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  • manged definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “manged - Definition”,
  • Manged. Learn about Manged on . Get information and videos on Manged including articles on human mange, puppy mange, cat mange and more!. — “Manged | Answerbag”,
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  • Billy Ray Cyrus just won't stop slinging the smelly stuff at Annie Leibovitz and Vanity Fair over those saucy Miley shots -- comparing the situation to Billy Ray, I sincerely hope that you have manged Miley's money correctly because, your 15 minutes as well as Miley's , is about to come to an end!. — “Billy Ray: I Wasn't There, But Her Publicist Was | ”,
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  • manged /mahnjd/ n. [probably from the French `manger' or Italian `mangiare', to eat; perhaps influenced by The disk was manged after the electrical storm." Compare mung. — “manged”,
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  • manged: /mahnjd/, n. [probably from the French manger' or Italian mangiare', to eat; perhaps influenced by The disk was manged after the electrical storm." Compare mung. — “manged”,
  • Encyclopedia article about manged. Information about manged in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “manged definition of manged in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
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  • See manged's profile and glogs (text, pictures, music, video). — “manged's Profile | Glogster”,
  • Manged definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Manged | Define Manged at ”,
  • SocialPicks is tracking the performance of Gerald Greene - I retired early at age 55 but have manged to stay busy developing Internet businesses. I own and manage a number of financial market related blogs. — “Gerald Greene - I retired early at age 55 but have manged to”,
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  • manged /monjd/ [probably from the French `manger' or Italian `mangiare', to eat; perhaps influenced by English n. `mange', `mangy'] adj. Refers to anything that is or damaged, usually beyond repair. " The disk was manged after the. — “Hacker Dictionary :: Terms :: manged”, hacker-

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  • Modern Warfare 2 - Spec-Ops Suspension Gameplay HD Yes, I manged to get the game early, and this was my first try playing it. I tried to play online but there were no matches availible. I know the gameplay is crap since the sensitivity I chose was higher than I imagined, so please go easy on me :). Comment, rate and subscribe!!!
  • Joe Hardy (Shaun Cassidy) That's Rock and Roll Shaun Cassidy, Pop/Rock singer, manged to land a role on abc's The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries which ran for 3 seasons. Cassidy's role as Joe Hardy, the younger of the two mystery solvers, was adored by fans everywhere. In Season 1 Episode 4. The Mystery of The Flying Courier, he played his hit song, That's Rock and Roll.
  • Goku vs. Evil Goku II STORY: It's been five years since Goku the destroyer of worlds battled Prince Vegeta on the crumbling Planet Vegeta. During this fight, the Evil Goku was accidentally sent through a vortex sending him to a parallel universe. It was here that the Evil Goku met his opposite, the kind and gentle Goku we all know. After an exhausting fight, Goku uses the Spirit Bomb to destroy the Evil Goku and bring peace back to the Earth. It's been five years since that day, Goku has died from his fight against Cell and the earth has been at peace, until now. The Evil Goku survived the Spirit Bomb! After being buried deep in the ground for five years the Evil Goku has somehow manged to survive, but has become incredibly weak. Now a mysterious figure has appeared to him promising to make him more powerful and to deliver Goku for a final showdown. CREDITS (Continued) Because I didn't have enough room in the video here are the continuing credits. MUSIC All music was downloaded from Newgrounds Audio Portal which are free to use as long as you give credit. I do not claim these songs as my own. All credit goes to the following artists. If there is a mistake here please inform me and I will correct it. Evil Project - Meonly70 Dream of Tomorrow - JosephSINAASXx Show no Tears - NemesisTheory Operation Evolution - Dimrain47 Devil Slayer Theme - MikeBlade Tuneit Lift - Etalo Uber Rave - RageVI Rainbow - Arnas Funny Bone - dittyboppoo MegaMan2 EliteWily - EliteFerrex Fire Aura - Kid2Will (From YouTube ...
  • Forex Managed Funds Forex managed funds and options managed funds are ideal for Investors who want control of their funds and who want to see their account in real-time. This video will explain a little bit about them. Since we only operate on a limited power of attorney basis. We can only place trades, we can not withdraw or make deposits into accounts. This provides clients with a system of checks and balances. The account is in their name at the clearing broker, we execute the trade through the clearing broker on the market. We only make money if our clients make money, we work on a new high water mark system.
  • Marked Episode 1: the tracker (part 2) I have the flu. I haven't gone to school in about a week but I manged to post this for you guys. regarding the secod part to the episode, the orriginal one would not upload correctly, and the screen would come out black, so this is the only version that works. The audio and the video quality came out choppy and there's a few clips that are unedited, and I apologize. I know, it's a let down but The following episodes things pick up rather nicely. Please applaud all voice actors, without them I couldn't have made this happen. Special thanks to horrorvictum and tasuke. :)
  • Petrel Amphibian #31, OH-U312 -1994 I found an old Hi8 tape with some video of my Petrel Amphibian #31 back in May 1994. The video starts with the assembly of it after a major reparation of it after a mishap involving landing gears coming out in the water. This mishap resulted in it being turned into a submarine (good thing with the call sign of U-312) The Petrel manged to survive its submersion fairly well, but when the fire department did it's "rescue" routine it actually suffered quite a bit of damage not related to the mishap. Nevertheless it is still flying and going strong, and i am still of the opinion, without a doubt, that an amphibian is the only way to enjoy true aviational freedom. It enables you to go where no aviator's gone before...
  • ~♥~Perfect Scene~♥~♥MALICE♥ DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ALL FANMADE AND NO $$$ IS BEING MADE OFF THIS I MADE TO SHARE AND TO BE ENJOY Footage: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Song: Perfect Scene-Mercy Mercedes ALSO! I named their ship..Malice (Ma of madhatter + the lice of alice) So the theme of this vid... Well, since all of us AIW Fans known the mine plot of this film, we still dont know sub plots..Well here is my version..(But I know it must truly be an AU since..there's no way am right, but kind of hope so. here's hoping) So Alice is back, and MH is so happy, and then he flashes back in his mind to the past. To when Alice first came to his Tea-Party. (I used the 1999 Alice for young Alice..I also realize the film well have their version of young Alice, another thing I no doubt messed up lol) Then he comes, to reality. Where he and she are back at same table having tea..when he drifts off to past yet again.. Then snaps back, rest is easy to understand...The repeat scenes in black and white are ment to show he has made New-Present Memories with his beloved Alice..But final scenes, are the this video I have it were she fighting the Jabberwocky..and then like a good BF he is now, comes to his love's aid..but how will it up to you.. -------------------------------------------------- So this was pretty hard video, so many reasons one! ALL THE FILES WENT BAD IN PROJECT FILE! 2! WHEN I FIXED IT I DELETED THE SONG FILE HMMMM! So I use a recover program to find it, didn't find it. So manged to ...
  • Manged IPVPN Managed IPVPN brings together numerous traffic types, such as voice, video and data, into one streamlined IT network that gives each application the priority it needs.
  • Ashlie & Vivia's Halloween Party 2 In a Halloween rush job that lasted nearly 9 hours today, I manged to make this up to make up for the delayed GB Luigi 3 movie for this year. Anyway Ashlie Tinkerbell and Vivia are at this years Halloween party and meet up with theit friend Hariette, when Ashlie decides to play trick-or-treat on the Dorothy look-a-like.
  • EELAMTAMILS SUPPORTER ACTOR SIVAKUMAR SURIYA KARTHI - RESPECT Agaram foundation has helped poor background familys on education. This time the organisation founded many years back by Actor Sivakumar manged by his two sons Suriya and Karthi has selected to support eelam tamil students from Refugee camps in TamilNaadu. Nandri!..such example models should be followed by others.
  • League of Legends 2 inhibitor comeback. Eve gameplay 1/6 Eve gameplay was requested so here it is. We were actually 2 inhibitors down and manged to come back to win it. If you want to get league of legends help a guy out (referral): ?ref=4ad22faebd5c2
  • Secure Manged Client (SMC): 3D Graphics Watch as Rod Waltermann demonstrates SMC's capability to handle 3D graphics, a competitive differentiator in alternative computing solutions.
  • Pokemon High School ep.2 This is the 2nd episode of Pokemon High School. I manged to find a good song on AudioSwap, so I put it. I don't think it goes well with the video but I liked so I put it there. DISCLAMER: I do not own the pictures or the song. All rights go to original owners.
  • Medievil Resurrection Walkthrough Part 12 : Quiet and Deadly Welcome to the sleeping Village. Episode Summary: Dan manged to escape the graveyard and found his old village. However, he finds the mayor in serious trouble. Now Sir Dan must enter the asylum in order to save the mayor's worthless butt.
  • Destructoid - Inception The Game, Banana Currency, and Bit.Trip Exclusives! - Destructoid DESTRUCTOID SHOW 0022 Today we managed to squeeze a whole lot of news into a tight, tight fit. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only tight fit. Aside from the obvious, cataclysmic fashion implications of today's episode, Jonathan and Tara manged to chat about the possibilities of an Inception game teased by Christopher Nolan, an exclusive chat with Bit.Trip developers about the future of the franchise, and a totally awesome Donkey Kong promotion going on in the UK. Tighten the jeggings, cause it's on like Donkey K- WAIT NO!! We almost violated some trademarks there. For more episodes of the Destructoid show, check out or just go to . And you can check out all of our livestream activity at
  • A walk down Andagna Manged - Harar Sorry about the shaky camera guys
  • The Flipside: Mac Miller Consider this the first of many installments of "The Flipside." It's a new series we are bringing here to bringing you interviews from some of the more talked about artists today. With only my handy Hello Kitty flip cam in tow, I traveled to Highline Ballroom to catch Mac Miller's performance last week. Weather be damned, the Pittsburgh upstart performed to a packed house and the energy was insane from the moment he stepped on stage. Afterwards, I manged to pull Mac away for a few minutes and ask him a few questions in regards to some recent events regarding his name and brand. - If he puts any pressure on himself to captialize on the XXL nod in similar fashion as Wiz did last year. - His upcoming role in the VH1 series Single Ladies, how that role came about and if he sees a long-term future in acting. - His relationship with Just Blaze.
  • Swedish EUC video - Dirt In Wintertime No time to edit but still we manged to pack together a few clips to show at the videocompetition during EUC Winter Edition
  • Cleaned 437 mil runescape staking live commentary!!! part 1 of 2 I was meant to be filming a video giving tips on how to make money staking unfortunatly I encountered hours of technical difficulties when i finaly manged to start filming i got cleaned shockingly almost like runescape knew i was filming or something .. Anyways it was a bad day the whole day lossing way more then i won but i never excpected to get cleaned because I had made 238M in 5 or 6 days!!! starting off at 100k bets and moving up anyways I will try and make a come back although it wont be very fast btw this video has 2 parts and is my live reactions as i uttely got trashed at duel arena by the way to get cleaned I lost 7 games in a row!!! WTF but the chances of that happening are 1 in 128 which means its pretty likley :S i am just so annoyed it happened the one time i deicde to film!!! anyways the 7 games i lost where 2M then 5M then 10M then 20M then 50m then 100M then 250M which makes 437Mil !!! sad times :( all i wanted was a purple P hat was almost there aswell Please suscribe and like its only thing that will make me feel better
  • Halo Reach Tips and Tricks gameplay commentary - Mka Killer Hey guys its been a while but reach finaly came out and i came out with these tips while playing. I also manged to get a great game that displays all the topics i was talking about and i hope this helps. I will be uploading more shortly.
  • Redneck Restoration's "This Old Truck" Crusher Rescue 37 Chevy, 59 International and 48 GMC We couldn't move fast enough to save them all, but we manged to save about 5 old trucks from the gruesome jaws of the crusher. Not to mention some miscellaneous parts and 3 Brownie overdrives.
  • System of a Down - Chop Suey (Borgore Remix) Starscape 2010
  • HELP (LADAKH) =) This during our visit to Leh(J&k,India).We all manged to run down from the two story high sand dune however our high on fats girl Ancita couldn't mange and wicked Allan kept pulling her despite her falling down.have a look at the video and enjoy the video at her cost.
  • DotA - on RGC like this although Chinese DotA teams are regarded as strongest teams in the world, they never manged to win an international online chanpionship before. Therefore is the first and the only Chinese team which has made it so far! Let's see their performance on RGC. This video is made by 43.
  • Hurray! I finally manged to finish a whole video! Go me! This vid is of course for my sister, SpiritedPegasus, whose compliments continue to inflate my vidding-ego. And also for my babe ILikeThesePeople, who also understands the awesomeness that is Jasper/Bella, and whose videos will always rock my world. This doesn't need too much explanation... or at least I hope it doesn't. It's AU. Duh. It's the story of Twilight, told as if Bella was also struggling with an intense attraction to Jasper throughout the story. Hopefully everything will be clear, just understand that the voice heard during the end sequence is supposed to be Jazz, NOT Edward. Since Jasper has like THREE freaking lines of dialogue in the movie, I had to steal some of Ed's. I lowered the pitch a bit, since Jackson has a deeper voice than Rob, so hopefully that helps a little. If you don't understand the story, read below. Thanks for watching you guys. Missed you all. :) ************SPOILERS****************** Bella's life is changed forever once the Cullen family walks through the cafeteria. The first time she sees adoptive brothers Edward and Jasper, her heart is stolen. She battles an attraction for the two of them. However, Jasper's loving relationship with Alice is like a splinter in Bella's heart. Discouraged by their signs of passion, Bella chooses to pursue a relationship with Edward. However, she is unable to shake her feelings for Jasper. And his meaningful looks aren't helping the matter. But they ...
  • Don't You Know You're Beautiful KWMS Hey, it's me again, as promised, I made a video with more care and love than the last one... ^_^ Happy, happy times making this vid ^_^ I was listening to this song, and really stared listening to the words when i thought that it suited Usui and Misaki very well. So began my intro to HELL D: My computer would glitch everytime I tried to edit something, and erase everything behind the edited part (oh, the irony...). Which, of course, screwed the whole thing up. But, still, after TLC, i manged to get my cp to work again, so I could finish the [email protected] AMV. I encourage any comments, but please remember its only my 2nd AMV... -_-'. Oh, and while the Anime is great, I suggest you read the manga too (its even better). Thanks for watching, until next time. ^_^
  • Halo 3 Team Snipers Commentary/w mka killer Just some halo 3 team snipers on gurdian. I got a nice score it was half of my teams scores and we manged to win. It was a very tight game but we manged to win it.
  • Original Country Blues Thing ))STEREO(( Rhythm in E + Backing Track OPEN HQ STEREO VID WITH LINK BELOW: Just a wee thing that got my foot tapping and finally manged to get my pinky down on the fretboard. Hurrah. "Pinkygate" is near an end.. Used a Tweed amp sim with Neck pickup on SG, Ovation straight into multitrak with a hint of reverb. For those who require "closure" (you know who you are.. Lol!)I meant to put "The End" at the end.... Someone, surely this has collab written all over it?! :) Download MP2 below:
  • The Story Of Lucas Teague teaser TRAILER Synopsis Lucas Teague suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder or Multiple personality Disorder. When diagnosed with the ailment at the age of 10, Lucas' parents did what they could to help him but as years went by Lucas began exhibiting signs of full-blown schizophrenia. This was beginning to wear on the relationship between Lucas' parents. Inevitably Lucas' mother, Lyn, left Luc with his Father, Paul, who ultimately raised Luc alone. As Luc grew up his personalities began to manifest themselves into four separate and distinct entities which only he can see; Logic, Reason, Ego & Anger to which Luc and his child psychologist later nicknames as Fury. Despite this serious affliction, and with constant supervision and medication, he manged to lead a relatively normal life. However, when Luc turned 25 his father passed away in an auto mobile accident and that started his downward spiral. Now alone, Luc relocated to the big city looking for a fresh start. Upon arriving in "Real City" he met Ana Bristow, fell in love and and once again began his journey towards normalcy. There was only one problem; without government issued ID he was unable to replenish the medication he so desperately needed to keep his condition in check. Without his lifeline he began to experience loss of time, which not only caused him to lose Ana, but it also got him into trouble with a dangerous group of people with ties to the city Mayor. The internal constant tug of war, and the constant battle to ...
  • Tegan and Sara- ted gets pink eye from fingers in his bum the crowd had quite a few a holes in it that manged ruin a lot for the rest of us. tegan seemed livid throughout the entire set, and threatened to cut songs. people just could not shut up, it was horrible. i'll be shocked if tegan and sara attempt colorado again. aspen, coloardo 4/30/08
  • Magicka - Getting the Teleport Book VERY Early So, this isn't going to be fixed, which I LOVE! My biggest hug to the Magicka dev's for actually enjoying the concept of a sequence break! (I'm looking at you, Valve!) UPDATE: Possible on a single computer, with two controller! Thanks to GekkoX for the find! "This is actually doable in single-player if you have a secondary controller. I manged to launch the other player up there, but instead of using the method in the video, I simple made the second player stand next to me in the direction of the tower and cast the spell in the video twice, sending him soaring at said tower. I did it this way because while attempting the trick according to the video, I couldn't launch myself, but only the other player and I didn't have to worry about timing." I've got a bit more footage of the fun we were having with this bug, so if people want to see it, just leave a comment saying so.
  • Me Singing °C-ute - Bye Bye Bye! (Short Cover) I manged to record and make this video in about 20 minutes... I'm pretty proud of myself. Comment and rate please :) °C-ute: Bye Bye Bye! sung by Ami I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE.
  • Code Lyoko 67 Double Take Part 1/3 The Lyoko Warriors manged to Created The Remending For The Sectors And XANA Is After Aelita In This New Season and They Have To Battle William Until They Free William Of XANA.. And XANA Is Much Stronger Than Ever...
  • Japan Trip 2005 - Part 1 - Osaka I went to Japan last summer with a friend for three weeks, manged to record 5 hours worth of tape and over a gig of pictures. Since I got back I have been casually editing it all, I would say its a little more than an amature holiday video and I have tryed to edit as profeshionaly as I can. Lol, I have even added in interesting little facts, and in some ways tryed to make it closer to a documentary! This is the first part to a much larger video, 40 mintes in total. This section is a little over 5 mintes and covers Osaka (where we arived). Have a look and see what you think? I will post more if its of any interest, I think what I have edited of Miyajima, Nara and Hakone are especially interesting!
  • manged dog eats mouse
  • Railfanning The BNSF La Junta Subdivision, 1/31/10 With somewhat warm temps I manged to spend sometime off at the tracks. Turned out to be a great day. I've also added a video of the KCKDEN from the previous day. With tax refunds around the corner I will be purchasing a newer and more sturdier tripod. Train 1 7 Hr 30 Min. Late Southwest Chief #4 East BNSF 7552 ES44DC AMTK 71 P42DC AMTK 138 P42DC Train 2 Rerouted Z-CHIDEN1 29 West BNSF 4147 C44-9W BNSF 4560 C44-9W BNSF 5052 C44-9W Train 3 L-KAN0131 31 (Local 13) West BNSF 4999 C44-9W BNSF 5110 C44-9W Train 4 H-KCKDEN9 29 West BNSF 5142 C44-9W BNSF 7565 ES44DC
  • Ethiopia's war with Somalia in 1968-1970 In 1968 our calender Somalia invaded Ethiopia, because, Somalia was well prepared for 18 years and was with modern weapons. And, Somali had 70000 solders. in contrast, Ethiopia had 40000 solders poorly equipped and unprepared to a large scale war. Also, Ethiopia was in the grip of internal conflict ; in addition, in the north west ,Sudan militarily started to attack Ethiopian garrison towns , also there was a strong rebel movements in the Sahel Eritrea, Begemder and Tigray. All these stretched Ethiopia's army beyond its capacity. thus, the condition was ideal for Somalia's plan. In 1967- to the -middle of 1968 Somali's invading army took several cities across vast area of Ogaden region. in the late 1968 Ethiopia's army by paying ultimate price manged to stop the advancing Somali, therefore, for the following 6 months the war was in stall-mate. This bought time for Ethiopia and by 1969 the Durge government manged to raise the number of solder to 300000 strong. At this time a massive Russian military aid, 15000 Cuban solders and few hundred south Yemeni solders came to Ethiopia's aid. In Somali's side the united state government massively supplied ammunition and military equipments. Egypt sent military advisers , experts in military intelligence gathering , military related equipments and firing weapons to Somali . China also sided with Somalia and supplied weapons and materials. 15000 Cuban solders , Russian advisers and Yemenis played significant role for which we are ...
  • Ailie and Jemma wall climbing Ailie and Jemma wall climbing ailie managed to hang on for like 2 mins 48 or something i on ly manged 2 20 ish but it was fun ailie had the best girl score ever !!:O
  • Q6600 Overclock on Gigabyte EX38-DS4 Motherboard is from 2.4GHz to 3.2GHz Hello there. I have manged to overclock my Q6600 CPU on EX38-DS4 motherboard after many failed attempts and i have uploaded the video of my overclocking so that if anybody needs they can do the same on thier EX38-DS4 motherboard for Q6600 CPU, see my CPU-Z Validation report
  • Milan - Atalanta [ Extended Highlight ] Milan Vs Altalanta which take place at SanSiro , Milan Manged to win by the goal of capitano Massimo Ambrosini .
  • Redemption Vs Druushk Eq2 raid movie. we trying to kill Druushk. We working on geting it killed and every try we mange to stay alive for bit longer. :) Love you all guys.. Music Marilyn Manson - Suicide Is Painless Reason i chosed this song is that we not manged to kill him yet..
  • igoldine: Goodbye Friend - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011… Years have passed and we manged to stay strong even... http:///x3q2dodzep
  • girlandtheghost: got pattern for Jenn's dress tonight, now cutting the pieces out.. and manged to refold one of the huge paper pieces.. AMAZINGGGG~~
  • Demethus: @CorridorDigital did he manged to put one on without having a single bubble? if yes, that's impossible D:
  • donatosebastian: @MissCintia u had the url in reverse but I manged, hot port!!
  • WeLoveDong_Hae: Heya fishies! Did you miss me!! We manged to get past 1300 followers! XD <3
  • MISSADYOU: @ParanoidWorm @nataleeboo i think i manged to get the last dbl room, no singles left. h let the ruin party commence!!
  • Everett_Duke: Manged to fail my Investments final just enough to graduate! #winning
  • Dajm33TVXQ: OMG http:///wp-content/uploads/2011/05/201105040809241001_1.jpg HOW ON EARTH HE MANGED TO DO THIS POSE?
  • elinasevele: I'm actually really proud of JB. I honestly loled when heard he is bringing TTN to Cannes,he actually manged to sell it!
  • JBcrzy: My mom vacuumed the WHOLE house but manged to skip my room, thats real bogus
  • helenscottxx: @JackCallum My English teacher manged to spell her own name wrong..
  • willow1cat: @Lou_Sims think i've manged to add u ?? not really sure how this twitter thing works !
  • jaidandoocey: @ItsTheSituation is such a don, how he manged to get all those girls in seperate rooms for his wingmen is genius! #jersyshore
  • Hussain_84: Now that I manged to skip Mr.Nap this afternoon im too sleepy. cant game or watch the match. nite nite koalas
  • DrewMTips: BTW- Kudos to @markknoller. He manged to snag a briefing room seat between two very attractive women. Well played sir!
  • RedCeltic78: Well this sucks. Lawn needs mowing and I can't bring myself to go near the mower. Manged only to get 1 row b4 this happened.
  • WillisRaburu: its been a long day! woah! but manged to put information out there!
  • ZENIADCUNHA: Bingo to all those who guessed it right! Lasith Malinga it is in the mystery picture!!! Wonder how he manged to curl his hair like that!
  • jdaviescoates: @leashless moved to Cloughjordan? manged to bag yourself a place in The Village? or just in the village? :)
  • rupalimk: Today was a good day...manged to wrap up quiet a few things wrt to our settling down at Ahmedabad looks like things falling in routine!
  • HistoryGeekUK: @TheGreenBenches Monetary + fiscal policy SHOULD be able to do the job, if they are manged correctly and not used as tools of electioneering
  • JyjtXmg: @SajidahhR omg how you manged t memorise ss..
  • nick_nufc1892: @NatashaNUFC yeah i was at game haha only 2nd away game a manged to get to this season :-)
  • erinmmorrissey: @TheSpicedLife @Josie614 Alright, you two, if i manged to live with rain everyday for a week, so can you! ;)
  • mbuguanjihia: @Afrinnovator the success bit needs to be managed and manged well
  • mad_chic: @Da1yuWish4 lmao wat a jirsa noway. I manged to make find it.
  • BethanWilliams: Manged to fix the 'v', but the plastic backing of the 'c' is broken so they key won't stay in place :(
  • airinseebeeyah: Overslept..and I manged to get ready in 10 mins O_o
  • brettnet: @bobbyllew you manged to make it past the mobius strip inspired audio menu system then?
  • Hussain_84: @digitalmind7 manged to travel after all. Wish u a safe trip dude.
  • youngroach412: I haven't slept in 48 hours but I manged to become a host of a tv show that is going to knock your fuggin socks off. #staytune
  • TamiaSaid__: But I think I manged to make things a little better.
  • iHATESmiley: RT @DorathySeyerZJA: @iHATESmiley I just cant imagine this- Manged to get a free iPhone in five minutes • I can kill you in 3minutes…
  • ZulmaRybarczykE: @oliviaOHKAY I really cant believe this- Manged to get a free laptop in five minutes
  • bengillam: @dparv did use that in the end, manged to find a little port of squid for windows , spent a few days tweaking a config file and then
  • psully31789: im glad ive manged to accomplish nothing that ive wanted too
  • scottyshanks: Day four without caffine, think I have manged to get off it :-)
  • ZulmaRybarczykE: @TessGarceau I really cant believe this- Manged to get a totally free laptop in five minutes
  • iiLetha: - Bin Laden's death. Manged to hide from the USA for 10 Years. So instead they murdered half of the Middle East. Congratulations.
  • BritneysMonster: ‎10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later, we manged to kill only one person. pssh i hope it was worth it. #OSAMA
  • He_knows_not: Well if mankind's so damn smart, why haven't we manged to invent a replacement for deadly, tiring, stairs yet? wait...
  • Morg3n: I've basically manged to piss 80% of the people in my life off within the last two weeks. Am I on a roll or.
  • saramenardi: the sun was out for probably 20 minutes today, and i manged to get burnt on my face :(
  • AD82Productions: RT @Anton1200Actor: Ppl Check Out @RLZArmy Coming Out Big Manged By Da Man Himself @AshleyWalters82 http:///user/rlztv#p/u/0/uFkYb0KAVyo
  • JackDuignan16: My ankles are killing me. How have i manged to twist both of them?! Always me i swear!
  • WISE_ManClarkSV: ive manged to loose one of my lyceums -_-
  • AshleyWalters82: RT @Anton1200Actor: Ppl Check Out @RLZArmy Coming Out Big Manged By Da Man Himself @AshleyWalters82 http:///user/rlztv#p/u/0/uFkYb0KAVyo
  • GYS_Studios: @colin_zero I think its to start the pirate ninja war early on, clearly this company is on the pirate side and wants a manged child army
  • SusieBookworm: I manged to spell "Schmalkaldic" correctly. Now, who remembers the Schmalkaldic War from history class?
  • Anton1200Actor: Ppl Check Out @RLZArmy Coming Out Big Manged By Da Man Himself @AshleyWalters82 http:///user/rlztv#p/u/0/uFkYb0KAVyo
  • imsweetlyksugar: manged to loose basically all my photos from christmas/new year whilst moving them :'( clever one amie (y)
  • EricJ30: my geography book is 1 paragraph it manged to use the words penetrated, shaft, deep, and probe hahaha
  • RicoWitBitSwagg: omg im so glad i manged to not hurt myself last night cuz last time i was that drunk i got my fingers smashed in a bathrrom door
  • DanniTayla_TW1D: @xLeanneStyles1D I lost all the messages but I never manged to write down her name down :( its not that good I might change the story x
  • kalepost: @EricKleefeld the official line is that he just manged to not get in the way of the Amerixceptionalism
  • ZoeRuth_x: @OliviaMarcus do i even want to know how you manged to get your twitter name in to his trouser pocket :') x
  • Chaos9876: i jus manged to chop off a lizard's tail wid mmy belt.. O.O an ts still movin ...AWESOME>>>>>> XD
  • Haley_XX: I Wounder If @Team_Barrowman Manged to get some sleep xx
  • TW_KellyCMJM: i manged to trip over a wire. #WellDone!
  • BKThatBrownKid: @Pacman_PD is so waste, that U of T the had make a special mark for him... P... but this fool manged to get a P - #BK
  • TerriSwan: In the process of eating my ice cream I manged to get it in my hair and on my laptop
  • PhilArma_: 1st day back at work today post Armo. C has manged reallywell and I feel jelouse of her having Mum time with 'The Lads'
  • surajkeshri8: @sscchief If any one solv d Prov.Problm then where'll you manged them; CHSL-2010; I've the OBC problm' Ltter is given 8 days ago no reply.
  • MzKei1stLady: They say Elvis isn't dead, they say Tupac isn't dead, they say Osama isn't dead... They haven't manged to pop back up so I'm good!! NEXT>>>>
  • MelvinMomo: @JeanetteVoz apparently he's quite famous I think . He even manged to trend . Its awesome !
  • itmasterclasses: SBS Server 2011 Standard comes with Exchange 2010 - learn how to manged Exchange here:
  • vivian1129: manged to read through chapter 4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8..lab chapter 3, 4 , 14..hmm..i still left my chapter 5 and 6..and ah!! i din memorize anything!
  • Jim_Jepps: @voqo I've manged to find someone now - thanks for the offer!
  • MaxwellBecker: Here's to keeping it real @NeNeLeakes. Throughout all the adversity and backstabbing you manged to shine in The "Donald's" board room BLONK!
  • ashrafkharrubi: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • jakewhite77: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • Pete716: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • Ceal24: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • KO: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • NoCam4CamVann: Dont b surprised if Osama @ the next conference w the reporters while Obama @ the podium n throw his manged foot @ em like "Nicga U Missed!"
  • LucindaLC: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • ericheggie: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • EffieLewis: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • dafnalinzer: RT @DavidCornDC SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • txmattie: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • miaaculpa: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • JM_Ashby: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • profleejones: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • adamgolub: RT @DavidCornDC SAO: raid by small team manged to minimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not encounter any Pak authorities.
  • Houckadoodledoo: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • achariw: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • johno230: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • SaveRepublic: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • jashsf: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • Ilikewoods: RT @davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • Steve_Katz: RT @DavidCornDC: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.
  • davidcorndc: SAO: raid by small team manged tominimize risk.. Team at compound for 40 minutes. Not enocounter any Pak authorities.

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