You
  • A first look at the Telefunken magnetophon 3002 L reel-to-reel
  • Inside shot and first record test-Telefunken Magnetophon 301 A very nice recorder. Soon I will make a full-blown presentation of ot,
  • Jack Mullin recounts his discovery of the AEG Magnetophon tape recorder and how his life changed Jack Mullin recounts how his life changed after discovering the performance of the AEG Magnetophon, the first tape recorders used in Germany to record live performances and for broadcasting. The first models retailed during the fall of 1935 and rapidly evolved. True Hi-fi recordings were possible as early as 1941, and stereo machines even existed in 1943. At that time, one listening to his radio would never distinguish a live performance from a recorded one. Remarkable recordings were made, lots of which are still available nowadays. Jack Mullin understood the potential of the AEG Magnetophon and brought two machines with him, which are seen on the picture. The amplifiers on the rear are not original. Mulli only took what was necessary: the tape transports and fifty reels of tape. He was the first to put Bing Crosby on tape and Ampex built its first professional tape recorders using the AEG design. The rest is history. Note that I am looking for AEG Magnetophon machines: if you have one, please let me know.
  • Kleinanzeige_NR: #NR #Kleinanzeigen Tonbandgerät Telefunken Magnetophon 300 Original-kein Nachbau Tragbares Tonba... #Quoka #Neuwied
  • vintageRadios: Telefunken Vintage Reel To Reel 204ts: Current Price: $ 149.99 Telefunken Reel to Reel Magnetophon Model# 204TS ...
  • audihifi: Telefunken magnetophon 96, Tonband,: Stuttgart | für Liebhaber, ca. 45 Jahre alt, kaum benutzt.
  • audhifi: Telefunken magnetophon 96, Tonband,: Stuttgart | für Liebhaber, ca. 45 Jahre alt, kaum benutzt.
  • quoka_stuttgart: #Stuttgart Telefunken magnetophon 96, Tonband, für Liebhaber, ca. 45 Jahre alt, kaum benutzt.: Te... #Kleinanzeigen
  • drseilzug: Korrekturvorschlag für Smartphone ist Magnetophon \o/

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  • “The Magnetophon also found considerable use in music recording for radio where its clarity of sound and running time made it vastly superior to conventional disks. It was these qualities that drew the Magnetophon to the notice of John Mullin”
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