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  • In some parts of the world marmot meat is a delicacy and their fur is prized. The Marmot Burrow is your single resource for marmot-related popular and scientific information. — “Marmot Burrow, The”,
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  • Marmot hosts an integrated library system, maintains a union catalog of 1.2m titles, and provides related services for public, From Nov 2010 to Sep 2011 Marmot libraries will sequentially join the Prospector regional union catalog hosted by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. — “Marmot Library Network”,
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  • Marmot is the common name for the stocky, short-legged, diurnal, and typically short-furred and burrowing ground squirrels comprising the genus Marmota of the rodent family Sciuridae (squirrels) However, the North American groundhog or woodchuck (Marmota monax) is also properly called a marmot. — “Marmot - New World Encyclopedia”,
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  • marmot n. Any of various stocky, coarse-furred, burrowing rodents of the genus Marmota, having short legs and ears and short bushy tails and found. — “marmot: Definition from ”,
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  • Marmot definition, any bushy-tailed, stocky rodent of the genus Marmota, as the woodchuck. See more. — “Marmot | Define Marmot at ”,
  • Marmot was one of the first in the United States to fortify outdoor gear with Gore-Tex® revolutionary, waterproof breathable technology and remains Gore's oldest customer in the world outdoor market. In 1976, Marmot's college student co-founders. — “Marmot up to 38% off at Sierra Trading Post”,
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  • Marmots typically live in burrows (often within rockpiles, particularly in the case of the Yellow-bellied Marmot), and hibernate there through the winter. Most marmots are highly social, and use loud whistles to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed. — “Marmot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Marmot Alpinist Tent Features of Marmot 2 person Alpinist Tent
  • Conversations with History: Sir Michael Marmot Sir Michael Marmot, head of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health and Director of the International Center for Health and Society at University College London, joins UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler to discuss his role in the study of disease in populations. Series: "Conversations with History" [12/2002] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 6920]
  • The Weekly Marmot -- Cataclysm Professions Download --
  • Marmot Reappears at the Empress VICTORIA - A yellow bellied marmot has reappeared on the grounds of the Fairmont Empress Hotel. The animal is not native to Vancouver Island, and Environment Minister Barry Penner says its presence could put the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot, at risk. He says it may be carrying disease or parasites that local marmots are not immune to. The marmot has been at the Empress for the past year. The Government and hotel tried to capture the marmot last summer, but it didn't work. They say they'll try again, and if successful, the animal will be returned to its natural environment, near the Okanagan. In the meantime, Penner is asking people not to feed the marmot.
  • Marmot Backcountry 30 Pack Reviewed by CJ Carter Marmot athlete CJ Carter reviews the Backcountry 30 Pack and takes you through its features. Learn more about the pack at and see what CJ is up to at http
  • Curly's Clips - Marmot Down In this edition of Curly's Clips, Marmot's own Curly Cervone and Randy Verniers explain why the down used in Marmot insulated products is the best in the world
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  • Central Park: Marmot's Map Shapes Song The beta is now closed but you can buy Central Park songs and videos on iTunes: Watch and sing along with Marmot & his friends to 21 videos/songs as you learn your ABCs, 123s, shapes, and colors. To learn more about the Central Park program or Waterford, visit:
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  • Fat marmot eating a cracker! funny video of a chubby marmot eating a cracker
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  • Marmot Spring Glove Reviewed by Miles Smart Miles Smart, Professional Mountain Guide and Marmot Athlete, reviews the Marmot Spring Glove.
  • Marmot Sawtooth Insulation Material: 600+ Fill Power Goose Down
  • Marmot Mica Jacket and Scree Pant reviewed by Fabrizio Zangrilli Fabrizio Zangrilli, Marmot Athlete and Professional Guide, reviews the Marmot Mica Jacket and Scree Pant while training for an expedition to K2.
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  • 'La Marmot' - French "Alan!" from the excellent Walk on the Wild Side This is from the fourth episode of the Walk on the Wild Side TV show, featuring the hilarious marmot sketch, with a new twist! Copyright © BBC.
  • Marmot's Curly's Clips: The New Plasma Bag Marmot's own Curly shows you the brand-new Plasma Bag, Marmot's high-end 900-fill down sleeping bag available Spring 2011. The lightest, warmest down on earth! Curly and bag designer Wade Woodfill take you through the bag's many features and show you why it's the best bag out there!
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  • Marmot Mica Jacket - Lightweight waterproof jacket using Marmots new Membrain Strata fabric The Marmot Mica Jacket is one of the more most featherlite waterproof yet breathable jackets in the outdoors world. In this video from Webtogs, our gear guide Gareth takes you through the features of Marmot's ultra liteweight jacket. Whilst you have a look at the Mica in the flesh, lets take you through some more details about what makes this jacket special. The Marmot Mica Jacket is a regular winner of prestigious design awards, and couldn't be much lighter and still be called a jacket. The Mica is made for travelling light in tough conditions but still packs in the features. Thanks to MemBrain Strata fabric and 100% taped seams the Mica keeps the elements out but stays highly breathable. The main zip is water resistant and with Velcro adjusters on the cuffs and a simple hem drawcord the whole jacket forms a protective shell completed by the attached adjustable hood. The Marmot Mica weighs in at under 200g, making it ideal for wild camping or as a lightweight jacket for the inevitable British downpour on a day walk. Features: * 100% Seam Taped For Full Waterproofness * Adjustable Velcro Cuff Adjustable Velcro Cuff * Angel-Wing Movement Allows Full Range of Motion in Arms so Jacket Doesn't Ride Up * Elastic Draw Cord Hem For Adjustability in Serious Weather * Marmot MemBrain Strata Waterproof / Breathable Fabric * Water Resistant Front Zipper WR Front Zipper * Zippered Hand Pockets For Convenience * Packs into own pocket Tech details: Weight: 198g / 7oz ...
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  • The Weekly Marmot -- Starcraft 2 Introduction Lore covers the beginning of the Starcraft 2 Beta! Read and respond to the movie: This movie is available for direct download for TankSpot Donors. Learn more here:
  • Marmot's Curly's Clips Outtakes Even a consummate professional like Curly occasionally needs a second (or third) take. Watch some outtakes from the past two years of Marmot's Curly's Clips.
  • Interview with Prof. Sir Michael Marmot Interview with Prof. Sir Michael Marmot - Chair of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, about how the credit crunch will effect global health.
  • Olympic National Park Marmots Boxing /travel.htm See marmots wrestling in Olympic NP. These animals are cousins to the squirrel. This clip is from our DVD "Olympic & Mt. Rainier National Parks"
  • The Weekly Marmot - Perception & Awareness http
  • Cute marmots waking up from Hybernation - BBC Animals Learn how a Vancouver Island Marmot wakes up from a 7 month long hybernation. Fascinating video from BBC wildlife show 'Animals: The Inside Story'.
  • The Weekly Marmot - Overextending Yourself http
  • Marmot Halo tent More info on Marmot's 6 person Halo tent: Krista Garvey reviews Marmot's 6 person Halo tent. It's our new favorite car camping tent! Super easy to set up, extremely bomber and very spacious. Check it out!
  • Marmot 1/3 documentary --- HR: Svizac --- CS: Svišť --- DK: Murmeldyr --- DE: Murmeltiere --- EO: Marmoto --- ES: Marmota --- FI: Murmelit --- FR: Marmotte --- HU: Mormota --- IT: Marmota --- NL: Marmotten --- JA: マーモット--- LT: Švilpikai --- NO: Murmeldyr --- RU: Сурки --- SI: Alpski svizec --- SE: Murmeldjur --- UKR: Бабак --- ZH: 旱獺--- PL: Świstak
  • BelluciKelsy: @DaadsMazalaza mdddr pcq tu crois que c'est une vie d'sortir avec un mec qui s'comporte comme un marmot de 5 ans? Tu sens pas qu'sa cloche??
  • JustineChaainyh: RT @Jessou_Bonita: RT @Jessou_Bonita: Fin de déformer mon corp pour un marmot ingrat qui va me manquer de respect quand je v lui dire d'aller faire la vais ...
  • Jessou_Bonita: Fin de déformer mon corp pour un marmot ingrat qui va me manquer de respect quand je v lui dire d'aller faire la vaisselle !
  • Mountain53: 登山用品とアウトドア用品のさらしな マーモット フルーリー パンツ メンズ(Marmot Flurry Pant Men's) Mサイズ [在庫有:10月13日頃お届け]: '関連商品マーモット フルーリー パンツ メンズ(...
  • AlbertaAltruist: Job well done @CoryBMorgan you have saved many a marmot from public harassment ... you @a_picazo should recognize the achievement :P
  • CoryBMorgan: @AlbertaAltruist Haven't seen a marmot tickled since either. @a_picazo
  • a_picazo: @AlbertaAltruist liar. You opposed it you Marmot tickler!! @CoryBMorgan
  • AlbertaAltruist: That may be true @CoryBMorgan but I was at Olympic Plaza in support of your stop Marmot tickling campaign ;-) @a_picazo
  • MichelineMcwhe5: Marmot Leadville Softshell Jacket - Men's Black, S: Functionally formed and fitted for fitness, the Marmot Men?s...
  • likeasora: @Sergio2791 @SantosDisorder que como tengo la foto que nos hicimos tú, la marmot y yo.. :B ajjaja la gente la ve y dice: o_O ¿quién es?+
  • FabyBaby92: @PieriGrundy marmot Romero jajaja... veo veo q cabiaste de foto gooddddd

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  • “18 Feb 2010 The Marmot Review: health and inequality in the spotlight once more. Jonathon Porritt, 18th February 2010, Forum founders, General, Public Sector”
    — The Marmot Review: health and inequality in the spotlight,

  • “Marmot Basin ski resort, located in Jasper National Park, Alberta, provides unparalleled Jasper skiing and snowboarding. Our Canadian Rockies ski resort is your source for ski vacation packages and rentals”
    — Ski Marmot Basin: Canadian Rockies Ski Resort â€" Jasper,

  • “Springfield blogger Amy McMasters is, among other things, web mistress of The Snarling Marmot blog. Marmot on Mondays, her soon-to-be-famous weekly take on the lighter side of life in 417-land, is special to the 417 Blog”
    Marmot on Monday: Back on the Grid - 417 Blog - June 2008, 417

  • “The second in the new Marmot Expedition Video series. Submitted by Marmot on Thu, 2008-08-07 13:26. Films The first in the new Marmot Expedition Video series. home. athletes”
    — Marmot's blog | ,

  • “Family Blog The Marmot. I've recently changed themarmot to a new site. I'll see how this works out in the long run. I'm also trying a new theme. Feb 09, 2010”
    — Dark Marmot,

  • “Compare prices and get the lowest price possible with from top stores accross the web. Viewing 0 - -1 of 0 Marmot forum matches. Start a new topic. Category:”
    — Bidango Shopping Forum,

  • “07.05.2009 (1:38 pm) – Filed under: Marmot :: We're big fans of Marmot outerwear here at the GravityFed network. Real big fans. So we added Marmot to the list of brand specific pages on the Sleeping Bag Outlet blog. "Since 1974, Marmot has been a values”
    — Sleeping Bag Outlet Blog " We have a Marmot page,

  • “[ Log In] " Forums " The Rack " The Yard Sale " FS: Marmot Synthetic Bag - $140, Superfeet, Tibloc. Articles & Resources Register User Forum List Past 24 hours Blog Trip Reports Gallery FAQ Contact Us. Gear Review and Prices. Climbing Hiking Clothing Ski/Board & More”
    — FS: Marmot Synthetic Bag - $140, Superfeet, Tibloc,

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