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  • Information center for Mexico's maquiladora industry includes information on maquila statistics, human resources, laws, taxation, and more. — “Maquila Portal”,
  • Manufacturing in Mexico services 1)Maquiladora Directories 2)Low cost contract or shelter assembly 3)Assist suppliers selling to maquilas, empleos maquila, ventas industrial,industry sales. — “MexicoMaquila, Mexico Manufacturing, Maquiladora directory”,
  • Maquila Information in Spanish, English and Chinese. — “Maquila TV - See the possibilities”,
  • Maquila Maintenance, Inc./Maquila Equipment specializes in the sale and rental of new and Please select a product category from below: Forklifts. Parts. Storage. — “Maquila Maintenance”, a-
  • Maquila Capital Group is a specialized North American private investment firm arranging minority or control equity investments in lower to middle-market manufacturing companies in the United States and Canada. — “Maquila Capital Group - Maquiladora Focused Investment Firm”,
  • Outsourcing, consulting and training in MRP - ERP, Productivity, IT, Continuous Improvement and Logistics for Mexican Maquiladora and Pymes At Maquila Consultores preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance to industrial plant is at its best. — “Maquila Consultores - Consulting Outsourcing Training for”,
  • In February, the anti-sweatshop movement lost one of its most important maquila victories as well as the oldest maquila union in the region when two factories closed down in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua respectively. At the time, it was the largest maquila union in the region. — “Maquila Union Movement Reeling | USLEAP”,
  • Maquila Tool Crib, distributes MRO supplies for the Industrial & Electric Supply in Brownsville Texas. — “Maquila Tool Crib, is a distribution center for the”,
  • Maquila Properties provides industrial real estate services to manufacturing and distribution companies targeting the northern Baja California/San Diego region including Tijuana, Rosarito, Mexicali and Ensenada. — “Maquila Properties”,
  • Maquila Directory: The Unique Printed and Online Information Resource for the Maquila Industry. This is a mexico maquiladora directory with mexican manufacturing industry and mexico suppliers list. — “Mexico's Maquila Online Directory - Mexico Maquiladora Directory -”,
  • [American Spanish, place where the miller's fee is paid, maquiladora, from Spanish maquila, portion received by the miller in return for milling one's grain, from Old Spanish, from Arabic makīla, measured, measure of capacity, feminine passive participle of kāla, to measure.] English. — “maquiladora: Definition from ”,
  • A maquila in Mexico. A maquiladora (Spanish pronunciation: [makilaˈðoɾa]) or maquila (IPA: [maˈkila]) is a concept often referred to an operation that involves manufacturing in a country that is not the client's and as such has an interesting duty or tariff treatment. — “Maquiladora - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN) is a labour and women's rights organization that supports the efforts of workers in global supply chains to win improved wages and working conditions and a better quality of life. ( More) November 10, 2010. Maquila Solidarity Update Vol. 15.3 (December 2010). — “”,
  • Maquila Information, Industrial Real Estate, Shelter Manufacturing A maquila is also referred to as a "twin plant", or "in-bond" industry. The principal examples of this sort. — “Maquila Info | Maquila Information Center”,
  • Maquila definition, a factory run by a U.S. company in Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor and lax regulation. See more. — “Maquila | Define Maquila at ”,
  • El Unico Lugar Especializado En Empleos En La Industria Maquiladora Latinoamericana, Buscas Empleados, Estas En El Lugar Exacto. Podemos encontrarle los trabajadores rpidamente!. — “Empleos Maquila - Agencia Latina Del Reclutamiento Para”,
  • The current "Maquila" program system is set forth in the 1989 Decree for the Development and Operation of the Export Maquila Industry (published December 22, 1989 in the Official Government gazette) These sections of the U.S. Customs Code are what make the Mexican Maquila and Pitex industries possible. — “Mexico Law Maquila”,
  • MEXonline guide to Maquiladoras and manufacturing facilities, consulting services, shelter operations, international trade and outsourcing services in Mexico. Guia de maquiladoras y fabricas, servicios consultantes, operaciones, comercio American Industries, manufacturing & maquila services. — “ Maquiladora Manufacturing Twin Plant Resources”,
  • Mexico—The Land of Opportunity. The success of the Maquila concept and NAFTA is measured in Mexico's phenomenal growth in the number of highly trained technicians and professionals, the result of the country's focus on education and economic development. — “Manufacturing In Mexico | Maquila Program | Shelter”,
  • A. Maquila Operations. Maquila operations involve the importation of foreign merchandise into Mexico on a temporary basis, where it is assembled, manufactured or repaired and then exported, either to the country of origin or to a third country.(1). — “ILAB - An Overview of the Maquiladora Program”,
  • Translations of maquila. maquila synonyms, maquila antonyms. Information about maquila in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Maquila operations involve the importation of foreign merchandise into Mexico on a temporary basis, where it is assembled, manufactured or repaired. — “maquila - definition of maquila by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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  • Maquiladora Murders: Femicides in Ciudad Juarez Visual exploration of the victims of the femicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  • Secret Wars of the CIA: John Stockwell Lecture (Part 15) November 3, 1989 Watch the full film: Honduras is an ally of the United States and generally supports US initiatives in international fora. There is close cooperation with Honduras in the areas of counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism. Honduras was among the first countries to sign an International Criminal Court (ICC) Article 98 Agreement with the US, and the Honduran port of Puerto Cortés is part of the US Container Security Initiative (CSI). During the 1980s, Honduras supported US policy opposing a revolutionary Marxist government in Nicaragua and an active leftist insurgency in El Salvador. The Honduran government also played a key role in negotiations that culminated in the 1990 Nicaraguan elections. Honduras continues to participate in the UN observer mission in the Western Sahara, contributed 370 troops for stabilization in Iraq, and remains interested in participating in other UN peacekeeping missions. The United States is Honduras' chief trading partner, with two-way trade in goods increasing to over $7 billion in 2006. US-Honduran trade is dominated by the Honduran maquila industry, which imports yarn and textiles from the United States and exports finished articles of clothing. Other leading Honduran exports to the United States include coffee, bananas, seafood (particularly shrimp), minerals (including zinc, lead, gold, and silver), and other fruits and vegetables. Two-way trade with Honduras in 2006 was $7.4 ...
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  • Is the violence in Juarez affecting the Maquila industry? Interview by KVIA with Tecma Management
  • Nogales Mexico: Las Maquilas A short documentary about the factories in Nogales. Interviewed are a retired factory boss, a current factory worker, and an activist.
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  • Maquiladora women - spots from the film MAQUILAPOLIS Short spots from the film MAQUILAPOLIS [city of factories] by Vicky Funari and Sergio De La Torre. A co-production of the Independent Television Service (ITVS). A project of Creative Capital and this film was supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund. In this video, yuo can see a view from how US trade "benefits" women. Please watch the video on the address belove, to understand how the life is for maquiladora women.
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  • Justice for Mexican Maquila Seafood Workers!!! Seafood Worker Justice Campaign In 2002 Seafood Workers in Santa Rosalía denounced the Maquila Hanjin and Brumar for numerous violations to labor law, child labor law, and basic human rights. 96 of them were subsequently fired for trying to form a union. Six years later the struggle grows, a lawsuit has been filed and workers continue to establish their union, SINTTIM. The fight continues today, you can find more info at This is their story... Justicia para [email protected] [email protected] de Mariscos En el 2002 [email protected] de Mariscos en Santa Rosalía denunciaron la Maquila Hanjin y Brumar por varias violaciones a leyes laborales, leyes de labor infantil, y derechos humanos. 96 de [email protected] fueron despedidos injustamente por querer sindicalizarse. 6 años después la lucha sigue, [email protected] [email protected] metieron demanda y continúan con su esfuerzo de establecer su sindicato, SINTTIM. Su lucha continua hoy, podrás encontrar mas información en nuestro sitio Esta es su historia...
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  • Baddie @ Maquila's lunch yard Hola.
  • Chihuahua Leader of the Industrial Mexico Chihuahua is number one in employment and added value to Maquiladora and export industries in our country, is the logical option that guaranties the success for the 21 first century businesses
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  • Estela Marina Ramirez from the SITRASACOSI maquila workers union salutes CISPES! Estela Marina Ramirez from the SITRASACOSI maquila workers union salutes CISPES
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  • Maquiladoras: Now Available: the Maquila Properties 2011 Tijuana Industrial Real Estate Update - great info for those looking in this market.
  • EstuardoPineda: y el incremento no llegó y piensan dar instead un "bono variable" mensual!!! OMG!!! i need the increase, not the bonus!!! why #maquila why!?

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  • “Los Monólogos de la Maquila. After Juan Luiz had disappeared, I had a day to kill at the to photograph the Monólogos de la Maquila performance at Teatro Coyoacán in Mexico City's”
    — Wanderlust " Blog Archive " Los Monólogos de la Maquila, allison-

  • “Maquila Solidarity Supports Bangla Garments Strikers. Filed under: Health & Safety, Human Rights, News and MAQUILA Solidarity Network announces support for striking Bangla garments strikers”
    — Drishtipat Blog " Maquila Solidarity Supports Bangla Garments,

  • “Maquila Portal - Weekly Bulletin. Sign up for our Email Newsletter. November 2010. Bulletin 496 - Friday, November 26, 2010. Bulletin 495 - Friday, November 19, 2010. Bulletin 494 - Friday, November 12, 2010. Bulletin 493 - Friday, November 5, 2010. October 2010”
    — Blog Archive - Maquila Portal bulletins,

  • “Mexico City,- As part of his official activities during the World Economic Forum, Mexican President Felipe Calderon met this afternoon in Davos, Switzerland with PepsiCo's President and CE, Indra K. Nooyi. 741 Next page. MORE NEWS. Maquila industry exceeds employment figures”
    Maquila Portal - Mexico Manufacturing Industry Information Center,

  • “Juarez's 'green zone' 07 September 2010 Blog In recent years the city of Juarez, Mexico has become synonymous with drug war violence. are guarded by Mexican soldiers who assure safe passage for maquila executives commuting from El Paso to the Juarez factory sites”
    — Juarez's 'green zone' | War on Want,

  • “MVEDA " maquiladora. Juarez Trade Mission. November 11th Expo Maquila Trade Mission”
    — MVEDA " maquiladora,

  • “The MFA Forum brings together retailers and brands, trade unions, NGOs, and national and Forum participants are currently engaging in projects to test the application of this”
    — MFA Forum | ,

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