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  • SFW40409_107. Matachines Dance Tunes. Track Artist Charles Aguilar, Jerry Hopkins-Velarde, Matachines Dance Tunes. Charles Aguilar, Jerry Hopkins-Velarde, and Eddie Guitierrez. 6:46. — “Smithsonian Folkways - Matachines Dance Tunes - Charles”,
  • Matachines dancers in Alcalde, New Mexico December 27 2008. Snippets of low-res video from a digital still camera. — “Los Matachines on Vimeo”,
  • (Kathleen Duncan/The Hutchinson News) A troupe of "Matachines" shows students at Holy Cross Catholic Grade School on Friday The group, called Matachines, dances in honor of the feast day of Our. — “JOYFUL STEPS”,
  • Matachines. The exotic name of the dance alone invokes an aura of ancient mystery and The Matachines dance, with its curious cast of characters, is one of. — “THE COLLECTOR'S GUIDE: MATACHINES DANCES”,
  • decided to pinch a few pennies by thinking that a guitar player from Las Cruces could back up the Matachines. So, he sat down with the Matachines musicians and they went through the tunes. — “ABQJOURNAL VENUE: Sacred Dances”,
  • (602) 774-1797. Natives of the Canyons. The Tarahumaras. Pascolas. Matachines. Fariseos. Mayo and Yaqui (602) 774-1797. RESOURCES. Add Link. Back to top. — “Matachines - Ceremonial dance and elavorate costumes”,
  • Las fiestas are celebrated in honor of Bernalillo's patron, San Lorenzo and throughout August 9, 10 and 11, the focus is on the ritual dance drama known as los Matachines. Matachines research done by Joseph Moreno in "The Tradition Continues: Los Matachines Dance of Bernalillo, New Mexico" 2008. — “Town of Bernalillo - Las Fiestas de San Lorenzo”,
  • The reconstruction of the San Lorenzo church between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s had practical effects on the Picurís Matachines dance. Even if the basic integrity and execution of the Matachines remained untouched by its temporary relocation, during this interim. — “Northern New Mexico Virtual Archive”,
  • The colorful Matachines dance is a indo-hispanic dance in New Mexico. — “Matachines Dance”,
  • I was introduced to the matachines about twenty years ago at the Feast of San Lorenzo in Bernalillo, a town just north of Albuquerque. This past May I witnessed a gathering of matachines ranging from northern New Mexico and to as far south as. — “Matachines | Macinstruct”,
  • Traditionally performed at holiday time, the Matachines Dance has obscure origins, but the ritual is consistent across the Río Grande pueblos. Perhaps the most mysterious of New Mexico holiday rituals is the Matachines Dance, performed at several pueblos during holiday time. — “New Mexico Magazine Holiday Event Go-To Guide”,
  • Procession of the Matachines in Monterrey, Mexico. Matachines (Spanish matachin, or religious dancer) are bands of Mexican mummers who wander from village to village or from house to house dancing and hosting several Roman Catholic celebrations. — “Matachines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Yaqui Ceremonies: Matachines and Chapayekas, Caballeros, and other Lenten Ceremonial Participants. Matachines and their dances were brought by the Spanish and were are all members of one of the five male ceremonial societies. — “Yaqui Indian Ceremonies History and short stories”,
  • Matachines mov02485 Video - matachines mov02485. — “Matachines mov02485 Video”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: Matachines' Photostream”,
  • 0:49 Add to Added to queue Matachines VySby marydavila2,117 views 3:59 Add to Added to queue matachines de lasalle monclova 2007by cbta222,155 views. — “YouTube - matachines en caborca”,
  • The Matachines, who dance in honor of the Patroness of Mexico, are a colorful spectacle worth seeking out. — “The Matachines: Dancers for the Virgin of Guadalupe”,
  • Photos: A community walks with the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the streets near Roosevelt and 46th Street in Phoenix before they perform the dance of Matachines in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. — “Ancient Aztec dance in Phoenix honors the Virgin of Guadalupe”,
  • ing of Matachines dance groups. The following thank-you's are in no particular order but Matachines dance groups who not only agreed to come and perform. — “MATACHINES!”,

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  • Baile De Matachines Matachines St.Bartholomew Dec.12,2010!!! Katy, Tx Celebration Of The Virgen De Guadalupe!!!
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  • San Vicente de Paul Matachines - Laredo, Texas The San Vicente de Paul Matachines dance for the public at the Navarro parking lot in Laredo, Texas. Even though they do not know me, they invited me and those who passed by in for their posada. Please excuse my finger that shows up every now and then - oops. It was a very sunny day so I shielded my phone. My arms were getting tired too so... it is not the most steady shot but you get the gist.
  • matachines de lyons kansas en hutchinson ks parte 2.wmv danzando a la guadalupana en hutchinson kansas
  • Matachines Immaculate Heart of Mary Danza de Matachines @ Immaculate Heart of Mary Fort Worth Tx 12.06.09. With the new penachos.....i have to say WE did awesome!!!!..... Kudos for everyone that participated.
  • The Matachines Dance - San Antonito, NM La Perejundia dance. My culture & tradition!
  • Matachines: La Danza guadalupana de Pablo Olivares Sr. Guadalupe Plaza, San Antonio, Texas December 12, 2012. Feast day of the Virgen de Guadalupe. This is the end of a veneracion.
  • St. Mark Matachines by. Luis Nava Gran Celebracion Guadalupana De Houston St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church Matachines December 5, 2010
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  • Matachines Dressed in fantastic Indian costumes, the chief characters are El Monarca the monarch (Montezuma), the captains (usually consits of 2-4 and are Montezuma's main generals), La Malinche, or Malintzin, the Indian mistress of Hernán Cortés; El Toro, the bull, the malevolent comic man of the play (also symbolizes satan), dressed in buffalo skin with the animal's horns on his head; Abuelo, the grandfather, and Abuela, grandmother.
  • Tortugas Pueblo Matachines Dances Matachines dances at the Tortugas Pueblo for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 2008, Mesilla Park, New Mexico.
  • Matachines A Catholic celebration venerating and or honoring Mary, the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe falls on December 12. This celebration is a mix of Aztec with Catholic traditions.
  • Danza Matachines. These group of dancers are called Matachines. They danced at St. Thomas More church in Alhambra for la Virgen de Guadalupe on Dec. 12.
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  • Sta Monica matachines December 2009. At brother Jebus' house. You Got Served matachines style. OLPH v St Monica...this is St Monica
  • OLPH Matachines December 2009. At brother Jebus' house. You Got Served matachines style. OLPH v St Monica...This is OLPH
  • ''Los Matachines'', Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez My trip to Mexico! (July 2010)
  • Matachines Jecori
  • Matachine Ritual Dance The Matachine came out of Europe in the 16. and 17. Century and evolved among indian people of northern Mexico and the Southwest. See some facettes of this history up to its parallels in architecture signs and petroglyphs. See the Matachine among the Rarámuri, Pueblos and Mayas, and in Tirol also. This show is part of a seminar held at the University of Leipzig by C. Deimel. and has no comercial ends. Most of the fotographs where made by C. Deimel with exception of the following citations: Waters Champe, Flavia 1983, DiPeso Charles 1974,Lumholtz, Carl 1902, Turnebize (postcard ca. 1990), unkown (postcard ca. 1960), unknown postcard (ca. 1975), Bennett and Zingg 1935, Merndiola Galván, Francisco 2002.

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  • “ becomes a place to practice Los Matachines dance drama, performed on Christmas and on have danced the Matachines for centuries. For Hispanic communities, Los Matachines hold a strong sacred”
    — - View topic - Los Matochides de Alcalde,

  • “Catholic missionary priests, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, living a life among the poor and disadvantage, and celebrating Christ's blessings. matachines, as many people call it, made up only of young people from the scholarship project. A closer look at two dancers in the matachines outfits”
    — Updates from Christina on life in Anapra | Columban Fathers,

  • “Los Matachines at Yule. Posted on December 28, 2010, 8:58 PM, by Chas Clifton. Taken published at Southern Rockies Nature Blog. Tags: American religion, New Mexico, Yule”
    — Letter from Hardscrabble Creek " Blog Archive " Los,

  • “Los Matachines at Taos Pueblo. by Southern Rockies Nature Blog on Tuesday December 28, 2010. Taken several years ago with tribal permission, this Taos News photo shows the dancers led by former pueblo governor Ruben Romero. You hear different languages”
    — Southern Rockies Nature Blog | Dog Time - Dog Blog Network,

  • “Culture-Rich Santa Fe Celebrates Feast Day Dances at the Pueblos Torchlight Procession, Vespers and Matachines Dance. Dances after midnight Mass at TESUQUE PUEBLO. Buffalo, Deer and Antelope dances at NABE PUEBLO”
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  • “MusicaSacra Forum. MusicaSacra Home. All Discussions. Categories. Job You might have to factor in the Matachines, the indigenous Aztec dancers”
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