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  • KS2 Maths activities, tests and notes for primary school children studying number, shapes space and measure and handling data. — “BBC - KS2 Bitesize: Maths - Home”,
  • Mathematics is the body of knowledge centered on concepts such as quantity, structure, Mathematics is the language of size, shape and order and that it is an essential part of. — “Mathematics - Wikiquote”,
  • Math tutorials, lessons, tips, instructions, math worksheets, math formulas, multiplication. Are you a classrooom teacher with responsibilities for teaching mathematics?. — “Math tutorials, resources, help, resources and Math Worksheets”,
  • Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers and parents. — “Math is Fun - Maths Resources”,
  • Provides students with homework help, tutoring, and basic formulas. Also offers information on math for parents and teachers. — “”,
  • Free and open online Mathematics course materials from MIT. Lecture notes, exams, audio video lectures, textbooks by MIT professors. No registration required. — “Free Online Course Materials | Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare”,
  • Mathematics definition, the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationships between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically. See more. — “Mathematics | Define Mathematics at ”,
  • For other uses of "Mathematics" or "Math", see Mathematics (disambiguation) and Math (disambiguation) It is often shortened to maths or, in English-speaking North America, math. — “Mathematics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Information about maths in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. math math, mathematics. rounding, rounding error - (mathematics) a miscalculation that results from rounding off numbers to a convenient number of decimals; "the error in the. — “maths - definition of maths by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The junior recipient will be the student with the highest mathematics g.p.a. for courses at or above the level of Math 107. The minimum number of mathematics courses completed shall be four (at or above the level of Math 107) with at least three taken at Albright College. — “Albright College - Catalog, Mathematics”,
  • Learn about the foundations of mathematics, logic, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. Find math lesson plans, problems, help, and games. — “Mathematics in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • The Nrich Maths Project Cambridge,England. Mathematics resources for children,parents and teachers to enrich learning. Published on the 1st of each month. Problems,children's solutions,interactivities,games,articles,news. — “ :: Mathematics Enrichment :: November 2010”,
  • Edited by Dr David Cornelius an Independent Private Maths Tutor with over 25 years of experience and The Secretary of The Association of Tutors in the UK for 15 years. — “”,
  • mathematics n. (used with a sing. verb) The study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and. — “mathematics: Definition from ”,
  • Aristotle uses mathematics and mathematical sciences in three important ways in his Contemporary mathematics serves as a model for his philosophy of science and provides. — “Aristotle and Mathematics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • Mathematics (often abbreviated to math or, in British English, maths) is commonly defined as the study of patterns of structure, change, and space. It has been called the "science of measurement", measurement itself being the application of metrics) and perception. Contents. — “Mathematics - Wikinfo”,
  • Mathematics (colloquially, maths or math) is the body of knowledge centered on such concepts as quantity, structure, space, and change, and also the academic discipline that studies them. Benjamin Peirce called it "the science that draws necessary conclusions". — “Mathematics”, schools-
  • Mathematics is often defined as the study of topics such as quantity, structure, space, and change. Another view, held by many mathematicians, is that mathematics is the body of knowledge justified by deductive reasoning, starting from axioms and. — “Mathematics - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Hawaii Pacific University is the largest independent, accredited, coeducational, nonsectarian, career-oriented, postsecondary university in Honolulu, Hawaii offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a multicultural setting with. — “Mathematics”,
  • The Papyrus Rhind is the source of most of modern knowledge about mathematics in Ancient Egypt. Mathematics (sometimes shortened as "maths" or "math"), is the study of numbers, shapes and patterns. Mathematicians are people whose job is to learn and discover such things in mathematics. — “Mathematics - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Includes department information, staff and students, programs, current and prospective students, alumni and friends. — “Department of Mathematics”,
  • A score of 3, 4, or 5 on the calculus BC exam gives credit in. Math 112 and 113. BYU 2003–2004 Undergraduate Pure mathematics: Math 372, 387, 532, 541, 542, 551, 552. 7. Complete an additional 3 hours from the. — “Mathematics”,

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  • History of Mathematics
  • Math Call to 911 A real call of a four year old to 911. He needed help with his math homewrok =D
  • Funny Math Problems Very funny math stuff
  • Professor Scott Steiner math lesson From TNA Impact! 05/01/2008. Another hilarious promo from Big poppa pump. All wrights belongs to TNAwrestling and SpikeTV.
  • Egyptian Maths Michael S. Schneider explains how the Ancient Egyptians (and Chinese) and modern computers multiply and divide
  • チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 - Cirno's Perfect Math Class ENGLISH SUB Cirno's Perfect Math Class subbed. Sub by me, translation by Touhou Wiki. High quality: Link to Stepmania simfile: All five difficulty levels, playable on pad; numerical ratings are 2/5/7/9/12. Credit to AceOfHeartsDX for the simfile :)
  • Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth MJ McDermott is speaking about the current state of math education, as a private citizen . KCPQ does not endorse this video. Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth
  • Halloween 2010: Math Teacher has trouble playing a video in class This is a trick I played on my Nature of Math class yesterday at Biola University. I like experimenting with live action and video.
  • Secret Trick : Math Division Long Visit for more www.glad2 Find hard to divide numbers. In 3 mins master long division with 9 . Easy multiplication division trick ... divide fraction www.glad2 .
  • April Fools: Math Class Shadow This is a trick I did for my Nature of Math class at Biola University this afternoon. I like experimenting with mixing live action with video.
  • That's Mathematics! Tom Lehrer's Song about maths!
  • Good Will Hunting Scene (Math Problem) Janitor solves math problem that took 2 years to solve in one day.
  • Look Around You - "Maths" Module 2
  • 2009 Halloween Math Class v2 This is a Halloween video trick I did for my Nature of Math class at Biola University, October 28, 2009. It was another experiment in video editing and mixing video with live action. UPDATE: Version 2 - I fixed the audio so you can hear what I'm saying better. You can download the full-quality version of this at: UPDATE: NOV 1, 2009 Thanks for all the compliments. I appreciate it. All this attention was quite a surprise - I mainly posted the video for the students who weren't in class that day, and so my students could pass it on to a few friends. I've read a bunch of comments, and I have a few general responses: Math: No, I wasn't actually trying to teach anything with the video - it was just for fun. This was the last 5 minutes of a 75 minute class - I actually taught real math for the first 70 minutes. And yes, I love teaching this class, and I try to keep it lively by doing little fun things like this once in a while. Software/Camera: I used Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, version 12.1 - the "picture-in-picture" feature for the special effects. I filmed it with a simple Panasonic PV-GS35 MiniDV camcorder. Idea/Time: I did this last semester as an April Fool's joke. New class, new year, I decided to try it again, with a few more twists. It took me about 45 minutes to film the video, maybe 2 hours to edit and refine it, then I practiced the interaction with the video a couple times. Class: This was filmed with a video camera on a tripod in the back of ...
  • Math Games For Kids : Playing Advanced Arithmetic Bingo Learn how to play and teach this great advanced bingo game for practicing arithmetic with expert teaching tips in this free online kids math games video clip. Expert: Courtney Hester Bio: Courtney Hester has a degree in elementary education. She has many skills and talents, including making various crafts. She has made many different types of crafts with her students. Filmmaker: bobby Hester
  • ::: Body Part Math ::: www.glad2 Learn to calculate fast with your body parts. Amazing trick to learn easily multiplication table or times tables ( in just 2 mins )
  • Fast Math Trick Visit for more www.glad2 Become Harry Potter of Mathematics. In 5 mins reprogram your mind to calculate faster than the Calculator itself. Impress others with your super-fast mental mathematics.
  • Amazing Abacus Math Video
  • Miss USA 2011 — Should Math Be Taught In Schools? Watch the original Miss USA evolution video here: Video by @mackenzief, @kevgot, Leslie Collins, @gracehelbig, @lorrainecink, @jencurran, @risasarachan, @FarynEinhorn, Corinne Donly, @sarajanetaylor, @ericmpearson, Elias Altman, @mclendaniel. Music by Estevan Carlos.
  • Mathematics Distance Learning - - 1000+ Online Math Lessons Mathematics - - offers 1000+ online math lessons for mathematics distance learning with a personal math teacher inside every lesson!
  • Timothy Gowers: The Importance of Mathematics (Part 1) The Importance of Mathematics by Timothy Gowers at The Millennium Meeting (2000). Watch the complete sequence of videos by using the playlist I have specially created for that:
  • New Math - Tom Lehrer Hi All... I hope that you enjoy watching my video! I am a Primary School Teacher from Australia and could not resist animating this Tom Lehrer classic. Tom Lehrer is a brilliant lyricist, and I think that this video will be a lot of fun during parent information evenings. I realise that my video is similar to some other YouTube submissions; however I have created my own animation and changed the musical arrangement slightly. Hopefully I will get some hits and people will enjoy watching it. If it does prove popular, I will post some more in the not too distant future.
  • Math genius! Wah he is like genius Try doing it and you will get brains dropping out. 1234567891011129813249804316910538091249
  • Boogie Maths An educational cartoon for kids which explains mathematics through the medium of dance. I've re-uploaded this to correct a mathematical error that was bugging me, so apologies to those whose comments I have mercilessly destroyed. This was commissioned for Dave Gorman's show 'Genius' on BBC2 as part of their supplementary red-button content.
  • What You Know About Math? Follow this link to view our sequel: To find out more about this video and our calculus help offering, check out our website What You Know About Math TI-84 ft. e
  • Abbott And Costello 13 X 7 is 28 costello proves to abbott that 13 times 7 is 28, very funny. from the movie A Little Giant
  • Numb3rs Math for Beginners www.m4 www.m4
  • Math Prodigy Terence Tao, UCLA Terence Tao was a seven year-old high school student when he began taking calculus classes. By age 20 he had received a Ph.D. from Princeton and joined the UCLA faculty. In 2006 he won the Fields Medal in Mathematics and a MacArthur "genius" grant. Watch Tao talk about how he approaches problem-solving.
  • Fast Maths Trick of Calculation Visit for more www.glad2 Improve your Math calculation speed and power up your weak math. For more such videos visit www.glad2
  • Ma & Pa Kettle Math Film clip of old Ma & Pa Kettle bit (Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride).
  • Basic Math: Lesson 1 - Numbers This lesson consists of providing you with a Self-Tutorial on all about the classification and sets of numbers. Learn what are natural numbers, integers, rational numbers and more. I also explain how to use your graphing calculator to input all types of numbers (integers, fractions, square roots, etc.).
  • Tom Lehrer - New Math A video to help understand the Tom Lehrer song. Yes, I'm aware that it's not the whole song. I'll be animating the whole thing soon. About one year after its upload: 55550 views Two years after its upload: 260110 October 1, 2010: Over 1 million views!
  • TEDxNYED - Dan Meyer - 03/06/10 Dan Meyer teaches high school math outside of Santa Cruz, CA, and explores the intersection of math instruction, multimedia, and inquiry-based learning. He received his Masters of Arts from the University of California at Davis in 2005 and Cable in the Classroom's Leader in Learning award in 2008. He currently works for Google as a curriculum fellow and lives with his wife in Santa Cruz, CA. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
  • multiplication using vedic mathematics vedic mathematics - multiplication
  • math 911 call A four year old boy calls 911 for help with his math
  • Doodling in Math Class: Snakes + Graphs More videos/info: Doodling Stars: Doodling Binary Trees:
  • Blackadder II: Advanced Maths Edmund is trying to teach Baldrick to count beans. Four beans = three and that one. :) Enjoy
  • Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants More videos/info: Doodling Snakes + Graphs: Doodling Stars: Doodling Binary Trees:
  • Best Math Card Trick Revealed Cool card trick revealed. This card counting trick will always work and it will amaze your best friends.
  • Kheedar: Kheedar: ..omo mehn!..BU's maths was quaizy!..i wonda where dey evn got those qweshus frm sef #mschew!
  • JimiBAdams: JimiBAdams: @poppyseed_ I knew it! That's why you was always late for maths ennit =p
  • zaccarey: zaccarey: @DoctorMead Yea! If it is a "teh Maths" problem, I shall endeavor to equate a solution. As soon as I finish my beer.
  • Mpho_Pushkin: Mpho_Pushkin: Maths Morrow. Accounting Thursday. Sepedi Friday. -_-
  • Gagasmyprincess: Gagasmyprincess: to do list for tomorrow morning: Waking up Having a shower Do my hair/nails Do the missing maths homework Hit the bus. Ugh all till 11am-.-
  • ACTRochdale: ACTRochdale: Tonight's microteaches were Folk Art, Fork Lift Trucks, Maths, Classical Conditioning, Stereotyping & Early Years
  • lizbatty: lizbatty: @grahamsleight I had maths lectures at 9am on a saturday. that was painful :(
  • JNABrown: JNABrown: CompSci & Maths Prof gets $50k from the Nat Sci & Engg Research Council to explore connections on social media networks.
  • Dudu_Junbug: Dudu_Junbug: Multitask, dlala! RT @YashpaLTsatsi: Doing my Maths homework,tweeting and watching #ForgiveAndForget all at the same time
  • Mathfi_Jobs: Mathfi_Jobs: Job bank (Hong Kong): IPV/Valuations-EM Rates and FX.+ 5-10 years expe... Quant IB Finance jobs 48
  • timedynastee: timedynastee: @KimboCMR no be you one ya.. the tin hard me like further maths
  • HenryNewton2: HenryNewton2: @AaronScott94 I really need to up my game! Take maths for example
  • kazface: kazface: And it's Wednesday, ugh! I have double English, double Maths, assembly, French and Science today, uggggggghhhhh D;
  • MillieIAm: MillieIAm: Mmmmm Malva pudding :) yuMmy ! NeedA sort ma skOol things out noW,wash da dishes,do my maths, *sigh*
  • Oliviniho: Oliviniho: Riot maths.12 hour shifts*6000 officers = 4.32m man minutes. 563 arrests = 0.000130324074 arrests per minute. Top quality policing there
  • dredre_british: dredre_british: @artiste_Chellz lol you need me to teach you maths then
  • woshizanna: woshizanna: @411bottomsup I like Panda-s. (Y) Hehe. I watching WWE and doing Maths! Youuuu? (:
  • DaveHaber: DaveHaber: RT @dmigroup Maths professor to find a formula for influence in social media #etail
  • kateuns: kateuns: @Stonec0ld Haha, why? You thinking of doing a Maths degree?
  • Mathfi_Jobs: Mathfi_Jobs: Job Ib (London): Market-Making C++ Quant Developer-Greenfield Front Offi... Quant IB Finance jobs 57
  • Mathfi_Jobs: Mathfi_Jobs: Job Swiss Asset Mangement Company (Geneva):Credit Portfolio Manager/Strategis... Quant IB Finance jobs 123
  • rrrruairidh: rrrruairidh: MEGALOLS at The Palins welcoming another grandchild after their son got married in May... you do the maths. #abstinence #notsomuch
  • SimonneVDH: SimonneVDH: I finally told my boyfriend (who is a mathematical genius) that I have Maths Literacy... Henceforth I will be the subject of many jokes...
  • JrYashMehta: JrYashMehta: Oh ya finished with maths now let's do sme chem for a change
  • FM_Phenom: FM_Phenom: BROTIP #968...Give 100%. Anyone who says to give 110% doesn't understand how maths works
  • YashpaLTsatsi: YashpaLTsatsi: Doing my Maths homework,tweeting and watching #ForgiveAndForget all at the same time
  • taraniee: taraniee: @ItsNoops thanks for not replying to my DM and help me with the maths. -__- i got it in the endd :'] howre youuu? <3
  • Lolgalleryy: Lolgalleryy: Maths Tattoos – Interesting Way to Learn Maths
  • HannahL28: HannahL28: @HolbyCityFans My dad says he reminds him of his old maths teacher. :)
  • NicolaaaaBLITZ: NicolaaaaBLITZ: :') RT @flola7: @joeyblitz just shout maths problems at them, they'll run away
  • tim_cheesecake: tim_cheesecake: Studying financial maths :S at least this is maths I won't only use in school ;)
  • RConners: RConners: @JadeEmmaS Haha yeah but at least she actually likes her maths class peeps
  • SimplyKamz: SimplyKamz: @DieGUGZ I've changed. I'm a normal person nw, phela I cnt handle being a weirdo.. Lol dnt u miss maths clas (last yer) *stil laf @ tymz*
  • callmeklee: callmeklee: This train conductor reminds me of my old maths teacher Mr James. Loud, repetitive and annoying.
  • Megan_DivaChick: Megan_DivaChick: I'm doing higher maths homework now and I'm stuck on a few questions. can anyone help me?
  • mrsnickyclark: mrsnickyclark: @Kate_Butler me too. I'm fairly sure it's mainly their fault but we mustn't forget Voderman did announce extra maths yesterday so.........
  • steviebt67: steviebt67: @inapudgeofmeown yh something about their disgust at globetrotting maths students who spend all day on twitter
  • YassinMY: YassinMY: @AaronGill95 No1 intentionally try to burn a house w/ people in, they wer jus 2 dumb 2 do the maths & think bout shopkeepers that rent flats
  • MarshmallowMe_: MarshmallowMe_: @Gauravist lol thanks,you seem to know lot of maths! *reads your bio* :P
  • Mathfi_Jobs: Mathfi_Jobs: Job IB (New York): Cross Asset Latin American Structurer.+ Solid level in f... Quant IB Finance jobs 120
  • La_whore_ra: La_whore_ra: The awkward moment when you have to do simple maths and the look of confusion makes you look like you've never been to school...
  • mellejeje: mellejeje: Actually i'm good at maths,rly. I got an A plus for add math so why did i fail the other day?
  • flola7: flola7: @joeyblitz just shout maths problems at them, they'll run away
  • ASHUVNS005: ASHUVNS005: Maths ppr tmrw.....does nt even knw d basic of discrete maths!!
  • benjaminbump: benjaminbump: @MsMigot are you going for the 'two positives make a negative' argument, you rational maths worshipper?! ;)
  • BADWOLF_19: BADWOLF_19: “@unbakedjay: @Kennyboy6000 a passed me maths but failed me english” unlucky mate
  • Random411Tweets: Random411Tweets: Maths questions are so stupid. They’re like: “If I have 10 chocolate bars αnd I eat 9, whαt do I hαve now?”Oh I DON'T KNOW, DIABETES MAYBE?
  • jonnycosmic: jonnycosmic: @StartPlayer these idiots don't understand maths, or indeed poker. I reraised with KK, showed it and STILL got grief. Lol.
  • nrhzwani: nrhzwani: i miss the times Mr Chia teaches us Maths. i miss 4E4. i miss the fun we had through out the whole year.
  • BastianWilliam: BastianWilliam: RT @Lorrainemunro RT @SQASTEM: Hello world! The first tweet of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths team...
  • _bellemiller_: _bellemiller_: Need to finish my history, finish Smell of Apples AND study maths.
  • Lorrainemunro: Lorrainemunro: RT @SQASTEM: Hello world! The first tweet of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths team in SQA. Please retweet our presence! #stem
  • VictorHugo_BC: VictorHugo_BC: I hate maths
  • StartPlayer: StartPlayer: @jonnycosmic if i see the word 'joke' in a poker chat box once more I will have to go and lecture them on maths. my K3 beat AA cos he let me
  • BadtMahn_Johnne: BadtMahn_Johnne: @mis_buumi loool yes ma. If only my maths teacher in skul was dis smart,Йą all A's oh
  • zulkuching: zulkuching: my maths file n dnt textbook left at skul!how awesome is that...
  • web20education: web20education: RT @Maths_Master: How Normal is Pi? #math #maths #mathchat #edchat
  • Maths_Master: Maths_Master: How Normal is Pi? #math #maths #mathchat #edchat
  • JamesFathallah: JamesFathallah: @robertsammons maths* ;)
  • Katia__95: Katia__95: @ShannonCrilly1 maths:O u brainaic! Em okay Im hhoping for 5As and 5Bs:) fingers crossd! hate the way u need 2 scie sub 4 medecine:(x
  • kiwigirluk: kiwigirluk: @kiwinerd sadly too many dont put the effort in at school, & are virtually unemployable Reading, writing & maths are basic essential skills
  • rickyboleto: rickyboleto: @Ryan_McGrath True. I can't count three people in a room. Terrible at maths.
  • keith_xo: keith_xo: @IAMHamzaO no just chocolate, and I like to use maths, I can't find my tie either
  • appadappajappa: appadappajappa: These TIME AIMCATS are terrribbbllleeeee.. Why so much of terrible maths?!!
  • Denise_Leeto: Denise_Leeto: Time for maths homework
  • McFearless_KoL_: McFearless_KoL_: I NEED someone to teach me maths,ill fail otherwise
  • agigaba: agigaba: More than half way through the year and I just opened my Maths textbook for the 1st time 0.0 ...and I have no clue what they're asking of me
  • qprcarlos: qprcarlos: @mdoughty92 2 clubs in 1 city. You do the Maths on Fan base!
  • bongxalt: bongxalt: @thabisosn haha nope I'm not done. I had business assignment and maths
  • ToppsEmeraldd: ToppsEmeraldd: @Ddilwayne @yingweihearthim MATHS AGAIN. OMG
  • sharanjit: sharanjit: RT @lecanardnoir: Pupils should study maths until they willingly avoid the sort of loan company I endorsed, says Carol Vorderman.
  • sheritasia: sheritasia: Scared about tomorrow . IPS please be friend with me and maths :(
  • _NNBH: _NNBH: i. am. awake. doing... maths and getting almost everything wrong lol.
  • SarahRobinson: SarahRobinson: RT @2cre8: Maths professor to find a formula for influence in social media
  • botimahep: botimahep: Multiplying (Maths Matters): Buy Cheap Multiplying (Maths Matters) (Limit Time Offer)We offer the largest sele...
  • AttendByVideo: AttendByVideo: Jaya Gopal has created a new session on 'MATHS COMPETITIVE EXAM'
  • Dewisylviaputri: Dewisylviaputri: here's a basic maths formula in life - stupidity + taking for granted+ passivenes​s = loss
  • 999ploppy: 999ploppy: @SciFi_Reader My Gf said it Was 1/8th Gcse maths B and 3 A levels Oh Dear the country is fooked 
  • mattisb_: mattisb_: i'm way to awesome to fail at maths
  • Feliciamemo: Feliciamemo: Ok time to sleep! Can't cont watching the show alr if not tmr sure late for maths :(
  • iShoosh: iShoosh: ayaaam, must7el trj3 m3 cmuq! :(:p RT @DoryJassim: @iShoosh @InspirationaI RT @MentionTo: #MentionTo your classmate who's good at Maths.
  • band_of_joy: band_of_joy: @SpiceBoxofEarth we were only ever world no1 by maths. where were the thumping wins in saffer, aus and england??
  • MeLighty: MeLighty: Hehehe! RT @santu3rd: Women and maths are two complicated subjects. But atleast maths has some formulae.
  • Mathfi_Jobs: Mathfi_Jobs: Job IB (New York): Equity derivative structuring.+ Experience structuring e... Quant IB Finance jobs 123
  • itzShanu: itzShanu: Maths teacher asked Ali: If u hve 12chocolates n u give 5 to SARAH, 3 to Aysha n 4 to Farah wat vl u get? Ali...
  • DoryJassim: DoryJassim: @iShoosh @InspirationaI RT "@MentionTo: #MentionTo your classmate who's good at Maths."
  • _WiseAssAMBER: _WiseAssAMBER: My favorite teacher at Westwood, Mr. Moore. Took em 3 years in a row, for 3 different maths.

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