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  • Legislative Malapportionment. The 1960 population figures of state legislative districts in several states showed the immensity of the problem. apportionment cases and, in both instances, upheld the challenge to malapportionment. — “Background for Baker v. Carr”,
  • Indeed, the malapportionment case was a miletstone in improving the representativeness of state legislatures. Republicans could have a Senate majority absent the malapportionment. — “Fruits and Votes " Prof. Shugart's Blog " Alito”,
  • Malapportionment is only possible within electoral systems that have districted constituencies - an electoral the overall country has a very low degree of malapportionment. — “Apportionment (politics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of malapportionment in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of malapportionment. Pronunciation of malapportionment. Translations of malapportionment. malapportionment synonyms, malapportionment antonyms. Information about malapportionment. — “malapportionment - definition of malapportionment by the Free”,
  • malapportionment (uncountable) (politics) Any system where one group has significantly more influence than another, such as when voting districts are unevenly spread out across a population (compare gerrymandering). Retrieved from "http:///wiki/malapportionment". — “malapportionment - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Malapportionment - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • malapportionment, there is a small state bias that benefits the House members from those states. Senate malapportionment is a valid instrument for the level of earmarked spending in a House. — “The Effects of Earmarks on the Likelihood of Reelection”,
  • It is apportionment for the purposes of restricting voting to districts that ensure the desired outcome. Wikipedia defines it as follows: Gerrymandering is a form of redistricting in which electoral district or constituency boundaries are. — “What is malapportionment? Gerrymandering”,
  • In the later 20th century these arguments were increasingly and usually successfully challenged, and the malapportionment was reduced and finally abolished in most places. The most conspicuous examples of malapportionment were in South Australia and Queensland. — “Australian electoral system - Definition”,
  • Malapportionment results in a "rural bias" such that the political system disproportionately represents rural voters. We find that malapportionment is negatively related to both gasoline taxes and support for the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework. — “The climate policy disconnect: It's rural voter over”,
  • SSRN-Legislative Malapportionment and the Politicization of Germany's Intergovernmental Transfer System by Hans Pitlik, Friedrich Schneider, Harald Strotmann. — “SSRN-Legislative Malapportionment and the Politicization of”,
  • Malapportionment definition, (of a state or other political unit) poorly apportioned, esp. divided, organized, or structured in a manner that prevents large sections of See more. — “Malapportionment | Define Malapportionment at ”,
  • substantial malapportionment bias advantage of previous decades did not re-emerge. the malapportionment and reactive malapportionment components (because it was the. — “Distortion Magnified: New Labour and the British Electoral”,
  • Malapportionment bias is the main problem with having fifty-one statewide contests for two electors apiece. Empirically, such malapportionment bias would exist today under the congressional-district system. — “Michigan Law Review - First Impressions - Awarding”,
  • Other than the extreme nature of the malapportionment, the only thing that malapportionment would still be materially higher than levels ruled unconstitutional by. — “The Right to An Equally Weighted Vote is a”,
  • Definition of malapportionment from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of malapportionment. Pronunciation of malapportionment. Definition of the word malapportionment. Origin of the word malapportionment. — “malapportionment - Definition of malapportionment at”,
  • malapportioned adj. Characterized by an inappropriate or unfair proportional distribution of representatives to a legislative body malapportionment. Top. Home > Library > Science > Geographical Dictionary. A device used by some politicians to improve their chances in an election by drawing up. — “malapportioned: Definition from ”,
  • A Brief History of Senate Malapportionment. With filibuster reform bubbling its way up the agenda (since, let's face it, the next Republican Senate will effectively eliminate the filibuster no matter what), I thought I'd look at the question of. — “Donkeylicious: A Brief History of Senate Malapportionment”,

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  • miloflamingo: miloflamingo: RT @shadihamid: [email protected]_hokayem Problem w- #Egypt's electoral system isn't just the odd 2/3, 1/3 system but also overlapping districts & malapportionment
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  • “ system (first past the post in single seat constituencies) doesn't favour either party, and despite Tory whining neither does rampant gerrymandering and/or malapportionment (the worst of the malapportionment, central Scotland, has been solved by”
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  • “The long-lasting race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination finished with Obama winning a clear majority of the pledged delegates. Yet he did not win a majority of all votes cast, and indeed the”
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  • “malapportionment in the U.S. Senate. Wednesday December 23, 2009. Filed under: R,politics, helvetica (movie/blog) mactex. Margaret Stewart. Mark Simonson”
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